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 Sep 23, 2021

 Aug 19, 2021

 Jun 15, 2021
Heard about this in Brad and Will's podcast and almost cried I was so happy. I'm thrilled to be on this journey with the Neck Slander team!

 Jun 9, 2021

Fannar Freyr Kristinsson
 Jun 8, 2021
The new number 1 podcast in the universe!


Longtime friends and games media colleagues Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro share their combined decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for games with weekly discussions about what they're playing, what's happening in the industry, and whatever else they're up to.

Episode Date
026: Caravella's Caffeine Clothing

We've entered the December doldrums, but there's no need to fret! We've got Solar Ash to talk about, alongside the 1.0 release of Fights in Tight Spaces and a little more on Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, all the news you can use, and probably then some!
00:00:10 Intro
00:02:07 A little tale about caffeine
00:07:09 The part where we make both unsubstantiated and substantiated claims about caffeine
00:10:00 I had to switch to decaf soap after 6PM
00:12:20 Solar Ash (PlayStation, PC) - December 2
00:38:09 Fights in Tight Spaces (Xbox, PC) - December 2
00:47:06 Guardians of the Galaxy (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) - October 26
00:53:13 Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, PC) - November 9
00:57:24 Break
00:57:27 News
00:58:05 Titanfall will stop being sold in March 2022
01:05:38 GOG not making money currenty and refocusing strategy
01:12:42 Resident Evil 4 Remake art leaked? Possibly?
01:18:54 Is Chrono Cross also destined for a re-something?
01:24:02 Dragon Age creative director leaves BioWare
01:26:30 GTA Trilogy physical editions delayed
01:29:25 Brief mention that Dreams got a fairly big update
01:30:46 Half-Life 3 might not be a real game but maybe a new Half-Life game is coming to the Stream Deck?
01:37:46 Will we get more announcements soon?
01:38:25 Wrapping up and thanks!
01:40:57 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
01:43:12 Show recap and looking forward
01:44:39 See ya

Dec 02, 2021
025: Three Kinds of Foul

This week we're feeling thankful for many and varied kinds of bird flesh, the interstellar skateboarding of Exo One, building real rockets to conquer fake YouTube in Next Space Rebels, more Halo Infinite multiplayer, a quick recap of our year so far in games and some loose GOTY planning, the Harmonix/Epic buyout, the coming year two of Hitman 3, something something Mass Effect TV show, and more!




00:00:09 Intro
00:00:50 Nothing inappropriate about Turducken... or is there?
00:02:59 Duck-Chicken-Turkey or Chicken-Duck-Turkey?
00:06:35 Early recording this week
00:09:15 Ain't no sunshine in the basement
00:10:13 Let's talk about some video games
00:10:41 Exo One (PC, Xbox)
00:19:37 Next Space Rebels (PC, Xbox) [Switch delayed to 2022]
00:29:26 We shall begin the review of the games of the year... now
00:30:01 Halo again old friend
00:36:24 Making the list of 2021 games
00:51:20 Break
00:51:23 News
00:52:24 Epic Games buys Harmonix
01:00:57 We're using metaverse unironicalily now?
01:06:06 The Activision Block (Will Bobby Kotick stay or go?)
01:15:11 We're getting even more Hitman 3?!
01:19:21 Kojima Production expands into TV and film
01:21:32 An earnest appeal for a proper Mass Effect show
01:28:32 Wrapping up and thanks
01:29:09 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
01:31:24 Nextlander content and scheduling stuff
01:32:39 See Ya

Nov 25, 2021
024: Alex's Over-the-Hill Pills

New releases from Halo, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto have us feeling a bit like it's 2002 this week, the latest revelations about Activision misconduct might just spell the end for  Bobby Kotick, Panic's Playdate is delayed by the battery gremlins, Xbox has over 70 new back-compat games (and maybe a 1 Vs. 100 revival), and Alex schemes to hang onto his 30s eternally. All that and more, in this here podcast!




00:00:09 Intro
00:01:25 Happy Birthday Alex
00:04:20 Set your baud rate
00:05:30 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta (Xbox, PC)
00:31:02 Battlefield 2042 (PlayStation, Xbox, PC)
01:01:32 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch)
01:18:04 Custom soundtrack support in games
01:21:34 Break
01:21:38 News
01:22:34 Activision and Bobby Kotick news
01:43:12 The Playdate is going to be delayed
01:47:58 Saints Row reboot delayed six months
01:49:20 Possible name and setting for Quantic Dream's Star Wars game?
01:57:05 Somehow Hot Coffee continues to scald in the PC release of GTA
01:59:25 Is Xbox bringing back 1 vs 100 in some form?
02:05:56 No more backwards compatible games after this batch for Xbox
02:15:14 Don't forget about Skate 2 and also we're shutting down the servers
02:16:29 Interview with Xbox's Jason Ronald
02:35:44 Wrapping up and thanks
02:38:01 Mysterious Benefactor Tier
02:39:52 Nextlander content and updates
02:42:12 See ya

Nov 18, 2021
023: A Five-Dog Spread

This week's jumbo-sized episode features chatter about everything from our time with the Elden Ring network test to the Horizon festival's gentrification of the world, a full spoilercast on Inscryption, our guesses about the next Mass Effect, musings on open-world Mario (and open-world Sonic), an interview with Jett: The Far Shore developer Craig Adams, and more!




