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 Sep 2, 2020


Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal joins NFL Network/Adam Carolla podcast’s Dave Dameshek multiple times a week to discuss sports and entertainment items as well other nonsense almost guaranteed to annoy people.

Episode Date
Medina Spirit is Canceled, Mets Rat/Raccoon Gate, DK Metcalf Keeps it 100
Cousin Sal has to save the day on Mother’s Day for all his kids and did anyone care about Elon Musk hosting SNL (02:00)?    Medina Spirit had a positive drug test and Bob Baffert is saying the horse is a victim of cancel culture. Cousin Sal and Dave discuss if horses should be allowed to take steroids and what did the horse know (04:45)?    Sal and Dave make their bets as Dave likes Bruins (-1.5)/Islanders and Sal likes Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers (-14.5)/Rockets. Sal explains the new NBA playoff format to Dave and the excitement over a potential Lebron/Steph matchup in a 7 versus 8 match-up (12:00).    Then with the 2021 NFL schedule being released this week the guys talk FanDuel’s regular season over/under wins. The Mets have controversy of their own as Jeff McNeil and Francisco Lindor explain a dugout uproar was over a rat or a raccoon sighting (28:00).    Finally, it’s the Crown Royal Athletes of the Week as Sal raises a glass to Canelo Alvarez and Dave pays tribute to DK Metcalf after he trying to qualify for the Olympics by running the 100 meters (54:45).  
May 10, 2021
Tebow Time (Again), Tom Wilson/Rangers, and Lessons in Lemieux
Cousin Sal is trying to impress his doctor as he gears up for his physical-exam he missed last year (02:00). The New York Rangers and Washington Capitals face off again after Tom Wilson’s dirty hit, but Sal thinks fans may be overreacting. Dave thinks there’s a history of violence with Tom Wilson that needs to be considered (06:30).    Sal talks about the upcoming ’86 Mets 30 for 30 and his favorite parts so far (13:15). Then Sal and Dave give some picks including the Nationals (-106) over the Braves (18:00). The Baltimore Orioles’ John Means throws a no-hitter and Sal has an idea for FanDuel; offering odds on who will pitch the next no-hitter and/or being able to bet on pitchers to throw a no-hitter (22:00). The Yankees stay hot and beat the Astros again and can Shohei Ohtani win the American League MVP if he isn’t even the MVP of his own team (25:15)?     Dave and Sal discuss the latest with Aaron Rodgers and disagree on his future with the Packers (27:00). Plus, could Tim Tebow be reunited with Urban Meyer in Jacksonville (35:30)?    Harry blew the first ever Extra Points First to Ten Tuesday bet (40:00). Then the guys discuss NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds (42:30). The Clippers/Lakers play Thursday night and Lebron is sitting out as the Lakers look to avoid the playoff play-in games (47:00).    Finally, a fan leaves Dave a voicemail correcting him on how to pronounce Mario Lemieux (52:30). 
May 06, 2021
Michael Lombardi on Aaron Rodgers Future, 49ers Original Draft Plans, Mac to Pats
Cousin Sal and Dave recap a big weekend in sports from the NFL Draft to the Kentucky Derby, as the Mets just hang on for a win and the Packers are trying to hang onto Aaron Rodgers (02:00).  Former NFL executive, Michael Lombardi joins the show and the guys first talk about how it’s been 20 years since the Pine Barrens episode of The Sopranos first aired (08:30). Mike talks about how no one doing these mock drafts really knows anything and he doesn’t believe the 49ers coaches didn’t know who they were drafting with the #3 pick. He discusses how the 49ers could have originally traded up to draft Mac Jones but were then convinced to take Trey Lance (10:30).    Mike doesn’t see Aaron Rodgers being traded and the 49ers may not have had to trade up to draft Trey Lance. He believes Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence will be the best quarterbacks from this draft and reminded that all the Alabama players say Mac Jones is better than Tua (17:00).    The guys discuss the AFC North and Najee Harris was too talented for the Steelers to pass up, how the Raiders and Jon Gruden have struggled with personnel decisions and why Jared Goff’s contract has made things difficult for other top tier quarterbacks. Then after the Jets two Michael Carters, Mike tells the story of Tampa Bay turning in the wrong card (25:15).    Dave and Sal discuss which teams they could see not making the playoffs and disagree on both the Seahawks and Steelers (30:30). Then it’s a quick recap on the Kentucky Derby (42:00), Bucks/Nets and the Lakers schedule down the stretch as they look to avoid the playoff play-in round (47:30). Finally, the guys give out their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week and discuss The Sopranos versus Breaking Bad (55:15).  
May 03, 2021
NFL Draft Prop Bets, Fields Falling, Teddy Two Gloves, and Gambling Film Characters Draft
Sal is beyond frustrated for Jacob DeGrom (2-2) as he suffers another tough loss because the Mets gave him little support (02:00).    With the NFL Draft tomorrow night, the Denver Broncos traded for Teddy Bridgewater but the guys still think they may draft another quarterback. Sal and Dave discuss how Justin Fields could drop to a variety of teams and the chances he ends up with the New England Patriots. Dave thinks both the Chargers and Broncos could challenge the KC Chiefs in the AFC West, plus how Patriots fans have turned on Bill Belichick after all he’s done for the franchise (08:00).  The guys give some NFL Draft prop bets including Sal liking Rashawn Slater going top ten (-155) and Dave picking a running back to go in the first round which leads to the debate of taking running backs in round one. Sal hopes the Cowboys take Michigan defensive end Kwity Paye, while Dave wants the Steelers to take Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins if he’s there. Then, does Mikey Meatballs look just like Trevor Lawerence (11:30).   In honor of the NFL Draft and the Oscars, Sal, Dave, Jim and Joel draft the best all-time gambling-centric characters from movies. Sal takes issue with Joel’s picks and Jim loosely uses the term gambling (38:00).    Steelers offensive lineman Alan Faneca selected Hines Ward to induct him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which leads to the question who you would want to be your presenter? Finally, Dave weights in on the best fictional football player of all-time (01:04:00). 
Apr 29, 2021
Kurt Warner, Quarterback Draft Order, Steelers/Najee Harris, UFC 261, DeGrom Dominates
Cousin Sal loses money on The Oscars as Sir Anthony Hopkins wins the award for Best Actor over the late Chadwick Boseman. Sal likes the Rays (+102) over the A’s and Dave is taking the Avalanche (-110) over the Blues.    Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner joins to discuss the NFL Draft and how picking a quarterback is all so speculative. Kurt says Zach Wilson’s athleticism reminds him of Patrick Mahomes in college and thinks he goes #2 behind Trevor Lawerence. Kurt thinks the 49ers go Mac Jones and sees a similar comparison to Jimmy G; Trey Lance has the most upside but still needs time.     Then Cousin Sal sees if Kurt knows how much a signed HyVee grocery store bag goes for on eBay.    Sal and Dave discuss the more and more they think Trey Lance is the 49ers pick and Justin Fields could drop to Denver- which Dave thinks could make them a playoff team this season.    The guys discuss who will be the first running back taken in the draft and Dave now thinks the Steelers take Najee Harris if he’s there.    Sal recaps UFC 261 and says he doesn’t need to see legs being broken and has an idea for a new feed to show less gruesome injuries.    Then the guys pick their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week as Sal goes with Jacob DeGrom who pitched a 15 strikeout, complete game shutout, lowered his ERA and raised his batting average. Dave pays tribute to Fernando Tatis Jr. and Sideny Crosby who scored with a .1 seconds left for a brutal bad beat if you bet the Devils.    Finally, a fan thinks Dave is pronouncing Mario Lemeiuex’s name wrong. 
Apr 26, 2021
Michael Irvin, Mike Tomlin’s Extension, 88 and 47, Hall of Fame Slot Receivers, NFL Draft
Dave weighs in on the NFL’s new rule to expand eligible jersey numbers for certain positions and he asks for more time (02:30). Cousin Sal has an interesting idea on how to refund NBA ticket holders based on if a star sits because of load management (14:15).    The guys discuss Mike Tomlin signing a 3-year extension with the Steelers and over/under 1.5 how many more Super Bowls he’ll get to with the Steelers (21:45).    Then Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin joins the show and explains why he doesn’t want the Cowboys to retire the number 88 and wants to see it on the field. Plus, meeting Drew Pearson for the first time, on why Jimmy Johnson wanted him to keep the #47 at the University of Miami and why Steelers’ fans needed someone to blame for their losing streak and took it out on JuJu Smith-Schuster dancing (25:15).    "The Playmaker" also recalls nearly getting thrown off the team at the University of Miami because of a piece of steak, getting drafted by the Cowboys and in the NFL Draft it’s difficult to find greatness because you have to see if players have more than just talent, but the commitment and hunger to win (43:00).    Michael Irvin gives his thoughts on Julian Edelman and the Hall of Fame and why there should be a slot WR position for the Hall of Fame for players like Edelman and Hines Ward. Finally, who the 49ers might take in the NFL Draft (58:00).    Sal remembers the time his father came to watch him host Win Ben Stein’s Money (01:13:30).  
Apr 22, 2021
Jake Paul/Ben Askren Fight, Yankees Struggling, Baseball 7 Innings, Brad Stevens/IU
Cousin Sal and Dave recap their weekends as Dave watched Godfather and Godfather II asks if you could only watch one for the rest of your life which would it be? Sal gives a controversial take that Good Fellas is actually the better movie. Sal’s friend Randy visited and went to Sal’s son’s Little League game and heckled the kids then went and ate ribs.   Sal has mixed feelings about the Jake Paul/Ben Askren fight and tries to highlight everything from Ric Flair officiating a slap fight to Pete Davidson insulting the fighters. Jim enjoyed it but thought there was too much music. Sal thinks Extra Points should start an app where we have people fight and thinks of possible matchups. Dave wants to see Logan Paul fight a hockey player or Vontaze Burfict- then he remembers the time Jake Paul threw $20 at his daughter and laughed (04:15).    The Yankees are struggling losing five in a row and falling 4.5 games behind the Red Sox; Jay Bruce decided to retire. Plus, the Dodgers/Padres rivalry is good for baseball. Sal likes the 7 inning games and thinks to keep fans interested this could be a good idea permanently (22:00).    The guys then discuss Trevor Lawrence’s quotes about his motivation, NFL Draft Odds and who could fall to the Denver Broncos. Sal thinks this 17th game should be a bigger deal especially with teams who have a first places schedule (49:00).    Brad Stevens reportedly was offered and turned down $70 million from Indiana and now Dave hearing he was going to leave the Boston Celtics doesn’t sound so crazy (01:00:00). Then the guys give their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week- as Sal crowns Jake Paul (01:02:15).    Finally, Sal still can’t believe Dave agreed with Hench that Julian Edelman belongs in the Hall of Fame and discuss it again (01:05:30). 
