The ERIC Helpline Podcast: for families with children affected by bowel and bladder conditions

By ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity

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Informal and judgement-free discussions about everything from bedwetting, daytime wetting, chronic constipation, soiling and other toileting problems. We tackle questions from parents & carers, with experts from the ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity providing solutions and management strategies for these common childhood conditions.

Episode Date
Episode 10: Daytime bladder problems Part 2

In a follow up to episode 8, ERIC Nurse Brenda Cheer explains what parents and carers need to do if their child's bladder problem hasn't been resolved by working on the four steps to a healthy bladder that were explained in Part 1. They cover what parents and carers should do if bladder problems still persist. 

Jul 31, 2021
World Bedwetting Day 2021

A joint podcast hosted by ERIC, The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity and Bladder and Bowel UK. Alina from ERIC and Davina, a Children's Specialist Nurse for Bladder and Bowel UK chat to Alex, the parent of a six year old boy who wets the bed. They discuss why it's so important to seek help from a healthcare professional if children continue to be wet at night after the age of 5 and what treatments are available. 

May 25, 2021
Daytime bladder problems Part 1

Brenda, ERIC Nurse and Paediatric Specialist Continence Nurse talks to Alina about a 7 year old child who has started wetting during the day. They explore the reasons behind wetting accidents like these and how families can help their children to manage their bladder.  

Apr 28, 2021
Helping disabled children achieve continence

Alina talks to Fiona Boorman a Paediatric Bladder & Bowel Specialist Nurse with 40 years' experience and a passion for helping children with additional needs to toilet train. 

Fiona started working with disabled children at 12, when she was a volunteer in a children’s home and later in a Scope Grammar School. This led her to a career in nursing children, initially at Great Ormond Street, London.

10 years as a Special School Nurse got her hooked on continence. She realised that too many children were not given the opportunity to achieve this fundamental skill but with the desire, joined-up working and some crazy ideas, she could make it work for most. Fiona went on to undertake both Adult and Paediatric Continence modules.

Mar 12, 2021
Disimpaction explained by a Paediatric Specialist Continence Nurse

In a follow up to Episode 3 on chronic constipation and disimpaction, Alina talks to Brenda, the ERIC nurse to ask the more detailed questions we get about this subject to our helpline. Explanations by Brenda include: knowing whether a child needs to be cleared out, how macrogol laxative actually work, liaising with your doctor and what happens next after disimpaction.   

Dec 15, 2020
Managing toileting issues at school - tips for parents on talking to their child's teacher.

Alina talks to Melissa Yapp a speech pathologist and special education teacher in New South Wales, Australia. Based on her wide experience of working in schools, Melissa gives practical advice to help parents raise their child's bowel or bladder problem with the class teacher. 

Nov 11, 2020
Potty training regression at nursery

Alina gives advice about what to do when your potty-trained child starts nursery or pre-school and things start to go wrong.

Oct 12, 2020
Chronic constipation and disimpaction

Alina talks to Natalie, one of ERIC's Helpline Advisors about disimpaction - a common treatment for chronic constipation.  She explains when this treatment is recommended, how it should be approached and what signs parents & carers need to look out for so they know it is working.

Oct 02, 2020
Children that will only poo in a nappy

Tips and advice from Alina, one of ERIC's Helpline advisors, about how to encourage children out of nappies and get them using the potty or toilet.

Sep 14, 2020
Bedwetting - lifting and pullups
Alina, our Communications Manager and Helpline Advisor offers tips on how to transition a 7 year old out of night-time pull-ups and how to work towards dry nights.
Jul 30, 2020