00:00:10 Intro
00:02:06 Alex shares a moment with the kitten
00:03:31 The big dog is in the house
00:07:50 Elden Ring Network Test
00:30:30 Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, PC)
00:49:06 Unpacking (Xbox, PC, Switch)
00:52:25 !!SPOILERS!! Inscryption Ending Discussion
01:24:29 Break
01:24:33 News
01:25:17 The Nintendo News Nook
01:39:30 An open-world Sonic game is coming?
01:44:13 The Tomorrow Children is coming back?
01:48:58 Unity purchases Weta's tools and assets
01:56:45 The Gunk gets a release date
01:57:45 A new SteamWorld game is in the works?
01:59:15 Steam Deck delayed by two months
02:00:08 Grand Theft Auto soundtrack news
02:06:17 Mass Effect missing expansion modded back in
02:06:57 Mass Effect 4 teaser art
02:14:49 Extra Life is still happening
02:16:00 Interview with Craig Adams of Jett: The Far Shore
02:45:18 Wrapping up and thanks
02:46:13 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
02:48:06 Nextlander content updates
02:49:27 See Ya

Nov 11, 2021
022: Big Kahuna Bunger

This week, we find Unpacking delightfully earnest and Inscryption delightfully bizarre, get into more Guardians of the Galaxy and Darkest Dungeon II, talk through another of our trademark Blizzard Blocks, say the words "NFT" and "metaverse" more than anyone needs to hear, speculate about a Quake reboot, think longingly about bugsnax of immense size, and more!




00:00:09 Intro
00:00:35 Key-Gens and Greets to the VinDog
00:03:04 Who's down with that new WebP?
00:05:06 Four letter extensions should be banned
00:05:30 Hey, they've come to get their floosters
00:07:42 Time for the games
00:08:22 Unpacking (Xbox, PC, Switch)
00:28:32 Inscryption (PC)
00:35:58 Eastward (PC, Switch)
00:37:20 Guardians of the Galaxy (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
00:45:02 Darkest Dungeon II (PC)
00:50:05 Far Cry 6
00:53:03 2021 in games
00:58:24 Break
00:59:11 Blizzard News Block
01:16:02 Ubisoft news concerning NFTs and Play-To-Earn?
01:32:55 Amy Henning working on a Marvel game
01:35:40 Bugsnax getting free DLC
01:37:43 Switch modder actually named Gary Bowser pleads guilty
01:41:35 Id Software is hiring for Fantasy and Sci-Fi artists
01:45:49 Just an amazing segue from Brad
01:45:57 Thanks and wrapping up
01:46:40 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shout Outs
01:47:59 Nextlander upcoming and updates
01:50:18 See Ya

Nov 04, 2021
021: Ready to Flark Scrat Up

This week! Guardians of the Galaxy makes a surprise positive showing, Age of Empires IV gives us strong History Channel vibes, spoilers for Inscryption and Metroid Dread fly left and right, Warner Bros. makes a Smash Bros., the Switch's N64 games leave something to be desired, "Wu-Tang Clan RPG in the works at Microsoft" is a phrase said aloud, and more!




00:00:10 Intro
00:00:46 Creepy kids or creepy demons?
00:02:53 Halloween Costumes
00:10:29 Guardians of the Galaxy [PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch Cloud] October 26
00:36:02 Age of Empires 4 [PC] October 28
00:48:06 Darkest Dungeon 2 (Early Access) [PC]
00:56:15 !!!SPOILERS-Inscryption
01:09:18 !!SPOILERS-Metroid Dread
01:24:44 !!!END OF SPOILERS!!!
01:25:12 Break
01:25:15 News
01:26:05 Halo Infinite campaign video
01:36:53 Uncharted movie trailer
01:42:28 Nintendo Expansion Pack emulation issues reported
01:47:11 Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp delayed
01:48:33 Returnal gets ability to suspend a run
01:50:37 News of the Weird
01:51:29 Warner making a Smash clone?
01:53:22 Suda51 Deadpool game?
01:53:48 Wu-Tang RPG in the works?
01:59:53 Blizzard cancels BlizzCon
02:01:04 Wrapping up
02:02:03 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shout Outs
02:04:24 Nextlander Content Updates
02:06:23 See ya!

Oct 28, 2021
020: The Worst West

Indie games rule the roost around here this week, with Inscryption clutching us in its sinister grip, and The Riftbreaker, Into the Pit, and The Good Life filling out the roster. Also: more Metroid Dread, Kratos on Steam, Nintendo's Expansion Pack, Rocksteady's Suicide Squad reveal, the current whereabouts of Maurice Rocca and Samuel Fisher, and more!




