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Want to go from a Beautiful Mess to a Fabulous Glory? 

Join Pej, also known as the "Chief Encouragement Officer" of the World, as she interviews experts and fellow ‘BadassFabulouses’ and shares weekly fun and deep insights into how you can become a person of excellence, a person who becomes more fearless and unapologetic daily, in being who they were created to be in the world.

The BadassFabulous podcasts discusses ways to become more aware of your journey to improved well-being and self-mastery, by cultivating self-truth while coming from a place of love, sincerity and truth. This is the new destination for you to learn to improve your Self-Truth, which is uncovering a bit more of who you really are consistently or daily and having the courage to step into the truth uncovered. This leads you to knowing your capacity and believing and trusting in yourself more.

 'Badass' stands for courage - big or small steps taken towards your life's purpose, while 'Fabulous,' stands for the growth and fruits (desired results), that comes after any courageous step is taken.

The BadassFabulous podcast presents tools that help you align your body, mind, soul and actions to God, while improving your integrity, commitment and consistency skills, which are needed for you to become BadassFabulous! This is a fun path to wholeness and self-mastery, so join us and become more BadassFabulous! 


Episode Date
EP 027: It's a New Year! Eff Your Resolutions and Go within Instead!

Someone very wise said that the issue with most humans is that "we feel we have enough time." I believe that it was Seneca who said that.

I'm the same person who use to say "God created enough time." And I'm also the same person who use to say that "I'll Sleep when I'm dead." Now that I'm older and wiser, all those statements can be true and are kind of connected if you really think about it.

Everything in life is connected and works in harmony. Once one area of your life goes out of the divine flow of harmony for your life, you'll feel it on a deep soul level.

January is here, literally almost over and everyone seems to be "going hard" on the plans they've created for themselves. Studies have shown that most people will quit by the 21st of January- sheesh!

For the past few years, I basically take it very slow in January, I believe that it's the best month to take a few weeks off, if possible, and to fully disconnect from the world. During this time, I love to reflect even deeper on the previous year and my life, and a few ways I would really love to have transformed by the end of the new year, including what new things I'm ready to expand for in order to receive. Listen to more in this episode, plus the main areas of my life I truly focus on.

Setting worldly goals is important, but including God in your plans and in building your character is what truly counts! "Unless the Lord builds a house, he that builds labors in vain!" I mean check out this bible verse:

“Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such-and-such a city, stay there a year trading and make a profit”! You don’t even know if you will be alive tomorrow! For all you are is a mist that appears for a little while and then disappears. Instead, you ought to say, “If God wants it to happen, we will live” to do this or that. But as it is, in your arrogance you boast. All such boasting is evil.”

So plan all you want, but at the end of the day if your well-being is "out-of-whack," you can only go so far with accomplishing your goals. In this episode, I talk about 5 main areas of well-being:

  1. Your Body
  2. Your Mind
  3. Your Soul/ Spiritual
  4. Your Relationships
  5. Your Finances and relationship to Money

I also talk about the "Metaverse" and how that could impact your future. Yes, I do!

Everyone is desiring for something new and better in the months to come, but you can only become by minding your daily thoughts, habits, and choices/ actions, to create something new for yourself in 2022!

How would you want to make your life count this year?

What do you want to see in your life regardless of this pandemic and future strains?

What do you choose to do with your life in 2022?

Above all, what is the 1 thing you desire to happen this 2022?


Enjoy this episode and Have a BadassFabulous New Year!!!!

#metaverse #selftruth #selftrust #selfacceptance

Jan 19, 2022
EP 026: A Love Filled - BadassFabulous Christmas

This BadassFabulous Christmas season,

Let it be filled with love and joy and laughter and fun!

Let it be filled with unity among you and your loved ones and with yourself.

Let your light shine so bright that people see Jesus when they see you.

Let nothing diminish your trust in God

Let nothing take your joy away

Let nothing quench your thirst for God and prayer

Let nothing slow you down from your natural pace of becoming.

I pray this season, that you experience love and joy in the innermost parts of you like you never experienced them before.

I pray for the protection of your soul and your being. You are a child of God and you belong to the Kingdom.

I pray that you remember and celebrate Jesus and his level of obedience this season because that's truly the only reason Christmas exists!

Have a wonderful and warm beautiful Christmas season.

I love you and I'm so grateful for your listening! 

