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By Victoria Brown

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Welcome to the Very Best Self Podcast! A weekly show where your host, Victoria Brown dives deep into candid conversations with inspiring people - including athletes, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and anyone out there making waves. We'll explore how they got to where they are today, in hopes that we can learn from their stories, and apply them to our everyday lives. Listen in as Victoria, life-coach, SoulCycle Instructor, Under Armour Athlete, and Meditation Guide, shares all the inside secrets, tips, and tricks you need to live a more purposeful life. After each episode, Victoria will leave you feeling inspired and empowered, with all the confidence needed to create real change. Together we navigate life's highs and lows, and ultimately connect you to your Very Best Self. Relax, enjoy, and SUBSCRIBE! #VBSquad

Episode Date
Transforming Chaos into Order with Lisa Tselebidis
Sep 27, 2023
Exploring AI with Jim Carter
Sep 02, 2023
Transforming Beauty Experiences: The Glowbar Success Story with Rachel Liverman Crane
Jun 27, 2023
The Power of Superfoods: Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle with Krystel De Groot
Jun 20, 2023
Go Be Brave: Embracing Adventure, Kindness, and Purpose With Leon Logothetis
Jun 13, 2023
The Jewel Of Entrepreneurship: Curating Success In The Jewelry Industry With Stephanie Gottlieb
Jun 06, 2023
Awakening the Inner Spirit : Connecting With Your True Self With Mimi Bouchard
May 30, 2023
The Science Of Brain Wellness And Longevity With Dr. Neil Paulvin
May 24, 2023
Unlocking Balance: Harmonizing Motherhood, Fitness, and Happiness With Tori Simeone Dietz
May 16, 2023
The Art of Balancing: How to Manage Two Thriving Beauty Businesses with CEO Brittany Lo
May 09, 2023
Put Yourself First: How to Embrace Your True Self and Find Happiness with Tricia Huffman
May 02, 2023
Changing Patterns By Healing Origin Wounds With NYC Top Rated Relationship Therapist Vienna Pharaon
Apr 25, 2023
Stepping Into the Unknown & Believing in Yourself with Fewer Finer Jewelry CEO & Founder, Madison Snider
Apr 18, 2023
Journey to Self Love and Self Acceptance with 2x Author and Yoga Lover, Jessamyn Stanley
Apr 11, 2023
Pouring Into You: Exploring The Power of Self-Belief And Hard Work With Boss Up Agency Founder Britney Turner
Apr 04, 2023
Aging Gracefully, Injections, Lasers, And Building A Business With Founder And CEO Of JECT NYC, Gabrielle Garritano
Mar 28, 2023
Give Yourself Permission To Be Needy: From Self Abandonment To Self Partnership With Mara Glatzel
Mar 21, 2023
Self-Love, Acceptance, and Body Positivity With Model, Mom, And Founder of Saltair, Iskra Lawrence
Mar 14, 2023
Mindset shift/Planting Powerful Seeds Meditation
Mar 08, 2023
The Power of Podcast Touring with Scout Sobel
Mar 07, 2023
Protecting Your Brain Health with Neuro Athletics Founder Louisa Nicola
Feb 28, 2023
How To Reduce Overwhelm, Get Things Done, And Make Time For Hobbies With Victoria Brown
Feb 21, 2023
Prioritizing Healing With Glow in the F*cking Dark & Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies Author, Tara Schuster
Feb 14, 2023
Becoming An “Overnight Success” With Forbes 30 Under 30, & Siegelman Stable Founder, Max Siegelman
Feb 07, 2023
