The Glitch In The Code Show

By Richard Willett

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A interview based show, Host Richard Willett interviews some of the best researchers and alternative media journalists who are uncovering crucial information into how the world really works, within the shadows and behind the curtain. This world is nothing like we are led to believe it is and for decades many authors, researchers, filmmakers, songwriters and journalists have been trying to reveal the hidden hand that is rapidly tightening its grip on us all.

Episode Date
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Ricky Verandas (The Ripple Effect)
This week I touched based with Ricky who is the host of The Ripple Effect podcast show. We discuss how Ricky came to producing and researching conspiracy subjects. We also discuss how his work has changed since becoming a dad and how important it is to keep this information circulating for future generations. Check out the excellent The Ripple Effect Podcast here:​​​ Also subscribe to The Union of The Unwanted here:​
Feb 24, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Sean Collins (There is Another Way)
This week it was my pleasure to invite on world renowned Stand Up Comedian Sean Collins who is also the co creator of the documentary 'Another Way'. Another Way is a fascinating documentary that follows Sean and entrepreneur Simon Dolan as they travel to Sweden to investigate how they have handle the 'pandemic' and why it has worked compared to that of the UK. The scope and fallout of the 'pandemic' is now becoming clear and in this show Sean talks about how this has effected the comedy circuit and taken his lively hood away without a clear vision of what comedy will look like if the new "woke" is allowed to settle in. You can see the film here on their official website and I would highly recommend it.​ Show some support to Sean on his website and Social Media​​
Feb 24, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Neil Sanders (4th Gen warfare and Trumped up Truths)
Feb 11, 2021
Feb 01, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Jimmy The Lip (Conspiracy Mix Tapes)
Brand new episode with Jimmy The Lip (Conspiracy Mix Tapes)
Jan 25, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Michael Feeley (We were made in the starts) DNA
Jan 18, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With MARK WINDOWS (This system is Communitarianism)
Jan 15, 2021
Glitch In The Code With Ryan Christian (The Weak Links of the Plandemic)
Jan 11, 2021
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Dean Henderson (Take The Crown)
It was fantastic to have author Dean Henderson on the show again this week. Deans books including Crown Nephilim The 5G Apocalypse are essential reading for anyone wanting to know what is truly going on in this increasingly Orwellian world. Dean takes us through the Crown Entities in the City of London and maps out how a bloodline have constructed a pyramid of top down control that like leeches lives off the hard work and graft of humanity. The Annunaki were said to have created human's to mind Gold for them once the Gods of old grew tired of doing the hard graft. Humanity was created as a slave race yet inherited the earth, we are the descendants of the Gods being made in their image. Today we have a rogue Nephilim hybrid bloodline that believes itself to be the rightful rulers of the earth, they are the fallen ones. They interbreed to hold their bloodline and today they are our Black Nobility Crown Nephilim bloodlines who use their branch managers such as The Rothschild's and Dupont families to orchestrate and control governments who are selected never elected. Check out more of Deans fantastic research and books here:
Jan 05, 2021
Glitch in The Code with Vinny Eastwood (Eyes open in a sleepwalking world)
It was fantastic to sit down with a presenter and researcher who has worked tirelessly for years to try to bring peoples attention to the Global Agenda that we are now seeing rolled out all over the world. He has put his money wear his mouth is and stood his ground with the New Zealand police and it was great to reconnect with him after meeting Vinny last year whilst filming in New Zealand. The Vinny Eastwood show has been providing the real story behind the fascistic take over of New Zealand in 2020 and in this interview Vinny describes what it is like to have your eyes wide open whilst friends and family sleepwalk into The Great Reset, whilst dragging us all along for the ride in their ignorance.