Apr 19, 2021
Edelman Hall of Fame Case, Aaron Donald, Rodgers Jeopardy Host Odds, Happy Birthday Pete Rose
Cousin Sal and Dave react to the news that Jadeveon Clowney signed with the Cleveland Browns and decide it really doesn’t make a big difference on the AFC North odds. They discuss the new 17 game schedule and Sal believes it will be harder for teams who have a first-place schedule (02:00).    Kevin Hench joins to make the argument for Julian Edelman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and basically rants for a long time about how the regular season doesn’t matter and lots of other Pro-Patriots stuff (09:30). Finally, Hench leaves and the guys discuss the most clutch catches in Super Bowl history (30:00).    Aaron Donald has assault charges filed against him and who in the world would mess with him (38:00)? Plus, people love Aaron Rodgers as the host of Jeopardy but Dave doesn’t get it (41:00). Sal gives a Mets bet tip and Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards doesn’t know who Alex Rodriguez is; how is that possible (44:00)?   Finally, Pete Rose turned 80 and is giving gambling picks for a monthly fee; Sal tells the story of how he got to interview Pete Rose and the family memory with his son (52:15). 
Apr 15, 2021
Mina Kimes, The Masters Recap, Defending Russ, Big Ben is Washed
Cousin Sal and Dave recap The Masters as Hideki Matsuyama wins the green jacket and Sal wins because he hedged and took him going into the final round. The guys discuss how he avoiding choking on Sunday and when athletes say “no regrets” they probably have regrets (02:00).    Mina Kimes joins the show to try and make sense of all the Russell Wilson trade rumors and defend the Seahawks quarterback. Plus, NFC West odds, AFC West Odds, AFC North odds and why the Steelers should be looking at offensive line before running back. Then Dave pitches and confuses Mina with an idea for a podcast name (12:00).    Fans are heckling and booing the Houston Astros and Dave thinks there will forever be an asterisk on their 2017 World Series win (49:45). The Lakers beat up on the Brooklyn Nets showing they might not be as unbeatable as some think in the playoffs (57:45). Finally, it’s the Crown Royal Athlete of the Week as Dave pays tribute to yet another former Pittsburgh Pirates player who has gone on to find success with his new team (01:01:00). 
Apr 12, 2021
Ranch Dressing & Pizza Debate, The Masters Bets, Athlete Look-a-likes, Sam Darnold Trade
Cousin Sal is outraged after finding out Rachel Bonnetta eats her pizza by dipping it in Ranch dressing. Rachel joins the pod to defend herself, the guys said she has an immature pallet while Rachel says she is a supertaster.    After another start with little offensive support from the Mets, Dave thinks Jacob deGrom might be cursed. The guys give their picks to win The Masters as Cousin Sal likes Patrick Reed and Dave goes with Adam Scott. Then Arizona fires Jimmy Kimmell look-alike Sean Miller which leads to a conversation of which athletes people tell Sal and Dave look like.    The guys break down the Jets/Panthers Sam Darnold trade and what it means for each team, plus which quarterbacks and running backs are likely to go first in the NFL Draft. They also discuss Deshaun Watson’s future- and if he even plays next season? Finally, Aaron Rodgers hosted Jeopardy and everyone was shocked by his hair. 
Apr 08, 2021
Gonzaga Buzzer Beater, Baylor/Gonzaga Preview, Charles Barkley “Jims and Joes”, Space Jam Trailer, Ohtani MVP Odds
Cousin Sal and Dave recap the Final Four national semi-final games between Houston/Baylor and then the unbelievable OT buzzer beater between UCLA and Gonzaga which Dave calls one of the best tourney games of all time. The guys discuss tonight’s national championship, Gonzaga (+4.5) as Sal likes Baylor plus the points and Dave continues to believe Gonzaga can’t be beat. Then Cousin Sal asks what is the greatest college feat you can accomplish.    Dave is impressed that John Cena is now following Cousin Sal on Twitter and the guys share who has blocked them as well. The guys try to figure out what Charles Barkley meant by his “Jims and Joes” comments this weekend and Sal hopes he isn’t turning into John Madden. Dave thinks NBA teams should also share in the tradition of cutting down the nets. Plus, a look at Most Outstanding Player odds, Drew Timme and Jalen Suggs are both (+115).    A quick recap of MLB opening weekend, Red Sox are already 0-3, the Mets haven’t even played yet  and Shohei Ohtani impresses both on the mound and at the plate before getting hurt covering a play at the plate.    Dave and Sal give their thoughts on the new Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer and how they think the movie could end. Dave adds to his fictional movie character fights you’d want to see discussion as fans want to see Jason Bourne versus John Wick. Finally, the guys give their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week! 
Apr 05, 2021
Final Four Bets, World Series Predictions, Strahan’s Gap Fixed?
It’s April Fools’ Day and Cousin Sal explains why he is struggling today. The Final Four is finally set and Dave reluctantly apologizes to Sal for saying the tournament doesn’t give the best winners (02:30). Baylor (-5)/Houston, Gonzaga (-13)/UCLA as Dave and Sal give their picks and why there might be hope for UCLA to cause a major upset. The guys think UCLA should not be considered a Cinderella and discuss more accurate names (13:15).    Which sport is actually the best at crowning their champion? Dave agrees the NHL’s Presidents’ Trophy is one of the most pointless trophies in all of sports (23:!5). As Opening Day begins the guys give their World Series predictions and which teams could knock off the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Dave recalls kissing a woman so passionately at a baseball game he was told to knock it off (35:30).    The guys discuss why NFL Pro Days are sort of pointless and Dave attempts to compare them to the movie Total Recall (45:30). Michael Strahan fixed the gap in his teeth, should the Pro Football Hall of Fame have to fix his bust? Dave is fascinated by all the meanings of the term bust. Could Strahan have done this as an April Fools’ prank (51:30)?    Finally, Dave breaks down who should be considered the favorite between King Kong and Godzilla (57:45). 
Apr 01, 2021
Brian Scalabrine, NCAA Elite 8 Odds, and Nets Super Team
Cousin Sal and Dave begin by arguing over who deserves credit for inventing the League of Leagues Draft concept (02:00). NBA Champion and USC alum Brian Scalabrine joins to discuss the Trojans run in the NCAA tournament and why rooting for conferences in college basketball makes sense. Plus does he think USC can upset Gonzaga (06:00)?    Then Scal he explains how the viral video of him beating a high school basketball player 11-0 came about and what was on the line in the bet (13:00). Plus, NBA talk as Scal thinks fans and the internet is overreacting over the Nets latest additions- Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge and why James Harden deserves to win MVP (22:15).    Plus, who would win in an All-Star one on one contest, his NBA Finals press conference moment and the time Kendrick Perkins didn’t stop Delonte West and Gerald Green from fighting (27:30) . Finally, Scal gives his NBA/NCAA championship parlay of Gonzaga and the Milwaukee Bucks (21-1).    Sal and Dave recap the Sweet Sixteen and a weekend filled with March Madness. Then they preview tonight’s games Oregon State/Houston and Arkansas/Baylor. Sal explains to Dave how hockey’s playoffs are even a worse indication than college basketball of not necessarily crowning the best team (34:30).    Andre Drummond to the Lakers could be a difference in the playoffs and the Crown Royal Athletes of the Week (55:30). Finally, Dave loses another set of car keys and now can’t leave the house without the help of a car service (01:03:30). 
Mar 29, 2021
Sweet 16 Upset Bets, All-Time Favorite Tourney Players, Fly Flacco Fly, NHL Official Banned
Dave’s parents are in town and turns out they are fans of the show. Dave and Cousin Sal give their Sweet 16 upsets as Sal thinks Oregon State (+6.5) takes down Sister Jean and Loyola-Chicago while Dave believes Villanova (+7) upsets top seed Baylor (02:00). The guys give their favorite All-Time All-Tournament team and show love to Kenny Anderson, Big Country Bryant Reeves, Bo Kimble and more (14:15).    Brian Scalabrine, AKA White Mamba dominates a high school player one on one 11-0, Dave thinks he could do a much better job among many other things when it comes to pro sports, including last a period of time in the ring with Mike Tyson. (32:00)    The guys react to Joe Flacco joining the Eagles, what it could mean for Jalen Hurts and over/under how many touchdown passes he will have next season (44:30). Finally, an NHL referee is banned after getting caught saying he was looking to call a penalty (56:30). 
Mar 25, 2021
NCAA Tournament, Sister Jean, Lebron/LaMelo injuries, King Krutwig
After an incredible weekend of college basketball, Dave doubles down on flipping a coin would be a more credible way to crown a champion (02:00). Cousin Sal calls this Dave’s worst take ever. After receiving flack from the internet, Dave explains his Brad Stevens to Indiana University tweet (08:30).  Sister Jean is at it again as Loyola Chicago upsets Illinois and moves on to the Sweet 16. There are no perfect brackets left in America and Sal’s no buzzer beaters bet wins again (11:00).   Dave and Sal discuss how the Lebron James and LaMelo Ball injuries impact the MVP and Rookie of the Year races as new betting favorites emerge in Nikola Jokic (-110) and Anthony Edwards (-210). Then they break down if they would rather be a NCAA basketball coach or a NBA coach (23:30).    Then after more NFL free agent signings, Dave and Sal react to the Steelers re-signing JuJu Smith-Schuster and the Giants making a big splash with Kenny Golladay. Sal looks back at strange bets from a year ago as quarantine began (36:30).    Finally, Sal and Dave give their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week as Cameron Krutwig wins the game and the internet (48:30). 
