The Platform Marketing Show

By Tim Chermak

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The more LOCAL your marketing is, the better. Learn from the most creative real estate agents in the country how they are using the "Platform" local marketing strategy to build a community brand that attracts warm listing leads and referrals.

Episode Date
The Specific Kind Of Marketing That Attracts Listing Leads

Molly Myers (realtor in North Carolina) shares how she attracted more seller leads at a higher price point.

May 20, 2023
How To "Borrow" Listings In A Low Inventory Market

Sandi Smith (Realtor in Florida) shares how she built her local brand as a new realtor by "borrowing" listings. In just her first year full-time as an agent, she's on pace for 50 transactions.

May 11, 2023
How To Become Famous In Your Small Town

Jenny Graham (realtor in Idaho) shares the local marketing strategies she used to promote her small town, and build a brand for herself in the process. 

Apr 15, 2023
The Real Reason I Moved Back To KW

Ken Pozek (realtor in Orlando, FL) shares the marketing plan that helped his team sell almost $250 million last year. Over $100m of that volume can be directly tracked to leads from his local Youtube videos. Ken also dives into his recent decision to move back to Keller Williams from Real, and why "rev share" isn't always the most important thing.

Apr 05, 2023
Lessons Learned Building A Team That Sells 500+ Homes A Year

Angie Cole (Realtor in North Carolina) shares the specifics of how she built a successful team that sold over $225 million last year, creating $5.5m in total GCI.

Apr 05, 2023
How I Doubled My GCI From $150k to $300k In One Year

Stacey Springer (realtor in Tennessee) shares how "fuzzy ROI" helped her double her GCI in just one year.

Mar 28, 2023
How To Get Listings Within 90 Days

Autumn Nottingham (realtor in Texarkana) shares how she generated multiple seller leads within her first 90 days using the Platform marketing strategy.

Mar 12, 2023
The Free Gift Strategy That Generates A 95% Response

David Durst (mortgage loan officer in Arizona) shares his strategy for staying top of mind and generating referrals from real estate agents. In his very first month he set 4 new appointments with just a $500 budget.

Feb 24, 2023
Lead Generation Is Not Synonymous With Marketing

Heather Murray (realtor in Wilson County, TX) shares how she more than doubled her GCI...with only 15% of her business coming from traditional online "leads."

Feb 24, 2023
How I Added $4m Sales Volume In My First Year With Platform

Carol Shutt (realtor in Alabama) shares her most effective Facebook ads, video scripts, and marketing strategies she used to grow her business.

Feb 10, 2023
Why I Stopped Buying Zillow Leads

Jeremy Hartmark (realtor in Florida) shares why he decided to quit buying Zillow leads, and the marketing strategy he uses instead that grew his sales by 250%.

Jan 25, 2023
How We Scaled From $20m to $50m Sales Volume (In Just Two Years)

Jamie Broderick (realtor in Michigan) shares the marketing lessons she learned while growing her team of agents and building her brand.

Jan 13, 2023
The Gap Of Getting From 20 Transactions To 40

Shawna Bellendir (realtor in Colorado) shares why she quit CINC and joined Platform Marketing instead...and how that decision helped her scale her business from 20 to 40 transactions per year.

Jan 07, 2023
The Ultimate Local Marketing Strategy: Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Community....Who Just Happens To Be A Real Estate Agent

Kim Ross (realtor in Georgia) shares how she is consistently doubling her business every year without buying leads.

Dec 31, 2022
What Finally Worked After Wasting Money On Radio, TV, And Direct Mail

Dan Whitacre (realtor in Virginia) shares how he scaled his real estate business to over $30m a year in volume using the "Platform" marketing program.

Nov 30, 2022
How To Create Your Own Chamber Of Commerce (As A Local Marketing Strategy)

Michael Grider (realtor in Tennessee) shares how he's built a brand in his community by promoting his favorite local small businesses with his social media ads, rather than talking about himself.

Nov 13, 2022
How A Husband/Wife Realtor Team Literally 10x'd Their GCI By Focusing On A Specific Niche

This is an important marketing lesson ESPECIALLY if you're in a big city with more than a couple hundred thousand people. Sarah and Aaron Rose (realtors in Palm Beach County, FL) share why they decided to go all in on marketing to a specific condo community....rather than targeting everyone in their area. The results speak for themselves. They've literally 10x'd their business.

