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Take your podcast to the next level. Build a show that lasts. Supercasters dives deep into how you can grow your podcast sustainably and build a business out of it. We interview podcasters and industry experts about how to build a thriving business through a strong relationship with listeners. (Become a Supercasters Premium subscriber) to unlock even more great resources: • Extended interviews for every Supercasters episode • Audio recordings of all Supercast blog posts, packed with insights and strategies for building sustainable revenue from your podcast • A private peer networking community for podcasters just like you (Subscribe here for FREE.)

Episode Date
S3E07 - The Future of Podcasting on YouTube with Samir Chaudry
May 18, 2022
S3E06 - An Easier Way to Find and Manage Host-Read Ad Sponsors with Marty Michael
May 11, 2022
S3E05 - A Podcaster’s Guide to Growing Your Show on Twitter with Shay Thiyagarajah
May 04, 2022
S3E04 - Insider Tips for Building Your Podcast Audience on LinkedIn with Jessi Hempel
Apr 27, 2022
S3E03 - Is What You're Creating a Podcast... or Something Bigger? with Gina Bianchini
Apr 20, 2022
S3E02 - The Truest Trend in Podcasting with Nick Hilton
Apr 13, 2022
S3E01 - The Magic in Podcasting’s Long Tail with Jeff Vidler
Apr 06, 2022
S2E11 - Becoming a Full-Time Podcaster Thanks to Subscription Revenue with Kyle Cray
Dec 15, 2021
S2E10 - How to Price Your Podcast Subscriptions for Maximum Sales with Steven Forth
Dec 08, 2021
S2E09 - Understanding Your Ideal Loyal Listener with Terri Lomax
Dec 01, 2021
S2E08 - Building Creative Elements to 1 Million Downloads in 18 Months with Jay Clouse
Nov 24, 2021
S2E07 - TubeTalk: How to Get Paid Subscribers on Your YouTube, Your Podcast, and Beyond
Nov 17, 2021
S2E06 - Reaching Podcast Success While Staying True to Your Vision with Allison Horrocks
Nov 10, 2021
S2E05 - The Podcast Production System That Fuels a Subscription Empire with Angela Brown
Nov 03, 2021
S2E04 - How to Extend Your Podcast for Continued Growth & Profit with Juleyka Lantigua
Oct 27, 2021
S2E03 - The Best Way to Build an Audience Today with Dave Gerhardt
Oct 20, 2021
S2E02 - The Secret Magic Trick of Podcast Growth with Espree Devora
Oct 13, 2021
S2E01 - Transform from Content Creator to Content Entrepreneur with Joe Pulizzi
Oct 06, 2021
S1E12 - Ologies’ Alie Ward on reaching 50 Million Downloads by treating scientists like rock stars
Mar 24, 2021
S1E11 - Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries: Growing a High-Quality Podcast to $15,000 a Month in Memberships
Feb 23, 2021
S1E10 - Mikel Ellcessor joins Supercast!
Feb 04, 2021
S1E09 - Sachit Gupta: Supercast + On Deck Podcaster Fellowship and Creating Products Your Listeners Will Pay For
Jan 12, 2021
S1E08 - Matt Staudt: Growing Niche Podcasts and Launching 300+ Shows at iHeartRadio
Dec 11, 2020
S1E07 - Headliner’s Oliver Wellington: How to Grow Your Podcast by 20-100% Using Video
Dec 03, 2020
S1E06 - Eric Siu: Podcast Marketing and Reaching 1.2 Million Downloads per Month With a Daily Podcast
Nov 25, 2020
S1E05 - Mikel Ellcessor: How We Got Radiolab Listeners to Pay for $80,000 Episodes
Nov 20, 2020
S1E04 - Scott Smith: How I Earned $88,000 in 20 Minutes Through Daily Podcasting
Nov 13, 2020
S1E03 - Jesse Brown: Growing Canadaland Through a Deal With the Audience
Oct 06, 2020
S1E02 - David Perell: Building an Audience That Creates a Personal Monopoly
Oct 06, 2020
S1E01 - Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland: Earning the Right to Monetize Your Audience
Oct 06, 2020
Introducing Supercasters
Sep 24, 2020