Narratives of Purpose

By Claire Murigande

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Narratives of Purpose is an award nominated podcast that brings you inspiring individual stories of changemakers. The show was launched in December 2020 by Dr. Claire Murigande to showcase founders of impact-driven companies and initiatives to a global audience. Topics include youth empowerment in remote communities, global health equity initiatives, and sustainable food systems of the future. Dr. Murigande is a leader in the life sciences industry, a passionate champion for furthering the advancement and impact of women in healthcare, and a TEDx speaker. (more about her at

Episode Date
On Leveraging AI to Overcome Radiology Challenges - Women's Health Series with Élise Mekkaoui
Mar 08, 2024
On Holding Space for Women in the Workplace - Women's Health Series with Fatoumata Ly
Mar 08, 2024
On Humanising Clinical Trials with AI - Women's Health Series with Danielle Ralic
Mar 08, 2024
On Developing Non-invasive Cervical Precancer Treatments - Women's Health Series with Alia Rahman
Mar 08, 2024
On Making PCOS a Public Health Priority - Women's Health Series with Sasha Ottey
Mar 08, 2024
Advancing Women’s Health with Female Founders - Trailer
Mar 01, 2024
Celebrating Three Years of Narratives of Purpose
Dec 12, 2023
On Eradicating Period Poverty - A Conversation with Ira Guha
Nov 21, 2023
On Empowering Action Through Innovative Technologies - A NEW Conversation with Rhiana Spring
Nov 07, 2023
On Making Medical AI a Common Good - A NEW Conversation with Bart De Witte
Oct 23, 2023
On Funding African Female Entrepreneurs and Innovators - A NEW Conversation with Pauline Koelbl
Oct 10, 2023
On Gamifying Diversity and Inclusion Education - A NEW Conversation with Alma Moya Losada
Sep 18, 2023
On Powering Education with Technology - A NEW Conversation with Ismail Eleburuike
Sep 05, 2023
On Building More Socially Responsible Organisations - from Spend Donate Invest
Aug 22, 2023
On Prison Officers Turned Playwrights - from Creativity Found
Aug 08, 2023
Pre-Season Start
Aug 02, 2023
Special French Language Episode - Interview de Charlotte Hennessy & Patrick Dupuis du Refettorio Genève
May 30, 2023
Special French Language Episode - Interview de Romain Oeggerli & Yohann Pellaux, cofondateurs d'Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab
May 16, 2023
Special German Language Episode - Urban Agriculture Basel Mitbegründer Bastiaan Frich im Interview
May 02, 2023
Season 4 Review and What is Coming Next
Apr 11, 2023
Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 3/3) - Networks and Community Builders
Mar 28, 2023
Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 2/3) - Ancient Grains and Regeneration
Mar 14, 2023
Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 1/3) - Food Waste Warriors
Feb 28, 2023
Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (INTRO) - What Does Sustainable Nutrition Mean?
Feb 14, 2023
On Harnessing Tech Innovation to Improve Healthcare - A Conversation with Dr. Ernest Darkoh & Dr. John Sargent
Jan 24, 2023
On Water Storytelling - A Conversation with Joana (Jo) Bacallo
Jan 10, 2023
Season 4 Bonus (Part 2) - Get to Know Our Host
Dec 13, 2022
Season 4 Bonus (Part 1) - Get to Know Our Host
Dec 06, 2022
On Guiding Women to Midlife Health - A Conversation with Sanjana Rao & Gayatri Muthukrishnan
Nov 22, 2022
On Making Medical AI a Common Good - A Conversation with Bart De Witte
Nov 08, 2022
On Empowering Communities Through Fitness - A Conversation with Elana Margulies Snyderman
Oct 25, 2022
On Digital Skilling of Slum Communities Youth - A Conversation with Emmanuel Trinity Nsaabanye
Oct 11, 2022
On Making Women’s Hearts Beat Longer - A Conversation with Petronela Sandulache
Jul 29, 2022
On Empowering Action Through Innovative Technologies - A Conversation with Rhiana Spring
Jul 12, 2022
On Advocating for Gender Equality - A Conversation with Ana Paula Tediosi
Jun 28, 2022
On Design and Impact Consulting - A Conversation with Kashish Aggarwal
Jun 14, 2022
On Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion for Performance - A Conversation with Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz
May 31, 2022
On Impact Investing and Social Justice - A Conversation with Eleni D. Janis
May 17, 2022
On Overcoming Social Biases - A Conversation with Piera Marongiu
May 03, 2022
On Powering Education with Technology - A Conversation with Ismail Eleburuike
Apr 26, 2022
On Learning with Leaders - A Conversation with Gunjan Aggarwal
Apr 12, 2022
On Unity through Youth’s Voices - A Conversation with Mamobo Ogoro
Mar 22, 2022
On Intercultural Exchange and Education - A Conversation with Till Kraemer
Mar 08, 2022
On Fashion Activism and Dialogue - A Conversation with Akim Tejan Cole
Mar 08, 2022
Season 3 Trailer
Mar 01, 2022
On Creating Illustrations for Social Awareness - A Conversation with Jean-Philippe Kalonji
Nov 21, 2021
On Transformative Teaching for Social Change - A Conversation with Drisana (Dru) McDaniel
Nov 08, 2021
On Building an African Market Access Network - A Conversation with Olawale Ajose
Oct 25, 2021
On Enhancing Access to Cancer Treatments - A Conversation with Ndeye Makalou
Oct 10, 2021
On Empowering Lives Beyond Disability - A Conversation with Oghenewaire Jennifer Nikoro
Sep 27, 2021
On Destigmatising Handicap and Blindness - A Conversation with Thibault Trancart
Sep 20, 2021
On Supporting Families of Special Needs Children - A Conversation with Eraina Ferguson
Sep 13, 2021
On Advocating For An Inclusive Workplace - A Conversation with Vivian Acquah
Sep 06, 2021
On Empowering Women in Tech - A Conversation with Anie Akpe
Aug 22, 2021
On Transforming Healthcare - A Conversation with Mary Carbajal
Aug 16, 2021
On Game-based STEAM Learning - A Conversation with Jade Li
Aug 09, 2021
On Gamifying Diversity & Inclusion Education - A Conversation with Alma Moya Losada
Aug 01, 2021
On Developing African Renewable Energy - A Conversation with Henri Nyakarundi
Jul 19, 2021
On Creating an Eco-friendly African Brand - A Conversation with Kevine Kagirimpundu
Jul 04, 2021
Season 1 Bonus
Apr 19, 2021
On Repurposing Struggle into Strength - A Conversation with Lucy Antrobus
Apr 04, 2021
On Learning Assertiveness - A Conversation with Alessandra Patti
Mar 21, 2021
On Reimagining Education - A Conversation with Connie Nshemereirwe
Mar 07, 2021
On Preventing Blindness - A Conversation with Dr. Sanduk Ruit & Thomas Bosshard
Feb 21, 2021
On One Health - A Conversation with Fanny Kaufmann
Feb 08, 2021
On Building Talents with Refugees and Migrants - A Conversation with Ana Maria Angarita & Isabel Brücher
Jan 24, 2021
On Leadership for a Sustainable Economy - A Conversation with David Fiorucci
Jan 11, 2021
On Providing Professional Skills to At-risk Youth - A Conversation with Teresa Goines
Dec 21, 2020
On Neglected Tropical Diseases and Antimicrobial Research - A Conversation with Emilie Alirol
Dec 05, 2020
On Funding African Female Entrepreneurs and Innovators - A Conversation with Pauline Koelbl
Dec 05, 2020
Narratives of Purpose Trailer
Dec 02, 2020