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Your new favorite dialogue. Sports, pop-culture, grilling prowess, and whatever tangents the hosts get lost in. No one is covering this much ground on a sports podcast.

Episode Date
Conference Championships And Tactical Vests

Off the top, we're talking about the California guy made he moved to Austin, then NFL coaches, conf championships, Conor - DP preview, and dip picks. 

Cali Cuck (00:34)

NFL (09:17)

Dip Picks (26:35)

Quick Dips (5:20)

Jan 22, 2021
Stomping Grapes And Weird Concussions

A bit of a tangent about old internet videos, then NFL playoffs, NFL coaching searches, Combat Sports Minute, Quick Dips, High School Sports Minute and Run It Back. 

Jan 18, 2021
Urban Snow In New Orleans

KJ the tool man, Harden trade, a bow on the college football season, and playoff picks. 

Major Announcement (08:00)

NBA (09:48)

CFB Wrap Up - (18:58)

NFL and Picks - (43:44)

Big Boy Stacks - (50:39)

Jan 15, 2021
Romo's Bag And Slime Cannons

We're still super wild hard for super wild card weekend, Nat'l championship preview, RIP Duncanville Football and more. 

Jan 11, 2021
Wild Hard For Wild Card

Super Wild Card Weekend, College Corner, Dip Picks AND new sound effects.

(3:30) - Super Wild Card Weekend

(19:22) - College Corner

(26:24) - Dip Picks

Jan 08, 2021
Big Game Talk And Sips Of Bleach

NFL weekend recap, Cowboys review, Herman out at Texas, Coaching Carousel, Bowl Recap, Quick Dips, Run It Back

(10:02) Pre-game talk

(14:45) NFL Weekend Review

(54:42) College Football

(1:18:24) Quick Dips

(1:28:00) Run it back

Jan 04, 2021
KJ's Superpowers And A Merry Dipmas

KJ got his superpowers, Jalen Hurts is not average, Wentz or Zeke who you want?, In-depth college football playoff breakdown, H for Christmas NBA, and a quick combat sports minute. 

(8:00) NFL

(41:12) College Football

(1:02:08) NBA 

(1:08:02) College Hoops

(1:10:40) Combat Sports Minute

(1:18:24) Run it back

Dec 21, 2020
Thicc Boys And Grad Transfers

We look at the upcoming NFL and College slates, pick games, talk bulky NBA superstars, and even some bonus Tommy Tuberville talk. 

6:43 NFL

19:22 College Corner

30:14 NBA

36:39 Dip Picks

Dec 18, 2020
Truck Nuts And Revenge Games

Micah did Cryo, KJ and Dave are having paper towel issues, NFL, College, a little high school football, and much more. 

(12:04) NFL

(30:15) College Football

(47:25) Quick Dips

(59:37) Run it back

Dec 14, 2020
False Positives And F1 Mansplaining

Thursday Night Live Stream Audio: Dez got hosed, Ohio State power moves, Playoff P, Dip Picks and more.

NFL 6:18

College Corner 22:14

NBA 40:57

H Report 49:51

Dip Picks 55:42

Dec 11, 2020
Coastal Bullies And Red Zone Fajitas

Errol Spence, Mayweather-Paul exhibition, Gregg Williams gone, Herman in? Urban out? F1, high school football and more

Combat Sports Minute (6:33)

NFL (19:11)

College Football (41:00)

Quick Dips (1:01:00)

Run it back (1:14:00)

Dec 07, 2020
Short Notice Soaker Showdown And Tracking Urban

Did Mike Shanahan ruin RG3?, why does Jerry Jones talk?, BYU stepping up, Russ to Wiz, Errol Spence Is Back, And Urban Meyer's in Austin (maybe).

7:10 NFL

22:48 CFB

33:37 NBA

42:25 Quick Dips

48:18 Dip Picks

Dec 04, 2020
Fist Exhibitions And Bad Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving should have been cancelled (skip to 18 minutes or so if you don't like Cowboy talk for some reason), Brady getting hit with pillows, What the fuck Raiders, History at Vandy, Bama is Good, Herman stinks, Dave paid to watch a fist exhibition, The Match was pretty decent. 

(10:27) NFL

(45:53) College Football

(1:07:46) Combat Sports Minute

(1:23:08) Quick Dips

(1:29:30) Run it back

Nov 30, 2020
Red Rifles And Dope Kits With Will deFries

Will schools us on all things futbol, KJ smoked something, them boys are dem boys again, Thanksgiving is back?, and a look at the college football landscape. 

(6:18) Micah

(13:00) Soccer Talk

(33:04) Smoke Something

(40:33) NFL

(1:00:11) College Football

(1:12:42) NBA

(1:17:35) Quick Dips

Nov 23, 2020
Two-Way Contracts And Big Boy Stacks

Draft recap, NCAA/NFL preview, Game Picks.

NBA 8:02

NFL 23:53



Nov 20, 2020
Masters Recap, Trade Rumors, And Bad Beats

A look back at the 2020 Masters, NBA free agency and trade talk, NFL and College Football recaps, and boxing is trash again. 

