Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter

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Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.

Episode Date
NANODOSE: The Aaron Rodgers Art of War Book Club
On today's episode of Nanodosing, the crew reads Chapter 3 of The Art Of War and reviews it. Make sure to tune into Macrodosing, every Tuesday at 7am EST.
Oct 21, 2021
The Mandela Effect
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about false and distorted memories. Everything from Froot Loops to Luke I am your father, you'll hear everything you need to know on The Mandela Effect. Also this week comes with a PACKED Tennessee Minute, as Big T defends his alma matters honor and producer Avery talks about his first SEC experience. All of this and more on today's show. Tune into Nanodosing on Thursday for Art of War - Chapter 3.
Oct 19, 2021
NANODOSE: The Art Of War - Chapter 2
On today's episode of Nanodosing, the crew reads Chapter 2 of The Art Of War and reviews it. Make sure to tune into Macrodosing, every Tuesday at 7am EST.
Oct 14, 2021
On today's episode, the Macrodosing team talks about Ghosts and the haunted spirits that surround them. Do they thing they're real? What would everyone do if they were a ghost? Also, on this weeks Tennessee Minute, Tyler Baron joins the show yet again, but this time with a special guest ahead of their big matchup with Ole Miss. From Ghosts to Danny DeVito, this podcast brings it all (per usual). All of this and more on today's show.
Oct 12, 2021
NANODOSE: The Art Of War - Chapter 1
On today's episode of Nanodosing, the crew reads Chapter 1 of The Art Of War (our new bookclub book) and review it in a plethora of different ways. You don't want to miss it.
Oct 07, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew sails out to international waters to find out more information on the history of pirates. From pirates of the past to the modern day ship robbers, you'll hear about it all. Who was the GOAT pirate? Was LimeWire really pirating? Also, what is going on with this trillion dollar coin? How big should it be? Will we try to steal it? Sit back, relax and enjoy all of this AND plenty more on today's show.
Oct 05, 2021
NANODOSE: Bringing Back People From The Dead
On today's episode of Nanodosing, you'll hear more voicemails (the last time we're doing voicemails on nano) on various different questions per usual. As always, call us at 347 - 560 - 0401 to be featured on the show. Nanodosing drops EVERY Thursday. Subscribe to be notified when it does!
Sep 30, 2021
National Forest Disappearances
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew gets into a heated debate on the Tennessee Minute, talks with Macrodosing Athlete Tyler Baron, and discusses the plethora of disappearances that have happened at National Parks. With a WIDE variety of topics on today's show to unpack, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Make sure to subscribe and to tune into NANODOSING, airing every Thursday 7AM EST.
Sep 28, 2021
NANODOSE: What If We All Got Arrested
On today's episode of Nanodosing, we discuss what we would all be arrested for individually, what country we would move to, and much more. Make sure to call us and leave your questions for a chance to be on next weeks show. 347 - 560 - 0401. Nanodosing drops every Thursday. Hope you enjoy!
Sep 23, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we're talking 'tutes. Legal or Illegal? You'll hear everything from the history of prostitution to a SPECIAL drop in from an OnlyFans expert. As always you'll get plenty of pre-show banter that includes the love-hate relationship with zoos and aquariums. Also, this weeks Rocky Top minute is a MUST listen so make sure to stick around for that. All of this and SO MUCH more on this edition of Macrodosing.
Sep 21, 2021
NANODOSE: Dad Of A Boy Dad
On today's episode of Nanodosing (yes you read that right), the crew introduces a new mini episode concept that involves answering YOUR questions. This is everyone's chance to ask the Macrodosing team any questions that you want answered. The number to call is 347 - 560 - 0401. Episodes will come out every Thursday. Enjoy!
Sep 16, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about the ship that was sunk by an iceberg that killed 1,500 people...or was it? You'll hear everything from movie comparisons to conspiracies between the Titanic and the Olympic. Was the ship swapped out? Is Rose responsible for Jack's death? Find out all of this and more on today's show. Also, voicemails are BACK in a big way.
Sep 14, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about a plethora of different cryptids and the history that comes with them. Everyone made sure to go in-depth on the favorite cryptids of their choosing. From the Jersey Devil to Bigfoot, you'll hear it all. Billy has been waiting a long time for this one. Also, hear about a brand NEW segment of Macrodosing coming soon and how Arian got into a twitter fight with Darren Rovell. All of this and more on the show. You don't want to miss it.
