Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

By Brittany Wittig

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Category: Spirituality

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Join Channeler and Intuitive Guide Brittany Wittig as she discusses modern spirituality from a grounded, easy to understand perspective.

Episode Date
I was never the same! The spiritual experience that changed my life
Apr 07, 2024
You ARE Nature w/ Health Doula Oshauna of Oshaunita Medicina
Mar 10, 2024
Plant Medicine & Integration w/ Dylan of Mambo Kambo
Feb 14, 2024
A Grounded Approach to Plant Medicine w/ Dan Arhakos
Jan 24, 2024
Spiritual Cults and Discernment w/ Felcity Erin
Jan 17, 2024
The Astrology of 2024 Part 2 w/ Nicky of Lunaseas Astrology
Jan 07, 2024
The Astrology of 2024 Part 1 w/ Nicky of Lunaseas Astrology
Jan 02, 2024
There is a Seed of Power in EVERY Experience!
Dec 18, 2023
The Truth About Living as a HD Projector w/ Charlotte Wright
Dec 05, 2023
Spark YOUR Creative Genius! w/ Adrienne MacIain Phd
Nov 05, 2023
An Epic Journey from Surviving to Thriving w/ Sara Slabisak
Oct 22, 2023
Are you Living in Delusion? (Yes! And that’s okay!)
Oct 09, 2023
It’s Time to Ditch the Term ”The Matrix” & Here’s Why...
Oct 01, 2023
The Beauty of Authentic Living w/ Eliska McAndrew
Sep 17, 2023
Discernment, Safety, and Integrity in Erotic Energy w/ Priestess Francesca
Sep 10, 2023
Embracing the Midlife Evolution, with Jennifer Cooper
Aug 07, 2023
August Channeled Messages (for you)!
Aug 01, 2023
Healing Codependency & the Mother Wound w/ Alyssa Zander
Jul 23, 2023
I Walked 500 Miles Across Spain! (Here’s what I learned...)
Jul 18, 2023
Transchanneler Leanne Rose Introduces us to the Galayla Collective
Jul 03, 2023
Feel your Feelings & Take Control of your Energy w/ Mary Sanker LCMHC
Jun 10, 2023
Defying your Past & Embracing your Future with Energetic Strategies w/ Ella Heink
May 21, 2023
A Revolutionary look at the Postpartum Period w/ Arielle Martone
May 07, 2023
The Key to more Visibility is not what you think! w/ Chrissy Mellinger
Apr 23, 2023
Why your Coach & Healer’s Energetic Strategy Matters w/ Human Design Reflector Tiffany Calhoun
Apr 08, 2023
HUGE Astrology Update w/ Nikoletta of LunaSeas Astrology
Apr 02, 2023
Meet Your Spiritual BFF, Hannah Johnson!
Mar 19, 2023
Erotic Energy is Soul Aligning Medicine w/ Priestess Francesca
Mar 06, 2023
Soul Care: A Revolutionary Self-Care Method w/ Candace the Dream Doula
Feb 26, 2023
Turn your Symptoms into your Superpower w/ Megan Evans!
Feb 19, 2023
Are you Self Abandoning? (I was!)
Feb 12, 2023
Authentically Showing the F*ck Up with Aria Leighty
Feb 05, 2023
Ditch ”All or Nothing” with Holistic Wellness Coach Carrie Bohlmann!
Jan 29, 2023
When Challenging Experiences Reappear (what to do)!
Jan 17, 2023
Exposing the Hidden Causes of Burnout with Holly Doll
Jan 08, 2023
YOU are the One: Intuition & Conscious Relationships w/ Felicity Erin
Jan 01, 2023
Happy Holidays, I Love You.
Dec 25, 2022
Real Life Magic: A Conversation on Love and Life with Europa Gitte
Dec 19, 2022
The Shadow of your Business
Dec 03, 2022
Using Shadow Work to Uncover your Hidden Gifts
Nov 26, 2022
Change your Reality with this Simple Perspective Shift!
Nov 20, 2022
Sneaky Ways your Ego Hides your True Feelings (and how to uncover them)!
Nov 13, 2022
How I Faced my Biggest Fear (again...)
Oct 12, 2022
The Power of a Domino Leap (of faith)
Jun 29, 2022
How to Manage your Ego When Starting a Business
Jun 23, 2022
Thriving After Cancer: How I Got Here
Jun 12, 2022
Let’s Discuss Ayurveda (it’s not what you think it is!)
May 23, 2022
My #1 Tip for Making Intuitive Decisions
May 01, 2022
The Difference Between Judgement and Discernment
Apr 18, 2022
Holistic Healing is NOT What you Think it is!
Feb 23, 2022
The Truth About Surrender
Feb 09, 2022
Cancer Diagnosis in Mexico: The Intuition Experiment Continues...
Jan 22, 2022
The Intuition Experiment that Brought Me an Extra $17k in September!
Nov 01, 2021
7 Powerful Calming Tools (for when things feel intense AF!)
Oct 09, 2021
All About Channeling
Oct 01, 2021
Transforming Limiting Beliefs to Transform your Reality
Sep 25, 2021
Past Lives and Past Life Healing
Sep 18, 2021
Intention Setting
Sep 14, 2021
How to Calm your Ego After Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone
Aug 18, 2021
The Power of Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone
Aug 03, 2021
Tapping into Intuition
Jul 09, 2021
How to Get Signs from the Universe
Jun 25, 2021
The Dark Night of the Soul
Jun 19, 2021
Meet your Spirit Guides
Jun 11, 2021
Understanding your Astrology Birth Chart
Jun 03, 2021
What is your Ego? And What Role Does it Play (or not play) in Decision Making?
May 27, 2021
Astrology as a Portal for Soul Work
May 20, 2021
Meet your Animal Guides
May 13, 2021
Understanding the Multiverse and Quantum Leaps
May 06, 2021
The Power of your Authentic Self
Apr 29, 2021
Connecting with your Inner Child: Why and How?
Apr 22, 2021
Let’s Talk Tarot and Oracle Cards!
Apr 16, 2021
The Connection Between Time and Mindfulness
Apr 16, 2021
Spiritual Awakening and the World of Modern Spirituality
Apr 16, 2021