The Tech Savvy Lawyer

By Michael D.J. Eisenberg

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Category: Technology

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The Tech Savvy Lawyer interviews Judges, Lawyers, and other professionals discussing utilizing technology in the practice of law. It may springboard an idea and help you in your own pursuit of the business we call "practicing law". Please join us for interesting conversations enjoyable at any tech skill level!

Episode Date
Episode #85: Episode 85: Redefining Legal Services, Mathew Kerbis on Subscription Law and Tech Efficiency.
Apr 02, 2024
Bonus Episode: Unleashing Tech at the 2024 ABA Tech Show a Cross Podcast Examination With Mathew Kerbis and Your Tech-Savvy Lawyer
Mar 19, 2024
Episode 84: Using technology to grow a family law practice with Jason Rice of Dirigo-Divorce.
Mar 05, 2024
Episode #83: Mastering Legal Tech and Strategy with Filevine's Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with, Erik Bermudez!
Feb 20, 2024
#82, Revolutionizing Legal Review with Chris Ford, The Journey Behind Legalize AI.
Feb 06, 2024
Episode 81: Navigating The Future of Legal Tech with Filevine's Emily Lippincott.
Jan 23, 2024
Episode 80: Where Are Lawyers And Law Students With Technology Today With Jonah Perlin
Jan 09, 2024
Episode 79: Handling Medical Information on The Internet With Leah Bucholz
Dec 26, 2023
#78: Tech Innovations in Legal Practice: Interview with Karen McDonald from Wise Owls
Dec 12, 2023
#77: CLIO Con 2023: Third-Party Apps, CLIO and More, with Shubham Datta
Nov 28, 2023
#76: Maximizing Practice Efficiency: Interview with Joshua Lenon at CLIO Con 2023
Nov 14, 2023
#75: Benefits of Apple Products in Law Practice: Interview with Dave Hamilton
Oct 31, 2023
#74: Empowering Lawyers with Legal Tech: Interview with Eda Rosa
Oct 17, 2023
#73: Legal Research and More, with Sarah Glassmeyer
Oct 03, 2023
#72: Leveraging Technology in Legal and Book Writing with Wendy Sare Meadows
Sep 20, 2023
#71: AI for Global Legal Access: Interview with LawPath Co-Founder, Dominic Woolrych
Sep 05, 2023
#70: Growing your firm with Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence with Jared Jaskot
Aug 22, 2023
#69: Demystifying Cloud Computing: Interview with IT Specialist Dave Ginsburg
Aug 08, 2023
#68: Lawyer-Focused Marketing: Interview with Kristaps Brencans, CEO of On the Map
Aug 01, 2023
#67: Ethical considerations of AI integration with Irwin Kramer
Jul 18, 2023
#66: Choosing a Keyboard for Legal Work. Interview with Daniela Semeco from LegalType
Jul 04, 2023
#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick
Jun 20, 2023
#64: Utilizing AI to keep track of clients with Tracy Troyer
Jun 06, 2023
#63: From lawyering to Podcasting with Robert Engles of Lawpod
May 23, 2023
#62: Law Firm Growth: Tech, Automation, and the Cloud with Jordan Ostroff
May 09, 2023
#61: Exploring Shortcut Basics with Jeff Gamet, TextExpander Expert
Apr 25, 2023
#60: A Lawyer's Perspective on On-line Marketing with Annette Choti of Law Quill
Apr 12, 2023
#59: Podcasting in Law with Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer
Mar 28, 2023
#58: Community is key as there is no Magic Bullet with OU Law's Kenton Brice
Mar 07, 2023
#57: Join Aliza Shatzman to discuss using technology for Federal Judge accountability with Clerks
Feb 28, 2023
#56: Gain an Edge with Court Data and Analytics with Trellis Law CEO, Nicole Clark.
Feb 07, 2023
#55: Virtual Law Clerk Hiring Tips: Interview with Kristin Tyler of Lawclerk Legal
