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The #justbloodypostit podcast is for creative businesses promoting their work on the internet. For anyone who wants to do marketing that gets results (sales, bookings and opportunities!). Every week, our guest shares what they’ve learnt about growing an online audience that powers their income.

Episode Date
S6 Ep120: Ep #120 How to build super habits (and short to-do lists) with writer Bec Evans @eve_bec
*There's a mild swear or two, as per*

How often do you berate yourself for failing to tick-off your to-do list? Or congratulate yourself for creating a splendid to-do list (but not actually do any of the to-do)? And ask why after months and months of meaning to do a to-do it remains...undone?

Rhetorical questions -the answer's yes, often to all of them - I didn't need to ask. Me too.

This week, our guest writer Bec Evans shares what she's learnt about the art of getting things done. About why we so often overestimate what we can do in a day or week (I'm the Grand Master of this) and how we can change our habits and outlook and start achieving things.

She shares a bucket-load of actionable tips and insights about
  • how to create lists that work
  • and environments that stimulate action
  • how to spot the obstacles that stop us moving forward
  • and get excited about creating and writing and sharing! 
Follow Bec on Instagram here:
And click to check out her book Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit that Lasts:

On Instagram:
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Jun 07, 2023
S6 Ep119: Ep #119 Making your podcast possible a LIVE SPECIAL with Nic Redman, Suzi Dale and Hilary Salzman
**Mind your ears for mild some swearing**

What a bloody treat! I got to record a real life on-the-sofa-next-to-me show with some favourite work pals at The Podcast Show London 2023. And here it is for you to wrap your ears and thoughts around.

Nic Redman (voice coach), Suzi Dale (podcast producer), Hilary Salzman (copywriting storyteller) and I all have our own podcast. And in this special edition of #JustBloodyPostIt we talk about

  • what makes it possible to start a podcast
  • why you'd bother doing something so slightly tricky
  • why more women aren't doing it 
  • and whether podcasts and video mix (argument!)
This is Nic's previous #JustBloodyPostIt about how to love your voice:


May 31, 2023
S6 Ep118: Ep #118 This much I know with artist Alice Sheridan and online shop mentor Jo McCarthy
**Mind your ears for a couple of swears**

This time, abstract artist Alice Sheridan @alicesheridanstudio and online shop mentor Jo McCarthy @jo_at_firain share what they've learnt from decades long (between them!) experience of marketing their work online. 

We put the world to rights on 
  • normalising small online audiences
  • the biggest marketing mistakes we've made
  • and the best decisions ever
  • how work fits around life
  • playing the long game
  • scheduling (forrrrrget about it)
  • and so much more!
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May 24, 2023
S6 Ep117: Ep #117 on being good and being known, a Just Bloody Post It Note
**Just me this week, mind your ears for a couple of swears**

This time, I want us to talk about the difference between being good and being known.

Because how known you are - how many followers or subscribers you have - has nothing to with how good you are. But we can get the two muddled, too easily. 

Listen for some thoughts on 
  • wanting visibility
  • whether the gloss is coming off the audience-building biz
  • and Hannah f*ck&ing Waddingham 👑
Then come over to Instagram and tell me what you think:

Click here for the other Post It Note I mention in this episode on knowing you know enough.

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May 17, 2023
S6 Ep116: Ep #116: finding peace in your work with burnout prevention expert Anish Hallan
This week on the show, tech high-flyer turned burnout specialist Anish Hallan shares how to recognise and avoid burnout.

Burnout's often associated with office workers and CEO's - but pursuing a passion project can leave us just as vulnerable to damaging our health through over work.

Because getting to do what you've always wanted and are most interested in - and not having to answer to a boss, feels like a dream. But can turn into a nightmare of never-ending tasks and self-imposed pressure if we're not mindful of our own work-life balance.

Anish and I chat about his experiences of burnout and,
  • creating healthy boundaries (that actually create longevity)
  • making the connection between healthy work-life and a healthy mind and body
  • how we define success in our work
I mention Josephine Brook's episode of #JustBloodyPostIt for anyone who's particularly interested in burnout, click here to catch up.

Click here to connect with Anish on LinkedIn.
Click here for Helen's Instagram.
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May 10, 2023
S6 Ep115: Ep #115: a lazy person's guide to making millions with (vvv funny) writer Laura Belgray
***Mind your ears for a couple of swears***

Laura Belgray aka Talking Shrimp (listen to the episode, she explains 🦐) has made millions of dollars selling online courses that show people how to write like humans. She's a former copywriter for big brands turned internet-famous copywriter who tells us,

  • the secret to writing words that sell
  • which stories will elevate your marketing
  • why she's a self-confessed lazy person
  • how affiliate marketing's made her $$$$
  • and about her new memoir Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F-ing Worst


The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
May 03, 2023
S6 Ep114: Ep #114 Peloton for writers with Matt Trinetti from @londonwriterssalon
This week, the story of an online subscription product that really, really works: London Writers Salon. In the early weeks of the pandemic (shudders) when the world had barely heard of Zoom (imagine) Matt Trinetti and Parul Bavishi started hosting free online accountability sessions for writers. Their popularity grew fast and organically and within weeks, a global community of writers was meeting daily - to keep one another company and get their work done. 

Three years on, LWS is a thriving membership business (the end of the pandemic didn't dim it's popularity with lonely writers) and Matt joins us to discuss, 
  • the loneliness of writing
  • and the power of accountability
  • subscription business
  • and ambition (he wants a castle for writers!)
Find out more about London Writers Salon here:
Follow Matt on Instagram here:
Follow Helen on Instagram here:
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Apr 26, 2023
S6 Ep113: Ep #113 9 big business benefits of an email newsletter
**mind your ears, just one incy wincy swear**

Have I mentioned that I like (love) email newsletters? Full disclosure: I'm selling a newsletters course (a bloody bloody good one) at the moment, so this episode's part of my marketing for that. But because you're interested in marketing and solo biz shizzle, you'll be interested in what I have to say about the 9 big business benefits you can expect to get out of sending a newsletter. It's a no-brainer, whatever you're selling.

You can read more about Newsletter Launchpad month here:

If you have questions about whether it's the right course for you, message me on Instagram or email
Apr 21, 2023
S6 Ep112: Ep #112 'It's more than a dress' with fashion brand founder Yvonne Telford
Yvonne Telford launched her fashion brand when her online audience asked "where can I get your skirt?" The answer was you can't, it's a one-off and Kemi Telford was born to make more, creating clothes for women to take up space in.

Yvonne has grown the brand to be stocked in John Lewis and featured in Vogue thanks to her masterful customer service. Her clients really are part of a community of people she celebrates on social media and invites to call her on the phone, anytime. 

In this episode we discuss,
  • finding yourself - after getting lost in motherhood
  • putting yourself first
  • why we must talk to our customers
  • and not lose sight of who we are serving
  • Instagram (don't we always) 
  • and deciding how big to grow or small to stay
I think you're going to love it.

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Follow Helen on Instagram:

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Apr 19, 2023
S6 Ep111: Ep #111 How to avoid the 'enshittification' of your business: 3 marketing lessons
**Mind your ear for swears, there are a few in this one**
HELLO it's just you and me this week for a solo episode covering some up-to-date-for-April-2023 content marketing thinking. Listen for thoughts on,
  • what's resonating now
  • the 'enshittification' of social media platforms - what it means and how it could be finding its way into your business
  • niche (or not to niche)
  • and the power of recommendation over maximum visibility
This is the episode of The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast with food blogger Sarah Rossi that I talk about

This show is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.
Apr 12, 2023
S6 Ep109: Ep #110 how to make sales without social media with sustainable marketer Josephine Brooks
**Watch out chicken, there are a few swears in this episode**

What if you could run the business you love without relying on Instagram for sales? Our guest this week, funnels expert and sales strategist Josephine Brooks @josephinebrooks, says she can show you another way. Josephine was driven to burnout by selling business coaching programmes using a launch-and-repeat strategy that relied on social media marketing.  Now, she shows other creative business founders how to build evergreen, automated sales funnels. More sales and less burnout.  We discuss,

🔽funnels, are they gross and who can build one?
📱Instagram (don't we always end up chatting Instagram?)
🌱what sustainable marketing looks like
⏰ and how to spend our precious life minutes

Follow Josephine on Instagram click here:
Follow Helen:

#JustBloodyPostit is produced by @story_publishing.
Apr 05, 2023
S6 Ep110: Ep #109 knowing you know enough: a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
**watch out - there's one tiny little swear at the end**

Had to talk to you about a big wake up call I had last week. About how low, virtually-undetected levels of imposter syndrome can continue to hold us back. How thinking in small numbers mean we'll never hit the big ones. And how a day out a new view is always always always a good idea.

In this note, I talk about the Hiut denim and Do Lectures founder David Hieatt click here to listen to him on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast.

You can check out his book about email newsletters here:

I also mention my Instagram pals, follow them - we can all be friends.
The artist Alice Sheridan:
Online shop mentor Jo McCarthy:

Thanks always for listening, support the show by subscribing and sharing.
Mar 31, 2023
S6 Ep108: Ep #108 my year of no social media with coach and speaker Tiffany Han
Could you give up instagram for a year? Coach, speaker and podcast host Tiffany Han decided to delete the app in 2022 to find out "what I am like when I'm not being influenced." She declared it her 'Year of No' and also quit shopping for new clothes. What's that like?

In this episode we discuss 
  • how it affected her business (Tiffany uses Insta to promote her programmes)
  • the surprising things that happened when she stopped scrolling
  • why she needed a social media break in the first place
We also get into
  • ADHD and Instagram
  • online shopping
  • rediscovering the fun and joy in content creation
Find Tiffany (back!) on Instagram here:
Follow Helen here:

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🎧 Listen to the first time Tiffany was on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is season one:

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Mar 29, 2023
S6 Ep107: Ep #107 selling thoughtfulness with Don't Buy Her Flowers founder Steph Douglas
*Mind your ears there's a tiny swear in this one and 😮 sex is mildly mentioned*

Steph Douglas had the idea for her gifting business Don't Buy Her Flowers when she had her first child. She received more bouquets than she had vases for and thought, there must be a market for presents women really want?

In this episode, you'll hear how Steph started a blog to talk to other mum's (and build an audience) before launching the business. Learn how it's gone from packing boxes in her front room to running team of workers turning over millions of pounds a year. We chat about how it's going, where it's going and she balances it all with a happy home life.

You'll also learn about, 
  • core brand values and how to apply them across everything you do
  • understanding what you're really selling and how to market that
And this is Helen's Instagram:

The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.

Mar 22, 2023
S6 Ep106: Ep #106 what next after massive follower growth with food blogger and writer Sarah Rossi @tamingtwins
***Mind your ears, couple of swears in this one (couple of swears in most of them tbh!)***

This time we welcome back the gloriously brilliant and ultra-effective fast-growing food blogger, Instagrammer, TikToker and writer Sarah Rossi.

