In The Dark (Bigfoot, Dogmen, Aliens, All Things Supernatural)

By Tracie Bush

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Category: Government

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We are kept "in the dark." I believe there is a massive cover up with missing people, cryptids, aliens and many supernatural occurrences. It's up to us to uncover the truth and protect one another. Bigfoot, Dogmen, Aliens, Skinwalkers, The Rake, Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, Giants...many many creatures and entities exist. It's time for the truth to be exposed. Will be telling my own stories and other people's encounters and experiences Support this podcast:

Episode Date
Ted Gunderson Ex FBI Agent Exposes Govt Corruption, Satanism, Child Trafficking.
Ted Gunderson ex head of FBI exposes Government corruption, Satanism and child trafficking. This is very important to hear. He spent his last days exposing this with many attempts on his life! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 17, 2021
Robin Haynes McCray Is Back With Us! Enjoy The Show!
No one I know has the knowledge of Bigfoot, Dogmen and any other kind of encounter than Robin in my opinion! Join us for another informative episode! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 14, 2021
"The Hairy Pumpkin" Written & Illustrated By Tracie Bush. Children's Halloween Story Reading. Enjoy!
Halloween story for children read for you. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 07, 2021
Man Sees People Disappear In Front Of His Eyes. Demon Sightings. Stories & More.
Hoping this turns out ok. My original one was removed so I had to go back in and edit and splice and republish. If you heard this episode already just sign out of it and I have a new episode coming on shortly. This one is about several topics. My grandson seems to have predicted a fire drill. One of my customers had a message from God. A demon was seen climbing a Church up to the roof in broad daylight by thousands of onlookers caught on video. Real or fake? Man Sees people disappear in front of his eyes or people without faces who die shortly after. Man stuck in another year in the future. Could it be true? Stories from a listener. Connection of granite to disappearances and more... --- Support this podcast:
Sep 29, 2021
Amazing Interview With Robin McCray! Must Hear Incredible! Bigfoot, Dogmen, ETs!
Just an incredible interview with Robin Haynes McCray. One of many more to come. Robin talks about her encounters with bigfoot, alien abductions, dogmen and many other things she's experienced since she was just four years old. She's lived a lifetime of encounters learning from them and about them and is here to share as much of what she knows as she can. Join us for this amazing interview! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 21, 2021
Brett Tells Of His First Of Many Encounters With Demons, Paranormal & Even Seeing God.
Brett has lived an interesting life filled with many encounters with the demonic, paranormal and most importantly seeing and hearing God Himself even before he was born. He remembers it. He takes us in to his life's journey in this first interview with more to come. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 16, 2021
Robin Haynes McCray Continues Her Incredible Conversation On Bigfoot, Reptilians, ETs & Dogmen!
Robin and I finish our conversation. You won't want to miss this! Aliens, Dogmen, Bigfoot, Govt cover-up...It's all here! She even teaches us how to protect ourselves from dark forces. She was taught this by the ET's and Sasquatch themselves. Come join us! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 16, 2021
Finally...Interview With Robin! Robin Lives Around Bigfoot & Dogmen & Has Had Many Alien Abductions.
The interview you have been waiting for! I have been waiting for! Robin Haynes McCray has seen it all. Cryptids, Aliens, you name it! Robin is hands down one of the most fascinating people I have ever spoken with! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 15, 2021
Men In Black. Who Or What Are They?
Stories of men in black encounters. Will we ever know who or what they are? --- Support this podcast:
Sep 14, 2021
Mermaid Sightings Around The World.
Stories of mermaid encounters. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 09, 2021
Information On Bigfoot & Dogmen I Got In Recently. Encounter Story From Listener.
I received some information in from Robin this week on the bigfoot and dogmen. I also have a story to share with you from one of my group members on FB. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 05, 2021
Reincarnation Stories. Is Reincarnation Possible? World News Discussion.
Several fascinating stories of reincarnation. Is it possible? Also some discussion on world news and events going on in Afghanistan and with Covid. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 22, 2021
The "Not Deer." First A Word On Afghanistan.
I have some thoughts about what's going on with Afghanistan. Please don't take anything I say offensively. It's not meant to be projected that way. I've been extremely upset about what's going on with all this. This episode is about the sightings of the cryptid they call the "not deer." --- Support this podcast:
Aug 19, 2021
Archeologist's Findings On Supernatural Connections & More Reptile & Govt Talks
More reptilian encounter stories. More on Ted Gunderson and the Government. Discussion from archeologist on the supernatural connection to our cities, lines, pyramids, etc...For anyone preferring to use YouTube my link there is: --- Support this podcast:
Aug 14, 2021
Reptile People & Alien Encounter Stories. World's Government's Agenda Continued....
