Weird and Wacky Tales with Gia!

By Gia Krishnan

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Image by Gia Krishnan

Category: Leisure

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We delve into tales of gods and stories of killers.

Episode Date
cupid and psyche *valentine's episode a week late*
Feb 22, 2022
the labyrinth of the minotaur *the bestiality is off the charts*
Jan 18, 2022
the princess of bekhten *i tried my best to pronounce the names*
Jan 13, 2022
the story of shiva and sati *it's cute until it's not*
Dec 28, 2021
the dashavatarm *the incarnations of vishnu*
Dec 21, 2021
the "jenny jones" case *the murder of scott amedure*
Dec 08, 2021
isis, osiris, and set *keeping up with the egyptians*
Feb 23, 2021
adonis *the prettiest man ever*
Feb 09, 2021
the girl with the rose red slippers *a cinderella story*
Feb 02, 2021
the greek gods were petty
Jan 26, 2021
the trojan war *my favorite war... that sounds weird*
Jan 19, 2021
the ken and barbie killers pt 2 *it gets sadder*
Jan 12, 2021
the ken and barbie killers pt 1 *my blood is boiling*
Jan 05, 2021
perseus and medusa
Dec 30, 2020
the trials of odysseus *as told by the odyssey*
Dec 16, 2020
prometheus and epimethus *the nicest titans*
Dec 09, 2020
hercules and the 12 tasks pt. 2 *the actual tasks*
Dec 02, 2020
hercules and the 12 tasks pt. 1 *the guy couldn't catch a break*
Nov 11, 2020
west memphis three pt 2 *the trial and the aftermath*
Nov 04, 2020
the west memphis three pt 1 *the triple homicide that rocked the legal system*
Oct 28, 2020
oedipus *the weirdest family ever*
Oct 22, 2020
the sisters of greek mythology *the tamer versions of the olympians*
Oct 15, 2020
the first hermaphrodite *hermaphroditus*
Oct 07, 2020
pan and syrinx *the misunderstood goatman*
Sep 30, 2020
doomed love stories in greek mythology pt. 2
Sep 24, 2020
dr death pt 2 *shipman's takedown!!!*
Sep 16, 2020
dr death pt 1 *our first true crime case!*
Sep 10, 2020
doomed love stories in greek mythology pt. 1
Sep 02, 2020
the biggest assholes in greek mythology *i get mad*
Aug 27, 2020
the weird love triangle that is ares, aphrodite and hephaestus
Aug 20, 2020
zeus is a player?!
Aug 13, 2020
the beginning of greek mythology *it's kinda gross*
Aug 06, 2020