Brother from Another

By Michael Holley and Michael Smith

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Longtime friends and journalists Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss the latest across sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.

Episode Date
"Everybody likes to be the little spoon sometimes"

(00:00) Vincent Goodwill and Carron J. Phillips fill-in today for Holley and Smith ... they react to Kyrie Irving's fine from the NBA and James Harden's first press conference as a Brooklyn Net

(20:26) Vincent and Carron give their opinion on Charles Barkley saying NBA and NFL players should get vaccines first because they pay more taxes

(39:57) Jerry Brewer, aka Slim Brew, joins the show to give NFL playoff predictions and his take on the new Big 3 in Brooklyn

(54:23) Was Kentucky coach John Calipari being sincere when he backed the basketball team for taking a knee and does Michigan have a new Fab Five?

(1:14:05) Amin Elhassan knows basketball so we pick his brain on the Warriors and the Nets new Superteam

(1:30:57) Why hasn't Eric Bieniemy been hired as a head coach yet and should he be mad?

(1:43:50) Happy Birthday, Regina King! Vincent and Carron discuss her directorial debut on what would have been Martin Luther King Jr's 92nd birthday

Jan 16, 2021
"You can't have Star Wars without the Death Star"

(00:00) A Big Three grows in Brooklyn: Holley and Smith analyze the Nets blockbuster trade for James Harden

(19:50) The brothers dive deeper into the trade debating who is the "3" in the big three and will the Nets be able to make this new relationship work?

(40:14) Ashley Nicole Moss joins the show to explain how the Knicks and Cowboys are poised to take over their divisions

(54:27) Tua talk: Could he be replaced in Miami after one year and was Brian Flores forced to play him before he wanted to?

(1:07:34) Chris Simms stops by to give us his opinion on Tua, NFL Divisional Round predictions, plus his thoughts on Jerod Mayo as a head coaching candidate

(1:17:36) We're going going, back back, to Philly Philly and breaking down the decision to fire Doug Pederson and it looks like Michael Smith's Jaguars have a new head coach in Urban Meyer ... but is a power struggle imminent?

(1:33:10) Picking up the conversation from the other day, Holley and Smith debate Nick Saban's legacy and place on the list of all-time head coaches

(1:42:57) Pick up the shield Cap! The brothers address the rumor that Chris Evans will reprise his role as Captain America

Jan 14, 2021
"Two historic moves in one day"

(00:00) The brothers start the show discussing James Harden's next move and Michael Holley has a prophetic vision

(22:13) Professor Jason Johnson joins the show to weigh in on Harden, the impeachment proceedings plus we break his chops about the Seahawks losing to the Rams

(42:00) Daily Deshaun Dialogue: If Andre Johnson is slandering you, you know you messed up

(59:45) Say what now? Holley and Smith react in real-time to the breaking news of James Harden's blockbuster trade to the Brooklyn Nets

(1:29:13) The news just keeps on breaking: the House votes 232-197 to impeach President Trump for "incitement of insurrection"

(1:43:20) The brothers recap the wild afternoon

Jan 13, 2021
"Houston has a problem and I have the solution"

(00:00) The Houston Texans finally decide to interview Eric Bieniemy but is it too little too late?

(20:19) Holley and Smith review last nights College Football Championship and debate who the best player on the field was

(41:20) Washington Correspondent Tia Mitchell joins the show to give her first hand account of the siege on the Capitol Building last week plus her predictions for Inauguration Day

(1:01:50) Will Bill Belichick turning down the Medal of Freedom be his best move yet?

(1:14:27) We welcome Carron J. Phillips, Sr Writer for Deadspin, to discuss his article detailing Kaepernick's famous kneel, the countries reaction and how it led to last weeks insurrection

(1:31:46) The brothers discuss Kyrie Irving's sabbatical and the NBA investigating of his social media for Covid protocol violations

(1:38:51) Meanwhile in Alabama, Roll Tide celebrations turn into superspreader events

(1:43:36) Nick Saban now has the most National Championships in College Football with 7 but can we consider him the greatest coach of all time?

Jan 13, 2021
"Draft picks are food for the egos of General Managers"

(00:00) Holley and Smith react to the Philadelphia Eagles firing Doug Pederson, explain how he lost the locker-room and where the Eagles go from here

(22:10) "That was the worst 500yd game in the history of football" The brothers break down Roethlisberger's performance, the Browns triumphant win over the Steelers, plus Lamar Jackson finally got his first playoff win

(42:55) Comedian Ricky Smith stops by to take a victory lap after the Browns win last night

(56:10) The brothers get into a heated debate on how much it would take to trade for Deshaun Watson and Michael Smith is having none of it

(1:15:40) New York Times Bestselling author Wright Thompson joins the show to talk whiskey and the NCAA championship

(1:27:36) Holley and Smith explain how Bill Belichick accepting the Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump would be a bad PR move and could cost him a lot more in the future

Jan 11, 2021
"Brother From Another Wild Card Weekend Special"

(00:00) Holley and Smith react to the Browns triumphant win vs the Steelers

(15:35) Congratulations to Lamar Jackson on his first playoff win

(20:32) The brothers are joined by Rich Eisen and get his reaction to Wildcard Weekend

Jan 11, 2021
"I appreciate your passion but you're wrong"

(00:00) Holley and Smith call out the lack of urgency in Trumps impeachment and raise the question: where was this energy before?

