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 Oct 28, 2020
Even though it takes Mr Potter way more than 4 strokes, he still follows proto and puts baby raper stamps on all the chomo's foreheads...I like that. and even more, he still finds the time to make moose soup, and I REALLY like that.

Jeffrey Smith
 Oct 27, 2020
Great job Josh.

 Oct 25, 2020
Josh isnt being stingy with this pod.

 Oct 20, 2020

 Oct 20, 2020


Josh Potter sits down weekly to give you all the important AND unimportant events of the world, of sports, and anything else he can think of. Want to contribute to the show? Send submissions to

Episode Date
15 - UNLIIIMITED - The Josh Potter Show

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Welcome back to the Josh Potter Show. Josh starts this episode off by issuing an apology for not recording an episode last week. He gives an update on Russell Wilson aka Sussell Wilson and takes a look at a video of him referring to himself as "Mr. Unlimited." He also discusses pronunciation of Tua Tagovailoa's name, Josh Jacobs succumbing to the Roach Curse, and Tom Segura's basketball injury. He watches DeAndre Hopkins respond to criticism in a press conference, as well as O.J. Simpson weighing in on the matter. Potter reports on Denver Bronco Von Miller allegedly hoping for a miscarriage, the Coronavirus baby boom, and Malia Obama’s boyfriend who had to quarantine with the former president. Josh also responds to listener feedback about eating people, favorite drops, and the phrase “please to be.” Josh names himself queef of the week and plays an impressive queef submission by Molly Stewart.

Jan 12, 2021
14 - Viewer News - The Josh Potter Show

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Have you heard?! We just released new merch! Head over to and get yours now! Welcome back to the Josh Potter Show!

This week Potter focuses on viewer submitted articles and stories, starting with a Nazi focused Craigslist ad, a man riding a police horse without its consent, and a follow up on Josh's prior assessments on Peter Nygard. The Roach then shares a viewer's submission to the show, detailing their extreme car ride while listening to a prior episode. Josh jumps right back into the viewer articles, this time about a good guy cooking some friends his own amputated leg. Potter and Enny both love the idea, and discuss how and why they would partake in this experience. To wrap up the show, Potter covers the rest of this week's viewer articles, including Johnny Rotten getting bit on his pecker, a man burying his father in his own attic, and a recent decline of international serial killers. Thank you for all your submissions this week! If you want to submit your articles for the next viewer submission episode, send them our way!

Dec 29, 2020
13 - Please To Be Watching - The Josh Potter Show

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Welcome back to the Josh Potter Show! Josh starts off this episode by discussing Tom Cruise's on-set rant. He follows up with on Chris Taylor Brown from Trapt, and discusses his use of the term "please to be." For the news, Josh reports on Osama Bin Laden's henchman being freed, Sudan being taken off the list of state sponsored terrorist countries, and the undercover cop dressed as Santa who stopped a car thief. For the sports world, The Cockroach covers Dwight Howard being sued by two women over snake handling, Las Vegas Raider Josh Jacobs trolling fans about not playing against the Colts, and LiAngelo Ball being waived by the Pistons. Potter wraps up the show by reviewing the year's most dangerous toys. 

Dec 22, 2020
12 - Headstrong! - The Josh Potter Show

Welcome back to the Josh Potter Show! Josh starts off this episode by discussing Russell (aka Sussell) Wilson's strange fragrance ad, and radio legend John Otto. Josh plays some of Otto's greatest hits, and covers the recent Twitter beef he had with rock band Trapt. For the world of sports, The Cockroach covers Thom Brenneman's move to a Puerto Rican baseball league, NFL linebacker Vontaze Burfict who beat up a security guard over pizza, Baltimore Raven Dez Bryant testing positive for COVID, and quitting the team, and Scottie Pippen's ex, Larsa Pippen, who is now dating Minnesota Timberwolf Malik Beasley. Enny and Josh discuss tactics Scottie Pippen Jr. could employ to get even with Beasley. Josh reports on news stories regarding an Italian man who walked 280 miles after a fight, another man who was locked in an apartment for 28 years, a real-life Buddy the Elf, and more. Potter also responds to listener feedback regarding retinopathy issues, a follow up on The Beatles, and more.

