By Sara Gretzky and Natalie Buck

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Lights, Camera, Action! Join The NETCHICKS every week to talk all things on screen. Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck are here to educate you on what you should be watching, and maybe not watching! The Netchicks with Sara (@saragretzky ) & Natalie (@nattiebuck )

Episode Date
Girl Gang with Paulina Gretzky
Get ready y'all cause Sara is live with her sister in law / bff/ soul sister/ bravo fanatic Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) for her FIRST EVER PODCAST & these two are wayyyyyy too excited to be together for this episode. Paulina opens up about who her favorite housewives are, the ones she's known since way back when, and the one she just became friends with! The girls talk LOTS of Bravo, 90 Day Fiance and what Paulina and her man bonded over watching in quarantine. This episode is a rollercoaster of fun so just prepare yourself and your ears! Paulina answers questions from our listeners, dishes soooo much tea and talks what it was like growing up Gretzky. The girls talk about the recent family trip they went on and who their new best friends are. Hope y'all have as much fun listening as we did recording!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jan 19, 2021
I Just Don't Care
Happy Tuesday we are coming with love, light, and happiness this week. The chicks are here to make you laugh so hard you forget to cry. We won't waste your time-  this episode is Kim Kardashian HEAVY and we discuss allllll the thoughts. Where is she and what is she thinking? We ask for your prayers for our queen during this time ( and Bridgette & Corey). We briefly touch on Matt James and his Bachelor breakout moment. Theres a deep dive into #RHOSLC and all we can say is Brooks Marks. We recap the two most recent episodes and Natalie came with NOTES. Moment of silence for Jen Shah and Sara's thoughts on her..Natalie finally gets involved in The Morning Show (AppleTV) and gives a brief recap on where she is at with the Jen Aniston of it all.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Jan 12, 2021
New Year, Same Chicks
Happy 2021! The girls are TOGETHER in the same room for the first time in Netchicks history for their 25th episode! Try to keep up as the tequila is flowing & the girls do a quick episode while on Instagram LIVE. They update on what they've been watching the last two weeks, and how happy they are to be celebrating the new year together! So get ready to laugh and have fun as we celebrate the 25th episode/ beginning of 2021/ the chicks finally podcasting together! Happy Season 2! Tune in weekly & Follow along @TheNetchicks
Jan 05, 2021
Please Don't Hate Us
Warning Sara has moved locations and this episode is a result of that chaos. The Netchicks drop a surprise second episode this week and they are on FIIIIIIIIIIIRE. Natalie discusses her most recent Kardashian theory, Hulu, and what exactly Kim post and why...... The Flight Attendant (HBO) is discussed and WE'RE JUST BEING please don't hate us. We talk Bachelorette double episodes this week and RHOSLC and who we both despise We say this every week....but we are NOT holding back this episode. 'Tis the damn season!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 18, 2020
A List Preferred
This week Sara can barely keep her thoughts straight with Taylor Swift's new album drop the chicks discuss whether or not they are "crazy swifties". They recap the most recent RHOSLC episode and talk about the biggest bombshells from the night.    Natalie gives a recap so far on Murder on Middle Beach (HBO) and the WILD connection Sara has to it. You don't want to miss this part! We get a Friends update and Yellowstone Season 3 finale update from Sara.   Later Sara tells Natalie something she's been keeping from her (HINT; a new show she secretly started) and the girls are ecstatic to finally discuss.   The chicks are working double time for you this week and will be dropping an extra episode this week before they are off for Christmas break!      Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks.