Mar 22, 2021
NCAA 12-5 Upset Odds, Patriots Spending Spree, First Four, One Shining Moments
Cousin Sal makes a bold claim that St. Patrick’s Day has the best holiday food which leads to a discussion of which nationality has the best cold cuts.    Dave thinks every big sporting event should have a song like the NCAA tournament has One Shining Moment. The guys discuss big spending Bill Belichick; the Patriots have signed some big free agents but will it translate to wins? Also what happens next with Deshaun Watson after he is hit with allegations of sexual assaults.    Dave and Cousin Sal discuss if any of the NFL free agent signings so far actually move the odds for any team; Sal thinks Fitzmagic will beat the Cowboys at least once this season and Dave is buying the Los Angeles Chargers.    Then it’s a look at the NCAA tournament as the guys look for upsets and will a 12 seed beat a 5 seed once again and Thursday night’s First Four games.    Finally, it’s Win/Place/Show of favorite NCAA tournament moments of all time as Dave relives every game he watched while attending Indiana University and the time Sal pranked him with Goldbond seasoned pizza. 
Mar 18, 2021
Building the Bracket with Joe Lunardi, Predictions, Drew Brees Retired, and Sal’s Son’s Safety
Cousin Sal and Dave are joined by ESPN’s Bracketologist Joe Lunardi to discuss Bracket Monday, the pressure of picking all 68 teams correctly and getting the seeding right. Dave and Sal reveal how many teams they missed – as Dave’s field of 68 is seeing double. Joe discusses how the NCAA Tournament does not determine who is the best team and he is not changing from his November pre-season pick of Baylor/Gonzaga in the National Championship.    To Sal’s frustration, Dave gives his argument for changing the NCAA tournament and the guys look at FanDuel odds for a national champion. Plus, to Dave's dismay there is a lot of orange among the teams in the Midwest region.    Drew Brees retired and the guys discuss his legacy and where the (18-1 to win the Super Bowl) Saints go from here. Plus, the latest on Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson rumors.    Dave and Sal give their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week as Dave discusses all the “What If’s” in Drew Brees’ career. Finally, Cousin Sal’s son makes a big play in the first high school football game in months. 
Mar 15, 2021
Bet Your Life: Cowboys/Steelers, Gonzaga Undefeated Run, Mets Practice Winning World Series, Dave versus Lonardi
Now that Dak is back with the Cowboys and Big Ben is returning to the Steelers; Dave and Cousin Sal discuss which team would they rather have this season if their life depended on it. The guys discuss who they think will be the New England Patriots starting quarterback next season and if Jimmy G would return to Foxboro.    In Bet to the Future, the guys discuss between Coach K, Jim Boeheim and Roy Williams who will coach the longest – and why is Coach K still dying his hair at 74 years old. Plus, should we be making a bigger deal out of Gonzaga being undefeated headed into the NCAA tournament and Jalen Suggs is having one of the best freshman seasons in recent memory.    The Mets practiced celebrating the final out and winning Game 7 of the World Series, Cousin Sal likes it but Dave argues this will come back to haunt them on social media all season. Finally, Dave thinks he can be a bracketologist and is challenged by Sal. 
Mar 11, 2021
All-Star Game, NCAA Top Seeds, Dave’s Lost Weekend
Cousin Sal and Dave recap a huge night of Sunday television between the NBA All-Star game and the Oprah: Prince Harry & Meghan interview. Cousin Sal realizes his kids have a strange connection to the Royal couple’s son.    The Degenerate Trifecta hits big over All-Star Weekend as Sal calls Giannis winning MVP, Brother Brian hits the over and Parlay Kid wins on Steph Curry’s second 3-Point Contest Championship. But have we seen every variation of the slam dunk? Plus, should Steph be in the 3-point contest every year and Dave proposes a one-on -one tournament with a million dollar buy in (03:00).    Cousin Sal is concerned about 79-year-old Marv Albert and which play-by-play personality has the best call (19:45)? Plus, with the new addition of Blake Griffin is this Brooklyn Nets teams one of the most unlikeable teams in recent memory (22:45). Then the guys discuss Kobe Bryant’s rookie card selling for $1.8 million and the continued explosion of the sports card market (30:00).    As NCAA conference tournaments begin, FanDuel sets the odds at which team will get the final #1 seed in addition to Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan. Cousin Sal and Dave give out their Crown Royal Athletes of the Week as Sal pays tribute to Amanda Nunes and Dave gives Alexander Ovechkin his due as the guys discuss the possibility of him breaking Gretzky’s all-time goal record (41:00).    Finally, Dave loses his car keys, his glasses and his mind over the weekend (54:15). 
Mar 08, 2021
Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Harden returns to Houston, Dak Deserves Dollars
Cousin Sal and Dave recap the first ever Extra Points: Gambling Draft and overall strategy. James Harden returns to Houston as a member of the Brooklyn Nets and drops a triple-double. Dave doesn’t think the Houston Rockets should return his number.    The guys react to Devin Booker’s questionable ejection and overzealous officials in sports. Kenny “The Jet” Smith joins the show to talk about Inside the NBA, the chemistry between the guys and how he would have loved for Kobe Bryant to have been on the show. Plus, if Michael Jordan and the Bulls would have beaten his Houston Rockets and Charles Barkley’s huge bets.    Plus, Terry Bradshaw once used the name Tom Brady and Dak Prescott wants Patrick Mahomes money, Sal proposes an actual franchise tag. Finally, a fan calls out “The Uniformant” on the Steelers colors.  
Mar 04, 2021
Kobe NBA Logo, Luka Card Sells for $4.6 Million, Edelman HOF Case, Pink Pineapple
March is here and with selection Sunday just a few weeks away; Dave thinks Joe Lunardi gets way too much credit for predicting the 68 teams that make the tournament. Over the weekend, Sal won a Golden Globe presented by Tracy Morgan and Dave discovered his family is hiding Valentine’s Day chocolate from him.    The guys discuss the idea of Kobe Bryant being the new NBA logo and who else deserves to be considered. The Uniformant weighs in on Oklahoma City and Atlanta having to switch jerseys at halftime because of similar color schemes. Dave wonders if shirts and skins still exists in school sanctioned games.    Dave and Sal give their NBA best bets and discuss the Knicks resurgence as they go above .500 this far into the season in nearly a decade. Sal can’t believe a Luka Doncic autographed rookie card sells for $4.6 million dollars and Dave considers selling his treasured Mario Lemieux rookie card. The new NHL schedule is boring to Sal but Dave loves the geographic rivalries, they argue over who is more curmudgeon?       The NFL is likely to add a 17th regular season game – and Dave makes the case that Julian Edelman is a Pro Football Hall of Famer because of his clutch catches in the Super Bowl despite his mediocre regular season statistics. Then it’s time to award our Crown Royal Athletes of the Week and Sal recommends the pink pineapple as an early contender for fruit of the year.   
Mar 01, 2021
Tiger Woods Reaction, Big Ben’s Future, and Joe Johnson
Big day in the Iacono household as organized youth sports are back in Southern California (01:00). Sal and Dave react to the Tiger Woods car accident; many people think Tiger should have a personal driver and Sal gives his theory on why he doesn’t (04:00).    The Steelers look to be committed to Ben Roethlisberger and Dave doesn’t think they have a better option (13:30).    Then 7-time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson joins the show to talk about playing with Team USA in the FIBA AmeriCup at age 39 and why Steve Nash has a much tougher job in Brooklyn than people think (20:30).    Finally, Dave wants to make a super soccer team by putting the USA’s best athletes and making them play soccer (33:15). 
Feb 25, 2021
Yuta Posterized, Embarrassing Sports Moments, Carson Wentz Trade, Patriots QB Odds
Cousin Sal is back from vacation and ready to recap everything he missed last week with his pal Dave. Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards throws down an insane slam dunk and posterizes Yuta Watanbe; Cousin Sal thinks being mocked on Twitter has replaced actual posters, while Dave thinks playing good defense should not count as being humiliated. The guys discuss their personal most embarrassing sports moments as Dave recalls finally getting his moment to come off the bench in a high school basketball game (07:00).    On the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, Sal and Dave talk about what the odds would have been betting USA to beat the Soviet Union and Dave remembers leaving Hebrew School to watch the game on delay (19:30).    Sal and Dave disagree on the Carson Wentz trade, plus AFC West favorites (23:00), Cam Newton heckled by kid and who could be the Patriots starting quarterback this season (31:00)?    The new NHL schedule has Sal fatigued but Dave loves it and wants to rename the divisions to honor hockey’s greats (35:30). Fernando Tatis Jr. signs a massive 14-year, $340 million deal with the San Diego Padres, how many years will he actually play in San Diego for (41:00)?    Finally, Cousin Sal has learned never to doubt Derrick Lewis again as he gets the Crown Royal Athlete of the Week (47:15). 
Feb 22, 2021
J.J. Watt Released, Super Bowl Champion- Ryan Jensen, Brady now Beloved
As we head into the weekend, Dave and Cousin Sal have completely opposing views when it comes to Valentine’s Day. With the breaking news J.J. Watt was granted his release by the Houston Texans, the guys discuss where he could be headed next and is it now only a matter of time until Deshaun Watson is traded?    Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen calls in to discuss winning the Super Bowl, playing with Tom Brady and does he lay claim to toughest guy in the league? Ryan also talks about arriving at the Super Bowl in a Tom Brady combine shirt, his fellow o-line member dropping a touchdown pass and the streaker running on the field.    Cousin Sal and Dave discuss how Tom Brady has gone from incredibly hated to incredibly likeable and what would have happened if the Lombardi trophy would have gone into the ocean?    Joel attempts to make a case for Dave’s “Quarterback Windows” argument and Sal counters it with his 7% theory. Finally, everyone guesses how many more Super Bowl trips Patrick Mahomes will make in his career. 
Feb 12, 2021
Russell Wilson's Future, Super Bowl Streaker, TB12 Diet, Shakey's honors Sal
Sal recaps the Extra Points/Extra Chance Contest payoff as the winner seems to be underwhelmed, scared and confused by Harry. Dave is willing to bet Patrick Mahomes won’t make the next five AFC Championships or he will get a tattoo on his tuchus, making the comparison to Marino and Russell Wilson how hard it is to get back to the Super Bowl.    Now that the TB12 Diet is more popular than ever, Sal and Dave wonder how long they could actually stay on the diet. Sal calls bullshit on the Super Bowl streaker bet and Dave recalls famous streakers in sports history.    Trevor Bauer trolls the Mets before signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers; the guys discuss which city has the best odds of being the next “Title Town” to have two championships at once.    The guys discuss Dak’s future in Dallas and Kevin Garnett saying he isn’t sure his generation is suited to play today’s NBA game. Dave is conflicted as former Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall is named the GM of his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. Finally, Sal is honored by Shakey’s Pizza on their marquee as “Shakey’s Best Book Seller”.  
