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By Alex Kantrowitz

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one track pony
 Jul 14, 2024
Too long. always talking about the same AI andOpen AI. Mainly mere speculations.Be more concise. More open to tech in general. Tech is notbjusy AI.

David S.
 Mar 25, 2024
Always looking forward to new episodes.


The Big Technology Podcast takes you behind the scenes in the tech world featuring interviews with plugged-in insiders and outside agitators. Alex Kantrowitz, a Silicon Valley journalist who's interviewed the world's top tech CEOs — from Mark Zuckerberg to Larry Ellison — is the host.

Episode Date
The One-Person, Billion-Dollar Startup? — With Thomas Domke
Jul 24, 2024
The Silicon Valley Election, Goldman’s AI Worries, Using AI To Talk To Animals
Jul 19, 2024
Did Klarna Really Automate 700 Jobs With AI? — With Sebastian Siemiatkowski
Jul 17, 2024
New ROI Questions For AI, Microsoft’s Empire Plans, Jassy’s Amazon Comeback
Jul 12, 2024
Amazon's Longterm AI Vision — With Matt Wood
Jul 10, 2024
Hawk Tuah and the Zynternet, OpenAI Hacked, One Year Of Threads
Jul 05, 2024
What the Ex-OpenAI Safety Employees Are Worried About — With William Saunders and Lawrence Lessig
Jul 03, 2024
AI Adoption Challenges, Waymo’s Big Expansion, Amazon hits $2 Trillion
Jun 28, 2024
Decoding The NVIDIA Trade — With Michael Batnick
Jun 26, 2024
NVIDIA Takes The Crown, Return of Ilya, Vision Pro Stalls
Jun 21, 2024
AI, Elon, Abundance, and Longevity — With Peter Diamandis
Jun 19, 2024
Gurman on Apple, OpenAI’s Deal Terms, Forbes vs. Perplexity
Jun 14, 2024
Apple Fails to Overreact to the AI Revolution — With M.G. Siegler
Jun 12, 2024
Dispatch from WWDC: Apple AI News + Reaction
Jun 10, 2024
Apple’s AI WWDC Approaches, Nvidia $3 Trillion, OpenAI Safety Concerns
Jun 07, 2024
Can The News Industry Survive The AI Era? — With Ben Smith, Nayeema Raza, and Joe Marchese
Jun 05, 2024
How Walt Mossberg Built A Deep Relationship With Steve Jobs
Jun 03, 2024
OpenAI Teases GPT-5, Musk's Plan For xAI, Loneliness in Remote Work Era
May 31, 2024
How Shein and Temu Snuck Up On Amazon — With Louise Matsakis
May 29, 2024
Google’s Crazy AI Overviews, OpenAI’s Superalignment Drama, NVIDIA’s Unstoppable Run
May 24, 2024
What Cheaper, Faster, and Smarter AI Gets Us — With Aaron Levie
May 22, 2024
OpenAI’s Big Week, Did Google Kill The Web, AWS CEO Resigns
May 17, 2024
AI Scaling, Alignment, and the Path to Superintelligence — With Dwarkesh Patel
May 15, 2024
Apple's Bad iPad Ad, AI Assistant Hype, Netflix's Big Live Ambitions
May 10, 2024
Economics of OpenAI, Tesla’s Robotics Pivot, Hedonic Treadmill — With Slate Money
May 08, 2024
Emails From Elon, AI Revenue Questions, Chatbot Boyfriends
May 03, 2024
Teaching AI To Read Our Emotions — With Alan Cowen
May 01, 2024
Are LLMs Hitting A Wall, Microsoft & Alphabet Save The Market, TikTok 'Ban'
Apr 26, 2024
Apple's AI Play — With M.G. Siegler
Apr 24, 2024
Meta's Big Llama 3 Release, Google's New Culture, MKBHD vs. Humane
Apr 19, 2024
Kara Swisher Rates Tech Leaders — With Kara Swisher
Apr 17, 2024
Google's AI Narrative Is Flipping, Microsoft Hedges Its OpenAI Bet, AI Clones Are Here
Apr 12, 2024
