Windermere Ask A Coach.

By Michael Fanning

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Windermere Coaching tackles your toughest real estate questions. Each episode will provide you with detailed answers and proven solutions to the biggest challenges facing realtors today. Support this podcast:

Episode Date
Season 4 Episode #6. According to Matthew Ferrara "You Got This!" I happen to believe him.

In this Episode Michael talks to the Philosopher, Photographer, Influencer and 2X Cancer survivor and just simply a great guy, Matthew Ferrara. 

Matthew has an amazing way of helping people see a different perspective. From his consistent Good News Fridays to his enlightening blog post and when you get blessed to see him live it will always leave you walking away with a better perspective. 

We talk about how we lean towards the negative and it requires us to be more conscious in the moment to seek the good things. 

How as humans we need to relate to others like humans should. This is done through being real, and building relationships by enguaging with others about life. Do we need to be knowldgeble about our business yes but lets not start there. 

Matthew said and I quote. "You Got This!" What does he mean by that? You have all the tools you need you just need to 1. Believe in you. 2. Get a fresh perspective. 3. Go out every day and gngage with people in life. 

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Jan 16, 2023
Season 4 Episode #5. A buyer broker agreement, why all buyer's agents should be using one yet 75% do not.

In this episode Michael Fanning and Doug Simcock lay out some of the reasons why a buyer broker agreement is being talked about so much lately, and why it is a great idea to use one when you are working with buyers. We also talk about the benefits to both the agent and the consumer as well as what are some of the processes are that agents are using to make this very simple and easy to do.

Reference Ninja Selling Book

Appendix A and Appendix E

10 Step buyer process

Greg Lewis with Windermere Real Estate. "Why a buyer broker agreement cover letter"

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Dec 26, 2022
Season 4 Episode #4. Selling a house in probate? Amber Hunt gives some advice to make sure you are doing the best for your client.

In this episode Michael talks with Amber Hunt. Licensed Real Estate agent and active probate attorney with Woodinville Law.

Amber explains what a probates sale is and isn't.

We talk about the challenges you may face in a probate sale and what resources you will need to be successful in a probate sale.

If you want more info, you can reach out directly to Amber at or contact her office at 425-485-6600

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Dec 20, 2022
Season 4 Episode #3. Why is it important to have a coach, and what should you expect? With our newest coach Joe Galindo.

In this episode Joe and Michael talk about why you may want to have a coach. We talk about what a coach is and isn't. What can a coach help you do and maybe help you have a new fresh perspective.

When you have a coach, the goal is to have a return on investment. Paying for a coach shouldn't be an expense but rather a return.

Joe has 30 years on the real estate industry, and we are so excited to have him join us at Windermere coaching.

Contact Joe Galindo.

instagram @joegalindocoachibng

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Dec 09, 2022
Season 4 Episode #2. Creating relationships with builders requires working the long game and knowing the 3 M's. (Margins, Marketing and Magic.)

In this episode Michael talks to Stevi Raff. An 11-year Proactive Trusted Advisor who has been working in the Boise market with builders for over 7 years and 5 years with one of the biggest builders in that area.

Stevi covers these questions.

How do you begin and relationship with builders?

Once you find a builder what do you need to know to create value for them.?

How is working with builders different then a resale broker?

How can builder business be a feeder for future sales?

contact Stevi Raff.

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Nov 03, 2022
Season 4 Episode #1. Jason Shutt shares his success of having a high value digital monthly newsletter and the power of having a coach.

In this episode Michael talks with Jason Shutt. Jason has been in Real Estate since 2014 on Bainbridge Island. A former Science Teacher Jason became highly successful by having a commitment to process and using consistent value-added systems.

One of Jason's success tools is his value-added monthly newsletter. See example below.

Jason has developed a sticky and informative newsletter that goes out to his clients monthly. He uses a combination of data and being his authentic self. He isn't shy to say that he wasn't looking for the quick fix but rather he put in time and energy perfecting his letter and in addition to his consistent processes for buyers and sellers he enjoys a sustainable referral business year after year.

Jason sends his letter out via email monthly. He also has it on his website and promotes it in his Facebook feed.

Jason also attributes his consistent business to having good coaching. He coaches with Nick Hansen, and he said, and I quote. "There hasn't been any question that I have asked Nick that he didn't have some great suggestion for me to try."

To learn more about Jason Shutt you can contact him directly at

You can also visit his website at

Here is an example of his newsletter.

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Oct 12, 2022
Season 3 Episode #10. Build a better business by managing your database with a reliable system.

In this episode Michael talks with Nic Chambers and Miles Turner. Nic is a Windermere Agent in the greater Seattle and Miles works in the Inland Empire in California. Both Miles and Nic use a tool called Pipedrive. manage their actions daily for all the process they use when it comes to creating amazing client experiences for their buyers and sellers.

Both Nic and Miles have checklists and "Pipes" if you will that allow them to provide high level services to their clients very consistently. In fact, they both agree it also helps them "Sleep at night."

From the very beginning all the way to Post close they have checklists and tools that allow them to keep each interaction top of mind. Too often in this business we don't get a referral because something fell through the crack, and we approached our business in a reactive and not a proactive state.

By using Pipe drive they can customize each action list to fit their style and business model allowing them to provide a higher level of services.

To contact Nic Chambers 206.802.8120

Here's a link to a 30-day free trial in Pipedrive:

If someone is interested in duplicating what Nic has built in PD he can walk you through a demo and chat about a couple of options on how to build it.

Miles Turner 951.640.7345.

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Sep 05, 2022
Season 3 Episode #9. Listen to 3 Luxury real estate agents share their wisdom on how to get into the luxury market in real estate.

In this episode Michael talks with Louis Muniz, Max Rombakh and Shawna Ader.

These brokers range from 26 to 9 years in the business and a major portion of their career has been in luxury.

What they expressed is that Luxury plays out in your mind. If you want to be in the Luxury business you need to believe you can do it.

Process and systems are key so that you have great consistency when it comes to your client’s experience.

