The Grass is Greener with Paul Greene

By Paul Greene

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Category: Performing Arts

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I will be bringing you all kinds of goodies for Inspiration, to nudge you past your comfort zone, to share new ways of thinking and some really powerful tools to have your life be something that you really enjoy.

Episode Date
When calls the Open heartland with Kevin Mcgarry
Apr 06, 2021
What you didn't know about Andrea Brooks *supergirl, When calls the heart
Andrea Brooks and I sit down and we talk all things When Calls the heart, we go into her being a mother, how she got her start, her first audition, what it's like to be a new mom... bouncing between 2 hit shows. There's a lot packed in this conversation.Please enjoy. Oh yeah and please subscribe, rate and review, if you would be so kind.
Apr 02, 2021
How Do you live with a broken heart? with Paul Cardall


Paul was born in Utah with half a heart—born a “blue baby.” He had his first operation at 22 days old. It was not likely he would live, but he did. His life was saved again at ages 13 and at 14, when he had reconstructive heart surgery.  Much of his childhood was spent in hospitals, so it certainly wasn’t an easy life as far as his health was concerned. He took piano lessons at 8, but the music he really loved at the time was Duran, Duran, Wham, and Rush, so piano lessons just didn’t stick. 


At 16, his best friend Dave, who was a musician, healthy, well-liked, and someone Paul greatly admired, was hit by a car and killed.  He was devastated and at that point felt completely drawn back to the piano. He was depressed and turned inward, but discovered that the tone of pressing the piano keys had a huge effect on him. He became obsessed, playing for hours on end every day.

Before he turned 18, he’d written his first concerto. He started arranging hymns. At the same time, he was listening to both Mozart, Rush, and George Winston.  All the while he was continuing to deal with his health issues. Then more family tragedy. Paul’s brother, who was having a psychiatric breakdown, was tasered and killed by police. Another terrible event that had a major impact on his life.


Miraculously, in 2010, Paul received a heart transplant.  The heart came from a young man in his early 20’s, who had committed suicide. Imagine having to process that information as you heal? The surgery was a success, and Paul is very grateful. He jokes that he feels like he has a new Porsche in his chest. 


Paul is someone who has the will to live, and still the tenacity to build his own incredible career. In addition to being a pianist, he’s also a prolific composer, a producer, and ran his own record company, signing other successful artists.  He’s huge in the streaming world with over 30 million monthly. And he does this all the while dealing with a failing heart.


A few years ago, on a hunch, he and his wife Tina decided to move to Nashville from Salt Lake City.  He’s always loved country music and realized how much he wanted to be in a major music center. Within two years here, he sold his publishing to Ole (now Anthem) for a multi-million-dollar price, he scored a Dove Award for a Christmas project he did with Michael W. Smith’s producer, he started his own podcast, “All Heart,” on the American Songwriternetwork of podcasts. He’s a gregarious man and continues to build great partnerships with the likes of Thompson Square, who has two duets on Paul’s upcoming album. That same new project also has collaborations with artists from a variety of genres like pop star David Archuleta, Tyler Glenn (Neon Trees), Ty Herndon, Matt Hammit and others.


The new album, The Broken Miracle, is a memoir type album, following the story of his life and it’s based on the biographical fiction novel of the same name, which was written by J.D. Netto.


This album is his story as you can see by some of the titles. It closely follows his life, including his separation from the Mormon church—an obviously difficult step on an already difficult path. But Paul is resilient and full-of-life.

Mar 25, 2021
Into the Great Wide Open with Actor Ryan Paevey
In this episode Ryan and I sit down and have a good old fashion chat about all the things in the world of Mr. Paevey. We covered how he got started, what drives him, his Jewelry, music, films, nature, motorbikes and so much more. Please enjoy, share, subscribe, review and all the good things.
Mar 18, 2021
Do Italians really do it better? with Antonio Cupo

Antonio Cupo was born in Vancouver, Canada and spent his early years as a stage performer. With interests in psychology and acting, he enrolled at the University of British Columbia earning a Bachelor of Arts degree while beginning his career as an actor. A later move to Los Angeles offered many opportunities in film and TV, from Steven Spielberg to James Cameron. Antonio later went on to star in a popular TV series for Mediaset Italia called, Elisa Di Rivombrosa, also known as the most watched TV series in the history of Italian television. The popularity garnered offered many other opportunities starring alongside Academy Award winners, Penelope Cruz in Elegy, and F. Murray Abraham in Carnera The Walking Mountain, Barbarossa and September 11 1683. He later went back to the theatre with a 135 show tour in the Rogers and Hammerstein's musical, Cinderella playing the charming Prince and shot the world campaign for Rolex with award winning film director Joe Carnahan (The Grey). Antonio moved back to North America to star in TV series' Bomb Girls alongside Meg Tilly and ICE with Donald Sutherland. He recently co-starred in 10 episodes of a the CBS series, Blood and Treasure and produced movies "A Brush with Love" and "Love Under the Olive Tree" for Crown Media/Hallmark.

Mar 12, 2021
This episode is all about fear. Jesse Brown is an emotional intelligence Coach and a former pastor. Fear is the absence of love. We dive into the effects of fear and give you several simple tools to not only manage your fear, but use it and totally transform your relationship to the concept of fear. Thank you for being here. Please rate, review and come back. I appreciate you.
Mar 09, 2021
Walking on the moon with Andrew Walker
In This episode Andrew Walker and I sit down to discuss the early days in Canada, male modeling in underwear for Zellers, his football career, how he got started in acting, how are he almost got carried away at 19 with a gambling run, his favorite co-star. We talk about being fathers, husbands, health, fitness,Covid, what it's like to work on the Hallmark channel and our amazing fans. This was a zoom video conversation and will be released on my YouTube channel- Paul Greene official, later this week. Make sure you checked it out and please subscribe turn on the bell and hit that like button. Also if you could be so generous as to review and subscribe here on iTunes. I do appreciate you, thank you so much for sharing and being so kind. Feel free to let me know who you'd like me to interview next.
Mar 04, 2021
Daniel Lissing

Here is a link to the short film Daniel did with his now current writing and producing partner Michael Goode.


here is a link to the Answers with Michael Goode as well. 

here is a link to Daniels IMDB page


Feb 23, 2021
Leave what's heavy behind


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Dec 13, 2020