The Artificial Intelligence Show

By Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput

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The Artificial Intelligence Show (formerly The Marketing AI Show) is the podcast that helps your business grow smarter by making AI approachable and actionable. This podcast is brought to you by the creators of the Marketing AI Institute, AI Academy for Marketers, and the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON). Hosts Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute, and Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, break down all the AI news that matters and give you insights and perspectives that you can use to advance your company and your career. Join Paul and Mike on The AI Show as they work to accelerate AI literacy for all.

Episode Date
#97: OpenAI’s Big Announcement, Google’s AI Roadmap, and Microsoft’s New AI Model MAI-1
May 14, 2024
#96: Sam Altman Interview: “ChatGPT Is Mildly Embarrassing,” The Email Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to See, and Amazon Q
May 07, 2024
#95: OpenAI and Moderna Team Up, Microsoft Phi-3, and Sam Altman and AI Leaders Join Homeland Security AI Board
Apr 30, 2024
#94: Stanford’s 2024 AI Index Report, News on AI Agents at Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google, and the Rise of AI Job Titles
Apr 25, 2024
#93: Llama 3 Is Here, New Microsoft Model Makes Deepfakes from a Single Photo, and How AI Is Turning SaaS Into “Service-as-Software”
Apr 23, 2024
#92: AI Reveals at Google Cloud Next, Google and WPP Team Up, Humane AI Pin’s Brutal Reviews & Udio, Captions Tech Spotlights
Apr 16, 2024
#91: Accenture On Track to Make $2.4 Billion from Generative AI, The AI Industry’s Legal Problems, and How the Public Sees AI
Apr 09, 2024
#90: Hume AI’s Emotionally Intelligent AI, the Rise of AI Journalists, and Claude 3 Opus Now Beats GPT-4
Apr 02, 2024
#89: A New In-Depth Sam Altman Interview, The “Inflection Point” for Enterprise Generative AI Adoption, and Inflection AI’s Big Shakeup
Mar 26, 2024
#88: Meet Devin, the “First AI Software Engineer,” The Rise of Humanoid Robots, and OpenAI’s Sora Interview
Mar 19, 2024
#87: Reactions to Sam Altman’s Bombshell AI Quote, Enterprises Embrace Custom AI Models, and How AI Is Changing Writing Forever
Mar 12, 2024
#86: Elon Musk Sues OpenAI, Sam Altman Says AI Will Handle “95%” of Marketing Work Done by Agencies and Creatives, and How AI Could Disrupt Creators
Mar 05, 2024
#85: Nvidia’s Blockbuster Earnings, Groq’s Blazingly Fast AI Goes Viral, and How to Handle AI Disruption in Your Work
Feb 27, 2024
#84: OpenAI Releases Sora, Google’s Surprise Launch of Gemini 1.5, and AI Rivals Band Together to Fight Deepfakes
Feb 20, 2024
#83: Google Bard Is Now Gemini, AI Agents Are Coming, and Sam Altman Seeks Trillions to Reshape AI
Feb 13, 2024
#82: Are Paid AI Tools Worth It?, Big Google Bard Updates, and Big Tech’s AI-Driven Quarterly Earnings
Feb 06, 2024
#81: World’s Largest Ad Group Goes All-In on AI, Google Bard Surpasses GPT-4, and Introducing AI Literacy for All
Jan 30, 2024
#80: Microsoft Releases Copilot Pro, Meta Building “Open Source” Artificial General Intelligence, and IMF Says AI Will Hit 40% of Jobs Worldwide
Jan 23, 2024
#79: The GPT Store Is Here, OpenAI Debuts ChatGPT Team Subscription, and Rabbit’s Pocket AI Device Goes Viral
Jan 16, 2024
#78: The New York Times Sues OpenAI, Inside the “e/acc” Movement, and the Terrifying New Power of Deepfakes
Jan 09, 2024
#77: 15 AI Questions Everyone is Asking - Round 2
Dec 19, 2023
#76: Google’s Controversial Launch of Gemini, More on the Chaos at OpenAI, and Does Elon Musk’s Grok Live Up to the Hype?
Dec 12, 2023
#75: Sam Altman Returns to OpenAI, Amazon Introduces Q, and Google’s AI Content Problem
Dec 05, 2023
#74: The Latest Drama at OpenAI, The Busy Person’s Intro to Large Language Models, and How to Rebuild Companies to Prepare for AI
Nov 28, 2023
#73: OpenAI Fires Sam Altman: What Happened? And What Could Happen Next?