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Christmas episode 2020:



Merry Christmas Trap Intro by TaigaSoundProd



#badassChristmas #CelebrateJesus

Dec 25, 2021
EP 025: Enjoying Prayer Again - How to Pray and Get Your Prayers Answered

I know from my experience that prayer is so simple, yet it could be such a challenge to get into that place of prayer. Living in a world full of distractions these days doesn't help either, and it's so so easy to have the time for prayers listed at the bottom of your to-do list, or maybe it just never made the list due to overwhelm, stress or anxiety.

Ever wondered how to pray or what to pray for? Or whether prayers still work? Does prayer feel like a chore to you, like something you feel you "need to do"? Do you genuinely enjoy praying? Do you want to build a consistent prayer practice?

Prayer is basically having a divine pure connection with God by talking to God.

In this episode, join Pej as she shares a list of very important things to check- before, during, and after prayers. So listen in to get some prayer insights on:

  1. What hurts you the most and causes you the most pain?
  2. What do you lose sleep about?
  3. State of your heart when you pray.
  4. Going to God with all your pains and giving them to him.
  5. Going exactly where it hurts
  6. Having intimacy - open your heart fully and Having a genuine connection with the Divine
  7. Being clear in your words when you pray
  8. Quoting bible scriptures as prayers
  9. Coming just as you are
  10. Having your soul prosper as you prosper in life
  11. Praying in silence
  12. How to integrate the presence of God into your busy lives
  13. Nourishing your relationship with God
  14. Pride comes before a fall - Being humble
  15. The danger of praying with doubt
  16. Trusting God always
  17. Taking your time with praying

Enjoy listening to this episode and remember to be BadassFabulous for the greater good, because the world becomes a better place when you become more of who you were created to be!

Come say Hello:


#selftruth #badassfabulous #selfacceptance #selfworth #GodisstillGod

Nov 18, 2021
EP 024: Nadine Kelly - A Journey Outside the Comfort Zone.

Why is the comfort zone called the "comfort zone" when it's filled with managed discomfort? This managed discomfort manifests in all sorts of ways, but most commonly in our bodies, especially when its time to get out of the comfort zone. There are so many people who feel stuck in their comfort zone, and are just so afraid of taking the leap out of it. They'd rather stay in the pain and discomfort of the comfort zone than to lead more fulfilling lives, where fear and courage dance together.

Listen to this podcast episode, as my awesome guest Nadine Kelly, shares her journey and the process of what it really took for her to go from being a medical doctor (her comfort zone), to becoming a yoga instructor (outside her comfort zone) and bringing healing and mental health awareness to the "wise women" generation. Nadine shares the ups, downs, fears and joys of going on this journey to discover her life's calling.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How Nadine discovered her calling at the age of 40
  2. The true value of self acceptance and approval, plus the dangers of waiting for people to choose you
  3. The importance of living your calling in the right setting
  4. Embracing uncertainty
  5. The importance of having a supportive support system
  6. The importance of having positive internal conversations
  7. The importance of Self-study
  8. The Practice of slowing down to catch the pieces to your life's puzzle.
  9. So many other wisdom nuggets!

Life kicks you in the "tushki" continuously when you’re not doing what you’re created to, so I hope this episode inspired you to take THAT LEAP! On the other side of that is excitement, self-approval, acceptance, fulfillment, joy, and so much more. You get to lead and live a more fulfilled life filled with joy, success and love.

To get in touch with Nadine or get more of her, find her on:





"Do not wait for permission to be chosen. Go for it!" - Nadine Kelly 

Thanks for listening. Be BadassFabulous for the greater good!

Nov 03, 2021
EP 023: Introducing "Your Daily Badassery" -Enjoy the Journey

Introducing "Your Daily Badassery" which is a New Segment on the BadassFabulous Podcast which Pej created to support you on your journey as you create a BadassFabulous Life for yourself!

Your Daily Badassery is going to be 1 to 5-minute episodes to help you stay focused and be more courageous!

Be sure to let us know how you enjoyed this first one. Leave a review and rating on itunes.

Enjoy !

Oct 26, 2021
EP 022: New Year, Same You?

Free guided visualization meditation to help you become below!

In today’s world, it’s so important to become; to become who you believe God created you to be, to become a better version of yourself each year by operating from an intentional state of being each day, and, to become a better person for yourself, to others and for the world.  There's a free gift in the link below that will support you in becoming who you were created to be!

In this episode, Pej shares why it's so important in this new season to transform intentionally and shares how to avoid repeating cycles in your life each year, which is being the same person every new year. It's worse when you do not even recognize it!