Be authentic and know that you aren't going to work with everyone and that you need to get laser focused on the market you want to serve.

Reach out to brokers that are currently doing well in the luxury and offer assistance that isn't directly tied to a commission.

Learn from other agents and offer to hold luxury open houses.

Attend luxury events, such, and Windermere Luxury event. Inmen Luxury, and Leading RE Luxury. 

The Premier Properties program exists to help you win listings and promote the luxury listings you have to the right audience! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact We're happy to help.

Join groups such asl. Tennis clubs. Yacht Clubs, Book Clubs, Golf clubs. Think about your client base and where are they and what are they doing. Key to this however is you are not joining for business but rather it is authentic to you, and you actually enjoy being a member of said club. Remember relationships are enhanced by being you and authentic.

Have your process in place and when business gets up and running don't go at it alone. You will need at least one assistant if not more. 

Learn the tool that Windermere provides to our Premier agents. 


Shawna Ader

Max Rombakh.

Louis Muniz.

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Aug 01, 2022
Episode #8. In the changing market it's important to understand the mortgage options for buyers and sellers.

In this episode Michael talks Cliff Taylor and Ryan Riley with Penrith Mortgage.

1. is it still a great opportunity for buyers in the current market?

2. What does a seller buy down? How can it strengthen your listing?

3. Paying off your mortgage?

4. Building a strong team with a reputable lender.

Contact Cliff Taylor.

Contact Ryan Riley

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Jul 18, 2022
Episode #7. How the shift in the Real Estate Market is impacting the rental and leasing world of real estate.

In this Episode Michael talks with Cory Brewer Vice President - Residential Operations Windermere Property Management of Bellevue WA.

As we see the Real Estate Market shift Cory talks about specific areas.

1. Impact on Supply of Rental Properties

2. Job growth and how that impacts the needs for rentals

3. The accidental Landlord

4. What is causing the increase in rents

5 Services that you should expect from your property management team.Cory's contact 

Office:(425) 455-5515


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Jul 11, 2022
Episode#6. (Video Version) Fireside chat with Michael Fanning, Doug Simcock, and Nick Hansen on what Buyers and Buyers agents are facing in this changing market.

In this Episode Michael, Doug, and Nick talk about the changing market. We talk about ....

The contingent offer coming back

A power shift to the buyer based on increasing inventory and longer market times.

It is an amazing time to buy a home today and capitalize on yearly appreciation.

By owning a home, you build protection from inflation, and rising annual housing expenses.

Understanding the difference between depreciation and slowing appreciation.

Books We are reading

Stilness is the key

How no How.

Atalas of the Heart

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Jun 13, 2022
Episode #5. A fireside chat with Dough Simcock and Nick Hansen and Michael Fanning on being prepared in this shifting real estate market and a listing agent.

Doug Simcock, Nick Hansen, and Michael Fanning talk about they dynamics and tools needed today when we are working with sellers. 

Consistent Communication

Setting clear expectations

Making sure we are controlling the positive narrative vs the Doom and Gloom of local news. 

Letting the market tell the story.

Bringing all our tools to the table. 

Moxi, KCM, Trendgraphix, Matthew Gardner, Homebot, Neighborhood news. 

Contact Coaches. 

Windermere Coaching

Doug Simcock

Nick Hansen

Michael Fanning

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May 30, 2022
Episode #4. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% on how we chose to respond. Ashley Abolafia talks about her response to some news she recently received.

In this episode Michael talks to Ashley Abolafia about how early in her career mindset allowed her to achieve her goals and do amazing things. Now fast forward to her current world where she was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Mindset is the key. She is going to be present for her Husband Jack and her two daughters and make every moment count. 

Mindset—you can get through anything with an abundant mindset—even the WORST news. Ex—I view my life now as an opportunity to be the most open I have ever been, best wife, mother, friend, agent…to give of myself and make these precious moments COUNT. This is a gift. And I am going to soak it in and am so thankful. My mindset of abundance WILL give me more strength for my fight. It already is.


FIND IT! I worked too much building for a life I will now never live. I don’t regret my decisions, as my family will benefit and be okay as a result, but I wish I’d done a better job with balance. My kids are SO much happier now, because I am so present for EVERYTHING (and so am I; I just did not have that option before I felt). I have the chance to have the best year/s ahead and that is a gift, but the lesson is, don’t assume there will be a tomorrow—find the balance, live your dreams, love your family, and do the things NOW, while you can. Do not let work be your whole life.

We all have a THING!

Do not avoid the “thing” you have been putting off. Life is short. Let things go, make amends, go to the DOCTOR. for the thing you have been avoiding (it could save your life), so the thing you personally have in the back of your mind nagging at you—we all have something. It could be a relationship, a tangible thing, or a physical thing—if I can impress anything or make a difference in even just one person’s life, to take action today, that’s worth it to me. Pay it forward.

Contact Ashley Abolafia.

Instagram @ashleyabolafia


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May 20, 2022
Episode #3. Ninja Selling is not just for new agents. Hear how after 8 years a ninja installation gave this Bozeman Realtor a fresh look at her business.

Michael Fanning talks with Jen Walsh. Jen has been in Real Estate for 8 years but was new to the Windermere World and was able upon joining Windermere go directly to a Windermere Ninja Installation in Oct of 2021.

Jen said as she learned about Ninja 9 and winning her days by 11 it freed up her mindset to work from a place of abundance and positivity. Prior to Ninja she was productive but with the new skills and tools like the Ninja Planner it gave her a new perspective about how she runs her day-to-day activities.

Often, we have experienced Realtors that do not see the benefit of going to a Ninja Installation because they are doing business. After the 4 days like Jen, they will respond by saying. "Wow I now work in such a more productive environment, and I know I'm working smarter and not harder."

