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Learn about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and more by joining us each week for a new episode. If you are living with POTS, MCAS or other chronic illnesses, you are not alone! Our goal is to raise awareness, nurture community, and empower patients with information and practical skills for living better with this chronic invisible illness. Each month, we feature episodes with top POTS physicians as well as POTS patients. Because many POTS patients are eventually diagnosed with MCAS, the first Tuesday of every month we feature a new series called Mast Cell Matters, in which top MCAS practitioners share their experiences in better treating patients. You can learn more by listening to our groundbreaking POTScast anywhere, anytime. Visit our website at and follow our social media accounts @standinguptopots.

Episode Date
E213:Major findings in breast tissue with surgeon Eva Nagy: MCAS Matters with Tania Dempsey, MD
Jul 09, 2024
E212: Laura from Alabama
Jul 02, 2024
E211:Dr. Dempsey answers MORE listener questions as part of MCAS Matters with Dr. Tania Dempsey
Jun 25, 2024
E210:Lexi from
Jun 18, 2024
E209:Dr. Kelly McCann’s Functional/Integrative/Environmental Medicine Approach to MCAS - Mast Cell Matters with Dr. Tania Dempsey
Jun 11, 2024
E208: Laura and Sharon published a book about Dysautonomia!
Jun 04, 2024
E207:Dr. Neil Nathan on Mold and MCAS with Dr. Tania Dempsey - Mast Cell Matters
May 28, 2024
E206:Brianne Dressen on science-based support for COVID-19 vaccine injured
May 21, 2024
Your vote can raise awareness and funds - with (the very strong) Dr. Tania Dempsey
May 13, 2024
E205: Dr. Julie Maamari on perioperative considerations for complex patients
May 07, 2024
E204: Maddie can walk again! A POTS Diary follow-up
Apr 30, 2024
E203:Humor in Chronic Illness with DoodleThru Creators Mike & Jill Brook
Apr 23, 2024
E202: Dr. Theo Theoharides on mast cells driving dysautonomia and much more - Mast Cell Matters
Apr 16, 2024
Apr 09, 2024
E200: Dr. Leticia Soares, PhD on female reproductive health concerns associated with long COVID, POTS, EDS, ME/CFS
Apr 02, 2024
199: Listener Q&A with Dr. Tania Dempsey — Mast Cell Matters
Mar 26, 2024
E198:POTS Diaries with Arianna from Indiana
Mar 19, 2024
E197:Dr. David Kaufman on ME/CFS, MCAS, POTS and complex disorders - Mast Cell Matters Series
Mar 12, 2024
E196:Jolie is Miss Chattanooga, spreading awareness of POTS at the Miss Tennesee Pageant
Mar 05, 2024
E195: Kelley from Maryland
Feb 27, 2024
E194: Podcasts as a Form of Social Support with Dr. Melanie Finney and Kate Pederson
Feb 20, 2024
E193: Psychological Experiences of POTS Patients with Dr. Alissa Sheldon
Feb 13, 2024
E192: POTS Diary with Erin from Connecticut, who loves to write
Feb 10, 2024
E191: Dr. Jeffrey Boris on MCAS, POTS, hypermobility and pediatric cardiology as part of the Mast Cell Matters Series with Dr. Tania Dempsey
Feb 06, 2024
E190: Possible Causes of Brain Fog, Dizziness and Nausea in POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jan 30, 2024
E189: Functional Medicine Nutrition with Megan Barnett
Jan 23, 2024
E188: POTS Diary with Erica from California, an actress and dancer
Jan 20, 2024
E187: Dr. Anjali Agarwal, Consulting Physiotherapist and Awareness Beacon in India
Jan 16, 2024
E186:Behind the Scenes of The Triad Film on POTS/MCAS/hypermobility: A Crossover Episode
Jan 11, 2024
E185: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Tim and Leah
Jan 06, 2024