Secrets To Treating Acne And Aging With Clearstem Co-Founders: Kayleigh Christina & Danielle Gronich
Jan 31, 2023
The Mindset Shift You NEED To Succeed With Serial Entrepreneur Robert Croak
Jan 24, 2023
The Courage to Walk in Your Truth with Evolve By Erika Creator, and Melissa Wood Health Teacher Erika Polsinelli
Jan 17, 2023
You Owe It To Yourself To Go All In With Founder Of Adina Eden Jewelry, Adina Mizrahi
Jan 10, 2023
How to “Simply Be” and Create Alignment and Flow with Author and Founder Jessica Zweig
Jan 03, 2023
Be Your Own Brain Health Warrior with Best Selling Author, Tana Amen
Dec 27, 2022
Building Mental Resilience Through Highs and Lows of Life and Entrepreneurship with Lokai Founder Steven Izen
Dec 20, 2022
How To Scale Your Mental Health And Cope With Burnout as a CEO with Zakia Blain
Dec 13, 2022
Loving Where You’re at with Actress, Advocate & Philanthropist Torrey DeVitto
Dec 06, 2022
The Restart Roadmap With Jason Tartick
Nov 29, 2022
Tapping Into Feminine Energy And How It Can Benefit You With Petia Kolibova
Nov 22, 2022
New Mindset, Who Dis? Challenging Your Beliefs With Case Kenny
Nov 15, 2022
Real, Relatable, And Faith Based with 3 Time Author And Speaker, Grace Valentine
Nov 08, 2022
Riding The Wave Of Life With Business Owner And Cancer Survivor Mike Yewdell
Nov 01, 2022
Using Food & Nutrition To Transform Your Life With Sakara Co-Founder Whitney Tingle
Oct 25, 2022
A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Life And Your Cosmic DNA With Dr. Jennifer Freed
Oct 18, 2022
A Higher Version Of You with Victoria Brown
Oct 10, 2022
Developing The Mindset Of A Champion With Former D1 Athlete And Master SoulCycle Instructor Jamie Artsis
Oct 03, 2022
You Don’t Need All Of The Answers, How To Boost Your Energetic Field With Spiritual Mentor Briana Borten
Sep 26, 2022
Wake Up And Read The Labels With Jen Smiley
Sep 19, 2022
Connecting With Your Angels & Higher Self With Taylor Paige
Sep 06, 2022
Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Victoria Brown
Sep 05, 2022
Quantum Vibes: How to Raise Your Energy & Manifest Your Dream Life with Suzanne Adams
Aug 29, 2022
Aug 23, 2022
Hijacking Your Health And Healing Your Gut with Autoimmune Expert and Author of Immunity Food Fix Donna Mazzola
Aug 23, 2022
Interview with Danielle Mccleerey
Aug 16, 2022
Creating A Full Body F*ck Yes Life With Entrepreneur and Human Design Mentor Danielle McCleerey
Aug 16, 2022
Interview with Paul Fishman
Aug 09, 2022
The Road To Self Love With Paul Fishman
Aug 09, 2022
Fix Yourself First, An Intimate Conversation On Intimacy With Dr. Kristie Overstreet
Aug 02, 2022
Wellness, Balancing Your Hormones, Creating More Energy, Meditation, & Loving Yourself With Holistic Health Coach, Kelley Nemiro
Jul 26, 2022
Connecting To Your Community And Building A Following Through Authentic Messaging With Social Media Guru Melissa Metrano
Jul 19, 2022
Healing Your Body And Mind Post Life Changing Events With Holistic Health Coach And Reiki Practitioner, Bethany Holmes
Jul 12, 2022
Unlock Your Potential And Step Into Your Greatness With Trainer And Mindset Coach, Todd Durkin
Jul 05, 2022
Olympic Gold Medalist, Natasha Hastings On Cultivating The Mindset Of A Champion And Feeling Worthy Of Your Success
Jun 28, 2022
Dr. Nate Zinsser, Director Of Performance Psychology At West Point, How To Overcome Pressure And Succeed
Jun 21, 2022
Day 30: You vs. You, The Finish Line And Staying On Track