Feb 10, 2021
Super Bowl Recap, Brady’s Run, 2021-22 Odds
It’s the saddest day of the sports calendar. Cousin Sal and Dave thank football for giving us all a great season before recapping Super Bowl 55 as Tampa Bay rolls over Kansas City.  The guys give credit to Tampa’s defense for completely shutting down the Chiefs offense and make an argument for who should have received the MVP. Is this Brady’s most impressive run? Who is to blame; Tyreek Hill’s dropped touchdown, bad officiating and questionable calls at the end of the first half? An early look at next year’s odds as Sal likes the Browns/Rams and Dave likes teams who potentially still aren’t set at quarterback. The NFL Awards were given out, Aaron Rodgers has a big week and Dave thinks TJ Watt got a raw deal losing DPOY to Aaron Donald.  Sal’s son has a huge Steelers front-lawn display for his birthday. Dave has never been more proud.  The guys wonder if Tom Brady have won the Super Bowl with other teams if he signed with them? Did Bill Belichick watch the game? And how the hell did Joel’s Super Bowl tweet get 300,000 likes? Finally, Dave and Sal each give their Crown Royal Athlete of the Week as Drew Pearson finally gets his long-awaited Hall of Fame call. 
Feb 08, 2021
Super Bowl 55 Predictions and Best Bets, Mattress Mack calls in to talk his big bet, Best Super Bowls of All-Time
It’s the final show before Super Bowl 55 and someone is going to win $5,555 in the Extra Points Extra Chance contest.   With rain in the Tampa forecast, Eddie Spaghetti gives a weather update as Dave predicts rain could be a big factor. The Chiefs have a close shave when their barber tests positive for Covid-19 and Sal can’t believe this isn’t a bigger deal. Dave goes on classic Dameshek tangent asking Sal about an interesting strategy in wrestling of passing gas during a match.      Cousin Sal and Dave run down their best Super Bowls of all-time in Win/Place/Show and actually agree on one of them.    Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale calls in to talk about his $3.46 million dollar bet on Tampa Bay, losing millions on the Denver Broncos and the downfall of waterbeds. Cousin Sal has an idea for the halftime show which would involve the owners of each team playing Billion Dollar Blackjack. Finally, the guys give out their final Super Bowl predictions as well as their best prop bets.  
Feb 05, 2021
Super Bowl Props, Gatorade Color Bet, Dave’s Wins Pyramid
Cousin Sal hears his parents' review of his new book and their surprise that people are buying it. As everyone gears up for the Super Bowl, Sal and Dave discuss the Extra Points Extra Chance Contest where one loser will turn winner with $5,555 presented, in person, by Harry. However, Harry is nervous about going to certain states. FanDuel has odds on the Gatorade dump color and orange is the favorite. The line has still not changed and neither has Sal or Dave’s Super Bowl pick. A rundown of more Super Bowl props and could the Tampa Bay cannons be a home field advantage for the Bucs? Dave introduces his Quarterback Wins Post-Season Pyramid and tries to tell us things we already know. Tom Brady sets yet another record this time with jersey sales, which leads to trying to remember the last time Cousin Sal wore a jersey. Dave recalls the time he beat Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor in a free throw contest. EA College football is back, Sal’s impressive 55-game win streak on Bill Walsh College Football and Dave challenges anyone to try beating him on NHL ’94 with Mario and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Finally, fan e-mails and a ruling on the Nikola Jokic pronunciation. 
Feb 03, 2021
Iacono Royal Rumble, Stafford/Goff Trade, Boneless Wings, Top 20 Super Bowl Quarterbacks
Sal’s family’s Royal Rumble poll turns violent after his youngest son wins and attempts to celebrate. It’s Super Bowl week and Cousin Sal announces the details of the Extra Points Extra Chance Bad Beat Buyback Contest.     Dave and Sal discuss the Matthew Stafford/Jared Goff trade and what it means for both teams. What will Houston do with DeShaun Watson and why Steelers fans need to stop dreaming of a possible trade. Sal and Dave are horrified that Jerry Ferrara and Jen Piacenti think boneless “wings” are better than actual buffalo wings.    A look at Super Bowl prop bets and is Patrick Mahomes already one of the top 20 quarterbacks to have ever played in the Super Bowl? Finally, Dave and Sal give out their Crown Royal Athletes of the week including Nikola or Nicola Jokic. 
Feb 01, 2021
GameStop Stop Already, Mahomes/Brady, QB Props, Deshaun Destinations
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave continue their attempt to understand the GameStop scandal only to agree it’s now even more difficult to figure out. Jeni’s has a new Everything Bagel ice cream flavor; have we gone too far with the flavors? Dave wants to hear everyone’s Win/Place/Show of ice cream flavors.    The Super Bowl line (TB+3) hasn't moved but Dave is pleased with the Super Bowl uniform matchup as the NFL listened to The Uniformant’s recommendation. Cousin Sal and the crew break down some FanDuel Quarterback Props including first touchdown pass and first pass complete or incomplete for Mahomes and Brady.    Is Patrick Mahomes being the GOAT in play if he beats Brady in the Super Bowl? Dave brings up the debate: would you rather have the career of Eli Manning or Dan Marino? Plus, Bill Belichick’s tough year continues as a Subway lawsuit claims there is no tuna in the tuna fish.       Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston and Charlotte feels for Houston fans comparing it to Mookie Betts and Tom Brady both leaving Boston. The guys try to make sense of how the Texans went from a contender to a disaster so quickly in one year. Finally, where they each think Deshaun will end up as Dave thinks the Jets are in a better position to win than people think. 
Jan 29, 2021
Sal on Kimmel, Super Bowl MVP Odds, Baseball Hall of Fame
Cousin Sal goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a guest for the first time to promote his new book You Can’t Lose Them All. A photoshopped picture of Oprah holding the book causes confusion among Sal’s family as well as more book sales.    Charlotte and Dave talk about Media Day/Night memories and the time Cousin Sal pretended to be Carolina Panthers kicker Jon Casey. The guys discuss Super Bowl MVP Odds and who could be a longshot worth taking. Charlotte can’t think of anything worse than the Bucs winning and Antonio Brown getting MVP. The quarterback carousel is beginning to spin – Aaron Rodgers appears to be off, Jared Goff is getting on and how Deshaun Watson going to the Jets could move a lot of quarterbacks around the league.    Charlotte tries to explain the GameStop stock surge and how it ties into the Mets. Finally, no one was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame and Dave says enough with it, time to start from scratch with a whole new concept. 
Jan 27, 2021
AFC/NFC Championship, Brady Comparisons Beyond Football, Stopping Kelce, The Uniformant
Super Bowl LV is set as Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave recap the NFC and AFC Championship games. But first, Cousin Sal asks about zoom funeral etiquette. Charlotte’s impressive pick streak continues but the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay doesn’t hit.     The guys discuss the Packers poor coaching, Brady’s greatness gets even greater and Dave says the pressure really is now on Bill Belichick to win and the softening of his legacy and the Patriots around him.    Will this be another great Super Bowl? How do we feel about the odds KC (-3)? Are Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill the best TE/WR combination in NFL history?    Sal proposes a possible strategy of not kicking field goals against Kansas City.    Who get the most Twitter fan outrage- coaches, refs or quarterbacks? The Uniformant weighs in on a Super Bowl clash of color. Finally, it’s the Crown Royal Water Break Athletes of the Week as Dustin Poirier helps Sal cash in. 
Jan 25, 2021
AFC/NFC Championship, Legacies on the Line, Dan Campbell Kneecap Speech
Cousin Sal and Dave welcome Michigan and Virginia to the FanDuel Family as they remember Super Bowl XL in Detroit and Dave’s in-flight bachelor party. The Steelers sign Dwayne Haskins and Dave thinks we may see a quarterback carousel this off-season. Speaking of carousels, Dave’s brain vividly remembers a disappointing 1979 NFC Championship game.     It’s the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as the guys preview the AFC and NFC Championships.  Dave calls it Legacy Weekend as Aaron Rodgers looks to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in a decade. Is there a Curse of ‘Sposda in either game and a listener from Australia takes issue with Dave’s picks.    The Detroit Lions new head coach Dan Campbell talks about breaking kneecaps in his introductory press conference. Plus, the Eagles hire Nick Sirianni and Eric Bieniemy is once again passed over for a top job. Finally, Hank Aaron 
Jan 22, 2021
Sal’s Four Year Bad Beat, Deshaun to Da Bears, Rivers Retires
It’s Inauguration Day and the official end of one of Cousin Sal’s most bizarre bets ever. After winning their fantasy football league and losing the trophy, Dave causes more chaos and confusion by not giving everyone his payment information.   Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers’ legacies can continue to grow in the NFC Championship game and Patrick Mahomes is still in concussion protocol.   Cleveland fans are not happy with Cousin Sal and Dave thinks they need to all settle down. The guys debate the most likely landing spot for Deshaun Watson and the possible chance for the Chicago Bears to right the wrong of the 2017 NFL Draft. Who replaces Philip Rivers in Indianapolis now that he’s retired? Plus, Dave goes full Beautiful Mind trying to figure out his proposed NFL playoff system.  
Jan 20, 2021
NFL Divisional Round Recap, Mahomes Injury, Big Red’s Big Call, Brees/Brady, Most Compelling Super Bowl
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave recap the NFL Divisional Round playoff games. Kansas City wins as Andy Reid’s huge 4th down call even surprises Tony Romo but did Cleveland get screwed by a bad call? Tom Brady’s legacy continues to grow while Drew Brees’ career looks to be over. Charlotte weighs in on Baylen Brees. Which of the next generation of Quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen) would you like long term? Selections for the Crown Royal Athlete of the Week and finally, the crew discusses what would be the most compelling Super Bowl matchup.  