Sep 09, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew covers one of, in not the craziest festivals to ever take place. You'll hear everything from how the event unfolded to what our ideal festivals would be. Also, find out everyone's thoughts on the Jake Paul fight and if Billy is next in line to fight him. All of this and so much more on today's show.
Aug 31, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, PFT and Billy return from Grit Week to talk about the ins and outs of financial credit. From low scores to high scores you'll hear everyones credit score on the show and their thoughts on it. Does Billy have a credit score? Who's credit score was given up on? Also, voicemails are back and better than ever....Will Big T and Billy fight on the show? Sit back relax and enjoy.
Aug 24, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, The Wonton Don joins the crew and fills in for PFT while he's out on grit week. You'll hear all the takes on psilocybin mushrooms and everyones personal experiences with them. Everything from Tim Tebow to walking around New York City on shrooms is covered. What else would you expect? Also, Big T talks about a promise to the show that could have him doing a microdose in the near future?! All of this and more on the show. You don't want to miss it.
Aug 17, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we're talking about all different types of cults. Join PFT, Billy, and Big T as they discuss some of the most well known cults in history. Also get your occasional riffing about the most random things in the world including: Jackass, Alex Jones, Chimeras, and so much more.
Aug 10, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew gets cozy on sleep talk and the studies that have been done on it. Not only were there many interesting stories and conspiracies behind sleep, we also had a HEATED fact-off for the ages between Billy and Big T. You don't want to miss it. Buckle in for this one. Today's show is a wild ride. 00:00 - 31:00 Parenthood, Ostriches, Lobsters, National Treasure, and so much more random stuff 31:01 - 47:00 Sleep Talk Begins/Billy and Big T Argument 47:01 - 1:20:00 Sleep Facts and Benefits 1:21:00 - 1:40:00 Lucid Dreaming and Not Being Able To Dream
Aug 03, 2021
Iraq War
On today's episode of Macrodosing, take a trip back to the beginning of the Iraq War and find out how it changed the course of our history. From Dick Cheney to Smart Billy talking about John Cena and weapons contracts, you'll hear it all. Also, find out if Billy and Big T can go an entire month eating from one specific fast food restaurant. All of this and even more on the show. 00:00 - 38:00 Fast Food, Kidney Stones, Milk, Homeless People, Beyond Meat, etc. 38:30 - 1:40:00 Iraq War 1:41:00 - 2:02:00 U.S. Propaganda 2:18:00 - 2:26:00 NFL and Vaccinations
Jul 27, 2021
Yellow Journalism
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about how Yellow Journalism misguided millions of people with false information. From the past to present there has been examples of yellow journalism everywhere and you'll hear all about it on the show. Also, we recap last weeks episode which eventually gets us into a heated chicken debate. You don't want to miss it. The NBA, Ratings, and Dolly World 0:00 - 25:00 Looking for an Athlete 25:00 - 37:00 Mass Hysteria Recap 37:00 - 48:00 Yellow Journalism 48:00 - 1:08:00 Chicken Debate 1:08:00 - 1:16:00 Arian's Take On Journalistic Integrity 1:32:00 - 2:00:00
Jul 20, 2021
Mass Hysteria
On today's episode of Macrodosing, hear stories of Mass Hysteria around the globe. From 16 days straight of laughter to the disappearing of genitalia, you don't want to miss it. Also a recap of last weeks show on Aliens.
Jul 13, 2021
Aliens (Part 2) ft. Zah
On today's episode we continue the Alien discussion with our good friend from Barstool Sports, Zah, who actually had an encounter with aliens at the age of 5 in Zimbabwe. You don't want to miss this one.
