Recall: How to Start a Revolution

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Category: History

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The 1950s & 60s saw a wave of radical movements. Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution. The Black Panthers. Quebec and Canada had the FLQ — a showdown that dissolved into crisis. By October 1970, there were soldiers in the streets, communities on edge, kidnapping and terror in the headlines. But those frightening weeks were just the crescendo of a wave of terror and violence that was nearly a decade in the making. This series will reveal the stories of that time through immersive storytelling and the people who lived it: the bomb disposal expert on defusing live explosives, the survivors of terror, their families, and the radicals themselves.

Episode Date
Episode 3: The Mastermind
Pierre Vallieres taps into the anger and alienation felt by Francophone Quebecers by penning a book of essays that earns him comparisons to Malcolm X and Che Guevara. The revolutionary text inflames separatist sentiment, cements Vallieres’s position as the intellectual and philosophical father of the FLQ… and is held up in the courts as evidence of his guilt in earlier FLQ bombing campaigns.
Sep 14, 2020
Episode 2: The Stranger
The story of how a Hungarian born, Austro-German raised, ex-French Foreign Legionnaire became a radical Quebec separatist demonstrates the allure of the FLQ message in the political tinderbox that was Montreal in 1964.
Sep 08, 2020
Episode 1: Suicide Commandos
The 1960s began as a time of promise for Quebec, with the feeling that the province was throwing off the shackles of its parochial past. But despite plenty of reason for hope, the seeds were being sown for radical revolt, and by 1963, Montreal would be shaken by political violence. We meet the victim of an early FLQ bombing, and dig into how her story was lost to history.
Sep 08, 2020
Recall: How to Start a Revolution - Trailer
Introducing Recall, a series about history that is still hot to the touch. The first season, How to Start a Revolution, explores the story of a groundbreaking political movement that rocked Canada in the 1960s. Host Geoff Turner will examine how the movement grew from a global spirit of liberation and how the dream of revolution became a nightmare of bombs, kidnapping and murder.
Aug 24, 2020