Anthropic's Co-Founder on AI Agents, General Intelligence, and Sentience — With Jack Clark
Apr 10, 2024
Why Crypto’s Thriving Post-SBF, Sports Betting Crisis Deepens, Jon Stewart vs. AI
Apr 05, 2024
Why Marissa Mayer Is Betting Big On Consumer Tech
Apr 03, 2024
SBF Sentenced, OpenAI’s $100 Billion Supercomputer, Neuralink’s Potential
Mar 29, 2024
The Yahoo Episode — With Jim Lanzone
Mar 27, 2024
OpenAI's GPT-5 Looms, Apple's Antitrust Problem, Sports Betting's Big Scandal
Mar 22, 2024
Predicting AI’s Next Advances — With Suhail Doshi
Mar 20, 2024
Is AI Slowing Down?, Trouble at Tesla, Kate Middleton’s Bad At Photoshop
Mar 15, 2024
TikTok Sale Or Ban Moves Forward In U.S. — With Mike Solana
Mar 13, 2024
OpenAI’s Turmoil Rolls On, Apple Under Siege, Bitcoin Hits $70,000
Mar 08, 2024
Flexport's CEO on Amazon & Shopify, Red Sea Shipping Problems, and Inflation — With Ryan Petersen
Mar 06, 2024
Elon Sues OpenAI, Should Sundar Stay?, RIP Apple Car
Mar 01, 2024
NVIDIA's AI Moat & Origins — With Bryan Catanzaro
Feb 28, 2024
Secrets of NVIDIA's Surge, Google Gemini's Image Generation Disaster, Reddit IPO
Feb 23, 2024
Foursquare's Founder on Making the Internet Fun Again + His New App — With Dennis Crowley
Feb 21, 2024
OpenAI's New Video Generation Model, Zuck Returns Fire, Tesla's Fatal Crash
Feb 16, 2024
Perplexity’s CEO on Its Plan to Displace Google Search With AI Answers — With Aravind Srinivas
Feb 14, 2024
Building One: How Cameron Adams Built Canva
Feb 12, 2024
Sam Altman’s $7 Trillion Fundraise, Google Gemini Catches OpenAI, The Return To Office Ploy
Feb 09, 2024
Apple Mega-Episode W/ Daring Fireball's John Gruber: AI, Vision Pro, China, App Store & More
Feb 07, 2024
Hands-On With the Vision Pro, Big Tech's Back in Washington, Elon Musk’s $55 Billion Payday — With Joanna Stern
Feb 02, 2024
Robinhood's CEO On Dumb Money, Day Trading, and Retirement — With Vlad Tenev
Jan 31, 2024
The Taylor Swift Deepfake Problem, Tech All Time Highs + Layoffs, Quitting Amazon Prime
Jan 26, 2024
Why Meta Wants To Build Artificial General Intelligence — With Joelle Pineau
Jan 24, 2024
Microsoft & OpenAI Visit Davos, Is The Vision Pro Dead On Arrival, Google Makes More Cuts
Jan 19, 2024
Would a World Without Algorithms Be Better? — With Kyle Chayka
Jan 17, 2024
Bill Ackman’s Crusade, A Rabbit Wins CES, Apple Boosts Meta  
Jan 12, 2024
Will AI Really Take Our Jobs? And If So, Then What? — With Albert Wenger
Jan 10, 2024
Generative AI Might Just A Be Feature, Crypto is Back, Substack’s Nazi Problem
Jan 05, 2024
Signal’s President on AI, Advertising, and Running a Popular Messaging App — With Meredith Whittaker
Jan 03, 2024
New York Times Sues OpenAI, Apple Watch Ban's Implications, Snapchat Rising On AI Success
Dec 29, 2023
Palantir and Clearview Are Turning Ukraine’s War Into an R&D Lab — With Vera Bergengruen
Dec 27, 2023
2023 In Review, 2024 Predictions — With Casey Newton
Dec 22, 2023
Is Generative AI Killing Creativity Or Enhancing It? — With Scott Belsky
Dec 20, 2023
AI Scandals Rock Newsrooms, Uber’s Road to Profitability, NVIDIA’s Underappreciated Weakness
Dec 15, 2023
Intel's CEO Shares His Plan To Win The AI Chip War — With Pat Gelsinger
Dec 13, 2023
2024's Big Ideas — With Jessi Hempl and Hello Monday