Jul 06, 2021
Aliens (Part 1) ft. Harvey Levin
On today's episode you'll hear our take on Aliens, UFOs and all of the above. A two part series that includes TMZ's Harvey Levin on this episode and Barstool's own, Zah, on the next. Are aliens real...and if they are why is the footage always so bad? Why have they always been hush hush until now? Find out all of this and more on the show. 1:00 Scott Peterson 5:50 "The Excavator" 10:00 Dogs, again. 17:30 John McAfee 32:00 Aliens Talk Starts With The Pentagon 42:00 Arian on The NBA 53:00 Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweets 1:06:00 Reptilian Humanoids 1:11:00 Aliens or Russia? 1:20:00 Harvey Levin 1:51:00 Best Alien Movies
Jun 29, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we debate who has been announced dead, but rumored to still be alive. From Steve Jobs to Adolf Hitler, you'll hear about all of the "sightings" of their potential locations AFTER they "died". We even got into a little talk about Mt. Everest. Trust makes sense. Also, Arian continues to talk about his hate for dogs. All of this and more on the show. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 4:00 Big T and His Mom 10:30 Mt. Everest 22:30 People Who Faked Their Own Deaths 30:00 Arian Dog Story 44:10 Steve Jobs 56:00 Nipples 1:00:00 Michael Jackson 1:22:00 Tupac 1:34:00 Hitler 1:56:00 New Merch
Jun 22, 2021
Lake Lanier
On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear about the most mysterious lake in the United States, Lake Lanier. From the history of the community that once was to the horrifying accidents that have occurred, you won't want to miss a second. Also, Big T's mom calls into the show to express her displeasure with our new intern Madeline??? All this and more on today's show. 5:00 Whitey gets neutered 12:00 Big T's mom calls in 28:00 Lake Lanier talk begins 42:00 Cemeteries and pissing on graves 54:00 Giant Catfish & The Legend of Fish Head 1:05:00 Ghosts 1:20:00 Selling your soul 1:35:00 Tim Tebow 1:45:00 Listener responses
Jun 15, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about Facebook and the conspiracies/facts behind the company. Everything from LifeLog to national security is in this one and you don't want to miss it. Also, at the end of the episode, we pick a brand new intern to help out with the show. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 2:00 Bezos going to space 8:00 How Coley discovered LifeLog 10:30 History of “life logging” 12:20 Billy’s black eye 14:30 The first vloggers 19:00 Billy explains how DARPA transitioned LifeLog to Facebook 22:30 The Social Network 29:00 What was LifeLog 33:00 Mark Zuckerburg 36:00 DARPA and Facebook 39:00 Has national security data mining actually worked 42:00 Hunted 48:00 The government’s shell companies 57:00 How far would Canada get if they tried to invade the US 1:00:00 Is it too late to worry about data collection 1:10:00 Intern interviews
Jun 08, 2021
Famous Drunkards
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we're talking about the most drunk famous people in history. You'll hear a deep discussion on everyone from Andre The Giant to Mickey Mantle and their bafflingly drunk stories while rewriting the history of sports. Also, high school football coach stories are back and better than ever. You don't want to miss it. 20:00 Coach Talk 30:00 Pissing on self 34:00 Start Of Drunkard Talk 47:00 How To Get Out Of A DUI? 49:30 Arian Story For The Ages 56:00 MJ vs. LeBron 1:05:00 Mickey Mantle 1:21:00 Bro-Mosas? 1:30:00 Andre The Giant
Jun 02, 2021
Bottled Water
On today's episode of Macrodosing, Billy Football returns to talk the conspiracies and facts behind the business of bottled water. Some say it's the scam of the century. You'll hear everything from Dasani putting salt in the water to keep you thirsty to Billy getting scammed on Craigslist. You don't want to miss it. Also, Frank The Tank joins us to do a water taste test. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 1:00 Billy returns 3:00 Billy saves Democracy 6:00 Billy gets scammed on Craigslist 12:30 Nazi Kool-Aid 18:30 Water talk begins 22:00 Water break stories 30:45 Arian football story 34:40 PFT hilarious coach story 39:00 Best water bottle to piss in 44:00 History of bottled water 51:00 Regulations on bottled water 58:00 Peeing in the ocean 1:01:00 Towing iceberg idea 1:03:00 PH levels 1:18:00 Tap water 1:30:00 Frank The Tank taste test
May 25, 2021
Nazi Drugs
On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear everything about drugs in Nazi Germany and how it affected Adolf Hitler and his regime. From Nazi's to urinals to Kool-Aid, there is not a second you want to miss on this episode. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 7:50 Being hostile towards aliens 9:00 Would you rather discover aliens or be discovered? 15:00 Crypto talk 17:20 Macrodosing Best All-Drug Teams 30:00 Drugs in Nazi Germany 40:50 Bathroom talk 47:00 Back to Nazi Drugs 54:30 Arian & Morphine 1:08:00 How Hitler acquired Czech 1:18:00 Coley has a hypothetical 1:20:00 Meth 1:27:00 Fyre Fest Nazi Germany 1:29:00 Boating accidents 1:43:00 Sniffing tobacco 1:46:00 Kool-Aid talk begins.