(25:10) Poetic justice: Holley explains how journalism ultimately won vs Trump and why it took so long

(37:45) Former NFL WR Brandon Marshall joins the show to discuss mental health fitness, NFL playoff predictions plus he moves some plans to spend a little bonus time with the brothers

(1:00:45) The brothers debate Deshaun Watson's willingness to stay with the Texans and what will ownership need to do to keep him in Houston

(1:19:41) My Bets, Your Money: Holley gives his MBYM picks for Wildcard Weekends

(1:25:35) Vinny Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports weighs in the Aaron Donald/Michael Smith comparison and shares his thoughts on the recent chaos in Washington DC

(1:37:13) Holley and Smith breakdown Todd McShay's latest mock draft

Jan 09, 2021
"We want Justice, they want quiet"

(00:00) Holley and Smith breakdown the insurrection in Washington DC and call it what it is: treason

(20:45) The brothers call out the hypocrisy of how the coup was handled juxtaposed to the BLM protests

(40:33) Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report shares her opinions on recent events, revisits the significance of Colin Kaepernick's protest, plus Smith and Taylor open up about their Goldendoodles

(1:02:15) Chris Simms analyzes NFL Super Wild Card Weekend matchups

(1:13:00) Houston has another problem: Deshaun Watson wants out

(1:32:07) Smith and Holley dive into the deep, deep playbook of GOP rhetoric

(1:41:43) Holley tells the story of how the WNBA's Atlanta Dream stood up to their owner Kelly Loeffler and how it impacted the Georgia election

Jan 07, 2021
"Pray for our country"

(00:00) Holley and Smith react to the chaotic events in Washington DC as they unfold

(20:48) Professor Jason Johnson joins the show to weigh in on the riots, the Georgia election and the NFC playoffs

(53:10) The brothers take a break to discuss Deshaun Watson and whether his cryptic tweet hinted at wanting out of Houston, plus props to Devonta Smith and what was Kristen Saban thinking with that tweet?

(1:17:30) More fallout from the Eagles odd QB decision to play Sudfeld over Hurst and is Jason Kelce playing politics?

(1:35:30) Holley and Smith revisit the election riots in DC and breakdown the hypocritic nature of the situ ation

Jan 06, 2021
"The next Batman? This is big. It's a big day."

(00:00) Holley and Smith (reluctantly) talk Jaguars and what Shad Khan plans to do with the #1 overall pick

(18:20) The brothers debate whether or not Doug Pederson is done in Philadelphia

(39:53) Charles Robinson from Yahoo! Sports joins the show and drops "one of the most insightful, information filled hits" Michael Smith has ever heard.

(1:02:00) Holley calls them "The Washington Football Team" of the NBA but could the Knicks be a playoff team in the East?

(1:17:30) Oscar Winning screenwriter John Ridley discusses his new graphic novel: DC's Future State: The Next Batman and share some nostalgic moments from his storied career.

(1:37:20) Congratulations to Bianca Smith on being the first black woman hired to coach pro baseball and her journey to this historic position

(1:43:50) How much pressure is on Lamar Jackson to win in the playoffs and will the QB arms race in the AFC lessen his opportunities?

Jan 05, 2021
"It takes separation to bring appreciation."

(00:00) Holley and Smith are back! The brothers discuss the controversial QB change in Philly and whether the Eagles are taking TTP too far

(23:00) NFC Playoffs: Will Tom Brady's success with Tampa Bay lead to another SB ring?

(30:00) AFC Playoffs: Are the Bills and Josh Allen the biggest threat to Mahomes and the Chiefs in the AFC playoffs?

(42:00) Steph Curry "took it personally" and dropped a 62 point game

(58:00) Trump's controversial call to Georgia's Secretary of State asking to find 11,780 votes.

(01:18:00) Reaction to OSU v Clemson: "You can't put your foot in your mouth and get someone else foot in your behind."

(01:31:45) The Justin Fields vs Trevor Lawrence debate. Should Jacksonville reconsider who they take with the #1 overall pick?

(01:44:01) Stefon Diggs is flossing (literally and figuratively) with the Buffalo Bills

Jan 04, 2021
"My top 5 Christmas songs are very black"

(00:00) Holley and Smith reveal their (completely different) Top 5 best Christmas movies of all-time.

(11:00) Recap of the Clippers 116-109 win over the Lakers in the season opener.

(22:30) Jason Johnson joins the show to discuss Trump's pardons and the need for monthly stimulus checks.

(37:30) Analyzing BYU quarterback Zach Wilson potential in the NFL and if he could be the answer for the Jets?

(45:00) Michael Smith gives his take on the lofty expectations for Trevor Lawrence when he enters the NFL.

(58:30) NFLPA Assistant Executive Director George Atallah stops by for a debate about the best Christmas characters of all time, and also weighs in on the Dwayne Haskins strip club situation.

(1:12:30) The brothers chat about Tom Brady's tweet trolling Tony Dungy in response Dungy's QB rankings.

(1:26:00) Vince Goodwill joins the show to discuss the best Christmas songs, the James Harden strip club investigation, and the Nets win over the Warriors.

Dec 23, 2020
"Why is my man in a strip club, maskless?!"

(00:00) Reacting to the Steelers shocking loss to the Bengals and a debate on whether Big Ben and the team can turn things around come playoff time.

(22:30) Washington QB Dwayne Haskins apologizes after photos and videos surface of him partying at a strip club with no mask on.

(40:30) NFL reporter Kimberley A. Martin joins the show to discuss the Eagles QB situation and the Jets Week 15 win over the Rams.

(57:30) Team Brother From Another unveils its NBA fantasy team after the Peacock draft and why Michael Smith passed on LeBron James in the first two rounds.

(1:06:00) Previewing the NBA 2020-21 season openers: Warriors-Nets and Clippers-Lakers

(1:20:30) The brothers explain why they think the Lakers are the overwhelming favorites to win it all again this season.

