The Krugersdorp Killers Podcast

By Candice Rijavec

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Category: True Crime

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Speaking up about EVERYTHING revolving around Cecilia Steyn, the Krugersdorp Killers, Electus Per Deus and many others. Exposing things that NO ONE knows about. Author of "Leviathan Walks" and upcoming release, "The Best Friend | Chronicles of the Krugersdorp Killers". Visit for more podcasts!

Episode Date
Who Am I? The REAL Truth (Part 3)
This is the only time I would consider myself brave: talking about my past. I've wavered around this topic for so long but it was time. I'm letting just a few walls down to finally talk... This is the REAL me. This is who I am, why I am this way, why I do what I do and why I developed DID. I did not go into extensive detailed scenarios (I'm not ready yet) but I hope this will help people understand when I talk about things, and also help people realize the other reason why I became friends with Cecilia Steyn too. I tried so hard not to cry through this recording... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jun 15, 2021
Your Life. A Means To An End
The scenario with Zak Valentine faking his death, and Cecilia Steyn being the sole beneficiary, wasn't the only scenario like this. No one was safe. Each person's life was a means to an end. If you couldn't benefit Cecilia Steyn while you were alive, then she would make sure that your death would still ultimately benefit her. Uncut & Real #KrugersdorpKillers
Jun 05, 2021
Why Reginald Bendixen Was Murdered
Since 2012, there was no evidence leading to who had committed Reginald Bendixen's murder, even though the evidence was actually in "plain sight". He was murdered all because of one main reason... RIP beloved mentor and friend, Reginald Bendixen. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jun 05, 2021
Raped By Her Father, Through Her Husband
There was no limit to the extreme lies and vast amounts of evidence, from Cecilia Steyn, for the claims she had over her life and the things that happened to her... even her own family was used as a means to fool people... and even if it meant self-inflicted abuse too. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jun 02, 2021
The Different Murders & Why
With a count of over 40 murders by the Krugersdorp Killers, there was a lot of confusion and speculation as to why the murders were done so differently and, even more so, with regards to the victims themselves. Why were the murders done so differently and how were the victims selected? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jun 02, 2021
Netflix Watch Club - Dead Places & Horror On Netflix
In this episode, my guest, Candice Rijavec & I discuss the South African Horror series recently released "Dead Places and Horror on Netflix" in a fun & organic way. Tune in to hear us go over our reviews of this terrifically terrifying new Horror series on Netflix as well as the Horror genre on Netflix content currently. We debate over the main themes of horror & while giving you our top picks on Netflix right now! ==== Classic moments including impersonating the scary sound from The Ring... TWICE! And how Dennis started his career as our ghost butler. #horror #DeadPlaces #TheConjuring #HauntingOfHillHouse #Ouiji #Chucky #IT #BeforeIWake #Annabelle #NetflixWatchClub #Netflix
May 29, 2021
*WARNING / SENSITIVE* The Boy Who Was Murdered
As far as I know, this boy's murder was not mentioned during the Krugersdorp Killers trial. This boy had known Cecilia Steyn since he was very, very young. He grew up knowing Cecilia... he saw her as a safe person... he trusted her... he saw her as a "friend"... but he was killed in an extremely gruesome way, all because he wanted to live a normal life. He was not part of her group and he was not deemed as a threat... he just, merely, did not "do as told"... even as simple as it was. This is the reality of the fear that runs through the minds of those who knew Cecilia Steyn; the few who are left and are in hiding. They know more and most wanted to expose her. (Names and more extensive details of this boy's murder are withheld out of respect for his family and loved ones.) Sensitive murder photo can be found here: Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 25, 2021
Why Ria Grunewald COULD NOT Escape Earlier
The truthful moment, between Ria and myself, about the lies Cecilia Steyn was leading us all to believe… leading to Cecilia becoming incredibly paranoid and violently threatening and, ultimately, escalating her drama and control over Ria… Ria was DESPERATE to break away and flee for her life, but she was trapped, with no means of escape… Semi-cut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers (Names removed for privacy purposes)
May 20, 2021
DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. My Own Confession (Part 4)
