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Experts Mike Busch, Paul New, and Colleen Sterling answer your toughest aviation maintenance questions. Submit questions to New episodes are released the first and fifteenth of every month.

Episode Date
"I have permission to get an airplane."
May 15, 2024
"I'm against throwing a part at something"
May 01, 2024
"You become the supervisor of your maintenance"
Apr 15, 2024
"Don't split the case halves"
Apr 01, 2024
"This guy is on his own, he's a test pilot"
Mar 15, 2024
"Let us know how the exorcism goes"
Mar 01, 2024
"The breather is a slobber pot"
Feb 15, 2024
"Think of the prop control as a gear shift"
Feb 01, 2024
"Major and minor is in the eye of the beholder"
Jan 15, 2024
"It's not good form to jam the throttle forward"
Jan 01, 2024
"We call it an Italian tune-up"
Dec 15, 2023
"Use whatever time runs the slowest"
Dec 01, 2023
"You can't fully pickle it"
Nov 15, 2023
"Cleaning injectors causes more problems than it solves"
Nov 01, 2023
"Why don't you just fix the problem?"
Oct 16, 2023
"It's not the mechanic's job to make flying cheaper"
Oct 01, 2023
"Inspections are an imperfect process"
Sep 15, 2023
"Don't attack anything with tools"
Sep 01, 2023
Live from Airventure 2023
Aug 15, 2023
"My airplane is so clean you can eat off it"
Aug 01, 2023
"The only that thing that can cause CHT to rise that fast is pre-ignition"
Jul 01, 2023
"I'm a total turbocharging bigot"
Jun 01, 2023
"Pop that cowling off and squirt away"
May 01, 2023
"This is a classic infant mortality failure"
Apr 01, 2023
"The airplane looks like it's having brain surgery"
Mar 01, 2023
"You may have to go to a different shop"
Feb 01, 2023
"There are critters living in there"
Jan 01, 2023
"You have two options and a top overhaul isn't one of them"
Dec 01, 2022
"All engines deserve an engine monitor in their Christmas stocking"
Nov 01, 2022
"We're card-carrying members of overthinkers anonymous"
Oct 01, 2022
"I'm a choir boy in the church of lean of peak"
Sep 01, 2022
"I don't have a baby monitor on the engine"
Aug 01, 2022
Live from Airventure 2022
Jul 28, 2022
"I'm a reformed shock cooling worrier"
Jul 01, 2022
"EGTs are imaginary numbers"
Jun 01, 2022
"Use the TLAR system. That looks about right"
May 01, 2022
"Your airplane may look like the molting hide of an animal"
Apr 01, 2022
"We don't check the accuracy of your fuel gauges"
Mar 01, 2022
"You'll ruin a set of clothes for sure"
Feb 01, 2022
"It's not our job to be the safety police"
Jan 01, 2022
"That little cap doesn't hold the wings on"
Dec 01, 2021
"Only a CFI would ask a question like that"
Nov 01, 2021
"Compression readings are garbage"
Oct 01, 2021
"Why can't we do something simple like clone an engine?"
Sep 01, 2021
"There's no free lunch in aviation"
Aug 01, 2021
"An oil filter inspection is non-invasive, unless you're an oil filter"
Jul 01, 2021
"About the half the time, reported cracked cylinders aren't cracked"
Jun 01, 2021
"Heavy detonation is normally a self-correcting event"
May 01, 2021
"I don't see anything that makes me want to attack the engine with tools"
Apr 01, 2021
'If it moves, squirt it with something'
Mar 01, 2021
'We just saved your engine'
Feb 01, 2021
"Did you float the dog?"
Jan 01, 2021
'I went to the church of lean of peak'
Dec 01, 2020
'You're not going to fall out of the sky because the camshaft wears'
Nov 01, 2020
"You're never in a situation where the IA can hold you hostage"
Oct 01, 2020
I'm upside down and there's no oil in my engine!
Sep 01, 2020
Introducing Ask the A&Ps
Aug 10, 2020