Last time Sarah was on #JustBloodyPostIt (click here to catch the episode) she told us how she'd grown her @tamingtwins Instagram following by 30K in 90 days. Well now she has 300k followers on Insta, a similar number on TikTok a cookbook published and 17 million hits on her website last year. HOLY HECK how does she do it? Listen to find out. 

We also discuss, 
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Book writing
  • Work life balance
  • Values
  • and working with your best friend

Follow Sarah on Instagram here:
Click for her new book What's for Dinner?

Connect with Helen here:
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Mar 15, 2023
S6 Ep105: Ep #105 fashion, age and not giving a f*&k with podcaster Karen Arthur
***Mind your ears, there are a few swears in this one.***

Ok you are going to love Karen Arthur. The host of Menopause Whilst Black - which has been named one of the top five best midlife podcasts - Karen's a former teacher who's career was derailed by anxiety and depression brought on by the menopause. 

But luckily for us, a new career's emerged butterfly like from her recovery. Listen to find out how she healed herself and became a spokesperson on the menopause in black women - as well as fashion creator, speaker, model and writer.

She has featured in Vogue, The Telegraph and the Guardian and in for campaigns for brands including SpecSavers and E4.

We discuss, 
  • ageing in public
  • finding your voice later in life
  • what women should wear
  • healthy happy social media sharing
  • attracting your tribe
Check out Menopause Whilst Black here:
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Helen's Instagram:
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Mar 08, 2023
S6 Ep104: Ep #104 failure and less everything, welcome to Season 6!
***Watch out, one or two swear words in this one.***

Hello hello!

#JustBloodyPostIt is back for Season 6...almost. Consider this a preview to the 'big podcast' which will be back with you any minute bringing the life, work and marketing wisdom of another fabulous group of guests.

Post it notes are my audio diary. Where I share my small-biz-building experiences and thoughts on social media issues of the day.

This one's a catch up on the results of a content subscription product I launched (quel désastre!), the mood I've set for the year (minimal) and what to expect from the upcoming series of conversations. Gorgeous to be back, Hx

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This is my Instagram:
Mar 06, 2023
S5 Ep103: Ep #103 Why there's never been a better time to send an email - a #JustBloodyPostIt Note special
Well hi, how are you? Just a quickie. I want to talk to you about how chuffing much of a good ideas it is to send emails. It's not sexy talk, but the results are hot let me tell you. They transformed by business when I started to send them regularly. 
And you can do it too. Because the next cohort of my most popular course, Lists Club starts next week (16th Jan 2023). It's an email marketing adventure that will show you how to send emails that sell. Because emails do sell. They have the best return on investment of any digital marketing you can do (£30 back for every £1 you spend on emails). And are undeniably the most straightforward way to reach the greatest number of people because we all have email addresses
If you're ready to find out more,
#JustBloodyPostIt Notes are produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
Jan 11, 2023
S5 Ep102: BONUS EPISODE #102 How to stay sane on Instagram in 2023 with Milla Richardson, Lou Chudley and Kirsty Raper
***Tiny warning: one swear 🤭***
Join me and a cast of Instagram specialists - Milla Richardson @pinkstormsocial, Lou Chudley @spark_social and Kirsty Raper @rebuildagram - to reflect on the 2022 (the maddest year on Instagram yet) and predict what marketing will be like on the platform in 2023 (less of a rollercoaster please Insta!). We discuss,
  • tips for video
  • Insta trends
  • boundaries and mental health on social media
  • and whether it's all still worth the effort!
Here's the link to Reels Rockstar Kirsty's membership:

Social media:

Follow Helen:
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Dec 29, 2022
S5 Ep101: Ep #101: where passion meets profit with personal brand strategist Phil Pallen
Phil Pallen is an expert in lots of things - because when you're creating a personal brand that powers your work you need to be. He's a...
  • social media marketing expert
  • Pinterest king
  • designer
  • personal brand strategist
  • speaker
  • YouTuber
  • influencer
  • and more
In this episode we talk about, how - more than 10 years ago - Phil spotted a niche for teaching people how to create brands just like corporates do.

You'll learn about,
  • how to make your passion profitable
  • how to juggle social media platforms
  • and decide which one's for you
  • and which you don't need to spend time on 
All with a dash of Big Canadian Energy.

Connect with Phil on Instagram here:
Follow Helen here:

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Nov 30, 2022
S5 Ep100: Ep #100: how to ask the right questions (and make more money) with market research expert Katie Tucker

As a birthday treat don't forget to share the show with your friends and subscribe wherever you listen so you don't miss an episode!

😮 Watch out, one or two moderate swear words in this one.

Our centenary edition guest is Katie Tucker - a woman on a mission to get small businesses behaving more like big ones so they can
  • create better products
  • make fewer mistakes
  • and more money!
How? By asking better questions and listening more carefully to the answers.

Katie is a Product Management & Customer Discovery consultant. Which translated means she helps people do brilliant market research. It's what big brands do to check customers want what they're making. But noone's told the little guy how, until now.

Katie's first book Do Penguins Eat Peaches is out in 2023 and she also shares tons of tips in her newsletter Jungle Juice, get it here:

We chat about
  • where most of us go wrong when we talk to customers and clients
  • realistic marketing goals for solo businesses!
  • her book deal 🙌
Follow Helen on Instagram here:
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Nov 23, 2022
S5 Ep99: Ep #99: Just bloody write a book and get it published with coach and author Penny Wincer
Welcome welcome, if you're new - this show's for heroic creatives who are marketing their work online. We’re in this together!

And this week, we're chatting to author and writing coach Penny Wincer.

Penny's life changed 3 years ago when she wrote and published her first book Tender, a compassionate and important book about the job of unpaid caring. It was informed by her experiences caring for first her mum, then her son.

It made her a go-to expert on the subject of caring and she's been featured in Red magazine, national newspapers and on BBC radio.

She also discovered a super power. That she's amazing at pitches. Or book proposals - the piece of writing you share with a potential publisher that argues the case for your book. Why it's marketable and saleable and why they should take a chance on it. 

So now she helps other authors to pitch their big ideas. 

We discuss, 

  • how to get to the point and win a pitch
  • why writing a book is a great idea (and when it might not be)
  • how to be most productive by doing exactly what you want


This is my @_helen_perry_ Instagram, in case we aren't already:


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Nov 16, 2022
S5 Ep98: Ep #98: Wanting more (and making it happen!) with Chef Lisa Brooks
You're going to love chef Lisa.

Listen to hear how she ditched corporate life to follow her passion for food and become a successful private chef. And (because she doesn't like turning work away!) grow it into an exclusive dining business that celebrates the joy of feasting.

Now that her business is ticking over nicely, she's growing her personal brand on to TikTok - where she has 219k followers.

We discuss,

👯‍♀️ who can take up space on TikTok (all of us)
😨 the biggest thing that stops us doing well on social media
💰 turning creative passion projects into thriving businesses

Follow Lisa on TikTok:
And Instagram:

🎧 If you liked this episode listen to:
Cook Sarah Barnes @tamingtwins on how she gained 30k Instagram followers in 90 days:
Best-selling author Clare Macintosh on TikTok and a killer social media strategy:


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This week, the secret to great public speaking and live events - should we or shouldn't we?

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Nov 09, 2022
S5 Ep97: Ep #97: How the menopause can derail your digital business (and a hundred bits of good advice) with Jen Stanbrook
*watch out: one small swear in this one*
***also watch out: this episode is golden***

Digital entrepreneur (she blogs, she Pinterests, she runs courses and all the things) Jen Stanbrook is our guest this time - and I already know the feedback is going to be ACE. If you love it, please share this episode with your friends.

Jen is the GOAT at Pinterest. She has 1 million followers on the site (is it a website, is it an app?) so I invited her on to the show to tell us about how we should be using Pins wisely. Which she does.

And we also get in to great great stuff on,

👯‍♀️ the menopause and how it can derail your work and ambitions
👩‍🏫 teaching courses, the uncomfortable truth
📱trying TikTok

Follow Jen on Instagram here:
And on Pinterest:

Follow Helen on Insta here:

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In the exclusive episode this week; how to write a great marketing email.

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Nov 02, 2022
S5 Ep96: Ep #96: Admitting you don't know everything with women's wellness expert Shakira Akabusi
So many of The #JustBloodyPostIt podcast guests leave me feeling like - honestly, how do they do it all?

This time, fitness expert Shakira Akabusi shares how she's on a mission to fill the information gap around women's pre and postpartum fitness. To help us be more robust and recover both physically and mentally from becoming mums.

She's also written a book, is raising four kids and managing what she describes as "extreme OCD and anxiety."

Listen to find out how,

💪 Shakira's strengthened her own mum mindset
🎭 her background in performing helps with content creation
🌍 world domination is the goal
🏃‍♀️ Olympian capabilities run in her family!

Follow Shakira:
Get her book The Strong Like A Mum Method:

And this is the episode of Feel Better Live More that influenced how I feel about exercise:


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Oct 26, 2022
S5 Ep95: Ep #95: Understanding ADHD with TEDx speaker Martha Barnard-Rae
Martha Barnard-Rae is a copywriter who lived with undiagnosed ADHD for 39 years. I discovered her on YouTube - where you can watch her TEDx talk about ADHD in women and girls. It's brilliant, and I knew instantly we've got to get Martha on the podcast to give an episode to this. Because so many of our past guests, women I know in real life and ones we follow on social media are discovering in their 30s and 40s that they have ADHD too.

But what does it mean, how does it affect your life and how does it help to have a diagnosis?

Listen to get answers.

We also discuss,

🗣 what it's like to do a TEDx talk (Martha's has been watched 600k times already)
😁 signs that you or someone you know may have ADHD
👯‍♀️ and what to can do to help

You can follow Martha on Instagram here:
Watch her TEDx here:

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Oct 19, 2022
S5 Ep94: #Ep 94: How LinkedIn changed my life with personal branding expert Amelia Sordell
***note: this is a sweary episode 🤬***

Amelia Sordell is the founder of personal branding agency Klowt. Hear how growing her own LinkedIn following (to 120k+++) inspired Amelia to make big changes in her own life and launch an agency that helps others grow the kind of personal brand recognition they want.

In this episode we discuss,

❓why personal brand matters
✍️ working from home
🙌 values
💪 work ethic
🚀 ambition
🙏 and knowing the right time to delegate

Follow Amelia on Instagram:
And LinkedIn:


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**soz soz soz my LinkedIn game is terrible!
Oct 12, 2022
S5 Ep93: Ep #93: How to influence for the long haul with Kristabel Plummer (and news about exclusive content!)
Hey hey welcome back to The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast a show for creatives who are promoting their work on the internet (you might not call yourself a creative yet but you are one).

This time, we're chatting to creator and influencer @iamkristabel about how to run your content marketing like an online magazine.

You'll hear how to
💰 work with brands
🧠 stay inquisitive (and ahead of the game)
⏳ have longevity
📱 and how Instagram needs to "see a therapist!"

There's also some nice news about a new membership I'm running around my short behind-the-scenes podcasts #JustBloodyPostIt Notes. The ones where I spend 5 minutes a week talking about what I've learnt as a marketer and small business starter (some people don't like the term small business, but I'd say it most accurately describes what I have).