Dec 30, 2020
GLITCH IN THE CODE With John Brisson (The Council Foreign Policy & The Great Reset)
This week I am joined by an excellent researcher and co host of 'We've Read The Papers' John Brisson. John reveals his in depth research into a little known group called 'The Council on Foreign Relations' and is connections to what has become known as The Truth Movement. Has the alternative media been controlled from the start and do some of the more well known names have CNP connections. Going deeper we discuss the CNP connections to Scientology, The Moonies and The CIA. We also talk about how the CNP is the left of the CFR right , both wings on the same bird. We discuss where this is all headed , The World Economic Forum , The Great Reset, QAnon and how researchers fell back into the illusion of the left/right paradigm. Check out all of Johns videos here, where he goes into more depth on the CNP and much more. Find all the latest from me at
Dec 24, 2020
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Ryan Christian The Last American Vagabond (These Are Strange Days)
In this weeks show I am joined by one the most hard working and consistent researchers in the alternative media Ryan Christian, who is better known as The Last American Vagabond. In this episode we have a heart to heart about how this year of madness has effected us on a personal level as well as covering the sheer insanity that we have all seen engulf our friends, family and loved ones tearing apart the family unit. We also ask wether this 'Pandemic' was useful as a distraction from the Epstein case as it started to bring down the house of cards that hid the child trafficking we all known is going on the world over, involving some of the most rich and famous people of the past 40 years. Where is this all heading? will we see the lunatics bring about their 'Great Reset' or will they overplay their hand and bring it all down upon their own heads?
Dec 17, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Amy Says WTF (The Jesuits & The Great White Brotherhood)
In this weeks episode of Glitch In The Code we continue our journey towards the head of the snake. I recently came across Amy and her research via her various channels (which i will link below) and found her research and video delivering to be incredible. Whilst the world is stuck at the level of Trump vs Biden and distracted by the fall out from the Covid Scamdemic (Trojan Horse for The Great Reset) not many are still searching for the head of the beast, which is why I was so pleased to get Amy on the show as a continue on from the previous episode with Michael Feeley and David Icke. In this episode Amy shares her research into The Jesuits, The Vatican and what is know as The Great White Brotherhood which may well be at the top of the pyramid and the group that truly hides within the shadows crawling the halls of the Vatican, The House of Parliament and The White House. Not to get confused with the cult that is known as The Family that also borrows the name of The Great White Brotherhood, this group has been said to be what some call the Tall Blondes or The White Reptilians. To add to this Amy talks about Prince Carlo, Duke of Casto - House of Bourbon Two-Sicilies and we discuss the possibility of a masked man wearing his likeness in Stanley Kubricks “Eyes Wide Shut” and how the Prince may well be a representative of this Great White Brotherhood. As a possible representative of The Great White Brotherhood does the Prince have control over The Jesuits who Amy believes are the true Manchurian Candidates, subjected to generations of Satanic abuse and Mind Control. This is a fascinating episode and I would highly recommend you follow Amy on her channels below. Social Media:
Nov 26, 2020
GLITCH IN THE CODE With Michael Feeley (Jesus Codes, The Giza Code & Are We The Gods We Seek)
This weeks brand new Gltich In The Code with Michael Feeley, a former police officer and now an Ancient Code Breaker. In this fascinating show Micheal talks about how all religions connect into one, The secrets of the Great Pyramid and it's correlation to the human mind and consciousness. We also talk about his research into the character of Jesus and wether he was an actual living being or was he a character that in of itself contained hidden mysteries about who we are as Humanity including 9/11 as his true birth date. How does this all tie into human potential and WE the Gods we are looking for? and Does the Great Pyramid tell you how to square the circle? Find Michaels Books here Join Micheal on Social Media Here
Nov 21, 2020
Glitch In The Code with David Icke (Bloodlines, Archons & DNA Harvesting)
It was my honour and pleasure to have David Icke on the show this week. Anyone who has been looking into the way this world truly works and into who really controls our daily lives will have come across Davids 30 plus years of work. With a huge body of information and classic books such as The Biggest Secret, Human Race Get of Your Knees, The Children of The Matrix, The Trigger, Phantom Self and his latest book The Answer, David has done more than perhaps anyone else to open the door for us all to see the true nature of reality, ourselves, our potential and who is really behind the way the world functions. In this episode we talk about Archon distorted energy, The Death Cult and Bloodline families, Transhumanism and DNA Harvesting related to the new RNA DNA Vaccines.
