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Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Cousin Sal and his FOX BET LIVE co-host Rachel Bonnetta are joined by a weekly rotating cast of comedians to take a look at sports, entertainment and pop culture propositions through a gambling lens.

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Inauguration Performer, Celebrity Cannibals, Fictional Family Pod
Now that it’s finally over, Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta remember the funniest moments of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Comedian/actor Bret Ernst joins to talk Cobra Kai (Netflix) and moving to Las Vegas from L.A. Then they all discuss who you would pick to perform at your Inauguration? Which celebrity is most likely to be a cannibal? From The Sopranos to The Schitt’s which fictional family would you want to pod up with? Finally, they close things out with an intense game of Cameo-ver/Under with Anne Heche, Kendrick Perkins and Kirk Cameron.  
Jan 21, 2021
Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend? Free Food for Life from where? Building to crash with friends?
It's the first show of 2021 as Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian Jon Gabrus as they dive into what it’s like doing the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Club on both coasts. They discuss who Kim Kardashian is most likely to date next? If you could have a “food for life” card at any chain restaurant which would you choose? Cousin Sal talks about the disappointment of having a “Subway for Life” card and the time he lived over/under a bar in college. Plus, from the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame to See's Candies which building would you storm with your friends? Then it’s the most competitive game show in all of podcasts, Cameo-ver/Under, as Cousin Sal looks to continue his winning streak!    ReplyReply allForward
Jan 14, 2021
Biggest Winner of 2020? Worst NFL Uniform? Worst Fake Accent?
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by the one and only Dave Dameshek as Sal’s good good pals gear up for a Pittsburgh/Cleveland showdown! Rachel gives her own surprising choice for Fruit of the Year which Dave reveals on this week’s episode of Minus Three. As the year comes to an end, they discuss the Biggest Winner of 2020, can anyone upset the favorite Joe Biden? Plus, worst fake accent and what is the worst NFL uniform of all time: Tampa Bay’s Creamsicle, Seattle’s neon green or Pittsburgh’s Bumble Bee situation? Then, Cousin Sal looks to make it three straight wins in Cameo-ver/Under or will Rachel close out the year with a win?
Dec 30, 2020
Biggest Christmas Scam? Christmas Concert in Your House? Coolest Thing About Hockey Players?
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by Fox Sports host & reporter Jenny Taft as they discuss her crazy schedule and what you buy Skip and Shannon for Christmas. Then they debate what is the coolest thing about hockey players, the biggest Christmas scam and - from Mariah to The Boss - who you would want to perform their Christmas hit at your house. Finally, it’s the most competitive game in all of podcasts... Cameo-ver/Under! 
Dec 24, 2020
Which Team Name Needs to Go? Worst Way to Break Up? Snowball Fight Champ?
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian Julius Sharpe to discuss which sports team is most in need of a name change and the worst way to break up with someone. Plus, from Clayton Kershaw to Eagles Fans - who would win in a snowball fight? Finally, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, another huge game of Cameo-ver/Under as Cousin Sal and Rachel try to take down a guest after losing three straight. 
Dec 17, 2020
Worst Christmas Song, New Olympic Sports, Comeback of 2020
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by Rutledge Wood (American Barbecue Showdown, The Floor is Lava) to settle a great debate once and for all: What is the worst Christmas song of all time?  Plus, now that breakdancing is an Olympic sport, what should be the next competition you’d want to see someone go for gold in? Finally, from the McRib to Alex Smith what is the best comeback of 2020? Then can Cousin Sal or Rachel Bonnetta get back in the win column and beat Rutledge in Cameo-ver/Under or will the guest continue their winning streak? 
Dec 10, 2020
Millionaire Lifeline, Worst Part of December & Crappiest Christmas Cards
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian Mark Normand as they ring in the holidays discussing what they hate most about December and the absolute worst type of Christmas cards to receive. Plus, from Neil DeGrasse Tyson to Mike Tyson which celebrity would you want to use as your lifeline on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Then, it’s the most competitive game show in all of podcasts, Cameo-ver/Under as Rachel looks to stop her losing streak and regain her Cameo Crown. 
Dec 03, 2020
Thanksgiving Food Fight, Black Friday’s Most Wanted, Celeb Out of Retirement
It’s time to give thanks as Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by the one and only, comedian Don Barris as they discuss which Thanksgiving dish you’d pick to stuff in someone’s face in a food fight, the Black Friday item you’d trample the elderly for and from The Undertaker to Vin Scully which person you’d love to see come out of retirement. Then Rachel tries to take down Don and Sal in a game of Cameo-ver/Under that nearly ends in an all-out verbal war. Warning: this podcast might not be safe for work or around small children.  
Nov 27, 2020
Thanksgiving NBA Guest, Television Reunions and MTV First Impressions
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by 'Family Guy' writer and former MTV VJ, Damien Fahey as they discuss which current or former NBA player you would want to have over for the holidays and why ShaqGiving might not be a good idea. Plus, which television show you most want to see have a reunion; and from Beavis to Snooki to Puck which personality first comes to mind when you think of MTV? Then it’s the hottest new game in America, Cameo-ver/Under, as this week, the celebrity pricing game comes down to the wire.