From today, you can subscribe to get 4 thought-packed mini-podcasts from me every month ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


The first note is is waiting for you, it takes you behind-the-scenes on my recent course launch - with thoughts on what it's like selling during the cost of living crisis.

Click to listen.

I can't wait to see you there!

Interested in influencing?
Check out Kristabel's Patreon here:
Subscribe to her YouTube:
and follow her on Instagram:

Helen's Insta is here:
This podcast's produced by Suz at Story Publishing:
Oct 05, 2022
S5 Ep92: Ep #92 Rethinking how much to give away for free - a Just Bloody Post It Note
Hey hey this is the return of #JustBloodyPostIt Notes for Series 5. If you’re not familiar, they are mini podcast audio diaries. A glance behind-the-scenes of my digital business. Thoughts about things that are in the air; news and gossip and trends.

This time, catch up on how the summer break went - particularly around some rethinking that happened on how much to give away for free. And how much to charge for. On creating content. And burnout.

I hope you enjoy it, if you do - share it with friends. The show is always ready to welcome new listeners.

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Sep 30, 2022
S5 Ep91: Ep #91: How to build a membership community with Alice Sheridan and Fleur Emery

We’re back with this belter of a conversation about what it's really like to run an online membership community with artist Alice Sheridan and writer, podcaster and entrepreneur Fleur Emery.

The Just Bloody Post It Podcast is for hopeful creatives who are marketing their work on the internet. We cut through the crap and false promises and six-figure shenanigans to talk about what it's really like to grow a following. Then use it to power your work. 

This time we discuss, 
  • memberships vs courses
  • how to be a great leader and teacher
  • how to grow and evolve your products (and also how to JUST START)
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Sep 28, 2022
S4 Ep90: Ep #90 JustBloodyBiteSize Sarah Barnes; how to grow your Instagram in 2022
Listen to the highlights of one of the most-shared and most talked about episodes from our first four series.

Food blogger Sarah Barnes aka @tamingtwins tells us how she's added more than 200k Instagram and TikTok followers in just a few months by asking her followers what they want and serving it up in spades.

We chat about

🚀 setting ambitious targets
🙏 being relentlessly helpful
👂 listening to what your audience is trying to tell you

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Aug 30, 2022
S4 Ep89: Ep 89 #JustBloodyBiteSize George Kao: on ignoring bad marketing advice
How to ignore what the experts say and do authentic marketing that works.

George Kao is an authentic business coach who doesn't do sales funnels, doesn't do lead magnets and definitely doesn't do crazy 6-figure promises.

Listen to this bite size episode to find out what he knows about,

👫 attracting the right kind of customer, honestly
🙌 just bloody posting it
💪 always having a waiting list for your products

Want more? Click here to listen to the full-length conversation.

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Aug 26, 2022
S4 Ep88: Ep 88 #JustBloodyBiteSize Lisa Dawson: home style influencing with Mrs Consistency
**One small swear word in this ep, you'll hardly notice 😉**

How to make a career out of sharing your passion.

Lisa Dawson's Instagram story began in an age of innocence. She started posting pictures of her home before being an 'influencer' was a job. Before anyone realised that growing a following could allow you to work with brands and monetise your passion.

This is a snippet from our conversation in Season One of the podcast, recorded in summer 2021.

Listen to find out,

🏡 how to grow and maintain connection with an audience
👭 how to work with brands on collaborations
📱 Lisa's secrets to Instagram success

To hear the full-length episode click here.

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Aug 23, 2022
S4 Ep87: Ep 87 #JustBloodyBiteSize Katy Leeson: how to get over yourself and get visible online
**We chat a little about miscarriage in this episode**

How to go build a purposeful personal brand (and avoid burnout) with CEO Katy Leeson.

Katy Leeson has years of experience shaping social media campaigns for big brands a the agency Social Chain, before recently moving to become CEO of Relentless Media - the company behind the rebrand and rebuild of Salford City FC.

We discuss,

💪 what hard work really looks like
🗣 what you can (anything) and can't (nothing) post about on LinkedIn
🙏 the great things that come from awkwardly putting yourself out there!!

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Aug 19, 2022
S4 Ep86: Ep 86 #JustBloodyBiteSize David Hieatt: the influence of an awesome email newsletter
How to market your business with no budget with denim entrepreneur and newsletter expert David Hieatt.

If you missed this conversation the fist time round, I feel certain this bite size taster will tempt you to listen to everything David had to say in Series 3. Click here to get it.

We discuss,

💌 email marketing
💪 the super strength that lies in the story of your small business
😏 the scarcity of great content

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Aug 16, 2022
S4 Ep85: Ep 85 #JustBloodyBiteSize Natalie Lue: the truth about succeeding on social
The REAL secrets to success on social media.

This is a flashback to a golden episode from the first season of #JustBloodyPostIt.

Natalie Lue @natlue is a podcaster, author and relationships expert committed to helping others "break the cycle of people pleasing".

She does this by delivering no bullish*t home truths about the real reasons we are holding ourselves back.

In this conversation we apply her methods to marketing and putting yourself out there and you'll learn,

👍 what you really need to do to get traction on social media
👎 and what you definitely do not need to do despite how the platforms and 'experts' might make you feel
⏳ longevity and confidence

So much of this will resonate with you if you are experiencing burnout or do not feel you're in an authentic place with your content creation.

Click here to listen to the long episode with Nat.
Aug 12, 2022
S4 Ep84: Ep 84 #JustBloodyBiteSize Olga Thompson: on being (so much) more than you are on the internet
**We discuss suicide and breakdown in this episode.**

Listen to find out how to share fearlessly with comedian and Kidscape ambassador Olga Thompson aka @big_fat_greekmother.

Olga's comedy sketches on Instagram only tell a fraction of the story of who she really is - a mum, writer, performer and mental health advocate.  And this conversation from Series 2 of #JustBloodyPost it reminds us of how much more there is to every person you follow on social media.

We chat about,

🔮 the magic of putting yourself out there and where it might take you
🧠 honest conversations about mental health
🙌 the joy of making mistakes

To listen to the full-length episode click here:

Find out more about Kidscape here:
Aug 09, 2022
S4 Ep83: Ep 83 #JustBloodyBiteSize Clare Mackintosh: on BookTok and ambitious marketing goals
Listen to find out how crime author Clare Mackintosh balances a Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and email audience with writing best selling books. 

In this highlight from Series 3, Clare shares the secrets of her super-strategic approach to social media growth including,

  • how to serve different audiences on different platforms
  • why you shouldn't write off Facebook
  • the brilliance of an online book club
Click here for the full length episode.

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Aug 05, 2022
S4 Ep82: Ep 82 #JustBloodyBiteSize Natalie Campbell MBE: how to build a personal brand without social media
Listen to find out how to talk about your work without relying on social media.

Natalie Campbell MBE, social entrepreneur and CEO of Belu - the bottled water company that gives all its profit to WaterAid - is a difficult woman to impress. And she makes no apology for it. 

BiteSize #JustBloodyPostIt episodes bring back some of the best bits of the show's 4 seasons so far.

This conversation was a highlight of series 3 of the podcast, I thank Natalie for her considered thoughts on,

  • cancel culture
  • nuance
  • Rhianna as role model
  • how to be truly impressive
  • and how to be heard when you don't love social media
Click here to listen to the full length episode.

Follow Natalie on Instagram at @nataliedcampbell.
Find out more about Belu here.
And I'm at Instagram here @_helen_perry_.
Aug 02, 2022
S4 Ep81: Ep 81 #JustBloodyBiteSize Alice Sheridan: artist as business owner
Listen to find out how to make an artists work pay on Instagram.

This is another little bite size episode to introduce you to some of the most inspiring and interesting conversations you may have missed on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast so far.

This conversation with Contemporary artist Alice Sheridan is the most-listened-to episode we've shared yet. Why? Because Alice has found that sweet spot so many of us are looking for - she's runs an authentic creative business that makes great money.

Listen to hear her views on being,
  • a pragmatic creative
  • with a non-traditional approach to promoting your work
  • the point of audience growth
  • and being yourself online, truly
Listen to the full length episode here.

Follow Alice on Instagram here @alicesheridanstudio.

And this is my Instagram @_helen_perry_ let's connect!

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Jul 29, 2022
S4 Ep80: Ep 80 #JustBloodyBiteSize Anna Mathur: how to stop caring what other people think
**There's a swear word in the intro 🙊**

This is a sweet new thing. Bite size catch-up episodes to inspire you through the summer break. Because I've recorded more than 40 conversations for #JustBloodyPostIt now and you might have missed some goodies!

First, psychologist and best selling author Anna Mathur.

This episode has always stuck in my mind because it gave us one of the greatest quotes of the show so far; "you'll change some people's lives and you'll piss some people off." YES Anna

Accepting that not everyone, not even close to everyone, will like us is the key to unlocking the best content you'll ever create.

Listen to find out what else having a super-large (180k) social media following has taught Anna about marketing and motherhood.

And click here to listen to the full-length episode.

Here's where to find Anna on Insta @annamathur.

And this is me @_helen_perry_ I'd love to connect.

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Jul 26, 2022
S4 Ep79: Putting yourself out there and podcasting with Suz The Producer @story_publishing
Suzi Dale and I first met 20ish years ago when we both worked at BBC Radio 1, then reunited a couple of years ago create The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast.

In this special episode to mark the end of series 4 (thanks for listening ❤️) we take a trip down memory lane to discuss how our old jobs prepared us for this one.

And we also chat about,

👯‍♀️ woman and podcasting
🙌 the easy ways to start a podcast
🎧 why podcasting works (in the era of 8 second video content)
🎙 kit recommendations

If you'd like to read more about women and podcasting, check out @weareemmeline on Insta.

Suzi's recommendations:

Follow Suzi on Insta at @story_publishing.
And find the Story Publishing website here

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Jul 19, 2022
S4 Ep78: My summer work plans revealed (p.s running your own biz is HARD) a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
In this episode, I share my summer posting and working plans.

Not because I think you should do the same. Just because I think it's always interesting to understand how other people are working and why.

In the past, I've seen other people sharing that they're taking time off in the summer (when I wasn't planning to) and though - ugh - am I doing the wrong thing?

We can only do the thing that's right for us now. And - for me now - the right things is to take a step back. And see what ideas come into my brain. I suspect at a business crossroad (there are a lot of crossroads when you run a business) - not sure of the best way forward but I feel in my bones that carrying on on the hamster wheel is not the right thing to do.

This is the last Post It Note of series 4, I'll be back in September to tell you how my summer break worked out. 

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Jul 15, 2022
S4 Ep77: Managing your six-figure expectations with Janet Murray @janmurrayuk
**Sensitive ears: there's a swear close to the beginning of this episode**

Content marketing and launch specialist Janet Murray tells us how she sold 13 places on the first course launch(far less than she hoped). But her disappointment taught her about managing expectations and what it really takes to run one of those 6-figure businesses the internet promises us is easy peasy.