Nov 12, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Isaac Weishaupt (Project Bluebeam, Solomons Temple, Fake Alien Invasions)
In this show we talk about the coming fake Alien Invasion via Project Blue Beam and how that will be used to fulfil Occult Prophecies of a One World Order via the Middle East. Issace Weishaupt talks about his fantastic new book which covers all the topics we talk about here plus loads more.
Nov 06, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Dean Henderson (Crown Nephilim & Attacking the head of the serpent)
This week I welcome author Dean Henderson to the show. Dean is the author of the excellent 'Crown Nephilim 5G Apocalypse' which blows the lid off the Crown Entities and Annunaki Bloodlines that currently control our planet, and therefore humanity itself. Grab and pad and pen as Dean takes you through the lineage and geographical movements of this truly viral bloodline from the creation of Human Beings by the Annunaki, to the hybrids of humanity and The Fallen Angels to the modern day Crown Nephilim who continue to keep humanity as a 'slave race' to this very day. This will all stop once we decide to say NO and push back. This interbreeding bloodline cult have hidden our true identity from us and amid the madness of Covid 1984 it is now time to push them back into the shadows.....It is time for us to collectively go for the head of the serpent. Check out Deans excellent books here
Nov 01, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Sam Tripoli (Tin Foil Hats & Conspiracies Confirmed in 2020)
This week it was an absolute pleasure to have Sam Tripoli of Tin Foil Hats podcast on the show. Sam is an incredible broadcaster and and researcher in his own right, a comedy legend and all round decent bloke. We talk about the nonsense of voting and the illusion of choice when both sides are controlled by the Crown Elite. We talk about how far these bloodlines go back, the Annunaki and even a bit of Time Travel Technology. We touch upon a bit of Covid and the Mainstream Media weaponisation of this madness. Check out Sam's Youtube Channel here Check out Sams website here for all of his podacsts, video's and incredible content.
Oct 26, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Richie Allen (I've seen some weird shit ...but this)
Today I have the pleasure of having Richie Allen on the show. Anyone who has worked in the alternative media and been brave enough to look into how this world really works will be familiar with or have been a guest on the legendary Richie Allen Show. His show is a true Radio Show, and one of the very few around today who deal with truly alternative news coverage. Richie is one of the last true journalists left today and I don't say that lightly. The Richie Allen Show broadcasts from Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm to 7pm on as well as The Sunday View at 11am on Sundays. In this chat we talk about the absolute shit show that is now mainstream and even large parts of "alternative" journalism. We talk about his views on the blatant roll out of The Great Reset, Agenda 2030/21 and who he believes are really pulling the strings behind this Covid madness. We also chat about the false hope of the voting system and believing in a 'saviour' , drawing on his decades of work as a Radio Show host and producer working with the likes of David Icke at TPV and thousands more dedicated researchers, authors and broadcasters. Its an absolute honour and pleasure to work with Richie for me as he is one of the very last true researchers and broadcasters in our field. The worlds gone mad, and we have seen some weird shit....but this! Check out his radio show and the incredible guests he has on every Monday to Thursday a
Oct 20, 2020
GLITCH IN THE CODE with Charlie Robinson (Isn't It Time For Some Righteous Anger?)
This week author of The Global Octopus of Control Charlie Robinson and host of MacroAggressions Charlie Robinson sits down with me to discuss the desperate need for some righteous anger. When a bully bullies you, you don't try to reason with them you either push back or tell them to fuck off...its time people. Check out Charlie's great book The Global Octopus of Control and subscribe to his podcast Macroaggressions on Itunes, Spotify and Youtube.
Oct 14, 2020
GLITCH IN THE CODE with Jonathan Royle (Extreme Danger Extreme Covid Mind Control)
In this weeks episode I sit down with me old pal world renowned stage hypnotist Jonathan Royle as we discuss how mind control techniques are being used across the board to push this Covid 19 Narrative into the minds of men women and children all over the planet. Check out Jonathans works here Our documentary Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis will be available to watch for free from Sunday 11th October 2020 on my Youtube Channel , link below.
