How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling

By Ashley & Amanda Bones

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Category: Wrestling

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A wrestling podcast where all things wrestling are discussed by one lady who knows A LOT and another lady who knows squat. Join Ashley and Amanda on their journey through vocabulary used in the world of wrestling as well as commentary on matches spanning the history of professional wrestling. *Count Out! Wrestling Podcast Network affiliate.

Episode Date
100: Mick Foley is Hot!

Happy 100th episode to us! How did we get here?! This week we celebrate our 100th episode with a Throwback Thursday to ECW Hardcore TV’s match of Cactus Jack vs Sabu!

Mar 02, 2023
99: Pretty Pretty Princess!

This week it is proven that any one can be a princess. Thank you Max the Impaler and Heidi Howitzer for the reminder as they take on the previously reigning Princess champs Saki Akai and Yuki Arai from Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling!!

Feb 16, 2023
98: Game Night!

Join us this week for a GAME NIGHT!!! We play our own little version of heads up with wrestlers! This episode gets real chaotic, so grab a diet coke and play along!!

Feb 02, 2023
97: Prestige Vendetta

Join us for our field trip to see one of our favorite promotions Prestige Wrestling! We end up having a few Vendettas of our own!

Jan 26, 2023
96: We Always Enjoy Wrestling!

Ashley & Amanda enjoy themselves this week with some Enjoy Wrestling and a late night recording! Enjoy Wrestling’s Odyssey - season 7 episode 1 : specifically Allie Katch v Lee Moriarty. Ashley & Amanda we’re katching feelings while Allie & Lee caught hands.

Jan 19, 2023
95: Shut Up and Fish!

A guppy of an episode where we talk about 5 dudes who wrestled some fish in a ring and then shoot the shit about wrestling news! It's two weeks in to January and the chaos has begun!!

Jan 12, 2023
94: There’s A Snake At My Wrestling Show

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, at GCW - Americaz Most Wanted. Get ready for some dislike and some horny talk. Sorry for the delay on this review, but like holidays and being sick.

Jan 05, 2023
93: Boner City Machine Guns!

New venue, New Japan!

This week Ashley and Amanda venture to LA to catch New Japan Strong live! Fun was had, bathroom selfies were taken, grown men were hit in the ding ding (as stated by someone in the crowd) and Amanda won a free shirt!

Dec 15, 2022
92: Slay Santa, Slay!

Missed our movie reviews, well we sure did! Happy Holidays from Goldberg himself! Join us on the lovely adventure through the 2005 horror comedy Santa’s Slay!

Dec 08, 2022
91: Hayter Nation!!

We are back after the holiday and talking about Full Gear baby!! Ashley tries to get Amanda to join Hayter Nation, Amanda's feelings about a certain wrestler change, and we finally bring back 10 outta 10!!

Dec 01, 2022
90: It's Us! We're Back!!

After a much needed break, Amanda and Ashley are back with what ended up being Ashley's hardest match to pick someone to root for. We are talking Orange Cassidy vs Shibata!! Join us as we get the hang of this thing all over again!!

Nov 17, 2022
89: The CM Stands for Cum & Marbles!

It's October!!! Time for horror movies and wrestling? Wrestlers in horror movies?! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! This week we are talking about CM PUNK and the film "Girl on the Third Floor." It has everything; ghost ladies, shitty husbands, and so many marbles!

Oct 13, 2022
88: Slam Dunk Daddy!

This week we welcome back Ally from Notable Nostalgia and DNDecades to review another precious cinematic gift … an episode of Walker Texas Ranger featuring the most watered down Hulk Hogan you’re ever gonna see. Join us while we cackle our way through the episode.

Oct 06, 2022
87: Don't Judge a GCW Show By Its Card!

The girls made the last minute (VERY LAST MINUTE) decision to make the trek out to LA and brought a friend along as well! The lesson we learned this week is never judge a show by its card or you might miss out on some really amazing wrestling!!

Sep 29, 2022
86: Quiet 5 a 10 is speaking!!

Ashley managed to pump enough sugar into Amanda to get her to Prestige wrestling this past weekend for the best 21 year anniversary ever! Great looking men, fierce as hell women, and all around bad ass wrestling. Here’s the hot take!!

Sep 22, 2022
85: A Fun Size Episode!!

