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The First Mint is an unofficial podcast all about NBA Top Shot. Marketplace trends, big time moment sales, top collectors, and what's new in our favourite blockchain Dapp. Sign up for Updates: Follow us on Twitter:

Episode Date
Don't Open Your Packs (FEAT. KYLO REN]

Episode 16 of TFM. February 24, 2021.

On this episode we feature special guest KyloRen, one of the OG members of NBA Top Shot and owner of a top 15 ranked portfolio. We talk about keeping packs unopened and what the potential long term benefits will be of doing this (and why's its so hard!). Plus, LG discusses the Series 2 Common dip and the impact of the All-Star Game selections on the market. Hosted by LgDoucet.

Feb 24, 2021
SHAQ is coming to Top Shot!

Episode 15 of TFM. February 22, 2021.

We recap the Friday Live Show, the SHAQ and Allen Iverson announcement, and the record-breaking week that was in NBA Top Shot. NBA Player Streams, Mark Cuban, Gary V, and other big players join the game. Plus, we sample a conversation from LG's appearance on The Burn. Hosted by LgDoucet

Feb 22, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Feb 19, 2021 :: Cool Cats Season

Episode 14 of TFM. February 19, 2021.

Our 4th live show has finally hit the airwaves! LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot, and the massive news of switching the 15000 CC Series 2 moments to LE. Featuring Special Guests: Steph & Jen Sutto, the Founders of Evaluate.Market, and the Return of Arsonic collecting 1,000 Cody Zellers. Hosted by @lgdoucet, PlungeFather, TheReelPhilD

Feb 22, 2021
The Value of Metallic Gold [Feat. ALXO]

Episode 13 of TFM. February 17, 2021.

Today we chat with ALXO (real name Alex), one of the first 100 people in NBA Top Shot. He tells us about the early days of Top Shot, and we deep dive into the value of the Metallic Gold Set, Series 1 and Series 2. Plus, LG breaks down the Cool Cats 2 drop. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 17, 2021
"The Gift" & Prep for Cool Cats 2

Episode 12 of TFM. February 15, 2021

Cool Cats 2 launches TODAY, so LG's got a full breakdown of what to expect: the prices, the market's reaction, and the master challenge. We also review THE GIFT drop from this weekend and predictions for the next 6 weeks on NBA Top Shot. LG also talks about Gary Vee's mention of Top Shot, and gives his picks for the week. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 15, 2021
The Past & Future of HOLO ICON [w Steve Veerman]

Episode 11 of TFM. February 10, 2021

Today we interview Steve Veerman, the man behind Intangible.Market and an NBA Top Shot OG. Steve tells us why he LOVES the HOLO MMXX set and his predictions for the future of the HOLO ICON set. He also reveals things that LG did not even know about HOLO, MGLE, and Base moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 10, 2021
Cats Master Challenge Details (30 Moments!)

Episode 10 of TFM. February 8, 2021

Since our last pod, there have been 2x Base Set Releases + 1x Legendary (HOLO ICON). Things did not go as planned though. On this pod, we look at what's new in The First Mint world, discuss the details of the Master Cool Cats Challenge (and some fan theories), and review the HOLO ICON Drop. We also look at how LG approaches Common Series 2 moments and where he finds their total supply numbers. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 08, 2021
The Marketplace Dip

Episode 9 of TFM. February 3, 2021

Yes, the market is down. But why? We dive into this with the podcast's first ever non-live guest, Andy8052. Together we look at what may be causing a 10-20% dip in prices, and what the next few weeks will look like on NBA Top Shot. Plus, we look at the CC vs LE blog post, and LG gives a couple picks to round out the week. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 04, 2021
Cool Cat Estimates + Master Challenge

Episode 8 of TFM. February 1, 2021

On this episode we look at how many Cool Cats sets are complete and dive into the upcoming master challenge of four sets of Cool Cats. We also discuss more Safety protocols in the Top Shot ecosystem, and LG gives his picks following this weekend's NBA action. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Feb 02, 2021
Cool Cats Questions Answered

Episode 7 of TFM. January 28, 2021.

On this episode, I go deep into COOL CATS and speculate on all your hot questions for the Luka challenge. Also review what's in Release 10 (happening soon!) and announce a special edition of tomorrow's podcast LIVE in Discord. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 29, 2021
Cool Cats and More Metallic Gold

Episode 6 of TFM. January 27, 2021.

On this episode, I speculate on WHEN new packs will drop, and review the current supply for Cool Cats and Base 2. I also chat about how to stay safe on the crypto internet, and list what I think will be iconic moments from Base 2. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 27, 2021
S2 Release 7, 8, 9, and New Moments!

Episode 5 of TFM. January 26, 2021.

NEW Moments from Series 2 are out. Discuss Release 7, 8, and 9 from Base 2 last night today. Look at issues and upcoming Cool Cats prices. My picks for the current market. First of daily podcast! Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 27, 2021
How a Challenge Works and Picks for Series 1

Episode 4 of The First Mint.

The Top Shot marketplace breaks $2.1M in 24h sales, and a new top sale all-time, $71k for Lebron. We also break down how challenges work, and how dive into the issues around marketplace this week. Last I give my picks for the week and which moments I love in Series 1 and Series 2. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 22, 2021
Making a Top Shot Portfolio

Episode 3 of The First Mint.

On this episode we look at what drove the Top Shot Marketplace to break $1 million in 24h sales. We also break down the Cool Cats release + challenge for Luka Doncic. And finally, I give my recommendations for how to build a great Top Shot Collection Portfolio. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 18, 2021
Rookie Badges and Player Tier Rankings

Episode 2 of The First Mint. Covering today's Base Series 2 Pack Drop, and this week's Rookie frenzy on the marketplace. I also look at what the Rookie Tags means, and share my Player Tier Ranking system for Top Shot Moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 13, 2021
First Episode

The pilot episode of The First Mint.

Record Sales in 2020 / Playoff Sets from Series 1 / Missing NBA Player Moments

The First Mint covers all things NBA Top Shot. We'll discuss what's happening in the marketplace, the big sales, upcoming pack drops, and NBA players.

Top Shot, NFTs, and Blockchain are on the rise, so buckle up!


Hosted by @lgdoucet

Jan 07, 2021