Stories of reptilian sightings and encounters along with the continuation of our world's governing agenda. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 07, 2021
World's Governments All Run By The Same Group Of Entities. Cont. Of Acts Passed
So much confusion we can't even think straight. Aliens, Shadow Govt, Reptile people, demons, secret acts passed stripping us of all of our rights and so much more. Keeping us uninformed, confused and weak. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 07, 2021
The World's Governments Continued. Talks Of Cern And More...
Continuation of the Patriot Act and executive orders explained. Talk of Cern and more... --- Support this podcast:
Aug 05, 2021
Three Amazing Healing Stories Of Mine From Prayer & Cursed Movie Experiences & Portals.
Give this episode several seconds before it starts. For some reason there is a glitch or pause at the start of it. Hear three of my incredible healing stories from prayer. Cursed movies. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 04, 2021
The World's Governments Part Two. Plus Continuation Of Goatman Episode.
Give this episode several seconds before it starts. For some reason there is a glitch or pause at the start of it. Finishing off the reading for the Goatman Episode then on to part two of the Government cover-ups. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 02, 2021
The World's Governments. Friend Or Enemy? Let's Talk Cover-ups Of Every Kind. From Bigfoot, Dogmen, UFO's To Child Abduction Rings.
Give this episode several seconds before it starts. For some reason there is a glitch or pause at the start of it. Ted Gunderson was head of FBI. He saw too much. He devoted his life after retirement to getting the truth out. Allow me to enlighten you. Open your mind. Our life as we know it is an illusion of security and safety. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 28, 2021
Listener Shares His Near Death Encounter And Recent Very Real UFO Sighting.
Alex shares his near death encounter and recent UFO sighting right after praying to Oden and Freya for help. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 26, 2021
The Goatman Legend. Hunter's Too Close For Comfort Dogman Encounter .
Half man half...animal beings seen all over the world for centuries from every culture. Why are our world's governments covering the existence of these creatures up?! Too close for comfort dogman encounter by hunter. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 24, 2021
Matt G & I Tell Our Ghost & Demon Encounters. Bigfoot Seen By Matt's Co-Worker.
Give this episode several seconds before it starts. For some reason there is a glitch or pause at the start of it. Matt G is back with more encounter stories and talks about his old co-worker who lived around and regularly saw bigfoot families. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 19, 2021
Stories Of Black & White Eyed Children. What Are They? Story Of Possible Dogman Encounter.
Story of black eyed children at couple's door. Story of white eyed child at the car of girl while waiting for her mother. Lucifer seen in Hell walking among bodies. Encounter of coyotes with a possible dogman among them. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 18, 2021
God, Lucifer, Demons, Fallen Angels, Cryptids...What Is Going On?!
Stories of Bigfoot encounters, demon encounters, Skinwalker Ranch and discussion on the war between God and Satan. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 15, 2021
Dogman Seen In The Park. Giant Orb Seen By Our Home. Ghost In Our Garage Tonight. Matt G Is Back!
Matt G joins us again to tell more encounter stories. He just experienced a ghostly Encounter just tonight! He talks about seeing a giant Orb outside of his garage. A Dogman sighting on the park by his house. An encounter with what seemed to be Lucifer. And more..... --- Support this podcast:
Jul 10, 2021
Alien Craft Near Golf Course, Dimensions, Ghostly Encounter. Matt G Joins Us Again To Tell Us More.
Matt G has had many encounters with various entities. We have him on as a guest again to share them with you. He also shares a totem story he had at birth that he feels walks with him and protects him in life. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 10, 2021
Alien Encounter, Demon Encounter & Other Entities. Matt G Joins Us To Tell About His Encounters!
Matt has had so many encounters with various entities. He joins us for his first discussion with plans for more. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 04, 2021
Fairies. Stories Of Real Fairy Sightings.
Encounters with real Fairies. The Fae. Are these the little people so many have seen? --- Support this podcast:
Jun 30, 2021
Angels. Encounters With Real Angels!
Stories of people who have seen, interacted with and encountered real angels. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 30, 2021
Near Death Encounters. Stories Of Portals And Sasquatch Hands In The Air
Near death experience stories. A set of bigfoot hands come out of thin air to several witnesses. Portals. What are they? Where are the missing people vanishing to only to turn up later dead or alive or not at all? --- Support this podcast:
Jun 27, 2021
Walking Trees, Boulders That Weren't There Before, Vision To Isis Soldiers, & More...
Walking trees, boulders that show up where they weren't before. Story of a dream 200 Isis Soldiers had about the Lord. And more.... --- Support this podcast:
Jun 13, 2021
Hellhound Stories, Telepathic Graveyard Encounter, God Shows My Son A Sign, And More...