Everyone loves a fun sized candy so here are your favorite two gals in a very fun size episode talking about how the world of wrestling is imploding!! Have a fun 10 minute little banger of an episode and come back next week for a supersized review of "Amanda & Ashley go to Prestige!!"

Sep 15, 2022
84: Play in the Mud of Life!

Questions and answers part two. More laughs, more learning about each other, and more wrestling related content for ya!

Sep 08, 2022
83: Hey, You Ever Listen to Macho Man's Hip Hop Album?

We take a breather from watching wrestling to answer your wrestling and non-wrestling related questions. Let the hilarity ensue!

Sep 01, 2022
82: Respectfully Looking!

It's been 277 days and finally.... HE'S BACK BAYBEE!! Kenny Omega is finally back and Ashley has a lot of things to say about it. So wipe that drool from the corner of your mouth and let's talk about all things Omega and the AEW Trios Tournament! 

Aug 25, 2022
81: You Got a Problem, I Got a Knife!

This week we took an adventure over to Los Angeles and enjoyed some Brain Slam Wrestling: New Noise!! With a stacked card of nothing but bangers we gladly stayed out late on a school night for this show! 

Aug 18, 2022
80: In Mancer We Trust!

Pull up a chair but don't break any, Amanda & Ashley are here to talk to you about their favorite wrestling cowboy.... that's right Mance Warner! This week we are talking about Mance vs Mox on AEW Rampage which ends up just being us talking about how much we love sweet boy Mance!! 

Aug 11, 2022
79: What's With TODAY.... Today?

It's Thursday which means it's time to watch some wrestling with Amanda and Ashley! This week is a super fun DDT King of Street Wrestling match with Chris Brookes vs Onryo! It's got everything you could want, spooky ghost people, a tall guy in a crop top rolling in rose petals AND A COFFIN! So buy your friend a milkshake and join us! 

Aug 04, 2022
78: But Mom, We Love Rob Shit!

This week Ashley and Amanda burn the midnight oil with two, two, two wrestling shows! GCW No Signal In The Hills and VXS Coast 2 Coast. There’s a lot of shit talk this week from two shitheads so prepare yourself. 😉

Jul 21, 2022
77: Set My Heart On Fire Ant!

Ashley gets to talk about her favorite thing this week, yep..... CHIKARA WRESTLING! Or maybe it's just a Chuck Taylor vs Fire Ant match! Either way join us on an adventure way back to 2011! Man.... that Fire Ant looks kinda familiar... 

Jul 14, 2022
76: Exploding Barbed Wire Retirement Party

Ashley and Amanda chose to quit bitching about more womens wrestling and bring a womens match to the table. Ashley presents FMW Megumi Kudo vs Combat Toyoda in an exploding barbed wire death match for Toyoda’s retirement! 
Watch it here …

Jul 07, 2022
75: Tits to Tits

Crack open that Forbidden door and hang out with us while we talk about this insane PPV from AEW! 

Jun 30, 2022
74: It’s Summer, Do You Have A Cold Yet?

It's time for another wacky weekend wrestling show with Amanda and Ashley! We take a tiny road trip to Pomona to see Prestige Wrestling and learn that we are forever the most awkward girls. So join us as we talk about some amazing wrestling matches! 

Jun 23, 2022
73: Daddy Sting's Unsafe Speed with Ally Ward!

We're back with a swift roundhouse kick to the guts! This week is all Papa Sting and his bizarrely fantastic episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. That's right, our pal Ally Ward brought us some good early 00's tv to talk about this week and it was gold! 

Check out all of Ally's podcasts and links below! 
Notable Nostalgia:
Dungeons & Decades:

Jun 16, 2022
72: Slap Me William Regal

AEW Double or Nothing review time folks! Ashley and Amanda discuss it all, and maybe brought back a brief 10 out of 10 would bang moment! 

Jun 02, 2022
71: GCW Presents Foot Fire!

Anything crazy happen at GCW Maniac this past weekend? Well, Amanda and Ashley are here to give you their run down and first person experience of all the action. We got actual angel Rob Shit, loud sing a longs to Bro Hymn, and Ghost Ashley!

May 26, 2022
70: Please Feed Me and I Wanna Bang!