Jan 18, 2021
NFL Playoffs, Jaguars Hire Urban Meyer, James Harden Trade
The NFL playoffs end is near and Cousin Sal, Dave and Charlotte are already dreading it. Good news; Cousin Sal’s new book You Can’t Lose Them All comes out January 26th.   The gang gives out their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as Charlotte gets the Browns up to +11.5 and Dave for the second week in a row goes against his America’s Team (08:45).    A preview of this weekend’s games; the Rams could spoil a great NFC Championship, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen have the chance to take the next step and silence critics and Odell Beckham Jr. sends out a confusing prediction about the game. Honest question: are the Browns better without Odell? Plus, thoughts on Drew Brees and Tom Brady are texting each other before the game. Reactions to the Jaguars (Urban Meyer) and Jets (Robert Saleh) hiring new head coaches (13:00).    After the huge blockbuster trade of James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte no longer thinks they will win the Eastern Conference. James Harden’s new restaurant hasn’t even opened in Houston yet and fans are already giving it brutal reviews (53:30). Finally, a hockey rivalry begins between Eddie Spaghetti and Michael Szokoli (01:01:00).  
Jan 15, 2021
Tiger King > Tiger, NFL Playoffs, NHL Season, Houston Has Problems
Cousin Sal fell asleep twice during the new Tiger Woods documentary (01:00). A preview of the NFL divisional round playoff matchups. Can Cleveland keep up with the Chiefs (07:00)? Will the cold weather affect Lamar Jackson in Buffalo (10:15)? Can the Saints beat the Bucs for a third time this season (17:30)?   FanDuel offers a NFL playoffs eliminator pick (21:30). Charlotte likes the idea of taking Cleveland to eliminate Green Bay in the Super Bowl (55/1) causing Dave to laugh hysterically (23:00). Which of the vacant NFL coaching jobs is most and least appealing (32:30)? Everyone wants out of Houston including Deshaun Watson and James Harden (38:00).    After Bill Belichick declines the Presidential Medal of Freedom invitation, the guys discuss who they would give the award to. Finally, the crew gives some NHL season bets as the puck drops later today. Dave has a surprise pick on who could be hoisting the Stanley Cup. 
Jan 13, 2021
Super Wild Card Weekend Recap, Browns Get Last Laugh, 4th Down Calls
The Sevenge Tour is over. Dave goes through the process after the Steelers are humiliated by the Cleveland Browns. Mike Tomlin was beaten by a team whose coach was watching from home in his basement; who deserves most of the blame- Tomlin, Big Ben, JuJu, Dave? Dave compares himself to Anne Bancroft in The Graduate and wonders if the Steelers should move on from Big Ben next season.    The Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay comes up just short after the Bears/Saints game ends without a conversion because of a recent rule change. The guys break down the rest of Super Wild Card Weekend including Russell Wilson disappearing, Lamar Jackson flipping the switch, questionable calls, the Rams finding a way to win and the slime filled Nickelodeon game.    A preview of tonight’s college football national championship between Alabama and Ohio State (+8.5). Pats fan Charlotte weighs in on the idea of Bill Belichick being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and finally...picks for Crown Royal Athletes of the Week.  
Jan 11, 2021
Wild Card Weekend, Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay, Tommy Lasorda
The Extra Points gang gear up for what is possibly the best sports weekend of the year. Cousin Sal’s question mark is causing confusion. Under new owner Steve Cohen, the Mets pull off a blockbuster trade for Francisco Lindor. What would Charlotte and Dave do if they owned professional sports teams?  A preview of Super Wild Card Weekend, plus the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay. Dave is abandoning the Buffalo Bills after riding them all season. Charlotte thinks Washington might pull off the upset over Tompa Bay. Finally, the guys remember baseball legend Tommy Lasorda and the time he got into an argument with one of Sal’s sons.  
Jan 08, 2021
Heisman Winner, Cleveland Covid, Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists, NHL Corporate Sponsored Division
Cousin Sal’s New Year’s resolution is to question everything. Reactions to Devonta Smith winning the 2020 Heisman and Dave thinks the NFL MVP needs rebranding (02:00). Steelers/Browns line moves and why can’t Kevin Stefanski coach from inside a bubble. Charlotte doesn’t think two Cleveland Browns players drag racing is a big deal. Who should Rams start Jared Goff or John Wolford and Dave wonders if you needed an emergency quarterback off the street who would it be (17:15)? Pro Football Hall of Fame discussion, Dave thinks Reggie Wayne is more deserving than Calvin Johnson (40:30). This NHL season, divisions will have corporate sponsor names (47:30).
Jan 06, 2021
NFL Playoff Paths, Eagles Tank, Rodgers overtakes Mahomes, Al Drops Maroon 4
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave bring in the New Year by hitting the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay thanks to Ohio State and Justin Fields. The Eagles tank in primetime and help the Washington Football Team make the playoffs. Eddie Spaghetti has a tough weekend with Notre Dame losing and the Giants not winning the NFC East, but there’s nothing he can do about it. NFL playoffs are set, toughest and easiest paths, the AFC is loaded: Browns/Steelers, Colts/Bills, Ravens/Titans. Anthony Lynn joins the unemployed. Is anyone more deserving than Aaron Rodgers for MVP? And Al Michaels borrows a Dameshek nickname.  
Jan 04, 2021
NFL Week 17, Myles/Mason, AFC Last Team Out, Notre Dame Hate, Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay
It’s the final show of 2020 as Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave look forward to the final week of the NFL regular season filled with playoff implications. Are they buying the Browns (+10) in a must win against the Steelers in Mason Rudolph’s Super Bowl?  Which of the AFC teams are you rooting for to be left out of the playoffs? And does the NFL consider Chicago/Green Bay its biggest rivalry?  Brian Flores (+100) is the favorite for Coach of the Year, but Cousin Sal isn’t sure he is giving his team the best chance to win on Sunday. Who is more deserving TJ Watt (-200) or Aaron Donald (+230) for Defensive Player of the Year? FanDuel offers Super Bowl winning division and conference to consider.  Russell Okung is converting half of his NFL salary to Bitcoin; the gang discusses if any of them have any cryptocurrency. Dave wonders if he should sell his Mario Lemieux rookie card or hold onto it.    The Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay goes college football; Dave still doesn’t think Notre Dame should have been the four seed in the college football playoff and wants to blow up the current system.     Finally, send us your New Year’s resolution ideas for Sal, Dave and Charlotte.
Dec 30, 2020
Week 16 Recap, FitzMagic is Back, Browns need Steelers help again, NFC East up for grabs
Cousin Sal, Dave and Charlotte recap Week 16 in the NFL as we head into the final week of the regular season. The Dolphins have Two-a quarterbacks as Tua and Fitzpatrick combine to beat the Raiders and the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay in brutal bet-ache fashion. The Steelers turn things around to beat the Colts and win the AFC North, the NFC East title is still up for grabs and could Cleveland be the team left out of the AFC playoffs? Dave, Charlotte and Sal disagree on how soon is too soon to give up on your possible franchise quarterback. Despite Charlotte not wanting the Bills & Patriots to play, the gang previews Monday Night’s game. 
Dec 28, 2020
NFL Week 16, Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay, NBA Champion Odds, Sevenge Tour in Trouble
The NBA is back but Cousin Sal is even more excited Inside the NBA is back. Charles Barkley makes a big bet on the Blazers; the Lakers get their rings and the Clippers get the win. NBA Championship odds and does the gang think anyone can stop the Lakers from repeating?  Charlotte didn’t want to upset Dave about the Bengals winning, but plenty of other people did. Can the Steelers stop their slide against the Colts, as Dave looks forward to seeing Rivers versus Roethlisberger one more time. Cousin Sal explains how the Tri-Bicuspid comes into play for Rams/Seahawks and a huge matchup between the Titans/Packers. Dwayne Haskins caught maskless at a strip club, probably not the best look. Finally, they’ve made a list and checked it twice, it’s a Christmas edition of the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as Dave somehow finds a way to bring it all back to 1972 and the Immaculate Reception.
Dec 23, 2020
Week 15 Recap, Jets Finally Win, Steelers/Bengals, Luck of the Irish
The New York Jets win their first game of the season but it may have cost them Trevor Lawrence. How is it possible tank in the NFL? Dave proposes a no-jive idea on how to determine who gets #1 pick in the draft. The Chiefs win another close one but Cousin Sal thinks they are beatable. Who has the best chance at coming out of the AFC?  The Bengals are just what the Steelers need to turn things around. Look for big nights from Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson to get them back on track. The College Football Playoffs are set but Dave thinks Notre Dame doesn’t deserve to be included and the crew argues over whether or not the old way of deciding a National Champion may have been better.
Dec 21, 2020
Cousin Sal’s Winning Streak, Chargers/Raiders, Week 15, Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay
Charlotte calls in from the road joining Cousin Sal and Dave to make their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay. The Chargers win an overtime thriller against the Raiders and keep Cousin Sal’s Thursday Night Football winning streak alive. Gruden gets pranked to start the game and things only get worse for him. Dave sees Marino like comparisons to Justin Herbet and should Mariota be the starter moving forward in Las Vegas? Figuring out the college football playoffs heading into conference championship weekend. Plus a preview of week 15 in the NFL. Does Brees give the Saints a better chance at beating the Chiefs? Student versus teacher in Flores/Belichick and which teams loss to the winless Jets would be funnier - Cleveland or New England?
Dec 18, 2020
Lamar Denies Doo-Doo, Cousin Sal’s Win Streak, Slime Time
The Extra Points gang celebrates Heel Producer Jim Cunningham’s birthday with a very special surprise guest and message from one of his favorite celebrities. Cramps versus Poop; a fan writes in to point out a strong flaw in Lamar Jackson’s story. Besides the Kansas City Chiefs, which AFC team would you least want to face in the playoffs and who/what is to blame for the Steelers recent offensive struggles. Cousin Sal is going for 8 winners in a row on Thursday Night Football.  Will he pick Raiders or Chargers? Nickelodeon puts their spin on the NFL Playoffs with a SpongeBob and slime filled broadcast. Giannis Antetokounmpo signs a max contract to stay in Milwaukee, Cousin Sal thinks it’s hilarious Knicks fans thought they had a chance. Finally, is James Harden trying to eat his way out of Houston?
Dec 16, 2020
Week 14, Steelers Lose, Eagles Win, Dolphins Cover, Florida Man Throws Shoe, Cleveland’s New Name
Dan Bailey costs us the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay, thanks Dan! Dave doesn’t want to talk about the Steelers losing.  Eric Ebron congratulates Josh Allen on winning and brings back painful memories about fathers. Who is the best bet to beat the Chiefs in the AFC? Ravens/Browns preview.  Florida may have costs themselves a shot at the National Championship after Marco Wilson throws a LSU player’s shoe. Finally, the Cleveland Indians are reportedly changing their name after 105 years.  The crew has some suggestions.   