Masters 5:14

NBA Offseason 26:13

NFL 35:14

College Football 47:49

Quick Dips 51:52

Nov 17, 2020
Haircuts In Augusta And Parallel Universe Vrabel

We talk Masters and are joined by The Ticket's Jake Kemp to pick games, talk sports, and learn about the history of Augusta National. 

The Masters - 5:18

Jake Kemp Joins the Show - 13:32

NFL - 19:26

College Corner - 29:08

Quick Dips - 39:26

Dip Picks - 44:14

Nov 13, 2020
Masters Falconry And Caked Up Sam

Big time Masters preview including some stuff about Gentle Ben's falconry, Masters picks, recapping the NFL/NCAA football weekend, and we look at the  viral tweet that is creeping all of us out. 

(5:35) Masters

(38:42) College Football

(59:00) NFL

(1:15:00) Quick Dips

(1:20:00) Run it back

Nov 09, 2020
No Noochgiving And Meet The Intern

DiNucci benched, Texas is fine, the wickedly talented Kevin Durant, and Intern Caleb joins us to pick games. 

NFL 4:59

College Corner 11:49

Intern Caleb 24:22

Dip PIcks 28:09

Quick Dips 44:40

Nov 06, 2020
Meat Judges And Kiss Fights

The Texas Tech Meat Judging team runs it back, Clemson's backup, SEC brawls, DiNOOCH, Silva retires, and more.

(05:41) Meat Judging

(13:33) Masters are next week

(20:00) College Football

(34:57) NFL

(1:07:00) Quick Dips

(1:16) Run it back 

Nov 02, 2020
Frat Fights And Five Star Bleached Mullets

Big 10 flexes, Herman takes a recruiting L, Throwing up the X one last time, World Series was siiiick, New Stars jersey, and dip picks.

NFL - 6:21

College Football - 19:01

World Series - 28:59

Quick Dips - 38:08

H - 42:00

Dip Picks - 44:54

Oct 30, 2020
Haboob Job And Young Joc

World Series, Joc Pederston stans, Cowboy eulogy, Baker cringe, Quadruple Doinks and Big Boy Punts. 

6:42 MLB

20:31 NFL

47:10 College Football

1:01:00 Combat Sports Minute

1:07:47 Quick Dips

1:16:22 Run It Back 

Oct 26, 2020
Throw Up The X And We're Just Sayin

We look at the weekend football slate (NFL, NCAA), World Series talk, Dip Picks, Horni Report, and Cowboy mutiny. 

4:46 - NFL

19:02 - College Corner

33:23 - World Series

40:48 - Quick Dips

50:18- H

51:52 - Dip Picks

Oct 23, 2020
Kyler Is Coming And Clappuccinos

We recap the entire weekend in sports, some in-depth baseball analysis, Dillon and KJ got beef?, Dan Mullen's wife and much more. 

(7:18) NFL

(31:38) College Football

(53:50) MLB

(01:05:20) Quick Dips

Oct 19, 2020
Exposing Each Other And Trouble In Austin

Someone gets exposed, SMU releases a hype video, UT might have a player mutiny, and we pick the big games. 

Covid Corner - 4:38

College Corner - 10:47

Quick Dips 24:07

H Report 35:43

Expose Him 38:50

Dip Picks 42:33

Oct 16, 2020
This Is For You 4 And Bad Golf Takes

Finals recap, a lot of sadness on Dak, Texas stinks, Mizzou is back, and World Series talk. Also, some quick dips including Bryson getting disrespected. 

(7:08) NBA Finals

(18:45) NFL

(39:08) College Football

(49:26) MLB

(53:04) Quick Dips

(1:04:39) Run it Back

Oct 12, 2020
Bandwagon Boys And KJ's Golf Swing

We breakdown the MLB playoffs, KJ's golf swing, the spookiest names in NCAA football, and our picks for the college and pro football slate. 

MLB 2:46

David Ruff's Swing Academy 8:55

Quick Dips 12:00

Dillon's Fantasy Football Update 15:52

College Corner 19:51

Dip Picks 25:58

Oct 09, 2020
This Team Is Bad And SMU Frat Dudes

Another Cowboys embarrassment, NFC East is a joke, Texas is back, SMU is 4-0, Jimmy Butler's a bad man, and a somewhat preview of MLB Division Series. 

(10:23) NFL

(36:24) College Football

(54:16) Hoops

(58:03) MLB

(59:51) Quick Dips

(1:09:57) Run it Back

Oct 05, 2020
Gentle Nick Foles And Riding With Ponies

Audio from Thursday night's live stream on YouTube. Micah is back and Big Game Brett pulls out the flamethrower. 

(01:55)  Return of The Micah

(08:49) Quick Dips

(19:48) College Corner

(28:43) Dip Picks

Oct 02, 2020
Weird Things Happen In Lubbock

It's podcast week. We talk Texas football, SEC, Stars aren't going home, and MLB playoff preview. 