00:00:10 Intro
00:02:01 You're just getting more screen for your green!
00:07:33 Ranking of Nuts
00:08:19 Show rundown
00:08:51 Inscryption (PC)
00:20:59 Metroid Dread (Switch)
00:40:05 The Riftbreaker (PC, Xbox, PlayStation
00:47:50 Into the Pit (PC, Xbox)
00:54:01 The Good Life (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)
01:04:31 Life is Strange: True Colors
01:08:59 Jett: The Far Shore (PlayStation, PC)
01:10:56 Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye
01:16:54 Games Recap
01:17:52 Shadowgate? (NES)
01:19:08 News
01:19:56 A Mo Rocca moment
01:20:47 A new Splinter Cell is (probably) really happening
01:29:54 Nintendo's Animal Crossing Direct
01:30:40 Nintendo's new price for their online service
01:40:59 God of War (2018) is coming to the PC
01:48:54 SkateBIRD got some updates?
01:49:31 Rocksteady's new Suicide Squad game gets a trailer
01:57:09 Allegations of harrassment at Paradox
02:00:46 What's up with BioWare?
02:05:35 Show recap
02:06:47 Wrapping up and Thank Yous!
02:07:30 Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs
02:09:43 Nextlander content and business updates
02:12:20 See Ya!

Oct 21, 2021
019: Across the Shyamalaniverse

This humdinger of an ep features a long chat about Metroid Dread (and Switch emulation), thoughts on our time with Sable and Back 4 Blood, more on Jett and the Outer Wilds DLC, and discussion of the four-day game dev work week, the right to repair Xboxes, EA's FIFA faceoff, the future of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, and more! 




00:00:10 Intro
00:01:56 Free Brad from his meat prison
00:04:00 Was the movie Signs a real brain spooker?
00:06:09 The many works of M. Night
00:10:47 I'll take my media with just a twist of twist
00:12:29 Metroid Dread (Switch)
00:45:39 People also playing Dread on the PC?
00:57:20 Sable (PC, Xbox)
01:04:11 Break
01:04:48 Back 4 Blood (PC, Xbox)
01:18:36 Jett: The Far Shore (PC, PlayStation)
01:25:40 Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye (DLC)
01:30:46 News
01:31:12 Two Eidos studios move to a  4-day work week
01:47:39 New leadership at Yakuza dev
01:52:57 Microsoft considering Right to Repair
02:04:43 EA might not renew FIFA license?
02:10:00 GTA Trilogy confirmed
02:12:19 Dragon Quest composer passes away
02:15:52 Wrapping it up
02:18:46 Thanks and Nextlander content update
02:21:13 Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs
02:22:52 Thanks for being awesome and see ya!

Oct 14, 2021
018: Handcuffed to a Desk

This week we consider the rocket backpacks and guerrilla spirit of Far Cry 6, the meditative sci-fi mood of Jett: The Far Shore, the [redacted] and [redacted] of the Outer Wilds DLC, that big ol' Twitch hack, Windows the Eleventh, some good Battlefield news for the Caravellas, a home for Dinobots, keyholes that may need sealing, and more!




00:00:10 Intro
00:02:19 News about the big package
00:04:57 What is Alex collecting?!
00:10:35 The joys of a digital collection
00:13:23 Show Rundown
00:14:06 Far Cry 6 [PS, XB, PC] October 7th
00:46:09 Jett: The Far Shore [PS, PC] October 5th
01:05:27 Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye - September 28
01:12:03 Break
01:12:07 Jett correction (It's 30 bucks)
01:13:30 Is there a 4K Switch in development?
01:20:18 Sony buys Bluepoint Games
01:23:17 The eleventh Windows is here!
01:33:25 Breaking - Twitch was hacked
01:42:16 A new character just flew into Smash Bros and boy are his arms Sora
01:50:38 GTA is still, probably, getting a remaster?
01:56:02 BF 2042 current gen editions get you last gen as well
02:03:46 Show recap
02:05:15 Thanks everyone for listening and the support
02:06:38 Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs
02:08:57 See ya!

Oct 07, 2021
017: The Prototypical Hoth Level

This week Death Stranding has us in the grip of its madness once again, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a delight, there's... a very good Hot Wheels game (?!), Actraiser is kinda-sorta back, Nintendo motion picture stunt casting is on everyone's mind, Japan is hoarding all the six-button Mega Drive pads, there's somehow yet another Activision Blizzard lawsuit, and more!




00:00:10 Intro
00:04:08 Death Stranding: Director’s Cut (PS5)
00:33:26 Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5, PS4, PC)
00:45:14 Hot Wheels: Unleashed (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
00:55:13 Actraiser: Renaissance (PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile)
01:01:42 Lost Judgment (PlayStation, Xbox)
01:04:57 Game Recap
01:06:07 News
01:06:23 Nintendo Direct news
01:06:45 Let's talk about that Mario movie casting
01:23:53 Kirby and the Forgotten Land
01:25:48 Bayonetta 3
01:29:01 N64 and Genesis games coming to Switch Online
01:33:49 Somone remake Shadows of the Empire
01:36:56 Crystal Dynamics is working on the Perfect Dark reboot
01:38:34 Marvel's Avengers is coming to Game Pass?
01:40:23 Netflix making moves in the gaming space
01:43:57 Activision Blizzard is sued again and announces settlement?
01:49:03 New tools coming to Twitch to help manage hate raids?
01:51:59 Show recap
01:53:03 Wrapping up and thanks!
01:54:03 Mysterious Benefactor tier shout outs
01:55:58 Nextlander Content Updates
01:58:29 See Ya Everyone!