(1:34:45) Another development in the James Harden saga, with reports of a ball-throwing incident at a Rockets' practice.

Dec 23, 2020
"We were all rooting for you!"

(00:00) Reaction to Jets finally winning a game and debate whether Clemson's Trevor Lawrence would rather wind up in Jacksonville or New York.

(22:00) The brothers officially put a nail in the coffin of New England's dynasty after their Week 15 loss to the Dolphins and discuss where the team goes from here.

(40:00) Breaking down another impressive performance from Jalen Hurts and why his recent play could mean the end of Carson Wentz's time in Philly.

(56:30) Thoughts on the final College Football Playoff rankings and how the system is not designed to find the best team in college football.

(1:13:30) Examining if the Buffalo Bills can be contenders for a long time after clinching the AFC East for the first time since 1995.

(1:23:30) Is it too obvious to think the Kansas City Chiefs could win the Super Bowl again?

Dec 22, 2020
"Don't ever leave a voicemail"

(00:00) Smith and Holley discuss the NBA's investigation of tampering charges against Jerry West and the Clippers over signing Kawhi Leonard, West's leaked voicemail about the Lakers, and what comes next for the Clippers.

(31:30) My Bets, Your Money: Holley's Week 15 picks in the NFL

(36:00) Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, joins the show to weigh on the MLB finally recognizing Negro League stats and why he thinks MLB players are so threatened by integration.

(57:30) Stanford women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer joins the show to talk about accomplishing the most victories in Division 1 women's basketball with 1,099.

(1:05:30) Reaction to the reports that the Rockets are expanding James Harden trade talks beyond his preferred teams.

(1:24:00) Vince Goodwill joins the show for 'Feel Goodwill Friday' to share his pick for NBA MVP this season.

(1:41:30) The brothers discuss Chadwick Boseman's last on-screen bow 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

Dec 18, 2020
"Defense wins championships, but it doesn't win MVPs"

(00:00) A debate on whether or not Aaron Rodgers should win this year's NFL MVP award and if the Packers have done enough to give Rodgers productive weapons.

(30:00) Discussing the lack of recognition for defensive players and why Aaron Donald should be in the MVP conversation.

(40:00) NBA Insider Shams Charania shares his insight on James Harden's chances of actually being traded from the Rockets, why Giannis stayed with the Bucks, and the Clippers' culture.

(58:50) Former NFL QB Chris Simms joins the show to give his take on the flaws of the NFL MVP award and who he thinks should win it this year.

(1:14:30) Thoughts on the Lions planning to interview Scott Pioli for vacant GM job.

(1:25:00) Reaction to Trevor Lawrence's recent comments about his Clemson career, the NFL draft, and the New York Jets.

(1:39:00) PointsBet releases their NBA MVP odds for the 2020-21 season and the brothers give their picks.

Dec 18, 2020
"I miss the bubble"

(1:30) Michael and Michael discuss the MLB's decision to elevate the Negro Leagues to Major League status

(24:00) James Harden and the Rockets are reportedly at a breaking point, so should they trade him or figure out a way to keep him in Houston?

(41:30) Stanford head coach Tara Vanderveer passes Pat Summitt for most wins in Division I women's basketball (1,099)

(50:10) Deion Sanders flips #1 rated JUCO corner from Georgia to Jackson State

(57:30) Reaction to the latest College Football Playoff rankings

(1:05:00) Detroit Lions to interview NFL analyst Louis Riddick for vacant GM job

(1:15:30) The Giannis Effect: Aftermath of Antetokounmpo's supermax deal

(1:35:00) With NBA preseason games taking place empty arenas, the brothers explain why they miss the bubble

(1:42:45) Tom Cruise unleashes an epic rant on the set of MI:7 over breaking COVID-19 protocols

Dec 17, 2020
"He could've been cramping AND nature could've been calling"

(00:00) Reaction to Giannis Antetokounmpo's five-year, $228.2M super-max deal with the Bucks

(21:30) Breaking down the wild Monday Night Football game between the Ravens and Browns and pouring one out for all the gamblers and fantasy football owners who lost on the Ravens' safety to end the game

(43:15) New York Times journalist Wesley Morris joins the show to detail his piece "My Mustache, My Self" and winning a Pulitzer Prize as a Black journalist

(1:05:20) Discussing the beginning of COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the United States and why it's a moment for gratitude and a reminder of what's still being asked of every American

(1:20:20) Mitch McConnell finally acknowledges that Joe Biden won the election, but was it too little too late?

(1:32:00) Vince Goodwill joins the brothers to debate whether Lamar Jackson left the game because of cramps or because nature was calling

Dec 16, 2020
"One guy looks built for this and that guy is Jalen Hurts"

(00:00) Kyrie Irving's "pawns" comments and why it might be indicative of something he's searching for off of the court

(21:00) What to expect from the Brooklyn Nets this season with Kevin Durant making his return

(38:30) Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins the show to talk about winning the 2020 World Series and what the MLB can do to attract more Black athletes to play baseball

(57:40) Breaking down Jalen Hurts' successful first start with the Eagles and why Carson Wentz's future may not be in Philadelphia

(1:33:00) Electoral College meets to certify Joe Biden election victory over Trump

Dec 15, 2020
"Some of these guys gotta toughen up a little bit"

Vince Goodwill and J.A. Adande fill in for Michael Smith and Michael Holley on this Friday episode of Brother From Another

(00:00) The latest rumors regarding James Harden's future and how he could change how we view player empowerment in the NBA

(16:40) Reaction to New England's tough Thursday night loss to the Rams and why the Patriots have a lot of other things to worry about beyond their Cam Newton

