Down The Dog

By Keep It Light Media / Feral Television

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Category: Soccer

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Down The Dog with Jon Richardson and Matt Forde

Episode Date
S1 EP 16: My Bum Is In A Different Place
Feb 22, 2024
S1 Ep15: Jon plays ‘Carrot in a Box’ with the England Team.
Oct 16, 2023
S1 Ep14: “You’re a Doctor and my b**** are weeping”
Oct 13, 2023
S1 Ep13: “Everyone I meet I know EXACTLY what the score is”
Oct 06, 2023
S1 Ep12: ‘VAR’, ‘Married At First Sight’ & ‘The Nutty Bag’
Oct 05, 2023
S1 Ep11: “Matthew, the mucky video man is here…”
Sep 26, 2023
S1 EP10: Warnock, Treat Bowls & A Poopie
Sep 23, 2023
S1 EP9: Cockney Spiders
Sep 15, 2023
S1 EP8: “My Wife Is Tired Of A Film She Has Never Seen”
Sep 13, 2023
S1 EP7: “My Doctor felt the slug”
Aug 31, 2023
S1 EP6: “I’m A Cardigan Wearing Anagram Fan”
Aug 30, 2023
S1 EP5: “That’s the closest I’ve ever come to causing an International incident”
Aug 26, 2023
S1 EP4: Jon opens A 20-yr-old sealed packet of fish for a sniff
Aug 25, 2023
S1 EP3: “I speak like a thin man when I put on a French accent”
Aug 17, 2023
S1 EP2: “Look at me with all these world leaders”
Aug 11, 2023
S1 EP1: The Soft Launch - “I Think I Sit On A Lot Of Chairs…”
Aug 04, 2023
S2 EP71: “I’d be one of the first to go in a zombie attack’
Jul 26, 2023
S2 EP70: “How many of our listeners can we get fantasying about Erling Haaland?”
Jul 19, 2023
S2 EP69: “I saw a lot of muscly men this week…”
Jul 05, 2023
S2 EP68: “Banger, Banger, Banger”
Jun 29, 2023
S2 EP67: “Two Torsos, Four Arms, Four Legs, Two Heads and Two Willies”
Jun 07, 2023
S2 EP66: “I hope that keeps you warm at Deepdale”
Jun 04, 2023
S2 EP65: “Take THAT tour guide from the past”
May 30, 2023
S2 EP64: “I’m famous now, me”
May 20, 2023
S2 EP63: “It sounds like the Italians hated you”
May 19, 2023
S2 EP62: “Two arms, two legs, a torso and a willy…”
May 09, 2023
S2 EP61: “Our New King” (Sam Allardyce)
May 05, 2023
S2 EP60: Matt’s Stag.
Apr 28, 2023
S2 EP59: “Zippy’s in Succession!?” & Chianti Classico
Apr 20, 2023
S2 EP58: “He’s thinking about the bass line from 'The Golden Girls'”
Apr 18, 2023
S2 EP57: “Daddy’s Thick”
Apr 14, 2023
S2 EP56: “Someone called me ‘Babycakes’ this week”
Apr 12, 2023
S2 EP55: “You’ll be doing the next podcast in a Hazmat suit…”
Apr 08, 2023
S2 EP54: “Tomato Purrrrreeeeeeeeeeee”
Mar 29, 2023
S2 EP53: “I’m like Liz Hurley - I’m wearing my duvet like a backless dress”
Mar 24, 2023
S2 EP52: “I will die on the 18th February 2048…”
Mar 22, 2023
S2 EP51: “I would sponsor a listener to get on that coach and ruin it for you”
Mar 17, 2023
S2 EP50: “Did you get the call about hosting MOTD?”
Mar 15, 2023
S2 EP49: “Tell Fordy my Grandparents are Dead”
Mar 07, 2023
S2 EP48: “I’m proud to work on a show where that is the content”
Mar 02, 2023
S2 EP47: “You are the Zig to my Zag”
Mar 01, 2023
S2 EP46: We want to buy an American Sports Franchise
Feb 23, 2023
S2 EP45: “I don’t love the Devil and I never have”
Feb 21, 2023
S2 EP44: “I listened back to that podcast and I’m ashamed of myself”
Feb 10, 2023
S2 EP43: “As long as it’s medically safe, you’re on!”