Dec 11, 2023
Google’s Deceptive Gemini Release, More Tech Layoffs, George Santos Saves Cameo
Dec 08, 2023
Tech's Big November Rally, Apple's Path Forward, The State of Tesla — With Dan Ives
Dec 06, 2023
ChatGPT Gets Lazy, Elon Musk Blasts Advertisers and Releases The Cybertruck, Jack Ma Returns
Dec 01, 2023
Silicon Valley's Effective Altruist vs. Accelerationist Religious War
Nov 29, 2023
OpenAI's 'Worrying' Q-Star Breakthrough, Google's Culture Problem, Crypto After CZ & SBF
Nov 24, 2023
Sam Altman Returns to OpenAI. Now What? — With Aaron Levie
Nov 22, 2023
Sam Altman To Microsoft, OpenAI In Flux — With Dan Primack
Nov 20, 2023
What We Know About Sam Altman's Ouster, The Morning After
Nov 18, 2023
Emergency Podcast: Sam Altman Fired At OpenAI
Nov 18, 2023
Xi Visits San Francisco, Microsoft’s Big AI Event, Bin Laden on TikTok
Nov 17, 2023
Google's Search VP on Generative AI in Search, User Notes on Search Results, and SEOs — With Cathy Edwards
Nov 15, 2023
OpenAI's Big Week, The Pin Is Here, Cruise's Major Recall
Nov 10, 2023
The Secrets Of Ray Dalio and His Dot Collector Transparency Software — With Rob Copeland
Nov 08, 2023
SBF Convicted, OpenAI Is Vulnerable, Ozempic Effect Gone Overboard
Nov 03, 2023
Waymo's Co-CEO on Its New Uber Partnership, Safety, and Driverless Trucking — With Tekedra Mawakana
Nov 01, 2023
Why Google Never Shipped Its ChatGPT Predecessor — With Gaurav Nemade
Oct 30, 2023
Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta & Tesla Earnings, Cruise Pauses Operations, Zuck vs. Sam Altman
Oct 27, 2023
New Release at Big Technology, AI Bubble Looms, Apple's Next Event — With Brian McCullough
Oct 25, 2023
Apple's Problem With Jon Stewart, Marc Andreessen's Techno-Optimism, Middle East Misinformation
Oct 20, 2023
SBF's Last Stand — With Molly White
Oct 18, 2023
Hamas vs. Israel Rewrites Social Media Norms, Live At The SBF Trial, OpenAI's New Values
Oct 13, 2023
Is The Federal Reserve Manufacturing a Financial Crisis? — With Christopher Leonard
Oct 11, 2023
The Case Against SBF, Temu vs. Amazon, AI Therapy
Oct 06, 2023
The Joy, Misery, and Fame Of An Extremely Online Life — With Taylor Lorenz
Oct 04, 2023
Zuck's Lucid Metaverse Vision, X CEO Bombs an Interview, Ex-FTC Chair on the Amazon Case
Sep 29, 2023
How Ad Dollars, And Some AI, Might Restore Our Shared Truth — With Vanessa Otero
Sep 27, 2023
More on Airbnb, Jack Dorsey's Return to Square, Generative AI News Bonanza
Sep 22, 2023
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on Cleaning Fees, Apple vs. Amazon, Building Products, and New York
Sep 20, 2023
Tech IPOs Are Back, Google's In Court, Tom Brady's Working For Delta
Sep 15, 2023
A Dozen Grueling Years At Amazon — With Kristi Coulter
Sep 13, 2023
Apple's China Problem, Its Tenuous Valuation, And The iPhone 15 — With Walter Piecyk
Sep 08, 2023
Google’s Weird Year + Neeva Goes to Snowflake — With Sridhar Ramaswamy
Sep 06, 2023
Disney's Ten Year Low, Google's AI Attends Meetings For You, Metaverse Gets Legs
Sep 01, 2023
The Path Toward AGI, According to Google's DeepMind — With Colin Murdoch
Aug 30, 2023
ChatGPT As An Insult, NVIDIA's Moat, A New Musk Profile
Aug 25, 2023
Betting on the Future of AI – WIth Sarah Guo