Dec 15, 2020
Bachelorette Recap Episode 9
Welcome to The Netchicks Late night Edition. The girls take on Tayshia's men and they really don't hold back. They discuss the current feuds in the house and whose side they are really on. A heated debate breaks out when they discuss the pros and cons of being the Bachelorette and excuse the passion that comes out tonight....these two haven't been up this late in years!   Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 09, 2020
The Undoing of Salt Lake City
 The chicks are coming to you on a Sunday to answer your prayers. They are doing a full rundown of The Undoing ( HBO) and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. As usual there is no holding back and the girls get into their differences regarding The Undoing. To Sara's surprise Natalie gives into the Bravo world and goes deep with her new thoughts on #RHOSLC and how much she is enjoying it! They leave with you with some Christmas cheer ( and singing) and some good new holiday content! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks     
Dec 06, 2020
Queens Only
Calling all Queen lovers! In this super episode the girls discuss what they have both been up to the last two weeks and how they are feeling going into the LAST MONTH OF 2020! Natalie talks about what she's been going through, and watching, the last 11 days and Sara updates everyone on what it's like to be thirty. They discuss their thoughts on Queens Gambit and then Sara leads a lengthy discussion turned passionate history lesson on The Crown. They leave you with a Bravo surprise so make sure to listen!   Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 04, 2020
The Travel Man
Hope you can keep up with Natalie and her special guest this week! Bobby is about to take you on a wild ride so we hope you are ready to take he did. Natalie and her boyfriend Bobby guest host this episode while Sara is away and this guy is more than thrilled for his long awaited debut. He covers his favorite quarantine watches and even his favorite things about Nat. You may get a travel tip here and there, and then some more so get ready for this hilarious episode that has Natalie speechless more than once and as usual laughing out loud.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Nov 18, 2020
Away With Bravo
It's Sara's birthday week and you'll finally hear who her neighbor was! Natalie also updates us on Shawn Mendez and what he's been up to and what they both WON'T be watching LOL. This week when they get to the net the girls cover Away (Netflix) & Sara gives a lengthy Bravo update on all things housewives.  They are currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on @TheNetchicks Instagram so don't forget to head over there to enter! Sara is away the next week & Nat will return next episode with a special guest!    
Nov 10, 2020
The One About Friends
The one where they have A LOT to say! They are all about bringing the love and light positive vibes this episode so don't f^&* with them today! The chicks are starting your Monday off the right way by talking Kardashians, Friends and as usual everything and anything in between. And is it just us? or are they extra full of of laughs today. They do a MUCH awaited deep dive on Natalie's newest journey with Friends season 1 & you'll be lucky if you can keep up. They discuss what they're both currently watching and what show Sara is now starting from season 1 for the 10th time in her life. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Nov 02, 2020
Natalie In Paris
In this quick episode the chicks give an update on where they're at literally and why they're both living in such chaos. Trigger warning they start singing again. They give a very fast paced Emily In Paris rundown and discuss as much Gabriel and as much fashion as they can in 20 minutes. Natalie comes to a conclusion on how she really feels about it and if you are playing a drinking game drink every time Sara brings up Sex and The City. BUT just wait until Natalie drops a major bomb at the end that leaves Sara speechless. Thanks for listening to a quickie and get ready to laugh this episode.    Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks
Oct 27, 2020
EPISODE 15 ! !
Our 15th episode ! ! The girls both have an exciting week ahead of them! Sara touches on her most recent "celebrity" sighting and Natalie reads a text from her mom that leaves the chicks speechless. They quickly touch on The Vow through episode 8 & if you've had enough of the KEITH of all then just wait because they lift your spirits with the Halloween Rundown. Natalie did her homework and the girls are in a singing mood. Sara ends things with an astrology lesson that is sure to leave you asking more questions...IF you're a gemini.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Oct 20, 2020
I'm Just Appreciating My Bread - A Kardashian Recap
In a very last minute attempt Sara & Natalie pop on to do a Keeping Up With The Kardashian recap per Natalie's 5 requests. They tackle everything from what Mr. Gambles role really is and which side of the show they are on when it's Kendall vs. Kylie. Plus the breadbasket makes a return when they discuss who really makes the best in the business!!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Oct 14, 2020
Morning Tantrums - A Kardashian Bonus Episode
Surprise! Happy Kardashian-Bonus-Episode-Thursday! The chicks decided to do drop double episodes this week and prepare for all the drama as Sara has the most dramatic start to her morning before the girls deep dive into Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 19. They discuss AT LENGTH the first 3 episodes and if you are a Kim or Kris, or Northie fan this is something you do not want to miss ! !  Then they Natalie tells Sara she has never seen one of the MOST iconic Halloween movies and they agree on how to cope moving forward. NOT a spoiler-- your homework for next week is to watch Beetlejuice.   Tune in weekly & Follow along @TheNetchicks
Oct 08, 2020
The Vow