Oct 07, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Wayne Mcroy (The Plandemic & The Prophecies)Technocracy as a vehicle
In this episode I chat with one of my favourite authors Wayne Mcroy about the current Covid Plandemic and how it is being used as a cog in the wheel to usher in a Technocracy much like China which in turn is a cog in the wheel towards age old Prophecies that speak of a Rapture, a Second Coming and a New "Golden Age" under a new Messiah. Will this new Messiah be an A.I Temple on Temple Mount controlling all man through the "Cloud" ? The world has been hijacked by a Global Cult, run through the Banking Families and Black Nobility via the Secret Societies such as The Round Table and The Knights of Malta. Wayne's book "The Alchemical Tech Revolution" is one of the best books i have read and it ties in Prophecies and the use of Technology and Transhumanism to the Old Testament. Wayne's Links here :
Sep 24, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Mark Devlin (The Cause & The Cure)
This week I sit down with one of the most experienced researchers into the truth about how this world truly works in author and DJ Mark Devlin. Mark has written some incredible books about the Occult underbelly of the Music Industry , from MK Ultra and Project Monarch. We discuss the present day musicians coming and speaking out against the Draconian Rules being pushed upon the Western World amid Covid 1984. We also debate the truth about Donald Trump and QAnon and the Occult meanings of Face Masks. Check out more of Mark Devlin's via the links below. Marks Books are available here For signed versions of Marks fantastic books email Mark directly here More links to Marks work can be found here
Sep 22, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Souza Garcia (The Micheal Jackson Innocent Project)
In 2019 i sat down with Souza Garcia to talk about why she is defending Micheal Jackson after the Hit Piece that was 'Leaving Neverland'. The 'Documentary' had connections to some famous names that appear to have been out to smear Micheal for decades including Hollywood Producer Dave Geffen his business partner Steven Spielberg , Oprah Winfrey and even Paul McCartney. The film was released to coincide with and take the shine away from the Harvey Weinstein documentary which was also released at SunDance at the same time, Oprah and her circle have been implicated in connection with Harvey Weinstein through the years, Weinstein was also tasked with going after Micheal in the Early 90's. The connections to Hollywoods true dark underbelly and why they went after Micheal will leave you shocked, but there is so much more to unveil as the likes of Dave Geffen and Hollywood begin to Crumble.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Jonathan Royle (Hypnosis and Mind Control)
In this episode i sit down with world renowned stage hypnotist Jonathan Royle to talk about his work, mind control and his brush with the Law and Rupert Murdoch.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with David Sedgewick (BBC Brainwashing Britain)
The BBC has been a propaganda machine for the 1% Predator class since it's inception, but does it go much deeper than this? The BBC have been shown to have covered up for Pedophile and Child Abuser Jimmy Savile for decades, so why do people still continue to trust in this mouth piece for BIG BROTHER? I am joined by author David Sedgewick to discuss his book and his findings.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Jay Dyer (Hollywood Decoded)
In this episode (recorded in 2019) myself and Author/Researcher Jay Dyer delve into the clear Satanism and Symbology that weaves its way all through Hollywood. From techniques such as Revelation of the
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Mark Devlin (Satanism & The Music Industry)
Radio and Live DJ Mark Devlin is the author of a fantastic book 'Musical Truths' vol 1& 2 which life the lid on the dark side of the music industry. The dark underbelly of the music industry will make you see your favourite pop stars and artists in a different light, from the theory of Paul McCartney being replaced to MK Ultra Mind Control slaves such as Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson and more recently Lady Ga Ga the music industry is a Satanic Ball.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Spiro Skouras (Covid 1984 and Agenda 2030)
Spiro has become one of the most prevalent researchers and citizen journalists over the past few years, his work revealing what many of us have come to see as 'The Agenda' is excellent. In this episode we talk about the world wide rollover of the Covid 'pandemic' and how it is being used to implement decades or even centuries old plans for a One World Everything as evident in documents such as Agenda 21/2030 and LockStep.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Lily Brunton (Technocracy & Iris Scanning)
