Red Carpet Rookies

By Mike Battle

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Category: Film Interviews

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Every great film and TV maker began as a Red Carpet Rookie. In this podcast each episode you’ll learn from the life and career story of someone who’s grown to the top of the entertainment business, hearing how they mastered their craft with lessons you can apply to harness your own creative talent in your own career and everyday life.

From lessons given by Spielberg to Oscar-winners tips on imposter syndrome, and some pretty crazy on-set anecdotes thrown in for good measure…

My name is Mike Battle a film crew member turned screenwriter and I’ll be your host…and this is Red Carpet Rookies.

Episode Date
#49 - Simon Blackwell: Writing Veep & The Thick of It, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Scary Phrase, Emergency Plane Writing, The Genius of Armando Iannucci, Sweary Grannies, & Why Parenting Makes You A Better Creative
Feb 19, 2024
#48 - John Zaozirny, Literary Manager on The ‘Magic’ That Makes a Hollywood Script, Screenwriting Lessons from Tony Gilroy, How He Finds Clients, Network Building, and Why Not to Write for the Market
Dec 17, 2023
#47 - Rhys Thomas: Directing SNL, Secret Marvel Security Meetings, The Handiness of a British Accent, & Making Documentary Now with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen
Dec 12, 2023
#46 - Sam Bain: Writing Peep Show, Crafting Four Lions With Chris Morris, Pre Success ‘Disasters’, Screenwriting Myths, And How Kids TV Made Him
Dec 03, 2023
#45 - Julian Caldow: Designing Tim Burton’s Batmobile, World Building Game of Thrones, Bond Gadgets, Proof of Work, & The James Cameron KY Jelly Incident
Nov 25, 2023
#44 - Charles Steel: Producing Top Boy, Meetings With Drake, Importance of Hustle, Finding Your Why, & Putting Jude Law on a Russian Submarine
Oct 16, 2023
#43 - Adam Epstein: Editing The Bear's Best Episode, The Addictive Life of Saturday Night Live, Compounding Relationships & The Music of Editing
Sep 26, 2023
#42 - Juliet Taylor: Legendary Casting Director on Taxi Driver & The Exorcist, Discovering Meryl Streep, Spielberg's Pot Smoking 80s Crew, Career Luck, Woody Allen, & Collaborating With A Holocaust Survivor on Schindler’s List
Sep 12, 2023
#41 - Andy Horwitz: Assisting Christopher Nolan's Producer on The Dark Knight, Getting Kathryn Bigelow into Brazil, Producing American Hustle & How A Movie Script Gets Bought
Jul 02, 2023
#40 - Ali Plumb: Life as BBC Radio 1's Film Critic, Career Authenticity, Creating Great Media and How to Interview Harrison Ford
Jun 26, 2023
#39 - Chris Lang: Writing Record-Breaking TV with Unforgotten, Screenwriting Rituals, Finding Humanity in Murderers, and Dealing With Failure in the Entertainment Business
Jun 19, 2023
#38 - Fassa Sar: How I Became One of Sony Pictures Youngest Executives (And Why I Left To Change Hollywood Networking)
Jun 12, 2023
#37 - Anna Smith, BBC Film Critic on Interviewing A-Listers, Cultivating Taste, YouTube Film Critics and the Power of Networking
May 02, 2023
#36 - Ed Guiney, 'Normal People' Producer on Finding Your People, Childhood with Lenny Abrahamson, Hollywood Moguls, and Being An Advocate for Yourself
Apr 06, 2023
#35 - Set Design Special | James Chinlund (The Batman), Luke Hull (Andor), Neil Lamont (Secrets of Dumbledore), Jim Clay (House of the Dragon), Sarah Greenwood (Cyrano) - Live from the BFDG Awards
Feb 25, 2023
#34 - Stuart Craig, Legendary Set Designer on Creating Hogwarts, Surprising David Lynch, The Power of Teamwork and Crafting The Largest Movie Scene of All Time
Feb 13, 2023
#33 - Colleen Atwood, Iconic Costume Designer on Crafting Hannibal Lecter’s Mask, Tim Burton, Sofia Loren, Influencing Pop Culture and Working Her Way Up From A French Fry Factory
Dec 10, 2022
#32 - Ellen Lewis: Casting Goodfellas (& Dinner with the Real Mafia), Finding Forrest Gump, The Importance of Mentors, Scorcese, and Margot Robbie’s Wolf of Wall Street Audition
Nov 28, 2022
#31 - Lisa Beroud: Creating Benjamin Button’s VFX With David Fincher, De-aging Arnold Schwarzenegger, How to Be A Good Intern, and The Massive Scale of Black Panther
Nov 01, 2022
#30 - Jeremy Swift: Acting For Robert Altman, Ted Lasso, Downton Abbey, Meeting Dick Van Dyke and The Music of Comedy
Oct 11, 2022
#29 - Kirk Wise: Directing Beauty & The Beast, The Emergency Lion King Story Room, Fear, Caricatures, and The Secret to Hunchback of Notre Dame
Oct 06, 2022
#28 - Lucy Bevan: Casting The Batman, Meetings with Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman, Audition Advice, Secret Scripts in Safes and How Lily James Nearly Missed Cinderella
Sep 05, 2022
#27 - Baltasar Kormákur: Directing Idris Elba, Being an Icelandic Movie Star, Horse Riding, Bergman, Choosing Your Path, and Calling Iñárritu For CGI Lion Advice
Aug 25, 2022
#26 - Dr Jon Wardle: Managing One of The World’s Top Film Schools, Working on Father Ted, Career Strategy, and Carving Your Own Niche
