Adventures In Black Cinema With Desmond Thorne

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It’s time to take off and go on a Black cinema adventure through the lens of movie ‘Blackspert’ Desmond Thorne! Join the director, screenwriter, actor LGBTQIA+ activist on an exploration of your favorite Black films as he uncovers what makes them classic joints and guides his listeners to discovering new hidden gems y'all will love!

Episode Date
Adventures in Angels & Advent (The Preacher's Wife)

Happy Holidays, y’all! In our last episode of 2020, Desmond pays respect to the seminal Christmas film THE PREACHER’S WIFE. Desmond gets into Advent, one of his favorite times of the year, the accuracy of the Black church in this film as portrayed by director Penny Marshall, and the wonderful people involved in this movie that we have lost in the past few years. Also, Desmond talks about how GAY Christmas truly is!!

Dec 22, 2020
Adventures in Creepin' & Commodification (Get Out)

Just in time for the Holidays, Desmond dives deep into the ‘meet the parents horror film’, GET OUT! Though this film initially was thought of as a horror film about interracial relationships, Desmond talks about how it touches on so much more, including aspects of how Blackness is commodified in the United States. Also, this week’s TRUST & BELIEVE is a new Netflix horror film, and the YOU BETTA ACT award this week is what Desmond considers to be a classic performance.

Dec 15, 2020
Adventures in Jokes & Jailtime (Life) w/ Sheldon D. Brown

In this hilarious episode, Desmond and his guest, actor/writer Sheldon D. Brown, discuss the 90’s classic comedy match-up, LIFE starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. They dig into the memorable lines and moments, Bernie Mac, the Queer representation in the film, and how they feel about the unity between Black men in our current times. Also, where there’s a guest, there’s another round of WHO’S INVITED!!

Dec 08, 2020
Adventures in Leadership & Legacy (Malcolm X)

It’s our twentieth episode!! This week, Desmond finally gets into the subject he’s been talking about all summer and fall, Malcolm X! He not only digs into the famous Spike Lee film from 1992 starring a flawless Denzel Washington, but also the seminal 1972 documentary MALCOLM X, also based on the 1965 autobiography; and talks about the legacy that this incredible man has left behind. 


Dec 01, 2020
Adventures in Feasting & Family (Soul Food)

Are you hungry? This week, Desmond dives into the 90’s classic, SOUL FOOD. He praises Vanessa Williams iconic performance, reminisces on missing his extended family and eating soul food, and also clocks some of the weak sauce gender dynamics in the film. Also, there’s another “Some Gay Shit” centered around LOVECRAFT COUNTRY!

Nov 24, 2020
Adventures in Community & Couture (Paris is Burning) w/ Elegance Bratton & Chester Algernal Gordon

Yahhhs! Take a trip to the Ballroom this week as Desmond gets into the monumental documentary PARIS IS BURNING with two brilliant filmmakers and ballroom experts, Elegance Bratton and Chester Algernal Gordon! The three of them have a fun Kiki about the documentary, the ethics of white people directing black films, and also where the ballroom scene is today! And with two guests comes a DOUBLE edition of ‘Who’s Invited’!!

Nov 17, 2020
Adventures in Picket Lines & Production Design (Sorry to Bother You)

Are you ready to get weird?? This week, Desmond dives into the strange 2018 indie gem, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU! Desmond breaks down the incredible production design in the film, the aspects of protest in the film, and how both of these elements connect to the concept of Black folks assimilating to whiteness. Also, this week’s You Betta Act award goes to one of the best actors of this current generation!

Nov 10, 2020
Adventures in Cycles & Cautionary Tales (Menace II Society)

This week join Desmond as he gets into the 90’s classic MENACE II SOCIETY. Desmond talks about the legendary character O-Dog (played to perfection by Pod favorite Larenz Tate) as well as an ABC History Lesson about the racist systems put in place that led to the Watts uprising and the tragic events of this film. Also, Desmond dishes out another Decease and Desist, and this time, it’s for an industry publication calling one of our longest working young actors a “breakout”.

Nov 03, 2020
Adventures in Careers & Companionship w/Tessa Claire Hersh (Love & Basketball)

In this special Mega-sized episode, Desmond is joined by friend and actor Tessa Claire Hersh to talk about the mega important film LOVE & BASKETBALL. Desmond and Tessa break down the amazing moments, brilliant acting, and brilliant direction in this film, as well as what it means to be a Black woman working hard in a professional space. Also, they spend some quality time at the top of the episode honoring the life of Breonna Taylor. Plus, we play another round of everyone’s favorite game, WHO’S INVITED!!

Oct 27, 2020
Adventures in Satire & Stereotypes (White Chicks)

This week Desmond digs into the 2000’s comedy classic WHITE CHICKS! Desmond gets into the accuracy of the White stereotypes depicted in this Wayan's Brothers satire. He also talks about how the film can also function as a Terry Crews biopic. Also, there’s another edition of Some Gay Shit centered around LOVECRAFT COUNTRY! 

Oct 20, 2020
Adventures in Housing & Hustling (Little Woods)

This week, join Desmond as he gets into the Nitty Gritty of the 2019 hidden gem LITTLE WOODS starring Tessa Thompson and Lily James. He talks about the excellent work from director Nia DaCosta (who directed the upcoming CANDYMAN), as well as the commentary that she makes on the systems of housing and healthcare in the United States in the film. Also, Desmond gives you a sneak preview of Regina King’s directorial debut, ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI!

Oct 13, 2020
Adventures in Art & Amour (Love Jones)

This week, Desmond digs into the 90’s classic LOVE JONES! Desmond discusses the electric chemistry between Larenz Tate and Nia Long, and his own discoveries about love during Quarantine. He also talks about the importance of art in the Black community, love, and how hard it can be to be an artist in a relationship. Also, Desmond puts you on to a Black hidden gem from the early 80’s called LOSING GROUND.