Amidst talking about Cecilia Steyn and the rest of the Krugersdorp Killers, I often withheld saying certain things. This is a somewhat sensitive topic for me, mostly because of how it makes me furiously angry with people who falsely claim to have DID and exaggerate it, and then use it to get away with... well, in this case, murder. DID saved my own life. It DOES NOT kill lives! Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 19, 2021
Cecilia Steyn, The Werewolf
The countless scenarios regarding Cecilia Steyn's werewolf bloodline... her transformation... the fangs... the dangers...  the "evidence"... Cecilia, a proud mother of her werewolf daughter's fangs... and my confession about seeing Cecilia as a werewolf. Semi-cut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers (Names removed for privacy purposes)
May 18, 2021
Cecilia Steyn As A Mother. Her Daughter, The Wolf (Part 2)
From howling and growling... to walking on all fours and eating out of a bowl like an animal, I witnessed Cecilia Steyn train her daughter to be a wolf... after all, being a werewolf was in their bloodline. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 11, 2021
Sex With The Devil
Since becoming the bride of satan, sex with him was a regular event, no matter whether he took on human form or his natural demonic form... until Cecilia Steyn left the occult, to where satan would then repeatedly rape her... even when we were in the room with her. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 08, 2021
"Who is" Cecilia Steyn? The Gates Of Hell & The Bride of Satan (Part 1)
Cecilia Steyn's birth was prophesied about for years... to then be born into the occult, to endure the abuse, the training, have specifically structured DID systems, to inherit supernatural abilities, to commit murders, and to be married to satan during an occult ritual... all with the purpose for opening the gates of hell on Earth. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 08, 2021
Know Your Enemy. Recruitment & Control (Part 1)
A group formed for the SOLE intention of helping rescue occult victims, ultimately used to brainwash, control and to "do as told without question" ... without Cecilia Steyn being able to be directly linked or held responsible IF and WHEN anything ever goes wrong. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 08, 2021
It Was Dangerous Being A Woman Around Cecilia Steyn
It was dangerous being a woman around Cecilia Steyn... resulting in complications, arguments and attacks... but more so, it entailed devastating consequences for Marcel Steyn. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 08, 2021
DID, Demon Possession Or Perfect Acting? (Part 3)
Answering the question: Could it be demon possession? Having personally witnessed pure demon possession before... including feedback from those who also have... and some even having previously been demon possessed before themselves... then comparing all of this to everything I have witnessed with Cecilia Steyn. Did "the devil make her do it"? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 07, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. Did She Kill My Cat? (Part 7)
With all the bizarre events regarding Cecilia Steyn and astralling... and with how Cecilia Steyn would victimize animals... and with the extremes Cecilia Steyn would go to in order to manipulate and control people... Was she the one who killed my cat? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 04, 2021
*WARNING / SENSITIVE* Animals Victimized For Control
Please brace yourself if you listen to this! Cecilia Steyn's sadistic methods and tactics for controlling her group, and anyone she met, REGULARLY involved victimizing animals... to gut wrenching extremes. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
May 04, 2021
DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. What is DID? (Part 2)
Answering the questions... what is DID, how is it developed and how does it function? ... and trying to answer as simply as possible. The brain, itself, is very intriguing, especially when you start diving into DID... but ultimately, a life-saving capability. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 29, 2021
DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder (Part 1)
Cecilia Steyn's claims on having DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder); taking a LITERAL life-saving disorder and turning it into a complete psycho "freak show". The EXTREME nonsense that she fabricated, to EVERY extreme.... and a major shock-factor as to how far she took it to. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 29, 2021
The Most Ridiculous Lie Ever Told
This lie, by far, was the most ridiculous of all... yet, we all completely believed it. How could you not, after witnessing the most mind boggling "demonic" seeming kind of event, right in front of you? It was "too unnatural" for the lie to not be true. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 26, 2021