Becoming is one of the most difficult things to do in life, and it's the most important thing we need to do before we leave this world. The BadassFabulous journey is about progress, not perfection. Everything you desire and the person you desire to become is within you and within reach and you can become that person now! 

So If you're ready to go from feeling ‘BLAH’ or ‘MEH’, to becoming more empowered and intentional about your state of being as you operate in your everyday, then this meditation is for you.

Get the meditation here!

#selftruth #selflove #transformyourlife #thelifeyouwant #wellbeingpodcast #badassfabulous

Sep 29, 2021
EP 021: Make Decisions Boldly, Part 4: Your Loving and Enjoying Your Space

This episode brings us to the end of the awesome series of how you can Make Decisions Boldly! Today, Pej talked about how our living spaces - both our body and our physical space have a huge impact on how we rest, sleep and be at peace, which all impact how our energy and cognitive functions support us in making better decisions!

So listen in and learn about ways you can create a space that you love and enjoy, which lifts you up, including a special prayer that lifts up your spirit!  

The books mentioned in the show: 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up AND The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck They are different books but I promise, they will transform your life!

Catch up on the previous episodes in this series: 

Part 1: Make decisions Boldly

PART 2: Which Vision Drives You?


Remember to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes if you’re enjoying this!

#Badassfabulouslife #wellbeingpodcast #wellnesspodcast #selftruth

Aug 10, 2021
EP 020: Making Decisions Boldly PART 3: DEEP REST

Having a good night's sleep and being well-rested is key to having enough energy the next day to do all the things we want to do with a good attitude and increased clarity!

When you put shitty energy into most activities you do throughout the day, you might end up having a shitty day! The more shitty days you have during the week, the more you'll hate your week.

So in this episode, I talk about Deep rest and its importance. We all know that sleep is the best medicine, but yet why do the majority of us not get enough of it?? It's because you are not satisfied with who you are being each day or the activities you do each day.

Listen in to this wonderful episode and learn more interesting aspects of resting and how that impacts how you make decisions.


#selftruth #selftrust #selfregulation #selfacceptance #badassfabulous #modernmystic

Jul 23, 2021
EP 019: Make Decisions Boldly - PART 2: Which Vision Drives You?

What vision do you have for your life? Do you have visions that drive and excite you, or do you have more visions of despair and fear or anxiety? In today's episode, join Pej as she talks about how your vision drives how you make decisions in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. You will learn:

  1. The difference between imagination and visualization
  2. Why Faith backed by action is necessary to activate the deployment of the vision.
  3. How to determine which Vision drives you?

Show mentions: The BadassFabulous Divine Framework:

Be BadassFabulous For the greater good!

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Jul 09, 2021
EP 018: EP 018: Make decisions Boldly- Part 1

What drives your actions and decisions? - is it based on our nature and what we consume mainly? Or based on our level of fear or faith? In recent studies done during the pandemic, it was proven that people are finding it difficult to sleep, rest, to have a desired level of focus, and people act from a state of fear due to not having enough faith based on the uncertainties that come with living in this world.  

These four aspects are crucial for us humans to increase our capacity as we get older because they drive our actions and decisions. And it's our daily actions and decisions that give us the outcomes and results we see in our lives over time.  So in this episode, join Pej as she dives into part one, which is about our nature and how to overcome the systems of the world, which is meant to keep us in fear, and one way on how you can identify what drives your actions and decision. Make decisions Boldly from today 

Enjoy it and if you have any questions, feel free to email Pej at


Episode: BadassFabulous Divine Alignment

Badassfabulous self-truth selflove self-acceptance self-trust

Jun 29, 2021
EP 017: BadassFabulous Guided Calming and Heart Clearing Meditation- BONUS

Get comfortable, and get ready to empty out all stuck energy that might be keeping you on a low vibration or energy state, which holds you back and keeps you from fully going after the things that matter to you.  

Today’s episode is a guided BadassFabulous Calming and heart clearing meditation that helps you clear out anything blocking you so that God can fill you up with fresh energy, clarity, inspiration, wisdom, goals, and joy for the journey. 

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what your experience was like by leaving a review and to let me know if you want more meditations. Feel free to DM me on Instagram @BadassFabulous if you have questions!

The BadassFabulous Podcast is a mental health podcast that uses a courage and faith-based approach to help you achieve wholeness and improved well-being.

#wholeness #meditation #mentalhealthpodcast #clearingmeditation

May 27, 2021
EP 016: Blah or Bold! - The Best way to receive Divine Fulfillment

In life, we make so many commitments to all sorts of different things that are so important in life, and because the world today is filled with so many distractions, a lot of us fail to make time to work on our spiritual life which is supposed to be our number one priority in life. 

