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The Motherhood Meets Medicine Podcast is a space that brings all women together. It's for those who hope to be a mom one day, those who are already mothers, and mothers of mothers. This podcast will give you candid, informal interviews on motherhood topics that you can listen to while you're driving to work, folding laundry or whatever else your busy day may bring. Each week, Your host, Lynzy Coughlin, will be focusing on topics ranging from postpartum issues to parenting teens. She's bringing in experts with formal training to cover everything motherhood! So grab your coffee and join us for a weekly chat on your time. All are welcome! Lynzy is a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department where she has practiced medicine for the last 15 years. You can connect with Lynzy on her Substack account, Badass Matriarch.

Episode Date
158: A Candid Conversation About the Reality of Life For Mothers in America + Tips on Mindfulness with Megan + Lauren
Apr 17, 2024
157: The Importance of Active Listening with Dr. Maiysha Clairborne
Apr 10, 2024
156: How to Maintain Current Friendships and Build New Ones as A Mom with Danielle Bayard Jackson
Apr 03, 2024
155: Nutrition for Brainpower: A Deep Dive with Dietician Barbie Boules
Mar 27, 2024
154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey
Mar 20, 2024
153: Developing Emotional Intelligence in Your Child with Gabriela Blanco
Mar 13, 2024
152: The Future of IVF with Dr. Erica Bove
Mar 06, 2024
151: Matrescence and the Maternal Brain with Nikki Pensak
Feb 28, 2024
150: What To Do When Your Child Lies with Amie Anger
Feb 21, 2024
149: Navigating Motherhood and the Quest for Support in America with Stephanie Defilippis
Feb 14, 2024
148: Parenting Through Tantrums, No Matter the Age with Dr. Rebecca Hershberg
Feb 07, 2024
147: The Impact of Screen Time on Young Minds with Dr. Alison Yeung
Jan 31, 2024
146: A Parent's Guide to Educational Advocacy with Vickie Brett, ESQ
Jan 24, 2024
145: Co-Regulation Strategies for Connected Parenting with Dr. Sarah Bren
Jan 17, 2024
144: A Guide on How to Navigate Special Education in Schools with Psychologist, Caitlin McLarnon
Jan 10, 2024
143: LISTENER FAVORITE: The History of Abortion in the U.S. + Legal Facts About Abortion with Sharon McMahon
Dec 27, 2023
142: Creating a Home for Purposeful Play with Dr. Marissa Aron
Dec 20, 2023
141: Embracing Diverse Paths in Infant Nutrition with Pediatric NP & Lactation Counselor, Erin Moore
Dec 13, 2023
140: Supporting Your Child's Motor Development From Infancy and Beyond with Meg Garhan
Dec 06, 2023
139: Nature's Rx: The Science of Forest Bathing with Laura Cochrane
Nov 29, 2023
138: Confronting Postpartum Psychosis with Ayana Lage
Nov 22, 2023
137: Navigating Challenges with Responsive Parenting: Tips from Liz Luize
Nov 15, 2023
136: Breaking Stereotypes: Nurturing Boys to Champion Gender Equality with Dr. Shelly Vaziri Flais
Nov 08, 2023
135: Unlocking the Secrets of Sleep: A Conversation with Sleep Scientist, Dr. Laura Gainche, Ph.D
Nov 01, 2023
134: Parenting Through Attachment with Michelle Charriere
Oct 25, 2023
133: Alexandra Ford’s Story of Human Trafficking - what it looks like and what to look out for