Dec 15, 2020
11 - Sopranos & Fat Stacks w/ Rob Iler - The Josh Potter Show

Robert Iler is an actor best known for his role as AJ Soprano on "The Sopranos," the co-host of the "Pajama Pants" podcast, and a YMH super-fan. He joins Josh Potter for this episode of the Josh Potter Show to discuss his appearance on YMH Live 3, Italian slang from "The Sopranos," living in Las Vegas, and why show business sucks. Josh reports on a man who got stabbed over Thanksgiving leftovers, a mysterious Utah monolith, and the anti-gay Hungarian MEP who was caught at a 25-man event; who Josh crowns as this week's "Queef of the Week."

Dec 08, 2020
10 - Everybody Hurts - The Josh Potter Show

Welcome back to The Josh Potter Show! Josh starts off this episode by discussing DeAndre Hopkins' recent Hail Mary play against the Buffalo Bills, prompting Josh to retract his offer to eat Hopkins' scrum. Josh shares why a stray cat made him cry, and Enny issues an apology for his comments about country music, then shares some fan-submitted remixes of the sports segment song with Josh. Potter reports on the advice on women LaVar Ball gave his sons, then takes a look at a video of a (drunk?) Todd McShay, and names anybody that judged him the QotW. He covers Cole Tucker who is now dating Vanessa Hudgens, the Beatles' group-bonding activities, and Dr. Fauci saying that Santa Claus is immune to Coronavirus. The cockroach wraps up by listening to more queef submissions.

Dec 01, 2020
9 - The Salt Life - The Josh Potter Show

**ATTN: This episode was recorded previous to DeAndre Hopkins breaking Josh’s heart with his hail mary catch. Please disregard any praise for DeAndre Hopkins as he and his villainy will be addressed on Episode 11 out 12/01/20

Welcome back to The Josh Potter Show! Josh Potter starts off this episode by discussing annoying music and a sad Mercedes commercial. He doesn't make it far before ruining the nice boy clock (again). For sports, he covers Cincinnati Red Trevor Bauer's potential McLaren purchase, Isaiah Thomas' recent remarks about Michael Jordan, and a fan-made video of Donald Trump issuing a Thom Brennaman-esque apology. For the news, the cockroach reports on an Egyptian man who is recovering after doctors removed a goldfish from his throat, the Salt Life co-founder who was arrested for murder, a parent who became enraged after their baby was called ugly, furry VR which features Four Seasons Total Landscaping, and Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion which is going to be demolished.

Nov 24, 2020
8 - The Great Rebranding - The Josh Potter Show

Welcome to the newly rebranded Josh Potter Show! Enny is back for this episode.

Josh and Enny start the show by discussing how to get one's girlfriend to buy them a PS5, Sussell Wilson vs. the Buffalo Bills, and the recap of last week's Arby's review. For the news, Josh covers a man who had a heart attack while on performance meds and some cool people in the woods that got in trouble for performing a gender reassignment surgery. For the sports world the Cockroach covers baseball hall of famer Tony La Russa's DUI arrest and an investigation on cameras that were put in the New York Jets' locker room. Josh reviews some new "QotW" submissions and responds to follow-up emails about the cleanest and dirtiest NFL butts. He wraps the episode by urging fans to spread the Buffalo Bills spirit to their favorite, random, 716 area code numbers.

Nov 17, 2020
7 - Kissing Antonio Brown w/ Tom Segura - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome Back to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter is joined by Tom Segura for this episode. They start off the show by discussing lame morning show interviews, then move on to taste test Arby's new deep fried turkey sandwiches. They watch New York Giant Daniel Jones trip at the 10 yard line, as well as a kid passionately coaching his peewee football team. Josh names Colin Cowherd "Q**** of the Week," once again, following a tweet he made claiming Tom Brady is a Yankees fan. Tom and Potter discuss Antonio Brown who is currently living with Brady. They then play a game in which they discuss the NFL players that have the cleanest and dirtiest b-holes. Josh makes a formal apology for not recognizing the Anne Frank costume from last week. They wrap up by playing a new game called "This or That" in which they pick who they would rather spend time with from different pairings of controversial figures.