Dec 14, 2020
Week 14, Better with Brady?, Big Ten Decision, Taylor Swift
Charlotte says the Patriots were hard to watch last night, thankfully Taylor Swift dropped a new album which made things better. Would the Patriots have a better record with Tom Brady? Who deserves Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald or T.J. Watt? A preview of Week 14, Steelers/Bills, Colts/Raiders, Cardinals/Giants and the Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay has its eyes on Vikings/Bucs. Dave says it's get on or get off time for Steelers fans. The Big Ten allows Ohio State (5-0) to play in the Big Ten Championship against Northwestern.  Is that jive? Army/Navy plus a discussion of which sporting events you’d want to attend first once we’re all allowed to attend games again.
Dec 11, 2020
Cowboys, Dez, Aikman, Rams/Patriots Preview, Olympics Breakdancing
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave recap Baltimore’s win over the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant going from catching passes to drinking wine after testing positive for COVID. Dave is upset that Sal smashed fruit in his pregame comedy segment and laments that the pomegranate is not only overrated but not worth the effort to open. Sal thinks this is Overreaction Week in the NFL and Dave breaks down what went wrong with the Steelers. Who is in worse shape moving forward the Cowboys or the Eagles? Bruce Arians doesn’t think home-field advantage in the playoffs matters this year. The Patriots still have a pulse,can they make a run at the playoffs? Breakdancing will debut at the 2024 Olympics, the crew discusses if this is good, bad or jive. 
Dec 09, 2020
Jets Remain Perfect, Browns Big Win, Chiefs Are No Jive
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave react to the Jets blowing their first win of the season and Gregg Williams getting fired. The Chiefs beat the Broncos despite a strange clock error at the end of the game and two Tyreek Hill touchdowns not counting. The Cleveland Browns move to 9-3 are they this year’s Tennessee Titans? Colt McCoy and the Giants upset the Seahawks. A preview of Monday’s double header Buffalo/SF and Washington/Pittsburgh; Cousin Sal gives an in-game parlay you can bet on FanDuel and thinks there are several deserving Coaches for Coach of the Year. Dave attempts to explain what ‘No Jive’ means and it doesn’t go well. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are fighting in 2021. 
Dec 07, 2020
Week 13 Picks, Westbrook/Wall, Texas High School Football Player Attacks Ref
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave offer their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as they look to add to their season total of winnings. They preview Week 13’s big games including Baker and the Browns traveling to take on the Titans. The Steelers are 11-0 but are somehow losing respect. Who would you root for if Le’Veon Bell fought Jake Paul? No jive, Dave thinks he could throw a touchdown pass in the NFL and also has problems with the movie Cast Away. Who is the winner in the Westbrook/Wall trade? And finally we end the week with a fan roasting the entire Extra Points team.
Dec 04, 2020
Steelers/Ravens, Michigan’s Role in Big Ten Title, The Undoing Recap, Dave Rips Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
After nearly a week of waiting, Steelers /Ravens is finally here! Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave help get you ready with a Fan Duel same game parlay. If the Steelers go undefeated does Big Ben deserve MVP and Mike Tomlin coach of the year over anyone else? Then a look at the NFC and why the Packers narrative was made way back at the NFL Draft. Cousin Sal throws out a Harbaugh brothers conspiracy theory as Kirk Herbstreit floats the idea that Michigan could duck THE Ohio State University causing them a shot at the Big Ten title game. Finally, spoilers ahead, as the crew reviews HBO’s The Undoing and Dave’s epic rant on the controversial Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  
Dec 02, 2020
Post-Thanksgiving Winners, Dameshek Turkey Bowl, Steelers/Ravens
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave recap a turkey and sports filled past week - from Week 12 in the NFL to Mickelson/Barkley versus Manning/Curry and Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr return to the ring!  What’s wrong with Kyler Murray? Charlotte makes her case for why Derrick Henry should be getting more consideration for MVP and are the Kansas City Chiefs unbeatable? Cousin Sal gives a same day parlay for Seahawks/Eagles and would Dave offer up his childhood home in Pittsburgh to the Baltimore Ravens if they needed a place to stay? Charlotte says Patriots fans are being classy about Tom Brady. Plus, the hosts raise a glass to the Crown Royal Water Break athletes of the week.
Nov 30, 2020
Thanksgiving Day Parlay, Mickelson is an Underdog and is Tom Brady Washed?
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave get ready to feast over a special Extra Points for Extra Pay Thanksgiving Day Parlay as they break down all the Thursday games. Plus, Tom Brady is struggling but can he bounce back against the Chiefs in a huge Week 12 game. Plus, why Dave thinks the Seahawks are now the most dangerous team in the NFC. Then can Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley (+138) beat Steph Curry and Peyton Manning in The Match III; which leads to a discussion of who would be your dream two on two golf match to watch. Finally, Dave has Charlotte and Sal choose their favorite Thanksgiving food draft which ends in disappointment as Charlotte goes off the board.   
Nov 25, 2020
NFL Week 11 Recap, Bobby Carpenter and The Over/Undertaker
The Extra Points crew recaps the weekend as the Steelers move to 10-0, the Cowboys are still alive and Joe Burrow suffers a season ending injury. Former NFL linebacker, Bobby Carpenter joins to discuss football hair, college football and the state of the Dallas Cowboys. Sal asks, who would be America’s College Team? Dave puts Philip Rivers and Frank Gore to a Hall of Fame vote. Charlotte’s Cris Collinsworth impression improves, but her Patriots do not. Plus, it’s a tribute to The Undertaker in the Crown Royal Athlete of the Week and finally a preview of Monday Night’s Bucs/Rams game.
Nov 23, 2020
NFL Week 11 Preview, Taysom Hill, Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave react to the Seattle defense stepping up as the Seahawks beat the Cardinals. DeAndre Hopkins joins the Madden 99 Club. Cousin Sal feels bad that Jameis Winston may have gotten LASIK for nothing as Taysom Hill is named the Saints starter. Dave gives a No Jive take on why the Steelers may win and also lose this Sunday and Sal gives a plea that if the Cowboys lose to the Vikings he never wants to hear about them winning the division for the rest of the season. Finally, the crew gives their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay.
Nov 20, 2020
Just Fleet It, NBA Draft, James Harden Wants Out of Houston, Sexiest Man Alive
Fleet is officially here and Dave is already out. The Extra Points crew looks at tonight’s NBA Draft odds plus Dave gives his advice to NBA Lottery Prospects on how to answer the phone. The possible reasons behind James Harden wanting to leave Houston and turning down $50 million per year. Plus, what is more painful: a collapsed lung or a punctured lung? The terrible history of Chicago Bears quarterbacks. Finally, Charlotte steers the Sexiest Man Alive discussion which turns ugly when Cousin Sal gives a questionable Brad Pitt take and Dave says Michael J. Jordan over Michael B. Jordan. 
Nov 18, 2020
Hail Murray, Bad Beat Browns, Week 10 Recap, The Masters
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave recap the betting highs and lows from the weekend as the Cardinals and Browns games each have wild endings.     Everything is coming up Dameshek as Indiana and the Steelers remain undefeated and should Mike Tomlin get more consideration for Coach of the Year? Charlotte is now optimistic about the confusing Patriots and Sal has a controversial take on Comeback Player of the Year. They each reluctantly pick a winner in the dismal NFC East and a preview of tonight’s matchup between the Bears and Vikings. Cousin Sal tries to take a victory lap after picking Dustin Johnson to win The Masters but Dave brings up Bernard Langer’s Sunday outfit from 1985. Finally, the gang makes their pick for Crown Royal Water Break Athlete of the Week.
Nov 16, 2020
NFL Week 10 Preview, Panini versus Sandwich Debate, The Masters Music and Extra Points Parlay
The Extra Points crew celebrates Cousin Sal’s 4th winning TNF pick in a row while discussing why, after losing to the Colts, the Titans might be in trouble. Plus, Tua versus Herbert, the shaky Seahawks defense and why this could be a Good Will Hunting game for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Dave and Cousin Sal’s Masters picks are both near the top of the leaderboard and why they think this year the major tournament should have been a week-long event. Can anything ruin The Masters instrumental theme? Finally, the crew gives their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as they look to hit big again!
Nov 13, 2020
Ross Tucker Joins, Big Ben is Big Bandaged, Titans/Colts, La Russa’s Hall of Fame Plea
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave are joined by former offensive lineman Ross Tucker who explains why playing for the Cowboys is like being in The Beatles but why they might no longer be America’s Team. Why the expanded playoffs are problematic and Dave thinks the Philadelphia Eagles can make a Super Bowl run. Can the Steelers go undefeated? Can the Jets go winless? A preview of Colts/Titans and the Extra Points crew give their picks for who will win The Masters. Plus, Dave pitches a “Hall of All” concept and with the news of Tony La Russa trying to get out of a DUI, what you would say if you were pulled over by the police? 
Nov 11, 2020
NFL Week 9 Recap, Tough Week for Tom, the Trevor Lawrence Bowl
Cousin Sal is surrounded by Steelers fans as he watches the Cowboys nearly pull off a huge upset. The Bucs get blown out.  Can Tampa Bay figure it out and still win the NFC? Are the Eagles potentially a scary team and will Anthony Lynn last the rest of the season as the Chargers head coach? Sal makes his case for why running the ball isn’t a priority and Charlotte tries to protect her nest of exciting young quarterbacks. Plus, a preview of tonight’s Patriots/Jets matchup with draft position for Trevor Lawrence at stake. 
Nov 09, 2020
Michael Irvin, NFL Week 9 Preview, Extra Points Parlay
3-time Super Bowl Winner, Michael Irvin joins Cousin Sal and Dave to preview Steelers/Cowboys and tells us why Mike McCarthy should be judged just like any other coach. The Playmaker tells the story of how his famous first down celebration started and why there’s nothing like leaving a legacy in one city. Plus, a Week 9 preview including the best ever NFL uniform #1 versus #1 matchup ever between Tua and Kyler Murray and why the NFC East is a good bet, bad division. Finally, the crew gives their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay as Sal tries to convince Dave to get onboard with his homer pick. 