(23:30) Kyrie Irving and the Nets fined $25,000 and his for violating NBA media rules and why he's only fooling himself with his latest statement

(39:00) CNBC sports business reporter Jabari Young joins the show to talk NBA Preseason and the impact this pandemic will have on sports in the future

(1:14:30) Jason Reid of The Undefeated stops by for a discussion about if Jalen Hurts will joins the list of successful Black quarterbacks in Philadelphia

(1:27:30) What Goodwill and Adande think about Disney planning to make movies based on the lives of Chris Paul and Giannis Antetokounmpo

Dec 12, 2020
"Kyrie's walking around here like he's Jordan or something"

(00:00) Clippers F Paul George signs 5-year, $226M supermax extension

(15:30) James Harden adds the Heat and Bucks to his trade wish list

(27:00) Michael Holley's Top 10 NBA Players in 2020-21

(39:00) Kendrick Perkins joins the show to talk NBA player contracts

(57:30) Chris Simms stops by to discuss Carson Wentz getting benched

(1:18:00) President Trump continues to fight election results

(1:23:30) Pee-wee football coaches punches 9-year-old child twice

(1:34:00) Vince Goodwill reacts to the brothers' 2020-21 Top 10 NBA Players list

Dec 11, 2020
"Happy star, happy franchise"

(00:00) Reaction to ESPN's Top 100 NBA Players list

(28:30) MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson on Georgia Senate runoff elections

(43:45) Jalen Hurts replaces Carson Wentz as starter in Philly

(1:00) Giannis Antetokounmpo still hasn't signed supermax contract extension with the Bucks

(1:25) NFL reporter Steve Wyche on if he'd rather have Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen right now

(1:32) Will James Harden start the season with the Rockets?

Dec 09, 2020
"Scottie Pippen is the patron saint of sidekicks"

Michael and Michael discuss Doug Pederson's decision to bench Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts in Week 14 and if that was the right call. They also react to Washington's huge upset victory over the Steelers and whether or not they're as good as their 11-1 record suggests. The brothers share their confusion over Scottie Pippen's displeasure with "The Last Dance" documentary. Plus, they explain why research shows that Black Americans don't trust the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dec 08, 2020
"Gregg Williams is a lot of things, but he's not stupid"

Michael and Michael react the to the Jets' decision to fire Gregg Williams following a highly-criticized play call that cost them the game against the Raiders. Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs for the NFLPA, George Atallah, stops by to provide updates on COVID-19 protocols and the potential of a playoff bubble. The brothers also discuss the recent news surrounding James Harden and why it doesn't reflect well on the culture Houston has built. Plus, they share their top 5 Christmas songs and you might be surprised by one they left out.

Dec 08, 2020
"Are we numb or are we dumb?"

Michael Holley and Michael Smith show off their favorite face masks and why wearing them should be mandated across the board. Vince Goodwill stops by on 'Feel Goodwill Friday' to dissect Kyrie Irving's statement on the 2021 season and the latest on James Harden. "Big Mouth' writer Brandon Kyle Goodman joins the show to talk about his 'Do The Work' podcast which explores race and the importance of representation. Plus, Michael Holley reveals his NFL Week 13 picks during "My Bets, Your Money".

Dec 05, 2020
"The loudest people on this issue aren't allies to begin with"

Michael Smith and Michael Holley have an in-depth discussion about what the phrase "defund the police" really means, following Barack Obama's critical comments on it. They also react to Russell Westbrook being traded by the Rockets and Anthony Davis' max contract with the Lakers. Plus, Chris Simms stops by for a conversation about Deshaun Watson's standout season and the Steelers' win over Baltimore to remain undefeated. And Michael Smith takes some time to correct some of the comments he made in regards to the Tyreek Hill allegations.

Dec 03, 2020
"We're in a golden age of wide receivers"

Michael Smith and Michael Holley look back on the career and legacy of comedy icon Richard Pryor. Former NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith joins the show to weigh in on the Brady vs. Rodgers debate and share who his favorite receiver to watch right now is. The brothers also discuss LeBron James' extension with the Lakers and his future in the league. Plus, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson stops by to talk about Joe Biden's Cabinet nominees and the call for more Black nominees by civil rights leaders.

Dec 03, 2020
"Is there a time and place for twerking?"

Michael Holley and Michael Smith take time to reflect on Rosa Parks' heroic act of defiance 65 years ago, today. They also react to DK Metcalf's huge night against the Eagles and Carson Wentz's turnover problem. Writer Touré joins the show to discuss his book 'I Would Die 4 U' which chronicles the life and success of Prince. Plus, the brothers debate whether the customer is always right after a Dallas restaurant owner goes off on twerking patrons. And Michael Holley's new book 'The Big Three' is out today!

Dec 02, 2020
"Don't you dare slander deep dish pizza"

Michael Smith and Michael Holley recap Patrick Mahomes' incredible performance against the Buccaneers in Week 12 and explain why he's one of the best QBs to ever play the game. They also discuss why they're bothered by the lack of remorse from Chiefs' wide receiver Tyreek Hill following his domestic violence investigations. And the brothers breakdown the issues popping up in Tampa Bay and if Tom Brady and Bruce Arians relationship could end after this season. Plus, Yahoo Senior NFL writer Charles Robinson joins the show to discuss the Lions firing head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn.

Dec 01, 2020
"I could eat four cans of cranberry sauce by myself"

Michael and Michael discuss the postponement of the Ravens-Steelers Thanksgiving matchup and their disappointment in some of the Steelers' reactions. WNBA star Candace Parker joins the show to talk about owning a soccer team with her daughter and how far women's sports have come. Plus, the brothers call in their 3rd brother, Vince Goodwill, to weigh in on their Thanksgiving food debate. And Mike Smith praises Meghan Markle for opening up about her miscarriage, and shares his family's personal experience with it.