May 18, 2021
Crypto ft. Anthony Pompliano
On today's episode of Macrodosing, Coley returns and the crew is joined by cryptocurrency investor Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano to talk about the thousands of different coins out there. Are these coins sustainable? Can we make money? Is CumRocket the next DogeCoin? Find out on the show. Enjoy! 4:30 Big T lost his voice at a baseball game and was throwing back alcoholic slushies 7:00 Tiger on the loose in Houston 12:00 Arian hates dogs 15:00 PFT’s Dogecoin investment 17:30 The 500 A.D. cryptocurrency 22:30 Satoshi Nakomoto 29:00 Mt. Gox 31:00 What exactly is the value of Bitcoin other than U.S. dollars? 34:30 Are these coins real or fake? 36:00 CumRocket 38:00 Anthony Pompliano interview 1:27:00 What happens if Bitcoin becomes the new dollar? 1:30:00 We’re buying CumRocket and taking it to the moon 1:32:00 Silk Road
May 11, 2021
Artificial Intelligence
On today's episode of Macrodosing, our Barstool HQ genius Quigs joins the show and the crew talks the positives and negatives to artificial intelligence. Are our phones listening to everything we say? Has neuralink already been used on Elon Musk? Find out all on the show. Enjoy! 2:00 Quigs joins the show 5:45 What is artificial intelligence 12:00 Big T TikTok time 14:00 To fear the humans or the robots 17:15 How will the algorithms become smarter than the people who created them 25:30 Deep fakes, All technology evolves through porn 33:30 Robot juries 37:00 Are we living in a simulation 1:00:00 Can AI create better art than we can 1:08:00 What if we just turned off the internet 1:10:00 Cannibalism 1:14:00 Would it be a positive or negative to have everyone be able to watch all your memories 1:18:00 Do not send Arian baby pictures or Christmas cards 1:20:00 Single Player Theory 1:28:00 Free will 1:33:00 Roko’s Basilisk
May 04, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we go back in time to talk about the beings that walked the earth before us, dinosaurs. Are the real and did they ever walk the earth? We even did a Dino Draft. You don't want to miss it. 1:30 Dinosaucers and Dinosaurs TV show 5:15 Update on merch and Billy 7:45 #MJInnocent 13:00 The discovery of dinosaurs 16:00 Billy culturally appropriates dragons 23:00 Dino style 24:00 How much does a dinosaur skeleton cost? 27:00 What has studying dinosaurs given us? 33:00 Society if we never found dinosaurs and oil 35:00 - 1:10:00 Dinosaur Draft
Apr 27, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, it's 4/20, the holy grail day for weed. Special guests include Frank The Tank (who got high for the first time ever on the show) and Buddah Ben. Happy Holiday and enjoy the episode! 0:00 Frank the Tank accidentally got high for the first time off a 3Chi cookie 8:00 The questionable history of NJ State Police uniforms 10:00 Best things a tree can become 12:00 Fuck William Randolph Hearst 14:30 Bring back mids 18:00 Big THC 21:00 The origins of weed 25:00 PFT taught his mom how to smoke weed 29:00 Was Moses high off the burning bush? (Bonus: Frank’s 15 Commandments) 36:30 What smoking weed with Obama was like 40:00 Buddha Ben joins the show 44:00 The first time Buddha got high 47:00 The kid that got Buddha his weed starter pack 52:00 Exactly how much weed does Buddha Ben smoke? 53:30 Big T learns how there’s nicotine in blunts 1:00:00 Why Buddha has to smoke blunts 1:06:00 Can you still buy kindbud? 1:08:00 Science lesson from Coley
Apr 20, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about the weird world of biohacking with SPECIAL guest Josiah Zayner, who Billy claims to be the Lebron James of biohacking. Don't miss this one, it was awesome. 11:00 Billy nose 15:00 biohacking chickens 16:55 frogs 45:25 For the greater good of Vermont 47:20 Being dumb 48:00 Josiah Zayner Interview 51:30 Billy DM Bullfrog 53:20 Harassing 1:00:00 GUT HACK 1:15:00 Muscle injection 1:28:00 Health 1:34:00 Clutch gene, height talk 1:41:50 Frog talk 1:55:00 End of INT