Contact Jen Walsh

Jen Walsh

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May 03, 2022
Episode #2. A revisit with a Ninja who after the 4 day installation decided she was going to create a different life for herself.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks to Elizabeth Burr. Elizabeth is a 19-year pro with Michael Saunders and Co. in Port Charlotte Fl, she attended her first Ninja Selling class in Jan 2020. Shortly after she attended the class, she sent a video to Michael with the message, “Ninja changed my life." IN Ninja we talk a lot about the power of gratitude and giving, showing up and being on purpose. We also say that what you learn works great when life is going good but even better when life makes an unexpected turn. Elizabeth had an unexpected turn when she lost her husband Brad in May of that year. Fast forward to her life now and she is thriving in Business and Life. Credit to Elizabeth. So many people are given an opportunity to make a change, yet a small percentage of people will run with it. Elizabeth is a fitting example of opening your mind to possibility and then putting in the consistent effort and energy to not just change her life but help others do the same.

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Apr 25, 2022
Episode #1. By having a value wedge with your services you will work with 80% of the clients that will pay you what you are worth and not look for a discount.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks about creating a value wedge so you work with the 80% of the clients that will pay you what you are worth and not look for a discount.

Key ideas.

1. This is the biggest purchase and or sale in many people's lives.

2. Every transaction is unique.

3. There is always someone willing to do it for less.

4. The old saying is still true. " You get what you pay for."

5. 80% of clients are willing to pay if they perceive quality and value.

Do you have a process?

Can you articulate your value wedge?

Do you have this dialogue down?

Do you believe there is a fixed price, or a range of value based on the marketing and negotiation skills of your realtor? Would it be helpful if I showed my five points of value?

What are the real numbers on fee pressure?

According to the 2021 Buyer Seller Profile from NAR

Twenty-eight percent of Sellers either did not know commissions were negotiable or knew but did not bring it up.

Five percent of Sellers asked for a discount on commissions, but Agents said they could not do it.

Twenty percent of Sellers asked for a discount and agents said they would discount.

Forty-seven percent of Agents mentioned the discussion without being asked by the sellers.

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Apr 18, 2022
Episode #16. Why a financial advisor is so important to have on your team for long term financial life planning.

In this episode Michael talks to Dana Ferrell. Owner for Servitium Financial Management. Dana talks about what a financial advisor is. The Benefits that a financial should bring to you for long term financial planning and the various services that they can provide to help you create wealth no matter where you are financially today. 

Dana Ferrell's website.

contact number.  425.477.4153

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Apr 11, 2022
Episode #15. How Standards and consistent Practices benefit Clients, Agents, and your Company’s brand.

In this episode Michael Talks with Diane Terry. A Professional Windermere Broker for 30yer and the Seattle Committee Chair for Windermere's Standards of Practice.

What are Standards of Practice?

What is it NOT?

How often do we meet?

Why is it important to have this as part of Windermere?

Managers/Owners are the gatekeeper for this cultural standard of Windermere.

It is Not easy but necessary.

What are some recent topics that have been discussed?

  • Thorough Communication with Sellers on what a final walk through is and how a home should be left for the new owner. Checklist’s checklists checklists.
  • Time to review offers. Why are we doing business after hours? Who is truly setting that time? The Seller does not know what they don’t know.
  • When are you communicating this?
  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
  • Do you have permission to be videoing and posting interiors?
  • How are you representing not only yourself but the brand?
  • Bully agents trying to get back in after mutual agreement instead of adhering to the contract.
  • Are you really serving the client working out of area?

Standards of Practice Video. 

Diane Terry's website.

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Mar 21, 2022
Episode #14. Better understanding what property management is and is not with Croy Brewer Vice President with Lori Gill & Associates.

In this episode Michael talks with Cory Brewer on the ins and outs of property management. Buying and owning a single-family home has its benefits but what if you want to own and investment home? Why would you want to have it managed for you? Cory talks about what types of services they can provide to the public as well as real estate agents.

Property management is also about tenant placement. With buyer demand high and jobs increasing finding a place to rent is just step one. You then need someone to navigate the process, so you have success renting the property. Cory talks about the services they provide to renters.

In this market today it is a clever idea to have someone on your team that knows the ups and downs of single family, multifamily and commercial property's as it pertains to owning investment real estate.

Contact Cory at


Phone 425.425.5515

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Mar 08, 2022
Episode #13. Relationships, Trust, and Values were the driving factors that brought Craig Gaudry back to Windermere.

In this episode Michael talks to the Real Estate legend Craig Gaudry. Craig started his real estate career in the late 80's. He has seen and experienced a lot when it comes to being a successful broker. Craig like all agents can choose where he wants to place his license. For many years that was with Windermere, but it was not always with Windermere. Craig talks about why he made a move and then what caused him to return. What I took away from these conversations is that Relationships, Trust and providing value will prevail. Keep your doors open and just be a good human and help others get what they want, and life seem to work out for the best. We are pleased that Craig has returned home and continues to set the bar high when it comes to value and professionalism. 

Craig Gaudry.

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Feb 22, 2022
Episode #12. What are the 5 areas you can work on to create an amazing Real Estate business?

In this episode Michael talks with veteran real estate coach Nick Hansen. In 2021 nicks clients saw an 82% increase in their gross commission income. Nick explains the 5 things we notice agents aren't doing that cause them to not achieve to their highest potential. The question we have for you, what are you willing not to do?

1. Forget that real estate is a contact sport.

2. No morning routine.

3. Can't control their schedule

4.  Lack of communication throughout the transaction and post-closing.

5. Scarcity mindset with limits!

Podcast on better communication.

Book by Trevor Moawad. Getting to Neutral.

Windermere Coaching.

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Feb 08, 2022
Episode #11. 7 tips on having more effective communication with your clients.

In this episode Michael talks about 7 tips that will help you to create stronger communication and relationships with your clients.

1. Shift from a transaction mindset to a relationship mindset.

2. Be a great listener and be aware of pain and pleasure.

3. Give them time of Possession.

4. Do they feel significant?

5. Provide value and solutions. Know the 3-step greeting. Enroll, Acknowledge, State who you are. Do not set off the danger scanner.

6. The world speaks frequency.

7. Quality of communication. Face to Face, Voice to Voice. Email and Text is the faceless other.

Larry Kendall's book Ninja Selling.