We are talking about Paige this week! Which kind of ends up with Ashley ranting about women's wrestling but honestly what else is new. Join us as we talk about Paige's WWE RAW Debut and her Survivor Series match against Charlotte Flair! 

May 19, 2022
69: Very Silly Snake Match

The planets have aligned to give us not only our 69th episode (teehee), but it also falls on Amanda’s birthday! Since it’s her day we’ve let her choose the match to review and she showed up with … the very silly snake match. Jake the Snake vs Macho Man in a feud that started from some promos and gave us absolute wrestling gold!

May 12, 2022
68: Dr. D for Don't Call Me Fake

Ever been slapped by a wrestler? Well let's find out what that feels like! Join Ashley and Amanda this week as they dive into the Dark Side of the Ring: Season 2, Episode 7 - David Schultz and the Slap Heard Round the World. 
Side note - we hate John Stossel in this house. 

May 05, 2022
67: Bring on the Plunder!

It's time for ChocoPro! This week Amanda and Ashley cover episode #179 from ChocoPro and enjoy the fun that is Drew Parker & Chris Brookes vs Yuna Mizumori & Baliyan Akki! So join them for this welcome party but also farewell match! You can watch the whole match for free on Youtube at the link below.

Apr 28, 2022
66: Lots of Kills, Very Little Wrestling

This week Ashley and Amanda take on the Last Podcast on the Left episode 478: Juana Barraza - La Mataviejitas!! *Cue creepy slasher movie music*

Luchadora, possible serial killer, last podcast boys, what's there not to love about this episode?! Well, we're here to tell you that the thing missing is more wrestling! 

Find the episode here:

Apr 21, 2022
65: He's Just A Boy!!!

It's GCW week here at How to Talk to You Friend About Wrestling! Ashley and Amanda took a trip over to the UCC and had a great time watching GCW Paranoid, where we realized a few things, and enjoyed a full on chop fest!! Broken backs and bad energy drinks can't keep them down!!!

Apr 14, 2022
64: Good Morning Glory Pro

This week Ashley fills Amanda in on everything she missed during Mania weekend and the Collective! Join in on the conversation where we talk about Glory Pro, Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6, Bloodsport and so SOOO much more!! Lots more… there was four whole days of wrestling to watch and we did not make it. 

Apr 07, 2022
63. A Real Paige Turner

Amanda's poor taste in movies strikes, and Ashley has to grin and bear it for a moment. Haha. Just kidding! This week the gals cover Fighting With My Family, the movie based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers : Fighting With My Family. Join in as the girls laugh and rate the movie.

Mar 31, 2022
62: Who Let The CDawgs Out?

Ashley and Amanda watch as CdawgVA tries to become a pro wrestler in Japan for the day thanks to the help of DDTs very own Chris Brookes and Takeashita!! Also, shout it from the roof tops, THUNDER ROSA IS THE NEW AEW WOMENS CHAMP!!!

Check out Connor's video on youtube at the link below!

Mar 24, 2022
61: There Is No Happiness Without Heartbreak

Ashley and Amanda are joined this week, by the friggin hella talented man of the hour, Ivan  from Firejay Media. Tune in as we find out Ivan's entrance music (should he choose to find himself in the ring), his favorite match that he so lovingly brought us, Johnny Gargano vs Andrade for the NXT Championship, and we peak at his beautiful Effy vs Jeff Jarrett promo.

Mar 17, 2022
60: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Did everyone see AEW Revolution?! Join Ashley and Amanda as they hot take the hell out of that ppv. Thank you AEW for giving everyone what we need… Bloody CM Punk.

Mar 10, 2022
59: Wild Wrestling Weekend!

This week Ashley and Amanda take you along on their wild weekend of three wrestling shows in three days, GCW Welcome to Heartbreak, Coldest Winter, and Prestige Rise Above! So join the gals before they slowly fall deeper in to their sleepy madness! 

Mar 03, 2022
58: Stepdad Energy with Ryan Neitzey

This week Ashley and Amanda are joined by half of the Count Out! Wrestling Podcast Network head honchos - Ryan Neitzey! Man oh man did he bring us some fantastic matches from the far east; Stan Hansen v Andre the Giant, as well as, Tomohiro Ishii v Katsuyori Shibata, we got to play Hunk or Junk, and in general had way too much fun so Ryan is never allowed back unless you guys want a 3 hour episode.