Jan's one of a very few people who've given me solid gold advice in the past few years since I've been growing my online learning biz. Just when I needed to hear it, she said

  • niche down
  • send emails
  • just start selling the bloody course!
In this episode we talk about,

  • teaching vs coaching
  • dealing with an ADHD diagnosis
  • selling (and the big mistakes people make)
  • running memberships
Here are some ADHD resources recommended by Jan: 

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Jul 12, 2022
S4 Ep76: On popping your bubble and trying different marketing things, a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
Ideas for different ways to promote your work.

I always think summer's a great time for the kids to do new things and see people outside their school term-time bubble. It lends perspective and shows them that there's more to life.

How about we treat our marketing work the same? That sometimes we need to remind ourselves there's more out there.

This week, I've been experimenting with YouTube and considering diving back into Pinterest. I've been batching content and listening to fresh voices.

You'll find some ideas in this post it note that'll help you freshen up (and smarten up!) your work during the summer slow down.

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Jul 08, 2022
S4 Ep75: Time to try TikTok? with Penny Walker @barbrusa_social Elizabeth Stiles @elizabethstylesuk and Belinda Knott @pothiesmakes
Is it time? To join TikTok. I know it's crossed your mind. And even though it's been taking the world by storm since 2016, in recent months I've noticed a wave of non-TikTok-typical people heading over to the app.

Mid life people, creative people, INSTAGRAM people. I called in TikTok expert Penny Walker, internet sales coach Elizabeth Stiles and maker Belinda Knott to share their experience on TikTok. The ups and downs, what works, how it works and loads more.

Connect with the girls on TikTok
And Instagram
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Jul 05, 2022
S4 Ep74: How to show up (when you really really don't feel like it) a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
Is it time to disappear? For the whole summer?

A near burn-out experience has left me considering a complete switch off for the next six weeks. To rest and recuperate and consider my next move. But the universe seems to be telling me to think twice. Like, will your future self thank you for this?

Listen to consider the pros and cons of complete summer marketing breaks (or any breaks, any time of year). 

We'll think about,
  • how a vanishing act can hurt your biz, or not
  • easy low-effort ways to stay visible (when you're knackered)
  • regular content ideas

In this episode I mention,
Janet Murray you can click here to follow her.
And Lucy Wern, this is her Instagram.

And if you'd like to join Newsletter Writers Hour, click here to sign up for reminders.
Jul 01, 2022
S4 Ep73: How to love the way you sound with voice coach Nicola Redman @nicredvoice
The sound of your own voice can be one of the hardest things to get over when you're 'putting yourself out there' in your marketing.

Listening to the way you talk is YUCK. And there are physical and emotional reasons why that's true for almost all of us.

This time, we're unpicking this voice stuff with voice coach and voiceover artist Nicola Redman

Nic's a trained actor who found her calling and business from behind the microphone. 

She teaches all kinds of people how to express themselves vocally - to stay calm and sound great. In this episode we chat about,
  • why we don't like how we sound
  • how to get over it and love how we sound 
  • simple vocal exercises (LOTS of takeaways)
  • how Nic runs her online learning biz from gorgeous Cumbria
The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Story Publishing.
Jun 28, 2022
S4 Ep72: Trends (should we be jumping on them?) a #JustBloodyPostIt note
A lot of TikTok and Instagram content's now driven by trends.

What even is trending audio anyway? It's music, or sound, a skit or dance routine (shudders) that quickly becomes popular (usually on TikTok first) and before you know if everyone's creating content using it.

The case for getting involved is the potential for better traction with the algorithm (this works on both platforms). More views! A viral hit!

So should we be jumping all over trends?

This time I chat about,

  • why say YES to trends
  • why maybe no
  • brand identity 
  • sales
  • where to find trends to follow
  • followers

I mention a newsletter about TikTok trends that I get from @wavewyld 'the queen of trend alerts' - find her here:

And brilliant Belinda @pothiesmakes who's killing it on TikTok:
Jun 24, 2022
S4 Ep71: From frustrated about followers to viral Reels star with stylist Anita Feron Clark @feronclarkstyle
Much has been written and said about Instagram's ability to make us feel bad about ourselves. To wonder what we're doing wrong or what someone else (with less qualifications and experience) is doing so right they've got a bigger following?

Our guest this time, personal stylist Anita Feron Clark was in this type of funk with Insta when I first met her a couple of years ago. But necessity is the mother of invention and Anita needed to make Instagram work to drive bookings to her business (mostly 121 consultations + a bit of influencer marketing).

So she found her lane, committed to her niche (mid-life women) went all-in on Reels. What do you know her follower numbers are growing like mad. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • viral Reels (and what it's like to have one)
  • representation in the influencer marketing industry (or lack of it)
  • the discipline of marketing
  • how old is too old
This is Anita's nearly-didn't-post-it-because-of-the-vpl-viral Reel:

Follow Anita here:
Follow me here:

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Jun 21, 2022
S4 Ep70: On cancelling (and why we're doing this anyway) a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
Thoughts from my business this time. Because it's been a moment. 

Things came to a head. After 4.5 years of working almost without pause to grow my business and get back to work - the stretch became too much. 

In this past month my grandmother died and I was forced to rethink my work life balance. Cancel some stuff, take a step back and have a rest. 

These are my feelings from the middle of it on, 

  • taking the summer off
  • decision making
  • ambition
  • tiredness

Here's the researcher and author Brené Brown's Instagram post about her summer break : and a longer form piece from her website:

I also mention my friend Antonia, here's her Instagram @antoniataylorpr.
And my Instagram:

My podcast is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.
Jun 17, 2022
S4 Ep69: Making sales (sensitively) with coach and writer Suzy Darke @suzydarke
Dr Suzy Darke says she's designed a career she "didn't trust was possible" as a coach, mentor and writer - working with exactly the type of clients she wants ("they are the best") from her home, in Cornwall.

And despite being a self-confessed highly sensitive empath, Suzy's found a way through the noise to get noticed and grow an online community that powers her work. 

Because sensitive empaths are ambitious too!

We chat about,

  • Instagram and emails for introverts
  • choosing your right clients - and making sure they see you
  • selling soulfully (but effectively!)
  • wanting to be visible and claiming that space
  • what coaching really is - and how to find the right one
You can follow Suzy on Instagram here:
And follow me here:

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Jun 14, 2022
S4 Ep68: The 5 mistakes you're maybe (probably) making with your email marketing a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
It pays to notice. To notice what bigger brands (with bigger budgets) are doing with their marketing. And this week I've been reflecting on just how very very often people are trying to get hold of my email address. Every website or online order or physical real life shop you visit wants it. Way more than they want me to follow them on Instagram.

Why's that?

Because emails convert sales and bookings. Because we see and read emails. Because everyone you want to reach has an email address.

And if that's true, and it's the best tool in your kit - then listen to the 5 mistakes you're maybe (probably) making with your email marketing.

Then join my email marketing course Lists Club - 21st June - 8th July.

Full price £279
Podcast listener discount price £224 | use the discount codes PODCASTFAN or PODCASTFANSPLIT (for the split payment option).

Click here to read all the details

Email me if you'd like to chat about whether it's for you. 
Jun 10, 2022
S4 Ep67: The Beyoncé school of marketing with Colah B Tawkin @blackinthegarden
Colah B Tawkin is an America truck driver turned plantpreneur.

Her online audience is driven by her podcast Black in the Garden which Colah founded to fill the space for conversation about horticulture and black culture - as she says "in a world where all the garden fairies and most of the gnomes are white".

We talk about
  • what it means to be black in the garden
  • what Beyoncé can teach us about marketing
  • being a Virgo 
  • how to monetise an online audience
  • her colouring book!
This episode is especially full of juicy advice and tips if you're thinking of starting a podcast.

Listen to Black in the Garden here:
Follow @blackingthegarden here:

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Jun 07, 2022
S4 Ep66: To infinity and beyond: the TikTokification of Instagram, a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
Sharing some insights from a super interesting session on the state of play in social media hosted by the content strategist and SEO specialist Beth Gladstone (click here to follow her on Instagram).

She talked about TikTok, Instagram and - a more pressing issue for many of us - the 'TikTokification of Instagram.'

Listen for reflections on

  • Reels
  • TikTok
  • social media algorithms
  • content strategies
Jun 03, 2022
S4 Ep65: Closing the confidence gap with feminist entrepreneur Lauren Currie OBE
**Sensitive ears: there are a few swears in this episode**

Our guest this week is feminist entrepreneur, speaker and confidence teacher Lauren Currie OBE

We discuss,
  • women and social media
  • marketing personalities
  • what confidence is really
  • and why women struggle with it
  • Instagram people pleasing
  • money mindset
  • Sweden!
Sign up to the next UPFRONT bond using the discount code HELENPERRY. Here's the link: Doors close 03.06.22.

Follow Lauren at @_laurencurrie_.
Follow Helen at @_helen_perry_.
This podcast is produced by Suzi at @story_publishing.

May 31, 2022
S4 Ep64: Does the soft sell ever really work? A #JustBloodyPostIt Note
I tried a slightly different approach to selling courses this month. Quieter.

Listen to find out whether it works, and thoughts on selling with integrity on Instagram and in emails.

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May 27, 2022
S4 Ep63: Grown up influencing with fashion editor @erica_davies
Maker of beautiful homes and all round Very Stylish Person Erica Davies is my guest on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast this week.

You may be one of the almost 187k people who hang out on Erica’s Instagram account already, if not - I’ll introduce you;

Erica was Fleet Street’s youngest ever fashion editor at The Sun aged a sunny 24. She went on to work at Look Magazine as a fashion and beauty editor before founding her blog The Edited. Seeking better work-life balance (and to take the opportunities a big online audience was offering) she quit London and now works full time with brands in increasingly impressive partnerships. She now designs lines of products for the likes of John Lewis. Oh and she's casually written a book, Leopard is a Neutral - and has another in the pipeline!

We chat about;
💪 grown up strategic influencer marketing
✋ boundaries on social media
🎥 Reels and the rise of video content
🗞 editing your own magazine on Instagram

Follow Erica here @erica_davies
Follow Helen here @_helen_perry_

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May 24, 2022
S4 Ep62: Re-engaging with Instagram (an experiment)
Unless you've got the stamina of Mo Farah - if you do content creation for long enough you'll have ups and downs with certain platforms. 

In the past six months, I've had a meh moment with Instagram. Not intentional, I didn't flounce off, I'm not even p*ssed off about Reels - was just focused on other stuff (hello darling podcast). 

But I've found some renewed energy with it and am reconnecting to find out what works there, now. 

Listen for thoughts on, 
  • trust
  • audience growth
  • viral content
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May 20, 2022
S4 Ep61: A make-more-money special with boundaries expert Natalie Lue and The Pricing Queen Sally Farrant
***Watch out for one or two swears***

It's series four, welcome back!

This episode's especially for you if you're like the very (very) many people I've worked with this year who're holding back on price increases because of the cost of living crisis. Or not marketing in the face of terrible world events.

