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51 Strokes is a masterclass in following your dreams. It’s teaching tape on pursuing your passion. Essentially, Caleb Pressley is a terrible golfer who one day wants to go pro and he's about to manifest that destiny right in your damn face and earlobes and there’s nothing you can really do about it except strap in and join the journey. Listen in as he consults the greatest golf minds in the world in order to fill his brain with facts about the game he has haphazardly dedicated the rest of his life to. He might be a 51 handicap golfer now, but when it’s all said and done he will be a Masters Champion and a national hero. Getting in on 51 Strokes now is like buying Amazon stock in 1997. Even if you don’t like golf, this is the podcast for you. However, if you DO like golf, you’ll probably like it more.

Episode Date
Florida Update
Caleb settles into Florida and starts his training to become a professional golfer. After making the big move, Caleb starts to get his feet wet in the Sunshine State. From working with Chris Como at the range to the struggles of buying a new truck, there's a lot to unpack from today's episode. Also, you'll hear some big updates about the upcoming future for episodes and content. Don't miss it. Enjoy the show! Outro Song: Lil Durk - 3 Headed Goat ft. Lil Baby & Polo G 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Mar 03, 2021
Max Homa
The 2021 Genesis Invitational Champion joins 51 Strokes to talk about his crazy win this past Sunday. After a crazy playoff finish, Max Homa defeated Tony Finau and took home another major win. On today's episode you'll hear all the shot breakdowns, memorable moments, and the emotions leading up to the winners circle. Also, you'll get an update on Caleb's move to Florida and a slight "course management" situation he's trying to work on. You don't want to miss it. Outro Song: Ron Artest - Champions 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Feb 24, 2021
Caleb's Moving
Caleb Pressley is leaving NYC to fully buy into the golf journey that is the embodiment of 51 Strokes. If you thought the professional golfer plan was a joke, you came to the wrong place. It just got real. It turns out, the New York life just isn't sustainable for one who wants to follow the gentleman's dream. That is why the podcast is moving somewhere warm and year round golf friendly. At the end of the day, this move wouldn't be possible without you, the fans, and your support. Thank you for listening to the pod, repping the merch, and sending your feedback. The future is bright and we're lucky to have you come along with us on this journey. BIG things to come. Enjoy today's episode. Outro Song: Billy Joel - Movin' Out 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Feb 18, 2021
Buster Scher
Trading Card Investor that is climbing to the top as one of the biggest names in the booming industry. After growing the insanely popular Hoops Nation page to a million followers, Buster Scher wanted to do something more. He wanted to spread his passion for trading cards. With this idea, he started Cards Nation, your one stop shop for all the latest in the trading card world. Welcome back to another episode of 51 Strokes. There were some scheduling issues last week, but we have TWO episodes coming to you, so look out for one on Thursday too. Today's episode dives deep into the card world and Caleb finds out if it's truly worth it to start putting a lot of money into it. You'll get an inside scoop on some low end investments that could make you a lot of money down the road. This is an episode you DON'T want to miss. See you back here on Thursday. Outro Song: RiFF RAFF x Yelawolf - TiP TOE 4 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Feb 16, 2021
Dan McLaughlin
Hear how one man quit his day job to become a professional golfer through 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Dan McLaughlin sat down on 51 Strokes this week to talk about his incredible story. Can he give Caleb the confidence to go for it all? Is "The Dan Plan" a reliable method to go from never having played to pro? Find out on today's episode. Outro Song: Galantis & JVKE - Dandelion 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Feb 03, 2021
Jose Canseco