Oct 06, 2020
Adventures in Politicians & the Press (Head of State)

This week, Desmond gets passionate about the misuse of power in the government and the media while getting into the nitty gritty of Chris Rock’s directorial debut, HEAD OF STATE. As Desmond dives into the underrated comedy, and discusses how the film’s wit accurately presents these flawed systems. Also, there’s another hot guy to talk about on this week’s “Some Gay Shit” segment! 

Sep 29, 2020
Justice for Breonna Taylor

This week, Desmond reflects on the disappointments of NOT getting justice for Breonna Taylor.

Sep 29, 2020
Adventures in Sicily & Spike (Jungle Fever)

It’s our tenth episode! This week, Desmond talks all things Spike Lee, and gets into the importance of Italian-Americans and Interracial entanglements and how they relate to Spike’s 1991 film JUNGLE FEVER! Desmond also takes you on a journey through Stevie Wonder’s incredible soundtrack for the film, as well as putting you on to two lesser discussed Spike films that deserve a re-evaluation!

Sep 22, 2020
Adventures in Reparations & the Reaper w/ James III (Tales from the Hood)

This week, Desmond is joined by James III (co-star of Netflix’s ASTRONOMY CLUB, co-host of BLACK MEN CAN’T JUMP IN HOLLYWOOD podcast) to talk about the 90’s cult horror classic TALES FROM THE HOOD! We talk about each of the stories in this chilling anthology film and how they relate to themes of death and reparations for Black folks in America! Also, Desmond puts James to the test in another round of our favorite game, WHO’S INVITED!

Sep 15, 2020
Adventures in Grandmas & Good Intentions (Down in the Delta)

This week, Desmond digs into Maya Angelou’s feature directorial debut, "DOWN IN THE DELTA." Desmond breaks down the beautiful intentions of the film while he lovingly points out some of its stranger moments, reminisces on his grandmothers, and talks about some organizations with good intentions from his past. Also Desmond gives a “Decease and Desist” to everyone’s favorite Black film mogul, Tyler Perry. 

Sep 08, 2020
Adventures in Learning & Lauryn Hill w/ Phillip Henry (Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit)

In this Zoom edition of the show, Desmond is joined by everyone’s favorite Gay Twitter comedian, Phillip Henry (@MajorPhilebrity) to discuss everyone’s favorite sequel, SISTER ACT 2: BACK IN THE HABIT! Desmond and Phillip get into how the growth mindset connects to the film, the importance of having a dope Black teacher, and the legendary work of Ms. Lauryn Hill! Also, with another special guest comes another round of the game WHO’S INVITED!

Sep 01, 2020
Farewell Chadwick Boseman (A Moment Of Reflection)

After the very untimely and unexpected death of actor Chadwick Boseman, Desmond reflects on the life and legacy Boseman leaves behind. A very somber farewell to a true king in cinema, ABC honors and salutes Chadwick Boseman.

Aug 31, 2020
Adventures in Culture & Color Schemes (Rafiki)

This week, Desmond gets into the first Queer film AND the first African film on the show, RAFIKI! The journey through this award winning hidden gem includes Desmond’s thoughts on how Kenyan culture is similar to certain aspects of Black culture in the U.S., as well as the brilliant and vibrant color scheme employed by the director, Wanuri Kahiu. Also, Desmond puts you on to two other hidden gems that also focus on Queer Black women in this week’s ‘Trust and Believe’ and ‘You Betta Act’ segments!

Aug 25, 2020
Adventures In Summer & Smoke (Friday)

This week, Desmond breaks down one of the best comedies of the ‘90’s, FRIDAY! This film causes Desmond to go down memory lane and reminisce about his lit ass summers in the 90’s, as well as the days when he started sparking up himself! Also, have you heard about the upcoming film CRACKA? Desmond gives you all the info you need to know about this film that has been spreading around the social media rumor mill!

Aug 18, 2020
Adventures in Columbus & Columbia (Higher Learning)

This week, Desmond dives head first into the late great John Singleton’s HIGHER LEARNING. Listen as Desmond relates the events and character journey’s in this evergreen film to his experiences with a racist principal in his high school, which led to a school-wide walkout and protest! Plus, Desmond puts you on the fabulous and fantastic HBO MAX ballroom competition show, LEGENDARY!

Aug 11, 2020
Adventures in Power & Punk Rock with Shay Filmore (Fast Color)

This week, we welcome our first guest, fellow NYC Black Film Programmer Shay Filmore! We break down a hidden gem from 2019 called 'FAST COLOR' starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Loraine Toussaint! This film is about a lineage of Black women with superpowers! How did this beautiful movie not get a better marketing campaign?? Also, Desmond puts Shay to the test with our first round of a game we like to call, “Who’s Invited?”

Aug 04, 2020
Adventures In Soundtracks & Sistahood (Waiting To Exhale)

In this episode Desmond digs into the 1995 box office hit, WAITING TO EXHALE! And of course, no discussion about this film is complete without a journey through it’s epic, ride-or-die soundtrack produced by Babyface! Though this film is a classic, might it have been better if it were directed by a woman? Also, Desmond puts you on to the first feature film ever written and directed by a Black lesbian!!

Jul 28, 2020
Adventures In Dealing & Dipset (Paid In Full)

In this episode of ABC, Desmond takes us on a journey through the classic 2002 film "Paid In Full" starring Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Cam'Ron. New discoveries and fun facts await as he breaks down drug culture, the breakthrough performance by Cam'Ron at the height of the Dipset era, and more! "The BBSs?!"

Jul 19, 2020