Sep 30, 2021
016: A Gun That Shoots Yagamis

Alex is lost in Lost Judgment this week, Brad loves playing defense in Deathloop, we all brought back a photographic travelogue from Toem, Quantic Dream might be making a Star Wars game (?!?), and things just keep getting worse for Activision Blizzard. Plus: an interview with Outer Wilds creative director Alex Beachum!




00:00:09 Intro
00:00:36 The Education of Drivers
00:07:03 The early days of jumping into random cars
00:08:20 Do apps solve everything?
00:10:11 Lost Judgment (PlayStation, Xbox) Sept 24
00:25:18 Better late than never show rundown!
00:25:50 Life is Strange: True Colors
00:30:35 Deathloop (PS5, PC) Sept 14
00:49:52 Toem (PS5, Switch, PC) Sept 17
00:54:13 SkateBIRD (PC, Xbox, Switch) Sept 16
00:59:18 Break
00:59:37 News
00:59:57 Quantic Dream is making a Star Wars game?
01:07:16 The Blizzard Block (SEC is investigating Activision Blizzard)
01:15:12 Apple and Epic are still fighting
01:19:38 Norse God of War might only be a two game series
01:26:39 Is it time for more Twisted Metal?
01:29:23 Yuji Naka is the most independent developer he can be
01:31:42 A cut so deep it might go all the way through
01:33:15 Outer Wilds interview with Alex Beachum
01:49:46 Thanks and Show Wrap Up
01:52:04 Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs
01:53:42 Nextlander content and upcoming
01:55:44 See ya!

Sep 23, 2021
015: Pairer Beware

Would you believe we spent like half this episode talking about Deathloop? You'll just have to listen to find out, and in the course of doing so you'll also hear about the new WarioWare's co-op calamity, some reminiscing about KOTOR in light of the newly announced remake, our wish list for Insomniac's Wolverine game, the latest on the Epic/Apple slapfigh...uh, legal battle, and more!




00:00:09 Intro
00:02:04 Cleaning the Windows
00:14:09 Deathloop (PS5, PC) Sept 14
01:00:21 Break
01:00:49 WarioWare: Get It Together (Switch) Sept 10
01:14:13 Lost in Random (PS4, XBO, PC, Switch) Sept 10th
01:22:41 News
01:22:47 The Switch gets Bluetooth headphone support
01:27:36 Are there any winners in Apple vs Epic?
01:41:53 Knights of the Old Republic Remake
01:50:49 Insomniac's new Wolverine and Spider-Man games
02:03:07 PS3 Little Big Planet servers going offline
02:10:26 Wrapping up and thanks
02:11:36 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
02:13:14 Nextlander content updates

Sep 16, 2021
014: The Unhappy-Kid Exclusion Zone

This week! We're on a cosmic voyage in The Artful Escape, playing post-apocalyptic golf in Golf Club Wasteland, traversing a Midgar Metroidvania in F.I.S.T., and hanging out around a placid lake in, uh, Lake. Plus: the Tripwire kerfuffle, the Horizon pricing fiasco, Alan Wake remastered, and the most difficult game of all: keeping the small children in your family happy.




00:00:10 Intro
00:01:20 The dangers of Yes, and...
00:03:19 The rundown of the show
00:04:52 Where was everyone this weekend?
00:09:06 GAMES
00:09:20 The Artful Escape (Xbox, PC) September 9
00:21:16 F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch (PlayStation) September 6
00:27:55 Lake (Xbox, PC) September 1
00:36:06 Golf Club Wasteland (PS, Xbox, Switch, PC) September 9
00:41:39 Psychonauts 2 (Xbox, PC) August 25 (Turns out Vinny put about 19 hours into it)
00:45:29 Game Recaps
00:46:39 Break
00:46:45 News
00:47:17 Tripwire CEO Steps Down
00:58:08 Horizon Forbidden West Kerfuffle
01:15:06 Alan Wake Getting a Remaster
01:21:10 Sony is having a showcase!
01:23:39 Show recap
01:24:04 Thanks everyone for the support
01:26:05 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
01:27:40 Nextlander content updates
01:28:49 End of Show

Sep 09, 2021
013: Free Mom From the Bathroom

Vinny barely managed to finish doing battle with his house in time to record this podcast, which covers the actually good time loop game The Forgotten City, thoughts on the end of Psychonauts 2, this year's Madden mess, the latest socially conscious goings-on in Fortnite, hanging out with Rad Ghost, our Death Stranding 2 wish list, and more!




00:00:08 Intro
00:01:40 A tale about the dangers of doors
00:13:10 Getting stuck in places you're not supposed to be
00:14:42 Very little Class with very little Action
00:19:59 Psychonauts 2 (PC, Xbox)
00:35:01 The Forgotten City (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
00:51:19 Break
00:51:22 Madden NFL 2022 (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)
01:00:51 The Big Con (PC, Xbox)
01:05:10 The news!
01:05:58 Is Death Stranding 2 a real thing?
01:12:42 Activision Blizzard renaming characters
01:18:32 Toshihiro Nagoshi Leaving Sega for NetEase?
01:22:25 MLK Jr. Event in Fortnite
01:31:09 Some updates on the Dead Space reboot
01:34:55 Recap of the games we talked about
01:35:48 Wrapping up and thank you
01:36:35 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
01:38:33 Nextlander content updates
01:40:33 End of show!