Chris Voss. Never Split the Difference.

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Feb 04, 2022
Episode #10. The I Buyer with Larry Kendall. Why you should be well versed in understanding this fairly new concept in Real Estate today.

In this Episode Michael talks to Larry about the concept of an I Buyer/ Power Buyer. Our industry has some fear around this idea and Larry helps us to understand how we can use the I buyer idea and system to become even a better Proactive Trusted Advisor.

North Star. Why do we exist? " Helping our clients go from the life they have to the life they dream about."

3 Fears.

The Unknown. Get educated on what I buyers are.

Losing commissions. You are still paid and paid well.

Losing Control. You still represent your clients.

Resources Larry talks about.

Volume 2 Secrets of Top Selling Agents. Chapter 10 kenny klaus.

I Buyer Tool Zavvie.

Ninja You. Lane Hornung.

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Jan 18, 2022
Episode #9. The Trifecta of successful Real Estate marketing flow.

In this Episode Michael maps out the 3 areas that make up successful Real Estate Flow. The trifecta if you will.

Flow is the frequency of Value added relevant, educational consistent content. Only 6% of the Real Estate industry does this well. Most of the time our clients are left at the closing table.

So here are the 3 areas.

1. Automated Flow.

  • LOLO Gifts
  • Custom Xpress auto flow
  • Windermere Home Update

This should be a set it and forget it.

2. Face to Face, Voice to Voice, and Significance.

  • Handwritten Notes. Thank you,      Congratulations, just thinking about you.
  • Client and F.O.R.D. Calls 20 to      25 a week.
  • Real Estate Reviews. 2 a week.
  • Client appreciation events or      gifts.

3. Social Medial IG, FB, LinkedIn. Twitter, Tic-toc

  • Keeping      Current
  • Windermere Blog
  • Matthew Gardner Quarterly      reports or Mondays with Matthew.
  • Cover your 3 P's Passion,      Personality, Profession

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Jan 10, 2022
Episode #8. How to avoid real estate burnout by having a system and process so you can be proactive.
In this episode Michael talks to Tracie Gulit. Tracie has been in Real Estate for 9 years and in the last 3 years she has doubled her business each year. What is even more impressive is that she has increased her business and at the same time created better work life balance and avoided the burnout. Traci loves to go fishing in the San Juans, spend time with her family at their cabin and travel often. She also creates great client services and runs her business like a business. She explains some key elements as to how she accomplishes this. Track your business. She uses a business tracker. Have a great Database management system. She uses Moxi Engage Make sure to plan your recharge time and understand the power of time blocking Set clear expectation with your clients. Have systems for Buyers, Sellers and for the entire process using a tool like Trello If you would like to connect with Tracie she can be reached at @traciegulithomes on IG Or by phone 360.201.6433 --- Support this podcast:
Jan 04, 2022
Episode #7. 5 Habits that will help you to live a more fulfilling life.

In this Episode Michael shares 5 Habits from Mel Robbins on how to live a life based in Fulfillment. Many of us have happiness that comes and goes but few have a life where they are walking in their purpose. In this episode Michael will cover 5 habits that Mel Robbins says will allow you to find your fulfillment.

If you would like to get more info on this topic, please visit the Growthday app to get started on a daily guided exercise on living your life more on purpose.

The 5 Habits.

1. Focus on your Foundation.

2. Appreciate your neighbors.

3. Water your own grass.

4. Find some expression of purpose outside of your house.

5. High 5 yourself in the mirror.

Read the Book High 5 Habits by Mel Robbins. 

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Dec 17, 2021
Episode #6. Here are 12 action items that will help you to generate a strong business for your year in Real Estate.

In this episode Michael goes over the 12-point check list that will help you generate a healthy business. Remember success is not an accident but a habit.

1. Wake up. Starting Early and running your day is a great way to start.

2. Have a morning Routine. We recommend using the 20/20/20 by Robin Sharma


3. Show up daily. Pick the time that you are going to show up to get started in working on your

business. We recommend 8:00

4. Do a quick Market review to see what has happened before you begin engaging with your spear.

Read the Gardner report, watch a Mondays with Matthew, look at the Keeping Current Matters


5. Review your Warm and Hot list. Look for names to preload into your notes, phone calls and

possible property reviews.

6. Write your 2 notes for the day. Thank you, Congratulations, just thinking about you.

7. Make your phone calls. We recommend 25 a week. 5 a day or 12 twice a week. Start with

F.O.R.D calls. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, thinking about you. Move to client calls

and House-a-versaries.

8. Identify your property review clients for the week. We recommend you do 2 per week.

9. Check in on the status of your current business. Any loose ends to take care of or clients who need attention.

10. Make 2 social media posts for the day. Facebook. IG, Tictoc, LinkedIn, Twitter. Remember your 3

P’s Profession, Passion, Personality.

11. Have 2 lunches or coffees each week. Remember your 5 magic questions.

12. Finish your day strong with a wrap up. Update your white board and database.

Remember don’t let the hard days win. See if you can track this for 40 weeks and win the week.

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Nov 23, 2021
Episode #5 There is and always will be disrupters in the Real Estate business. Don't get distracted focus on the relationships.

In this episode Michael talks with President and CEO of Windermere Mountain West Services Scott Wetzel.

With the recent news of Zillow, I-buyer program being shut down we wanted to talk about the complexity of the real estate process.

Keep in mind that in the Combined 42 years that Scott and I have been in Real Estate there has always been disruptors and there always will be.

It is important to make sure the process the client is going through is easy and is set up to give them the best experience and the highest level of services. A real estate transaction is complex at best. Real Estate is difficult to be comedized, it is an appreciating asset. It is typically one of the biggest investments someone will make in their lifetime, and it has driven legacy wealth for centuries.

We agree technology is needed along with new ideas to help the agent enhance their relationship with their client and this is always welcomed. However, the human algorithm is something that most customers want and need for clarity and confidence which is something that AI and an algorithm can't replace.

I think Simon Sinek said it best.

