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Stories about the enduring connections between birds, people and landscapes.

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Protecting Biodiversity in the Boreal Forest

In the season finale we visit Thaidene Nëné, a huge swath of land in the Boreal Forest, and learn how the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation and the Canadian government came together to protect an area that’s vital for birds, indigenous people, and the health of the entire planet.

The Boreal Forest is one of the most important bird habitats in the Western Hemisphere. Billions of birds nest and hatch their eggs here. It is also the ancestral home of the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation, who’ve spent decades trying to preserve the land on their terms. Their solution could well provide a blueprint for sustainable conservation around the world.

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Special thanks to Emily Blake, Emily Cousins, and Janna Graham for their help in making this episode. 

Dec 15, 2020
Watching Over Western Sandpipers

We visit the Fraser Estuary, where fresh water meets the salty Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada. Scientists are confirming what locals and birders have long known -- these mudflats are a unique and important pitstop for Western Sandpipers during their epic migration. 

The Pacific Flyway is a migratory route for at least a billion birds. For many, like the Western Sandpiper, it’s an epic journey twice a year. Each spring they fly from wintering grounds in South America all the way to the Arctic where they breed in the summer. They then fly back down in the fall. Our understanding of what fuels that journey is changing, and a port expansion could jeopardize an important food source. 

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Dec 08, 2020
Curlews, Sparrows, and the Ecological Trap

In Idaho, native grasslands were once a rich mosaic of plant life that supported a diverse cohort of birds. But as European settlers moved west, they converted those rich grasslands into farms. Today, very little native grassland habitat remains in the Intermountain West. In this episode of Threatened, producer Monica Gokey takes us on a quest to search for Long-billed Curlews, find a patch of restored habitat containing a bounty of grassland birds, and speak with the people working to protect and expand what’s left of this unique habitat.

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Dec 01, 2020
A Riot of Nesting Seabirds

In the series premier, we head to a summer home for seabirds — a place where kittiwakes, murres, auklets, and puffins gather by the thousands. Gerrit Vyn, a conservation media producer, describes the scene as "a cauldron of raucous bird sound." Scientists and Aleut locals share how the birds are faring in a changing climate, and we explore importance of seabirds in island traditions.

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Nov 24, 2020
Threatened Trailer
A new podcast from BirdNote about the enduring connections between birds, people and landscapes. Join host Ari Daniel for an escape to the natural world — and a glimpse into the lives of the people working to protect it.
Oct 29, 2020