Narcosis: Into The Deep

By Alex

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Category: True Crime

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Narcosis: Into the Deep is an investigative podcast focusing on SCUBA diving and marine accidents and deaths. Each episode will feature a deep investigation into a different scuba diving or marine accident, along with facts or theories about the events leading up to them and potential ways these accidents or deaths could have been avoided. Become a Patreon for just $3 a month! Receive exclusive updates, vote on what to hear next, get a shout-out at the end of the next episode, and merchandise discount!: Buy Podcast Merch (100% of profits from the "Save Our Reefs" line go to the Reef Restoration Foundation): Learn more about the Reef Restoration Foundation here: Follow the podcast on Instagram: Join the Discord Server: Check out our new website here:

Episode Date
Famous Cave Diving Explorer: Brett Hemphill
Jan 31, 2024
OceanGate Titan Submersible
Jun 26, 2023
3.07 Jacques Cousteau: The Father of Scuba Diving
Apr 04, 2022
3.06 The Titanic
Feb 16, 2022
3.05 Famous Cave Diving Pioneer: Wesley C. Skiles
Feb 02, 2022
Season 3 Update
Nov 09, 2021
3.04 The USS Indianapolis: The Largest Naval Disaster in U.S. History
Oct 27, 2021
3.03 Georgia's Haunted Lake: Lake Lanier
Oct 20, 2021
3.02 The Byford Dolphin Explosive Decompression Accident
Oct 13, 2021
3.01 Nigerian Survives 2 Days at Sea in an Underwater Air Pocket
Oct 06, 2021
2.10 Shadow Divers - PART TWO
Aug 26, 2021
2.09 Shadow Divers - PART ONE
Aug 16, 2021
2.08 Cave Diver Gets Pinned Against a Rock Wall
Aug 09, 2021
2.07 A Tragic Accident Turns Suspicious After All Evidence is Erased
Jul 26, 2021
2.06 Aquatic Cryptids: What Lies in The Depths of Our Oceans?
Jul 19, 2021
2.05 Inexperience Leads to Death in Narrow, Silty Cave
Jul 12, 2021
2.04 Father & Son Found Dead After Testing Their Christmas Gifts
Jun 28, 2021
2.03 Dutch Springs's Horrible Secret
Jun 21, 2021
2.02 The Tham Luang Thai Cave Rescue
Jun 14, 2021
2.01 Lithuanian Divers Discover Abandoned Missile Silo But One Dies on Their Return Dive
Jun 07, 2021
1.10 Two Finnish Divers Die While Cave Diving, Four Friends Go Back To Retrieve Their Bodies
May 10, 2021
1.09 Divers Get Separated From Their Boat, Spend 28 Hours Floating on The Open Water
May 03, 2021
1.08 An Experienced Wreck Diver Vanishes Without a Trace
Apr 26, 2021
1.07 The Death of Dave Shaw at Bushman's Hole (Boesmansgat)
Apr 12, 2021
1.06 Cave Diver Trapped in a Cave for 60 Hours
Apr 05, 2021
1.05 The Conception Dive Boat Fire in Santa Barbara, CA
Mar 29, 2021
1.04 Jacob's Well: Texas's Deadliest Diving Location
Mar 22, 2021
1.03 MURDER & MUTINY in Cape Canaveral, FL
Mar 15, 2021
1.02: MISSING: Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen
Mar 08, 2021
BONUS: The Blue Hole: Questions, Concerns, and Clarifications
Mar 06, 2021
1.01: The Blue Hole: The Deadliest Diving Location in the World
Mar 01, 2021
Introducing Narcosis: Into The Deep
Jan 16, 2021