Aug 23, 2023
The Cage Match That Wasn’t, Trouble At Goldman Sachs, Social Algorithms Reality Check
Aug 18, 2023
Self-Driving's Breakout Moment — With Kyle Vogt
Aug 16, 2023
X's CEO Speaks, AI's Real Impact On Hollywood, The Streamflation Crisis — With Julia Boorstin
Aug 11, 2023
Lyft's New CEO Has a Plan To Compete — With David Risher
Aug 09, 2023
A New AI Investment Fund's Strategy and Opportunity — With Techmeme Ride Home
Aug 07, 2023
Self-Driving's Quiet Boom, Tech's New IPO Window, Worldcoin's Strange Debut — With Sarah Kunst
Aug 04, 2023
Amazon Reveals Its AI Master Plan — With Matt Wood
Aug 02, 2023
Snapchat's Business Trouble, Adobe's AI Worries, Are Aliens Real?
Jul 28, 2023
The Professor Who Required His Students Use ChatGPT In Class — With Ethan Mollick
Jul 26, 2023
Meta's New AI Model, AppleGPT's Potential, Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber — With Aaron Levie
Jul 21, 2023
The Declining Half-Life Of Social Media — With Eugene Wei
Jul 19, 2023
Zuck's New Mojo, Elon's New AI Company, Striking Actors' AI Fears
Jul 14, 2023
Is Threads The Next Twitter Or Clubhouse 2.0? — With Zach Coelius
Jul 12, 2023
The Threads Explosion — With Alex Heath
Jul 07, 2023
Big Tech's Comeback And The Spillover to VCs and Startups — With Eliot Brown
Jul 05, 2023
Amazon vs. Regulators vs. Walmart
Jun 30, 2023
My Experience On The OceanGate Sub — With David Pogue
Jun 28, 2023
The Media and The Sub, Musk vs. Zuck, A Key TikTok Exec Exits
Jun 23, 2023
ServiceNow CEO On Entrepreneurship, AI, and Automation — With Bill McDermott
Jun 21, 2023
Reddit Revolts, Media Armageddon, AI Fakes In Politics — With Sara Fischer
Jun 16, 2023
Will AI Save The World + Azure's Origins — With Bob Muglia
Jun 14, 2023
Apple's Future After The Vision Pro — With Mark Gurman
Jun 09, 2023
Alphabet X's CEO Has A Vision For AI Moonshots — With Astro Teller
Jun 07, 2023
Tech Consolidates Stock Market Growth, Lawyer Uses Hallucinating ChatGPT, XR Wars Heat Up
Jun 02, 2023
TikTok's Uncertain Future, Twitter's 2024 Election Play, AI Regulation's Feasibility — With Ryan Mac and Bobby Allyn
May 31, 2023
NVIDIA Takes Off, Temu + Shein Deep Dive
May 27, 2023
Google's Bard Director On His Vision For The Bot — With Jack Krawczyk
May 24, 2023
Apple's XR Misadventure, An Emerging AI Bubble, Elon vs. Bezos
May 19, 2023
He Helped Train ChatGPT. It Was Traumatizing. – With Richard Mathenge
May 17, 2023
Twitter's New CEO, Streaming Wars Are Over, Traffic's Lessons
May 12, 2023
Modern Space Race + State of Elon Musk — With Ashlee Vance
May 09, 2023
OpenAI's Business Model Problem, Apple's Mixed Reality Vision, Ed Sheeran's Copyright Win — Techmeme Ride Home Crossover
May 05, 2023
Is Social Media Doomed To Die? — With Ellis Hamburger
May 03, 2023
Bluesky Takes Off, Big Tech Earnings Blowout, Do We Want Human Writers
Apr 28, 2023
What Exactly Is The Market Telling Tech To Do? — With Josh Brown
Apr 26, 2023
State Of The AI Wars, Google's Counterpunch, Elon's 4/20
Apr 21, 2023
The Taiwan Semiconductor Dilemma — With Congressman Ro Khanna
Apr 19, 2023
The Economy is Fine?, VC Funding Declines, Non-Negotiable Expectations
Apr 14, 2023
Was The Sharing Economy Way Overblown? — With Emil Michael
Apr 12, 2023