Oct 15, 2022
Marketing Prediction For Fall/Winter Of 2022

Tim Chermak shares the ideal lead generation strategy for real estate agents as the housing market shifts.

Oct 10, 2022
Don't Chase Leads, Get Them To Call YOU

Kim Mills (realtor in Georgia) shares what happened to her business in the first 2 months after starting the "Platform" marketing strategy.

Sep 03, 2022
How Realtors Can (Literally) 10X Your Facebook Ad Results

Bill Catlett (realtor in Lincoln Nebraska) shares the creative strategy he used to get more listings using the "Platform" marketing strategy.

Aug 28, 2022
Too Good To Be True? How Sara Medina Picked Up 3 New Clients In Her First 4 Weeks Using The Platform Marketing Program

Sara Medina (realtor in Solano County, CA) shares her results from her very first month implementing the "Platform" strategy.

Aug 28, 2022
What To Expect After 6 Months Of The Platform Marketing Program

April Jarunas (realtor in Lancaster, PA) shares her honest thoughts on her first 6 months of the Platform Marketing program.

Aug 23, 2022
There's Quality In The Quantity

David Recendez (realtor in North Carolina) shares how he tripled his GCI by focusing on creating more retargeting ads using the Platform strategy.

Aug 20, 2022
What's A "Realistic" Marketing Budget?

Jess LaCour (realtor in Gillete, WY) shares how she personally sells over 200 homes a year...without a traditional team.

Jul 12, 2022
How To Multiply Your Sphere

Christine Sparks (realtor in Knoxville, TN) shares how she doubled her volume from $16m to over $30m, but NEVER makes cold calls or chases cold leads.

Jun 13, 2022
How To Attract More Listings

Tanya Gilmore (realtor in Ukiah, California) shares what changed in her business within 10 months of starting the "Platform" marketing strategy.

Jun 01, 2022
An Unexpected Benefit Of Investing In Local Marketing

Mini Episode! Anngela Musgrave (realtor in Idaho) shares the creative way she leverages her social media marketing to help get her buyer's offers accepted.

May 21, 2022
How To Get FSBO Listings Without Making Any Cold Calls

Mini Episode! Heather Mutz (realtor in TX) shares how her marketing convinces frustrated homeowners to reach out to her....after they try to sell their home on their own.

May 21, 2022
What To Do If You're A Realtor In A Small Town

Ashley Goodrich, Taylor Onken, & Heather Mutz share the specific ads they used to build hyperlocal brands in their small towns, and become THE go-to agent in their communities.

May 11, 2022
Thoughts On The Future Of Real Estate Marketing

Jocelyn Deal (realtor in Indiana) shares the local marketing ideas that added over $10m to her annual production, while discussing how things will change over the next few years in real estate.

May 11, 2022
The Most Productive Realtor In The United States

Lea Arndt (realtor in Texas) shares how she sells 40+ homes a year, while still working a full-time job as a teacher AND prioritizing her family.

May 05, 2022
How To Grow From 40 To 60+ Transactions A Year

Jason Neuhaus (realtor in Wisconsin) shares how his local connection strategy with small business owners helped him grow his business by 50% in the past year.

May 03, 2022
How To Convince Your Husband To Invest More In Marketing

Jamie Crouch (realtor in NW Arkansas) shares how she convinced her husband to give the "Platform" marketing strategy a try. He was skeptical. It paid off...she has since added over $200,000 to her GCI.

Apr 29, 2022
How Quickly Can You Get Listings?

Leslie Melton (Texas), Jennifer Kitchen (Ohio), and Amanda Kerstetter (Oklahoma) share how they all generated warm listing leads in the first 90 days of using the "Platform" marketing strategy.