“Human beings are social animals and relationships will always win. There are a small % of people who just want a transaction. Most want a relationship.

Invest in your relationships.

They are your most valuable asset.”

- Inman Connect 2018

Scott Wetzel

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Nov 06, 2021
Episode #4. Two must use tools for 2022 to position yourself as a Real Estate Trusted Advisor in the minds of your clients.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks about the power of using Real Estate Reviews and to position yourself as your clients Real Estate Trusted Advisor.

Property Reviews are a powerful tool for building relationships based on value added flow. Stats show that agents who do 2 property reviews a week equivalent to 100 a year are more productive and deliver a higher quality of services to their clients.

Learn about the 5 magic questions. is a great monthly touch point to set your clients up with. Include your client’s investment properties in the tool as well and being able to adjust each properties value based on current market knowledge. See link below to learn more about getting set up with Homebot.

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Oct 29, 2021
Episode #3 Services vs Hospitality. The power of giving by using a unique tool called LOLO.

In this episode Michael talks with Laura Smith a Co-Owners of 6 Windermere office in the greater Seattle area. Laura has built her offices on the culture of connections and relationship. Recently she was able to pilot a new tool in the arsenal of Windermere tools called LOLO. In this talk Laura explains how she was pleasantly surprised at the success of the campaign and the residual connection it created with her agents.

She shares the mechanics of LOLO along with what her experience has been up to this point is using this great digital connection tool.

Listen to how this tool LOLO may help you to create stronger connections with your client without a huge investment and keeping it very simple.

Setting up your LOLO subscription

Laura Smith

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Oct 23, 2021
Episode #2 Maybe you need to give yourself a High 5?

In this Episode Michael talks about the incredible potential in real estate, yet so many don't take the time to identify what is keeping them from success. Real Estate has the potential to allow you to live a great life and help so many others and most of the time the biggest obstacle keeping you from achieving that level of success is planted within your own mind. We reference the book High Five Habits by Mel Robbins.

When you look in the mirror what do you say to yourself?

Are you willing to take actions on your AHa moments?

Tell yourself "Stop thinking about that."

Great interview with Mel Robbins on Impact Theory

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Sep 29, 2021
Episode #1 Want to breathe life into you Instagram page? listen to how Heather Maddox blends work and life through being real, educating and entertaining her followers.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks with Heather Maddox. Have you wondered if you need to up your social media game? Do you struggle with what should I post and how often should I post? What is great about Heather is she just tells it like it is. Her work and business life blend and when you follow her you get education, entertainment, laughter, and real-life struggles. It didn’t take me long to enjoy watching Heathers reels and in a very short period I felt like I knew her. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Heather will share with you what she has found that works and her results are real.

Some Stats you may want to know.

72.3% of Americans are using social media

93.33 are active daily

We spend on average 2 hours and 25 min a day engaged.

The customer today knows 12 Real Estate agents

Other people to follow

Susan Camerer  

Dwell home team

Ruthy Ann Taylor

Kelsey Kurtis

Contact Heather Maddox


Useful links

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Sep 15, 2021
Episode #29. Not getting attached to the outcome can be a powerful tool to master.
In this episode Michael talks with Miles Turner from Riverside California. Miles has been in Real Estate for 16+ years and closes 1+ transactions a week in his marketplace. That said there are times when we all can really want a listing so badly that we throw our process and values out the window. We are going to talk about how that is not a good idea. How this thinking is a very short-term gain that doesn't turn out well. When you have a process and understand that you are working with a client for referral business and not that single transaction it can be a game changer. Miles explains how he had a seller who had unrealistic expectations on what their home was worth so much so that even though they connected with Miles they chose to go with a different agent who said they could get their price. The market spoke to the  sellers letting them know the were on the market but not in the market and eventually Miles was able to work with them and build a great relationship built on trust and professionalism. Enjoy. Miles Turner. Contact for Miles. Cell 951-640-7345 email --- Support this podcast:
Sep 06, 2021
Episode #28. The power of a handwritten note. It has become a lost art form.

In today’s world of text and email we have forgotten the power of note writing. Here are some reasons why you want to write notes.

  1. It leaves a good impression.
  2. You will stand out.
  3. It shows how appreciative you are.
  4. It shows you care.
  5. You raise the bar.
  6. Extending gratitude is healthy.
  7. It really is the proper thing to do.

Use Custom Xpress to order you notes.

Have Stamps and preprinted return address labels.

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Aug 31, 2021
Episode #27 To be successful as a buyer in this market you need a buyer’s agent that has a successful process.

In the market today as a buyer there is some strong competition. Most homes have multiple offers and fewer days on market. The buyers that are having success are being represented by a professional Real Estate trusted advisor. This real estate agent is skilled at the steps and processes needed to make sure you have the best possible outcome. They are teaching you to swim before you are jumping into the ocean. A real estate trusted advisor always starts off with a buyer consultation. This can take between 45 min to an hour depending on which stage the buyer is in.

They have a consistent process that follow the flow of a transaction usually set up this way.

1. Buyer Consultation.

2. Qualifying the buyer/ Process in finding the right home.

4. The buyers what's and whys.

3. Understanding financing.

4. The art of the offer.

5. When we find it what do we do next?

6. Explaining offer strategies.

7. Having an education day.

8. The offer.

9. The Calendar.

10.Mutaul acceptance.

11 Closing.

12. Move in day.

13. Continued services.

For a dialed in process read Ninja Selling specifically Appendix A

For a well put together Buyer book click here

Important resources. 

A quality lender on your team.

A list of great resources that will help the buyer once they have moved into the property. 

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Aug 19, 2021
Episode #26. Listen to Raman Chawla with Windermere Real Estate talk about his open house process.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks with Raman Chawla. With 7 years in this business Raman has learned that open houses have many benefits.

1. To meet prospective buyers who may also be sellers.

2. To market the home to buyers and meet buyers.

3. To sell the home and satisfy the seller.

4. To generate listing appointments.

5. Achieve name and company recognition

6. Expose the house to the public and neighbors.

7. Gain experience in working with the public

8. Gain experience in marketing a property

9. Get to know the neighbors and neighborhood.

62% of Buyers that attend an open home have a home to sell.

