Duck Call Room

By Si Robertson & Justin Martin

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Category: Leisure

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 Mar 30, 2022

 Mar 23, 2022

 Apr 17, 2021
funny stories and Bible stories...can't beat it!

Brain Boru
 Mar 12, 2021


The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

Episode Date
Phil Robertson Has Buried a Lot of Bones in His Creek
Sep 19, 2023
Uncle Si Is SO Proud of Sadie Robertson
Sep 14, 2023
Uncle Si Has Some Advice for a Kid Who Got Fired from Duck Commander
Sep 12, 2023
Uncle Si Remembers His Favorite Day With Killer The Poodle on ‘Duck Dynasty'
Sep 07, 2023
Uncle Si’s Favorite Duck Commander Employee Runs Her Car INTO Korie’s Office
Sep 05, 2023
Uncle Si Reads His Funniest Email Yet
Aug 31, 2023
Uncle Si Reacts to Oliver Anthony's 'Rich Men North of Richmond'
Aug 29, 2023
Uncle Si's Prank Just Backfired HARD!
Aug 24, 2023
Uncle Si Fails the Miss Arkansas Teen USA Quiz Spectacularly
Aug 22, 2023
Uncle Si Gets on the Wrong Side of Willie Robertson & Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Aug 17, 2023
Uncle Si Has Proof That Aliens Live Among Us – And Play Softball?
Aug 15, 2023
Uncle Si Thinks Pepsi Is Garbage – But Is He Right?
Aug 10, 2023
Uncle Si Spills the Tea on His Soulmate & Keeping the Romance Alive
Aug 08, 2023
Uncle Si Stands with Jason Aldean: ‘Try That in a Small Town,’ Jack!
Aug 03, 2023
Uncle Si’s Inner Circle Shows Their Love for Him in Different Ways
Aug 01, 2023
Chris Pratt Makes a Surprise Trip to Hunt Frogs with Justin Martin
Jul 27, 2023
Godwin Is Down 40 lbs in a Year, but His Blood Test Tells the Real Story!
Jul 25, 2023
Uncle Si Is Dumbstruck by What This Criminal Did to Justin Martin’s Mom
Jul 20, 2023
Uncle Si & His Wife Made a Gut-Wrenching Choice for Their Daughter
Jul 18, 2023
Uncle Si Confesses Which Part of 'Duck Dynasty' Was Made Up for TV!
Jul 13, 2023
Uncle Si Has a Sneaky Plan to Prank His Best Friend
Jul 11, 2023
Uncle Si Is in Awe of the Actors Who Played Him in the New Robertson Movie
Jul 06, 2023
Miss Kay & Uncle Si Don't Hold Back & Their Antics Are Amazing
Jul 04, 2023
Uncle Si Plans His Competitive Eating Career
Jun 29, 2023
Uncle Si Secretly Got the Snip!?
Jun 27, 2023
Uncle Si Thinks Justin Martin’s Parenting Style Is SO Weird
Jun 22, 2023
Willie Robertson's Newest Hairstyle Is Totally Baffling to Korie
Jun 20, 2023
Uncle Si's Wife Just Found a New Way to Rile Him Up
Jun 15, 2023
Uncle Si’s Midnight Rendezvous With a State Trooper
Jun 13, 2023
Uncle Si's Greatest Regret Is About Phil Robertson
Jun 08, 2023
Uncle Si’s Advice for Avoiding Jury Duty
Jun 06, 2023
Godwin’s EPIC Body Slam Technique Won Him a Wife!
Jun 01, 2023
Uncle Si Suffers From 'The Yips'
May 30, 2023
Willie Robertson & His Ex-Assistant Are Rocking Mullets Now
May 25, 2023
Uncle Si's Neighbors Catch a Really Dumb Thief on VIDEO
May 23, 2023
Uncle Si’s Five-Finger Discount at the Strawberry Farm
May 18, 2023
Jase Robertson Should Never EVER Own a Dog
May 16, 2023
Chicken Parm Like You've Never Seen, Brisket & Best Chicken Thighs
May 11, 2023
Uncle Si Actually TURNED DOWN the 'Ride of a Lifetime'
May 09, 2023
Uncle Si Got Jay Stone in Trouble With His Wife!