Apr 06, 2022
Time Is An Ingredient, Not A Metric
Patrick Chamberlin (realtor in Tucson, Arizona) shares how he grew his GCI from less than $30,000 to nearly $400,000 in less than 3 years.
Mar 06, 2022
Spending Your Life Savings On Marketing Thinking "This Better Work"
Renee Scott (realtor in Lee County, FL) shares what happened when her husband was laid off, and suddenly she HAD TO figure out how to make money as a realtor.
Mar 06, 2022
How Successful Realtors Invest Their Profits
Malia Smiley (realtor in Dunedin, FL) shares how she has more than tripled her GCI, and used the profits to invest in Airbnb rentals.
Mar 06, 2022
What To Do When You Don't Have A Sphere To Rely On For Referrals
Beth Lynn shares her story of moving to a new town, and nearly 10x'ing her GCI (even though she didn't have a sphere, friends, or family to rely on for referrals). She's grown from $50,000 to nearly $500,000 GCI using the Platform marketing strategy.
Jan 28, 2022
What To Do When You've Already Tried Every Coaching Program, Mastermind, And Marketing Company
Brittany Ovbey shares why the typical programs like Tom Ferry, Buffini, and Craig Proctor left her feeling frustrated....and what she tried that finally worked.
Dec 22, 2021
How To Take 3 Months Off A Year (And Still Double Your GCI)
Diane Tharp shares how she made a goal to pay to fly her family to New Zealand (13 round trip tickets)....and she did it! In fact, she regularly takes several months off every year. Diane's business has doubled since she started the Platform strategy, and in this episode she shares exactly how she did it.
Dec 08, 2021
How To Spend Money To Make Money (Even When You Don’t Have Any Money To Spend)
Jill Lightfoot shares how she quadrupled her GCI by aggressively investing in local marketing....even when she didn’t have the money.
Nov 24, 2021
How To "Retire" (And Still Make $275,000 In GCI)
Karen Bataille shares how she quadrupled her real estate business from just $60k a year in GCI to $275,500...all while working only 4 days a week (and making time for cross country motorcycle trips).
Nov 17, 2021
Tripling Your GCI (While Still Being An Amazing Mom And Wife)
Veronica Bradley shares how she rapidly scaled her business.....while still making time for what matters most. Veronica is a real estate agent in New Braunfels, Texas.
Sep 30, 2021
The Power Of Having Just One Video Go Viral
Neal Cox more than tripled his GCI after investing into more consistent content marketing in his home market of Louisville, Kentucky.
Aug 27, 2021
How To Grow From $2m To $20m
Jessica Ford shares the specifics on what she did to literally 10x her business using the “Platform” strategy.
Jul 15, 2021
The “VIP” Client Gift Strategy That Can Triple Your GCI
Karen Hall invests over $20,000 a year into her VIP client gifts (not all clients become VIP’s). The result? Because of inbound leads and more referrals, her business has tripled....even in what’s arguably the most competitive real estate market in the entire country: Washington DC.
Jul 01, 2021
The Facebook Ads She Used To Generate 4 Listings In Her First Month
Taylor Onken (realtor in Marshall, Minnesota) shares how she generates listings even in a low inventory seller's market. Taylor lives in SW Minnesota, where the nearest "city" still only has 15,000 people!
Jun 30, 2021
It Took About 6 Months To Work (And Then Her Business Exploded)
Florida realtor Amy Lucas shares how her patience with the “Platform” marketing strategy led to a $150,000 increase in GCI.
May 11, 2021
The Local Video Marketing Strategy To Scale From $7m to $30m In Sales Volume (Without A Team)
Ryan Clegg reveals how he added over $500,000 to his GCI by filming videos about his county (and the creative business deal he made with a local videographer).
Apr 28, 2021
How To Build A Small Team That’s Actually Profitable
Steve and Leslie Remy share how they've successfully built a small team (quality over quantity) where each agent makes 6 figures of GCI.
Mar 25, 2021
How To Free Up Your Weekends To Spend More Time With Your Family
Justin Liller shares his local video strategy for selling over $20 million of real estate every year in a 2nd home vacation market.....while still enjoying weekends with his family.
Mar 25, 2021
$150,000+ GCI Growth In A Rural Town Of Less Than 10,000 People
Heather Mutz shares how she used the "Platform" strategy to build a local brand in her small town....that added over $150,000 to her GCI.
Mar 25, 2021
The Business Model That Sells $20M Of Homes Every Year (Without Buyers Agents)
Shane Saunders shares the unique "showing assistant" business model he uses to sell $20 million a year without showing homes.
Mar 25, 2021
A Small Town Success Strategy For Ambitious Agents
Amanda Galindo shares the local marketing ideas she uses to sell over 50 homes a year (with 80% of those clients coming from referrals and sphere!)
Mar 25, 2021