Feb 24, 2022
57: The Babes With The Shortest Episode

Listen, life happens, so sometimes you just need to do a 22 minute banger of an episode. 
This week Ashley and Amanda cover the Enjoy Wrestling Canned Heat Season 1 episode with Willow Nightingale vs Mv Young. Grab merch from Enjoy Wrestling, Willow and MV at the following links!

Feb 10, 2022
56: Where’s Cesaro?

Ashley and Amanda review the mediocre at best Royal Rumble. Although there isn’t much to talk about the gals find a way!

Feb 03, 2022
55: All The Rodents Your Heart Desires

Ashley and Amanda are joined this week by Matt from Smack Talk Showdown and the embarrassment ensues! 

Buy the game for your own fun at

Jan 27, 2022
54: It Takes Balls To Be A Caterpillar

We're back! Like that dinosaur movie from the 90s! LOL. 
This week Ashley and Amanda return from their winter break to talk wrestling presents, presents in general, and more importantly, Luna Vachon and the legacy she left behind. 

Jan 20, 2022
53: Do I Look Like Shawn Michaels To You?

Ashley and Amanda got all hopped on energy drinks to kick off their winter break at GCW - Blood In The Hills. This was Ashley’s first live GCW event and let’s just say it was a winner!! Listen in for all the friggin fun! 

Don’t forget to order your 3 B’s shirt on our big cartel!!

Dec 30, 2021
52: Stop Bobby Hilling Everyone!!

AEW Full fucking Gear review! Y’all aren’t even ready for the rollercoaster that was this PPV. Tune in as Ashley and Amanda discuss the the fashion, the drama, the fighting, and cowboy shit.

Nov 18, 2021
51: Hair vs Mask vs My Heart!

This week we ENJOY! WRESTLING!! With a super fun Hair vs Mask match from Enjoy Wrestlings Night Moves!!! Edith Surreal and Ziggy Haim continue their feud and put on an amazing match where they basically try to kill each other as they go through multiple tables and we love them for it. Watch Enjoy Wrestling tonight on youtube at 8pm est!!   

Nov 11, 2021
50: FAQ: Frequently (not)Asked Questions

Ashley and Amanda take some time this week to review their first year of podcasting, ask each other some hard hitting questions, and of course, laugh their asses off. Promise they do talk about wrestling!

Nov 04, 2021
49: They Live - Not This Year!

Ashley and Amanda are in the spooky spirit so this week they decided to cover the phenomenal cult classic They Live, featuring the man himself, Rowdy Roddy Piper! Grab some popcorn and put on your sunglasses, we're going to Obey! 

Oct 28, 2021
48: Teeth-A-Roni - The San Francisco Treat

Love that Danhausen, yes, Ashley and Amanda sure do!! This week the gals cover the Black Label Pro: Dragons & Dropkicks match of Effy vs. Danhausen. For as much as they love him the gals are shocked this is their first match of his. Fair warning: there are one too many giggles this episode.

Oct 14, 2021
47: Charles In Charge

This week we celebrate the birth of our cohost, Ashley. Everyone, bow to her. After that we discuss the raddest Chuck Taylor match ever - Zack Sabre Jr vs Chuck Taylor for the PWG Championship! Also, get ready because there are a lot of side quests on this episode, haha. 

Oct 07, 2021
46: GCW This Hot Pink Is Way Too Bright

Ashley and Amanda have reverted back to their high school music taste days so that they'd be in the proper headspace to cover GCW's recent PPV, GCW Emo Fight. Grab your tissues and acoustic guitar, put on your favorite cardigan, and let's talk emotions. 

Sep 30, 2021
45: The Ram Jam

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Mickey Rourke as a retiring wrestler? No, well, Ashley and Amanda have so they decided to do a book report on the movie The Wrestler this week. Tune in to catch all the hot takes and giggles. 
And you keep your eyes off of Marisa Tomei out of respect!

Sep 23, 2021
44: Sunday Wrestling Time-Travel with Dane

Ashley and Amanda are joined by a guest named Dane Scharff this week! Please join us in our time machine, keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle, as we jump back to 1989 for the Hulk Hogan vs Big Boss Man cage match! 
Wrestling factoid: Big Boss Man, a correctional officer character, was in fact based on Ray Washington Traylor’s former job as… you guessed it, a correctional officer! 