Oct 18, 2023
132: The Hidden Costs of Social Media: A Conversation with Jenny Wise Black
Oct 11, 2023
131: The Hidden Work: Regina Lark, Ph.D. on Emotional Labor and Gender Equity
Oct 04, 2023
130. Developing Emotional Fluency Within Ourselves and Our Children with Dr. Maiysha Clairborne
Sep 27, 2023
129. Sex Positivity, Low Libido, and Creating More Intimacy in Your Relationships with Dr. Sadaf Lodhi
Sep 20, 2023
128. How Do You Decide Which Digital Media and Apps Your Child Can Use? with Dr. Katie Davis
Sep 13, 2023
127. Primary Infertility, Secondary Infertility, & How to Optimize Fertility with Dr. Carolina M. Sueldo
Sep 06, 2023
126. Do Kids ACTUALLY Need a Multivitamin? + Social Media Use and Body Image Challenges with Dr. Wendy Hunter
Aug 30, 2023
125. What’s “Normal” for Your Toddler’s Speech? with Melissa Minney
Aug 02, 2023
124. Transitions, Routines, and Time Management for Kids with Ashley Bartley
Jul 26, 2023
123. Ear Infections Demystified: A Parent's Guide to Prevention and Treatment with Dr. Nicole Aaronson
Jul 19, 2023
122. LISTENER FAVORITE: Reframing Toddler Tantrums with Dr. Becky Kennedy
Jul 13, 2023
121. LISTENER FAVORITE: Debunking Food Industry Myths with Erin from Food Science Babe
Jul 05, 2023
120. Dental Care During and After Pregnancy with Dr. Fatima Robertson
Jun 28, 2023
119. What You Can Do To Protect Your Children From the Dangers of the Internet with Susie Hargreaves
Jun 21, 2023
118. Attachment Theory & What Parents Can do to Support Healthy Attachment with Dr. Alex Shrake
Jun 14, 2023
117. Teaching Our Children About Healthy Relationships and Boundaries with Dr. Kelly Gentry
Jun 07, 2023
116. Digital Detox: Why These Women Decided to Quit Social Media (and How It’s Going!)
May 31, 2023
115. What to Do If You Suffer From Headaches or Migraines with Dr. Meg Mill
May 24, 2023
114. Life Beyond the Filter: A Candid Conversation on Leaving Instagram with Rachael Kincaid
May 17, 2023
113. Dyslexia and The Need for Change In Our Schools with Robin Zikmund
May 10, 2023
112. Eczema Triggers: How Sleep, Food, Hydration, and Stress Affect Your Skin with Christa Biegler
May 03, 2023
111. Navigating Racial Biases in Children: Addressing Unconscious Bias Early On with Dr. Anjali Ferguson
Apr 26, 2023
110. The Reality of Being a “Selfless Mother” + The Power of Play with Dr. Sam Casey
Apr 19, 2023
109. Why Schools Need to Shift to Structured Literacy with Jeanne Jeup
Apr 12, 2023
108. Filling the Postpartum Gap with Dr. Lara Morgan Lee
Apr 05, 2023
107. Strength Training, Protein Intake, and Getting Back to Basics with Kate Lemere
Mar 29, 2023
106. Practical Ways to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout in Motherhood with Dr. Sarah Pospos
Mar 22, 2023
105. Rebuilding Your Core Strength: Using Breathwork to Re-Engage Your Pelvic Floor with Joy Black
Mar 15, 2023
104. Does Your Toddler Need Speech Therapy? 5 Signs to Look Out for with Joanne W. Cazeau
Mar 08, 2023
103. What is PCOS and How It Relates to Fertility with Dr. Ilana Ressler
Mar 01, 2023
102. Shifting Our Body From a State of Tension to Safety and Stability with Dr. Jen Fraboni
Feb 22, 2023
101. Exercising during Pregnancy with Dr. Mae Hughes
Feb 15, 2023
100. How to Navigate Misinformation as a Parent Online, Vaccine Schedules, and More with Dr. Rebekah Diamond
Feb 08, 2023
99. Go From F***strated to Sexually Liberated with Katie Roberts
Feb 01, 2023
98. Sharenting: Child Exploitation and Minor Safety on Social Media with Sarah Adams
Jan 25, 2023
Introducing: 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
Jan 19, 2023
97. What I Wish I Knew Before My C-Section with Whitney Sallee Pfister
Jan 18, 2023
96. Pregnancy Risks, Abortion, and Increasing Maternal Mortality Rates with Sarah Little
Jan 11, 2023
95. Why Can’t Our Kids Read? Understanding the Science of Reading with Miss Beth
Jan 04, 2023
94. Motherhood, Finding Joy, and Eliminating Comparison with Catherine O'Brien
Dec 21, 2022
93. How America is Failing Mothers: Part 3
Dec 14, 2022
92. How America is Failing Mothers: Part 2
Dec 07, 2022
91. How America is Failing Mothers: Part 1