When we make connecting our soul to God our highest and most important focus in life, we become filled with God’s love and light, and this is the same as “putting God first and having all things you desire being added unto you in their divine timing.” Matthew 6:33

In this short episode, I go through 3 ways you can grow in your spiritual life: 

  1. To always be in the presence of God (daily practice)
  2. Receiving guidance, wisdom, and strength to transform all darkness, negative habits, and traits into God’s light and love
  3. The third thing is to renew your commitment to God and to your soul.

When things become chaotic for us and we have so many things that need to get done asap, it’s so easy to neglect our prayer life or time with God. I have practiced putting God first in all things and I have experienced so many things that seemed “so important” just fall off my plate all of a sudden or get deprioritized easily with me being at peace with my decisions and having no regrets. I also get to have inner peace and joy that surpasses my understanding. 

So if you’ve been feeling weary or you’re just so exhausted existing in your life, or maybe you’re always playing catch up with your to-do list and never find rest, this episode is definitely for you!  

You can share in the comments how you grow spiritually. I’d love to know. Enjoy this episode and leave a review on iTunes or your favorite podcast player! 

Episode Mentions: Learn more about the war between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Access Here

Instagram: Access Here

May 17, 2021
EP 015: The Power of Not Knowing!

Not knowing what you want out of life, has a lot of power over you and takes more of your personal power than you know it. 

Do you feel like you’re losing your power or you play small in the most important areas of your life? Do you feel as though life is happening to you and you have no control over the outcome and results? Maybe perhaps you’re living a life of mediocrity?

Some of you might be comfortable with it, some of you might hate it and still find yourself doing all in your power to avoid mediocrity, but still seem to get mediocre results in your life. If this is you and you’re sick and tired of the level of life you’re in, then this episode is for you!  

This episode will guide you into getting your power back to bounce out of mediocrity and create outcomes in your life that you actually love and desire. So grab a nice stiff drink of water, a pen, and paper then settle in because this is one amazing episode! 

Apr 25, 2021
EP 014: Navigating Modern Friendships and Finding Balance with the "Busyness" of Life, with guest Julie Schecter - Founder of Small Packages.

If you’re looking for ways to balance your personal needs with friendships and the "busyness" of life, or maybe you’re looking to make new friends, or you already have friends you’ll like to connect deeper with, grab yourself a glass of wine, coffee or water, get comfortable and let’s listen in to this episode, because my guest today -Julie Schecter

built an exciting startup called Small Packages, which supports a good way people can cultivate friendships that you’ll enjoy learning about. 

“Friendshipping” has been tough due to the pandemic as some listeners have shared, so with this episode, you will learn about:

  • Julie’s life’s journey
  • How she’s made friends, 
  • How she created a trusted circle of friends, 
  • How she nurtures her friendships continuously, and
  • A few things she does to stay focused and balanced in her journey. 

Julie has had such an interesting career experience in different industries. And throughout her transitions, her trusted circle of friends and her network have kept her going.  

Today’s episode is brought to you by Verb Energy- Get 4 flavors for free when you buy a pack of one of their scrumptious flavors for a very low price with this LINK HERE 

Mentioned in Podcast: 

Julie’s Startup - Small Packages

Small Packages on Instagram

Article by Julie I mentioned - Link Here

BadassFabulous Instagram

Mar 19, 2021
EP 013: It's Time For Take-Off.

Cheers to a new month!!! Typically in the month of March, a lot of people feel as though they want to "start the year all over again!" I hope you're not feeling that way, however, if you are, it's time to Stop, Pause, and Rethink the approach to move forward with!

In this episode, join Pej as she shares a few questions you need to ask yourself and answer (pen to paper preferred) to be more intentional about where you put your action and energy in because that's where you will get results. So hop on this episode's ride, it's time for you to take your power back and create a month that you'll be happy about at the end of it!

Get a free Self-Truth Divine Alignment Guide


Mar 02, 2021
EP 012: The Greatest Story Ever Told - Part 2

In Part one episode of the greatest story ever told, Pej gave 3 of the 6 foundational qualities needed to build a great life story. In this episode, She shares the final 3 and finally tells you what the greatest life story is! So exciting.

Listen in and you can always send an email to Pej at if you have any questions for her about your journey in life and the transformation you are going through.