May 04, 2023
Joe Rogan Wants to Reunite Uncle Si with an Old Pal
May 02, 2023
Uncle Si Is 75, Jack!
Apr 27, 2023
Korie Robertson Hates That Willie Brought the Bandana Back
Apr 25, 2023
It's PAYBACK Time for What Jase Robertson Did to Willie Robertson!
Apr 20, 2023
Uncle Si Says So Long to a 'Duck Dynasty' Legend
Apr 18, 2023
Uncle Si Is Amazed by Willie Robertson's Unusual Cooking Technique
Apr 13, 2023
Uncle Si Crashes Sadie Robertson's Podcast Set
Apr 11, 2023
Here's Proof 'Duck Dynasty' Wasn't Faked!
Apr 06, 2023
Willie Robertson Has Tried to Embarrass Miss Kay for Years!
Apr 04, 2023
Uncle Si Just Discovered His New Favorite Snack
Mar 30, 2023
Jessica Robertson SPILLS Which Robertson Man Dyes His Beard
Mar 28, 2023
Uncle Si Outs a Robertson Wife for Her Stinky Smells!
Mar 23, 2023
Uncle Si Is Ready for Phil Robertson to Air His Dirty Laundry in New Movie
Mar 21, 2023
Uncle Si Makes Godwin REALLY Uncomfortable & It's Amazing
Mar 16, 2023
Uncle Si's Colonoscopy Story Is a JAW-DROPPER
Mar 14, 2023
Si's Wife Divulges Exactly How the Uncle Si 'Character' Came to Be
Mar 09, 2023
Uncle Si Was a Master at Breaking ‘Duck Dynasty’ Equipment
Mar 07, 2023
Uncle Si's Deodorant Strategy Isn't Working — According to Jep Robertson
Mar 02, 2023
Here's One 'Duck Dynasty' Rule You Didn't Know About
Feb 28, 2023
Uncle Si Gets His First Pedicure!
Feb 23, 2023
Willie Robertson Blamed Korie for the Ball of Grease in His Septic Tank!?
Feb 21, 2023
Uncle Si's Giant Snake Phobia Come to Life!
Feb 16, 2023
Uncle Si Isn’t Sure About His Wife's Stand-In & Godwin Goes Commando!?
Feb 14, 2023
Uncle Si Meets His Biggest Fan & All 6 Boys Are Here!
Feb 10, 2023
Uncle Si Is in Hot Water over PIE
Feb 07, 2023
Uncle Si Finally Takes On Those Viral Rumors About Him
Feb 02, 2023
Uncle Si Meets Them Ol' Martin Boys
Jan 31, 2023
Godwin's SECRET to a Long, Successful Marriage 💅
Jan 26, 2023
Justin Martin's Wife Is Hoppin' MAD at His Big Fail
Jan 24, 2023
Uncle Si Secretly Records Phil Robertson & It's Amazing
Jan 19, 2023
Uncle Si Made His Wife Scream & Pounce on Him
Jan 17, 2023
Uncle Si Is Counting the Days Till Buc-ee's Arrives in Louisiana!
Jan 12, 2023
Every Robertson Got DUPED Hard by a 15-Year-Old Girl
Jan 10, 2023
Uncle Si's Theory About Gyms & the Government Is ... Accurate?
Jan 05, 2023
Godwin's Wife Can't Keep Her Hands Off Him
Jan 03, 2023
Why 'Duck Dynasty' Really Stopped Filming
Dec 29, 2022
What You DIDN'T See on 'Duck Dynasty'
Dec 27, 2022
Willie & Korie Can't Get Robertsons to Come to Their Parties
Dec 22, 2022
Uncle Si's Eye Surgery Was a HUGE Success!
Dec 20, 2022
Godwin Is Hopping MAD at His Wife's New Rule
Dec 15, 2022
Uncle Si Is Going Blind & the Fix Is TERRIFYING
Dec 13, 2022
Uncle Si Has to Have Another Surgery!