The Internet's Impact On Productivity, Meta's AI Plan, RIP Big Tech Perks
Apr 07, 2023
Two VCs On AI’s Possibilities — With Joe Marchese and Michael Mignano
Apr 05, 2023
RIP Blue Checks, The Open Letter To Stop AI, Startup Funding After SVB
Mar 31, 2023
Palmer Luckey's Ambitions For The Metaverse And AI Warfare — With Palmer Luckey
Mar 29, 2023
SEC Comes For Coinbase, Hindenberg Comes For Block, Congress Comes For TikTok
Mar 24, 2023
Instagram’s Founder On Why All Social Media Looks The Same — With Kevin Systrom
Mar 22, 2023
SVB Reexamined, GPT-4's Potential, TikTok's Potential Ban
Mar 17, 2023
The Fallout from Silicon Valley Bank's Failure — With Om Malik and Chris Tolles
Mar 15, 2023
Silicon Valley Bank Collapses — With Dan Primack and Ranjan Roy
Mar 10, 2023
Amazon's Ad Business Soars + AI APIs — With Benedict Evans
Mar 08, 2023
Salesforce Tumult, The ChatGPT API, Tinder Robberies
Mar 03, 2023
The Social Media Era Of News Is Over — With Ben Smith
Mar 01, 2023
Paying For Social, RIP IPOs & Voice Computing, Four Day Work Weeks
Feb 24, 2023
An AI Chatbot Debate — With Blake Lemoine and Gary Marcus
Feb 22, 2023
Bing Breaks Bad, Metaverse Fades, Tesla's Self-Driving Recall
Feb 17, 2023
Can Technology Solve Our Climate Crisis — With David Friedberg
Feb 15, 2023
Google and Microsoft's Chatbot War, How AI Changes Hollywood, Disney In Crisis
Feb 10, 2023
Was The Creator Economy Way Overblown? — With Kaya Yurieff and Joe Caporoso
Feb 08, 2023
Disinflation Begins, Snap's Cultural Roadblocks, Meta's 'Year Of Efficiency'
Feb 03, 2023
What's Next For CNN — With Brian Stelter
Feb 01, 2023
BuzzFeed Employs AI, Tesla Stock Goes Wild, Salesforce Is Challenged
Jan 27, 2023
Is ChatGPT A Step Toward Human-Level AI? — With Yann LeCun
Jan 25, 2023
Google Layoffs, Netflix Shakeup, and Davos Recap
Jan 20, 2023
Amazon's Identity Crisis — With Todd Bishop
Jan 18, 2023
New Era Of Tech Accountability? + The Impending AI Ethics War
Jan 13, 2023
Crypto After FTX — With Kate Rooney
Jan 11, 2023
The Fed's PR Blitz + SBF And The Media — With Ranjan Roy
Jan 10, 2023
Tech’s Frothy Days Are Over. Now What? — With Eliot Brown
Jan 04, 2023
Is It Worth Switching To Encrypted Email And Messaging? — With Andy Yen
Dec 28, 2022
2022 In Review, 2023 Predictions — With Casey Newton
Dec 21, 2022
Does It Get Even Worse for Tech in 2023? — With Stephanie Link
Dec 14, 2022
How ChatGPT Changes Tech + The End of Remote Work? — With Aaron Levie
Dec 07, 2022
Actually, The Metaverse Is An Enterprise Thing — With Peggy Johnson
Nov 30, 2022
Is A Healing Supply Chain Fixing Our Economy? — With Ryan Petersen
Nov 23, 2022
Venture Capital's FTX Mistake, Elon's Twitter Plan, Investing in Labor Tech— With Roy Bahat
Nov 16, 2022
How YouTube Shorts Picks Winners — With Todd Sherman
Nov 09, 2022
The U.S. And Tech After The Midterms — With Marshall Kosloff and Saagar Enjeti
Nov 06, 2022
Out At Twitter — With Simon Balmain
Nov 04, 2022
Merits Of Metaverse + Big Tech Wipeout — With Eric Jackson
Nov 02, 2022
How Figma Caught Adobe By Surprise — With Carmel DeAmicis
Oct 26, 2022
What Is Consciousness And Can Machines Achieve It — With Anil Seth
Oct 19, 2022
Will The Fed Blink And Save Tech — With Ranjan Roy
Oct 12, 2022