 Hold your hugs this episode because the chicks are on FIRE! Natalie lets us know what she really thinks of her dads new favorite show Ted Lasso (AppleTV) and then the girls get honest and raw discussing Natalie's most recent social media hiatus. The Vow (HBO) is a HOT topic when they dive into their discussion of the first 5 episodes and FYI the girls have ZERO filter when it comes to their thoughts. Whether you've seen the show or not this might be the most entertaining hour of your day. They will be back next week on a much lighter note to discuss the most recent season of #KUWTK!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks        
Oct 06, 2020
Nattie Issues With Joe Buck
It's a family affair! With Sara gone Natalie is joined by a very special co-host with a verrrrrry soothing voice HER DAD! Joe Buck joins The Netchicks to talk his current favorite show, his all time favorite movies, and the cinematic memories he has with Nattie B. Plus find out what he thinks might be his most memorable moment in his career! This episode will leave you feeling very enlightened by these wild Bucks! Sara is back next week.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Sep 30, 2020
Just A Girl Standing In Front Of Schitt's Creek
The NETCHICKS 10th episode!! Thank you to everyone who has continued to listen and support us! We are celebrating our 10th episode talking Natalie's Notting Hill experience, Paris Hilton's new Youtube Documentary & of course The 2020 Emmy Awards and watch out because Sara is spitting fire. From Schitt's Creek to Succession the girls are breaking down the entire show even though they come to a major disagreement!    Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Sep 22, 2020
Cults, Cookies & Cramps
This week the girls are covering a lot of shows. Natalie dishes on the Dead to Me season 1 finale, they discuss The Vow (HBO), & the scary thoughts behind Netflix's new documentary The Social Dilemma. Find out what show Sara got Ty to watch that has him hooked & listen to the chicks discuss what's going on in Natalie's personal life that the end has her realizing might not be normal.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Sep 15, 2020
Trying To Keep Up
Buckle up people cause Natalie's in the closet and Sara's on the toilet this episode so get ready cause it's a riot. The Chicks cover the news of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ending, Sara's thoughts on Season 2 of Selling Sunset & Natalie finishing season 1 of Dead To Me. Natalie updates us on the live action Mulan film & then the girls discuss the most recent Brandi vs. Denise drama and they have some thoughts. Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Sep 09, 2020
A Real Housewives Rundown With Sara
This week Natalie's away so Sara is here to give a quick masterclass in all things housewives from this last week. She covers Dorinda's exit, #RHONY, #RHOP & yes that Beverly Hills finale everyone is talking about. The Chicks will be back together next week!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks  
Sep 02, 2020
Find Yourself A Brad
Natalie is bringing love & light this week with a very inspirational opening discussion brought to you by her newest book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.   Season 1 of Selling Sunset becomes a hot discussion & you might have to pick a side when The Chicks divide.   They dive into a dark discussion about Lifetime's Surviving Jeffrey Epstein 4 part docu-series.   Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks!
Aug 26, 2020
That's What Keeps You Up At Night?
Natalie gives us a very bizarre story about her friend and a male nurse that will have you cringing. The girls discuss what keeps them up at night which leads them strolling down memory lane reminiscing about their favorite shows from the 2000's.   Then the great debate Reality TV vs. Scripted? Who's side are you on? Keep listening to hear what show they are recommending for next weeks recap.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Aug 19, 2020
Must Love Dogs
The Netchicks are back! Natalie returns and tells us all about her week in LA filming! The girls discuss why they are both feeling so down lately and the lengths they are going to try and feel better. Then the much awaited Indian Matchmaking recap happens and the girls get a little too excited when discussing how they feel about arranged marriages....and marriage in general!   Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks!
Aug 12, 2020
Bravo Bravo F#!&ing Bravo With Sara
When Nats away Sara will talk Bravo! Enjoy this bonus episode where Sara covers all things Real Housewives!  She's on a roll so buckle up! She talks Real Housewives of Potomac premier, RHONY Cancun trip & Yes Brandi vs. Denise. Don't forget to watch Indian Matchmaking & Tune in next week to hear the girls recap!   Listen weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Aug 05, 2020
Is Criminology A Good Degree For Law School?
In this episode Sara & Natalie discuss the recent Emmy nominations & who they think will take home the big wins!   They put on their investigating hats and get very passionate discussing each of their favorite stories from Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix).   Natalie gives her first Real Housewives of New York (Bravo) recap and the girls decide to watch Indian Matchmaking (Netflix) for next weeks recap.   Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.    
Jul 29, 2020
Welcome to the first official episode of The NETCHICKS. In this episode Sara & Natalie dive into their history as friends and we learn one of Natalie's earliest memories of Sara.   Then they both talk about their Top 5 Quarantine watches. SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen Unorthodox on Netflix we suggest you watch it before listening! Listen to see what shows the chicks suggest for each other to watch before next weeks episode.    Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 25, 2020
Teaser - What Not To Watch
Sara & Natalie give you a little taste of what NOT to watch and nobody is safe, not even their love for Steve Carell.   Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 20, 2020
Teaser - Meet The Netchicks
Annnnnnd ACTION! Meet The Netchicks! Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck are here to talk all things on screen. These millennials aren't holding anything back, so grab your popcorn and prepare to be fully entertained with the chicks!   Tune into The Netchicks weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 20, 2020