Sep 16, 2021
43b: Daddy Sting and His Boys

The final conclusion of their AEW All Out review is here! Ashley and Amanda hope you’ve listened to part a, but they won’t fault ya if you haven’t. In conclusion, we’re shipping CM Punk with Sting and Darby, we popped for Adam Cole, and fully judge Kenny Omega for his look (but Ashley can't stop loving him, she's weak.)

Sep 09, 2021
43a: AEW Put Us In A Lockjaw

Ashley and Amanda try to cover the AEW All Out ppv in one show, SURPRISE, that's not even a thing. So this week we give you part one of the AEW All Out ppv review. See you Thursday for part two!! 

Sep 07, 2021
42: Katch Feelings

Come Katch feelings with Amanda and Ashley this week when they cover the Glory Pro Wrestling Down with the King's glorious tag team match that is Jody Threat & Allie Katch vs Warhorse & Dan the Dad.

Sep 02, 2021
41: Submissive and Breedable - a Rhea Ripley Crush Story

Ashley and Amanda handle all the coverage you’ll need for WWE Summerslam, but if that sends you into a snooze, don’t worry, they switch over fairly quickly to discuss the WWE Raw episode they saw live! 10/10 would bang Rhea Ripley, fight us. Also something happened with C. M. Punk we guess...

Aug 26, 2021
40: Parking Structure At The Ukrainian Cultural Center

Ashley and Amanda chat GCW No Signal In The Hills this week since they’re done playing with Ashley’s new WWE Funko Pops, haha. 

Aug 19, 2021
39: Don't Believe It Til We See It

Rumors are mounting about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk joining the AEW forces, but Ashley and Amanda don't believe shit til they see it! Join Ashley and Amanda this week as they talk shop about various promotions throughout wrestling and announce the two winners from their first giveaway!! 

Aug 05, 2021
38: That's My Purse!

Take a trip back into the attitude era of WWF with Ashley and Amanda this week as we discuss a lot of shit that is no longer appropriate to say and the 1999 Survivor Series intergender match Chyna vs Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship belt. 

Jul 29, 2021
37: Is Champ There?

This week Ashley and Amanda review the WWE Money in the Bank ppv and don't hold back any feelings on the results. 

Jul 22, 2021
36: More Like Ricky Dreamboat!

This week Ashley and Amanda explore the lively 1987 Wrestlemania III Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. 
We discover Macho Man is Amanda’s all time favorite wrestler and we babble for a bit about general wrestling happenings throughout the multiple promotions. 

Jul 15, 2021
35: We're Off To Join The Polyam Cult

This week we ENJOY wrestling; or more specifically we watch Enjoy Wrestling Canned Heat season two, episode one. Main event being Allie Katch v MV Young babyyyyyyyyyyy!

Jul 08, 2021
34: Book Report - Beyond The Mat

This week Ashley and Amanda review the 1999 wrestling documentary Beyond The Mat. Know the answers to some of our questions? Tell us! 

Jul 01, 2021
33: Heck In A Ceck

Fair warning: Ashley and Amanda are gonna talk about Hell In A Cell all episode, so if you don't like spoilers or opinions do not listen to this episode. Ha ha. 

Jun 24, 2021
32: Fisher-Price My First Live Wrestling Show

We've got a special episode for you guys!! This week we review Amanda's first live wrestling event - AEW Dark Elevation & AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, FL! Added bonus, we have Amanda's stepdaughter Rosie Bones on the show for a hot second to see what she thought about her first live wrestling event too! 
There's also a lot of other rambling and some brief NXT Takeover - In Your House PPV discussion. 

Jun 17, 2021
31: F**k You Money

Ashley and Amanda cover Alex Shelley vs Lee Moriarty at AIW this week. Also, does Amanda know any other band then A Day To Remember, because she legit tried to reuse one of the songs she already threw out as her entrance music. Time for some new music. 

Jun 10, 2021
30: You Ready for a Bit of the Old Ultraviolence?

It's time for some MDK ALL DAY! This week we cover Dark Side of the Ring's episode on the one and only NICK FUCKIN' GAGE! Join us on this path through deathmatches and redemptions with a few familiar faces along the way, we'll be covering our eyes for most of it!