Nov 26, 2020
"They have no idea what they're doing in Charlotte"

Michael and Michael discuss the Giannis Antetokounmpo rumors and whether or not the league will be worse off if he leaves Milwaukee. Jeff Goodman joins the show to break down the 2020 NBA Draft and shares which top pick he thinks is "soft". The brothers debate if it's time to hit the panic button on Tom Brady after the Bucs tough loss to the Rams on Monday night. Plus, actor Ricky Smith stops by to talk about his incredible non-profit movement called R.A.K.E.

Nov 24, 2020
"The Lakers have the 2021 title on lock"

Michael Smith and Michael Holley recap some Week 11 NFL games, including Miami's decision to bench Tua Tagovailoa. NFL reporter Jim Trotter joins the show to talk about his experience at Howard University and how it set him up for excellence throughout his career. Mike Smith shares why signing Gordon Hayward was a good move by the Hornets. Plus, with reports that Black Panther 2 will being shooting in July, the brothers discuss how they think the role of T'Challa should be handled.

Nov 24, 2020
"I'm sensing some beige rage from Michael Smith right now"

Michael Holley and Mike Smith are joined by Warriors insider Monte Poole to discuss players Golden State may be targeting in free agency. The brothers also talk about the Bucks' botched sign-and-trade with Bogdan Bogdanovic and if that should raise concerns for Milwaukee in terms of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Plus, Vince Goodwill stops by for "Feel Goodwill Friday" to share his thoughts on James Harden wanting to play for the Nets with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Nov 20, 2020
"NBC doesn't pay you to come up with a list like this"

Michael Holley and Mike Smith react to LaMelo Ball going No. 3 to Charlotte in the NBA draft and explain why LaVar Ball deserves more credit. And they discuss what Klay Thompson's season-ending injury means for the Warriors. The brothers also preview the Chiefs' Week 11 matchup against the Raiders and whether Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes can truly build a Warriors-like dynasty. Plus, Chris Simms joins the show to his Midseason Top 10 QBs list and the brothers have LOTS of questions for him.

Nov 20, 2020
"There's no such thing as a weak draft"

The brothers examine the key storylines they'll be watching for during the 2020 NBA Draft. Mike Smith reminisces about Franchise Mode after the NFL announced the 2020 Pro Bowl will be a virtual simulation on Madden '21. MSNBC's Jason Johnson is back to give his weekly take on the Seahawks and preview the Georgia runoff that will decide the balance of power in the Senate. Plus, they discuss the latest on the James Harden trade rumors.

Nov 19, 2020
"What kind of league allows you turn down $50 million?"

Michael and Michael discuss James Harden's water bottle post and what it could be saying about the latest trade rumors surrounding the Rockets' star. NBA insider Tom Haberstroh joins the show to share whether he thinks the Bucks trading for Jrue Holiday will make the team more appealing to Giannis. They also react to the report that Rockets owner, Tilman Feritta supporting President Trump may lead to a "revolt" among players who may end up wanting out of Houston. Plus, the brothers just learned what "cap" means and they're not fans of it.

Nov 18, 2020
"They got what it takes to win every game the rest of the season"

The brothers recap the Week 10 NFL games, including the Patriots upset win over the Ravens and DeAndre Hopkins' incredible game-winning catch. And KD, Kyrie and Harden in Brooklyn? Michael Smith shares why he isn't against the idea. They also debate whether the Suns will be a playoff team now that they've added Chris Paul. Plus, with the rising COVID-19 cases in the U.S., the brothers discuss why things can't be normal yet.

Nov 17, 2020
"Just because it's shade doesn't mean it isn't true"

As the NBA Draft approaches, Michael and Michael discuss some of the rumors swirling around it. Pennsylvania Representative Malcolm Kenyatta joins the show to share his thoughts on President Trump's refusal to concede. Also, the brothers check in with Detroit native, Vince Goodwill to get his thoughts on Isiah Thomas' most recent comments. Plus, Michael and Michael take time to congratulate and give praise to Kim Ng for being named GM of the Miami Marlins. And Holley has some advice to Tiger Woods ahead of The Masters, but it's not exactly golf-related.

Nov 13, 2020
"I'm not even white, I'm clear"

Michael and Michael hold BFA Book Club to break down some excerpts from Barack Obama's new book, A Promised Land. They also discuss Kyler Murray's potential record-breaking season and if he's the most exciting player in football right now. Jason Johnson joins the show to share his opinion on the best DC superhero movie and Michael Smith has a big problem with it. Plus, Chris Simms stops by to evaluate the 2020 rookie QB class.

Nov 13, 2020
"This whole show is nasty, ugly, and awkward right now"

Michael and Michael discuss the Russell Westbrook trade rumors and their very differing opinions of him. They also react to Isiah Thomas's list of toughest players he's faced and you won't believe where he ranked Michael Jordan. And the brothers want to know why Trump supporters have been so quiet lately. Plus, the they take time to honor and thank our veterans on this Veteran's Day.

Nov 11, 2020
"I think the Jets are more talented than the Patriots"

Michael and Michael recap Cam Newton's performance in the Patriots' win against the Jets. And Michael Smith shares who he thinks the Jets should draft in 2021 and it's not Trevor Lawrence. Zerlina Maxwell joins the show to break down the 2020 election and discusses how we can move forward as a country. Plus, the brothers react to the NFL's plan to reward teams with draft picks for developing minority coaches and GMs.