Raman like Fridays from 5-7PM and Sunday 1-3 or 2-4. Also, will do a Neighborhood open house just for the neighbors.

Safety is also something we want to be aware of as well. Here is a link to some great safety apps. 

Tools used Open Home Pro. 

Kagent open house tool. 

Spacio open home tool. 

Contact Raman Chawla

Cell: 206-330-6367

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Aug 06, 2021
Episode # 25. Larry Kendall talks about how Ninja Selling is unique in creating work life balance with new and experienced realtors.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks to his mentor Larry Kendall. Founder and creator of Ninja Selling, Larry answers these specific questions.

1. What is unique about ninja that it allows agents to achieve such great work life balance?

2. Should a realtor take ninja more than once?

3. Does coaching after ninja benefit the agent and allow them to achieve more?

4. When in your real estate career should you attend a Ninja installation

5. When hiring a Real Estate agent what benefit do you get from working with a Ninja?

To learn more about ninja visit 

Get the Ninja Selling book

For attending a Windermere Ninja installation visit. Windermere Prodev. 

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Jul 13, 2021
Episode #24 Ninja Selling can change our life. We cannot control what happens outside, but we can control what happens inside.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks to Elizabeth Burr. Elizabeth is an 18-year pro with Michael Saunders and Co. in Port Charlotte Fl, she attended her first Ninja Selling class in Jan 2020. Shortly after she attended the class, she sent a video to Michael with the message,  "Ninja changed my life." IN Ninja we talk a lot about the power of gratitude and giving, showing up and being on purpose. We also say that what you learn works great when life is going good but even better when life makes an unexpected turn. Elizabeth had an unexpected turn, and she shares how she is moving through it with the help of her kids and grandkids and some of the tools she learned about during her 4-day Ninja Class. Oh, and let us not forget that Ninja also allowed her to get the nick name from her fellow collogues "Money Bags." Which has a lot to do with her consistent transaction production and amazing customer services for her clients. She also shares a few plans she has for her future. Elizabeth embraced that we get to choose how to respond to life.

Ninja 9



2. Show up. Stay on your agenda

3. Write 2 personal notes a day

4. Focus on my Hot list

5. Focus on my warm list.


6. make my customer services calls

7. Schedule 2 real estate reviews

8. have 50 live interactions using F.O.R.D

9. update my database. 

Ninja Selling Book 

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Jul 08, 2021
Episode #23. Even though the real estate market is challenging for buyers, it is in your best interest to hang in there.

In this episode Michael shares responses from Ninja's for this questions. What advice are you giving to your buyers now who are getting frustrated and want to quit?

Key to successfully buying a home in this market.

1. Hire a professional.

2. At a minimum there should be a 45 min consultation before you even look at homes.

3 Ask questions. Be real and set clear expectation. This is going to be a journey.

4. Give choices and consequence.

5. You must learn how to swim before you jump into the ocean.

6. We are going to miss out on some but the right one will come along.

7. Home appreciation is a real thing.

Buyers hang in their article 

Matthew Gardner Economist talks about how we are not in a housing bubble. 

Read Appendix A in the Book Ninja Selling. 

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Jun 29, 2021
Episode #22. Meaghan McGlynn helps to simplify social media in Real Estate. Listen to what the Windermere Social Media Manager has to say.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks to Meaghan McGlynn, Windermere's Social Media Manager. We cover these 7 areas.

1. Is social media important in the world of Real Estate agents? (The answer is yes!)

2. What are the most used platforms?

   1st  Facebook

   2nd Instagram, IGTV

   3rd Twitter and LinkedIn

   4th Snap Chat and TikTok.

3. What content should agents be posting? Original content that adds value. Curated content that adds value. Cover your 3 P's Passion Personality and Profession

4. Is there a cadence for each platform?  As often as you have quality content but try for 3 times a week on each channel where you have a presence.

5. Look closely at your reach and your engagements. Take online connections offline. Be authentic, and real.

6. When posting listing tell the story. This isn’t the MLS, use social to add more context and detail!

7. Platform for auto posting. Social HQ, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later.

Useful links.

Social HQ





Windermere Facebook

Windermere Instagram 

Windermere Linkedin

Windermere Twitter

Windermere youtube


Examples of good use of social medial 

FB: @theportlandlife / @TerriBrunnerRE / @CentralCoastStephanie

IG: @taylorhinds / @behlerhomes / @trevor.n.cook

TW: @aibsenhomes / @tylerfreed / They can also follow our list:

TT: @kehau_is_my_realtor / @ekinzler

Email for Meaghan McGlynn

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Jun 03, 2021
Episode #21 When we say, "Professional Listing Agent." What does that mean?

In this episode Michael Fanning talks to Nicole Mangina. A 25-year professional. Nicole is a pro when it comes to helping her sellers.  90% of her business is working with sellers to have the best success in any real estate market.

We talk specifically about what determines the price range of a home.

What is important when it comes to educating your sellers on what creates the range in the value of their home?

Talking about the time schedule with your sellers and what resources Nicole provides to help her sellers have clarity and confidence?

Setting expectations for your sellers by using choices and consequences.

Contact Nicole Mangina.

The 425 Show

The Way of Integrity by Marth Beck

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May 24, 2021
Episode #20. What does the future of real estate look like for Sellers and Buyers? Hear what Economist Matthew Gardner has to say.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks with Windermere's Economist Matthew Gardner.

We wanted to know if the appreciation we are seeing today will get us in trouble in our nearby future.

When will we see a more normal housing market?

I asked the questions, is buying a home still a sound financial investment?

Should a buyer hold off or continue to move forward in seeking to purchase a home? What is the best option?

What does the future look like for real estate investors and the individuals looking for second homes?

Youtube Monday with Matthew. 

Windermere Blog 

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May 04, 2021
Episode #19. What is the structure of your Comparative Market Analysis, and what are some strategies agents are using to help sellers net the most money in this market today?

