By Grant Napear

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 Oct 15, 2020
horrific...do not waste your time. I'd give it no stars if I could.


Former broadcaster and Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear takes his unique blend of sports talk to the world with #If You Don't Like That! This irreverent and opinionated show will host many from the sports world as they weave and dodge thru the flurry of questions Grant will pose in the conversations. Pull up a chair and join the conversation every Tuesday and Friday as Grant shoots straight from the hip with his guests and shares the latest from what he hears from you. And of course, #Grant's Rant is back each and every episode. Find out more at www.ifyoudon'tlikethat.com.

Episode Date
Grant's Rant: 10-20-20 A first! Grant and Scot Pollard rant together on 4 way stops.

Hey, everything I rant on isn't sports.  Scott and I experienced and complained about the absurdity of 4 way stop signs but in Indianapolis,  roundabouts make all the difference.  Who's dumb idea is it to keep those stupid 4 way stops when we could keep things moving smoothly at the intersection?  Our thoughts are similar as you'll find out as we hang out in Carmel...Indiana.  And just so you know, it's pronounced like the candy not the city in California by the bay.  

Oct 20, 2020
Episode 5: Scot Pollard gets personal.

That's right, that Scott Pollard.  One of my best friends and I sit and talk about his career, the Sacramento Kings, his perspective on a variety of things and just a general conversation on life that we would like to share with you.  Pull up a chair and join us as Scott gets a little personal.  

Oct 20, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-19-20 Texans, Titans and Vikings oh my.

All right, I have to give it up to the Houston Texans and Romeo Crennel for trying.  I have to compliment the Tennessee Titans for winning and I have to go off on the $94 million dollar waste that is Kirk Cousins.  See what I have to say about it all on today's Rant.

Oct 19, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-16-20 LeBron James the GOAT?

Is LeBron James the best NBA player of all time? Hmmm.  I've got something to say about that. I'll bet the Los Angeles Lakers do too.  Could be Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan too.  Let me tell you...

Oct 16, 2020
Episode 4: Grant Reminisces...

This episode will cover a lot of ground as I reflect on some of the Sacramento experience with the Sacramento Kings, my upbringing with sports, and a look at where I see things going.  I also have to touch on the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James.  Hear what sports has meant to me and how I think it's an integral part of the fabric of our country.  I'll even answer a couple of  questions that have been sent in from listeners.  Something I can't wait to do more of on a regular basis.  Looking forward to your comments.  

Oct 16, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-15-20 Nobody wants to play on the NY Jets, nobody!

What is Adam Gase doing?  The NY Jets have to be the absolute worst team in the NFL.  How long before real changes happen?  I mean how much time can he have?  Listen to my take on it in today's Grant's Rant.

Oct 15, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-14-20 Mike Tyson at age 54 doing what?

You know what I'm talking about. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in the ring next month.  Head injuries are happening to younger athletes wearing helmets.  Concussions and brain trauma.  What's Iron Mike thinking?  Hear my thoughts in today's rant.

Oct 14, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-13-20 A team rant on the NY Yankees with Mad Dog Russo.

The New York Yankees, what on earth has happened?  What are they doing? Join me and my childhood buddy as we do a tandem rant today on the unbelievable Yankees and, once again, the Giants.  We got a little excited I think.  And yes, this is that Chris Mad Dog Russo of Sirius XM, Mad Dog Unleashed and Mad Dog Sports Radio.  Could there be another one?  

Oct 13, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-12-20 So this is what you expected from the 49ers?

OK, so there are a few injuries on defense but a loss to the Miami Dolphins when the San Francisco Forty Niners and all their fans had such high hopes coming into the season... this was a horribly played game and poorly strategized as well. Embarassing to see their position in the NFC West for sure. Hear my take on it in today's Rant.

Oct 12, 2020
Episode 3: Mixin' it up with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo

Host of "Mad Dog Unleashed" and "Mad Dog Sports Radio" heard on Sirius XM, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, childhood friend and fellow sports talk show host, visits with Grant.  Two guys with great careers share stories on teams, athletes, their beloved and hated New York Yankees and New York Giants and share a little about what it's like to be them.  Fired up, calmed down and paired up for Grant's Rant, this is a glimpse into the world of sports talk radio and the men behind it.  

Oct 12, 2020
Grant's Rant: 10-9-20 Florida opens it up this weekend. Really???

Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay are all welcoming fans back to the stadiums this weekend.  Has somebody lost their mind?  We're not doing a debate in Miami because of Covid but we're going to pack the stadiums like nothing's happened.  Yeah, I have an opinion on that.  Let me share it with you. 

Oct 09, 2020
Episode 2: Charles Barkley speaks his mind.

This is  an episode you're not going to want to leave.  Charles Barkley, long time friend and strongly opinionated on so many points, you just gotta love him.  Charles Barkley "Sir Charles", "the Round Mound of Rebound", was an 11-time NBA All Star, an 11-time member of the ALL NBA Team, and the 1993 NBA MVP. He played for the Philadlphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and finished his career out with the Houston Rockets. Pull up a chair, sit back and relax as two old friends bring you into the living room with them as they meander a variety of topics from the current state of the NBA, Charles' golf game and some interesting perspectives on social media and basic human respect.  Fun, serious and certainly not politically correct, you can't help but appreciate the discussion. 

Oct 09, 2020
Grant's Rant 10-8-20: That Washington Football Team

Dwayne Haskins, 3rd String for that Washington Football team that's supposedly competitive in the NFL?  Really.  They're not going anywhere so why all the drama.  Hear what I think about that on today's Grant's Rant.  

Oct 08, 2020
Grant's Rant 10-7-20: Oh my poor, poor NY Giants.

Grant does a number on the NFC East and his beloved NY Giants in today's Rant and, oh boy, is he unhappy about it all.  You may agree...or not, but hear how he really feels about it in today's Rant.

Oct 07, 2020
Episode 1: Grant Napear Returns

Long time local sportscaster and 32 year Sacramento Kings broadcast announcer, Grant Napear returns to share his experience of the past few months as he began to develop his game plan.  Now he's back to tell his story in this first episode that is the preview of things to come.  And yes, the most contested part of his show, Grant's Rant returns as well.  Love him, hate him, agree or disagree but listen as he shares his insight into sports with big name guests from the sports world.  For more details and to join the club visit www.ifyoudontlikethat.com.  And welcome back!

Sep 30, 2020