Because neither are valid reasons to get paid less than you should or absorb rising costs.

I'm joined by author, podcaster, relationships and boundaries expert Natalie Lue (follow @natlue) and accountant Sally Farrant (follow @thepricingqueen) to discuss,

  • why we feel the need to decide what other people can afford
  • owning your own money story
  • the joy of making your product more expensive
  • how to put a price on what you do
It's packed with valuable advice and kick-up-the-bum home truths and it's my hope it will persuade some people to increase their prices and know their worth.

Let me know what you think over at @_helen_perry_.

Share this episode with someone who'd find it useful.

The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Story Publishing.
May 17, 2022
S3 Ep60: Newsletter Launchpad; a #JustBloodyPostIt note special
Starting a weekly email newsletter 3 years ago was a game-changer for my business.

It created a quiet space where my Instagram followers (the only place where my online audience could find me, at the time) could get to know me better. Which is what most people need if they're going to trust and buy from you.

So to help you get your newsletter off the ground I've created a new mini course, Newsletter Launchpad 🚀.

It's an audio course supported by a private Facebook group (all Launchpadders get ongoing membership to the community).

May is launch month for launchpad and you can buy the course for a special one-off price of £99 (from 1st June it'll be £149) using the discount code 'EARLYLAUNCHPAD'.

Click here for details and booking:

Also exclusively in May, you get access to a series of launch events - a launch party if you like - here's the schedule: 
  • 1030 Thursday 5th May 'My Newsletter' online shop mentor Jo @jo_at_firain.
  • 1300 Friday 6th May Your newsletter content brainstorm.
  • 1300 Weds 11th May Which email platform? A whizz through some options.
  • 1300 Thurs 12th May ‘My Newsletter’ with market research and product specialist Katie Tucker @productjungle.
  • 1300 Weds 18th May Your newsletter and more sales.
  • 1300 Thurs 19th May 'My Newsletter' with artist @maryanne.hawes.artist.
  • 1300 Tues 24th May How to make your newsletter stand out.
There will be recordings of all sessions.

Email me or DM me @_helen_perry_ if you'd like to chat about any of the details. 
May 04, 2022
S3 Ep59: OG Insta photographer Hannah Birtwistle Argyle on being still in a world of video
This time, for the Series 3 finale (already!) we hear from Insta-trained photographer Hannah Birtwistle Argyle on how it feels to have grown an account (and livelihood) on The Gram only for it to pivot to video.

"You almost feel a little bit rejected by Instagram like it's done the dirty on you. Like, 'we were doing so well why did you go and do this?'. But if there's one thing I've learnt from 8 years on the app is that essentially you have to do you." @hannahargyle
  • Instagram Reels
  • Photography tips
  • Influencer marketing
  • Instagram growth
  • Women in business
  • Work life balance
  • TikTok
We mention Hannah's photography for Instagram course, check it out here.

You can always find me on Insta, click here to follow @_helen_perry_.

And my podcast is produced by Suzi at @story_publising, thanks Suz.
Apr 12, 2022
S3 Ep58: Your brand promise (and Will Smith) a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
**One swear, don't be shocked**

Getting to grips with what your brand is can be tricky af, especially if you're a solo business. Can I be a brand all on my own?

It's helped me to understand brand as a promise, that you make to your customers/followers/clients. 

Listen to find out mine and start thinking about yours.

And what Will Smith's got to do with it...
Apr 08, 2022
S3 Ep57: How to grow your Insta 30k in 90 days with Sarah Barnes @tamingtwins
Big Insta growth stories are usually too good to be true, but in the case of food blogger Sarah Barnes aka @tamingtwins a truly soulful approach has seen her numbers sky rocket.

In just 3 months she's grown her audience to over 100k.

Listen to discover the secret to audience-centred audience growth

We chat about
  • market research
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • blogs
  • advertising
  • what to make for dinner!
You can follow @tamingtwins on Instagram here.
And for TikTok click here.
And you can dig into Sarah's recipes on her blog.

Sarah's been kind enough to share the details of an overhead tripod mount that she uses, click here to check it out.

I am always on Instagram @_helen_perry_.
And my podcast is produced by Suzi at @story_publishing.
Apr 05, 2022
S3 Ep56: How to get your course done, a #JustBloodyPostIt Note
***Watch out sensitive ears, one swear word near the beginning***

How long have you been planning, and not doing, your online course? 

It's properly challenging to get an course finished (or even started!). An uphill struggle every time. But in the past few years since I started making my living from online learning, I've found a few strategies that help.

  • Writing
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Accountability
And I'm going to run a two week intensive Courses Club on how to create and sell an online learning product in May 2022, click here to get yourself on the wait list.

This podcast is produced by Suzi at Story Publishing.
Apr 01, 2022
S3 Ep55: Perfect pitching with the PR poet @antoniataylorpr
How to convince people your ideas are great, or pitches that do not suck is the topic of this week's chat with my friend, Antonia Taylor (@antoniataylorpr).

Toni is a PR founder with two decades of experience of getting her clients the right kind of press coverage. But she's more than just that one thing. She's also a writer, featured in Red magazine, and published poet. 

We discuss,
  • being more than one thing
  • introducing your online community to different passions and sides of yourself
  • how to make (true) friends and influence people
  • LinkedIn (is it worth it?)
  • and the gentle failure of our events side hustle
You can sign up to get Toni's modern marketing newsletter The Conversation here.

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Mar 29, 2022
S3 Ep54: Is it time for real life events again? A #JustBloodyPostIt Note
Is it time to think about organising an event in real life?

Listen to hear how my business went from real life to online during the pandemic, and how I never thought it would go back again. Until now...

  • community
  • connection
  • collaboration
  • small business
  • profitability 
  • event management
I mention the episode of The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast with branding expert and Hiut Denim founder David Hieatt, it's a great listen click here.

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This is my Insta @_helen_perry_.
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Mar 25, 2022
S3 Ep53: Running a news channel on Instagram with @lovely_._lydia
Lydia Finney runs an Instagram account that really shouldn't work, but really does - balancing her love of crafting with her passion for politics.

In times of crisis, she runs a virtual news channel from her kitchen table, sharing educational and reassuring content for her 25k followers (and counting).

We chat about the energy she gives to her account, and what she gets out of it in return.

Topics include,
  • curating and controlling your social media bubble
  • Patreon and allowing your most passionate followers to support your work
  • Instagram husbands!
Lydia talks about the creators payment platforms Patreon, click here to check it out, and Ko-fi which is here

Follow Helen on Instagram here @_helen_perry_.
This podcast is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.

Mar 22, 2022
S3 Ep52: A #JustBloodyPostIt Note about why we need to forget about the results we want from our marketing
One of the biggest mistakes you can make if you want to do good content marketing is to become too attached, too early, the results you want. 

It gets in the way of getting the results you want. Trust me, and listen to find out why. 

  • engagement
  • calls to action
  • audience growth
  • conversation 
My new Newsletter Writers Hour is free to join every Thursday morning, sign up for notifications here:
Mar 18, 2022
S3 Ep51: From stylist to fashion founder with Lynne Meek @themeekboutiqueuk
Stylist Lynne Meek joined Instagram in 2015 because her kids told her it would 'suit her creativity'. And they were right.

On the platform, she quickly found a tribe of women who loved her comfy-casual-glamorous look...but didn't know where to buy it. Because the clothes Lynne was posting weren't easily available in the shops.

So in 2018 Lynne launched her own online retail brand - The Meek Boutique - selling her style to her online audience. It now employs here whole family and is growing fast. 

In this episode we chat about,

  • the graft involved with growing an online audience
  • listening to what your customer wants
  • turning a following into a profitable business
  • spreading your marketing bets
  • and the simple joy of an elasticated waist!

Follow Lynne @themeekboutiqueuk.
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Mar 15, 2022
S3 Ep50: A #JustBloodyPostIt Note on the pleasure and pain of being entirely self-taught
When you're entirely self-taught are qualified to help others?

In this note, I explain how I made myself a content marketing expert from the internet, books (it's all out there), watching and doing.

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Writing
  • Brand
  • Accountability

Also, I needed a kick up the arse this week and got it in the form of this podcast from Steven Bartlet about how to grow a show, click here to watch it too:

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My podcast is produced by Story Publishing, thanks for listening. 
Mar 11, 2022
S3 Ep49: How social media can help now with American-Ukrainian writer Tetyana Denford, a special edition.
American-Ukrainian writer Tetyana Denford says that she's been surviving on "no sleep and fumes" since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Instead, she's been using her voice and social channels to make noise, spread the word, spread news and connect with other desperately worried people. 

In this conversation we talk about,

  • how social media is giving power and reach to the Ukrainian community
  • what we should consider sharing (and not sharing)
  • the symbolism of the Ukrainian flag
  • caring quietly
Resources mentioned in the show,

Thanks always for listening, Hx
Mar 04, 2022
S3 Ep48: Defining authentic with business coach George Kao
Our guest this time, authentic business coach George Kao (click here to follow him on Instagram and here to check out his YouTube channel) is all about doing marketing differently. Me too, George!

Forget sales funnels and six-figure promises, even forget results. Yeah - really. 

Instead, we chat about,
  • ditching your agenda
  • YouTube
  • why he's quit Instagram Reels
  • and marketing messages no-one wants to hear (but need to)
George talks about attachment and the Hindu spiritual poem the Bhagavad Gita, click here for some further reading.

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Mar 01, 2022
S3 Ep47: Where's the audience growth coming from in 2022? A #JustBloodyPostIt Note
This time, we chat about where the new followers and subscribers are coming from in 2022. And,
  • how much energy we should give community growth
  • which platforms are worth prioritising
  • what kinds of content attracts new eyes
***Health warning*** I won't manage to do all of the things I mention in this episode - it's a wish-list-smorgasbord-of-audience-growth-tactics - but I'll do some, and that will be enough.

For my really useful weekly small biz marketing email The Switch click here.
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My podcast is produced by Suzi at Story Publishing.

Feb 25, 2022
S3 Ep46: Who to be impressed by with Belu CEO Natalie Campbell MBE
Natalie Campbell describes herself as a 'social entrepreneur' - or - someone who is trying to do business better.

Her drinks company Belu gives 100% of its profits to water aid and she has just picked up an MBE for services to entrepreneurship. 

She's also a broadcaster on Badass Women's hour and Harper Colins author. 

We chat about,
  • how to run a public profile when you're a introvert (and don't love social media)
  • how to include more life in your working week
  • and who (or what) we should be impressed by
The business books Natalie recommends,
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
How to make a million pounds in 30 days.

And click here for the episode of After Works Drinks Club I mention in this episode.

My podcast's produced by Suzi at Story Publishing.

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Feb 22, 2022
S3 Ep45: Does audience size matter? Answers in this #JustBloodyPostIt Note...
Chasing numbers is a game you'll never win.

It's impossible to be fully satisfied with the number of followers or subscribers you have. Humans aren't built for satisfaction, read this it explains.