Feb 04, 2023
S2 EP42: “No sexy young thing is making that sound at bedtime”
Feb 02, 2023
S2 EP41: “It was the best scare I’ve ever done”
Jan 27, 2023
S2 EP40:: “Why the Turtleneck so young?”
Jan 26, 2023
S2 EP39: “I’d like Trunchbull’s Smock”
Jan 18, 2023
S2 EP38: “I’m In the Sexiest Time of My Life”
Jan 14, 2023
S2 EP37: “My Girlfriend just reminded me that I fell asleep crying last night whilst watching...”
Jan 11, 2023
S2 EP36: “I’ve Not Looked at the Christmas Tree Enough this Year”
Jan 05, 2023
S2 EP35: Susie McCabe, Secret Santa & A trip to Disneyland Paris
Dec 28, 2022
S2 EP33: WORLD CUP SPECIAL 4: “Spuds are the only thing that get me off at night”
Dec 07, 2022
S2 EP32: WORLD CUP SPECIAL 3: Where would Ant be without Dec?
Dec 06, 2022
S2 EP31: WORLD CUP SPECIAL 2: Corporate Rat
Nov 26, 2022
Nov 24, 2022
S2 EP29: “I’ve Got a Video Of You On That Bus Pretending to Drive it”
Nov 18, 2022
S2 EP28: Chris McCausland
Nov 17, 2022
S2 EP27: "Do you Still Play 'Spin The Thruppence?"
Nov 11, 2022
S2 EP26: “When I Look in the Mirror I Expect to See A Ripped Goddess”
Nov 10, 2022
S2 EP25: “I would never have slapped you in the 90’s”
Nov 04, 2022
S2 EP24: “I’m a Nervous Mouse of a Man”
Nov 02, 2022
S2 EP23: Man V Food's Adam Richman
Oct 27, 2022
S2 EP22: Jake Bugg & CPFPL Beer Reveal…
Oct 21, 2022
S2 EP21: “I was Mugged with a Fishing Rod”
Oct 19, 2022
S2 EP20: “Boing, Boing, Boing”
Oct 14, 2022
S2 EP19: Adrian Chiles
Oct 12, 2022
S2 EP18: Alastair Campbell
Oct 07, 2022
S2 EP 17: “Jon Stoned”
Oct 05, 2022
S2 EP16: “I Love the Police & I Love Referees”
Sep 30, 2022
S2 EP15: Jon Richardson’s 40th & Soapy Men In Your Area
Sep 28, 2022
S2 EP14: Celibacy or the Premier League?
Sep 23, 2022
S2 EP13: Tom Rosenthal
Sep 21, 2022
S2 EP12: Would a Shark eat my puke?