Jun 03, 2021
29: Popcorn Urns with Bradley Palermo

Do you ever feel like WWE missed an amazing merch opportunity? We do too! This week we are joined by our homie Bradley Palermo and we discuss Undertaker v Yokozuna in a Casket Match from the 1994 Survivor Series; among about a hundred other wrestling and non-wrestling related things. 

May 27, 2021
28: Everything Belongs To Vince

Wrestlemania Backlash! This week Ashley and Amanda cover the recent Wrestlemania Backlash, including the zombies, Cesaro's loss, and how belts are borrowed because Vince McMahon owns everything. 

May 20, 2021
27: Happy Birthday You Jabroni!

This week we celebrate the birth of Amanda Bones by watching The Rock and Mankind go hard in the paint for that championship belt during Royal Rumble 1999. Get your candy asses up and ready to party!! 

May 13, 2021
26: Mama Said Knock You Out

Happy Mother's Day to legit everyone!! In honor of Mother's Day Ashley and Amanda cover the unofficial mother of women's professional wrestling; Mildred Bliss (Burke)! Join us on a fun history lesson this week as we dive into Millie's story and watch a couple clips from her matches. 

May 06, 2021
25: Three Realms of Hell

Ashley and Amanda take a road trip to Hell this week as they cover the 3 Stages of Hell - No Way Out 2001 match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Leave it to Stone Cold to bring us everything our hearts desire, babes, blood, and brutality, with a side of beer. 

Apr 29, 2021
24: How To Talk To Your Friend About David Arquette

This week Ashley and Amanda cover the campy cinematic masterpiece that is Ready to Rumble featuring our boy, David Arquette. Join us on the long and winding road to Jimmy King regaining what is rightfully his; the championship and his dignity. 

Apr 22, 2021
23: Wrestletakeamania Extravaganza

Wow! What a friggin week of wrestling! 
Ashley and Amanda briefly touch on some indie happenings before moving into NXT Takeover and the end all, be all, Wrestlemania! 

Apr 15, 2021
22: Book Report: Everyone Be Nice To David Arquette

Ashley and Amanda cover the heart string pulling documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette. Join us as we discuss Arquette’s journey back into wrestling all while threatening anyone he runs across that is mean or rude to him. Everyone be nice to David Arquette; or else. 

Apr 08, 2021
21: Back from Wrestling Camp

Ashley and Amanda are back in the saddle again! 
After taking a week off to go to wrestling camp, they have a ton to catch up on in the wrestling world! This week they have essentially a free for all wrestling conversation about the AEW Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker Lights Out match, WWE FastLane, Wrestlemania stuff and some indie darlings! 

Apr 01, 2021
20: Twenty Dollar Nose Bleed

Happy 20th episode! This week Amanda and Ashley keep it short and sweet with the review of the 2004 Lita vs. Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship title. 10 minutes seems like no time at all, but there manages to be a fair amount of excellent wrestling in this match. 

Mar 18, 2021
19: The Revolution Will Be Televised

Ashley and Amanda discuss the good, the bad, and the fineeeeee from the AEW Revolution PPV and work through some of their own technical difficulties, not far from what Kenny Omega experienced with the sparkler incident.

Mar 11, 2021
18: You Give Love A Bad Name

This week Ashley and Amanda discuss what seems like a ton of random stuff, but truly it's just free form association at it's finest. Haha. Inevitably we end up covering a fantastic match - Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon: a Wrestlemania X Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship (which go figure is actually two belts!). 

Mar 04, 2021
17: WWE Is Out To Hurt Feelings

Ashley and Amanda recap WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, they talk hurt feelings, disappointments, rad moments, and some meh moments. 

Feb 25, 2021
16: Book Report: My Anaconda Don’t Want None

Ashley and Amanda attempt to briefly review the NXT Vengeance Day ppv before diving into the documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.  

Feb 18, 2021
15: Winds of Chaos, but tomorrow is a New Day

This week was rough, haha, so Ashley and Amanda decided to cover The New Day vs. The Usos, Hell In A Cell 2017 to really round out all the feelings. 