Nov 30, 2022
90. Break Free From Reactive Parenting with Laura Linn Knight
Nov 23, 2022
89. A Journey Through Infertility with Lindsey Horning
Nov 16, 2022
88. The Enneagram and How It Can Help Your Relationships with Amy Wicks
Nov 09, 2022
87. Crash Course on Breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant, Beth Iovinelli, RN
Nov 02, 2022
86. A New Marriage Model That Will Transform Your Relationship (even after kids) with Kaley and Nate Klemp of The 80/80 Marriage
Oct 26, 2022
85. How Limiting Access to Abortion Impacts Marginalized People with Dr. Erica Montes
Oct 19, 2022
84. Domestic Violence: Stats, Red Flags, Coercive Control, and How to Help with Nikki Ticknor
Oct 12, 2022
83. New COVID Boosters, Pediatric COVID Vaccine, and Monkeypox with Dr. Elisabeth Marnik
Oct 05, 2022
82. Abortion Stories: Taking a Walk With Women Who Have All Had Different Experiences
Sep 28, 2022
81. Addressing the Children’s Mental Health Crisis with Dr. Ariana Hoet
Sep 21, 2022
80. Unlearning Traditional Gender Norms to Move Towards Household Equality with Kate Mangino, PhD
Sep 14, 2022
79. The Stress Effects of Gun Violence on Our Children: What Parents and Schools Can Do with Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite
Sep 07, 2022
78. How to Help Your Children Have a Healthy Relationship with Food with Dr. Taylor Arnold
Aug 31, 2022
77. The Personal Effects of Joining an MLM with Lauren Futrell Dunaway
Aug 24, 2022
76. What Do You Really Need in a Prenatal Vitamin? with Registered Dietician Ayla Barmmer
Aug 17, 2022
75. Combating Low Sex Desire After Having Children with Thea Jansky
Aug 10, 2022
74. Why Abortion is Basic Healthcare with Dr. Marta Perez
Aug 03, 2022
73. Daily Mindfulness Practices for Busy Moms with Josephine Atluri
Jul 27, 2022
72. The Current Unsustainability of American Motherhood with Dr. Colleen Reichmann
Jul 20, 2022
71. Gun Violence Statistics and How Changes Can be Made with Violence Epidemiologist, Dr. Katelyn Jetelina
Jul 13, 2022
70. How Society Has Turned Its Back on Mothers & Their Mental Health with Dr. Pooja Lakshmin
Jul 06, 2022
69. ADHD in Children with Psychologist, Ashlee Fedyk
Jun 29, 2022
68. Raising Awareness Around Kids' Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis with Dr. Betty Choi
Jun 15, 2022
67. Keeping the Spark Alive After Kids with Dr. Daryl Johnson
Jun 08, 2022
66. How to Raise Resilient Children and Teens with Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
Jun 01, 2022
65. Understanding Your Cycle and How It Affects You with Kate Eskuri
May 25, 2022
64. Understanding and Supporting Gender Diverse Youth with Dr. Kathryn Lowe
May 18, 2022
63. The History of Abortion in the U.S. + Legal Facts About Abortion with Sharon McMahon
May 11, 2022
62. Debunking Myths on Nutrition, Diets, and MLMs with Abby Langer
May 05, 2022
61. Botox Myths, Side Effects, and More with Claire O'Bryan
Apr 27, 2022
60. Discussing Sex with Our Children: When, How, Why with Amy Winifred Lang
Apr 20, 2022
59. Leaving Social Media Q+A
Apr 13, 2022
58. How Wellness Culture Can Affect Patients with Oncology RN, Traci Clark
Apr 12, 2022
57. How I Feel After Deleting Social Media
Mar 30, 2022
56. Building a Thriving Mother-Daughter Relationship with Dr. Michelle Deering
Mar 23, 2022
55. Balancing the Tech World as a Small Business with Dani Bruflodt
Mar 16, 2022
54. How to Talk to Kids About Death with Death Educator, Angela Alberto
Mar 09, 2022
53. How I Prepared to Leave Social Media as a Brand
Mar 02, 2022
52. Rapid Fire Q&A on the COVID Vaccine for Children Under 5 with Dr. Arunima Agarwal
Feb 23, 2022
51. The Turning Point
Feb 16, 2022
50. Danish Parenting: An Alternative to High-Stress Modern Parenting, with Iben Sandahl
Feb 09, 2022
49. From Blogger to Instagram Influencer
Feb 02, 2022
48. The Clean Beauty Industry: What You Need to Know, with Jennifer Novakovich
Jan 26, 2022
47. Child-Led Hikes with Irene, Jenn, and Kelly from Puddle Parenting
Jan 19, 2022
Announcing a New and Upcoming Series
Jan 18, 2022
46. Sexual Abuse Prevention and Consent with Rosalia Rivera
