Building Better Games

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Category: Video Games

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Building Better Games is about helping leaders create better video games through holistic leadership. If you’re a leader in games and game dev, you are who we make this podcast for. Making games is hard, no two ways about it. Only 5% of video games that enter production turn a profit. We aim to increase that number. Through our own successes and failures we (and our guests) have learned lessons that will help you create better teams and better games. Leadership matters, so let’s get better at it together. Your team and your players will thank you.

Episode Date
E51 How to Spot a Great Product Manager with Paul Gebel
Dec 05, 2023
E50 How to Launch a Live Service Game with Serge Knystautas
Nov 21, 2023
E49 How to Solve Communication Problems at Your Game Studio
Nov 07, 2023
E48 Why Agility in Game Dev Is Failing Your Team
Oct 24, 2023
E47 The 3 Skills You Need to be a World-Class Game Producer
Oct 10, 2023
E46 The 3 Ways Game Producers Fail and How YOU can Avoid Them
Sep 26, 2023
E45 How to Become an S-Tier Manager in Games
Sep 12, 2023
E44 How to Build Your Game Better in a Live Service World
Aug 29, 2023
E43 Why You're Struggling with Collaboration with Jim Benson
Aug 14, 2023
E42 Why You Should (And Shouldn't) Use Unreal, Unity, or Something Else for Game Dev with Jean-Eric Khalife
Aug 01, 2023
E41 How a Toxic Relationship Between Publishing and Game Dev is Hurting Us All with Joel McGinnis
Jul 17, 2023
E40 How to Make Tough Decisions Fast in Game Dev with Linda Fane
Jul 04, 2023
E39 How to Drive Real Change as a Game Producer with Leslee Sullivant
Jun 20, 2023
E38 How AI Can Help You Lead Game Dev with Bill Frischling
Jun 06, 2023
E37 How to Stop Cheaters in Video Games with Paul Chamberlain
May 23, 2023
E36 Work Systems: How to Build Process that Leads to Better Results
May 09, 2023
E35 How to Create a Reliable Game Roadmap: Managing Uncertainty, Risk, and Team Readiness
Apr 25, 2023
E34 Why You Need to Be Aware That Games Are Big Business (and What Can Go Wrong) with Susan Cummings and Ryan Scott
Apr 11, 2023
E33 How to be a Master of Web3 Gaming Debates: Susan Cummings & Ryan Scott Share Key Insights
Mar 28, 2023
E32 How to Convince The Leaders Above You to Support Your Change
Mar 14, 2023
E31 How to Keep an Open Mind During Difficult Times with Joseph Kim
Feb 28, 2023
E30 How to Estimate Accurately Without Burning Trust or Your Team
Feb 14, 2023
E29 Ideation, Pre-production, and Production: How to Lead During the Different Phases of Game Development
Jan 31, 2023
E28 How to Lead and Collaborate in a Remote World
Jan 10, 2023
E27 Remote Work Exposed: A Deep Dive into the Pros, Cons, and Controversies
Jan 03, 2023
E26 How to Build Trust as a Leader with Zach Blitz
Dec 13, 2022
E25 How to Build a Games Studio That Delivers the Promise of the "Dream Job" with Josiah Kiehl
Dec 06, 2022
E24 How to Get a Job in Game Development
Nov 22, 2022
E23 How to Handle Layoffs as a Leader with Sophie Vo Part 2: The Breakdown
Nov 08, 2022
E22 How to Handle Layoffs as a Leader with Sophie Vo Part 1: The Story
Oct 25, 2022
E21 How not to Lose Your Game Vision on the Altar of "Getting Shit Done"
Oct 11, 2022
E20 How to Get People on Board with Your Ideas: with Jeff Hackert
Sep 27, 2022
E19 BBG Extras: Tabletop RPGs vs Video Games with Tyler Kamstra of
Sep 20, 2022
E18 How to be a AAA Art Director in Game Dev with Tomáš Jech
Sep 13, 2022
E17 Should You Create a Video Game Startup? What Founders Need To Know with Joakim Achren
Aug 30, 2022
E16 How to Staff Up For A Successful Game
Aug 16, 2022
E15 How to Save Your Developers Time: Avoiding Death by JIRA
Aug 02, 2022
E14 How to Make Amazing Content While Avoiding the "Infinite" Quality Bar
Jul 19, 2022
E13 How to Reduce Risk & Ship Your Game: Battling Organizational Fallacies
Jul 06, 2022
E12 Building an Adaptable Engineering Org for Your Game with Jonathan McCaffrey
Jun 21, 2022
E11 Why You Should Embrace HR at Your Game Studio with Dominic Saintfort
Jun 07, 2022
E10 BONUS EPISODE: How to Develop Ownership on Your Team with Randy Tau
May 30, 2022
E9 Creating Successful Mods: Flavor Universalis with PDXBigBoss
May 23, 2022
E8 How to Lead as an introvert in Games with Grace Liu
May 10, 2022
E7 Hiring Part 2: How to Find Talent In Game Dev with Erin Hardman
Apr 26, 2022
E6 Hiring Part 1: How to Hire the Right People for YOUR Org
Apr 07, 2022
E5 How to Turn a Video Game into a Successful Show: Arcane with Alex Yee
Mar 29, 2022
E4 Managing Others Pt 2: How to be a Good Boss
Mar 15, 2022
E3 Managing Others Pt 1: How to be a Good Boss
Mar 01, 2022
E2 How You Lead Creative Content Teams with David Klaus
Feb 15, 2022
E1 People, Products, And Playtests: Staying Connected To Your Players
Feb 01, 2022
S1 EP19 Real Life: Game Design From The Trenches with Ryan "Morello" Scott
Jan 11, 2022
S1 EP18 How To Be A Holistic Leader Part 2: Working At Every Layer
Dec 28, 2021
S1 EP17 How To Be A Holistic Leader Part 1: Our Org Model
Dec 14, 2021
S1 EP16 Real Product Management: Hard-Won Lessons Creating Amazing Products With Darko Vukovic
Nov 30, 2021
S1 EP15 Accountability: Why It's Hard And How To Do It
Nov 17, 2021
S1 EP14 Adventures in AAA Game Design with Andrew Brownell
Nov 04, 2021
S1 EP13 Feedback: Do you really care about the people around you?
Oct 19, 2021
S1 EP12 Scaling Yourself As A Leader: What they didn't teach you.
Oct 07, 2021
S1 EP11 Joining a Team Part 2: Disasters, challenges, and (eventual) successes
Sep 21, 2021
S1 EP10 Joining a Team: Lead with curiosity to avoid some common traps
Sep 09, 2021
S1 EP9 You Can't Firefight Your Way to Success
Aug 23, 2021
S1 EP8 Ahmed Sidky: Agility and driving past your faster horse
Apr 28, 2021
S1 EP7 Incentives: The crucial part of culture you’re not considering - Part 2
Mar 17, 2021
S1 EP6 Incentives: The crucial part of culture you’re not considering - Part 1
Mar 16, 2021
S1 EP5 Death Spiral: Planning the meeting to prep for the discussion at the leadership off-site about why our team's productivity is low.
Mar 16, 2021
S1 EP4 Operations Dudes Try Product Management
Mar 16, 2021
S1 EP3 Stop Doing and Start Being
Mar 16, 2021
S1 EP2 Explaining the Inexplicable Boss
Mar 16, 2021
S1 EP1 He did it all for the Nook-E-Reader
Mar 16, 2021
EP0 Game dev: Why we're here and what we believe
Mar 15, 2021