Hellhound stories, man hears thoughts from a buried soldier in a graveyard, vampire encounter, stories from listeners and more.... --- Support this podcast:
Jun 05, 2021
Hatman Story, Near Death Encounter Stories And Angel Encounters.
A young girl sees the hatman on a daily basis. Near death encounters. A woman offers a man a ride who later turned out to be what she believed an angel. --- Support this podcast:
May 26, 2021
Recent Demon Sightings In My House.
My children have been seeing entities in our home presenting as me, a dragon and a little boy recently. --- Support this podcast:
May 21, 2021
Stories Of Hellhounds, Bigfoot, Near Death Encounters & More...
Stories of hellhounds and deal made at crossroads. Bob Dylan's deal. Bigfoot encounter with a man who lost time after witnessing bigfoot partially cloaking. Was the mark put on Cain and his decendants what we now know to be bigfoot? Story of a cowboy who encountered a bigfoot who spoke to him and told him his name was Cain the one God cursed. Near Death Encounter stories & more... --- Support this podcast:
May 18, 2021
Red Rock, PA Invisible Cryptid Stalking My Daughter Encounter & More...
My daughter recounts her recent experience on a hike sensing a cryptid who communicates with her telepathically and more stories. --- Support this podcast:
May 12, 2021
Interview With Govmnt Agent Who Hunts Sasquatch & Dogmen & My Daughter's Stories & More...
My interview with a government agent who hunts and kills Bigfoot and Dogmen. He is legit and his credentials have checked out. My daughter recounts some of her scary encounters. Ending with cute interview being interrupted by my grandchild. --- Support this podcast:
May 07, 2021
Demon Encounters, Mysterious Death, Disappearance & Encounter. And More...
Demon encounter stories. Mysterious deaths of mother and her child. Disappearance of a man never found. Encounter with the unknown. And what's going on with the weather and creatures of the earth?! --- Support this podcast:
Apr 30, 2021
Incredible Near Death Encounter
One of the most amazing near death encounters I have ever heard. Very profound. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 25, 2021
Two Patients Impossibly Disappear, Later Found In Walls. Reptilian Encounter. Dreams From God & More
Two patients in hospital disappear later to be found dead one in wall one in ceiling. Ex FBI head talks about reptilian sighting and our government's dark activities. Stories of dreams of mine from God. And more... --- Support this podcast:
Apr 22, 2021
Stories Of Ghost Child, Aliens & Our Origins, Reincarnation, Demon Encounter, & Disappearances.
Tonight I read you a story about an interview with an alien claiming to tell where we came from and why we were created and it isn't comforting. I talk about the little boy who claims to be reincarnated and was Princess Di. A sighting of a ghost child in my home just this week! More talk on disappearances and a story from a listener about her encounter with a demon or alien and her dream. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 13, 2021
Ghost Encounter After Plane Crash, Bigfoot Location, Orbs In Back Of My Property
Flight 800 went down and the night it was broadcasted on news I had a paranormal encounter. Story about angels filling field after 9/11 attack. A man one of my family members knows reveals location of bigfoot sightings. Stories from listeners. More orbs seen on our property. Discussion about haunted objects. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 01, 2021
Vision Of Covid, Psychic Encounters And Near Death Experience.
Many things to tell. My voice vision of my aunt getting Covid. Some of my psychic abilities and encounters with the spirit realm. Ending with a story of a near death experience. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 19, 2021
Rake By Garage, Wizard Terrifies Children, Bigfoot Rape And More Plus Stories From Listeners.
Sighting of what looked to be a rake or alien by my garage. My children saw a small wizard fly in to the bathroom and threaten them one night. It's said demons appear to children in fantasy form. Bigfoot Rape case. Plus more stories and sent in stories from some of my listeners. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 09, 2021
Stories Of A Vampire, The Devil, Dogman, Little People And Stories From Listener! Come Join Me!
I have several stories tonight about my daughter's encounters feeling a dogman, seeing the devil in our family home, a little person in the mountains and my own story about a vampire. Two stories are read by me from one of my listeners as well. Fun stuff! Come join me. All stories are true. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 28, 2021
Dark Entities In Our Home Along With A Funny Bat Story And Stories From Listener
Our house is active with spirits and dark entities. These are some of my stories. I added a funny bat story and one of my listeners sent me in some of her stories from the Ukraine. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 18, 2021
Stories Of Demonic Entities In My Homes And Visions Episode 2
A few of my stories of entities and spirits I have encountered in a couple of the homes I have loved in along with a couple visions I felt and saw. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 15, 2021
In The Dark. All things Supernatural Episode 1
This is the first episode in many to come on my own personal experiences with the spirit world and the supernatural realm of cryptids. I believe there is a massive cover up with the cryptids and disappearing people. I have had many spiritual encounters myself. Join me in our journey in sharing stories and uncovering the truth. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 06, 2021