Caleb flew down to Las Vegas to interview baseball legend Jose Canseco ahead of the biggest fight in Rough N' Rowdy history. This exclusive interview will get you prepared for what is coming on February 5th. Welcome back to another week of 51 Strokes. We had a great time in Dallas and are so appreciative of the positive feedback you all gave. So much more of that to come. This is only the beginning. On today's episode, Jose Canseco explains everything from how this fight came about to the tactics he will be using in the upcoming match. Caleb gets down to the bottom of everything, breaking down the brain of the former superstar athlete. Thanks again for your support and as always, enjoy the show. Outro Song: Glass Animals - Heat Waves 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Jan 27, 2021
Chris Como's Living Room Lab
Caleb took a trip down to Frisco, TX to check out Chris Como's insane golf laboratory inside his house. On today's episode, you'll hear everything Caleb learned during his training sessions with his world renowned swing coach. From hitting balls off of Como's walls to making big strides on the course, you do not want to miss this episode. Get your tickets on the Caleb Pressley golf bandwagon, before they're all gone. Be sure to subscribe to our 51 Strokes YouTube channel as all of our video content from Dallas will be posted there. (00:50 - 05:15) Introduction to Episode 14 (05:23 - 14:57) Catching up with Como (16:23 - 24:50) Planning for the future (25:00 - 27:40) Como’s Lab (27:41 - 31:38) Caleb’s weaknesses (31:40 - 35:25) Athletes going out on top (35:26 - 39:50) Como’s coaching goals and mentors (39:51 - 47:30) How to reevaluate when tweaks aren’t working (47:31 - 56:40) Be willing to fail (57:05 - 59:30) What’s upcoming for Como + Wrapping it up (59:31 - 01:04:20) 51 Strokes AFTERSHOW Outro Song: George Strait - All My Ex's Live In Texas 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Jan 20, 2021
Bitcoin Marty
Editor in Chief of Marty's Ƀent, a daily newsletter about Bitcoin. Former Barstool Employee and Bitcoin connoisseur, Marty Bent, joins the show to talk everything on the booming internet craze. We are BACK for 2021 and coming in hot with a monster episode this week. Cryptocurrency is hot in the streets right now, so we step away from golf a little bit and embark on a journey about precious coins. You do not want to miss this one. Introduction to Episode 13 (00:50 - 08:16) Catching up with Marty Bent + thoughts on Ethereum (08:17 - 16:20) Caleb's Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency journey (16:21 - 21:40) Marty's departure from Barstool/where he is now (21:41 - 29:15) Bitcoin 101 (29:20 - 47:58) How mining Bitcoin works (48:00 - 54:00) Is it at risk? (54:01 - 57:30) Hyperbitcoinization (57:31 - 01:22:50) Starting your investing profile (01:22:51 - 01:36:30) What's next for crypto? (01:36:40 - 01:39:48) 51 Strokes AFTERSHOW (1:40:00 - 1:44:38) Outro Song: Morgan Wallen - Still Goin Down 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Jan 13, 2021
Five Iron Golf
The founders of a re-imagined, high-tech, inclusive urban golf experience. On this weeks episode, Caleb is joined by the great people of our presenting sponsor, Five Iron Golf. Without them, 51 Strokes may have never even come close to this point. Jared Solomon, Mike Doyle, and Nora Dunnan started Five Iron Golf with the dream of making a more affordable country club experience in NYC. When they caught wind of the 51 Strokes journey, it didn't take long for them to hop right on the journey. In today's episode, you'll hear about how they met Caleb, what a place like Five Iron could do for a golfer, the new FiDi/many other locations, and so much more. Also, a big shoutout to Jordan Tripp, our massive podcast review giveaway winner. We are thankful to everyone that entered and will be doing more giveaways in the future! Enjoy today's show. Outro Song: Andy Williams - Happy Holiday / The Holiday Season 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Dec 23, 2020
2020 Year in Review
Caleb reviews 2020. With all the wild things that happened this year, a special journey was born... The Gentleman's Dream is alive and well and it's a huge credit to all of you, the fans. We are forever grateful for your support. It is only the beginning of what could be a story for the history books. On today's episode, Caleb talks about his love for solo episodes, an update on his golf/life journey, and the giveaway announcement you have all been waiting for. Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a review. Even if you didn't win this time, there will be PLENTY more opportunity down the road. You have our word. Enjoy today's episode. Outro Song: Teyana Taylor - We Got Love ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Dec 16, 2020