Sep 16, 2022
S2 EP11: All-Inclusive Holidays
Sep 14, 2022
S2 EP10: Russell Howard
Sep 12, 2022
S2 EP9: Frankie Boyle and Thor Boyle
Sep 02, 2022
S2 EP8: “Bourne Lucky”
Aug 31, 2022
S2 EP7: Ardal O' Hanlon
Aug 26, 2022
S2 EP6: Ian Broudie
Aug 24, 2022
S2 EP5: Suggs
Aug 17, 2022
S2 EP4: Sean Dyche
Aug 12, 2022
S2 EP3: “You’re the Bottom End of Clever and the Top End of Thick”
Aug 10, 2022
S2 EP2: Amelia Dimoldenberg
Aug 05, 2022
S2 EP1: “I Clapped So Hard My Hands Bled”
Aug 04, 2022
S1 EP57: “The Sucking Yoghurt Special ”
Jun 21, 2022
S1 EP56: “You can’t enforce a media blackout on a puppet”
Jun 03, 2022
S1 EP55: Iain Stirling & Joe Wilkinson (FPL Champion & FPL Cup winner)
May 25, 2022
S1 EP54: “I’m not a bong head”
May 20, 2022
S1 EP53: Scared of London
May 13, 2022
May 12, 2022
May 05, 2022
May 03, 2022
S1 EP49: "I’m a performer, don’t do this to me"
Apr 27, 2022
S1 EP48: Scabby Eyelids and Showbiz Showers
Apr 23, 2022
S1 EP47: Barry Island
Apr 22, 2022
S1 EP46: Topless Darts, ‘Re-Improv’ & Barrie Abbott
Apr 13, 2022
S1 EP45: Fin Taylor
Apr 06, 2022
S1 EP44: I'm Scottish, and you're an ars*hole
Mar 31, 2022
S1 EP43: Jon Richardson Writes His First Song - ‘The Curse’
Mar 22, 2022
S1 EP42: Four Baths In Two Days
Mar 18, 2022
S1 EP41: Henning Wehn
Mar 15, 2022
S1 EP40: Aliens and Big Boobies
Mar 11, 2022
S1 EP39: Alex Brooker Returns
Mar 07, 2022
S1 EP38: Tim Key
Mar 03, 2022
S1 EP37: Jon Richardson's farewell to Bielsa (in Spanish)
Feb 28, 2022
S1 EP36: There's Never Been A Goal Scored With The Anus
Feb 26, 2022
S1 EP35: Jiménez or Jerménez?
Feb 22, 2022
S1 EP34: Jason Manford
Feb 08, 2022
S1 EP33: Alan Davies
Feb 02, 2022
S1 EP32: Chronic Anal Fissures
Feb 01, 2022
S1 EP31: Triple Captain Mash
Jan 28, 2022
S1 EP30: Mike Dean with a taser
Jan 27, 2022
S1 EP29: Chloe Petts
Jan 21, 2022
S1 EP28: Lukaku's Line Is It Anyway?
Jan 18, 2022
S1 EP27: Lucy Beaumont and Laura Smyth
Jan 13, 2022
S1 EP26: "I Like It Deep But Not Hot"
Jan 11, 2022
S1 EP25: "Who has the nicest testes in the Premier League?"
Jan 08, 2022
S1 EP24: Rhys James
Dec 31, 2021
S1 EP23: Lucy Beaumont
Dec 28, 2021
S1 EP22: Seann Walsh
Dec 21, 2021
S1 EP21: “It Smells Like Pork Scratchings or is That My Finger? ”
Dec 17, 2021
S1 EP20: “I Was Told Off for Eating Dog Food”
Dec 14, 2021
S1 EP19: Sophy Ridge
Dec 08, 2021
S1 EP18: “I want a motorbike and a tattoo for my 40th”
Dec 04, 2021
S1 EP17: Paul McCaffrey
Nov 29, 2021
S1 EP16: Josh Widdicombe
Nov 24, 2021
S1 EP15: Maisie Adam
Nov 17, 2021
S1 EP14: Chris McCausland & Vinny Van Der Veet
Nov 10, 2021
S1 EP13: Lloyd Griffith
Nov 03, 2021
S1 EP12: Josh Widdicombe, Maisie Adam, Rob Beckett and ‘The Curse’ Returns…
Oct 27, 2021
S1 EP11 : Nathon Caton and the end of ‘The Curse of Matt Forde?’
Oct 20, 2021
S1 EP10: Patrick Bamford & Alexandra Haddow
Oct 13, 2021
S1 EP9: Iain Stirling & Stuart Pearce
Oct 06, 2021
S1 EP8: Ivo Graham
Sep 29, 2021
S1 EP7: Russell Howard
Sep 22, 2021
S1 EP6: Rob Beckett
Sep 15, 2021
S1 EP5: Emily Dean
Sep 08, 2021
S1 EP4: Matt and Jon and a duck called Keith...
Sep 01, 2021
S1 EP3: Joe Wilkinson
Aug 25, 2021
S1 EP2: Richard Osman
Aug 17, 2021
S1 EP1: Alex Brooker
Aug 11, 2021
*COMING SOON* Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League Football with Jon Richardson and Matt Forde
Aug 04, 2021