Jun 15, 2022
Day 29: You vs. You, How To "Stay" Motivated
Jun 14, 2022
Day 28: You vs. You, You Can Do Hard Things
Jun 13, 2022
Day 27: You vs. You, Life Is 60% Action, 40% Luck- A Winning Combination For Success
Jun 12, 2022
Day 26: You vs. You, Hell Yes Or Hell No
Jun 11, 2022
Day 25: You vs. You, You Are The Secret Sauce, How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
Jun 10, 2022
Day 24: You vs. You, Consistency Is Key
Jun 09, 2022
Day 23: You vs. You, A Story About A Donkey, And How To Shake Things Off
Jun 08, 2022
Day 22: You vs. You, The Winning Combination For Success
Jun 07, 2022
Day 21: You vs. You, Don't Waste Your Own Time
Jun 06, 2022
Day 20: You vs. You, The Importance of Gratitude and Journaling
Jun 05, 2022
Day 19: You vs. You, How To Jumpstart Your Day And Feel More Energized
Jun 04, 2022
Day 18: You vs. You, How To Eat An Elephant, And Tackle Your Biggest Goals
Jun 03, 2022
Day 17: You vs. You, Why Your Comeback Rate Is Everything When It Comes To Success
Jun 02, 2022
Day 16: You vs. You, New Levels = New Devils, Understanding The Process In Leveling Up
Jun 01, 2022
Day 15: You vs. You, Don't Allow Fear to Paralyze You From Moving Forward
May 31, 2022
Day 14: You vs. You, You Don't Need All The Answers
May 30, 2022
Day 13: You vs. You, The Mindset of a Champion
May 29, 2022
Day 12: You vs. You, Everything You Need Is Within You
May 28, 2022
Day 11: You vs. You, The Art Of Habit Stacking And Why It's Important
May 27, 2022
Day 10: You vs. You, Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard
May 26, 2022
Day 9: You vs. You, Which Wolf Will You Feed?
May 25, 2022
Day 8: You vs. You, Zooming Out And Stepping Into A Reframe
May 24, 2022
Day 7: You vs. You, When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible
May 23, 2022
Day 6: You vs. You, Visualization And Seeing It, Before We See It, In Order To Receive It
May 22, 2022
Day 5: You vs. You, Start Where You Are + If Then Theory
May 21, 2022
Day 4: You vs. You, Willing To Do What You've Never Done
May 20, 2022
Day 3: You Vs. You, Giving Thanks For Your Rock Bottom
May 19, 2022
Day 2: You Vs. You, What You Have Been Gifted, You Have Been Called To Give
May 18, 2022
Day 1: You Vs. You Challenge, Choosing Courage Over Comfort
May 17, 2022
Joyful, Loving, And Above All Else Fearless with SoulCycle Instructor And Life Coach Madison Ciccone
May 10, 2022
Strengthening Your Relationship With You, And Filling Your Jar With Yasmine Cheyenne
May 03, 2022
How To Accept Your Full Self, And Consciously Create Your Dream Life With Jamie Graber
Apr 26, 2022
10 Minute Meditation To Reset, Release, And Let Go
Apr 25, 2022
Own Your Past, Change Your Future With Dr. John Delony
Apr 19, 2022
10 Minute Meditation For Inspiration And Motivation With Victoria
Apr 18, 2022
Let's Go Win With Author And Mindset Coach JM Ryerson
Apr 12, 2022
10 Minute Intention Setting Meditation With Victoria
Apr 11, 2022
Building Self-Awareness And Uncovering Our Blindspots With Psychologist And Mind-Body Therapist Dr. Kelly Vincent
Apr 05, 2022
10 Minute Radical Self-Love Meditation With Victoria
Apr 04, 2022
Navy SEAL And Founder Of Madefor Patrick Dossett
Mar 29, 2022
Not Giving Up, Confidence, Fitness, & Sports Illustrated Swim With Rookie Katie Austin
Mar 22, 2022
You, Happier: Neuroscience Secrets With Dr. Amen
Mar 15, 2022
How To Brag Better: The Art Of Celebrating Yourself With Meredith Fineman