This week i sit down with Lily Brunton who is an excellent documentary researcher. We discuss the impeding Technocracy that is being rolled out under the 'Excuse' of Covid 19 (regardless of what we believe about the nature of Covid it is clear that the Draconian Rules are not applicable to the numbers) and we also discuss Face Masks and how they actually aid IRIS Scanning technology.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Derrick Broze (Exposing Bill Gates)
Derrick Broze is an excellent researcher and citizen journalist who has been working tirelessly to expose the deeply sinister Bill Gates who's vaccines are being pushed on the entire population of the world.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Carl Vernon (Covid and Mindset)
This week i catch up with Carl Vernon who has been doing some excellent work on is youtube channel to lighten the mood and show the absurdity of this Fascists Covid roll out.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with William Ramsay Investigates (Satanism & Crowley)
This week I have a new guest on the show, William Ramsey who's expertise is the investigation of the dark side of Conspiracy Analysis. We talk about his research into the Worlds most Wickedest Man Alistair Crowley and his connections to Sabbatian Frankism, Barbara Bush and the Jeffery Epstein Black mail operation.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Billy Ray Valentine (Covid 1984 & Beyond)
Billy Ray is one of my favourite radio show hosts, his shows 'The Infinite Fringe' and 'America Unplugged' are excellent alternative deep dives in how this Agenda led world of ours is being dragged to the coals by tiny few. In this episode we catch up in the middle of the Covid 'Pandemic' and share our thoughts on what is truly going on and the Technocracy being rolled out.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Chris Thrall (Back From The Edge)
This week I speak with author of 'Forty Nights' Chris Thrall who's life story of Drugs, Gang Membership and coming back from the Brink is inspiring many to take on the established way of looking at the world. His show on Youtube is growing by the day with recent guest Robbie Williams on the show to talk about the Esoteric background to Hollywood and the Music Industry.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Serita Cameron (Quantum Meditations)
This week we switch it up a little and look into the Quantum Universe to challenge the very nature of all that we known. I have just been working on a fantastic series with Serita for where she teaches you how to connect with the Quantum Stella Star within you and how to grasp the Quantum downloads available to us all. We know that CERN is messing about with Quantum Computers with some very dark and even Satanic undertones, why is this?
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Ryan Cristian (Covid Mind Control & Techncracy)
This week I speak with excellent researcher and creator of The Last American Vagabond website Ryan Cristian on all the madness of Covid 1984 and how it is being used to usher in a China like Technocracy which will lord over all of our lives.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Dr Robin Kelly (Chaos Magic Mid Covid)
Dr Robin Kelly has become a great friend of mine, he has written incredible books on the Nature of Reality and the Holographic Human that we are. In this episode we catch up mid Covid 1984 and talk about the nature of reality and Creativity with Chaos Magic.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Neil Sanders (DATA Mining & Covid)
This week I am joined by author and researcher Neil Sanders , his books 'Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own' Vol1 & 2 are a must have for any researcher looking into Mind Control. In this episode we talk about Cambridge Analytica and its connections to Trump, Brexit and the Covid 19 hysteria.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Angelo John Gage (PTSD and Military Service)
In this weeks episode I speak with author and host of the 'Reality Engaged' Show on Youtube, Angelo John Gage. We speak about his time enlisted in the US Army, the lies he was told in Iraq and how he his now trying to spread the information about the truths that were held back from him post 9/11.
Sep 14, 2020
Glitch In The Code with Charlie Robinson (Keep them busy on the farm)
Author of 'The Octopus of Global Control ' Stops by to chat all things Agenda related and discuss how we being kept busy on the farm as a distraction.
Sep 14, 2020
In this episode I sit down with the great Grand Daughter of President Eisenhower to discuss the nature of reality, what she believes is happening with Covid-19 and the Technocratic fall out, QAnon and much much more. A fascinating chat with a lovely lady who has some incredible insights into the world unseen.
Sep 13, 2020