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Welcome to DangerTalk – the place where Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will share his authentic thoughts on sports, culture, and entertainment. Russell and his co-host comedian, Jeff Dye, will interview guests who are successful in their respective fields and, indeed, in life. The goal of each episode will be to give the audience a peek behind the curtain as Russell explores with each guest their journey to success, and unveils for listeners how each guest got to where they are. Want the unfiltered version of Russell Wilson as he explores paths to success, including his own? Then tune into the DangerTalk podcast!

Episode Date
The Seahawks are 7-3! Mark Cuban joins the show to talk Entrepreneurship, NBA Ownership, and Shark Tank

(:25) Russell and Jeff begin the show by discussing the Seahawks’ win over Arizona on Thursday night. Russell talks in depth about how he has stayed positive throughout some bad play by himself this year, noting that the good, thankfully, outweighs the bad. Jeff asks Russell if he felt “beat up” after playing against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams the previous Sunday. Russell breaks down how hard it is to play Thursday night games, and both the mental and physical toll that it puts on players’ bodies due to the lack of recovery time. 

(11:52) Russell and Jeff then introduce their guest Mark Cuban, who is a famous entrepreneur, television personality, and NBA team owner. Russell asks Mark about his decision to financially take care of the Dallas Mavericks’ staff members at the beginning of the pandemic, and Mark tells him why it was an easy decision. Mark gives the guys his top Mavericks in terms of impact within the Dallas community. (37:10) Russell asks Mark to compare Luka Doncic to someone else, and I bet you won’t guess which NBA legends he picks. 

(30:36) Russell and Mark jump into ‘Cooking with Russ’ to discuss Mark’s upbringing, NBA ownership, and entrepreneurial mindset, just to name a few of the topics. Mark talks about how he knew at a young age that he was going to have to work for anything and everything he wanted, as nothing would be given to him. 

(39:36) Russell asks Mark about his love for sports and what drove him to buy the Dallas Mavericks. Russell asks him why he is so vocal as an owner, and what he thinks of the criticism he receives because of it. (1:01:11) Russell and Mark talk about his role on ABC’s Shark Tank, and what he enjoys most about the show. 

(1:23:16) Lastly, Jeff rejoins the show to lead the guys through the 2-minute drill. 

Nov 25, 2020
Seahawks & Bills game recap. Mike Tyson joins the show to discuss his upcoming fight with Roy Jones Jr, the impact of Muhammad Ali, and being “Great”

(0:50) Russell and Jeff start the show by discussing the Seahawks’ loss to Buffalo. Russell admits that he made a few uncharacteristic mistakes “trying to make something happen”. Russell talks about what it was like to have Jamal Adams back on the field, and how Carlos Dunlap immediately helped the team after he joined them last week. (8:40) Jeff asks Russell what he expects out of the Seahawks upcoming game with the Los Angeles Rams.

(9:45) Mike Tyson, the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title, joins the show! Russell asks Mike how he has been preparing for his upcoming fight against Roy Jones Jr., scheduled for November 28th. Russell tells the story of the last time he saw Mike, when he was in France training with Serena Williams. (18:35) Russell asks Mike about his childhood, specifically his upbringing in Brooklyn, New York. Mike talks about his first professional loss and his mindset afterwards; he describes how he was able to motivate himself to win another championship. 

(30:45) Russell and Mike agree that the mental aspect of each of their respective sports is more important than the physical aspect. They transition to talking about the difference between “being great” and “being good”. Mike then gives Russell some insight into his Foundation – the Mike Tyson Cares Foundation. 

(46:55) Jeff rejoins the conversation to lead the guys through the 2-minute drill. (56:25) After Mike leaves the show the guys recap the interview, and make their predictions for how they see Mike’s upcoming fight playing out. 

Nov 11, 2020
Joe Montana joins the show! We Discuss Getting Over a Tough Loss, 4th Quarter Comebacks, and the Seahawks/49ers game

(1:30) Russell and Jeff start off the show by introducing their guest, 4-time Super Bowl champion – Joe Montana. Russell and Joe start off the show by discussing their mindset after a loss, and what they do to quickly rebound before the next game. Joe informs the guys what he’s been up to in recent years, having started a venture capital fund. 

(17:01) Russell kicks off ‘Cooking with Russ’, where he and Joe discuss legacy & greatness one-on-one. They begin their conversation talking about their love of football, how they got their jersey numbers, and their pre-draft experiences. Russell follows up by asking Joe about the “mental side of the game”, and whether or not he thinks it’s important. 

(38:10) In anticipation of the Seahawks’ matchup against the 49ers this weekend, Russell talks about the first time he played at Candlestick park, the 49ers old home stadium. Naturally Russell then asks Joe about his connection with wide receiver Jerry Rice, and what made Jerry the best to ever play at that position. Russell then explains how he, Tyler Lockett, and D.K. Metcalf are actively trying to replicate the Montana to Rice connection. 