Nov 20, 2023
#72: Our Hands-On Experiments with GPTs, Is AGI Coming Soon?, and New AI Wearable From Ex-Apple Veterans
Nov 14, 2023
#71: Massive ChatGPT Reveals at OpenAI Dev Day, Elon Musk’s ChatGPT Competitor, and Why Only 4 Foundation Models Have Lasting Value
Nov 07, 2023
#70: White House Executive Order on AI, Apple To Spend $1 Billion on AI Yearly, OpenAI’s Chief Scientist Talks “Earth-Shattering” Impact of AI
Oct 31, 2023
#69: AI Agents Will Soon Roam the Internet, 2023 State of AI Report, and Execs Say Half of Skills Obsolete in 2 Years Thanks to AI
Oct 24, 2023
#68: Zoom’s AI Companion, DALL-E 3, Adobe’s New AI Features, and OpenAI Hits $1 Billion in Annual Revenue Support
Oct 17, 2023
#67: Our Preliminary Testing of ChatGPT Vision, Rewind’s Controversial Wearable AI Pendant, Assistant with Bard Enhances Individualized Personal Support
Oct 10, 2023
#66: ChatGPT Can Now See, Hear, and Speak, Meta’s AI Assistant, Amazon’s $4 Billion Bet on Anthropic, and Spotify Clones Podcaster Voices
Oct 03, 2023
#65: DALL-E 3 from OpenAI, Generative AI’s Second Act, How AI Could Solve Labor Shortages, and Microsoft Copilot Release
Sep 26, 2023
#64: Top Professional Services Firms Go All-In on AI, New Study Shows AI’s Actual Impact on Our Work, and Major Predictions on Where AI Is Going Next
Sep 19, 2023
#63: Elon Musk’s Quest to Shape the Future of AI, Hands-On with Google Duet AI, Time’s Top 100 People in AI, and HubSpot’s AI Roadmap
Sep 12, 2023
#62: ChatGPT Enterprise, Big Google AI Updates, and OpenAI’s Combative Response to Copyright Lawsuits
Sep 05, 2023
#61: Pirated Books Are Powering Generative AI, the 2023 State of Marketing AI Report, and GPT-3.5 Fine-Tuning Is Here
Aug 29, 2023
#60: AI Is Going to Eliminate Way More Jobs Than Anyone Realizes, AI’s Impact on Schools, and the New York Times Might Sue OpenAI
Aug 22, 2023
#59: Anthropic CEO Says Human-Level AI Is 2-3 Years Away, How Hackers Are Trying to Make AI Go Rogue, and Fake AI-Generated Books on Amazon
Aug 15, 2023
#58: Big ChatGPT Updates, A New Autonomous AI Agent, Vertical-Specific LLMs, McKinsey’s State of AI Report, and New Google AI Search Features
Aug 08, 2023
#57: Recap of 2023’s Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), Does Sam Altman Know What He’s Creating? and Generative AI’s Impact on Jobs
Aug 01, 2023
#56: Meta’s Incredible New (Free!) ChatGPT Competitor, Elon Musk Changes Twitter to X, GPT-4 Might Be Getting Dumber, and AI Can Now Build Entire Websites
Jul 25, 2023
#55: AI-Powered Content Strategy, Claude 2 from Anthropic, and Major Google Bard Updates
Jul 18, 2023
#54: ChatGPT Code Interpreter, the Misuse of AI in Content and Media, and Why Investors Are Betting on Generative AI
Jul 11, 2023
#53: Salesforce AI Cloud, White House Action on AI, AI Writes Books in Minutes, ChatGPT in Cars, and More
Jun 27, 2023
#52: 15 AI Questions Everyone is Asking
Jun 20, 2023
#51: 2023 AI Year (So Far) in Review
Jun 12, 2023
#50: Prompt Engineering Best Practices from OpenAI, How GPT-4 Could Reshape Healthcare, and The Hidden Costs of AI Adoption
Jun 06, 2023
#49: Google AI Ads, Microsoft AI Copilots, Cities and Schools Embrace AI, Top VC’s Best AI Resources, Fake AI Pentagon Explosion Picture, and NVIDIA’s Stock Soars
May 30, 2023
#48: Artificial Intelligence Goes to Washington, the Biggest AI Safety Risks Today, and How AI Could Be Regulated
May 23, 2023
#47: Huge Google AI Updates, Teaching Large Language Models to Have Values, and How AI Will Impact Productivity and Labor
May 16, 2023
#46: Geoff Hinton Leaves Google, Google and OpenAI Have “No Moat,” and the Most Exciting Things About the Future of AI
May 09, 2023
#45: ChatGPT Business, AI Disrupts Politics, and AI-Powered Growth and Layoffs in Big Tech
May 02, 2023
#44: Inside ChatGPT’s Revolutionary Potential, Major Google AI Announcements, and Big Problems with AI Training Are Discovered
Apr 25, 2023
#43: AWS Gets Into the Generative AI Game, AutoGPT and Autonomous AI Agents, and How AI Could Impact Millions of Knowledge Workers Sooner Than You Think
Apr 18, 2023