Inside Facebook's Plan To Fend Off TikTok — With Tom Alison
Oct 05, 2022
Meta's Stock Decline, TikTok's Power, and Funding Transparency — With Frances Haugen
Oct 03, 2022
Meet The Man Who Runs Google Search — With Prabhakar Raghavan
Sep 28, 2022
The Rise And Fall Of Facebook's Big Transparency Acquisition — With Brandon Silverman
Sep 21, 2022
Elon Goes To Delaware — With The Chancery Daily
Sep 14, 2022
Is AI Dangerously Overhyped? — With Gary Marcus
Sep 07, 2022
YouTube's Uneasy World Domination — With Mark Bergen
Aug 31, 2022
Kevin Kelly's Life Lessons — With Kevin Kelly
Aug 24, 2022
This Is Your Brain On iPhone — With Dr. Anna Lembke
Aug 17, 2022
What Social Media Influence Really Gets You — With Nuseir Yassin
Aug 10, 2022
Meta's Awkward Pivot, Crypto's Future, Amazon's Challenge — Crossover With Techmeme Ride Home
Aug 06, 2022
Okay, Maybe Social Media Isn't That Bad For Us — With Brendan Nyhan
Aug 03, 2022
Meet The Ex-Google Engineer Who Called Its AI Sentient — With Blake Lemoine
Jul 27, 2022
Is Social Media Making Our Society Stupid? — With Jonathan Haidt
Jul 20, 2022
What Happens To Twitter After All This? — With Three Ex-Twitter Employees and Two Reporters
Jul 13, 2022
How Twitter, Instagram, and Planet Build Products — With Kevin Weil
Jul 06, 2022
The Ethics Of Fintech — With Dan Dolev
Jun 29, 2022
Anatomy Of A Market Meltdown — With Joe Weisenthal
Jun 22, 2022
Which Startups (And VCs) Survive a Bear Market — With Nina Achadjian
Jun 15, 2022
Meta Exit Interview — With Mike Schroepfer
Jun 08, 2022
Wait, The Robots Didn't Take Our Jobs? — With Erik Brynjolfsson
Jun 02, 2022
Can The Media Fix Its Trust Problem? — With Nicholas Thompson
May 31, 2022
Why Elites Are Losing Trust — With Vivian Schiller
May 27, 2022
Do We Need Web3? — With Gavin Wood
May 25, 2022
Do We Need The Metaverse? — With Nick Clegg
May 24, 2022
Optimism In A Tech Downturn — With Packy McCormick and Austin Rief
May 18, 2022
A Debate About NFTs — With Jason Stein
May 11, 2022
Was Tim Cook The Right Choice For Apple? — With Tripp Mickle
May 07, 2022
Tech Stock Armageddon — With Rich Greenfield
May 04, 2022
Elon's Plan to Fix Twitter — With Alex Roetter
Apr 27, 2022
What The Heck Happened To SPACs — With Charles Duhigg
Apr 20, 2022
Emergency Podcast: Elon Musk Offers To Buy Twitter — With Ranjan Roy
Apr 14, 2022
God, 'The Current Thing,' And Apple — With Antonio Garcia Martinez
Apr 13, 2022
Twitter's Elon Musk Era Begins — With Christopher Mims
Apr 06, 2022
Can Apple's Culture Handle Dissent? — With Cher Scarlett
Mar 30, 2022
Of Oligarchs and Billionaires — With Teddy Schleifer
Mar 23, 2022
How Apple Upended Digital Advertising — With Orchid Bertelsen and David Herrmann
Mar 16, 2022
Russia and The Information War — With Miriam Elder
Mar 09, 2022
What's Next For Our Crazy Economy — With Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey
Mar 02, 2022
Doing Business With Zuckerberg and Bezos — With Donald Graham
Feb 23, 2022
Programming The Code of Life With CRISPR — With Trevor Martin, CEO of Mammoth Biosciences
Feb 16, 2022
Crypto Scams, Big Tech Tumult, and Tech Optimism— With Kara Swisher
Feb 11, 2022
Meta's Stock Plunge + Market Volatility — With Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management