Feb 10, 2021
EP 011: The Greatest Story Ever Told - Part 1

Living a great life story is a choice and decision one has to make. You’re not forced to discover your gift or use it, or even live out your purpose, or even create a great story, BUT, once the decision is made to live a great life story, it is pretty much the only way one can live with coherence in your heart (lack of internal conflict) and in other areas of life, which leads to a lack of mental distress and more fulfillment, joy, love, and success. 

To live a great story requires courage. The results of a great life are not only material wealth like the world proposes but more about how a person transformed intentionally, with increasing moral excellence and having the courage to do what they are being led to do mainly by God and not the world. 

 Some of the humans who have been called the greatest people in the world, Gandhi or Steve Jobs, or Mother Theresa and were truly only called great because they stepped out in faith to act on their calling. They lived a life of excellence that can only be done intentionally. 

In this 11th episode, join Pej as she shares the greatest story ever told and 3 of the 6 ways to create a strong foundation that you can build a great life on.  


#liveagreatstory #createagreatlife #findinghappiness #findingjoy #greateststoryevertold

Feb 08, 2021

In this episode, join Pej as she shares a deeply personal life experience in 2020 that forced her to release the BadassFabulous Podcast, after many years of not being sure about how to deliver it.

Death of a loved one is something a lot of us humans experienced in the past year, a lot of us still do not know how to process it or even our overall life experience in 2020.

We hear over and over again that LIFE IS SHORT, yet a lot of people do not grow the courage to do the things that truly matter to them and their lives. They do not enjoy spending time with their loved ones and so many people are sad and broken in the world today.

Though this episode is painful for Pej, this experience was a way that she was able to channel the grief and deep sadness into momentum and a way to keep going in life, because, for each of us, tomorrow's not promised.

This podcast is officially dedicated to Pej's cousin Prince Kehinde "Lil Foreign" Ogunleye.

Enjoy this episode and let Pej know what you think or if you have any questions by emailing or DM on Instagram


Be BadassFabulous for the greater good!

Jan 20, 2021
EP 009: Wholeness and Fuel For the Soul

This is the episode to officially welcome you to 2021, the BadassFabulous way! since it's our first episode of the year! Pej goes really deep in this episode by talking about 3 things:

  • The spiritual aspect of 2021, 
  • The agenda of the world to distract us from taking the right actions, and;
  • 8 things you must focus on as part of your foundation to creating a successful year that you love and enjoy, while making an impact: 
  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Strategy and Planning 
  3. Routines and Habits 
  4. Awareness of Universal dimensions and agendas 
  5. Decisions Quality
  6. Bringing darkness to light
  7. Adulting! 
  8. Fun and Joy

Pej also tells you how you can discover what’s fun for you again in order to make life more enjoyable which staying focused and making an impact!

Other Episodes Referenced:

  1. How to Plan a successful year.
  2. How to Get into Divine Alignment


Julia Cameron - The artist way -

The Bible

Wishing you love, success and Innerpeace! 

Jan 11, 2021
EP 008: Planning For Your Greatness

It's the final episode of 2020! Wow, So exciting to know that this podcast has been going strong for 2 months, and even more importantly, listeners have been getting great things out of it. In this final episode, Pej gives:

  • A strategy on how you can close out and feel complete with 2020.
  • The ultimate framework of how to plan for your new year focusing on the most important areas of your life.
  • How to plan according to your purpose for a harmonious and well-balanced life.
  • How to start a new year with ease and joy.

So whatever you've got planned to celebrate your new year, be sure to listen in and get even more excited about 2021!

Happy New Year!!



Jan 01, 2021
EP 007: The Forgotten Message of Christmas

O Christmas! Such an amazing season, we exchange gifts, we have fun, and take a break. This year has definitely shifted a lot of people's perspectives and I'm just so grateful to be alive to experience this season with you all.

In today's episode, join Pej as she talks about the original message that Christmas is supposed to bring and this will bring you hope and love and blessings!


Dec 26, 2020
EP 006: How Self Image Governs your Self Worth and Results in life

Learn about the root of self-sabotage.  God created a self-image framework for us, and we each have our own self-image framework that we created for ourselves (whether you're aware of it or not), which is what . When our personal self-image framework is not aligned to the glorious self-image framework God created for us, it will be difficult to have inner-peace and joy while creating success for your life.  

On this episode, Pej dives in on Self-Image, its importance, and the spiritual aspect of it, including how it drives everything else in your life from your self worth, your actions, and behaviors which are all what governs the results you see in your life today.  Listen to this if you want to learn how you can improve your self-image. 