The Lie With The MOST EXTREME Evidence
Of all the lies that Cecilia Steyn had ever told, this one was the MOST dramatic attempt that she had ever gone to, in trying to get people to believe all her lies. How could you not believe it? It was LEGITIMATELY REAL blood... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 25, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn (Part 6)
Another scenario recalled, regarding Cecilia Steyn and astralling events. Did she astral? Or how did she know? The scale of "proven-true" events was starting to outweigh the "unproven" claims that she had over her life... ultimately, leaving you confused and starting to believe the lies. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 20, 2021
Reminders Why
My last stop in Krugersdorp was to walk around the mall. Packed with people. Person after person catching my attention... gut wrenching thoughts running through my mind... and every person being a reminder of why I am doing this. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Apr 15, 2021
Photos Were Forbidden
You won't find photos of Cecilia Steyn (and those from her group) from before they were arrested. There is only one reason but it is not a reason you could ever imagine... a "spiderweb link" of nonsense. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 14, 2021
The Truth That Would Break Marinda Steyn’s Allegiance To Cecilia Steyn
The lie that built the foundation for Marinda Steyn's allegiance to Cecilia Steyn; the truth that would set it all crumbling down... and, possibly, get Marinda Steyn to confess even more about what Cecilia Steyn had done. The disturbing obsession that led to undying loyalty, all because Cecilia Steyn was the closest Marinda Steyn had to the "tangible lie". Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 13, 2021
The Cemetery & The Prison. The Stories Told… (Part 2)
With the Cemetery and the Prison, in Krugersdorp, Cecilia Steyn would tell me numerous stories about what would happen at these places. Sick. Twisted. Sadistic. Yet, also a total contrast in these stories... Some of which later on ended up becoming the truth. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 08, 2021
The Cemetery & The Prison. Events Foretold? (Part 3)
After having left the cemetery and prison, in Krugersdorp, an interesting question or thought posed itself in my mind...  Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Apr 07, 2021
The Cemetery & The Prison (Part 1)
Two of the "usual" trips that Cecilia Steyn would take me on, when I would visit her, was to the Cemetery and the Prison in Krugersdorp; each having their own stories about them... stories of what Cecilia had apparently been part of in her supposed occult past. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 07, 2021
When I Found Out About The Murders
Answering the question about when I legitimately knew that Cecilia Steyn was committing murders, along with the other crimes. The puzzle pieces of what I knew during our friendship, versus the truth that finally came out years later. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 07, 2021
The Unmentioned Murders
Answering the question about what will happen regarding the murders that were not mentioned during the trial when Cecilia Steyn and her group had been sentenced. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Apr 07, 2021
The EXTREME Brainwashing. The Movie Cecilia Steyn FINALLY Scared Me With
There were countless methods as to how Cecilia Steyn would brainwash people; movies was a major method used... to numb you out, to make you believe her claims of her occult upbringing and to scare you. There was only one movie that Cecilia Steyn FINALLY managed to scare me with... and still to this day, even knowing the truth, I still feel the exact same extreme fear run through me as it did back when Cecilia had fooled me.  Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Mar 13, 2021
The Night Andrea Was Supposed To Be Rescued
Within the first 2-3 weeks of knowing Cecilia Steyn, I experienced a scenario that baffled me for a very long time. Cecilia Steyn was on a mission to rescue Andrea before Halloween, to save her from being killed. The events that were related were overwhelming, yet confusing. They were so realistic, yet exaggerated... despite the confusion and questions in my mind, no one dared contradict what Cecilia Steyn said happened... but looking back now, I know why no one ever said that the whole scenario never actually happened... even though others had gone with Cecilia Steyn to help rescue Andrea, in the middle of an occult ritual. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Mar 10, 2021
Andrea, Another Non-Fabricated Person. Where Is She?