Sep 02, 2021
012: A Xeno Named Matilda

Games! A lot of them--including Psychonauts 2, Recompile, Aliens Fireteam Elite, and Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut--are upon us, and we played and discussed them all this week, before turning our attention to the goings-on at Gamescom. This one is definitely a podcast about video games, folks.




00:00:10 Intro
00:00:47 Time for Baker Hacks
00:03:27 Can't spell fondant without Fon
00:04:58 Show rundown
00:06:02 Psychonauts 2 (Xbox, PS4, PC) August 25, 2021
00:33:29 Aliens: Fireteam Elite (Xbox, PlayStation, PC) August 23, 2021
00:44:44 Recompile (Xbox S|X, PS5, PC) August 19, 2021
00:49:43 Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (PS4, PS5) August 20, 2021
00:56:00 More thoughts on 12 Minutes?
00:59:18 News
01:00:18 Gamescom 2021 is happening
01:01:55 Saints Row reboot (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) Feb 25, 2022
01:07:07 DokeV (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
01:08:43 Marvel's Midnight Suns (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) March 2022
01:11:28 Halo Infinite (Xbox, PC) Dec 8, 2021
01:14:46 Midnight Fight Express (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
01:14:53 Sifu (PlayStation, PC)
01:15:55 Some Microsoft Announcements from earlier in the week
01:17:32 Alex delivers some Wild news
01:21:10 Video game wrestling news or Wrestling video game news?
01:29:21 Show recap
01:31:24 Thank you to everyone for listening
01:32:32 Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs
01:35:01 Nextlander content updates
01:36:07 See ya!

Aug 26, 2021
011: Piles of Memetic Excrement

This week we spend more than 12 minutes talking about the fascinating adventure game Twelve Minutes, consider the necessity of eyebrows, check in on Axiom Verge 2 and Humankind, worry about Steve-O's middle-aged concussion, give the side-eye to Fortnite's very extremely Among Us-like new game mode, and wax poetic about Vinny and Jalad at Tanagra.



00:00:09 Intro
00:00:41 I feel like Darmok-ing me. All of them.
00:02:15 Smoking hot meme time
00:04:25 The part where Brad says Memetic Excrement
00:04:32 A wrong turn into the unfiltered internet
00:08:10 Raising and lowering your eyebrows off your face via scissors
00:12:10 Jackass (the media property)
00:19:25 12 Minutes (Xbox, PC) Released Aug 19, 2021. We try to keep this spoiler-free but it is a very narrative heavy-game.
00:42:56 Axiom Verge 2 (Switch, PS4, PC) Released August 11, 2021.
00:53:50 Break
00:53:55 Humankind (PC) Released Aug 17, 2021.
01:13:55 Atrio: The Dark Wild (PC) Early Access
01:15:11 News
01:16:57 Fortnite's new Imposter Mode seems familiar
01:25:40 Outriders seems to have done well but the dev hasn't been paid yet?
01:37:34 Gamescom next week
01:39:21 Thanks everyone for supporting us
01:40:14 Mysterious Benefactor shout outs
01:42:03 Wrapping it up!
01:44:20 END

Aug 19, 2021
010: Quality Value Convenience

With mere days till John Madden emerges from his slumber and the games truly begin, we dip into a few recent indie releases like Splitgate, Jupiter Hell, and Grime, discuss Vinny's brief INTERmission, talk about the exodus from indie darling Fullbright, run down all the games from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase, goggle at the Prisoners of the Ghostland trailer, ponder Nic Cage's dinosaur skull, and more!


00:00:07 Intro
00:00:47 City Slickers
00:03:56 Nicolas Cage is heating up
00:20:26 Games
00:20:44 Splitgate (PC, PS4, PS5 XBX, XBO) Currently in Beta
00:35:24 Jupiter Hell (PC) Out Now
00:44:24 Too many minis from board game kickstarters
00:46:32 Grime (PC) August 2, 2021
00:50:21 Hades (PS4, PS5, XBO, XBX, XBS) August 13, 2021
00:56:54 Atrio: The Dark Wild (PC) Early Access
00:58:29 Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERmission
01:02:01 Upcoming releases
01:03:43 Break
01:03:49 Video Game Industry News
01:04:31 That time Alex was on QVC selling Beatles Rock Band
01:08:29 Toxic workplace claims at Fullbright
01:18:00 Nintendo Indie World Showcase
01:19:05 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (2022)
01:19:54 Axiom Verge 2 (PS4, PS5, Switch, PC) August 11, 2021
01:20:15 Boyfriend Dungeon (PC, XBO, XBS, XBX, Switch) August 11, 2021
01:20:19 Necrobarista: Final Pour (Switch) August 11, 2021
01:20:22 Islanders: Console Edition (Switch) August 11, 2021
01:21:05 Garden Story (Switch, PC) August 11, 2021
01:22:24 Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition (Switch) August 11, 2021
01:22:51 Curious Expedition 2 (Switch version) August 11, 2021
01:23:07 Metal Slug Tactics (PC, Switch) 2022
01:23:23 Eastward (PC, Switch) Sept 16, 2021
01:23:38 TOEM (Switch, PC) Fall
01:24:28 Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon (Switch, PS4, PC) Winter
01:25:15 Tetris Effect:Connected (Switch version) October 8th, 2021
01:25:34 Far: Changing Tides (Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC) 2022
01:26:30 Loop Hero (Switch version) Winter
01:28:08 Date and times for Microsoft and Keighley at Gamescom 2021
01:34:31 Where is John Madden?
01:39:05 We named the dog Indiana
01:40:29 Wrapping up and Thank Yous
01:42:06 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
01:44:06 Nextlander Content and business