(08 :00) College Football

(24:55 ) Puck

(32:05) NFL

( 50:45 ) Combat Sports Minute

( 54:14 ) MLB

Sep 28, 2020
Live Stream NFL & NCAA Picks And The Combat Sports Minute

Combat Sports Minute is back, Pac 12 breaking news and piiiiiicks. 

(06:26) Dillon's MSO Debut

(07:26) Dip Picks

(14:09) College Corner

(23:41) Combat Sports Minute

(29:57) Dip Picks

Sep 25, 2020
Too Much Smoke And Literally All Of The Sports

Cowboys are good again?, Thicc Boi Can Mash, Stars in five?, AD is good, and KJ burned his meat. 

(4:30ish) Smoke something, bitch

(20:00) NFL/College

(52:20) Bryson

(1:00:21) Stanley Cup 

(1:02:00) In the Bubble

(1:09:15) Quick Dips

Sep 21, 2020
Thursday Night Live Stream: Week Two

Dave responds to Micah regarding them boyz, Football, Picks, and Quick Dips. 

Tailgate Talk (08:18)

David Responds to Micah's Rant (12:23)

Quick Dips (16:07)

Last Week's Picks (24:28)

Dip Picks (25:34:01)

Sep 18, 2020
Bruvs, Bad Tats, & Bowel Prep

The NFL is under way, not much happened in college football, Will talks EPL, Brett talks puck, Zeke got a bad tattoo, and NFL coaches have been eating well this offseason.

EPL with Will (04:31)

Dave calls in (15:08)

NFL Week 1 (23:27)

College Football (35:45)

Puck Talk with Brett (41:49)

In The Bubb (48:21)

Quick Dips (56:14)

Run It Back (1:07:31)

Sep 14, 2020
Too Much Dip Kickoff Live Stream

Our first weekly live stream recorded Thursday night to discuss the upcoming football weekend, picks, and so much more. Bonus content !


Tailgate Talk (5:15)

Quick Dips (11:50)

H (19:05)

Dip Picks (22:04)

Big Boy Stacks (34:35)

Sep 11, 2020
Pod Divided And LBJ's Piece

NHL Playoffs, NFL, College Football, Cats v. Ponies, NBA, FedEx Cup, and our favorite presidents. 

(10:26) Puck Talk

(25:04) Football is back, baby

(45:53) Djokovic kicked out of US Open for hitting a line Judge

(51:39) In the Bubb’

(1:02:14) Golf is ongoing today

(1:06:32) Quick Dips

(1:12:14) The Horni Report

(1:17:45) Run it Back

Sep 07, 2020
Smoked Salsa And Skinny Pants

KJ smoked some salsa, Luka goes home, Quin Snyder's skinny pants, Stars-Knights on a collision course, Rahm v. DJ, Private Part Tattoos 

(8:10) Smoke Something Bitch

(17:03) In the Bubb’

(41:06) Puck Talk

(48:37) Golf was lit this weekend

(58:28) Quick Dips

(1:20:00ish) The Horni Report

(1:24:17) Run it Back

Aug 31, 2020
H For Luka, Puck Talk, And Bubble Baddies

Big NBA action here, but we worked in some puck talk and even a few combat sports tidbits. Turn it up  !

Smoke Something Bitch (6:50)

Puck Talk (12:14)

LukaMania (19:20)

In the Bubb’ (41:43)

Quick Dips (56:03)

The Horni Report (1:04:25)

Combat Sports Minute (1:07:26)

Run it Back (1:11:21)

Beat provided by
Produced by White Hot

Aug 24, 2020
Bid Day Surprises, H For The Bubble, And Stipe's Ink

We did it all. Truly in our bag today. NFL and NCAA breakdowns, bid day?, playoff kickoff,  quick hits is now quick dips, hockey, horni, and UFC 252. 

(6:30) Reviews

(8:40) Smoke Somethin' Bitch

(13:28) NFL camps open

(27:07) College football isn’t dead yet?

(40:20) NBA Playoffs

(54:24) Quick Dips

(1:07:56) Puck Talk

(1:12:24) The Horni Report

(1:17:21) Combat Sports Minute

(1:24:08) Run it Back

Aug 17, 2020
Smokin' Meats And Big Nut Golf Shots

Dave and KJ smoked ribs, Koepka laid an egg, the nuts on this Morikawa kid, college football in flux, bubble beef with Dame and the Clippers, quick hits, and an all new Horni Report. 

Aug 10, 2020
College Football Demands, Big Baby Drip God And The Horni Report

We break down the Pac 12 Players' Tribune article, talk about Larry Scott being a "trash cannon," breaking news on TCU, the massive 12-year-old lineman, Mavs are not clutch, and we find out how H everyone is for this week's sports lineup. 

Intro and Outro beats by 

Aug 03, 2020
NBA Conspiracies, Living Mas, Strip Club Wings and Twiiins

Michael Porter Jr. brought some heat to the bubble with his corona takes. Lou Williams hits Magic City. Pat Mahomes continues his reign of dominance. Last Chance U looks pretty good plus Sometimes, You Gotta Live Mas. 

Jul 29, 2020
Intros And Sports

The inaugural episode of Too Much Dip. 

Jul 24, 2020