Also, for the first time on this podcast, Pej is introducing you to her Kingdom-based life advisory and counsel practice to you. You can schedule a free 30 minutes consultation at to learn more about how you can become more intentional about life and begin the journey to becoming the highest expression of yourself and getting results. 

Create an amazing 2021 for yourself!

Be BadassFabulous for the greater good! If you have any questions regarding the podcast, you can email Pej at


Also, Try verb energy bars that are naturally caffeinated by green tea. Yummy and healthy

Get smarter with me -

Dec 20, 2020
EP 005: How to Live a Fulfilling Life Everyday With Dean Bokhari

Dean Bokhari's mission is to inspire as many people as much as possible to improve their lives and achieve their goals. In this episode, Dean shares his life’s journey on self-transformation (body, mind, soul, and spirit), which will bless you! You'll learn:

  • A few great ways on how to ban self-doubt and fear. 
  • The best framework for setting your big audacious goals, and how to actually realistically achieve them in a year. 
  • How to plan for a new year successfully (2021)
  • How to lead from your truth and purpose.
  • Diving deep into yourself, figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are. 
  • A good reason to build out your literary library and to value them. 
  • What a meaningful life is and how you can go about building a good foundation for yourself for a fulfilling
  • The importance of fun on your life's journey.

Dean’s Top books on Transformation and Self Mastery

7 habits of highly effective people - Steven covey

Unlimited Power - Tony Robbins

Mastery - Robert Greene

Links promised on the show:


Verb energy

Check out the Verb starter kits -You can get a full size of any flavor you want plus four additional flavors to try below:


Thanks for hanging out with us today, Let me know how you enjoyed this episode and what you got out of it, I would love to hear from you.

DM me on Instagram or send an email to

Thanks for listening and until the next episode, be badassFabulous for the greater good!!!!

Dec 10, 2020
EP 004: Why Self-Truth is the New Self-Love.

Pej mentioned 'Self-Truth' in previous episodes and how it's really the new Self-Love. She also talked a lot about how BadassFabulous is all about the Self-Truth Journey, but she has not fully described what Self-Truth is all about. So in this episode, join Pej and learn all about what the Self Truth Journey back to yourself is all about and what it's not, why it's the new Self-Love and find out how you can become more BadassFabulous in your life's journey while coming from a place of Truth, Love, Badassery and Sass!

Follow us on INSTAGRAM

DM and ask any questions, Pej would love to hear from you!

Grateful for Music used:

Song title - by Jonny Easton




Check out his channel


Dec 03, 2020
EP 003: The Secret Sauce to Being Fulfilled in Life

In this episode, Pej goes straight into 3 life principles that one needs to apply into their life in order to become successful and feel fulfilled.

This episode is a listen for you if you are one that seemed to have been so busy all year long and you still haven’t achieved any results that you desire, or you don't know what direction to take -Basically, if you want to stop running in place and finally move forward in your life! 

This episode is for you if you Are one always searching for peace of mind and stability in your life.

This episode is for you if you are one of those always on a self-discovery journey and you still haven’t discovered anything substantial that can help you make a decision to move you forward into a new direction you want.

With The BadassFabulous Podcast being a new show, it will be greatly appreciated, if you are enjoying this so far to leave a review and subscribe.

Be BadassFabulous for the greater good!


Nov 24, 2020
EP 002: BadassFabulous Divine Alignment

In this second episode, Pej shares what alignment is from the BadassFabulous perspective and three ways on how one can become more aligned in their life's journey. The more aligned one is, the more all areas of their life works in harmony.

Enjoy, leave a review and share if you feel it might be great for someone you know!

Nov 16, 2020
EP 001: The BadassFabulous Journey

In this first episode, Pej shares the reason the podcast was created, a bit about who she is and her journey, also a bit about what to expect from subscribing to the BadassFabulous Podcast.

You will learn what it means to be BadassFaulous and how you can become more BadassFabulous daily. Enjoy!

You can follow Pej on Instagram to know more:

Nov 09, 2020
TRAILER: The BadassFabulous Podcast Loading

The BadassFabulous Podcast is the new destination for you to learn to improve your Self- Truth, which is by uncovering a bit more of who you really are consistently or daily and having the courage to step into the truth uncovered. 

We present tools that help you align your body, mind, soul and actions to God, while improving your integrity, commitment and consistency skills, which are needed for you to become BadassFabulous! This is a fun path to wholeness and self-mastery, so join us and become more BadassFabulous! 

Oct 18, 2020