Nov 10, 2020
"It's a collective sigh of relief"

Michael and Michael share their reactions to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being named President and Vice President-Elect. They're joined by Undistracted host, Brittany Packnett Cunningham to talk about the impact of having the first Black and South Asian woman as VP in U.S. history. Plus, the brothers recap the Steelers' close win against the Cowboys and why Holley thinks they're running the table. And the brothers pay tribute to the late Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek.

Nov 10, 2020
"No more pro sports slander for the state of Georgia"

Michael and Michael react to President Trump's repeated claims of "illegal votes" as Joe Biden's lead grows in several states. NFL reporter, Kimberley A. Martin, joins the show to preview Antonio Brown's debut with the Bucs on Sunday Night Football and why she believes he's been given so many chances. Plus, the brothers discuss Alex Cora returning to the Red Sox after his 1-year suspension.

Nov 07, 2020
"I'm not gonna exhale until it's over"

Michael Smith is back and shares with Holley why this Presidential race as taken such a toll on him. They're joined by Professor Eddie S. Glaude for a powerful discussion about his experience writing about James Baldwin and how it affected him personally. Glaude also touches on the brotherhood he gained while at Morehouse College. Plus, Chris Simms stops by to give his insight on political discussions in NFL locker rooms. And one of the brother's shares a cereal hack he learned from Cam Newton that everyone needs to try.

Nov 06, 2020
"You were in your 745 with leather seats and greasy fingers?!"

On today's show, Michael Holley is joined by special co-host Vince Goodwill. Vinny shares a story about why Chicago Bulls' fans made a hashtag for him when he was there. Plus, Jason Johnson stops by to talk about covering this unprecedented election and why the Black vote is so important. And Holley goes in depth about his Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich experience.

Nov 05, 2020
Best of Presidential Election Discussions

On this special edition of Brother from Another, we highlight the best interviews and conversations about the 2020 Presidential Election from this past month.

Nov 03, 2020
"I am a kid in a candy store looking forward to tomorrow"

Michael and Michael recap the Week 8 games and preview Monday Night Football between the red-hot Bucs and struggling Giants. And with one day until the 2020 Presidential Election, Michael and Michael give their thoughts on what the outcome will be. Plus, Tyler Tynes from The Ringer joins the show to talk about the Patriots and Cam Newton's struggles.

Nov 03, 2020
"Andre 3000 makes my Top 5 all-time MCs"

Michael and Michael react to Lil Wayne's endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2020 Presidential Election. Social activist, Shannon Green, joins the show to share why she walked away from her columnist role at the Orlando Sentinel after almost 15 years. And "My Bets, Your Money" is back and the brothers give their picks for this weekend's NFL games. Plus, former NFL player, Ellis Hobbs, stops by to talk about how athletes have used their platform to speak out on social justice.

Oct 31, 2020
"I reserve the right to be stupid"

Michael and Michael discuss the news of former DHS Chief of Staff, Miles Taylor, revealing himself as the anonymous NYT writer. And MSNBC contributor, Jason Johnson, joins the show for a conversation about President Trump's continued claims of the U.S. "rounding the corner" in the fight against COVID-19. Plus, Chris Simms stops by to chime in on the debate of whether or not Trevor Lawrence should enter the 2021 NFL Draft. And which brother says he reserves the right to be stupid without just doing it to incite the other brother?

Oct 29, 2020
"This is a life and death election"

Michael and Michael recap the Dodgers' Game 6 win and become World Series Champions for the first time in 32 years. Plus, NBC and MSNBC contributor, Yamiche Alcindor, joins the show to explain the impact Jared Kushner's comment on Black people could have on this election. And Democratic strategist, Michael Starr Hopkins, also calls in to discuss the Trump rally that left hundreds of attendees stranded in Omaha.

Oct 29, 2020
"Let's talk to the man himself...Derrick Henry"

Derrick Henry joins the show to talk about the Titans' season so far, why he thinks Ryan Tannehill is underappreciated, and if he thinks he's the best back in the NFL. Also, Holley explains why he's not bothered at all by no fans in NFL stadiums. Plus, the brothers react to Amy Coney Barrett being officially sworn in as the next Supreme Court Justice. And they share their thoughts on the recent killing of Walter Wallace Jr. by Philadelphia police.

Oct 27, 2020
"It's a great run that has to come to an end"

Michael and Michael discuss whether or not the Patriots' dynasty has finally come to end after their 3rd straight loss in Week 7. And they share their thoughts on the Bucs adding Antonio Brown to an already stacked offense. Plus, the brothers recap the Rays' wild Game 4 win and the unbelievable play that ended it. . And Holley takes some time to honor and thank NBC's long-time NHL broadcaster, Doc Emrick, after he announces his retirement.

Oct 27, 2020
"I had to grind like that, to shine like this"

Michael and Michael discuss their takeaways from the final Presidential debate. Shalise Young stops by to talk about whether there’s a double standard for Odell Beckham Jr. and what his future in the league looks like. Plus, Jason Johnson is back and explains why he doesn’t believe undecided voters can still exist right now. 

Oct 23, 2020
"Can't spell Barack without bars"

Barack Obama went full B-Rabbit at a Joe Biden campaign rally and the brothers were absolutely loving it. And they preview the final Presidential debate and Michael Smith shares why he thinks Trump wants to be Obama so badly. Plus, The Ringer columnist, Kevin Clark, drops by to talk about what NFL team is the best fit for Antonio Brown. And with Big Ten football kicking off this weekend, Michael Holley can't stop talking about his Ohio State Buckeyes.