Aug 12, 2021
009: Kneading Biscuits in Your Brain

This week, we try to distract ourselves from the arrival of Alex's new cat long enough to consider The Ascent, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, Horizon Forbidden West's potential delay, the great PS5 SSD calamity, our current GOTY lists, Outer Wilds DLC and other new Annapurna announcements, the latest updates from the Activision Blizzard situation, and a lot more.


00:00:10 Intro
00:00:55 Show Rundown
00:02:12 Insomnia and Insomniac
00:04:31 Brad's brain is making biscuits
00:04:54 They DEFINITELY don't want your help and the blessing of not remembering
00:08:58 Dave Attell's ribald humor
00:10:19 The Featureless Sphere of Comedy
00:10:33 Alex Kitten Updates
00:11:41 The Ascent
00:11:59 Top Ten of the Year Gut Check
00:16:18 Back to The Ascent (XBO, XBox X|S, PC) - July 29, 2021
00:41:22 Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (PC and Mobile) - July 28, 2021
00:54:04 The Ramp (PC) - August 3, 2021
00:58:54 Starbase (PC) - Early Access
01:08:43 Break
01:08:48 News
01:09:09 Horizon Forbidden West is looking like it might be delayed
01:18:24 PlayStation 5 beta firmware and SSD expansion
01:36:48 Annapurna Showcase
01:37:01 Outer Wilds DLC - Echoes of the Eye (Sept 28th)
01:39:09 Games coming to other platforms
01:39:37 Storyteller (PC)
01:40:24 The Artful Escape (Xbox X|S, XBO, Steam, Gamepass) - Sept 9th
01:43:00 Neon White (Switch, Steam) - No Date
01:43:31 Solar Ash
01:43:43 Skin Deep (PC)
01:45:36 Stray - Early 2022
01:47:21 Partnership Announcements
01:48:57 Memoir Blue (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, App Store, Gamepass) - No Date
01:50:03 Annapurna is publishing some great games
01:52:11 Activision Blizzard lawsuit updates
02:09:17 Wrapping up and thank yous
02:12:39 Mysterious Benefactor shoutouts
02:14:53 Stop putting all my information out there companies! Also, my best joke about companies putting my information out there.
02:16:36 The Nextlander content updates
02:17:55 BYE!

Aug 05, 2021
008: Episode Otho

This week we cover California's lawsuit against Blizzard for widespread discrimination and harassment, then move on to the Dead Space remake, Battlefield Portal, a spate of PS5 sales numbers, and hands-on time with Neo: The World Ends With You, Pokemon Unite, Old World, and the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.




00:00:10 Intro
00:00:56 You know, Otto, from Beetlejuice
00:01:28 Nobody talks about A Fish Called Wanda
00:02:42 Did you know there was a Beetlejuice sequel?
00:04:41 Recasting Beetlejuice?
00:05:40 Give Keaton an Oscar, cowards
00:08:16 Welcome to our movie podcast?
00:09:47 We Keatin'?
00:09:58 Show rundown for today
00:10:39 Activision Blizzard lawsuit news. This segment contains mentions of sexual harassment, toxic behavior, and suicide.
00:36:22 EA Play
00:37:54 Lost in Random. Scheduled Sept 09th 2021 release
00:39:18 Grid Legends. Scheduled 2022 release
00:41:15 Apex Legends new season. Launches August 3rd.
00:41:32 Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal. Scheduled October 22nd release.
00:50:32 Dead Space remake. No date announced.
01:01:46 PlayStation 5 console and game sales
01:13:16 Break
01:13:29 End of break and time for games and game barks
01:13:59 NEO: The World Ends with You. Released July 27, 2021. PS4 and Switch. PC version planned.
01:34:15 Pokemon Unite. Released July 21, 2021 on Switch. Mobile planned.
01:49:07 Tribes of Midgard. Released July 27, 2021. Steam, PS4, PS5
01:52:37 Microsoft Flight Simulator console edition and PC update. Released July 27, 2021. XBX, XBS
02:00:37 Old World version 1.0. Released July 1, 2021. Epic Game Store.
02:06:23 Recap of the games
02:07:47 Thank yous and wrapping up
02:08:58 Mysterious Benefactor tier shoutouts
02:11:30 Current Nextlander content news and my kids practicing piano breaking through my noise gate
02:13:57 Goodbye!