In this episode Michael Fanning takes some strategies from Ninja Selling along with actual real live situations from Windermere Coaching clients that will help you to create a better client experience when it comes to listing their home. Also, our goal is to help our sellers net the most and when we have a process that gives them clarity it benefits them tremendously.

Helpful Links. 

Trend Graphix

Focus 1st

Moxi Present 

Ninja Selling Book 

The Art of the CMA

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Apr 19, 2021
Episode #18. Meet Anne and Dave Jones. Authentic, compassionate, and dedicated to their agents and community. Creating change one person at a time.

In this episode Michael Fanning talks with Anne and Dave Jones. Windermere owners. Their 25-agent firm "Windermere Abode" in Tacoma Washington is thriving. They both are not shy when it comes to speaking about diversity and creating a company that is committed to enhancing's their community and taking racism head on. " Our approach from the very beginning was to dismiss the idea that a business should be politically neutral." We've been able to weave this focus on community and social justice into what we do."

They are authentic, committed, consistent and passionate about the type of culture and support they give to their likeminded agents and the community they serve. They are dam good people.

It is easy for many of us to dip our toe in the water when it comes to systemic racism. I am as guilty as the next person.  Some find it to be an uncomfortable topic. Dave and Anne are asking us all to do a deep dive and take responsibility to create change and look at how we are showing up today. It is not easy but very much needed and long overdue.

Dave says, if you are not sure where to start, start with yourself first. What is your view of the world today? Then see how you see diversity, equity, and inclusion? Ask yourself what can I do and where can I make an impact? It is being aware and as Anne says, "to be able to listen without bias."

Dave recommends the book. Race for profit. 

Anne recommends the book Hood Feminisms 

Inman persons of the year 2020 article. 

Dave's IG

Anne's IG

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Apr 14, 2021
Episode #17, The Upstream Model with Justin Stoddart.

"As a former luxury homebuilder, Justin grew to realize that his passion was not developing land but developing people, and

not building homes but building businesses. Justin specializes in teaching well-paid professionals how to

get endless warm referrals flowing into their business." In this episode Michael Fanning talks with Justin Stoddart to unpack the concept of "The Upstream model."

HIs goal is to help Brokers and Agents understand how to be more proactive vs reactive, more on purpose vs accidental. The concept introduced by Justin is how we bullet proof ourselves to have an evergreen sustainable business that is built on professional relationships and better work life balance all the while providing great client services.

The Book is The Upstream Model. 

The Facebook group is Think Bigger Real Estate. 

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Mar 29, 2021
Episode #16. This is a market for professionals. What are the professionals doing to represent their buyers and sellers?

In this episode Michael Fanning and Nick Hansen coaches for Windermere Coaching, with over 45 years in real estate combined,  discuss what it takes to be a professional in the current real estate market. There are certain tools and strategies that professional listing agents and buyers are doing.

What are professional Listing agents doing?

  • · Having a consistent Process. (Ninja)
  • · Honor the time frames and dates you set with your seller.
  • · Have a Win Win attitude and educate your seller on the strategies used to net them the most money.
  •   Do not cut corners when it comes to marketing and getting the home parade ready.
  • · know that you are being watched by the neighbors who may become a client one day.
  • Call your other buyer's agents back if review time has changed and communicate what your sellers want. 

What are professional Buyer’s agents doing?

  • Going slow to go fast.
  • Following a consistent process (Ninja)
  • Coaching their buyer to win, being realistic when it comes to the key indicators that allow the buyer success.
  • Using an offer to win sheet, unpacking the offer and where they are strong and where they may be week.
  • Calling the listing agent or getting face to face to establish a relationship.
  • Asking to be in back up position in the event you are not the offer chosen.

Use these links for the books we spoke of and to learn more about Windermere Coaching. 

The power of habit.

Think Again 

Ninja Selling 

Windermere Coaching 

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Mar 17, 2021
Episode #15. Making the step to build a team to elevate your business to the next level. "Remember it's an investment not an expense."

As Aaron Bloom takes a ski break in Sun Valley with his wife, he takes some time to talk to us about his before and after business. How taking the step to build a team of assistants, and marketing admin and a buyer’s agent changed his business in terms of quality, client experience and financial growth. He will tell you that just like all of us he struggled with overcoming the idea of expense. It was not easy, but it was so worth it.

1. It takes work, but it is worth it.

2. I was able to be real and say "I need help."

3. Asked questions and sought out resources. Don't do it alone. 

4. Remember it is an investment not an expense.

5. If you want to grow you have to push yourself.

6 Contact Aaron Bloom at

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Mar 04, 2021
Episode #14 The twin cycles of elite performance. If you want to have high impact you need rest and recovery.

Doug Simcock Owner of the Windermere Walla Walla office talks about how taking time off to rest and recovery is so important for long term success. So many of us do not actually plan out our recovery time for our days, weeks, months, and years. In this interview we talk about some strategies that can help you build the twin cycles into your life.

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Feb 18, 2021
Episode #13 What I learned from my Dad.

Eric Thompson talks to Michael Fanning about Michael's father. Michael shares what he learned from his father and what he wants to pass along to his kids and to his clients. Sometimes it is the idea of age and knowledge that we so often forget can be absolute nuggets of wisdom. The concepts are not complicated but they offer up some insight into where we should place importance. The idea that we all can create what we want but we can also be our worst problem and our own best solution it is a choice. It is all in how you wish to look at it. Remember you are never stuck. There is always a solution.

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Feb 08, 2021
Episode # 12. When you follow your why and you choose to show up everyday, it is amazing what you can accomplish. Meet KiamaLise Herres.

We interview KiamaLise Herres. KiamaLise began her career in real estate in Bellevue Washington in 2014. As a young child she had a dream that fueled her why and she realized that real estate could be the vehicle to allow her to accomplish the life she wanted for her family. KiamaLise knows that we are all human and there are days when we may not be motivated, but we still show up. She understands the need to invest in yourself and build systems and habits that allow your life and business to flourish. Having one of her best years in 2021 it was not on accident. It was very much on purpose. Because she makes a commitment to excellence and surrounds herself with other likeminded people she has built and evergreen business for herself. KiamaLise uses the word Bespoke. "It’s a word I love.  Bespoke not only defines a custom tailored, unique experience, it hearkens back to a time when exemplary service was the goal and attention to detail was the expectation."