Dec 08, 2022
Jep Robertson Nearly Shattered His Spine Filming His New TV Show
Dec 06, 2022
Uncle Si Almost Got KICKED OFF of a Plane!
Dec 01, 2022
Uncle Si Burst into TEARS on His Trip to Texas
Nov 29, 2022
John-David Owen Is Horrified by Christian Huff's Late-Night Bathroom Encounter
Nov 24, 2022
Why Phil Robertson (and Si!) Really Married Miss Kay
Nov 22, 2022
Things Just Got REALLY Awkward for Uncle Si and the Boys
Nov 17, 2022
Godwin Is Baffled by Justin Martin’s Vasectomy Procedure
Nov 15, 2022
John-David Is Crushed By the Death of His Dog
Nov 10, 2022
New Dad Justin Martin Is Ready to Wave the White Flag
Nov 08, 2022
Justin Martin's Babies Shock Uncle Si with Their Tracking Technology
Nov 03, 2022
Uncle Si Has a New Weight-Loss Method & Godwin Is Down 28 lbs!
Nov 01, 2022
Justin Martin Is Handling Twin Babies (& the NICU) Like a BOSS!
Oct 27, 2022
Willie Robertson Was Nearly Attacked by a Gorilla with a Machete
Oct 25, 2022
Phil Robertson Takes On a Motel Intruder
Oct 20, 2022
Uncle Si Runs Smack Into the Scariest Moment of His Life
Oct 18, 2022
Willie Thought Korie Was Growing an Adam's Apple!
Oct 13, 2022
Uncle Si Almost Died Fighting a Redfish
Oct 11, 2022
Uncle Si's Skinny Jeans Are Legendary
Oct 06, 2022
Uncle Si Will Never Forget His First Kiss
Oct 04, 2022
Justin Martin & His Wife Are ALMOST Ready for the Twins
Sep 29, 2022
Uncle Si Has a Love-Hate Relationship with Phil Robertson's Dogs
Sep 27, 2022
Uncle Si's Wife Drops the TRUTH About Being Married to Si!
Sep 22, 2022
Uncle Si in the Spanish Dub of 'Duck Dynasty' Is AMAZING
Sep 20, 2022
Uncle Si's Hospital Shenanigans
Sep 15, 2022
Uncle Si's Favorite Superhero Isn't a Sissy Like Batman
Sep 13, 2022
Uncle Si Finally Gets His Lung Surgery!
Sep 08, 2022
What Uncle Si Did to the Man Who Flirted with His Pregnant Wife
Sep 06, 2022
Justin Martin Is Pregnant for a Day!
Sep 01, 2022
Uncle Si Needed 2 Things to Survive Vietnam
Aug 30, 2022
Uncle Si Gets Owned by a Text from His Wife
Aug 25, 2022
Uncle Si Never Misses a Shot ... at Willie Robertson
Aug 23, 2022
Uncle Si's Wife Won't Aid & Abet His New Hobby
Aug 18, 2022
Godwin Faces His First Big Diet Challenge
Aug 16, 2022
Si & Phil Robertson Are a Menace to Anything with an Engine
Aug 11, 2022
How Miss Kay Really Injured Her Hand
Aug 09, 2022
Uncle Si Absolutely Terrifies People in NYC
Aug 04, 2022
Why Miss Kay Quit Cooking
Aug 02, 2022
Godwin Finds Out He Has Diabetes
Jul 28, 2022
This Is Why Uncle Si Sleeps with a Night-Light
Jul 26, 2022
Uncle Si Gets Genius Secrets from BBQ Recipe Master
Jul 21, 2022
Uncle Si May Have a Freaky Disease from Outer Space
Jul 19, 2022
Uncle Si Really Loves to Roast His Producer
Jul 14, 2022
Uncle Si Goes in for a Surprise Heart Procedure
Jul 12, 2022
Phil Robertson Is Weirded Out by This Phil Robertson Knockoff
Jul 07, 2022
Uncle Si Has a Real Problem with Electricity | Duck Call Room #152
Jul 05, 2022
Jase Robertson Just Had Cops Called on Him in NYC
Jun 30, 2022
Uncle Si Got Heckled in NYC
Jun 28, 2022
Justin Martin & His Wife Get a NEW Ultrasound Surprise!