Jul 29, 2021
007: Tom Clancy's Punk Rock Mosh Pit

Video games are still coming out, news is still breaking, and we're still here to discuss it all, including the Steam Deck and the portable-PC proposition, Death's Door, Skyward Sword HD, Ubisoft's Skull & Bones mess, Neill Blomkamp's upcoming video game career, Vinny's escape from FF7 Remake, video games in your Netflix app, and Tom Clancy... but with attitude.


00:00:10 Intro
00:01:06 Human RESOURCES or HUMAN resources?
00:04:19 THUMPs and why we have them
00:05:54 Brad was out and now he's back. Thank goodness.
00:06:00 Podcast chapter markers like this one here
00:11:41 Brad GNU-maker
00:12:36 News
00:13:28 Steam Deck
00:34:35 Goodbye Big Picture Mode. Hello Steam Deck UI?
00:43:12 Netflix Gaming?
00:52:40 Chappie Director Going to Make Games?
01:00:37 Ubisoft Announces New Game
01:09:04 Where's my Skull and Bones?
01:22:03 Break
01:22:06 GAMES!
01:22:18 Death's Door. Released July 20th, 2021. Xbox, PC.
01:41:02 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Vinny End Thoughts. Released April 10th, 2020. PS4, PS5.
01:49:22 Skyward Sword HD. Released July 16, 2021. Nintendo Switch.
02:06:44 Samurai Gunn 2. Currently Early Access on Steam.
02:08:02 Wrapping up and Thanks!
02:08:57 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
02:11:52 Nextlander Content Updates
02:13:23 Q and A This Friday on the Discord
02:14:26 Goodbye and thanks for listening

Jul 22, 2021
006: Ham to the Home

This week: we're very hot on Boomerang X, Vinny claws his way to the end of FF7 Remake, and we reflect on home meat delivery, the shaky future of the Judgment series, movies we should not have seen as children, the soaring prices of classic games, and the unlikely reappearance of Powdered Toast Man.


00:00:00 Intro
00:02:57 Temple of Doom Talk
00:04:07 Keeping up with the Jones Movies
00:06:56 ANOTHER Indiana Jones movie is being made?
00:09:58 What's a good age for melting faces?
00:12:50 Ranking of Aliens?
00:19:08 Boomerang X
00:36:24 Is this boomerang a glaive? Is Krull wrong?
00:38:23 Having the Jaws Talk
00:41:45 Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Continuing thoughts
01:04:13 Alex Finished Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
01:08:50 Break
01:09:11 The end of the Judgment series?
01:19:41 Are arcade prize games rigged? Do we need to ask?
01:26:33 Mario 64 selling for over a million dollars
01:31:18 Nickelodeon's not-Smash Smash game
01:37:56 Studies show getting older is the best!
01:47:21 Wrapping up and thank yous
01:50:13 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
01:52:25 Nextlander content updates
01:54:29 Fire Escape and Nextlander PAX Stream
01:56:15 END

Jul 15, 2021
005: Shinra Switches Get What They Deserve

Well, that new Switch model sure did get announced. It surrrrrre did. Assassin's Creed is going live-service, Dan Houser might make more video games, we're all giving Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade another shot, the xCloud beta seems pretty good, a three-wheeled car is a questionable purchase, and Vinny's running out of room for Transformers. All this and more, discussed within!


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:36 Weather Report
00:01:55 The struggles of collecting Transformers
00:03:43 Midlife crisis Fortress Maximus
00:04:17 Best midlife crisis car
00:08:19 Cars are expensive
00:12:17 Bigger baller purchase. Train or plane?
00:14:27 Dirigible, Train, or Submarine
00:17:04 20,000 Karats Under the Sea
00:19:06 Run of Show
00:20:01 The news
00:20:23 There's a new Switch coming
00:23:22 What's new with this Switch?
00:28:12 Will we get another Switch as well?
00:32:35 The reaction to the news
00:38:23 Previous attempts at upgrades
00:42:47 Assassin's Creed Online?
00:47:50 Warning: Mild AC Valhalla story talk
00:49:18 End of Mild AC Valhalla story talk
00:49:26 The state of Assassin's Creed's narrative
00:51:31 Will this game be a product in the actual AC lore?
00:53:48 Clint Hocking and the NEW GAME GODS
00:55:19 Former Rockstar founder Dan Houser starts a new company
01:02:16 Sony buys another dev studio
01:04:14 My Life for [Internet] Ire
01:04:58 What IS news really?
01:08:02 There really is a new Ghost of Tsushima release coming
01:10:32 Pricing for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut
01:13:12 Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters dates and price
01:17:49 What about RoboCop?
01:19:13 New game from the makers of Zeno Clash?
01:20:26 Break
01:20:54 The Video Games!
01:21:29 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
01:56:11 What other Final Fantasy game should be remade?
02:02:54 Project xCloud Beta
02:06:58 Playing with a wired Xbox 360 controller
02:09:55 Use cases for streaming
02:16:42 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
02:23:53 Thank You and check out our other stuff
02:25:00 Our latest show, Here Decay, Gone Tomorrow
02:28:35 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts!
02:31:01 Farewell and see you next week.