Apr 13, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear everything you need to know about the inner workings of hell. Is it the worst place one could possibly end up? What do we know about hell? All of your questions are answered. Even hell expert Uncle Chaps hopped on to give us his insight. You don't want to miss it! 0:00 Welcome to Hell 4:00 Rap skits 5:50 How would Big T/Little C *THEORETICALLY* kill Billy 8:30 Is Billy easily killable? 20:30 What is Hell to you? 25:30 Uncle Chaps, who spent three years in seminary and was ordained in the Baptist church, joins the show 27:00 The story of Job 29:30 When dis today’s idea of Hell come about? 32:30 What exactly is Hell? 37:15 Satan has great branding 46:30 Unconditional election 51:30 Is God more efficient than Steve Jobs? 52:30 Has Hell actually started yet? 55:00 Big T went to a Revelation themed haunted house as a kid and it turns out Chaps used to act in them
Apr 06, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear a breakdown on what the crew thinks are the most "allegedly" wrongfully accused people in history. It is a can't miss show. Buckle up and enjoy!!! 2:20 Hell is hot today 6:35 The Devil gets a bad rap 9:07 Is it legal to sell human blood? 23:00 Allegedly 25:50 I grew up thinking MJ was guilty 42:00 What was a grown man doing with kids all the time? 1:15:00 O.J. and Jason Simpson 1:20:00 Jason Simpson mental illness 1:23:00 Would you take a murder charge for your child? 1:30:45 Is it good or bad that O.J. has PFT blocked on Twitter? 1:33:00 Scott Peterson 1:39:00 The pliers 1:43:45 Satanic cult? 1:47:30 Meringue cookies 1:53:00 Death sentence overturned 1:55:30 Porn channels 2:00:00 More porn channels 2:05:00 The missing phone call 2:12:00 Rank all three from most innocent to most guilty
Mar 30, 2021
The Ocean
On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear all about the ocean and what lies beneath. Are there aliens down there? Is Atlantis real? Only one way to find out. Enjoy the show!!! 4:00 Arian and Big T hate the ocean 5:00 What would someone like about the ocean, Big T has seen a shark 9:00 Sharks vs deer 10:15 You can enjoy the beach without the ocean 11:30 The post-beach shower 14:30 Antibiotics 16:30 What STDs everybody has had 18:20 Billy got scabies working in drainage 20:00 Arian and Big T dapped up again and PFT has it on film 22:00 We’ve only explored 7% of the ocean 25:45 Is Atlantis real? 27:00 Mermaids 28:00 What fish would you fuck if you had to fuck one? 30:00 Why have we not explored the ocean like we have space? 34:00 Just how deep is the ocean? 36:30 Arian has an issue with the term “killer whale” 39:30 Billy tried to do the Navy SEAL swimming test 45:00 Octopuses are insanely intelligent 51:00 Fucking for pleasure 55:50 Octopus actions 59:00 Dying while banging 1:01:00 Norwals 1:06:00 How much does the ocean weigh 1:12:00 Big Red
Mar 23, 2021
Denver International Airport
On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew takes a deep dive into the conspiracies revolving the Denver International Airport. Enjoy the show!!! 5:00 Billy’s first meeting with Arian 6:10 Arian’s awkward first handshake with Big T 9:10 Coley’s dad was a participant in MK Ultra 15:00 Charles Manson was actually a good songwriter 17:30 Arian ended up really becoming fascinated by the Denver Airport 19:30 Painting conspiracy 23:00 Is the Denver Airport actually twice the size of Manhattan? 28:00 Why would they leave bread crumbs behind if the airport is something more? 31:00 Free Mason time capsule 32:10 Why was the airport $2 billion over budget? 36:00 We need our own time capsule 40:00 Arian was asked to be a Free Mason 45:10 Bluecifer the neon-eyed horse 52:30 Gargoyles: good or bad? 55:00 Gargoyles 1:00:15 Back from pissing 1:02:00 Construction of the Airport 1:06:55 NORAD 1:15:00 PFT's Grandfather 1:18:00 PFT says it with his chest 1:24:00 Everyone agrees that it's real 1:26:00 National Treasure 1:28:30 Woody Harrelson 1:38:00 Aliens