Jun 23, 2022
Uncle Si & His Kids Blew It on Father's Day
Jun 21, 2022
Uncle Si Is Trying to Track Down His 'Wife Swap' Friends
Jun 16, 2022
Uncle Si Was Approved for Lung Surgery!
Jun 14, 2022
Uncle Si's Wife Discovers His Kryptonite
Jun 09, 2022
Uncle Si Finally Introduces His Wife!
Jun 07, 2022
Jase Robertson REALLY Blew It When He Proposed to Missy
Jun 02, 2022
Uncle Si Takes on Violence, Guns & What Really Needs to Happen in America
May 31, 2022
Uncle Si's Last Dance with Mary Jane
May 26, 2022
Willie Robertson Was Scarred for Life by a Restaurant Menu
May 24, 2022
Uncle Si Won't Believe the Moon Landing Was Real Till He Sees One Thing
May 19, 2022
Uncle Si Is Getting Ready to Have Surgery
May 17, 2022
Korie Robertson Goes Full Redneck in Debate with Bella
May 12, 2022
Phil Robertson's Double-Date Plans Might Just Leave You Stunned
May 10, 2022
Uncle Si Has Willie & Korie's Daughter Bella Completely Baffled
May 05, 2022
Uncle Si Is So Ready for Elon Musk to Free Twitter
May 03, 2022
Uncle Si Was Pranked Hard on His Birthday & LOVED It!
Apr 28, 2022
Miss Kay Played It Cool While Dating Phil
Apr 26, 2022
Uncle Si Has the Wildest Late-Night Habit
Apr 21, 2022
Everything Changed for Phil Robertson After One Delivery from Japan
Apr 19, 2022
Uncle Si Can't Stand These Ridiculous Dress Codes
Apr 14, 2022
Justin Martin & His Wife Are Having TWINS!
Apr 12, 2022
Uncle Si's Mom Won It All on 'The Price Is Right'
Apr 07, 2022
Uncle Si's Famous Tea Cup Might Be Gone for Good
Apr 05, 2022
Uncle Si Gets Schooled by the Funniest Eight-Year-Old
Mar 31, 2022
This Is Why Uncle Si Wants a Chevy
Mar 29, 2022
Uncle Si Loves Dumpster Diving
Mar 24, 2022
Uncle Si Had Cops' Guns Pointed Straight at Him
Mar 22, 2022
Phil Robertson Got Himself in Trouble with the TSA
Mar 17, 2022
Uncle Si Was a Secret Agent in the Military
Mar 15, 2022
Uncle Si's Drive-In Dates
Mar 10, 2022
Willie Robertson Scares the Daylights Out of Miss Kay & Korie
Mar 08, 2022
Uncle Si Is Ticked Off About What Happened at Walmart
Mar 03, 2022
The Dumbest Thing Uncle Si Ever Did
Mar 01, 2022
Uncle Si Gives a Shout-Out to Truckers & Wallops the Media
Feb 24, 2022
What Uncle Si Did After the Drive-By Shooting at Willie's Place
Feb 22, 2022
The Impostor Who Lied About Hunting with Phil Robertson
Feb 17, 2022
Willie Terrorizes Korie in the Shower
Feb 15, 2022
Uncle Si Was Pranked HARD by a Game Warden
Feb 10, 2022
Phil Robertson Will Kick You Out for One Reason
Feb 08, 2022
Uncle Si Is FED UP with the Junk They Make These Days
Feb 03, 2022
Uncle Si Was Chased by Coyotes — TWICE
Feb 01, 2022
Uncle Si Shakes It on the 'Catwalk'
Jan 27, 2022
Phil Robertson Found a Small Mammal in His Beard
Jan 25, 2022
What Ever Happened to Uncle Si's Poodle from Duck Dynasty?