Caleb goes on the Ya Neva Know Podcast. This weeks episode is a little different than you're used to. Caleb was recording with the Ya Neva Know podcast out in LA, when he decided it was so good, that he should make it 51 Strokes this week too. You'll hear from platinum recording artist Mike, PGA Tour pro Max Homa, as they dive into just about everything going on in their lives. Even Johnny Manziel, Dana B, and Glenny Balls pop in and out of the episode. So technically this is the most guests we've ever had in one show. ALSO: The giveaway. As you know 51 Strokes made a promise that when we hit 1K reviews, we would do a massive giveaway to one lucky reviewer. That is still happening and will be on NEXT weeks episode. Stay tuned. Thank you all for your daily support, it is appreciated more than you know. Enjoy today's show. Introduction to Episode 10: (00:45 - 04:20) Outro Song: Mike - little more time 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Dec 09, 2020
Mark Broadie
Inventor of the Strokes Gained Statistic. Columbia Business school professor and author of Every Shot Counts. Mark Broadie has changed the way we see golf performance. His paradigm-shifting approach uses statistics and golf analytics in a way that has transformed the game. Broadie's 'strokes gained' statistic received enough high praise to be adopted by the PGA Tour in 2011, something that hadn't been done for decades. Week number NINE of the 51 Strokes podcast is coming in hot with the "Moneyball of golf." Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to everyone who bought merch over the weekend. 600 putts were made for everyone who bought on Black Friday. If you missed the live version, head on over to @51strokes on twitter to watch (after you listen to today's episode). One more quick update: We are closing in on the 1,000 review giveaway so make sure to get those reviews in if you haven't already for a chance to win EVERY piece of 51 Strokes merch. Enjoy today's show. Introduction to Episode 9: (00:45 - 03:02) Helping beginner golfers get better + the concept of 'strokes gained' (03:03 - 09:00). Pitching 'strokes gained' to the PGA Tour (09:01 - 15:16). Good vs. Bad stats (15:17 - 17:10). Implementation of analytics on different courses (17:11 - 22:22). The shots that matter the most (22:23 - 27:09). The affects of golfers changing their body type (27:10 - 31:08). The #1 reason PGA players use 'strokes gained' (31:09 - 34:36). How can a golfer like Caleb use analytics to help his game? (34:37 - 37:52). How often do PGA players reach out to Mark for help? (37:53 - 42:00). Factoring in weather and terrain + putting strategies (42:01 - 47:28). Does Mark use his data when he plays? (47:29 - 49:11). Thoughts on being the "Moneyball of golf" (49:12 - 54:28). The day to day life of Mark Broadie (54:29 - 1:01:11). Mark's 'Golfmetrics' app + Every Shot Counts (1:01:12 - 1:08:25). Where should Caleb be in his golf game come the beginning of next season (1:08:26 - 1:10:00). The 51 Strokes AFTER SHOW (1:10:10 - 1:14:28) Outro Song: MGK - Title Track 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Dec 02, 2020
RoneCat Management
The #1 Management Corporation joins to construct a deal for Caleb and 51 Strokes. It's week EIGHT and we've got a wild episode for you all today. Two of the biggest names in media join the program to try and negotiate a MAJOR deal with Caleb. They pulled out all the stops, going as far as bringing Brooks Koepka on the show. As always, thank you for the continued support. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review if you haven't already. Enjoy! Introduction to Episode 8 (00:00 - 04:51). Introducing RoneCat management to 51 Strokes + negotiations (04:58 - 24:55). Big Cat leaves, but Rone gives the ultimate marketing pitch for Caleb (25:00 - 35:50). Big Cat returns + Brooks Koepka joins on the phone (35:51 - 40:11). Is Caleb's team putting him in jeopardy of a RoneCat deal?(40:12 - 47:33). Closing a potential deal (47:34 - 01:02:07). The AFTER after show (01:02:08 - 01:08:10) Outro Song: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin ft Drake - Mr. Right Now 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Nov 25, 2020
Caleb Pressley
Podcast host and 2030 Masters Champion. It's week SEVEN and we've got a little bit of a Masters hangover on our hands. No guest on today's episode (they may or may not have bailed last minute), but you do NOT want to miss this one. As always, thank you all so much for the support. Keep leaving those podcast reviews. MASSIVE giveaway at 1,000 reviews. Enjoy. Introduction to Episode 7 and the origin of the 51 Strokes podcast (00:00 - 07:20). Five Iron Golf and it's impact on Caleb's game up until now and going forward (07:21 - 19:29). Creating the character that is Glenny Balls + the reason why Caleb yelled at him this week (19:30 - 48:00). The Masters (48:01 - 50:10). A personal golf update from Caleb and what's next for 51 Strokes (50:11 - 01:02:50). Outro Song: DDG - Moonwalking in Calabasas Remix (feat. Blueface) 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Nov 18, 2020