Nov 10, 2020
6 - Cancelled Costumes - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

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Welcome back to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter begins this episode by discussing a pastor who had an accident on an airplane. He then covers a couple who got married in McDonald's, an El Paso gentleman's club that is open during Coronavirus, Arby's new deep fried turkey sandwich, a fraudulent oil scam, the most offensive Halloween costumes, and more. Potter also recaps the YMH Studios arm wrestling matches that took place after the 2 Bears Live show, and concocts a theory regarding Enny's attitude towards sports.

Nov 03, 2020
5 - The Fact Police - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome back to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter starts this episode off by apologizing for some of the previous episode's inaccuracies. In the sports world, Josh covers an on-air fight between two ESPN radio hosts, a Chiefs fan's mental breakdown, and the Colts player who lost his wedding ring during a game. In current events, Josh discusses Jeffrey Toobin's recent Zoom scandal and OJ Simpson's response to it, the New York state judge that got into an altercation with a police officer, a husband who tried to sabotage his wife's parachute before skydiving, and a man who got caught smuggling gold nuggets in his rectum. They wrap up by revisiting Enny's NFL quarterback picks.

Oct 27, 2020
4 - The Most Prolific - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome back to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter starts off this episode by discussing the Lakers' NBA Championship win, then covers the divisive debate of who the GOAT is. Also, in the sports world, Josh discusses Dak Prescott's injury, the Eagles/Cowboy rivalry, and revisits Enny's QB rankings. Potter covers current events including a teen who got stuck in a storm drain, a priest who was getting freaky in the church, a man who OD'd on black licorice, and more! Josh wraps up by discussing who might be the most prolific killer in the world: Samuel Little.


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Oct 20, 2020
3 - What Happened To Delonte - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome back to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter begins this episode by reviewing queef submissions from listeners. He refuses to apologize for referring to the "Home Alone" robbers as the "Sticky Bandits," and makes the audience aware of the fact that he is blind. Josh covers news stories about a man who threatened a woman in Walmart because she wasn't wearing a mask, data that shows roommates have been hooking up during quarantine, an English Christmas tree salesman who advertised himself on a billboard to find dates, a man cave that was discovered in a New York City subway tunnel, an elk attack that occurred on a golf course and more! The Cockroach calls Cleveland 92.3 radio host Anthony Lima to discuss current events in the sports world including the Golden Tate/Jalen Ramsey brawl and an update on Delonte West, as well as Potter's time on terrestrial radio.

Oct 13, 2020
2 - The Day After - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome back to the Roach Motel!

Josh Potter starts out this episode by addressing some listener feedback from Episode 1. In the area of current events, Josh covers Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination, Amy Coney Barrett. Josh suggests that she was the wrong choice and recommends that a cool Columbian judge, Vivian Polania, might be a better suited candidate. The cockroach also discusses Judge Napolitano of Fox News fame's recent controversy, a surgeon who got caught hoarding body parts, Delonte West, the former NBA player who is now homeless after having relations with Lebron James' mom, and more! Potter responds to backlash from his coverage of the No Jumper girls, and issues a formal apology. He wraps up this episode by playing a game in which Enny makes NFL predictions based solely upon images of selected quarterbacks.

Oct 06, 2020
1 - The First One - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Roach Motel! Josh Potter sits down in the Roach Motel weekly to give you all the important AND unimportant events of the world, of sports, and anything else he finds throughout the week.

We start off our first episode by discussing the atrocity that EA Sports calls Madden 21, hot takes on current homicide stories, his producer Enny's complete lack of pop culture knowledge, and how Josh has been spending quarantine. Josh also covers Michael Jackson's cousin who is selling the needle that is potentially responsible for his demise, baseball players cursing on LIVE broadcasts, NFL quarterback fashion, and more!

Sep 29, 2020
Intro - Roach Motel with Josh Potter

Welcome to the Roach Motel!

Sep 22, 2020