Oct 22, 2020
"Don't tell me starting Tua is a football decision"

Michael and Michael discuss Ryan Fitzpatrick's comments on losing the starting job Tua and why they think he's justified in his response. Also, Kimberley A. Martin, writer for The Undefeated, joins the show to talk about if Black coaches will get a fair shot at NFL openings. And, the brothers break down why there is no America without Black people. Plus, Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond shares why it's important for Black men like Chris Paul and LeBron James to step up as examples during this election.

Oct 22, 2020
"I'll NEVER root for them"

Michael and Michael give their thoughts on the Dolphins naming Tua Tagovailoa the starter after their Week 7 bye. And hear their thoughts on the new mute feature that will be incorporated in the final Presidential Debate. Plus, Nora Princiotti joins the show to talk about her latest piece "The Josh Allen Experience is a Way of Life in Buffalo" for The Ringer. And which World Series team does Michael Smith say he'll never root for?

Oct 20, 2020
"Why are you texting me while I'm on TV?"

Herm Edwards joins the show to share how he's setting up his Arizona State football "scholar ballers" for his players' lives beyond the game. And the brothers discuss where they think Trevor Lawrence will land in the NFL. Plus, would the Jets be better off with Michael and Michael as co-GMs of the team? They think so.

Oct 19, 2020
“Le’Veon Bell is the mind stone in the Chiefs' Infinity Gauntlet”

The brothers are joined by Zerlina Maxwell to discuss Ice Cube defending his decision to advise President Trump on Black America. Michael Smith compares the Chiefs acquiring Le’Veon Bell to Thanos getting all the Infinity stones. Carron J. Phillips chimes in on the MJ vs LeBron debate. Plus, Holley shares a story from Michael Smith’s bachelor party in New Orleans. 

Oct 17, 2020
"He never should've gotten the job"

Former Atlanta Falcons GM and friend of the brothers, Thomas Dimitroff, joins the show to talk about his 13 years with the team and accepting their decision to move forward. And with the Astros staving off elimination, Holley tells us why he thinks it'd be beautiful for baseball if the Dodgers and Astros meet in the World Series. Chris Simms' facetimes in to discuss potential landing spots for Le'Veon Bell. Plus, the brothers preview the Trump and Biden separate Town Hall meetings tonight.

Oct 15, 2020
"Stevie leaving Motown feels like The Fat Boys breaking up"

Michael and Michael recap the Titans huge defeat against the Bills and Ryan Tannehill being the real deal. Russell Wilson is now in the 99 Club on Madden 21 and Jason Johnson is hyped about it. Plus, the brothers discuss where Le'Veon Bell could go next after his release from the Jets. And Vincent Goodwill shares his feelings about Stevie Wonder leaving Motown Records after nearly 60 years.

Oct 14, 2020
"How much did they pay you for this?"

Malcolm Jenkins joins the show to talk about executive producing the documentary "Black Boys" and his thoughts on the NFL's COVID-19 protocol. And Tom Haberstroh shares what he thinks LeBron James needs to do to end the GOAT debate. Michael and Michael break down Trump's new ad focusing on African-Americans. And the brothers discuss what they think of potential bubbles for the NFL playoffs.

Oct 13, 2020
"The league is better when the Lakers are winning"

Michael and Michael are joined by O'Shea Jackson Jr. to recap the Lakers winning their 17th championship and tying the Celtics for most in NBA history. Logan Murdock also stop by to discuss LeBron's greatness and being the first player to win a championship with three different teams. Plus, Rodney Harrison shares his perspective on Dak Prescott's season-ending injury and the Falcons firing Dan Quinn.

Oct 12, 2020
"The Lakers matter more to the NBA than the Celtics"

Michael and Michael debate whether the Celtics or Lakers matter more to the NBA and if the Lakers will be named champions tonight. Plus, Jeff Goodman joins the show to discuss the Wichita State investigation of Gregg Marshall. And one of the Michaels thinks 'Doctor Strange' is a top 5 Marvel movie.

Oct 09, 2020
"That fly was an omen"

Michael and Michael share their takeaways from the Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris, Mike Pence, and the fly that has social media going crazy. Honorary brother, Chris Simms, joins the show to talk about the NFL's investigation of the Titans' safety protocol violations, and also the quarterback situation in Washington. Plus, hear what the brothers think about Trump's comments on having a virtual debate.

Oct 09, 2020
"Listen to Cam Newton over the President of the United States"

Michael and Michael dive into the COVID-19 chaos across the NFL. Is it a wrap for Heat after the Lakers' Game 4 win? Also, Jason Johnson joins the show to discuss virus outbreak in the White House and preview the Vice Presidential Debate. Quincy Avery and the brothers talk all things NFL, including the record-setting ten Black starting quarterbacks in Week 1. And Breanna Stewart and the Seattle Storm's are your 2020 WNBA Champions!

Oct 08, 2020
"Aaron Rodgers is to the NFL what LeBron James is to the NBA"

The brothers discuss Aaron Rodgers' incredible start to the season and whether or not he's the best to ever play quarterback. Plus, how attractive is the Houston Texans head coaching job? Nora Princiotti gives her thoughts. Marc J. Spears and Gary Washburn join the show to talk about their new book "The Spencer Haywood Rule: Battle, Basketball, and the Making of an American Iconoclast". And in light of James White opening up about his father after his tragic death, Michael and Michael get into a deep discussion about fatherhood.

Oct 07, 2020
"I think the NFL does need a bubble"

Michael and Michael share their thoughts on whether or not the NFL needs a bubble. NFL Reporter Mike Jones joins the show to talk about why the Cowboys are struggling under Mike McCarthy. Plus, the brothers and Carron J. Phillips recap the Heat's Game 3 win and Jimmy Butler's 40-point triple-double. And, hear what Michael and Michael think the 76ers hiring Doc Rivers as their new head coach.