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Jan 25, 2021
Episode #11. You don't rise to your goals; you fall to the levels of your systems. An interview with Paul Hunter, Agent/Owner in Ft Collins.

In this episode we talk to Paul Hunter. 15 years in the Real Estate business. Paul is a husband, a father to a 1- and 4-year-old, and a very successful broker/owner at the Windermere Ft Collins office.  Paul breaks down his systems and routines he uses that allowed him to develop a smart business and have a great life with his family. In 2020 Paul surpassed his initial goal for 2020 and he gives some insight as to how that happens. Paul says.  "Business does just come out of the woodwork. It’s the consistent routine that created that business."

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Jan 11, 2021
Episode #10. Have you checked in lately and asked …"Am I really being challenged?"

Great interview with Matt and Tanya Powell. Matt and Tanya were real estate agents right out of college in Eugene, Oregon in 2000 and 2001. Matt and Tanya were in the residential world of real estate with Windermere. Both becoming successful early on in their careers, then quickly stepping into owning the Windermere Eugene franchise in 2003. After 17 years of ownership, they decided to make a life change and step out of their comfort zone. Tanya stepped into her passion and started her coaching company BWell Community where she provides high performance coaching and real estate coaching.  Tanya and Matt also host a Podcast, BWell Matt purchased a private investment lending firm and is also on the board of directors for Oakshire Brewing Matt and Tanya are also parents to a 9- and 14-year-old and much like you, are always figuring out how to have work life balance. They embraced getting uncomfortable and, in this episode, they share how they did that along with what insight they have for others who want to be successful in achieving their future endeavors

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Jan 04, 2021
Episode #9. Helping agents create work life balance and high productivity by being invested in their life goals.

This was a fun interview with Lena Maul. Lena is married and the mother of 3 great kids.  In addition she owns and operates the Windermere North office in Lynnwood Washington. Lena has been with Windermere since 1997. She is the daughter of Dick and Cathy Wood. Dick and Cathy opened the Windermere office in 1987. The Windermere North office is at #14 with-in Windermere offices in Washington state.  With 52 agents In 2020 they closed 677 sides that equated to  $457 million in dollar volume. Lena has developed a system for  helping her agents achieve high levels of production along with great work life balance. In this interview she talks about her system for success.

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Dec 21, 2020
Episode #8 A delightful interview with Cori Whitaker. Lessons on how to have great work life balance and living the life she loves.

“It is easier for me to make $1,000,000 a year being on-purpose than it was to make $250,000 a year being on-accident.”   Cori talks about her journey from owning a publishing business and then moving into Real Estate. Early on she was a bit on accident but then after taking a Ninja Installation, becoming friends with Larry Kendall, and having a terrific broker Leana Maul. She built an amazing team, and in 2020 she went from 1 million in GCI to 1.8 million. I love her attitude of being professional, have the mindset of abundance and just do it.   You will enjoy the authenticity and honesty in this interview with Cori.

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Dec 07, 2020
Episode #7 No Limits and having "BREAK THROUGH MOMENTS."

In this episode Nick Hansen and Michael Fanning talk about 6 traits and tools  that they see in their coaching clients that allow them to exceed limits and have what they call "BREAK THROUGH MOMENTS". The 6 things are not complicated and something all Real Estate professionals will have to face in their career if they want to achieve at high levels. 

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Nov 30, 2020
Episode #6. Having a great listing process and understanding your moments of truth.

In this episode Michael Fanning and Nick Hansen walk you through the 10 steps in a consistent listing process. On each step they talk about specifics. Remember that it isn't about the end result as much as it is about the experience your client had from the beginning to the end. When we are consistent and have mastery we will then build an amazing referral business. 

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Nov 16, 2020
Episode #5. Is having an assistant in the Real Estate business a good thing when it comes to client services and work life balance?

Michael Fanning interviews David Hogan, 8 years in Real Estate in the Seattle/Bellevue market and Todd Wright, 23 years in Real Estate in the Walla Walla market. Both of these agents have assistants and they explain how they overcame some of their mental objection of hiring an assistant, and will explain how having an assistant  increased their client services, production,  and work life balance. They are able to provide great services because they understand the value that having an assistant meant to their business.  

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Nov 03, 2020
Episode #4. Is your level of service in todays Real Estate market serving your clients best interest?

Michael Fanning and Doug Simcock talk about some of the challenges that buyers and sellers are facing in todays Real Estate market. We talk about what level of services should be expected by clients, and how knowing, liking, and trusting is so important. We have to approach this business with a win win mindset. We  talk about communication, and process. What is your level of competence, which ultimately leads to your confidence?  All of this has a big impact on the success your client, buyer or seller will have in todays Real Estate market. 

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Oct 20, 2020
Episode #3. Working with Family when it comes to Real Estate Transactions.

In this episode Eric Thompson and Michael Fanning take 2 situations that came up in their Real Estate Coaching program.

1. I'm working with family and it isn't going well what do I do? How do I get out and save face?

2. In the future should I even work with family?

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Oct 07, 2020
Episode #2 Is having a routine important?

Michael Fanning and Nick Hansen talk about the need for a routine in both business and life. How do you book end your day? What are some books and resources you can look into so you can start building that routine that will get you to your future better self? 

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Sep 22, 2020
Episode #1 Waiting for Normal.

Michael Fanning S.V.P. Windermere Services, Windermere Coach, and Ninja instructor, talks with Eric Thompson, Windermere Owners in Colorado, also a Windermere Coach about ways to re frame these current times. We hear all the time, "When is it getting back to normal?" We want to challenge you to make wherever you are now the normal and build a way of thinking that is moving you forward. Life is not happening to us but rather for us.

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Sep 08, 2020