E184: Breast Implant Illness and MCAS with Breast Surgeon Eva Nagy, MD as part of the Mast Cell Matters Series
Jan 02, 2024
E183: Nutrient Deficiencies in POTS with Nutritionist Jill Brook
Dec 26, 2023
E182: Diary with Quinton, a fitness enthusiast and Long COVID POTS patient
Dec 23, 2023
E181: Venous Insufficiency in POTS with Dr. Alexis Cutchins
Dec 19, 2023
E180: Diary with Emily, an urgent care medical assistant who developed POTS
Dec 12, 2023
E179: Diary with Leah, a bedbound mom who developed POTS after acute illness
Dec 09, 2023
E178: Psychiatric Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Janet Settle as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
Dec 05, 2023
E177: Gender Matters in Perceived Burdensomeness in POTS Patients with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Nov 28, 2023
Christmas Poem 2023 — Low Expectations
Nov 26, 2023
E176: POTS Diary with Hanna, a museum educator in Oregon
Nov 25, 2023
E175: Graded Exercise and Pacing in POTS with Dr. Catherine Lewan
Nov 21, 2023
E174: Building Resilience with Dr. Katie Gorman Ezell and her student Katie
Nov 14, 2023
E173: POTS Diary with Kaylee, an ER nurse whose first symptom was blue legs
Nov 11, 2023
E172: Pain and Hypermobility with Dr. Linda Bluestein as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
Nov 07, 2023
E171: Post-Gardasil POTS Litigation with Attorney Drew Downing
Oct 31, 2023
E170: Dehydration, thirst, POTS and long COVID with Dr. Harriet Carroll
Oct 24, 2023
E169: Live Recordings from 10th Annual SUTP 5K/2K
Oct 22, 2023
E168: Headache Management in POTS with Dr. Karissa Arca
Oct 17, 2023
E167: Listener's Questions Answered with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Oct 10, 2023
E166: POTS Diary with Lauren, a tennis player who developed POTS with Long COVID
Oct 07, 2023
E165: Documentary on The Triad with Dr. Leonard Weinstock and Dr. Tania Dempsey as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
Oct 03, 2023
E164: POTS after the COVID vaccine with Rachel Hellman, NP
Sep 26, 2023
E163: POTS Diary with Courtney, a dog lover from Texas
Sep 23, 2023
E162: Eating Disorders in Chronic Illness with Krista Day-Gloe
Sep 19, 2023
E161: Heart Rate Variability and Biofeedback with Rohan Dixit
Sep 12, 2023
E160: POTS Diaries with Jolie from TN, a mental health advocate who loves to cook
Sep 09, 2023
E159: Cardiac manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Andrew Maxwell as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
Sep 05, 2023
E158: POTS Diary with Mikayla from Ohio, a college student who loves to run
Aug 29, 2023
E157: POTS Diary with Jessica from North Carolina, a college student who loves to skateboard
Aug 22, 2023
E156: POTS Diary with Katie, an artist, cosmotologist, and proud mom of 3
Aug 15, 2023
E155: POTSmom Alison from Nebraska, her daughter developed POTS after concussion and worsened after vaccination
Aug 08, 2023
E154: POTS Diaries with Thomas, a high level jiu jitsu athlete who developed POTS at 20
Aug 01, 2023
E153: POTS Diary with Michael who has long COVID after acute infection in 2020
Jul 25, 2023
E152: POTS Diary with Autumnizhurr, a content creator and gamer from California
Jul 18, 2023
E151: POTS Diary with Rebecca from New Zealand, a young nurse who had to move home to deal with symptoms
Jul 11, 2023
E150: Diary with POTSie Lyla and POTSmom Joli
Jul 04, 2023
E146: Research on Long COVID and POTS with Marie Claire Seeley
Jul 03, 2023
E149: Tried all the recommendations? What to do next?