In finding out about Lizette's existence, I couldn't help but question another person I kept hearing of in the first 2-3 weeks of knowing Cecilia... Andrea. Was she real? Yes! But like my questions regarding Lizette: where is Andrea and is she in hiding because she is guilty or because she found out the truth of Cecilia Steyn and feared for her life? A disturbing memory that I now know is legitimate, or at least from a legitimate person... and yet again, someone who was helping Cecilia Steyn fool people. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Mar 10, 2021
Lizette's Existence & The "Famous" Hotel Cecilia Steyn Used
Dumbfounded, yet not surprised in finding out Lizette actually exists... that she is real, unlike the numerous people Cecilia Steyn fabricated. Disturbing thoughts: Where is she and is she in hiding because she is guilty or because she found out the truth of Cecilia Steyn and feared for her life? The "famous" hotel in Krugersdorp that Cecilia Steyn used too often... to hide real people, fabricated people and possibly her victims that were later killed. Bizarre exaggerated "movie like" scenarios occurred at this hotel, especially regarding Lizette. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Mar 10, 2021
Radio Interview 93.6fm Helderberg Radio 25 Feb 2021
Live Radio interview with 93.6fm Radio Helderberg on 25 Feb 2021, talking about Cecilia Steyn and the Krugersdorp Killers. #KrugersdorpKillers
Mar 01, 2021
Cecilia Steyn Caught Outside Of Her Occult "Boundaries"
Everyone in Cecilia Steyn's group was well aware of her supposed boundaries set by the occult. She was "never able" to travel outside of them because she would ultimately stop breathing and die. This is the first time I was outside of the boundaries with Cecilia Steyn... without her even realizing it... until I mentioned it. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 18, 2021
The Doctor That Was Confused
Just one of the many doctors that we were all led to believe that attended to Cecilia Steyn's severe heart and lung problems... however, this specific doctor was definitely confused with any "issues" regarding that. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 16, 2021
Questionable Events At The Doctors
Visiting these doctors' rooms was an almost weekly event. What should be a "normal" trip to a doctor, was definitely never the case with Cecilia Steyn. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 16, 2021
The Guest House For Occult "High Days"
A place of rest and tranquility for most; a place that Cecilia Steyn would often use to fool us into believing her lies when it came to her supposed attacks from the occult on "high days". Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 16, 2021
Witnessing Cecilia Steyn's Fool Proof Methods
This street, in Krugersdorp, was one that Cecilia Steyn had taken me to so many times during our supposed friendship. Little did I know was that I was watching the mastermind in action, carrying out just one of her fool proof methods that was ultimately one of the main things that kept us believing her lies about her horrid health status and supposed claims for being attacked by the occult. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 15, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. The Boundary Point (Part 5)
A place that so many people visit daily; a place that was held as the "boundary point" for those in Cecilia Steyn's group... and added, for me personally, it was supposedly the "knowing" of Cecilia Steyn when I was on my way to see her. Again the questions come up... was it astralling? Or how did she know? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 15, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. A Horrendous Moment (Part 4)
As I began my trip to Krugersdorp, memory after memory came flooding back to me. This was the first memory that hit me; a scenario that was both dreadful to witness and left me with questions in my mind...  was it astralling... or how on earth could Cecilia Steyn know? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 15, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. Dreams & God (Part 3)
The "weird and bizarre" moments kept extending regarding astralling topics with Cecilia Steyn... which still keep me wondering if they were just dreams or if they were real, yet it is impossible for me to deny them... especially with the vast amount of extreme evidence... and the bigger question being, "Was Cecilia Steyn trying to kill me while I was her friend?" ... Except now, in what I relate, God obviously kept stepping in to save me... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 11, 2021
How Cecilia Steyn Tried To Steal My Identity
Looking back to the trial, seeing how much Marinda Steyn and her kids had changed both in physical appearance and in behavior, I can see that Cecilia Steyn had implemented the same basic methods for stealing a person's identity, and more than likely with Cecilia Steyn having given the same reasons for doing so. The only difference being, Cecilia Steyn had managed to achieve this entirely with Marinda and her kids; not entirely with me, while I was still friends with her. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 11, 2021
Who Am I? (Part 2)
After so many messages and comments, since posting the podcasts, I started to see why people need/want to know more about who I am as a person, especially since I was connected to Cecilia Steyn and the rest of the Krugersdorp Killers. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 10, 2021