#42: Meta’s Segment Anything Model (SAM) for Computer Vision, ChatGPT’s Safety Problem, and the Limitations of ChatGPT Detectors
Apr 11, 2023
#41: Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Others Sign Letter to Pause AI, Italy Bans ChatGPT, and the Future of Prompt Engineering
Apr 04, 2023
#40: ChatGPT Plugins, Is GPT-4 Early AGI, and Using AI to Do a Full Product Launch in 30 Minutes
Mar 28, 2023
#39: GPT-4 Is Here, Google and Microsoft Embed AI Into Core Products, and U.S. Copyright Office Says You Don’t Own AI-Generated Content
Mar 21, 2023
#38: Salesforce Einstein GPT and the Smart CRM Market, the Law of Uneven AI Distribution, and Why the AI Productivity Narrative Is a Lie
Mar 14, 2023
#37: ChatSpot from HubSpot, Generative AI Market Deep Dive, and ChatGPT and Whisper APIs
Mar 07, 2023
#36: OpenAI Plans for AGI, the Rise of More Human Content, and ChatGPT Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
Feb 28, 2023
#35: Microsoft’s Unsettling Chatbot, How AI Systems Like ChatGPT Should Behave, and What “World of Bits” Means to Marketing and Business
Feb 21, 2023
#34: Google Announces Bard, Microsoft Bing Is Now Powered by OpenAI, and Cohere In Talks to Raise Funding at a $6B Valuation
Feb 14, 2023
#33: The Responsible AI Manifesto, the Meta AI Tool That Might Be Your New AI Assistant, and the First Marketing AI Job Listing
Feb 07, 2023
#32: AI Writing Mega-Episode — The Future of Writing in the Age of AI, AI Writing Tools: Capabilities, Limitations, and Concerns, and How AI Will Change Writing Careers Producer: MAII or Music Radio Creative
Feb 01, 2023
#31: 22-Year Old Creates ChatGPT Detector, Google Gears Up for AI Arms Race, and the Dark Side of AI Training
Jan 25, 2023
#30: ChatGPT Disrupts Education, Generative AI Gets Sued, and OpenAI Now Available from Microsoft
Jan 18, 2023
#29: Microsoft May Invest $10B in OpenAI, AI Clones Voices, and AI Disrupts Marketing Agencies
Jan 13, 2023
#28: The AI Inflection Point Is Here
Jan 04, 2023
#27: Head-to-Head AI Writing Tools Test, Will ChatGPT Replace Google, and MyHeritage AI Time Machine
Dec 21, 2022
#26: McKinsey's State of AI 2022, Lensa AI, and AI Will Eat Software Companies
Dec 14, 2022
#25: What Is ChatGPT, What It Means for Marketing, and How It Will Change Business As We Know It
Dec 07, 2022
#24: AI in the Workplace, OpenAI Funds Entrepreneurs, and Google Unveils New AI Projects
Nov 09, 2022
#23: Google Penalizes AI-Generated Content, Responsible AI Guidelines, and AI’s Impact on Local News
Nov 02, 2022
#22: Adobe Adopts AI Images, DALL-E 2 for Product Design & Sequoia Capital Goes All-In on Generative AI
Oct 26, 2022
#21: Gartner Sales AI Predictions, Funding for Generative AI, and Labor Augmentation vs. Automation
Oct 21, 2022
#20: The AI Bill of Rights, Building AI-Driven Companies, and Meta’s Make-a-Video
Oct 14, 2022
#19: Marketing Artificial Intelligence Book
Jun 24, 2022
#18: AI for CMOs
Jun 17, 2022
#17: AI for Advertising
May 27, 2022
#16 The Future of Business is AI or Obsolete
May 20, 2022
#15: AI for Event Marketing
May 13, 2022
#14, Lost and Gained
May 06, 2022
#13, AI for CMOs series with Andrea Brimmer, Ally
Mar 29, 2022
#12: AI for CMOs series with John Dougherty, Brighton Jones
Mar 22, 2022
#11: Cade Metz, The New York Times: Genius Makers
Mar 15, 2022
#10: Karen Hao, MIT Technology Review: Responsible AI
Mar 08, 2022
#9: Britney Muller, Data Sci 101: SEO Expert Talks AI Use Cases
Apr 06, 2021
#8: Kevin Walsh, HubSpot: Using AI to Help Businesses Grow Better
Mar 30, 2021
#7: Maggie Crowley & Jordan Esten, Drift: Accelerate Revenue with AI
Mar 09, 2021
#6: Special Edition: The 2021 State of Marketing AI Report
Feb 09, 2021
#5. Harry Syed, Exec. Director of Innovation: AI That Could Change Everything
Feb 02, 2021
#4. David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist: Is Facebook Evil?
Jan 19, 2021
#3. Jeff Coyle, MarketMuse: Can AI Create Content?
Jan 19, 2021
#2. Christi Olson, Microsoft: Conversational AI
Jan 19, 2021
#1. Mathew Sweezey, Salesforce: The Post-AI Consumer
Jan 19, 2021
Introducing The Marketing AI Show
Jan 13, 2021