Feb 11, 2021
14: Timesplitting the Rumble

Ashley and Amanda do a brief synopsis of the recent WWE Royal Rumble, once they finally finish discussing that they cover the Young Bucks vs Time Splitters NJPW Dominion 2014. Also, Ashley came up with a new segment called, "What's Your Entrance Music?"

Feb 04, 2021
13: My Favorite Doritos Are Edge

Ashley and Amanda cover Edge vs Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Champion in the most epic of epic ladder matches at WWE Extreme Rules 2009. Grab a bag of Doritos and join us on this journey. 

Jan 28, 2021
12: Book Report: Macho Man

This week we've decided to take a break from matches and instead do a book report on The Dark Side of the Ring, Season 1, Episode 1: A Match Made In Heaven.  Ashley and Amanda love themselves some Macho Man Randy Savage, so much so that he's in our intro song, so it was an absolute pleasure getting to talk about this episode. 

Jan 21, 2021
11: Whose Shoes Are You Putting On?

Ashley and Amanda have their first guest!!! This week we’re joined by Rachel, aka GarbagePonyPopArt on Instagram and we cover the over-the-top Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero Summer Slam custody battle for Dominick ladder match. 

Jan 14, 2021
10: Tens Across The Board

Ashley and Amanda cover the very first female Hell In A Cell main event match with Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair on this weeks episode.

Jan 07, 2021
9: It’s Thursday. You know what that means.

This week Ashley and Amanda pay tribute to Jon Huber (Brodie Lee). The wrestling world has suffered a massive loss. In honor of Jon Huber and all his greatness Ashley and Amanda cover an episode of Being The Elite dedicated to him as well as a WWE Elimination Chamber, six-man tag team match The Shield vs The Wyatt Family. 

Dec 31, 2020
8: Kanedertaker vs Manaklaus

This week Ashley takes a break and allows Amanda a crack at choosing matches. Amanda picks out Mankind vs Santa Claus, in an effort to be festive and Undertaker vs Kane from Wreslemania XIV. 

Dec 24, 2020
7: Cuddle Leg Party

Ashley and Amanda cover the Moriarty vs Makabe fight from S.U.P. Swing of the Axe! Can we get a hell yes for independent wrestling!?! Also, there’s a fair amount of music chat and ridiculousness; as per usual.

Dec 17, 2020
6: Winter Is Coming... Or Is It Already Here?

Ashley and Amanda cover AEW Dynamite's Winter Is Coming episode. What they're calling a PPV on a school night. Because seriously, so much went down on a Wednesday night! 
Also, Ashley drops her first f-bomb on the podcast within the first 5 minutes. We are so proud of our girl. 

Dec 10, 2020
5: You're The Best Around

This week Ashley and Amanda check out a new to Amanda promotion, New Japan Pro Wrestling, with the Prince Devitt v Kenny Omega match. 

Dec 03, 2020
4: Fisher-Price My First PPV - Part Two

The finale of the AEW Full Gear PPV is here in another extended episode! Ashley and Amanda cover the remaining three matches from the PPV - Matt Hardy v Sammy Guevara in the Elite Deletion Match, Chris Jericho v MJF, and Jon Moxley v Eddie Kingston in an "I Quit" match. 

Nov 19, 2020
3: Fisher-Price My First PPV - Part One

Our longest episode yet! On this weeks episode of How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling Ashley and Amanda cover a handful of matches from the AEW Full Gear PPV. Matches covered are Kenny Omega v "Hangman" Adam Page, Orange Cassidy v John Silver, Cody Rhodes v Darby Allin, Hikaru Shida v Nyla Rose, and Young Bucks v FTR. Amanda thought the PPV was over at that point, but to her surprise, there are still three more matches to be covered next week! 

Nov 13, 2020
2: Pumpkin Head

Ashley and Amanda go over the epic Halloween match Trick or Street with Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro. Ashley also gives Amanda some new vocabularly words to learn for the week. 

Nov 08, 2020
1: Nothing's Cool In Jr. High

Hi! We are How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling. A wrestling podcast where all things wrestling are discussed by one lady who knows A LOT and another lady who knows squat. Join Ashley and Amanda on their journey through vocabulary used in the world of wrestling as well as commentary on matches spanning the history of professional wrestling.
Our first match watched is Best Friends v Santana & Ortiz. 

Nov 07, 2020