Jan 20, 2022
Uncle Si's New TV Role
Jan 18, 2022
Si Robertson Does the Weirdest Thing with Lemons
Jan 13, 2022
Uncle Si Discovers Tinder
Jan 11, 2022
Uncle Si UNLOADS in 20-Year-Old Rant
Jan 06, 2022
Uncle Si's Guide to Shutting Down a Bully
Jan 04, 2022
How I Lost 70lbs and Kept It Off! | Uncle Si, Jay Stone & Christian Huff
Dec 30, 2021
Uncle Si Might Be Banished From Willie's Property
Dec 28, 2021
Miss Kay's Plot to Outwit Willie Robertson
Dec 23, 2021
Uncle Si Will Never Forget These Childhood Shenanigans
Dec 21, 2021
Miss Kay Tricks Si with the Ultimate Regift
Dec 16, 2021
How Uncle Si Quit Duck Commander
Dec 14, 2021
Uncle Si Is a Beast in the Kitchen
Dec 09, 2021
Jase Robertson Always Breaks Uncle Si's #1 Rule
Dec 07, 2021
Y'all Keep Sending Us Inappropriate Pics
Dec 02, 2021
Willie Robertson's Mistake After 'The Masked Singer'
Nov 30, 2021
Uncle Si and the Mother-in-Law Trap
Nov 25, 2021
When Phil Robertson Put Miss Kay in a Headlock
Nov 23, 2021
Uncle Si's Thanksgiving Dinner DOs and DON'Ts
Nov 18, 2021
Uncle Si’s Favorite Fishing Secret
Nov 16, 2021
Uncle Si Is FED UP With America's Entitlement
Nov 11, 2021
Meet Uncle Si's Twin
Nov 09, 2021
Uncle Si's Unbelievable Dream Vacation
Nov 04, 2021
Why You NEVER Get in a Rig With Phil Robertson
Nov 02, 2021
Willie Robertson's Assistant QUITS
Oct 28, 2021
When Si & Jase Robertson Almost Got Into a Fistfight
Oct 26, 2021
Uncle Si Convinces a Waitress He’s Homeless
Oct 21, 2021
The One Thing You Never Say to Phil Robertson
Oct 19, 2021
Before Duck Dynasty, He Was Known as ‘Psycho Si’
Oct 14, 2021
Uncle Si Nearly Wrecked the 'Dukes of Hazzard' Car
Oct 12, 2021
What Uncle Si Really Thinks About Conspiracy Theories
Oct 07, 2021
Uncle Si Was Busted for Racing Tanks at Fort Knox
Oct 05, 2021
Uncle Si Is Fired Up About This School Prayer Lunacy | Duck Call Room #73
Sep 30, 2021
Si Sings Garth Brooks at a Prince Tribute Concert
Sep 28, 2021
Uncle Si Was Secretly Recorded at the Airport
Sep 23, 2021
That Time They Wouldn’t Let Si on the Plane
Sep 21, 2021
Uncle Si Leaks One of Phil Robertson's Hunting Secrets
Sep 16, 2021
Uncle Si Has a Secret to Smelling So Good
Sep 14, 2021
Uncle Si Is Working on His Beach Body
Sep 09, 2021
When Willie Robertson Tried to Walk Out on His Wife
Sep 07, 2021
What Miss Kay Wants on Her Tombstone
Sep 02, 2021
Si Only Has One Vice ... OK, Maybe Two
Aug 31, 2021
Uncle Si & the Dale Earnhardt Story You've Never Heard
Aug 26, 2021
Si Reveals the Words You Should NEVER Say to Your Wife
Aug 24, 2021
That Time Si Almost Shot Martin
Aug 19, 2021
Uncle Si Was in the Dark for 65 Years
Aug 17, 2021
What Really Happened When Si's Posse Got Sucker-Punched by COVID
Aug 12, 2021
What Phil Did When Jep Nearly Drowned
Aug 10, 2021
How Si and Al Robertson Learned to Talk Smack
Aug 05, 2021
Uncle Si's New Panther-Catching Device
Aug 03, 2021
Uncle Si's Rules for Love and Romance
Jul 29, 2021
