Creative Human

By Vanessa Farino

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Join me (Vanessa Farino) your host, as we elevate the conversation by inviting guests to share the peaks and valleys experienced in their journey. Together, we discuss the grit and courage it takes to create and maintain success while remaining true to our 'we rise by lifting others' mentality. Throughout this candid conversation, you will also hear me share my own experiences and current journey. I welcome you to sit with us and join the conversation! Host: Vanessa Farino | @vanessafarino Sponsored by: | @hellocreativeceo

Episode Date
I Give Up: A Journey to Self-Discovery
Nov 07, 2023
S. 4 - E. 4: Power of Women in Business w/ Lisa Nicole Rosado
Jul 12, 2023
S. 4 - E. 3: Power of Women in Business w/ Erika Batista
Jun 20, 2023
S. 4 - E. 2: Power of Women in Business w/ Guest Speaker: Natalie Levy
Jun 14, 2023
S. 4 - E. 1: Power of Women in Business w/ Guest Speaker: Amanda Bybel
Jun 07, 2023
Trailer: Season 4 Power of Women in Business
Jun 07, 2023
Trailer: Creative Human Podcast
Jun 07, 2023
Season 3, Episode 3 l “Failing forward & why mentorship is the key to success” Guest: Betty Francisco
Dec 01, 2021
Season 3, Episode 2 | “The Power of Latinas” Guest: Isis Ortiz-Belton
Nov 17, 2021
S.3 - E.1 | “The Power of Latinas” Guest: Julia Mejia
Oct 20, 2021
Season 3 "The Power of Latinas" Trailer
Oct 14, 2021
24. Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog: Pandr Design Co, Being Muralists and Artists
Oct 06, 2021
23. Zarya Miranda: Growing Up With Multiple Ethnicities, Getting Into Real Estate
Sep 01, 2021
22. Luke Ryan: Juvenile Myositis, "Multipotentialite", Being a Digital Sales Manager
Aug 25, 2021
21. Izzy Atkinson: Reinventing Yourself, Corporate and Workplace Culture, Mental Health
Aug 18, 2021
20. Liseth Velez: Being a Female in a Male Dominated World, Military Life and Setting Boundaries
Aug 11, 2021
19. Heather Smidt: Moving Around, Becoming an Acupuncturist & Finding your Passion
Aug 04, 2021
18. Maggie Owens: From Wanting to be a Lawyer in D.C. to Opening a Small Business in Arkansas, Self-Confidence and Loving Yourself
Jul 28, 2021
17. Madison Hopkins: Being a Personal Finance Coach, Long Distance Relationships, Moving from AZ to Boston
Jul 21, 2021
16. Ana Carmona: Latinx & Family Influences, Cosmetology School, the College Myth
Jul 14, 2021
15. Angelica Hanley: ACouplePuns, Blowing Opportunities, Learning to Grow
Jul 07, 2021
14. Denielle Finkelstein: Senior Executive turned Entrepreneur, TOP Organic Project
Jun 30, 2021
13. Vickie Sokol Evans: Confidence while Remote Working, Time Management, EAs turning into IT Techs?
Jun 16, 2021
12. Bonnie Low-Kramen: Problems, Politics and Bullying in the Workplace
Jun 16, 2021
11. Monique Helstrom: Assistants and Executives - "Same Same, But Different", Choosing the Right Fit (from the former Chief of Simon Sinek)
Jun 16, 2021
10. Lucy Brazier: Changes in the EA World, AI in the Corporate World, Keeping Up with Change
May 26, 2021
9. Olga Gersh and Brittany Bemko: The Executive Assistant World, College Life, Experiences Abroad
May 19, 2021
8. Deepa Gandhi: Starting Dagne Dover, Working in Wall Street, Working Remotely
Apr 29, 2021
7. Rachael L. Shtifter: Starting a Business at 18, PARLR, Growing Up Laser-Focused
Apr 21, 2021
6. Lisa Nicole Rosado: We Are Women Owned, Pleasing Everyone, Having ADHD
Mar 17, 2021
5. Melba Tellez: Working @ Amazon, College Life, Mujeres on the Rise
Mar 10, 2021
4. Ahfeeyah Thomas: Harvard, Influences Growing Up, Repivoting
Mar 03, 2021
3. Susan Kanoff: Behind The Scenes of Uncommon Threads & Sense of Community
Feb 24, 2021
2. Jackie Zuckerman Delory: I am Tom Brady, Advocating For Yourself, 2021 Manifestations
Feb 03, 2021
1. Don't tell people your dreams, show them
Jan 27, 2021
Creative Human: Trailer
Sep 09, 2020