Erik Anders Lang
The #1 Most Requested Guest. Erik Anders Lang is a storyteller, filmmaker, television host, and one of the fastest growing names in golf. He is the host of the PGA Tour's "Adventures in Golf" and most recently, Random Golf Club on YouTube. Hear about all of this and so much more on week SIX of 51 Strokes. You requested, we delivered. As always, thank you so much for all the amazing support and energy you all bring every week. Keeping the Gentleman's Dream alive day in and out. Also, make sure to get the BRAND NEW Masters 51 Strokes gear. Enjoy today's episode! Introduction to Episode 6: (00:45 - 04:33) Masters week and intro to Erik Anders Lang (04:42 - 06:58). Erik on playing Augusta and some of the best courses in the world (07:00 - 15:25). Background before golf (15:26 - 20:41). Importance of meditation in golf (21:00 - 26:10). Transition from filmmaking to golf. (26:15 - 31:22). Erik's Random Golf Club (31:23 - 35:40). Golfing in Scotland (35:41 - 36:55). Drinking and playing golf (37:00 - 42:00) Erik's goals in life and closing time (42:20 - 57:55). 51 Strokes AFTER SHOW (58:00 - 1:00:01) Outro Song: The Masters Theme 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Nov 11, 2020
Scott Fawcett
#1 Course Management Expert In The World. Scott Fawcett's professional golf career never went as far as he wanted it to. An appearance in the 1999 U.S. Open and stints on the Web.com and Hooters Tours, among others, led Fawcett to create a new strategy to help take his own game to the next level. By combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics, the DECADE Course Management System was born. DECADE — which stands for Distance, Expectation, Correct Target, Analyze, Discipline, Execute — has quickly become a revolutionary way to approach the game. Week five...holy smokes we are flying. Your weekly support is unmatched and is what keeps the gentleman's dream alive. Make sure to leave a podcast review for your chance at a 51 Strokes Giveaway Merchandise Box. Much love, enjoy today's show. Introduction to Episode 5: (00:45 - 04:05) Meeting Chris Como (04:08 - 10:20). The art of putting (10:21 - 13:39). Making the PGA Tour was an accident? (13:40 - 21:25). Why not be a caddie instead? (21:30 - 34:29). Addressing Bubba Watson (34:40 - 40:32). Good life advice that becomes golf advice (40:34 - 51:10). Assessing difficulty on golf courses (51:12 - 54:43). Teaching the next generation of golf (54:44 - 1:03:42). How mediation plays a factor (1:03:45 - 1:12:55). Caleb's journey (1:13:00 - 1:24:25). The 51 Strokes AFTER SHOW (1:33:11 - 1:37:16) Outro Song: Morray - Quicksand 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Nov 04, 2020
Andy Plummer
Inventor of The Stack & Tilt. During his coaching career, Plummer has worked with Charlie Wi, Steve Elkington, Tom Scherrer, Grant Waite, Troy Matteson, Bill Lunde, Mike Weir and Aaron Baddeley. While doing so, his Stack & Tilt model hit the golf world in 2007, after it was reported on by a major magazine. Since then, the model has caused big time controversy with some of the biggest names in golf. Plummer and his coaching partner Mike Bennett also wrote the book, The Stack and Tilt Swing. It's week FOUR and the positive vibes are flowing. Keep supporting the 51 Strokes movement, as the Gentleman's Dream is nothing without all of you. Also, make sure to stick around because the after show has a BIG announcement for all you OGs out there. Introduction to Episode 4: (00:48 - 03:39) The Stack & Tilt (03:40 - 05:19). Andy's background (05:20 - 12:51). The controversy behind The Stack & Tilt and why other golf instructors and reporters feel threatened by it (12:52 - 28:35). Should Caleb use this swing method? (28:36 - 32:46). S&T on the PGA Tour (34:28 - 39:23). Why is it the best system for your golf swing? (41:03 - 58:01). What is the end goal for Andy Plummer and Stack & Tilt? (58:02 - 59:53). How to learn about and practice The Stack & Tilt (59:54 - 1:05:43). The 51 Strokes AFTER SHOW (1:05:44 - 1:12:26) Outro Song: Biig Piig - Oh No 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Oct 28, 2020
Kyle Berkshire