Miss Kay and Uncle Si Reveal Where Duck Dynasty's Plots Came From
Jul 27, 2021
Uncle Si Arm Wrestles the Monster
Jul 22, 2021
Uncle Si & Godwin Go Full Gordon Ramsay
Jul 20, 2021
Uncle Si Finds NEW Panther Proof on Phil's Land
Jul 15, 2021
How Uncle Si and Godwin Met Their Wives
Jul 13, 2021
Uncle Si Goes to Prison
Jul 08, 2021
Uncle Si's Favorite Pickup Line
Jul 06, 2021
Uncle Si Has a Need for Speed
Jul 01, 2021
Uncle Si Unveils His EPIC Plan to Solve 3 of the World's Big Problems
Jun 29, 2021
What Miss Kay Learned From Her 'Horror Film' Moment
Jun 24, 2021
Uncle Si's Dating Advice for Loners
Jun 22, 2021
You Can't Spell Saint or Sinner Without Si
Jun 17, 2021
Phil Robertson Fooled the FBI Without Saying a Word
Jun 15, 2021
Willie Robertson Has a Cheeky Nickname for His New Son-in-Law
Jun 10, 2021
You Couldn't Pay Uncle Si to Eat That
Jun 08, 2021
Si Robertson Only Goes Full Fanboy for 2 People
Jun 03, 2021
Uncle Si's Guide to Plastic Surgery
Jun 01, 2021
Uncle Si's Bathroom Antics Are LEGENDARY
May 27, 2021
What Really Happened With Miss Kay
May 25, 2021
Uncle Si Finds His DREAM Job
May 20, 2021
Uncle Si Is the Life Coach You Need Right Now
May 18, 2021
Uncle Si Catches Willie Telling Whoppers
May 13, 2021
Uncle Si Visits Some Very Naked Beaches
May 11, 2021
Uncle Si's Greatest Fantasy Matchups of All Time
May 06, 2021
Uncle Si Was Charged With Stealing a Horse
May 04, 2021
Uncle Si and the Loch Ness Bass
Apr 29, 2021
Uncle Si Won't Go Fishing Alone EVER Again
Apr 27, 2021
Uncle Si's EPIC 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Apr 22, 2021
Uncle Si Is Fixin' to Be Bad to the Bone
Apr 20, 2021
Uncle Si Ain't Buying the Propaganda
Apr 15, 2021
Uncle Si Lets His Freak Flag Fly
Apr 13, 2021
Willie Robertson Has Been Embarrassed for 12 Years
Apr 08, 2021
Uncle Si Is Scarred for Life
Apr 06, 2021
Uncle Si Warned Them He Was Fixin' to Get Wet
Apr 01, 2021
Uncle Si Gets Owned by an 11-Year-Old Girl
Mar 30, 2021
Uncle Si Don't Need No Stinking Bidet
Mar 25, 2021
Uncle Si Reveals Victoria's Secret
Mar 23, 2021
Uncle Si's Guide to Parenting
Mar 18, 2021
Uncle Si Fistfights an Armadillo
Mar 16, 2021
Uncle Si Googles Things
Mar 11, 2021
Uncle Si, You Just Got Ghosted
Mar 04, 2021
Why Uncle Si's Beard Is Shorter on One Side
Feb 25, 2021
Uncle Si's Fiery Redhead Is a Mean One
Feb 18, 2021
Uncle Si Is Back, Jack!
Feb 11, 2021
Uncle Si's COVID-19 Story
Feb 04, 2021
What Really Happened on Duck Dynasty
Jan 28, 2021
Willie Robertson Is Making GAINS
Jan 21, 2021
Si's Things You Do NOT Want to Try at Home
Jan 14, 2021
Si Jumps a Monster Truck Like a BOSS
Jan 07, 2021
Si, Godwin, and Martin React to the Last Man Neutered in West Monroe
Dec 31, 2020
Float Like an Uncle Si, Sting Like a Bee
Dec 24, 2020
What Si Saw With His Own Eyes
Dec 17, 2020
Uncle Si's Wild Ride
Dec 10, 2020
Si's Modular Home Is Not a Trailer
Dec 03, 2020
Si Is Fixin' to Do a Podcast
Nov 20, 2020