Jan 12, 2022
45. The Transition Back to Work After Parental Leave with Kimberly Didrikson
Jan 05, 2022
44. Our View on The Little Tykes Stationary Bike and Its Effects on Body Image with Dr. Karytko
Dec 15, 2021
43. Brain Trauma in Youth Sports with Dr. Julie Stamm
Dec 08, 2021
42. Understanding Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER) with Lo Mansfield
Dec 01, 2021
41. COVID Vaccine + Kids: A Rapid Fire Q+A with Dr. Krupa Playforth
Nov 17, 2021
40. The Detrimental Effects of Social Media on our Youth with Therapist, Tessa Stuckey
Nov 10, 2021
39. Fertility as we Age with Dr. Lucky Sekhon
Nov 03, 2021
38. Optimizing Nutrition for Pregnancy and Postpartum with Katy Spencer
Oct 27, 2021
37. Prepping Your Body for Pregnancy, Delivery, and Postpartum with Krystle Howald, DPT
Oct 20, 2021
36. The Benefits of Acupuncture for Women’s Health with Ali Damron
Oct 13, 2021
35. Debunking Food Industry Myths with Erin from Food Science Babe
Oct 06, 2021
34. Updates on MIS-C and COVID in Children with Dr. Anita Patel
Sep 29, 2021
33. 6 Real Stories of Vaccine Hesitancy
Sep 22, 2021
32. Toddler Sleep Habits, Transitions, and Night Terrors with Melissa Perry
Sep 15, 2021
31. Postpartum Rage and How To Manage It With Dr. Ashurina Ream
Sep 08, 2021
30. Understanding Sensory Processing and Why It’s So Important with Rachel Harrington
Sep 01, 2021
29. A Quick Announcement on Screen-Free August
Aug 04, 2021
27. A Conversation on Giving Birth in Turkey and Cultural Differences
Jul 26, 2021
26. What Parents Need to Know About How to Handle and Prevent Bullying with Jessica Vanderwier
Jul 21, 2021
25. Polyvagal Theory and How it Relates to Parenting with Michelle Gaines
Jul 14, 2021
24. Experiencing Motherhood as an Expat in Guatemala
Jul 12, 2021
23. Allana Robinson on the Benefits of Being Outdoors and Free Play
Jul 07, 2021
22. Early Brain Development and Nutrition with Cerebelly Founder, Dr. Teresa Purzner
Jun 30, 2021
21. Navigating Screen Time with Kids to Foster Positive Relationships with Andrea Davis
Jun 23, 2021
20. Hear From a German Citizen and Midwife on Prenatal and Postnatal Care
Jun 21, 2021
19. Ask the Midwife Q&A with Ailsa Emmel
Jun 16, 2021
18. Dr. Daria Falkowitz on Common Household Toxicology Exposures in Children
Jun 09, 2021
17. A Canadian Mom Shares Her Experience with Midwife Care and Universal Healthcare
Jun 07, 2021
16. What We Can Learn From Other Cultures In How They Treat Postpartum Women ft. Tracey Agnese, MD
Jun 02, 2021
15. Autism and Always Advocating for Your Children with Melissa Hammerle
May 26, 2021
14. An American Mom Living Abroad in Germany Compares her Birth Experience, Postpartum Care, COVID Regulations, and Difference in Schooling
May 24, 2021
13. Dr. Michelle Rockwell's Miscarriage Story and a Message That You Are Not Alone
May 19, 2021
12. Baby Sleep Training, Regressions, and Transitions with The Cradle Coach Founder, Melissa Perry
May 12, 2021
11. Transitioning Babies to Solid Foods with Speech Language Pathologist, Abbie Gacke
May 05, 2021
10. Sharon McMahon on Confirmation Bias, Misinformation, and Navigating News and Social Media
Apr 28, 2021
9. Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, and Intrusive Thoughts with Dr. Catherine Schmidt
Apr 21, 2021
8. Understanding Preconception Planning and Care with Megan Tantillo
Apr 14, 2021
7. Reframing Toddler Tantrums with Dr. Becky Kennedy
Apr 07, 2021
6. Reducing Anxieties Surrounding Complications During Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Dr. Marta Perez
Mar 31, 2021
5. Rapid Fire Q&A on COVID Vaccines with Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Jessica Malaty Rivera
Mar 24, 2021
4. Pelvic Floor Issues Postpartum and When to Seek Help with Sara Reardon
Mar 17, 2021
3. Dr. Anita Patel On Understanding MIS-C And How We Can Detect It In Our Children
Mar 10, 2021
2. Choking: What Parents Need to Know with Pediatric ER Nurse, Shannon Tripp
Mar 03, 2021
1. What to Expect During the First Few Weeks of Breastfeeding with Karrie Locher
Mar 03, 2021
Welcome to Motherhood Meets Medicine
Feb 12, 2021