World Long Drive competitor, currently ranked No. 1 in the world. Kyle played Division I golf at the University of North Texas before transitioning his life into a long drive specialist. He has since won 6 World Long Drive Events, has a record of a 492 yard drive in competition, and a top ball speed of 229mph. The 6'3" man with luscious locks produces a clubhead speed of 145mph...that's fast. Now his main goal is to make the PGA Tour, just like Caleb. Welcome back to another week 51 Strokes. The Gentleman's Dream is still alive. Three weeks in and the support is continuously INCREDIBLE. As always, keep the good vibes going! Introduction to Episode 3: (00:48 - 06:19) People's reaction to Kyle's swing (06:20 - 08:13). Kyle's background (08:30 - 12:10). Mechanics and Training to become the Long Drive Champion (12:11 - 16:18). Conversations with PGA players (16:19 - 21:00). Does Kyle have any rivals & Long Drive Competitions (21:01 - 24:49). Being the most recognizable person in his sport (26:44 - 29:52). Goals to end up on the PGA Tour (29:53 - 46:44). Kyle Berkshire's everyday golf schedule (46:45 - 52:07). The 51 Strokes AFTER SHOW (53:05 - 57:10) Outro Song: Jungle - Busy Earnin' 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Oct 21, 2020
Dr. Gio Valiante
#1 Performance Coach in the world. He is the current performance coach for the Buffalo Bills. He has famously worked Steve Cohen, Jack Nicklaus, Sean McDermott, Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose, Camilo Villegas, Sean O'Hair, Davis Love III, and Alexis Thompson. His clients over the past decade have won dozens of championships, and he has become the winningest sport psychologist on the PGA Tour during that time. Dr. Gio's character is portrayed by Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades in the hit TV show Billions. Valiante has also authored two books: Fearless Golf and Golf Flow. Welcome back to 51 Strokes. The Gentleman's Dream is still alive. Thank you all for your incredible support from the first episode. Keep the good vibes going! Introduction to Episode 2 (00:48 - 04:54) Can Dr. Gio make Caleb great? (04:55 - 07:29). Encounters with all different walks of life and the type of people Dr. Gio looks for in a client (07:54 - 12:58). Can someone who's average reach the ultimate level? (13:00 - 14:40). Talking about the show Billions and the character he's portrayed as (14:41 - 19:21). The "best of the best" kind of people (19:22 - 20:00). "Why do you play golf" and finding your "why" (20:01 - 27:36). The collaborative effort to get Caleb down from 51 strokes w/ Chris Como (28:53 - 31:00). Dr. Gio on working with Camilo Villegas at Augusta National (31:01 - 34:20). A different point of view on observing and trusting others (34:42 - 41:42). How to handle your "why" (44:58 - 45:57). Can Caleb become mastery? (46:08 - 51:56). Finding a balance of happiness and hard work (51:57 - 1:00:58). What does Dr. Gio ultimately teach? (1:01:00 - 1:02:32). What is it like to work with the highest level of excellence? (1:03:14 - 1:08:19). Does Dr. Gio believe in spirituality? (1:08:20 - 1:14:45). The next steps for Caleb Pressley in his journey (1:14:50 - 1:17:32). What's next for Dr. Gio? (1:17:33 - 1:19:00). 51 Strokes POST SHOW (1:19:07 - 1:23:25) Outro Song: Goth Babe - Moments/Tides 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Oct 14, 2020
Chris Como
One of the top golf swing coaches in the world. He has dedicated his life to helping some of the best players in the game including Tiger Woods on his road to the 2018 Masters and now Bryson DeChambeau, who just won the U.S. Open. A Gentleman's Dream. This is episode one, of a journey with a long road ahead. Caleb Pressley will be a Masters Champion in 2030 and here's your chance to be a part of history. An introduction to 51 Strokes (00:48 - 11:21). How Chris began his golf career (11:22 - 15:24). The moment Chris realized his career was moving towards coaching rather than playing (15:24 - 17:26). Can Caleb become a professional golfer (19:03 - 22:23). Working with Tiger Woods + various athletes on recovery (22:24 - 31:36). Spending the day with Bryson DeChambeau (33:43 - 36:08). Fixing Caleb's golf game (36:10 - 40:36). Chris' living room training (42:06 - 45:37). Increasing club head speed like Bryson (50:07 - 57:40). The best swings in the world (57:41 - 59:26). Nutrition/Dieting advice (1:01:58 - 1:09:08). Playing poker and how it translates to golf (1:09:14 - 1:12:52). The plan for Caleb's future in golf (1:13:08 - 1:24:16). Episode epilogue from Caleb + GIVEAWAY (1:25:49 - 1:29:23) Outro Song: Yo Gotti - H.O.E. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf
Oct 07, 2020