Heart To Heart. Relating This Is FAR HARDER Than I Let People Realize
Record. Pause. Heart Racing. Tears welling up. Lump in my throat. Record. Pause. Sobbing my eyes out. Delete... Try again... Talking about all of these things regarding Cecilia Steyn is far harder for me than I let people realize. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 09, 2021
*WARNING* Hitmen. The Terrifying Reality
This is something that was never talked about before, at least not publicly. The terrifying fact that there were and possibly still hitmen out there doing Cecilia Steyn's biddings. This whole story is very far from over... (This is another reason why I choose to speak up... in the hopes of preserving lives.) Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 09, 2021
A War Between Dreams vs Reality. Warnings About Cecilia Steyn
The non-stop warning dreams I had each time I slept, warning me about Cecilia Steyn... as well as with being constantly bombarded with all the nonsense from Cecilia, this nonsense also entered my dreams... A war began between my dreams vs reality... were dreams "reality" and reality "non-reality"? Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 09, 2021
Cecilia Steyn, Hitler & Mind Control
The disturbing scenario where Cecilia Steyn talked excitedly and extensively about Hitler and his mind control techniques... in extreme detail. Little did I know that her over excitement about this topic was more than likely because she was able to use mind control techniques on every member of her group... "to do as told, without question or hesitation"... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 09, 2021
Why Marcel Steyn FINALLY Spoke Up
In investigators tirelessly trying to get any type of feedback from Marcel Steyn, all they encountered, for 4 years, was a "drone like" response; a dead end. Marcel was deemed as a hopeless case. But she finally chose to speak, just as the trial was finalizing. Marcel had finally realized the truth behind Cecilia Steyn's lies after she FINALLY was able to receive the letter I had written her.  Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 08, 2021
White Squatter Murders & Murder Talk
Since the first week of knowing Cecilia Steyn, little did I know that I was watching her "at work"... befriending innocent vulnerable people who were trying to survive what life has already unleashed at them... only to find out how "easily disposable" she deemed them as. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 08, 2021
*WARNING / SENSITIVE* The Worst Murder Committed By Cecilia Steyn
Before you listen to this audio, please, please brace yourself. It was extremely hard for me to relate - taking a number of pauses & deep breaths because of tears choking me up. This is by far the most sadistic murder committed by Cecilia Steyn and her group. It was never mentioned during trial, but there was enough evidence. It is highly sadistic, sick and twisted. Please brace yourself if you're going to listen to it. Uncut & VERY RAW #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 07, 2021
The Effects On Me After Leaving Cecilia Steyn (Part 1)
There are no words for describing the utter confusion and war on thoughts there is, when it still comes to accepting the REALITY of who Cecilia Steyn truly is versus how she portrayed herself as a person and as "my best friend". It's almost like going from saint to satan. The complete contrast is too extreme to still fathom.  Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 07, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn (Part 2)
More memories surfacing about Cecilia Steyn and astralling events... including intriguing thoughts I have about it after having left her. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 07, 2021
Cecilia Steyn As A Mother. Heartbreaking (Part 1)
Watching Cecilia Steyn, as a "mother", was both devastating and heartbreaking.  Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 07, 2021
I Am NOT A Hero
This is just something I thought I should say in response to the constant overwhelming and dumbfounding feedback I receive every day with regards to the Krugersdorp Killers. I am not strong. I am not brave. I am definitely not a hero. #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 07, 2021
Sexuality In The Group. Clearing Up The Facts
The sick and twisted dynamic of the sexuality in Cecilia Steyn's group, as well as her family. Clearing up the facts, and speaking up on behalf of Ria Grunewald about the so-called "lover's spat". Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 07, 2021
Marinda Steyn Lies About Me On The Stand
With Marinda Steyn trying to discredit me as a viable witness, she ends up giving me far more credit without realizing it. Her unbelievable lie about me on the stand, during the trial, is both humorous and a major backfire on her behalf. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers 
Feb 07, 2021
Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. BREAKTHROUGH Insight! (Part 1)
MINDSPLAT! Can someone explain this away because none of us could!? Not even investigators or the prosecutor could. VERY weird events with Cecilia Steyn that no one knows about. PLUS ... A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH insight into helping people understand how we were so easily fooled!! Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Feb 07, 2021
Lizette - Is She Real? Is She Still Out There?
