The Casual Criminalist

By Simon Whistler

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Category: True Crime

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True crime, casually done. New episodes once per week, every week.

Episode Date
5 - Duchess of Death: How One Billionaire Heiress Might Have Gotten Away With Murder

Doris Duke is a beloved figure, but she also might have been a murderer. Allegedly. In this episode we explore what a Vanity Fair journalist recently brought to light. 

(Note: For those of you who have seen this episode before, apologies, for some reason there was a problem feeding it to everyone's podcast apps, hence the republish). 

Jan 14, 2021
4 - Bible John: Scotland's Jack the Ripper

It's like Jack the Ripper, but in Scotland, with way more weird Bible stuff going on. 

Jan 08, 2021
Short: The Red Room

An urban legend in Japan turns out to be all too real... 

Jan 01, 2021
3 - Christmas Special: The Disappearance of Patty Vaughan

Here's a jolly story to celebrate Christmas!

Well, not really. It's a horrible murder story about Christmas.

Dec 24, 2020
Short 2: The Nun's Tale

This is an episode about a literal s**t eating nun. Enjoy. 

Dec 22, 2020
1 - The Curious Case of Dr Crippen

This is the story of a doctor who murdered his wife (allegedly, and spoiler alert), and then as he tries to get away the police attempt to thwart him by using a brand new technology that didn't even exist a few years before... 

Dec 14, 2020
2 - Dr Death: The Story of Britain's Worst Serial Killer

This is the story of Harold Shipman. A name you might not know. But a name you will not forget. A man who should be up their with the likes of Ted Bundy, Ed Gein and more... 

Dec 14, 2020
Short 1: Abraham Shakespeare: Why You Don't Want to Win the Lottery

Abraham Shakespeare won the lottery. It was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and it eventually lead to his murder... 

Dec 14, 2020