Apr 22, 2022
#25 - Charlie Fremantle: Managing The World’s Oldest Film Studio, Finding Dancing Elephants, The Importance of Hustle, and The Worst Moment of His Career
Apr 13, 2022
#24 - Duncan Hayes: Discovering Ricky Gervais, The Early Days of The Office, Relationship Building, Star Quality, Finding Talent on YouTube, and The Psychology of Agenting
Mar 30, 2022
#23 - Seamus McGarvey: Creating The Avenger’s Famous 360 Shot, Filming With Laurence Olivier, Collaboration with Joe Wright, Persistence, The Greatest Showman, and The Surprising Importance of...Bladder Control?
Mar 23, 2022
#22 - Sam Taylor Johnson: Directing Al Pacino, Imposter Syndrome, The Life of An Artist, Advice from Anthony Minghella, and Why You Should Always Change Your Socks
Mar 14, 2022
#21 - Sandy Powell, Renowned Costume Designer on 20 Years With Scorcese, Costuming Daniel Day-Lewis, Ideation, Confidence of Age, and The Pressure to Create a Modern Mary Poppins
Feb 25, 2022
#20 - Joe Haidar on The Insane World of 1990s Disney: Animating Aladdin, Meeting Spielberg in the Dreamworks Animation Wars, $500,000 Phone Calls, Recording With Robin Williams, and Pitching The Idea for Hercules
Feb 15, 2022
#19 - Jeff Cronenweth: Shooting The Social Network, His Fight Club Meeting With Fincher, Taylor Swift, Creative Freedom, Film Bro Copycats and His Christmas Present to Aaron Sorkin
Jan 31, 2022
#18 - Peter Lamont, Legendary Set Designer on Building Titanic & 18 James Bond Movies, James Cameron, Teamwork, Smuggling Props Across The Mexican Border, and Getting Hijacked by Terrorists on a Real Plane
Oct 28, 2021
#17 - Bonnie Curtis on 15 Years With Spielberg, Creating D-Day for Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Life Paths, $300,000 Explosives, Communication, and The Crazy A-List Cast of Her First Indie Movie
Oct 10, 2021
#16 - Donald Mowat: Designing James Bond’s Makeup, Friendship With Eminem, Empathy, Hard Work, and Secret Talks With Daniel Craig & The Queen for The 2012 Olympics
Oct 05, 2021
#15 - Julian Clarke: Editing Aliens on District 9, Creating the Tone of Handmaid’s Tale, Differentiating Yourself, and Choosing The Funniest Ryan Reynolds Line on Deadpool
Sep 22, 2021
#14 - Meg LeFauve: Writing Inside Out With The Pixar Brain Trust, Producing For Jodie Foster, Bravery, Taking The Leap, and Superhero Storytelling With Captain Marvel
Sep 07, 2021
#13 - Erin Benach: Designing Ryan Gosling’s Famous ‘Drive’ Jacket, Costume Meetings at Lady Gaga’s House, Being Yourself, and Creating Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn
Sep 02, 2021
#12 - Michael White: Cutting Tom Cruise’s Hair on the World’s Tallest Building, Growing Up With the Jackson 5, Persistence, and The Time David Fincher Warned Him About Brad Pitt
Aug 24, 2021
#11 - Asha Michelle Wilson: Writing Archer, Brainstorming Murders for American Horror Story, Accidental Networking, How To Sell A TV Show, and The Magic of Hollywood
Aug 03, 2021
#10 - Jim Plannette: Lighting the Set of E.T & Braveheart, Meeting Jimmy Stewart, Basketball With Clooney on Ocean’s 11, and Lessons from Steven Spielberg
Jul 27, 2021
#9 - Julie Lynn, Producer on Putting Ryan Reynolds into Zero Gravity, The Creative Wonderland of Pixar, Partnership, Curiosity, and Discovering Pre Movie Star Chris Pine
Jul 20, 2021
Series 2 Trailer - What's On The Way
Jun 30, 2021
#8 - Graham Robinson on The Bizarre World of Props: Slicing Flies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Spray Painting Cows for Ridley Scott, Building a Thick Skin, and Filming Fast & Furious
Oct 28, 2020
#7 - Grant Major: Set Designing The Lord of The Rings & King Kong, Working With Jane Campion, Advice From Peter Jackson, and New Zealand’s 1980s Wild West
Oct 21, 2020
#6 - Simon Crook, Location Manger on Shooting Mad Max Fury Road With No Script, Closing Korean Bridges for The Avengers, Set Politics, and Racing to The Israeli Border During Spy Game
Oct 14, 2020
#5 - Bill Corso, Makeup Designer on How He & Jim Carey Manifested Their Dreams, The Pressures of Working for Spielberg, Enthusiasm, and Goosebumps Inside The Millennium Falcon
Oct 07, 2020
#4 - Dom Lavery, Concept Artist on Designing James Bond Gadgets, Pitching Godzilla with Gareth Edwards, Generating Ideas, Star Wars Rogue One, and Stresses of The Fifth Element
Sep 30, 2020
#3 - Tim Miller: Directing Deadpool, Being Pranked by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fearlessness, Love Dead & Robots, and Friendship with David Fincher
Sep 23, 2020
#2 - Ngila Dickson: Costume Designing The Lord of the Rings, The Untold Story of Ryan Reynolds’ Infamous Green Lantern Outfit, Imposter Syndrome, and Crafting Samurai Armour for Ken Watanabe
Sep 14, 2020
#1 - Sonja Klaus: Set Decorating Gladiator & Collaboration with Ridley Scott, Borrowing A Helicopter on X-Men First Class, and The Importance of Building Confidence
Sep 07, 2020
Red Carpet Rookies Trailer
Sep 03, 2020