(1:16:10) Lastly, Jeff rejoins the conversation to lead the guys in the 2-minute drill. 

Oct 28, 2020
Wilson Family Bye Week! Matthew McConaughey joins the show to talk Life, Legacy, and his new book 'Greenlights'

Russell and Jeff start the show by discussing the Seahawks bye week, and Russell’s media tour. Russell breaks down his time off by giving some insight into how he and the family spent the week. 

(7:05) Oscar winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, best known for his roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, and True Detective, joins the show! (11:52) Russell introduces a new segment – ‘Cooking with Russell’, when Russell and the guest of the show discuss their life and legacies one-on-one. 

Matthew discusses his teaching style and the subject of the class he teaches at the University of Texas. Matthew tells Russell how he knows when he has done some of “his best work”. (38:20) Russell and Matthew discuss Greenlights, Matthew’s new book detailing his childhood, career, and life with his wife – Camila. Matthew discusses how the decisions he made when he was young set him up for success later in life, and acted as a metaphorical greenlight. 

(46:00) Russell and Matthew discuss their late fathers, and the different life lessons they instilled in each of them before they passed. They also both acknowledge that, while their fathers played a huge role in their lives, they can’t forget about their mothers. The guys are quick to transition to talking about their moms, and the role they played in each of their upbringing. For their last segment they discuss legacy, and how they approach everyday trying to positively affect tomorrow. 

(1:05:17) Jeff rejoins the conversation to lead the guys in the 2-minute drill. Lastly, the guys wrap the show by discussing their biggest takeaways before previewing next week’s guest – Joe Montana!

Oct 21, 2020
The Seahawks are 5-0, Ken Griffey Jr. joins the Show, and Russell becomes the newest member of the Madden 99 club

For the first time in franchise history the Seahawks are 5-0! Russell and Jeff start the show by discussing the Seahawks impressive comeback victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Russell talks about his and Bobby Wagner’s mindsets in the game when they were down at halftime, and how they were able to overcome adversity. 

(6:11) Ken Griffey Jr, a Seattle legend and one of the greatest sports icons the city has seen joins the show! (7:45) Russell is surprised by D.K. Metcalf, who pops in to let Russell know that he is the newest member of the EA Sports Madden ’99 club’. Griffey talks about his family’s quarantine experience in Orlando, and what they’ve been up to. 

Jeff gets excited as Ken Griffey Jr. is the shows’ first Seahawks fan! The crew discusses Dak Prescott’s devastating injury, and contract negotiations in sports. (20:30) Russell asks Jr. what it was like being the number 1 overall pick in the MLB draft. (28:58) Russell asks Jr. about one of the greatest moments in sports history – when him and his father hit back-to-back home runs in a game. (44:10) Russell then asks Jr. about his legacy, and what it means to him. 

(1:02:35) Ken Griffey Jr. gives his take on the current MLB playoffs and who he thinks is going to win the World Series, what he thinks of the Houston Astros, and guys from the “steroid” era getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. (1:19:00) Jeff asks Jr. who is on his Mount Rushmore of teammates and who is on his Mount Rushmore of greatest MLB players of all-time. 

(1:21:20) Lastly, the guys get into the 2-minute drill, talk about Kyle Lewis as the MLB Rookie of the Year, and today’s analytics-based game. 

Oct 14, 2020
The Seahawks remain Undefeated, Covid in the NFL, and Candace Parker joins the show to talk WNBA & NBA Finals

The Seahawks remain undefeated! Russell and Jeff begin the show by discussing Russell’s first professional win in the state of Florida. Russell discusses Covid-19 and how it has affected the NFL up to this point. Jeff then asks Russell how the 2020 team compares to the 2013 team – the only other Seahawks team to start 4-0.

This week’s guest is one of the most decorated basketball players of the 21st century - Candace Parker, who plays for the Los Angeles Sparks. Russell and Candace start off the interview by discussing Candace’s WNBA bubble experience, her love for Chicago sports, and her siblings. Russell asks Candance about the experience of becoming the first woman to win the McDonald’s All-American Game Dunk Contest! 

Candace talks about how she was able to deal with the pressure of being a star basketball player at a young age. In doing so she talks about the impact two legends, Kobe Bryant and Pat Summitt, had on her life. She then discusses how thrilled she was to become a mother, and the unique challenges involved with being a female professional athlete with a child. 

Lastly, the group discusses basketball - both the WNBA & NBA finals, Jimmy Butler’s mentality, and LeBron’s legacy. Concluding the show with the 2-minute drill! 

Oct 07, 2020
The Seahawks Are 3-0, Chris Paul talks NBA Bubble & Finals, Russell Heads to Miami

Russell and Jeff start the show by discussing the Seahawks’ exciting win over the Dallas Cowboys, Tyler Lockett being a top-5 NFL wide receiver, and D.K. bouncing back from his early game fumble.