Aside from Cecilia Steyn falsely portraying that she has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), there were numerous other fake people that Cecilia led "her group" to believe actually existed too. "They" all had names, faces (from photos), professions, personal history, mannerisms and more; full rounded personalities that actually depicted that "these people" exist. "They" communicated with Cecilia's group, including Cecilia herself, on a daily basis through text; sending updates, instructions and threats - All while none of us knew, at the time, that it was actually Cecilia Steyn herself sending these messages. Amongst all these "fake people", there are scenarios I encountered that raise the worrying question if the person, Lizette, MIGHT actually exist... And if she is real, where is she? SHOCKING NEW UPDATE: LIZETTE ACTUALLY EXISTS! And she is still out there! (Source will not be revealed) Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 28, 2021
The First Time Cecilia Steyn Threatened Me
Up until this point in my "friendship" with Cecilia Steyn, there had NEVER been a reason to be scared of her or even slightly worried, at the least. This was the first time Cecilia had made a threat towards me, all simply because I was confused... ultimately, because I wasn't just "doing as told without question". I don't think I could ever accurately explain this moment; the fear and the icy cold shivers that ran down my spine; the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice; everything. Little did I know that I had witnessed a glimpse into the truth, at this moment. Little did I know that this was the moment that I needed to start fearing for my life. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 28, 2021
Cecilia Steyn Killed My Friend
I had never spoken about this with anyone except for the investigators. The reason I hadn't spoken about it, is possibly because I still battle to accept the reality that my friend is dead; Cecilia Steyn had killed him shortly after I had left her. I can understand the loss and anger that the families of these victims feel; I lost someone close to me too. There was NO area or avenue in my life that Cecilia Steyn has not effected. My friend wanted to expose Cecilia Steyn; he knew her too. His name was amongst the long list of victims that suffered because of Cecilia; there were more than 40 murders already counted only mid-way into the investigation - and the count was still climbing. Only a handful of murders were mentioned during the trial, simply because if every murder had to be covered, the trial would never end and the investigators deemed it more important to get the Krugersdorp Killers behind bars and sentenced for life as fast as possible. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 28, 2021
Why I Ultimately Met Cecilia Steyn
This is something I have never told anyone about. Never once uttered even one word about it... simply, because it still baffles my mind. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 27, 2021
The First Time I Met Cecilia Steyn
The utter disgusted look on Cecilia's face for me being brought to her house, for "introduction", without "her permission". My complete confusion that she was nothing of what I had expected... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 27, 2021
How Cecilia Steyn Ultimately Convinced Me
With all the weird and bizarre claims that Cecilia Steyn had over her past and her life, so many people find it hard to believe that a bunch of people could so easily be fooled into believing these things. This is how Cecilia ultimately convinced me into believing what she said about her past and her life was true... Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 27, 2021
When The Crimes REALLY Started
The vast majority of the world thinks that the crimes committed by the Krugersdorp Killers started only a few years ago, BUT they had already started during the time that I was still best friends with Cecilia Steyn; although, I was completely unaware, at that stage, that it was Cecilia committing these crimes. And for all I know, these crimes had started even before I had met her too. Cecilia Steyn TOO OFTEN spoke about the murders she had committed in her life, bragging about them; all while claiming that she had only committed the murders because the occult had forced her to do it. The ways in which she had described these past murders was EXACTLY the same way that the recent victims were killed; those mentioned during trial and the countless others that were not mentioned too. Added to this, Cecilia Steyn wasn't only guilty of the types of crimes mentioned during the trial. There were many others too. I touch on just a few here. Uncut & Raw #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 27, 2021
Who Am I? (Part 1)
Even though this should be a seemingly easy topic to talk about, it wasn't for me. But in trying to describe or explain who I am as a person, even briefly, I thought might help people understand why I ended up being Cecilia Steyn's best friend. And, also, to possibly help people understand why I did what I did, how it effected me back then and even how it has effected me all these years later after as well. Uncut and raw. #KrugersdorpKillers
Jan 26, 2021