Feb 09, 2022
Digital Publishing’s Next Evolution — With Brian Morrissey
Feb 02, 2022
How Tech Can Actually Help Mental Health — With Ex-National Institute of Mental Health director Dr. Tom Insel
Jan 26, 2022
The Rise Of Conservative Social Media — With The New Yorker's Clare Malone and Stanford's David Thiel
Jan 19, 2022
Tech Regulation's Crucial Year — With Sen. Mark Warner
Jan 12, 2022
Web3 And The Future Of The Internet — With Box CEO Aaron Levie
Jan 05, 2022
2021 In Review, 2022 Predictions — With Casey Newton
Dec 29, 2021
The Theranos Trial Concludes — With NPR's Bobby Allyn
Dec 22, 2021
Apple Nears $3 Trillion + The Truth About Web3 — With Benedict Evans
Dec 15, 2021
Getting AI To Think And Learn Like Humans — With Daniel Kahneman and Yann LeCun
Dec 08, 2021
Managing Omicron With Data From Wastewater? — With Newsha Ghaeli and Mariana Matus of Biobot Analytics
Dec 01, 2021
Inflation and The Great Resignation — With SoFi Head of Investment Strategy Liz Young and Margins’ Ranjan Roy
Nov 24, 2021
Inside Spotify's War With Apple — With Spotify Chief Legal Officer Horacio Gutierrez
Nov 17, 2021
The Venture Capitalist Who Can't Lose — With Zach Coelius
Nov 10, 2021
The Motivations of Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen — With Her Lawyer Lawrence Lessig
Nov 03, 2021
Are We Having a Moral Panic About Instagram? — With NYT's Farhad Manjoo
Oct 27, 2021
Amazon Rigs Search, Social Media 'Ampliganda,' Netflix Protests — With Adrianne Jeffries, Renee DiResta, and Zoë Schiffer
Oct 20, 2021
Is Social Media A Scapegoat For Bigger Problems? — With Charlie Warzel at Unfinished Live
Oct 13, 2021
Why Facebook Will Keep Building For Kids — With Michael Sayman
Oct 06, 2021
Amazon Builds a Robot and Threatens Apple — With Wired's Lauren Goode
Sep 30, 2021
Unraveling The Mystery Of Peter Thiel — With Max Chafkin
Sep 22, 2021
A Look Into Facebook's Soul — With WSJ's Jeff Horwitz and Ex-FB Exec. Brian Boland
Sep 18, 2021
Inside The Theranos Trial — With Erin Griffith of The New York Times
Sep 15, 2021
How The Music Industry Predicts The Future — With Zack O'Malley Greenburg
Sep 08, 2021
The Platform Delusion — With Columbia Business Professor Jonathan Knee
Sep 02, 2021
Are We Actually Addicted To Our Phones? — With Nir Eyal
Aug 26, 2021
Can We Still Be Optimistic About The Internet? — With Meetup Founder Scott Heiferman
Aug 18, 2021
The Motivations Of Facebook Reporters, And Their Sources — With Ugly Truth Author Sheera Frenkel
Aug 11, 2021
The Risks of TikTok's Rise — With Bloomberg's Shelly Banjo
Aug 04, 2021
Regime Change In Cuba, Through Internet Access? — With FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr
Jul 28, 2021
The Definitive WeWork Story — With Eliot Brown And Maureen Farrell
Jul 21, 2021
Newsletters and The Culture Wars — With Substack CEO Chris Best
Jul 14, 2021
She Advocated For Women, Then Microsoft Pushed Her Off Its Board — With Maria Klawe
Jul 07, 2021
How Gen Z Dates Online — With Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone
Jun 30, 2021
How Big Tech Influence Shops Shape The Antitrust Conversation In Washington — with Adam Kovacevich
Jun 24, 2021
Crossover With The Realignment: Can Tech Survive Washington’s Onslaught?