So should we ignore audience size, be grateful for the fans we have and do something more Zen instead?

Partly yes, partly no.

Marketing on the internet will always be a numbers game.

I'm aiming to answer the questions how much does size matter and how big is big enough in this Post It Note. Listen and pop over to Instagram to let me know what you think
Feb 18, 2022
S3 Ep44: The mighty strength and influence of small businesses with David Hieatt co-founder of @hiutdenim
David Hieatt is the co-founder of, well lots of things tbh, but maybe most famously Hiut Denim and The DO Lectures. He's a big deal in my world for writing a brilliant little business book, about emails. We both love them for all their unsexy effectiveness!
So in this episode we chat about, 
  • writing decent content (a rare and still compelling thing)
  • why he prioritises emails over Instagram
  • being scrappy (hurrah)
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And this is the link to buy David's book Do Open: How a simple email newsletter can transform your business (and it can).

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Feb 15, 2022
S3 Ep43: What I've learnt about podcasting so far, a #JustBloodyPostIt Note to get you in the mood for series 3
**I swear once, you've been warned**

After 43 episodes and 40 thousand listens this podcast still feels at the very beginning of its journey - thank YOU for jumping on the ride. I've taken a few minutes this week to reflect on what got it started, and where it's going. Whether it's making money, or just making me happy. And what's most important...

Pop over to Instagram and let me know what you think.
Feb 11, 2022
S3 Ep42: Ambition, book clubs and TikTok for grown ups with best-selling author Clare Mackintosh
**There's one swear in this episode, wouldn't want you to be surprised 😉**

What. A. Guest I've got for you to kick of season 3 of The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast.

Clare Mackintosh is the multi award-winning Sunday Times best selling author of I Let You Go and Hostage. And she's a total content marketing geek on the side.

We chat about how Clare's grown her
  • online book club
  • TikTok following
  • mailing list
And how her previous life as a police officer's helped her to craft brand stories that resonate with just the people who're likely to buy her books.

Clare mentions a plugin called Groupboss that she uses to connect her Facebook group to her email list, here's a link:

Help spread the word...

Every subscribe and review you leave helps #JustBloodyPostIt find new ears, and I'm grateful for them all.

Hope you enjoy this episode - pop over to Instagram and let me know what you think. It's great to be back, Hx

p.s thanks to Penny @barbrusasocial for introducing me to Clare's TikTok, Penny's a TikTok specialist - go give her a follow.
Feb 08, 2022
S2 Ep41: A #JustBloodyPostItNote about dancing on Instagram
***WARNING a few swear words in here ;)***

Bonus episode in response to a big response that happened on a post I shared - read it here - about women, and dancing and being daft on Instagram. And algorithms and platform pleasing. Let me know what you think. Hx
Jan 21, 2022
S2 Ep40: A #JustBloodyPostIt Note about how to find your ideal followers (and customers) in 2022
The best content ideas are very often sparked by a bloody good question.

This episode is in response to a DM I got over on Instagram. It said,
'Marketing and Instagram experts always go on about 'finding your ideal followers' and 'creating posts for your perfect customer' but how, exactly do you find these perfect people or how do they find you?
Over the past 4-and-a-bit years I've grown an online audience that's packed with enough with ideal followers to support my work.

It takes time. You have to know who you're talking to, and do your best to be yourself in your social posts (your vibe attracts your tribe). 

But there are also things you can do to help get noticed by your best people. Listen to find out how.

**There's one swear towards the end.**
Jan 02, 2022
S2 Ep39: A #JustBloodyPostIt note about how emails can switch a light on in your business
This is the story of how emails transformed my work.

Taking it from a gorgeous but barely-breaking-even Instagram community to a small biz that earns tens of thousands of pounds per course.

Want some of the secret email sauce to sell more of your brilliant stuff?

My email marketing course Lists Club starts on Tuesday 11th January. 

It's a 3 week part-live, part-self-paced adventure that'll show you how to 
  • set your email list up properly 
  • send great newsletters and sales messages 
  • and attract subscribers for the long term
You can click to read all about it here.

Full price £279.

For podcast listeners and email subscribers (aka my favourites) there is an early booking discount price £229 available until Sunday 2nd January, use the code EARLYBIRD or EARLYBIRDSPLIT (for the split payment option).

Message me on Instagram or email if you have questions.
Dec 29, 2021
S2 Ep38: #JustBloodyPostIt note: 9 lessons work's taught me in 2021
This year, I understood how to embrace awkwardness in my business, accept the Instagrammyness of Instagram, to understand why putting time into your relationships is never time wasted and lots lots more.

Have a listen and pop over to Insta and let me know what you think.

Wonder what 2022 will make us realise?

Thanks always for listening, wishing you a restful festive break with your loved ones.

My next course Lists Club, an email marketing adventure, starts in Jan get on the wait list.
Dec 17, 2021
S2 Ep37: #JustBloodyPostIt note: how I've grown my online audience in 2021
Bad news. There's no silver bullet or growth hack hiding in this episode, just a list of the various ways I've add new Insta followers, email subscribers and podcast listeners to my online audience this year.

I mention my Insta Lunch Break buddies Lou @spark_social, Milla @pinkstormsocial and Kirsty @rebuildagram. Go and give those girls a follow.

And my hashtags workbook You can do hashtags, is available now for you to download just click here to get it
Dec 03, 2021
S2 Ep36: Loving the audience you've got with influencer and fundraiser Sally Hurman
Our guest this week, former hairdresser Sally Hurman has more than 90k followers on her Instagram account @gettingstuffdoneinheels, which means she works with big brands as a home and fashion influencer. She's also used her following to open an online shop and raise awareness about blood cancer.

We chat about
  • whether influencer's still a dirty word
  • how to deal with trolls and critics
  • looking after the followers you've already got
  • embracing constant change on social platforms
  • and how to beat the bots (competitions hack included, listen until the end)
Sally also uses her platform to raise awareness about blood cancer and specifically the stem cell register DKMS. If you'd like to find out more about their work to fight blood cancer click here.

The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is taking a break now until the new year when we'll be back with season 3.

In the meantime, catch up with episodes you've missed (so many good conversations) and if you like the show - please leave a review wherever you listen, it helps other people find us.
Dec 01, 2021
S2 Ep35: #JustBloodyPostIt Note: how to make every post more engaging
Ok so I might not have the world's biggest Instagram following (that's Cristiano Ronaldo) or longest email list or most listened-to podcast (yet!) but if you want to know about engagement I AM YOUR GAL.

My social posts and emails get engaged with, engaged upon, are engaging enough to drive plenty of work through my business.

They do not get ignored, they get committed upon, saved and shared. Marketing gold.


How do you get people to engage with the content you're working so hard to create?

Jump in to this Post It Note, I've some tips for you...

Click to get my weekly email The Switch for more help marketing your small business brilliantly on the internet. 
Nov 26, 2021
S2 Ep34: Selling what you know with the queen-of-course-launches @elizabethstilesuk
**There's a teeny swear near the end, in case you have sensitive ears.**

Fashion brand consultant Elizabeth Stiles teaches small fashion start-ups how to get their product made, out there and on people's backs.

After years working in-house for brands like Next and Miss Selfridge she had a moment of clarity (on a yoga mat, as you do) that she could package up and sell her knowledge on the internet.

Elizabeth got my attention - not because I want to start a fashion brand - but because of how brilliantly she sells her courses on Instagram. 

Listen to find out, 
  • how often she posts when she's in launch-mode
  • the unsexy truths of successful digital marketing
  • and how to know when your account needs a trip to the Instagram beauty salon
If you enjoy the show I'd be forever grateful if you could leave a review on the podcast platform you listen on. It helps others find us. Back soon, H x
Nov 23, 2021
S2 Ep33: #JustBloodyPostIt Note on the undeniable power of holding your nerve
This one's to debrief you (and myself) on the lessons learnt from the recent sales campaign for my course Engaging Instagram.

It was a white knuckle ride that forced me to hang in there and keep talking while the till was not always ringing. But did it end well? Listen to find out!

Click here to follow the writer and coach Dr Suzy Darke @suzydarke whose brilliant post about time I mention in this episode. Time is just one of the big, unsung, unsexy ingredients of success, don't you think?

And click here to listen to my post it note about selling, and learning to feel comfortable with it (which you can).
Nov 19, 2021
S2 Ep32: How to #JustBloodyPostIt like a journalist with Livingetc's Busola Evans
This is a chat I've been wanting to have for a while. About how being a journalist sets you up very nicely indeed to have a winning online profile.

It was my old job you see, reporting the news on the radio. And I learnt skills there that work just as well on Instagram as would for The Times newspaper.

Or Living Etc magazine!

Which is where our guest Busola Evans is the (newly appointed 🎉) deputy editor writing about home renos, design pieces and all the beautiful kitchens.

She's been a journalist for 20 years so we chat about,
  • dancing on a table with Mel B
  • understanding and serving a particular audience
  • how to write for your follower
This week's episode is packed with takeaways, let me know what you think (I'm basically always on Instagram).

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Nov 16, 2021
S2 Ep31: #JustBloodyPostIt note: are the new Insta link stickers a bit pants?
Links in Stories for all Insta users whoop.
No more pointless dash to 10k followers whoop.
New link stickers that aren't all that less whoop.

In this episode, I ask whether trying to get people to click on links in Instagram is a waste of energy altogether?

Links in Stories and links in bio are fiddly and awkward and followers are lazy (sorry) and busy.

Are we better coming up with creative ways to get the job done on in the app not outside it?

Let me know what you think, subscribe, share with your friends and come and say hi at @_helen_perry_.
Nov 05, 2021
S2 Ep30: How to compete with cat memes and Instagram models with Social Chain MD @katyleeson
**Heads up that there's a mention of miscarriage in this episode**

Katy Leeson's got a big job. She's managing director of Social Chain the social media marketing agency founded by Steven Bartlett. It helps the big brands (huge like Coke, Amazon, KFC, Uber) to create content that cuts through the noise and gets noticed.

Even though putting her own face out there and creating a personal brand doesn't come naturally, she's now on a mission to change what leadership looks like. 

She uses her platform to educate young people about using social media in a healthy way, to encourage us all to de-gloss our posts and show up in a more real and vulnerable way. 

We chat about, 
  • what we're competing against every time we share a social post
  • TikTok and the future digital marketing
  • what you can talk about on LinkedIn
Listen to Katy's podcast 'I Shouldn't Say This But...' here:

Subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Thanks always for listening, H

Nov 02, 2021
S2 Ep29: #JustBloodyPostIt note for the course curious: how I build mine
Would you like to sell what you know?

I'm just about to start my fifth Big Course, this time about how-to-do-brilliant-Instagram, and have a learning or 154759275 to share with you about what works best. 

Teaching (knowing what people need to know) isn't easy. And every cohort of students will teach the teacher something new. 

But there's no doubt that if you have an engaged online audience, being able to sell them knowledge can be a fantastic income stream. Consider it. 

