The Bomb

By BBC World Service

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Category: History

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 Sep 21, 2020

 Sep 16, 2020
Really good well worth a listen, very informative and gripping from the start.

 Sep 15, 2020
A gripping yet thought provoking narrative . Historical hindsight doesn't lessen the thrilling tension of this true story telling of the race to unlock the secrets of Nuclear power....and all the while the Atomic clock ticks ominously for the Allies. The question it asked of me was "What would I have done had I lived in those dark & desperate days?." No matter my morals & feelings today I have had to conclude that I cannot possibly know the answer. Another top quality production from the BBC.

Dancing Landlord
 Sep 13, 2020
Excellent series. Thank you BBC 👍

 Sep 11, 2020
top quality.... well presented....


My grandad worked on the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima. Could another man - Leo Szilard - have stopped it?

Episode Date
7 The doomsday clock
The world’s first nuclear bomb drops on the unsuspecting city of Hiroshima. On 7 August 1945, the world is changed forever. In this final episode, featuring first-hand accounts of the attack that day, Emily Strasser asks how the bomb changed humanity. Have we really come to terms with it? #thebomb
Sep 11, 2020
6 The first atomic bomb
Time is running out. As Manhattan Project scientists test the world’s first nuclear bomb, Leo Szilard knows it’s the last chance to stop the US government from dropping the bomb on Japanese civilians. Working with colleagues at Chicago’s Met Lab, Szilard does all he can to alert the US President. But will his message get there in time? #thebomb
Sep 04, 2020
5 Enemy alien
The FBI pursues Leo Szilard as he loses control of the project to create a nuclear bomb. With his influence waning, the leaders of the Manhattan Project now threaten his liberty. But as the world’s first nuclear bomb comes within touching distance, Szilard fears it might soon be used on a city in Japan. #thebomb
Aug 28, 2020
4 Pearl Harbour
An attack on Pearl Harbour changes everything. After a surprise Japanese attack destroys US ships, the US declares war on Japan, and intensifies its efforts to create the first nuclear bomb. Caught in the middle of it all, Leo Szilard starts to lose his grip on the project. #thebomb
Aug 21, 2020
3 The Einstein letter
A vital message must be delivered to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fearing the Nazis are on the verge of creating the first nuclear bomb, Leo Szilard needs to convince the US Government to take the threat seriously. In his hour of need, he reaches out to an old friend, Albert Einstein. #thebomb
Aug 14, 2020
2 Race to the bomb
It’s a race against time to beat the Nazis to the first nuclear bomb. After his epiphany in London, Leo Szilard must convince the scientific establishment to take the nuclear threat seriously. He turns to Frederick Lindemann, a friend of Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, in Germany, two scientists are about to make a discovery that will change the rules of science. #thebomb
Aug 07, 2020
1 Moonshine
A little-known scientist discovers something that will change the course of human history. After befriending some of the world’s greatest physicists in 1920s Berlin, Albert Einstein among them, Leo Szilard is forced to flee when the Nazis come to power. In London, he discovers the destructive possibilities of harnessing nuclear power; setting the course for the world’s first atomic bomb.
Jul 31, 2020
The prologue
“My grandfather in front of a mushroom cloud”. This is the story of why I wanted to know if the Bomb could have been stopped. Episode 1 available from 1 August. #thebomb
Jul 23, 2020