Jul 08, 2021
004: Chargin' Chuck and the Boo in the Mornings

With the summer heat setting in, this week we're hunkering down and weighing in on Mario Golf: Super Rush, Scarlet Nexus, Lego Builder's Journey, Mortal Kombat: Fast and Furious, Alex's now-extensive river knowledge, a pair of Control sequels, Sony's Housemarque acquisition, Silent Hill fatigue, the rumored Ghost of Tsushima expansion, our personal dirty-dish thresholds, the current Hall and Oates frequency, and more!


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:44 Dishwashing and laundry schedules
0:04:53 Do you own a dishwasher?
0:10:48 End of household chore talk
0:10:53 Quick recap of Alex's vacation
0:13:57 Mario Golf: Super Rush
0:25:14 Switch hardware talk
0:29:17 Rabbids vs Minions vs Fast and Furious?
0:31:25 Put Dominic Toretto in MK cowards!
0:36:51 Scarlet Nexus
0:50:41 Necromunda: Hired Gun
0:53:15 Break
0:53:22 Lego Builder's Journey
1:02:39 Maybe some FF7 game talk next week?
1:04:22 News!
1:04:58 Co-op Control game and sequel?
1:13:01 Sony Bought Housemarque
1:18:52 Devs, please add Time Since Last Save if I can't manually save
1:20:59 Bloober Team and Silent Hill?
1:23:27 Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut?
1:29:13 Rock Band DLC Update
1:37:59 Nextlander patron tier updates, new content, business stuff
1:44:09 Farewells and thanks
1:44:34 Mysterious Benefactor Patron Shoutouts
1:48:11 Misson Control Patron Shoutouts
2:14:18 The very end of the show

Jul 01, 2021
003: I Need a Moment!
Our friend and #1 guest Mary Kish joins the podcast to talk about a crash course on the ins and outs of Twitch life, remembering how to socialize in 2021, eating peanuts dangerously on airplanes, the return of PAX West, Griftlands, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, Bear and Breakfast, the end of Ratchet and Clank, the curious tale of Hideo Kojima and Blue Box Games, chestbursting emotes, and more!
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:10 Say hello to our guest!
0:04:21 How to Twitch
0:15:09 Travelling and PAX
0:26:07 Pets and kids as an excuse to bail
0:27:38 Dark Alliance
0:43:39 Griftlands
1:13:47 Break
1:13:52 Bear and Breakfast
1:20:44 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
1:25:54 News
1:26:20 Fortnite?
1:26:46 Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets a date and a price
1:31:24 The original ending of Alien?
1:32:55 Tekken X Street Fighter officially dead
1:34:50 Kojima and Blue Box rumors
1:38:51 Keeping expectations rock bottom
1:40:41 Our outlets on planes segment
1:44:18 Where can you find more of Mary Kish?
1:46:40 Thank you everyone
1:47:27 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
1:52:25 Goodbye!
Jun 24, 2021
002: Metroid vs. Predator
The first fully virtual E3 has come and gone, so we spend most of this episode running down our favorite games and announcements, touching on Starfield, Breath of the Wild 2, Advance Wars, Stalker 2, WarioWare, Redfall, Replaced, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Forza Horizon 5, Metroid Dread, Metal Slug Tactics, and more. Also, we played a bunch of Ratchet and Clank and Chicory. Also also, Alex saw F9! It's a podcast! About video games! Mostly!


00:00:00  Intro
00:12:22  Alex Sees F9 Movie
00:23:14  E3 Happened
00:28:17  Some of our favorite E3 2021 Games
00:28:43  Metal Slug Tactics
00:29:29  Replaced
00:31:03  Slime Rancher 2
00:31:15  Contraband
00:33:53  Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
00:34:58  WarioWare: Get it Together
00:36:29  12 Minutes
00:37:55  Redfall
00:40:12  Starfield
00:48:17  Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp
00:50:59  Breath of the Wild 2
00:54:36  STALKER 2
00:55:46  Metroid Dread
00:58:15  Somerville
01:01:41  Forza Horizon 5
01:06:30  Break
01:06:33  Games We Wished Were There
01:06:51  State of Decay 3
01:09:18  Everwild
01:11:28  Fable
01:12:26  Perfect Dark
01:14:09  Beyond Good and Evil 2
01:14:34  Scorn
01:17:12  So Many Games
01:19:35  Stuff We All Played
01:19:47  Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
01:44:16  Chicory: A Colorful Tale
01:50:30  Wrapups
01:51:46  Backer Appreciation
01:55:43  Nextlander Housekeeping
01:57:25  The Actual End

Jun 17, 2021
001: Welcome to Bee3
Our first official episode coincides with the beginning of E3, and you know what that means: time to speculate! Are we getting a Starfield release date? Where the heck is Elden Ring? Is that bee in Vinny's basement going to stop this show before it starts? These questions and more, pondered!

Jun 10, 2021
000: Ready to Launch!
Who is Nextlander? What is Nextlander? Why is Nextlander? These questions and others you haven't even thought of yet are addressed in our very first episode of The Nextlander Podcast!
Jun 07, 2021