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A podcast dealing with Mountain Athletes: Training, Personal Stories, Interviews and How To episodes.

Episode Date
Talking Injury with Staff Physical Therapist Pete Dickinson

Join Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston in a conversation with our staff physical therapist Pete Dickinson. In this episode they discuss Pete's background and affiliation with the U.S. Ski Team; the injury process; how to recover from injury; and strategies for injury prevention for athletes of all ages.

Aug 01, 2020
The Aging Athlete

Join Uphill Athlete founders, Steve House and Scott Johnston, for a discussion of the aging process in athletes. In this episode, they outline their top six rules for athletic longevity, as well as answer questions from the Uphill Athlete community about training and performance as we age. 

Jul 25, 2020
All About Aerobic Base

In this episode, Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston discusses the concept of Aerobic Base. The emergence of this idea is traced to the empirical framework that coaches and athletes use to test the efficacy of their methods before scientific research is compiled to validate what coaches and athletes know already works.

Show Notes:

Aerobic testing article: 
Stephen Seiler Study: 
Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome: 

Jul 25, 2020
Free Speed: A Talk With Coach Scott Semple

People often gloss over technique and attitude because this is in some ways more difficult to work and less gratifying than getting destroyed in a workout.

Coach Scott Semple and Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston will dive into what works, and what doesn’t.

Jul 18, 2020
Evidence Based Coaching: A Talk with Scott Johnston

Join Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston as he discusses empirical coaching practices and the differences between evidenced based coaching and academic sports science research.

Jul 12, 2020
AMA with Steve House

Scott Johnston hosts and poses questions to Steve taken from email and chat submissions. Topic vary from how to get started alpine climbing to managing overtraining to the differences in climbing cultures around the world.

Jun 26, 2020
Training, Stress, and Success for Female Athletes with Uphill Athlete Coach Alison Naney

Uphill Athlete Coach Alison Naney has been running ultras since 2003 and coaching a broad range of athletes since 2006 through training groups, clinics, camps, and women’s retreats. Along the way she’s had two daughters, and shifted her mindset around training to fit around her family and work while still accomplishing big personal goals with her own running. Her experience as a massage therapist also guides her coaching practice to help athletes have a sustainable, long-term approach to training.
In this session Alison will discusses:
Balancing training with other life stressors for long term success and health.
Training through the menstrual cycle.
How life stress affects training. 
Training for yourself rather than to fit in.
Injury prevention the key to success.
Weight loss and training.
The importance of patience. The 80/20 iceberg concept.
Fat adaptation through fasted training: is it appropriate for many women?
Postpartum recovery and return to training.
Training through pregnancy.

This was originally recorded with a (great!) live audience via Zoom on May 28, 2020.

Jun 22, 2020
Scott Johnston Talks With Sam Naney

Sit down for story-time with Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston and Master Coach Sam Naney. These two have a long history together, and in this hangout they will recount the development and evolution of Sam as an athlete, and Scott as a coach. Their dynamic story is full of lessons and applications for any athlete, or coach.

Jun 09, 2020