Oct 06, 2020
"Wait a minute, Chris Rock questioned YOU?"

The President announces he has COVID. Tom Haberstroh previews Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Top5 MC's of All-Time. Plus, the debut of "My Bets, Your Money"

Oct 03, 2020
"I think Kyrie Irving is jealous of LeBron James"

Michael and Michael recap the Lakers' Game 1 win over the Heat and LeBron's comments on using what happened in 2011 as motivation. MJ Acosta-Ruiz joins the show to discuss her new role as host of NFL Total Access on NFL Network. Plus, meet Michael Smith's brother from the same mother, Thomas Daniel Smith. He and the brothers give their top 5 Eddie Murphy movies in honor of the release of "Boomerang" on Netflix. And Kyrie Irving says Kevin Durant is his first teammate he trusts to hit clutch shots...a dig at LeBron?

Oct 01, 2020
"That is literally the absolute worst presidential debate ever"

Michael and Michael discuss their takeaways from the first presidential debate with MSNBC contributor and Morgan State professor, Jason Johnson. Chris Haynes joins the show from the bubble to preview Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Heat. Plus, the brothers share their thoughts on the NFL's new consequences for not wearing a mask. And Daniel Cameron wants to delay the release of Breonna Taylor's grand jury recordings.

Oct 01, 2020
"Have a drink with ya boy"

Michael & Michael get ready for Trump vs Biden by presenting the Presidential Debate Drinking Game. NFLPA spokesman George Atallah joins the show to discuss the Titans COVID-19 outbreak. Vinnie Goodwill on the firing of Doc Rivers and a Lakers-Heat preview. Plus, why Patrick Mahomes is a walking Contra Cheat Code.

Sep 30, 2020
"Heat in 6"

On today's episode, the brothers discuss The Rock's endorsement of Joe Biden. NFL Reporter, Nora Princiotti joins the show to breakdown Sunday's games. Plus, the brothers give their picks for the NBA Finals.

Sep 29, 2020
"It's HBCU Week, y'all!"

On today's episode, Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche join the brothers to talk about HBCU Week and the best NFL players to come out of them. Holley and Smith give their thoughts on Charles Barkley's comments about the killing of Breonna Taylor. Plus, Trill Withers stops by to break down Jamal Murray's dominant playoff performance.

Sep 25, 2020
"There are no 'both sides' to this"

Holley and Smith discuss reaction around the NBA to the Breonna Taylor verdict. Vince Goodwill joins the show to talk Celtics-Heat. Chris Simms breaks down Gardner Minshew, Tyrod Taylor's bad luck, and the highly anticipated Chiefs-Ravens game. The brothers also share their thoughts on mental health and the importance of speaking up about it.

Sep 24, 2020
"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired"

Holley & Smith react to Wednesday's ruling regarding the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Chris Haynes on athlete activism in support of Breonna Taylor, a preview of Celtics-Heat, and are the Lakers in trouble? Taylor Rooks joins the Brothers to discuss the Breonna Taylor ruling, observations from the NBA Bubble, and the sadness of the Atlanta Falcons.

Sep 24, 2020
"Next thing you know, Charlie Wilson gonna be singin' the National Anthem"

Holley & Smith debate LeBron's best sidekick, more on the Best QB, and MJ taking a crack at NASCAR. We chop it up on the NFL with Will Blackmon and Rodney Harrison. Plus, the NY Post with the perfect (and easiest) headline.

Sep 23, 2020
"I want to know what's under that weave"

Happy September 21st! Holley & Smith are joined by Kelley Carter to break down The Emmy's and celebrate Regina King; also, Anthony Davis beats the buzzer, the Falcons blow another lead, Russell Wilson is on fire, and did the Pats make the right call on the final play? Plus, the guys pay tribute to the late Notorious RBG.

Sep 22, 2020
"He's your favorite player the same way Patti LaBelle is your favorite singer"

Michael & Michael have an all-time QB debate; Mahomes or Ovi: who's the better athlete born on September 17?; Chris Simms plays Madden Franchise Mode for the Browns and gives his best Jon Gruden stories; Jane McManus on the return of college football

Sep 19, 2020
"Everybody fell for the talent thing"

Who's to blame for the Clippers collapse? Where does Bam's block rank? Plus guest appearances by JA Adande, O'Shea Jackson, and Master Tesfatsion. And congrats to Maya Moore and Patrick Mahomes.

Sep 17, 2020
"What's understood need not be spoken"

Holley & Smith open the show with some powerful thoughts on the latest with Breonna Taylor, and hear from Dr. Jason Johnson on the topic as well. Vince Goodwill chimes in on the NBA playoffs and the Patti LaBelle debate. Also, Smith wants to make it clear: Russell Wilson is painfully underrated.

Sep 16, 2020
"Y'all got me out here Brett Favring"

In the debut episode of Brother From Another, Michael Holley & Michael Smith discuss Brady, Cam, Giannis, and why playing 'Lift Every Voice' in NFL stadiums didn't do the trick. Tyler Tynes talks Newton in New England and the need for accomplices, not allies. Plus, Etan Thomas & Dave Zirin chime in on the fight for social justice. And finally, is Patti LaBelle overrated??

Sep 15, 2020
Brother From Another - Debuts Monday 9/14

Brother From Another, featuring longtime friends Michael Holley and Michael Smith, is coming to Peacock TV on Monday, September 14th. Here's a sneak peak at our theme song.

Sep 13, 2020