Chris Paul joins the show to talk about the NBA bubble, finishing the 2020 season, and being away from his family for 70 days. Chris reveals the NFL team he roots for is the… Dallas Cowboys. He then talks about playing football in high school and how his game translated to the court. Russell and Chris then give their top-five guys in the opposing sport who could play in their league.

Chris then explains how the NBA bubble came about; he credits Andre Iguodala for the restart, how Covid-19 and racial tension affected the situation, and Obama’s guidance. Jeff asks the guys how and what he should do to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Russell asks Chris about his leadership style, and how he’s been able to have sustained success. Lastly, before getting into the 2-minute drill, the guys talk about the NBA finals. 

Sep 30, 2020
Seahawks Week 2 Recap, Randy Moss joins the show to talk Football, the Hall of Fame, and when he was almost a Seahawk.

Russell and Jeff start off the show by discussing the Seahawks’ thrilling win over the Patriots on Sunday night. Russell talks about how weird it was to play a home game with no fans, his 5 touchdown passes, and the return of Cam Newton. 

Next, Randy Moss joins the show! Russell and Jeff start off the interview by talking about Randy’s rookie year, and the first game where he was “unleashed” against the Packers at Lambeau Field. Russell and Randy discuss their desire to be great, and what it takes to do so. Randy talks about the “quarterback of the future”, and how the game has changed over the years. 

Jeff asks the guys if they like to watch their own highlights after a big game. Randy opens up about being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and what it meant to him and his family. Russell and Randy discuss D.K. Metcalf; his early success in the NFL, his & chemistry with Russell, and how good they think he can be. Randy then talks about his with the New England Patriots, their perfect season, and their INTENSE practices. Randy then breaks both Russell and Jeff’s hearts when he tells them he almost came to Seattle during their Super Bowl run in 2013. 

Lastly, Russell and Jeff talk about the Seahawks upcoming opponents – The Dallas Cowboys!

Sep 23, 2020
Seahawks Week 1 Recap, John David Washington and the New Movie ‘Tenet’, Football, Inversion, and the Patriots Come to Town

Russell and Jeff start off the show by talking about the Seahawks’ dominant win in Atlanta over the Falcons this past weekend. Russell was extremely efficient; throwing four touchdowns and only four incomplete passes! He breaks down his big fourth-down touchdown throw to D.K. Metcalf, and how the Falcons and Seahawks decided to take a knee during the opening kickoff to bring attention to social injustices.


Next, John David Washington, the star of Christopher Nolan’s movie ‘Tenet’ joins the show! Before John David was a star on the big screen, he played football at Morehouse College, and with the St. Louis Rams for one season. Recently, he starred in Spike Lee’s Oscar nominated ‘BlacKkKlansman’ and HBO’s hit television show ‘Ballers’. 

Russell and John David discuss JD’s football school records at Morehouse College, who he modeled his game after, and when the legendary Jim Brown came to his football game. They then transition to talking about their mothers; from their influence early on, to their continued guidance as an adult. John David talks about his first conversation with Christopher Nolan, trying to decipher the script, and all of the work that went into the film. 

Lastly, Russell and Jeff preview the Seahawks’ upcoming opponent – Cam Newton and the New England Patriots.

Sep 16, 2020
Shaq and Russell Wilson on the NBA Playoffs, the Upcoming 2020 NFL Season, and the Late Kobe Bryant

Season 1 of DangerTalk with Russell Wilson & Jeff Dye is here! Our first guest is Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is an NBA Hall of Famer, 4-time NBA champion, 3-time NBA Final MVP, a 15-time NBA All Star, and that’s only a few of his career accolades. Off the court, Shaq has become just as big of a business mogul, having a number of different, successful investments.

In this episode, Russell talks about his preparation for the 2020 NFL season. We find out who’s on Shaq’s Mount Rushmore of teammates, who he hated playing against, and which current NBA players he likes watching. 

Russell and Shaq talk about how they both overcame adversity at a young age. Shaq credits a majority of his adolescent growth to his father, who helped him become both a “dreamer” and a leader. 

Shaq discusses the late, great Kobe Bryant and their relationship on and off the court; “he was a guy that wanted to be great at 17”. 

Lastly, Shaq makes his picks for the NFL opening night game between the Chiefs and Texans, and who he likes to win the Super Bowl. 

DangerTalk is presented by Draft Kings. Download the DraftKings app NOW and use the code "DangerTalk"

Sep 09, 2020
DangerTalk with Russell Wilson Sizzle Reel
DangerTalk Podcast is here! Season 1 is kicking off with Russell Wilson and co-host Jeff Dye, discussing the 2020 NFL season, what's been going on in the world as of late and much more!Stay tuned for the first episode to drop on 9/9 with an exclusive interview with NBA Legend Shaq!
Sep 08, 2020