Nov 19, 2020
Best Game Show Host, Cringiest Tattoo and New Category for Miss USA
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian and author Judy Gold as they discuss who is the best game show host of all-time (can anyone take Trebek's title?), what is the cringiest tattoo and which category should be added to Miss USA competition. Plus, Cousin Sal makes the case that a panini is always better than a sandwich and Judy Gold attempts to go 3 for 3 in the most competitive game of Cameo-ver/Under in the history of Laugh Lines. 
Nov 12, 2020
Most Stressful Day, World’s Best Boss and Hologram Birthday Performers
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian and Colts fan Megan Gailey as they make her relive her Reggie Miller mural proposal story. Then they discuss what is the most stressful day of the year, which deceased celebrity hologram you’d want to perform for your birthday and from Springsteen to Soprano who is…
Nov 05, 2020
Laziest Halloween Costume, Terrifying Movie Characters and Doctor’s Orders
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by Marvel host and author Lorraine Cink as they discuss the laziest Halloween costume and a nightmare conversation of who is the most terrifying “human” movie character? Plus, doctor, doctor give me the news- from Dre to Howser which fictional doctor should run the World Health Organization? Then…
Oct 29, 2020
Most Impressive Muscles, Best Sequels and Embarrassing Zoom Moments
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by 2-time Super Bowl Champion, Pittsburgh Steelers legend James Harrison as they discuss what is the most impressive muscle, most embarrassing thing that can happen on zoom and, in honor of Borat – from Godfather II to Grease II what is the best sequel of all-time? Plus, a…
Oct 22, 2020
Overrated Desserts, Celebrity Casting The Bachelorette and Missing NYC
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian and long-suffering Knicks fan Sam Morril as they discuss the most overrated desserts and which celebrity would make for the best season of The Bachelorette. Plus, what we miss most about New York City because of social distancing. Plus, a surprise guest in one of the best games of Cameo-ver/Under…
Oct 15, 2020
Best Birthday Shots, Canadian Imports and Speediest Recovery
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian Rachel Feinstein as they celebrate Bonnetta’s Birthday by asking what is the best birthday shot and in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving from hockey to maple syrup what is the best Canadian import, eh? Then they discuss who made the quickest all-time recovery – can the Karate…
Oct 08, 2020
New Presidential Debate Event, Best Thing About Fall and the One App You Can’t Live Without
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by 4-time Major League Baseball All-Star Paul Lo Duca to discuss what athletic style event they would want to see added to the Presidential Debate, which is the one app they would want to keep on their phone and from Football to Pumpkin Spice Flavor – what is…
Oct 02, 2020
Best On-Screen Smoker, Athlete Facial Features and Biggest Breakups
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by actor Jeff Meacham (Black-ish)  who shares his love of Tom Cruise and the stories of people who have met him. Then they make their picks for best on-screen smoker of all time, the celebrity break-up that affected them most and from Anthony Davis’ brow to James Harden’s beard-…
Sep 24, 2020
Sidekickin’ It with Guillermo
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel Live! They discuss from caped crusaders to Chewbacca who is the best sidekick of all time. Then when it comes to sports which is the best to pass out to while watching and voting on the reality star who should run for President. Plus the most…
Sep 17, 2020
Any Animal’s Bottom-Half & Multiple First Names
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by comedian Brandt Tobler to argue which animal’s bottom-half they’d most want, who has had the biggest quarantine transformation, and who is the best person with multiple first names, before a game of “Cameo-ver Under” featuring Bo Jackson, Mischa Barton, and Dikembe Motumbo.
Sep 10, 2020
Dream Rides and Nightmare Celebrity Dates with Jerry Ferrara
Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta are joined by actor Jerry Ferrara to debate the best car from a movie, the silver lining of the pandemic, and which celebrity they’d tell their daughters to avoid, before wrapping up the show with a game of Cameo-ver/Under.
Aug 27, 2020
The Last Dance Dilemma
Cousin Sal, Rachel Bonnetta and comedian Carl Tart help determine what is the best excuse to get out of a Zoom meeting with friends and family. Sal proudly pronounces the best song to close out a wedding party; is Last Dance the best pick for the last dance? Plus, from hole in ones to three…
Aug 20, 2020
Blame it on the Name
Cousin Sal, Rachel Bonetta and comedian Sarah Tiana debate what is the worst name to give your baby girl. Plus, Ferrell or the Field which actor’s movies would you choose if you could only watch one for the rest of your life. And it’s a Safety Dance of discussion on which musician would you least…
Aug 13, 2020
Favorite High School Movie Couple, Greatest Snack, and Who’s Due For a Breakup
Cousin Sal and his comedy cronies Rachel Bonetta and Jill Kimmel debate from High School to Hogwarts who rules the school when it comes to the all-time fictional movie couple. Plus, Kim & Kanye, Giannis & Milwaukee, which actual couple is most likely heading to Spiltsville and which snack is supreme when it comes to…
Aug 06, 2020
Kings, Gangsters, and Feuds
Cousin Sal teams up with Fox Bet Live’s Rachel Bonnetta and Uncle Jimmy from ‘Speak For Yourself’ to debate who was the greatest fictional king, the greatest rivalry in tv history, the show (that you haven’t seen) that you’d binge, and more.
Jul 30, 2020
Laugh Lines Trailer
Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal joins a weekly rotating cast of comedians to take a look at sports, entertainment and pop culture propositions through a gambling lens.
Jul 23, 2020