Jun 27, 2023
E148: POTS Diary with Nicole from Texas, news reporter who got a POTS story on the Today Show
Jun 24, 2023
E147: Gynecological Issues & Pregnancy in MCAS with Dr. Shanda Dorff
Jun 20, 2023
E145: POTS Diary with POTS Parent Leigh from Washington DC
Jun 10, 2023
E144: Gut motility in POTS with Dr. Linda Nguyen
Jun 06, 2023
E143: POTS Diary with Victoria from New Jersey, a chemical engineering student and cyclist
Jun 03, 2023
E142: Unravelling Medical Complexities with Dr. Ilene Ruhoy and Dr. David Kaufman
May 30, 2023
E141: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Stephen
May 27, 2023
E140: Romance and Relationships in Chronic Illness with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
May 23, 2023
E139: Diary with Becca, proud mom from Utah who developed POTS after food poisoning
May 20, 2023
E138: Advice from Both Sides of Healthcare with Dr. Melanie Hoppers
May 16, 2023
E137: Update on Long COVID with Dr. Noah Greenspan
May 09, 2023
E136: POTS Diary with Hannah from South Carolina, who developed POTS after a traumatic brain injury
May 06, 2023
E135: Gastrointestinal Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Leonard Weinstock as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
May 02, 2023
E134: POTS Diary with Jessie, who was diagnosed with POTS as a teen but didn't receive treatment until much later
Apr 29, 2023
E133: The Foundations of Health with Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff
Apr 25, 2023
E132: Katie from Ohio, who developed POTS as a teen and a more severe form after COVID
Apr 22, 2023
E131: Sofie from MI and her research on Emotional Intelligence
Apr 18, 2023
E130: Health Willpower Strategies with Nutritionist Jill Brook
Apr 11, 2023
E129: MCAS Diagnostic Criteria “Consensus-2" with Dr. Lawrence Afrin as part of the Mast Cell Matters series
Apr 04, 2023
E128: Belle from Canada, saline and physiotherapy helped her walk across her graduation stage
Apr 01, 2023
E127: New Clues in Plasma Proteins in POTS Patients with Dr. Artur Fedorowski
Mar 28, 2023
E126: Home Infusions with Jonathan Abraham, RN BSN CCRN
Mar 21, 2023
E125: POTS Diary with Dr. Alisha Alls, who suffered traumatic brain injury leading to her POTS
Mar 18, 2023
E124: Pregnancy in POTS Patients with Nurse and Doctoral Candidate Kate Morgan
Mar 14, 2023
E123: Argenx Clinical Trial on Post-COVID POTS
Mar 11, 2023
Research Study on The POTScast - please participate!
Mar 09, 2023
E122: Mast Cell Matters: Diagnosis and Treatment of MCAS with Dr. Tania Dempsey
Mar 07, 2023
E121: Diary with Shelby from KY, a mom who loves to sing and have fun
Mar 04, 2023
E120: Autoimmune Diet with Nutritionist Jill Brook
Feb 28, 2023
E119: Service Dogs with Trainer Mary McNeight & POTS patient Makenzie
Feb 21, 2023
E118: From a POTS Mom's Perspective, Paula from California
Feb 18, 2023
E117: POTS Triggers with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Feb 14, 2023
E116: Compass Points the Way, a book about living with POTS with author Alexis Kline
Feb 11, 2023
E115: Mast Cell Matters: Intro to MCAS with Dr. Tania Dempsey
Feb 07, 2023
E114: Rachel from New York, a baker whose life was changed by COVID
Feb 04, 2023
E113: Academic POTS in Australia and Life as a POTS Mom with Celine Gallagher, PhD
Jan 31, 2023
SUTP Research Survey
Jan 28, 2023
E112: Limbic System Retraining (part 3) with Dr. Kimberly Hindman
Jan 24, 2023
E111: POTS Diary with Allison from Ohio, a nurse whose POTS got worse with concussion
Jan 21, 2023
E110: Vagus Nerve Exercises with Dr. Kimberly Hindman (part 2)
Jan 17, 2023
E109: Polyvagal Theory and Trauma Release with Dr. Kimberly Hindman (part 1)
Jan 10, 2023
E108: Mel from Texas, a nurse living with POTS after a concussion
Jan 07, 2023
E107: Benefits of compounding medications for those with sensitivities with Michelle Briest, PharmD
Jan 03, 2023
E106: All Things Pediatric POTS with Dr. Jeff Boris and Dr. Jeff Moak
Dec 27, 2022
E105: Karen from Missouri, a nurse and mom with POTS symptoms from a young age
Dec 24, 2022
E104: Understanding myalgic encephomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome through research and personal experience with Dr. Leonard Jason