Mar 08, 2022
Your Next Level Is Chosen, Not Given: How To Level Up With Victoria Brown
Mar 01, 2022
Taking Up Space, Cultivating Confidence, & Owning You with 3x Author Andrea Owen
Feb 22, 2022
Discussing Intergenerational Trauma With Holistic Mental Health Expert, Dr. Mariel
Feb 15, 2022
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, & Founder Of Lite Pink: Lori Harder, On Harnessing Your Potential & Going All In On Your Life
Feb 08, 2022
How To "Stay" Motivated, Find Confidence, And Build Momentum With Victoria Brown
Feb 01, 2022
Self-Compassion And The Proven Power Of Being Kind To Yourself With Dr. Kristin Neff
Jan 25, 2022
Choose Your Story, Change Your Life With Author, Keynote Speaker, And Chief Storytelling Officer Kindra Hall
Jan 18, 2022
Chase Purpose, Not Money With Patrice Washington
Jan 11, 2022
Make Shift Happen with Former NFL Player, Author, & Speaker Anthony Trucks
Jan 04, 2022
New Year, Same You- But Supercharged With Victoria Brown
Dec 28, 2021
Harness The Power Of Your Thoughts & Create The Life You Want With Manifestation Expert Cassandra Bodzak
Dec 21, 2021
Former Heavyweight Boxer Aligning With Internal Identity In Order To Find Success Ed Latimore
Dec 14, 2021
Reframing Our Idea of Success, with Victoria Brown
Dec 07, 2021
Dreams Aren't Built On Convenience, How To Be Great With Akin Akman
Nov 30, 2021
Feelings Aren't Facts: Overcoming Anxiety With Trish Barillas
Nov 23, 2021
Life on Purpose & Embracing Our Beautiful Mess With Tanya Dalton
Nov 16, 2021
Beat Anxiety & Find Happiness With Author LaToya D
Nov 09, 2021
Self-Love, Community, and Body Positivity with Angie Caruso
Nov 02, 2021
Brain Magic, Hypnosis, and Accessing Our Subconscious Minds With Keith Barry
Oct 26, 2021
Rewriting Your Story & Disrupting the Status Quo, with Victoria Brown
Oct 19, 2021
From Paycheck to Purpose - Doing Work You Love with Ken Coleman
Oct 12, 2021
Cultivating Mental Toughness with Lauren Johnson
Oct 05, 2021
Brave Choices And 100+ Pounds Down With Rayy Syymone
Sep 28, 2021
When Your Not Sure Which Way To Go with Victoria Brown
Sep 21, 2021
Starting Over and Finding Happiness with Kallie House
Sep 14, 2021
Mindfulness Meets Productivity with Bullet Journal Creator Ryder Carroll
Sep 07, 2021
You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take With Victoria
Aug 31, 2021
Stress Management and Toxic Positivity with Dr. Mallory
Aug 24, 2021
Drink Super Coffee Co-Founder, Jordan DeCicco
Aug 17, 2021
The 4 C's to Get Unstuck with Victoria Brown
Aug 10, 2021
4x American Ninja Warrior and Oxygen Mag Cover Girl - Angela Gargano
Aug 03, 2021
Leaps Of Faith, Humble Beginnings and Big Dreams Into Reality With Preston Konrad
Jul 27, 2021
My SoulCycle Story and Finding your Passion with Victoria Brown
Jul 20, 2021
Choosing Yourself and Creating The Life You Want With Taye Anita
Jul 13, 2021
All The Colors Came Out with Kate Fagan
Jul 06, 2021
Big Answers Come From Simple Questions with Eric Bigger
Jun 29, 2021
Being Badash with Ash Wilking
Jun 22, 2021
How to Build a Fitness Empire While Remaining True to You, with Danielle Pascente
Jun 15, 2021
Connecting to the stillness within, pivoting, and meditation with davidji
Jun 08, 2021
Quiet dreams & the courage to pursue them with Alex Aust
Jun 01, 2021
Why We're Here
Jun 01, 2021
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May 17, 2021