51 Strokes

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51 Strokes is a masterclass in following your dreams. It’s teaching tape on pursuing your passion. Essentially, Caleb Pressley is a terrible golfer who one day wants to go pro and he's about to manifest that destiny right in your damn face and earlobes and there’s nothing you can really do about it except strap in and join the journey. Listen in as he consults the greatest golf minds in the world in order to fill his brain with facts about the game he has haphazardly dedicated the rest of his life to. He might be a 51 handicap golfer now, but when it’s all said and done he will be a Masters Champion and a national hero. Getting in on 51 Strokes now is like buying Amazon stock in 1997. Even if you don’t like golf, this is the podcast for you. However, if you DO like golf, you’ll probably like it more.

Episode Date
Dr. Gio Valiante
Welcome back to 51 Strokes. The Gentleman's Dream is still alive. Thank you all for your incredible support from the first episode. Keep the good vibes going! Introduction to Episode 2 (00:48 - 04:54) Dr. Gio Valiante | The Sports Psychologist of 51 Strokes - Gio Valiante is one of the most prominent sport psychologists in the world. He has worked with many of the sport's top players, including Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose, Camilo Villegas, Sean O'Hair, Davis Love III, and Alexis Thompson. His clients over the past decade have won dozens of championships, and he has become the winningest sport psychologist on the PGA Tour during that time. - Can Dr. Gio make Caleb great? (04:55 - 07:29). Encounters with all different walks of life and the type of people Dr. Gio looks for in a client (07:54 - 12:58). Can someone who's average reach the ultimate level? (13:00 - 14:40). Talking about the show Billions and the character he's portrayed as (14:41 - 19:21). The "best of the best" kind of people (19:22 - 20:00). "Why do you play golf" and finding your "why" (20:01 - 27:36). The collaborative effort to get Caleb down from 51 strokes w/ Chris Como (28:53 - 31:00). Dr. Gio on working with Camilo Villegas at Augusta National (31:01 - 34:20). A different point of view on observing and trusting others (34:42 - 41:42). How to handle your "why" (44:58 - 45:57). Can Caleb become mastery? (46:08 - 51:56). Finding a balance of happiness and hard work (51:57 - 1:00:58). What does Dr. Gio ultimately teach? (1:01:00 - 1:02:32). What is it like to work with the highest level of excellence? (1:03:14 - 1:08:19). Does Dr. Gio believe in spirituality? (1:08:20 - 1:14:45). The next steps for Caleb Pressley in his journey (1:14:50 - 1:17:32). What's next for Dr. Gio? (1:17:33 - 1:19:00). 51 Strokes POST SHOW (1:19:07 - 1:23:25) Outro Song: Goth Babe - Moments/Tides 51 Strokes is presented by 5 Iron Golf
Oct 14, 2020
Chris Como
A Gentleman's Dream. This is episode one, of a journey with a long road ahead. Caleb Pressley will be a Masters Champion in 2030 and here's your chance to be a part of history. An introduction to 51 Strokes (00:48 - 11:21). Chris Como | GM and Swing Coach of 51 Strokes - Chris Como is one of the top golf swing coaches in the world. He has dedicated his life to helping some of the best players in the game including Tiger Woods on his road to the 2018 Masters and now Bryson DeChambeau, who just won the U.S. Open. - How Chris began his golf career (11:22 - 15:24). The moment Chris realized his career was moving towards coaching rather than playing (15:24 - 17:26). Can Caleb become a professional golfer (19:03 - 22:23). Working with Tiger Woods + various athletes on recovery (22:24 - 31:36). Spending the day with Bryson DeChambeau (33:43 - 36:08). Fixing Caleb's golf game (36:10 - 40:36). Chris' living room training (42:06 - 45:37). Increasing club head speed like Bryson (50:07 - 57:40). The best swings in the world (57:41 - 59:26). Nutrition/Dieting advice (1:01:58 - 1:09:08). Playing poker and how it translates to golf (1:09:14 - 1:12:52). The plan for Caleb's future in golf (1:13:08 - 1:24:16). Episode epilogue from Caleb + GIVEAWAY (1:25:49 - 1:29:23) Outro Song: Yo Gotti - H.O.E. 51 Strokes is presented by 5 Iron Golf
Oct 07, 2020
51 Strokes
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Sep 17, 2020