Nov 06, 2020
Election Night, DiNucci Era is Over, TB & AB Roommates
The Extra Points crew look at Election Night in America from a gambling perspective as the lines went back and forth all night. The Cowboys move onto their fourth starting quarterback of the season as Cooper Rush reminds Sal of his worst bad beat ever. Dave reveals Mike Tomlin’s kryptonite and doesn’t want to hear about a Steelers undefeated season. A preview of Saints/Bucs and thoughts on Antonio Brown and Tom Brady living together. Plus, a preview of 49ers/Packers, Clemson/Notre Dame all on a few hours sleep. 
Nov 04, 2020
NFL Week 8 Recap, the Sevenge Tour rolls on, DiNucci Debut
Dave is “walking on sunshine” as the Steelers beat the Ravens and move to 7-0. The Sevenge Tour checks off another city as Big Ben survives Baltimore. The Cowboys move to 0-8 against the spread, the Chargers blow yet another lead and the Jets continue to Jets. A preview of Tampa Bay/ NY Giants as Dave wonders if this could be a Mike Evans Fantasy Farewell Game. While Dave thinks people should pay attention to the Colts, Charlotte predicts a Tampa Bay/Pittsburgh Super Bowl which gives Dave anxiety. Plus, the crew makes their picks for Crown Royal Waterbreak Athlete of the Week.
Nov 02, 2020
NFL Week 8 Preview, Steelers/Ravens, Tony La Russa Hired, Extra Points Parlay
Adjust your audio! Dave is all fired up for Rivalry Week as the Extra Points crew previews the AFC North battle between Pittsburgh and Baltimore as well as the rest of Week 8 in the NFL. Dave names his most “hated” Ravens of all time and Charlotte on the magic ankle of Jimmy Garoppolo. Sal celebrates his primetime upset pick with the Falcons.  Penn State/Ohio State predictions plus reactions to Trevor Lawrence testing positive for Covid. Dodgers fans are lining up early to purchase merch and 76-year-old Tony La Russa being named the new manager of the Chicago White Sox. Finally, Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave reveal their Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay!  
Oct 30, 2020
World Series Wrap-Up, Justin Turner, Bo’s Bold Claim and a voicemail message from Dave’s Dad
The Extra Point Crew recaps an epic World Series from Kevin Cash’s decision to pull Blake Snell to Justin Turner being pulled because of a positive Covid test. World Series winners and losers plus what would have happened if the series went to a Game 7? Then a Thursday Night football preview of Panthers and Falcons plus a prediction of how many catches will Dez Bryant make with the Ravens. Bo Jackson makes a bold statement on how many yards per game he would get in today’s game. Also, Dave’s dad calls to give him play-by-play of the Penn State/Indiana game he’s already watching.
Oct 28, 2020
NFL Week 7 Recap, Tompa Bay is Scary, Best Receiving Group in the NFL, World Series
Dave is “over the moon” as the Steelers are the final undefeated team in the NFL, while Cousin Sal and Charlotte are ready to wave the white flag for the Cowboys and Patriots. Is Tampa Bay (+850) a legit Super Bowl bet and is now the time to take the odds on Kyler Murray for MVP? The Atlanta Falcons find another new way to lose as Todd Gurley scores too soon, but The Uniformant says that was far from the ugliest part of that game. By process of elimination who should win the NFC East  - as America gets stuck with Cowboys/Eagles on Sunday Night. Plus, if the Rays force Game 7 could this be shaping up for a Clayton Kershaw MVP moment?
Oct 26, 2020
NFL Week 7 Preview, Daniel Jones and All-Time Embarrassing Plays and Antonio Brown Possible Return
The Extra Points crew previews Week 7 in the NFL including a huge showdown between the undefeated Steelers and Titans and why the spread continues to move. Plus, Jimmy Garoppolo returns to New England in a big game for both teams and Dave explains why Antonio Brown would be a bad fit in Baltimore. The results of FanDuel’s Presidential Debate Props as well as a preview of Game 3 of the World Series. Finally, Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave try to hit another Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay and give their picks!  
Oct 23, 2020
World Series Game 1, Mookie’s Taco Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel & Presidential Debate Props
Mookie Betts helps the Dodgers win Game 1 of the World Series and more importantly wins Free Tacos for America. Charlotte is torn between rooting for Mookie but also angry the Red Sox would ever trade him. The Dallas Cowboys have figured out their problem; Mike McCarthy says he’s over coaching  Then, Jimmy Kimmel joins to discuss FanDuel’s Presidential Debate Props Pool as the crew makes their selections – nail all the picks and win $20k courtesy of FanDuel. Plus more fan suggestions for the L.A. Clippers new name including a new frontrunner which could change the way we name teams. 
Oct 21, 2020
Week 6 NFL Recap, Brady over A. Rodgers and This One’s for Myles
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave hit their third Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay of the season as Sal continues his streak of picking the Sunday night winner. A recap of Week 6 in the NFL as the Steelers and Titans move to 5-0 while the Jets move to 0-6. Cleveland's "This one’s for Myles" doesn’t pan out, Romeo Crennel goes for two and will Adam Gase ever be fired? Charlotte debuts her Cris Collinsworth impression and gives a shocking take on ice cream.  A preview of the World Series between the Dodgers and the Rays. Plus, more fan suggestions for the Los Angeles Clippers’ new name.  
Oct 19, 2020
NFL Week 6 Picks, Dave’s Tragic Haircut and Kershaw Comparisons
Cousin Sal is devastated by the news of Tab cola being discontinued, while Dave suffers a humiliating loss on his head. The Dodgers are now on the brink of elimination as Clayton Kershaw endures another post-season loss.  Have we ever seen another dominating athlete who struggled this much in the playoffs? New Clippers names suggestions from fans. Plus, a preview of Week 6 in the NFL as Sal, Charlotte and Dave are more confident than ever giving out their Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel.  
Oct 16, 2020
Titans/Bills, Le’Veon is Le’VeDone and Clippers New Name Ideas
After not playing for two weeks and barely practicing of course the Titans win and move to 4-0.  Dave doubles down on the Buffalo Bills as America’s Team and hits the campaign trail attacking Cousin Sal and the Cowboys. A recap of Le’Veon Bell’s career with the NY Jets and could the New England Patriots be his next destination? Plus, Cousin Sal, Charlotte and viewer suggestions for a new Clippers name. 
Oct 14, 2020
NFL Week 5 Recap, Dak to Dalton, Lakers #17
Cousin Sal, Dave and Charlotte recap Week 5 in the NFL as Alex Smith makes his return to the field, Dak Prescott unfortunately suffers a hard to watch injury. Dan Quinn won’t be blowing any more big leads for the Atlanta Falcons and Sal has a great idea on how the Jets and Giants can team up to both win the NFL Draft. Plus, by rule of sports, the Steelers now own Pennsylvania and the Lakers still own Los Angeles. However, Dave takes issue with the Lakers claiming 17 championships.  
Oct 12, 2020
Confused Tom, Battle of Pennsylvania and Week 5 Picks
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave react to both Angry Tom and Confused Tom as TB12 loses to Nick Foles again. Then it’s Dave’s Backyard Bowl as the Eagles take on the Steelers for state pride as well as the rest of Week 5 picks.  After hitting their picks last week, the crew gives hopefully another winning  Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel! 
Oct 09, 2020
Brady/Foles Rematch, Tyler Herro Last Second Cover, VP Debate Props
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave celebrate hitting another Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay and also Sue Bird winning her fourth WNBA Championship. The Lakers go up 3-1 in the NBA Finals but Tyler Herro's last second three-pointer gets the Heat a cover. Charlotte has a conspiracy theory as the crew previews Bucs/Bears on Thursday night and Cousin Sal has his own conspiracy about the baseball playoffs. Plus, FanDuel's Vice-President Debate props and what is Eddie Van Halen's greatest guitar riff?
Oct 07, 2020
Week 4 NFL Recap, Sad Cowboys and Jimmy Butler Drops 40
After the Eagles and Bills covered, The Extra Points crew is a Chiefs win away from hitting their second Fan Duel’s Extra Points for Extra Pay Parlay! They recap the rest of Week 4 in the NFL including the beautiful mess that is the Dallas Cowboys, Dave declares Alvin Kamara the best running back in football and if the Tennessee Titans end their season at 3-0 how does it compare to the ’72 Dolphins undefeated season. Dave relives getting food poisoning at Super Bowl 36 in New Orleans and why Sal was even sicker at the end of the game. Plus a look at who impressed the crew most in the Crown Royal’s Waterbreak and some interesting viewer mail on how to solve the goal post problem.    
Oct 05, 2020
Titans Positive, Jets Negative, Week 4 Picks and Lebron’s Legacy
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave react to the news of more Titans players testing positive and their game against the Steelers being postponed. The Jets and Broncos game actually wasn’t terrible and a preview of Week 4’s games; including the Wilder Bowl as Charlotte’s two favorite quarterbacks Gardner Minshew and Joe Burrow face off in Cincinnati. Finally, the crew gives their Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel! 
Oct 02, 2020
Year of Mahomes, Steelers/Titans on Hold and NBA Finals
While 2020 continues to be a dumpster fire for everyone else, Patrick Mahomes has more reasons to celebrate his amazing year. Cousin Sal has a major issue with goal posts and a bet gone bad, while Dave wonders who will end the season with more combined wins the two NFL teams in the state of Ohio or the two NFL teams in the state of New Jersey. 
Sep 30, 2020
NFL Week 3 Recap, Falcons Collapse Part 3, Jerry Ferrara Calls In after Calling Rex Burkhead
The Extra Points Crew comes ridiculously close to hitting another huge parlay and a recap of Week 3 in the NFL. The Bills continue to make their claim to America’s Team and Josh Allen enters the MVP conversation much to Sal’s dismay. Dave compares the greatness of Russell Wilson to Justin Timberlake and Charlotte continues to have anxiety watching Joe Burrow get hit. Plus another Falcons collapse and who has it worse Giants or Jets fans? A look at MLB Postseason odds and a preview of the NBA Finals. Fresh off calling Rex Burkhead as a must start in fantasy football this week, Waiver Wired’s Jerry Ferrara joins to preview Chiefs/Ravens and why Justin Tucker is really the biggest star in this game.  
Sep 28, 2020
Fitzmagic Show, Week 3 NFL Picks and Sad Celtics
Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave preview Week 3 in the NFL including Steelers/Texans and Seahawks Cowboys, plus offer their Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel! The debate over America’s Team continues as it gets personal between Sal and Dave over where Tony Romo and Terry Bradshaw rank historically. Plus as we get closer to the NBA Finals are the Celtics ready to check out of the bubble and maybe the Heat’s Tyler Herro should have been the best superhero. 