Dec 20, 2022
E103: Handling Holiday Stress with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
Dec 13, 2022
E102: Lacy from Alabama suffers from gastroparesis, pain, and POTS
Dec 10, 2022
E101: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and POTS with Dr. Steven Smith
Dec 06, 2022
Christmas Poem 2022 — Why Santa donates to Standing Up to POTS
Dec 03, 2022
E100: POTS Research both Past and Future with Dr. Satish Raj
Nov 29, 2022
E99: Zoe from Utah, high school senior and aerialist
Nov 22, 2022
E98: Sensory Input Shaping Autonomics in Children with Dr. Kevin Lasko
Nov 15, 2022
E97: Mackenzie from British Columbia, Canada
Nov 08, 2022
E96: Jackie from Vermont, working mom with great symptom management tips
Nov 05, 2022
E95: Common POTS Medications with Clinical Pharmacist Dr. Jenna Houk
Nov 01, 2022
E94: The Depressing Truth about Depression Scales with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Oct 25, 2022
9th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K: Interviews with POTSies and their supporters
Oct 22, 2022
E93: Viral epidemics are related to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and POTS with Dr. Byron Hyde
Oct 18, 2022
E92: Jenna from Oregon, loves children but struggles with her stamina to work
Oct 15, 2022
E91: The Importance of Vitamin D for those with Autoimmune Disorders with Dr. Eduardo Beltran
Oct 11, 2022
E90: POTS, Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Mystery Symptoms with Dr. David Saperstein
Oct 04, 2022
E89: Anna from New York City, college dancer and photographer
Oct 01, 2022
E88: Three Types of POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Sep 27, 2022
E87: POTS following Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury with Dr. Sujana Reddy
Sep 20, 2022
E86: Jamie Lynn from Kentucky
Sep 13, 2022
E85: Dealing with Medical Trauma with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
Sep 06, 2022
E84: Stephanie w 3 concussions and POTS from MD
Sep 03, 2022
E83: Maddie and her therapy dog from Michigan
Aug 30, 2022
E82: Are Choline Transporters Implicated in Some POTS Patients? with Dr. Laila Schenkel
Aug 23, 2022
9th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K
Aug 21, 2022
E81: Katherine from Pennsylvania
Aug 20, 2022
E80: Mary Katherine Stratton from Mississippi
Aug 16, 2022
E79: Employment Resources for the Chronically Ill with Chronically Capable CEO and co-Founder Hannah Olson
Aug 09, 2022
E78: Claire from Australia
Aug 06, 2022
E77: Abby from New York
Aug 02, 2022
E76: Pediatric POTS and Related Disorders with Dr. Jeffrey Boris
Jul 26, 2022
E75: Madison from Illinois
Jul 19, 2022
E74: Jolene from MN
Jul 16, 2022
E73: Accommodations for School, College, and the Workforce - 504 and IEP plans with Dr. Sally Brannan and Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jul 12, 2022
E72: Rita from Massachusetts
Jul 05, 2022
E71: Diane from Washington
Jul 02, 2022
E70: Autoimmune Dysautonomia and more with Dr. Jill Schofield
Jun 28, 2022
E69: Rhonda from Utah
Jun 25, 2022
E68: Becky from West Virginia
Jun 21, 2022
E67: What is Autoimmunity with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jun 14, 2022
E66: Trina from Arizona
Jun 11, 2022
E65: Elli from Oregon
Jun 07, 2022
E64: POTS in Kids and What Might Exacerbate Symptoms with Dr. Andrew Maxwell
May 31, 2022
E63: POTSpouse Jim from New York
May 28, 2022
E62: POTS Diary with Patty from Massachusetts
May 24, 2022
E61: POTS after the HPV vaccine with Dr. Tania Dempsey
May 17, 2022
E60: POTS Diary with Abbie from Texas
May 14, 2022
E59: Mom on a Mission: The Founding of Standing Up to POTS
May 10, 2022
E58: Improving Gut Health with Nutritionist Jill Brook
May 03, 2022
E57: POTS Diary with Alli from Texas
Apr 30, 2022
E56: POTS Diary with Amber from NY
Apr 26, 2022
E55: Chiari malformation, craniocervical instability, and tethered cord with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Apr 19, 2022
E54: The Secret Life of a Martha Graham Dancer with Heidi from Alabama
Apr 16, 2022
E53: POTS Diary with Samantha from Colorado
Apr 12, 2022
E52: Functional Neurology for POTS with Dr. Michael Lovich
Apr 05, 2022
E51: POTS Diary with Kristen from Pennsylvania