In this note I share, 
  • how I build a balanced a course
  • what I think about 'passive income' 
  • and the biggest mistake course teachers make
Here are the details of Engaging Instagram, work starts Tuesday 2nd November:

Thanks for listening!
Oct 29, 2021
S2 Ep28: Posting on a mission to change things with disability rights activist @blinddad_uk
This time we're chatting to Dr Amit Patel @blindad_uk. Amit lost his sight overnight (heads up that he talks about this early in the episode) just a year after he got married.

Unable to do his old job as a trauma doctor, or move about safely on his own - Amit says he was 'saved' by the arrival of his guide dog, Kika.

Now he's a writer and speaker and disability activist using Twitter and Instagram to amplify his message. 

We talk about,
  • what it's like to use Instagram when you've never seen it
  • how we can make our social posts more accessible 
  • finding happiness in unexpected places
Oct 26, 2021
S2 Ep27: #JustBloodyPostIt note: how to get comfortable with selling on social
How are you with selling?

Never in eleventy billion years did I think I'd be giving people advice on how to sell. If you'd have asked my younger self she'd have said,

"I'm absolutely useless at selling"
"Hate it"
"Cringe. Avoid at all costs!"

Relate? Yet, here I am in the midst of a big launch period in my business feeling pretty chill about asking people to buy from me on Instagram. Every single day.

So this week, some thoughts on how to turn your selling mindset upside down. Then you can get out there and tell people about the brilliant thing that you offer.

My course Engaging Instagram (how to grow an account that works) runs from 2nd-26th November, click here for info and booking.

Books that I mention in this episode include,

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
Write to Sell by Andy Maslin

Oct 22, 2021
S2 Ep26: Some people won't like you and that's ok with psychotherapist @annamathur
**Language: one small swear in this one.

Anna Mathur started out on Instagram sharing ideas for how to decorate her new-build house. But as soon as she realised there's an appetite for content about her day job - as a psychotherapist - things really took off.

Now, she's grown a following of more than 160k followers, written best selling books and created courses and membership programmes that support many more people than she ever could in the therapist's chair.

Listen to find out how she copes with,

  • losing followers
  • running such a large online community
  • not being everyone's cup of tea!
Here's how you can find out more about The MotherMind Way, the membership we discuss in the episode. 

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Oct 19, 2021
S2 Ep25: Bonus #JustBloodyPostIt note: is 'Engaging Instagram' right for you now?
"Is this the right course for me?" is one of the questions I get asked most often when I launch a new training programme.

So, I've created this 'PostIt note especially for you if you're wondering whether a month of doubling-down on your Instagram marketing (with me 👭) is the right thing for you now.

Click here to become an email subscriber, you'll be the first to hear about courses and get discounts on everything I do.

And click here to go straight to the booking page and learn more about Engaging Instagram.

Come over to Instagram to ask me any further questions, or send an email to

The work starts on 2nd November #JustBloodyPostIt
Oct 18, 2021
S2 Ep24: #JustBloodyPostIt note: saying no to 121s
When was the last time you said no to something in your business? Actually turned down work because it doesn't serve you?

Yikes. I did it the other day when I decided to pull the plug on offering 121s and power hours.

It's been bugging me for a while that they maybe a.) aren't the best use of my time and b.) not the greatest way to guarantee marketing results.

Listen to find out more.

I mention my weekly email newsletter The Switch (for people promoting their sh*t on the internet) in this episode, you can click here to get it.
Oct 15, 2021
S2 Ep23: Comedy and scroll-stopping honesty with Olga Thompson @big_fat_greekmother
**So there's no surprises; Olga and I discuss issues including suicide, depression, childbirth trauma and breakdown in the episode.**

It's a wonder comedian, actor, singer, anti-bullying campaigner, mental health advocate and mum of 3 boys Olga Thompson - aka @big_fat_greekmother - could fit in a podcast recording...

But you'll be so pleased she did and so bloody glad you listened to this joyful conversation about,
  • performing (because what's the worst that can happen?)
  • making your family proud
  • not caring about content fails (or any fails)
  • and never going viral
Here are how to connect with the charities we mention, 
Thanks always for listening, if you want more inspiration for your small business marketing get my (surprisingly popular) Friday email by clicking right here
Oct 12, 2021
S2 Ep22: #JustBloodyPostIt note: my four year Instagramaversary
Four years ago this week I launched my 'work' Instagram account @_helen_perry_ (back then it was @notaboutthekids).

I was clueless. Useless. Thought it would be relatively easy to grow an online audience (ha!). But that's where things begin - from a place of being able to make a fool of yourself and learn. To borrow a phrase from someone cleverer than me "success lives on the very edges of failure."

Now, it hosts a beautiful online community that powers my business.

Listen to hear the most important things I've learnt about surviving and thriving on social media. About how marketing works. It's been a ball so far.

Here's how to get on the wait list for the Engaging Instagram course 2-26 November:

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Oct 08, 2021
S2 Ep21: Bonus #JustBloodyPostIt note: The Great Big Facebook Outage and how we should feel about
Some reflections on the 6 hour Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage on Monday.

I found myself asking (not for the first time) 'where would my business be if Instagram disappeared, like, really disappeared?'

It's an awkward conversation we need to have with ourselves, how would it go for you? Would you be completely screwed or do you have business back-up? Let's chat...

Click here to sign up for my emails
Oct 06, 2021
S2 Ep20: Creating boundaries and great content with @the_peoplepleasing_therapist
Therapist Elsie Owen only opened her Instagram account @_the_peoplepleasing_therapist during lockdown in early 2020.

She's quickly grown an audience of 14k thanks to her focused posting about boundaries, people-pleasing and how to say no.

Now, she's using her following to expand her business to include courses and workshops, click here to learn about the Boundaries Course.

Elsie and I chat about,
  • how she found her lane and voice on Instagram
  • how to tune-out the things that don't matter and focus on our own marketing message
  • what people-pleasing is all about and how to stop it!
  • coping with rejection
If you enjoy this episode (and I jolly well think you will) then why not share it with a friend or leave a 5* review on iTunes click here for that

Thanks so much, H
Oct 05, 2021
S2 Ep19: #JustBloodyPostIt note: why Claudia Winkleman's wrong about Instagram
**I swear twice in this episode, so it's maybe not for little or sensitive ears**

This week's pod note is really a message about how building an online audience can raise us up. About how it can create opportunity and connections where there are none. How marvellous it is that it's free to use, and without gatekeepers at the door.

It was triggered by reading some comments about social media made in an interview with Claudia Winkleman, “I hate the language of it. I hate ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. It’s nonsense. It’s like throwing a sock into space."

J'adore you Claudia, and I'd love to be able to chat about why I feel you're a little bit wrong about Instagram. Or that there's more to consider. As we can't WhatsApp, consider this a voice note.

Here's the interview, it's behind a pay wall on The Times website which is a pain, but I want to share the source anyway:
Oct 01, 2021
S2 Ep18: What we can learn from the drive and enthusiasm of Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley
When tech entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley started her software business in the 1960s she had trouble getting noticed. People (men) would ignore her letters. So she decided to sign them off 'Steve Shirley' instead. It got her noticed, and the nickname stuck.

That's only one chapter in her truly remarkable story (read it all in her autobiography Let It Go). 

5 year old Stephanie Shirley arrived in the UK without her parents on a Kindertransport train from Viena, escaping Nazi Europe. The trauma of her childhood has shaped her life and is the reason for all her achievements, 

"I'm a survivor. I'm also a patriot. I love this country with a passion that only someone who has lost their human rights can feel. My childhood has driven my personality, driven my life and continues to do so. That is where the resilience comes from."
Listen to our conversation to find out how she has always used that drive to champion the achievements of other women, to encourage them to put themselves out there and make money. 

Also hear Steve's thoughts on 
  • public speaking
  • marketing a persuasion
  • happiness
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Sep 28, 2021
S2 Ep17: #JustBloodyPostIt note; the loneliness of captaincy and navigating own-boss life.
Working for yourself has about 150 billionty upsides. I shan't list them. But it can also be incredibly challenging to be alone, a lot, in your own head and have no-one to bounce ideas off. To be the one making all the decisions.

In this episode I chat about how I'm finding the 'loneliness of captaincy' and share ways to enlist help to navigate the journey.

I mention coach Stephanie in the show, this is where to find her.

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Sep 24, 2021
S2 Ep16: The subtle art of being yourself with contemporary painter Alice Sheridan
"Part of being an artist is recognising that not everything you make is going to be great. There was a moment when it clicked that I can only do this if I can totally show up as the genuine version of me, and not put on a front anymore." Alice Sheridan
Artist and creators (like so many people) can find it particularly painful to show up, as themselves, best-face-forward on social media.

Contemporary British painter Alice Sheridan has found her comfort zone with it, and successfully promotes her work to almost 40 thousand Instagram followers at @alicesheridanstudio.

She runs a membership for artists who want to get more business-like and co-hosts a weekly podcast, Art Juice

We talk about,
  • dropping the ball
  • finding our own voice on the internet
  • and not being a slave to engagement and popularity metrics on Instagram
Come over for a chat afterwards on Instagram @_helen_perry_ and let me know what you think.

Sep 21, 2021
S2 Ep15: #JustBloodyPostIt note: Instagram's pivot to video and what we should do about it...
Things you can count on in life; death, tax and things always changing on Instagram.

We roll our eyes and roll with it, usually. But there was something about Insta boss @mosseri's recent video declaring 'Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app' that was triggering even for me - a total video convert and preacher (watch it here).

It's been rumbling around in my brain since, and reckon I've found some clarity of thought over this balance we must strike between - holding firm to our own priorities and playing the Insta game if we want to build an audience there.

Listen and tell me what you think at @_helen_perry_.
Sep 17, 2021
S2 Ep14: How to do difficult conversations better with journalist and author Genelle Aldred
There's a lot of anger on social media. Maybe you've been on the receiving end? Or given someone you disagree with a piece of your mind on Twitter? Because they are just so wrong and you are just so right?

What we probably can agree on is that these polarised conversations aren't getting us anywhere.

Writer and communications strategist Genelle Aldred thinks we can do better. In her new book Communicate for Change (click here to get your copy) Genelle urges us to look first at our own biases, before trying to influence others. 

"All of us have problematic thoughts. Every single one of us would offend someone somewhere with something that we think and a view that we hold."
Listen for a chat about,

  • Being truly authentic in what you share online.
  • Why conversations about social justice aren't working.
  • Whether social platforms should be compelled to change and ban anonymous accounts.
  • How to get out of your own head and think about what your audience needs to hear.
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Sep 14, 2021
S2 Ep13: #JustBloodyPostIt note: How much of yourself do you have to share to connect with your followers?
Introducing a new thing for series two!

#JustBloodyPostIt notes are mini episodes of marketing chat*. For small and own-boss business people who are posting about their work on the internet.

This week, my thoughts on how much of yourself you have to share, give away, lay out there in order to connect with your followers and make it work.

Click for a 6min listen.

If you've got a topic that you'd like me to cover then slide into my DMs at @_helen_perry_. I'd love to know what floats your boat.