Sep 25, 2020
Jimmy Kimmel, America’s Team Results and Minshew Mustache Mania
Jimmy Kimmel drops in to talk about hosting the Emmys, what went on behind the scenes and nearly burning down the Staples Center. He also weighs in on who should be America’s Team, Fruit of the Year and the most powerful Superhero. Then speaking of super heroes, Gardner Minshew and his mustache versus Ryan Fitzpatrick and his beard- a preview of Thursday’s Jaguars/Dolphins showdown in Florida plus can Charlotte’s Celtics rebound in the Eastern Conference Finals. 
Sep 23, 2020
Week 2: Mike McCarthy’s Wild First Win, Goal Line Cam and Holy Schitt’s
The Extra Points crew recaps a huge Sunday sports buffet of games; from the Cowboys huge comeback, Tompa Bay’s first win and the questionable final play of the Seahawks/Patriots game. A preview of Monday night’s game between the Saints and Raiders as Dave hints at Drew Brees being replaced at quarterback. Anthony Davis hits a…
Sep 21, 2020
Baker versus Burrow, Week 2 NFL Picks and Emmys from Home
After costing FanDuel $1 million dollars last week, Cousin Sal, Charlotte and Dave are back with their Week 2 Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel! Charlotte is all aboard the Burrow Bandwagon; Baker’s Browns not so much. Dave proposes the Patriots should have retired their current logo with the Brady era and…
Sep 18, 2020
Clippers Bubble Burst, Battle of O-1hio and T.J. Houshmandzadeh
The Extra Points team reacts to the Clippers’ stunning loss to the Denver Nuggets or as Charlotte dubs them the Denver Muppets. Plus, a preview of the Western Conference Finals and Dave lets it go with an incredibly detailed breakdown of the movie Frozen. Then, T.J. Houshmanzadeh checks in to discuss Browns/Bengals and why there…
Sep 16, 2020
Week 1: Cam is In, Brady is Out and the Browns are still the Browns
The Extra Points crew recap all the big winners and losers of Week 1, from the Pats and parlays to Cowboys and crowd noise. The Uniformant gives his expert review of the new Rams and Chargers jerseys and a surprise visit from Aunt Char! Plus, a Heat/Celtics Eastern Conference Finals Preview, are the Clippers about…
Sep 14, 2020
Football, Fog and Favorites
The Extra Points crew recaps Chiefs/Texans as well as the big winner of the night, Andy Reid’s foggy face shield.  A preview of Sunday’s Week 1 games and the crew creates an Extra Points for Extra Pay parlay courtesy of FanDuel! Plus, a huge Game 7 between Boston and Toronto, Cousin Sal is torn between rooting for…
Sep 11, 2020
Odell Beckham All In on the Browns, Jersey Swapping and All-Time Smokers
As Week 1 of the NFL approaches, the Extra Points Crew breakdown how Poop-Gate could affect Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL makes strict rules about post-game jersey swaps and what could happen this NFL season that will make Charlotte walk slowly into the ocean? Plus, a discussion of who is the best on-screen and on-field…
Sep 09, 2020
The Decision
Football is finally back but someone in Cousin Sal and Dave Dameshek’s beloved Fantasy Football League won’t be. Dave makes his big decision with a little help from a sports legend. The crew tries to make sense of Novak Djokovic hitting a line judge in the neck and if being defaulted from the US Open…
Sep 07, 2020
Dave’s Dilemma
The Extra Points crew discusses the Toronto Raptors miracle shot that saved them from the brink of elimination, while Dave debates eliminating Sal or Bill Simmons from their fantasy league. Charlotte’s awkward encounter with Imagine Dragons and why there should be rules for team’s selecting a song. Plus, everyone’s Kentucky Derby picks on names alone! 
Sep 04, 2020
From Patriot Way to Subway
The Extra Points crew react to Bill Belichick appearing in a new Subway commercial and a look at the current odds for NFL Coach of the Year which leads to a conversation of who is the most handsome head coach. Plus, a Nuggets/Jazz Game 7 recap and Charlotte takes a gamble by going all-in on…
Sep 02, 2020
Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell & Idina Menzel TV Takeover
The Extra Points crew break down another major weekend in sports as Jamal Murray drops 50 to force a Game 7, while Cousin Sal feels like Geico dropped that catchy Idina Menzel on us 50 times. Plus the skinny on Quinn Snyder’s wardrobe from the one and only Uniformant, Dave Dave Dameshek. Thoughts on who…
Aug 31, 2020
An Historic Week in Sports
The Extra Points crew and sports journalist, FS1’s Rob Parker, discuss the the latest racial injustices, the reaction of sports this past week and how sports and politics have always been interconnected.  
Aug 28, 2020
The Best is Yet to Come…for Boston Sports?
It’s officially Snark Week as Charlotte responds to an article in which she is called snarky.  The Lakers and Clippers appear to be on a collision course and Charlotte pitches herself as a sports psychologist to anyone that needs it. Dave wonders what the actual God damn snack that Rex Ryan got on Hard Knocks…
Aug 26, 2020
For the Love of Luka
The Extra Points crew recaps the NBA playoffs as Luka Doncic provided clutch scoring, Dave describes the similar feeling of clutch tweets. An all-time ironic conversation about irony and why the Cowboys signing Earl Thomas is like signing Steven Seagal. Plus Cousin Sal has a false-positive update on his fantasy football league. 
Aug 24, 2020
Hall & Oates & Butler
The Extra Points team discuss the results of the NBA Draft Lottery and where it ranks among sporting events that don’t involve actual sports?  Charlotte and Dave debate Russell Westbrook’s style as he goes from point guard to fashion forward. Plus, Jimmy Butler makes Cousin Sal’s dreams come true in a new commercial as they…
Aug 21, 2020
Gambling God’s Revenge
After a heavy day of chalk, Cousin Sal and the crew react to the 8-seed Magic and Trailblazers each winning Game 1. The Uniformant and Charlotte have strong opinions on the new Space Jam Tune Squad jerseys. Plus, the Unwritten Rules of baseball strike again and taking the NFL to Bubble Rock is proposed at…
Aug 19, 2020
Going, Going, Gouda
The Extra Points crew recap a cheese filled weekend and why unfortunately Daniel Cormier couldn’t pass the eye test. Charlotte and Dave predict a rivalry renewed in the NBA Finals, plus what qualifies as a good excuse to opt-out of the playoffs. And Cousin Sal proposes his Bubble Rock plan to a member of the…
Aug 17, 2020
Dame Time
The Extra Points crew recaps what was possibly the best night of sports in months but will the bubble burst now that the NBA is allowing players to bring guests inside? Geoff Schwartz calls in from the beach to discuss the state of college football as well as the NFL. Plus can Charlotte’s hot streak…
Aug 14, 2020
You Gotta Be F’n Kidding Me
Cousin Sal, Dave and Charlotte break down a very shirtless first episode of Hard Knocks and the six magical words that have become the mantra of 2020. They also discuss how many NHL overtimes is too many and share their reactions to the major college football news. Plus, the crew interviews a local restauranteur in…
Aug 13, 2020
Bubble or Bust
Cousin Sal continues to make his case for Bubble Rock, Maine as a contingency location for the NFL. Charlotte goes undefeated in her first ever Best Bets and the Extra Points crew swears Justin Thomas had the shot of the PGA Championship. Plus, Dave reveals the mystery of what happened to the 30-year old fantasy…
Aug 10, 2020
Mr. Unlimited
It’s an Unliiiimited episode of fun as the Extra Points crew discuss another cringey decision from Russell Wilson. Cousin Sal gives his season-saving pitch for an NFL Bubble on the same day his Mets officially deny him a cardboard cutout.  Dave attempts to explain the NHL playoffs. Plus, Charlotte gives us a detailed description of…
Aug 07, 2020
Extra Points Gone Wilder
Sal and Dave welcome in new co-host Charlotte Wilder who begrudgingly admits to finally seeing what everyone else sees in her beloved Tom Brady, plus the odds of a Tampa Bay/New England Super Bowl. They also discuss ways we can save the NFL season which may require aliens. Plus besides the Mets the reason Sal can’t sleep and an intense game of Cameo-ver Under.
Aug 05, 2020
M.I.A.-HOLE | Extra Points with Cousin Sal and Dave Dameshek
Cousin Sal on Yoenis Cespedes opting out of the Mets season and the possibility of all of baseball season being close behind. Dave gets emotional about the Pittsburgh Penguins losing Game 1 of their Qualifying Series plus the guys pay tribute to acting great and Quaker Oats pitchman, Wilford Brimley by ranking his best movies…
Aug 03, 2020
LeBron’s Lakers Restart, NFL Topsy-Turvy Top 100, and Is Baseball Going Bust?
Cousin Sal and Dave Damesek break down the opening night of the NBA restart, Zion beefing up, the NFL’s Top 100 controversy, if the MLB season is over before it gets going, and their best bets for the weekend. 
Jul 31, 2020
Jeter Miami Rumors, NBA Restart and NFC West Odds with Geoff Schwartz
Cousin Sal and Dave Dameshek are back to discuss stories coming out of Miami, Thursday’s return of the NBA, the Seattle Kraken uniforms, and Emmy snubs. Then former NFL player Geoff Schwartz drops in and talks Emmy snubs, the NY Jets sending Jamal Adams to the Seahawks, and more.
Jul 29, 2020
Against All Odds – The Return of MLB, NBA, Mike Tyson, and The Podcast!
Cousin Sal and the Degenerate Trifecta are discuss the return of baseball (03:00), basketball (12:00), Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. (25:00), and their best bets for the week (30:00).
Jul 29, 2020
First Impressions, Fake Fans, Breaking The Bubble, and Remembering Regis With Jimmy Kimmel
Cousin Sal and Dave Dameshek discuss how they met, new ideas for cardboard cut out fans, how to reel in NBA bubble busters, plus Jimmy Kimmel stops by to talk about his vacation and pay tribute to Regis Philbin.
Jul 27, 2020
Extra Points: Trailer
Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal joins NFL Network/Adam Carolla podcast’s Dave Dameshek multiple times a week to discuss sports and entertainment  items as well other nonsense almost guaranteed to annoy people.
Jul 23, 2020