Apr 02, 2022
E50: POTS Diary with Kelsey from Pennsylvania
Mar 29, 2022
POTS in Pants 5K on April 16 in Denver CO
Mar 23, 2022
E49: Grieving the Loss of Your Old Life with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
Mar 22, 2022
E48: POTS Diary with Jeannie, creator of The Zebra Club
Mar 19, 2022
E47: POTS Diary with John from Florida
Mar 15, 2022
E46: Neural Retraining with Dr. Kevin Lasko
Mar 08, 2022
E45: Diary with Russell from Washington
Mar 05, 2022
E44: Daniella from Melbourne, Australia
Mar 01, 2022
E43: Carbohydrates, Glucose Intolerance, and POTS
Feb 22, 2022
E42: POTSmom Linda from Pennsylvania
Feb 19, 2022
E41: POTS Diary with HS Hockey Player Garrett from Minnesota
Feb 15, 2022
E40: Misbehaving Mast Cells with Dr. Lawrence Afrin
Feb 08, 2022
E39: POTS Diary with Ashley from Florida
Feb 05, 2022
E38: POTS Diary with Sandy from New York
Feb 01, 2022
E37: Relationship between POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jan 25, 2022
E36: POTS Diary with our own Jill Brook
Jan 22, 2022
E35: POTS Diary with Mike from Arizona - from bedbound to the basketball court
Jan 18, 2022
E34: New Theory about POTS with Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn
Jan 11, 2022
E33: POTS Diary with Cartoonist Rachel from Wisconsin
Jan 08, 2022
E32: POTS Diary with Sarah from Minnesota
Jan 04, 2022
E31: How POTS Affects Men: Mental Health Findings with Dr. Brooke Wagner and Dr. Cathy Pederson
Dec 28, 2021
E30: POTS Diary with Jackie from Arizona
Dec 21, 2021
E29: Is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Part of your Picture?
Dec 14, 2021
The POTSie who saved Christmas — A silly poem
Dec 11, 2021
E28: POTS Diary with Henry from the United Kingdom
Dec 07, 2021
End of Year Giving
Nov 30, 2021
E27: Building Blood Volume with Nutritionist Jill Brook
Nov 30, 2021
E26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor
Nov 23, 2021
E25: Q-Collar as a Potential Treatment for POTS, with Dr. Heather Edgell
Nov 16, 2021
E24: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Mike B. from California
Nov 09, 2021
E23: What to do when you've been gaslighted with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
Nov 02, 2021
E22: POTS Diary with Dysautonomia Support Network President Brooke O'Shea
Oct 26, 2021
E21: Mast Cells Causing Mayhem with Doctor of Naturopathy Beth O'Hara
Oct 19, 2021
E20: POTS Diary on the social (media) side of POTS with Kate
Oct 12, 2021
E19: Trouble sleeping? POTS could be to blame with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Oct 05, 2021
E18: Breathing Issues in POTS and COVID Long Haulers with physical therapist Noah Greenspan
Sep 27, 2021
E17: POTS Diary with Chelsea from Ohio
Sep 21, 2021
E16: POTS Diary with Rob from Alabama
Sep 14, 2021
8th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K - in person AND virtual
Sep 12, 2021
E15: Quality of Life in POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Sep 07, 2021
E14: A Winding Road Through POTS, Chiari, Ehlers-Danlos, and Tethered Cord
Aug 31, 2021
E13: POTS, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
Aug 24, 2021
E12: POTS Diary with Tanya from Utah
Aug 17, 2021
E11: School Accommodations for Chronically Ill K-12 Students with Dr. Brian Yontz and Dr. Cathy Pederson
Aug 10, 2021
E10: POTS Diary with Mom (Stacy) and Daughter (Emily) Power Duo
Aug 03, 2021
E9: POTS Down Under (Australia) with Clinical Nurse Consultant Marie-Claire Seeley
Jul 27, 2021
E8: POTS Diary with Carly from Arizona
Jul 20, 2021
E7: POTS and Orthostatic Intolerance with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jul 13, 2021
E6: Hypermobility Disorders and Chronic Pain with Dr. Linda Bluestein
Jul 06, 2021
E5: POTS Diary of Lindsay from California
Jun 29, 2021
E4: Autonomic Nervous System 101 with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jun 22, 2021
E3: Occupational Therapy Tips for POTS Patients with occupational therapist Joanna Behm
Jun 14, 2021
E2: POTS Diary with Lily, Inspiration for SUTP
Jun 08, 2021
E1: What is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)? with Dr. Cathy Pederson
Jun 01, 2021
E0: POTScast Introduction
May 05, 2021
May 01, 2021