Mar 16, 2021
On today's episode of Macrodosing, we unpack the secret government mind control program known as MK-Ultra. Enjoy the show!!! 2:15 Papa John has spent 18 months in rehab to stop saying the N-word 4:45 PFT tried microdosing for the first time last week 8:00 Billy saved himself, PFT and Jake Marsh behind the wheel 11:45 Stanford Prison Experiment 16:00 Guess Big T’s underwear 18:00 Origins of MK Ultra 23:15 MK Ultra is a badass name 26:10 PFT tries to come up with a name for CIA missions 28:00 Julia Childs and Roald Dahl were CIA operatives 30:30 What exactly is the CIA’s mission statement? 33:00 PFT’s soccer coach had a brother in the CIA 35:00 The first MK Ultra experiments 36:10 The CIA used Whitey Bulger as a test subject while he was in prison 42:00 The Unabomber’s role in MK Ultra 49:30 What actually happened to Biggie Smalls? 51:20 Operation Midnight Climax 55:40 The death of Frank Olson 1:00:00 How much would be an acceptable settlement to your family if the government killed you? 1:04:00 Big T tries to mend Arian and UT 1:05:14 Horny dudes tell women anything 1:10:00 Psychic driving 1:14:00 Celebrity tweaking myth around MK-Ultra 1:20:00 Devil next door 1:25:00 Nuclear weapons? 1:32:00 The Moon 1:40:00 Witches 1:42:00 The Obelisk 1:48:00 Food Chain 1:53:00 AI vs Humans 2:03:50 Alexa is chill
Mar 09, 2021
Flat Earth
1:00 Arian correctly guesses Big T’s underwear color again 3:30 Coley and the crew debate blimps 5:50 Blimps vs. hot air balloons 9:30 PFT has his hands on some psilocybin capsules, Arian describes his experience doing mushrooms 14:40 PFT has done mushrooms at a Washington Capitals game and in an art museum in Amsterdam 16:35 The necessary conditions to do mushrooms 18:30 Billy wants to microdose with PFT, but also might be a cop 23:00 UFO sighting by American Airlines flight 25:00 Arian calls bullshit on aliens only landing in places where there are no people 27:00 Billy thinks cavemen killed the aliens 33:00 10% of Americans believe the Earth is flat 37:30 Flight patterns relating to the curvature of the Earth 39:00 How does gravity work and the theory of relativity 46:30 What exactly do flat Earthers believe? 57:00 the unknown and the flat earth 59:00 the spherical nature of greater universe 1:03:00 NASA project paper clip 1:08:00 it’s not a flat world is Kyrie’s world 1:14:00 creationism 1:21:00 NASA and Big Moon 1:24:28 Flat Earther dies in the pursuit of clout 1:28:32 Flat earth arguments 1:29:00 is the sun cold? 1:32:00 how do the seasons work? 1:34:45 Obama simulator 1:37:00 Disney Easter eggs 1:38:00 To give the flat earthers credit 1:44:20 NASA pulls the plug on Arian Foster 1:46:00 The guys try to finish the show but get sidetracked!
Mar 02, 2021
The Life Of Alex Jones
Welcome to the first episode of Macrodosing. Today we talk about Alex Jones, a man of mystery, confusion, and conspiracy. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out! 0:00 What is Macrodosing 5:30 Texas snow 7:00 Addressing Billy vs Arian Beef 9:30 Blimps are scarce 11:30 Alex Jones Personal life 15:30 Alex Jones Vs D.A.R.E 20:00 Alex Jones Many Fights 27:00 What we know about Alex Jones 29:50 Origin of Alex Jone's fame 37:00 Alex Jones represents the internet 40:30 Alex Jones Steroids 42:30 9/11 44:00 Arian Foster's upbringing 47:24 Big T reads Alex Jones Quotes 50:10 Alex Jones vs space hitler 53:00 PI Coin 55:00 Why Alex Jones hated George Bush 57:30 Bohemian Grove 1:00:00 Obama Deception 1:04:00 Sandy Hook 1:14:00 Alex Jones loves taking his shirt off 1:20:00 Chemtrails 1:24:00 Turning the frogs gay 1:26:00 Big T reads quotes from Alex Jones 1:30:00 Weed is too strong 1:32:00 Alex Jones CIA Operative 1:37:00 Alex Jones as a football coach 1:42:00 Big T boxers 1:47:00 Algorithms
Feb 23, 2021
Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter
Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.
Feb 19, 2021