Thanks always for listening, Hx

*And big thanks to Suzi my producer at @story_publishing this was all her idea!
Sep 10, 2021
S2 Ep12: Happy healthy social media self-care with psychologist and writer Suzi Reading
Are self-care and social media compatible? God no is the popular answer, isn't it? But our guest this week - psychologist, yogi and author Suzy Reading - thinks oh-my-god yesssss.

When first-time motherhood and grief collided, Suzy went through a period of what she describes as "energetic bankruptcy." Since finding her way back to good health she's been sharing her techniques for managing times of stress and change with her clients, readers and 29k Instagram followers

"I'm not doing it for approval. I'm just sharing. And I hope that in meeting one person where they're at and making a difference to that one person - jobs a good'un. It's not about the number of likes. We can really torture ourselves with those statistics."
Listen to find out how Suzy balances the demands of marketing your product with practicing what she preaches about kindness and mindfulness.

For simple, potent ways to feel better now get her book Self-care for Tough Times and click here to follow her on Instagram.

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Sep 07, 2021
S1 Ep11: When sharing your house on Instagram's your job with Lisa Dawson
**There are a few swears in this episode. I positively encourage a little cursing, but want to make you aware in case it's not your bag - or are listening where small ears can hear.**

Lisa Dawson is an interiors obsessive who began posting pictures of her (beautiful) Yorkshire home on Instagram in 2016. Back then, believe it or not 😂, it wasn't the done thing to share the inside of your house on the internet!

But her passion for home design (and her doggedly consistent approach to Instagram and her blog) soon brought Lisa to the attention of brands keen to be seen by her followers.

Nearly 200k of them hang out on her account now, and she's been able to give up her "boring" job to become a full-time interiors influencer. Her followers are not taken for granted,

"I respond to everyone on DM. I always think that if someone's taken the time to message you should take the time to write back. First of all, it's courtesy, second they're your audience. If it wasn't for my audience I would be nothing. I would just be someone posting pictures of my house into a vacant abyss."
Listen to hear Lisa's 
  • number one tip for Instagram success
  • how she deals with work/life overwhelm
  • what the work of an interiors influencer really involves
THANK YOU if you've listened to The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast during series one, it's been a joy to make.

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Jul 20, 2021
S1 Ep10: Why just bloody posting it is my business story (and some home truths about video on Instagram)
In this week’s episode, I fill in the gaps and explain what just bloody posting it means. Why it’s the guiding principle in my work, the thing I most often tell clients to do, and how it applies to most things - actually.

So this is a solo episode (things I never thought I'd do part #89205674868437) about the art of marketing online by listening and talking to your audience. By letting them tell you where the sweet spot is between what you’re good at - and what they’d like to buy.

Because #JustBloodyPostIt is a strategy that allows us to discover what works and what happens next. It got me unstuck and into profit. 

Also, because it’s trending - I’ve got thoughts to share on Instagram’s unstoppable march toward video content. The Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri’s gotten people in a pickle by declaring “Instagram’s no longer a square photo-sharing app”. I try my best to unpick the reality behind those words while dropping in some home truths about video content and using social media to promote our work. 

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Jul 13, 2021
S1 Ep9: Trusting the simmer with coach, writer, speaker and podcaster Tiffany Han
Do you want to live life in radiant technicolour? Then Tiffany Han is your woman.

Tiffany's a coach, writer, podcaster, speaker and a person who "will say out loud what everyone else in the room is thinking". She's been marketing the sh*t out of life and sharing her story (brilliantly and honestly) on her podcast The Tiffany Han Show since 2014.

Listen to discover what she's learnt about playing the long game on social media and,

  • Getting Instagram to work for you (not the other way round).
  • Evolving in your business.
  • Creating content that makes eye-contact.
  • How to stand out as a coach on social (how to stand out full-stop).
  • Where to post your big ideas.
"I keep trying to quit Instagram and I can't quit it. There are amazing things about the platform and I've made amazing connections there and I've made friends. It's not something I'd walk away from. But I know that lots of ways that we are taught to interact with the are not working. So I'm always trying to redefine what it means for me to interact with the app so that it is working for me, and I'm not working for it." Tiffany Han
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Jul 06, 2021
S1 Ep8: Overcoming Insta awkwardness to get posting done with Davinia Tomlinson, the founder of Rainchq
Our guest this time is on a mission to help women win at money. After years in the investment management industry, Davinia Tomlinson founded Rainchq - a membership program that teaches money moves; savings, investment and wealth building.

The downside for Dav is that to reach as many women as possible - she needs to spread the word. And that means getting out of her comfort zone, in front of the camera and on to Instagram.  

Listen to hear how (like so many of us) Davina finds putting herself out there on social "cringey" but has found her own way of showing up because it serves a greater good,

"It was easy to trick my brain into believing that it’s about followers and likes. But there are people with half the number of followers @rainchq has that're running thriving, successful businesses. I had an awakening - why were we pursuing followers who could be from anywhere, who might not be the ideal Rain Makers, when might not even convert! You can spend a disproportionate amount of your time on something that's not going to generate revenue."
Davinia Tomlinson @rainchq
We also discuss; 

  • Niche, and how really (very) super important it is to know who you’re talking to. 
  • How we must not dumb down our message, our work - wherever we’re sharing it.
  • And how we as own-bosses should always know the value of the time we spend on social media.
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Jun 29, 2021
S1 Ep7: Beating work loneliness with online community founder Lara Sheldrake
Where do you turn when the flexible-working-own-boss-business thing starts to feels less fun? When you're having a nightmare with your website, or pricing problems, or client problems? Lara Sheldrake, the founder of community Found and Flourish is on a mission to combat work loneliness. She connects and elevates her members so they can grow their businesses. 

In this episode, we chat about her marketing hangups, including strategies for beating perfectionism. About the balance of creation v consumption when it comes to social media, and about how the most powerful thing you can do with your online community can be to listen,

"Conversations and actually connecting with your people is so important because it's in what they do and don't say that you'll find the tell tale signs of what they need. That's the beauty of building a community I think. You really do get to know people so well. Which allows you to understand their motivations and their fears and how you can help them with the most value and impact."
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Jun 22, 2021
S1 Ep6: How the best marketing strategy ever is to care, with Clare and Rebecca Hopkins, founders of the skincare brand Balance Me
Pioneering natural skincare founders, sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins share how they stepped out of their comfort zone to become the public faces of their business on Instagram.

Since it was founded in 2005, Balance Me has grown from kitchen table skincare recipes to a multi award winning beauty brand. Still very much a family business, Clare and Rebecca used the shift in page that lockdown brought to take their deep knowledge and enthusiasm for their product onto Instagram. It's blown up their online orders. Is it difficult to turn your hand to social when you're not a digital native? Not when you use it to channel your enthusiasm...

"You don't do it for the glory, it's our job and we're passionate about it. So actually, we want to do everything ourselves. Sometimes that means working weekends and you're never 'off'. It's ironic. We set the business up for a better work life balance and you have to keep sense checking that it is a better work-life balance! In the days of social media it's 100% on. But also it gives you flexibility. My advice? Speak from the heart and don't overcomplicate it."
Clare Hopkins co-founder of Balance Me
Jun 15, 2021
S1 Ep5: Finding your own best way to succeed on social with author, podcaster and emotional baggage handler Natalie Lue
Nat Lue has a thing or two to teach us about running an online business. She's been blogging, podcasting, sharing and selling books and courses to her followers since a "really bad date" in 2005.  Her podcast The Baggage Reclaim Sessions has been downloaded more than 2 million times.

A self confessed recovering people-pleaser, Nat tells us what happens when you ditch dodgy Instagram marketing strategies and start posting what you want. We chat about not seeking permission from anyone to put your thing out there, whatever that is. And how there's room for all of us, for far more voices - so you might as well start talking. 

"If you have something on your mind and think - 'I'm not sure if I can talk about that because no-one is talking about that' - Mate, you have an audience right there, who want to hear about it. I think if we ask ourselves - who do we want to talk to, what is the message we want to convey? - rather than 'will everybody like me and is it ok to do this?' Then we'll actually crack on. Even though we might feel scared at the same time." @natlue
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Jun 08, 2021
S1 Ep4: Being a shopkeeper on Instagram with Karina Rickards @cornishware_artist
When Karina Rickards and her husband Charles saved the iconic stripy ceramics company Cornishware from going bust, Karina launched a one-woman marketing campaign on Instagram that's seen sales double and Cornishware appear on the shelves of John Lewis.

We chat about the true time investment involved in running an account like @cornishware_artist, about the role of storytelling in selling and the power of putting yourself at the heart of your brand. 

"Don’t be afraid to show all aspects of your business on Instagram, the more you share the more your get your followers to engaged. If I just showed a beautiful tea set every day, it would be a bit dull. We all need be amused and we all love to learn. Let’s keep it vibrant. It’s life. No two days are the same here at Cornishware and I really want to show that." - Karina Rickards
Jun 01, 2021
S1 Ep3: Clare Seal on sharing the truth about money on Instagram, and discovering none of us is so alone after all.
In spring 2019 Clare Seal was £27,000 in personal debt on credit cards, store cards and loans. After a "really awful day" she decided to fix her relationship with money and share her journey back into financial wellbeing on her Instagram account @myfrugalyear;
“I just thought a couple of dozen people would follow me and shout at me if I spent too much money. I definitely didn’t expect it to grow. When you are in a situation like that, you feel like you’re the only person in the world going through it. I really felt very isolated. That I was the single worst person in the world with money. But this is far from the truth.” Clare Seal
Since then, Clare's overcome feelings of shame and fear of judgement to create an online community followed by more than 70 thousand people.

She's written two books, Real Life Money and The Real Life Money Journal, become a columnist for Glamour magazine and launched the Financial Wellbeing Forum, a space for honest conversation and education about money.

In this episode of #justbloodypostit we chat about what it's like to make yourself completely vulnerable online, about shedding shame, finding your tribe and transforming your financial outlook in the process.
May 25, 2021
S1 Ep2: Caroline Jones on knickers, going viral and why you have to give your followers more - if you want to get something back
Caroline Jones, aka @knickersmodelsown is a stylist, slow fashion enthusiast and author of the book Knickers Models Own: A Year of Frugal Fashion.

On the 1st January 2015, not long after she’d lost her lovely mum, Caroline set out to raise a modest £100 for charity. She challenged herself to post a picture of herself in a second hand outfit to her Facebook account, every day for a year. 

Within a week the project had gone viral and her page had attracted 97 thousand visitors.

She went on to raise more than £75,000, win an award from the Prime Minister for her fundraising and appear in The Guardian, on BBC news, The One Show and Loose Women.

In our conversation, I ask her what it’s like to go viral online. We chat about ideas, daily posting habits, and why you always have to give more to your audience or followers - if you want to get something back.

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May 17, 2021
S1 Ep1: This is the #Justbloodypostit Podcast, it's for anyone who wants to put themselves out there and grow something great (but sometimes feel a bit sick about doing it). Stories of inspiring people using an online audience to power their business.
May 07, 2021