Jan 24, 2023
#54: Empowering People in the Courtroom. Interview with Courtroom5 CEO, Sonja Ebron
Dec 13, 2022
#53: AI in Legal Research. Interview with Damien Riehl of Fastcase
Dec 06, 2022
#52: AI in Discovery Responses. Interview with Briefpoint Co-founder, Nathan Walter
Nov 29, 2022
#51: Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls on Social Media: Interview with Claude Ducloux from Affinipay/LawPays
Nov 15, 2022
#50: Golden Jubilee Episode: Brett Burney Interviews The Tech-Savvy Lawyer
Nov 01, 2022
#49: Online Legal Marketing: Interview with Meranda M. Vieyra from Denver Legal Marketing
Oct 04, 2022
#48: Tech Mentors for Lawyers: Interview with J. Ryann Peyton from the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program
Sep 20, 2022
#47: Securely Working with Virtual Staff: Interview with Lindsey Corbin from
Aug 30, 2022
#46: Tech Transformation for Small Law Practices: Interview with GA Trial Attorney Jim Grant
Aug 19, 2022
#45: Navigating Technology Overload: Interview with Lawyer and Life Coach Wendy Meadows
Aug 02, 2022
#44: Revamping Client Relations at Law Firms: Interview with Nataliya Blidy from Smart Advocate
Jun 21, 2022
#43: Enhancing Advertising with Google My Business: Interview with Ronnie Deaver from NoBull Marketing
Jun 09, 2022
#42: Maximizing Attorneys' Tech Use at Work: Interview with Jim Calloway
May 24, 2022
#41: Interview with Marcel Strigberger: A Computer Luddite's Perspective
Apr 19, 2022
#40: Tech Implementation for Attorneys: Interview with Solo Attorney Steve Richardson
Apr 05, 2022
#39: Cybersecurity Tips for Lawyers: Interview with Expert Tom Lambotte
Mar 25, 2022
#38: Law Students and Tech in the Workforce: Interview with Professor Debra Moss Vollweiler
Mar 01, 2022
#37: Shine Like an Attorney Star: Interview with Emmy Award-Winner Laressa Watlington
Feb 17, 2022
#36: Online Presence Importance: Interview with Gordon Van Wechel from The Alchemy Consulting Group
Dec 09, 2021
#35: Zooming Your Trials: Interview with Tech Trailblazer James "Jamie" Holland II from Holland Law
Nov 18, 2021
#34: Productive Case File Management with LitSoftware: Interview with CA Attorney Elizabeth "Lisa" Peck
Nov 03, 2021
#33: Maximizing Virtual Assistant Use with Technology with Kathy Campbell
Oct 12, 2021
#32: Saving Office Admin Time with Chatbots: Interview with LawDroid's Tom Martin
Sep 22, 2021
#31: Mac-Based CRM Insights: Interview with Daylite CRM Developer Alykhan "AJ" Jetha
Aug 04, 2021
#30: Efficient Law Office Workflows: Interview with Streamlined.Legal's Melanie Leonard
Jul 14, 2021
#29: Affordable Legal Services with Tech in a WFH Chicago Law Office: Interview with Lawyer Alyease Jones
Jun 21, 2021
#28: Savings in a Virtual Law Office: Interview with Laura O'Bryan from MyVirtual.Lawyer
Jun 04, 2021
#27: Spring Cleaning Tech Tips: Interview with Margaret Martin from Bungalow Tech
May 20, 2021
#26: Digital Marketing for Lawyers: Interview with Steve Ryan, CEO and Founder of RyTech
Apr 22, 2021
#25: Setting up Automation in Your Law Firm: Interview with Dorna Moini, CEO of Documate
Apr 08, 2021
#24: Embracing Comfort in Work: Interview with Adriana Linares
Mar 31, 2021
#23: Return of the "Paperless" Jedi: Interview with Author David Sparks
Mar 15, 2021
#22: Analog to Digital Marketing: Interview with GNGF's CEO Mark Homer
Feb 24, 2021
#21: COVID, Bar Exams, and Computer SNAFUS with Megan Zavieh
Feb 11, 2021
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