Jun 22, 2021
Andrew Ross Sorkin on Meme Stocks, Bitcoin, SPACs, and Elon Musk
Jun 16, 2021
Andrew Callaghan of All Gas No Breaks Goes Independent
Jun 09, 2021
The Rise and Fall of Juul, With The Devil's Playbook Author Lauren Etter
Jun 02, 2021
New York Times Reporter Jack Nicas On Apple Vs. Epic Games and Apple In China
May 26, 2021
Professor Scott Galloway On Whether Our Economy Is Rigged (And What To Do About It)
May 19, 2021
Amazon Unbound Author Brad Stone On How Nerdy Bezos Turned Into Ripped Bezos
May 12, 2021
Why Ex-Google Ads Boss Sridhar Ramaswamy is Building An Ads-Free Search Engine
May 06, 2021
Facebook Oversight Board Member Julie Owono Takes Us Inside The Trump Decision
May 05, 2021
Doge, Bitcoin, NFTs, and Capital Gains: Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk of Margins Demystify Our Economy
Apr 28, 2021
Facebook vs. Clubhouse vs. Spotify vs. Apple: Casey Newton Returns
Apr 21, 2021
How Amazon Automated My Job: A Conversation With Elaine Kwon
Apr 14, 2021
The Uneasy Amazon Coalition, With Fulfillment Author Alec MacGillis
Apr 07, 2021
Carole Cadwalladr and Yael Eisenstat on The Criticism of Tech Criticism
Mar 31, 2021
BuzzFeed News executive editor Mat Honan on the "Zoom Class," NFTs, and San Francisco
Mar 24, 2021
Why Rest of World wants to change international tech news, with Sophie Schmidt and Louise Matsakis
Mar 17, 2021
Bonus: Senator Amy Klobuchar On How Congress Will Take On Big Tech
Mar 13, 2021
Twitter Product Head Kayvon Beykpour On The Story Behind Twitter’s Revival
Mar 10, 2021
Will Artificial Intelligence Take Our Jobs? A Conversation with Kevin Roose, NYT Columnist and Futureproof author
Mar 09, 2021
WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart on Privacy, Content Moderation, and Apple
Mar 03, 2021
Arab Spring Leader Wael Ghonim on Modern Social Media's Promise And Peril
Feb 24, 2021
Three Mayors On The Future Of Tech in the U.S.
Feb 16, 2021
Bonus: India vs. Twitter, with Pranav Dixit of BuzzFeed News
Feb 13, 2021
Will Amazon Be Kinder After Jeff Bezos? A Conversation With Recode's Jason Del Rey
Feb 10, 2021
Glenn Greenwald on Substack, Content Moderation, and Joe Rogan
Feb 03, 2021
Emergency Podcast: The Story Behind Gamestop, A Conversation With Ranjan Roy of Margins
Jan 29, 2021
The U.S. and Tech After Trump: A Conversation With the Realignment's Marshall Kosloff and Saagar Enjeti
Jan 27, 2021
Under Biden, Bipartisan Vengeance On Social Media? A Conversation With Bradley Tusk
Jan 20, 2021
Should Facebook and Twitter Have Banned Donald Trump? A Conversation With Ryan Mac of BuzzFeed News
Jan 13, 2021
Does YouTube Radicalize? A Debate Between NYT's Kevin Roose and Software Engineer Mark Ledwich
Jan 06, 2021
Cult Deprogrammer Rick Alan Ross On NXIVM, QAnon, and What Makes Us Vulnerable
Dec 23, 2020
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Dec 16, 2020
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