Coffee with Creamer

By Barry Creamer

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Category: Christianity

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Coffee with Creamer, where you get to sit down with our host, Dr. Barry Creamer, for a conversation about faith, life, and culture. We’ll look at old ideas through a new lens, turn the culture wars on their head, and paint a picture of the way things could be. If you like your thinking deep, and your coffee hot, pull up a chair—you’re in the right place.

Episode Date
Finding God Where We Lost Him | Episode 79
We walk through Psalm 42, surrounded by desert, crying out in thirst. As we do, Barry reminds us that there are actually no deserts with God and what we must do is open our eyes to his provision. Hope is strong enough to quench our thirst here and now.         Scriptures: Psalm […]
Jan 25, 2023
Resurrection and the Paranormal | Episode 78
What do the Chupacabra, the return of JFK Jr., and the resurrection have in common, Barry asks. Hopefully, nothing. Barry reminds us that the strength or passion of our faith isn’t as important as its object. A believer’s devotedness to both the return of Elvis and the resurrection isn’t doing us any favors.     […]
Jan 18, 2023
Sorry Not Sorry: Part 3 | Episode 77
Barry finishes up the series on forgiveness and repentance, keeping in mind that knowing the destination is forgiveness doesn’t make the journey simple. This episode focuses on how the offended and community deal with offenders, pointing out that mercy does not have to mean enabling.         Scriptures: Psalm 119:165 Matt 7:1 1 […]
Jan 11, 2023
Sorry Not Sorry: Part 2 | Episode 76
Barry continues our series about repentance and forgiveness, providing a few examples from Scripture. These examples help us describe the differences between regret, remorse, restitution, repentance, and resignation for violator, violated, judges, society, and God.       Scriptures: Matt 27:3-5 Psalm 51:3-4 Luke 19:1-10, 3:7-14   Article: “The Southern Baptist Horror” (
Jan 04, 2023
Sorry Not Sorry: Part 1 | Episode 75
Barry begins a conversation about the complexities of repentance and forgiveness and reminds us that we need enough humility to acknowledge that our responses won’t be perfect, but enough faith that we can make a difference as we go about the business of both.       Scripture: Exodus 22:1-4
Dec 28, 2022
Silent Faith, Holy Night | Episode 74
Barry reminds us that while we, as believers, are (hopefully) longing, praying, and yearning for what has not yet arrived in the world, God’s faithfulness has already been at work to bring about our redemption. This was true of his first advent as a babe and will be true of his second as King.   […]
Dec 21, 2022
Farm Fresh or Shelf Stable: Part 2 | Episode 73
Barry continues the conversation about how to make sure our faith matures but doesn’t become stale. He reminds us that our ultimate goal is not to have a good relationship with faith, but with the God of our faith that is making us into his image through the help of his Spirit and our brothers […]
Dec 14, 2022
Farm Fresh or Shelf Stable: Part 1 | Episode 72
Barry talks about the process of and barriers to the maturation of our faith. We want it to be fresh, but not always novel, stable, but certainly not stagnant. When thinking of our spiritual past, we don’t need the same things we needed then, but we do need some of the things we found then. […]
Dec 07, 2022
Here’s My Chance | Episode 71
The journey of faith in Psalm 41 begins with belonging, moves through knowledge of self and God, and ends in mercy. Our God walked this path first and now we have the chance to see people as more than what they can do for us.     Scriptures: Psalm 41 Lev 19:1-17 James 2:1-9 John […]
Nov 30, 2022
Always and for Everything | Episode 70
Many of us have traditions we maintain over Thanksgiving such as thanking God for those around our table or thanking him for something good that has happened to us over the last year. However, Barry throws a wrench in the thankful works, when he suggests that to the extent that our thanks is occasional, it […]
Nov 23, 2022
Power of Poetry | Episode 69
Barry walks us through five excellent poems about love, sorrow, and sacrifice. In doing so, he reminds us that good poetry not only reveals something about the universe, but also something significant about ourselves.       Poems: “Marvel No More” and “Description of the Contrarious Passions in a Lover” by Sir Thomas Wyatt, “Sonnet […]
Nov 16, 2022
The Funny Thing about Belief | Episode 68
Barry talks about the many influences on the development of beliefs in an individual, from genetics and environment to an existentialist’s will. However, most importantly, he points to the reason it’s worth wrestling to shape our beliefs: so that Christians attain to the unity and knowledge that leads to the stature of the fullness of […]
Nov 09, 2022
Remember Me | Episode 67
Ever thought of Psalms as just a book of hunky-dory descriptions about how lovely God is? Think again. Psalm 38 describes a journey from crushing discipline to deliverance. The surprising part is that the journey begins and ends in the same place.     Scriptures: Psalm 38 2 Cor 12:7-10 Luke 18:1-8
Nov 02, 2022
Containing Human Beings | Episode 66
At times we can have a negative view of culture, especially as believers because we know this is not our home. Barry talks about why culture, and our respective communities actually hold us together.       Referenced Episodes: The Problem with Others Is that They Are Also People, Ep 8; Disagreeing to Agree, Eps […]
Oct 26, 2022
A Challenge Old as Time | Episode 65
The idea that we have transmitted as much individualism and American heritage in our faith as we have gospel shouldn’t shock us. The early church faced the same challenge with Judaic tradition, which was delivered from God himself after all! So what does one do about this? Barry makes a few suggestions to manage this […]
Oct 19, 2022
A Good Show | Episode 64
Given the choice between duty and authenticity, Barry talks about faithfulness less as the power to overcome our old nature and more as living authentically as the person we are going to be than the person we used to be.       Book: Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant Scripture: Rom 8:29 […]
Oct 12, 2022
Shouting to Waiting | Episode 63
Barry talks about the relationship between God’s faithfulness and our faith. Psalm 33 reminds us that miracles, deliverance, and the like are simply eruptions of God’s ongoing, underlying love and interaction with the world.       Scriptures: Psalm 33 Acts 17:25 Deut. 7:6-8 1 Cor. 11:23-26    
Oct 05, 2022
I Can’t Unhear That | Episode 62
God knows how hard it is for us to hear what we need to acknowledge in order to change, which is why Jesus used the phrase “Let these words sink into your ears.” Barry talks about how challenging hearing can be for us, methods people use to be heard, and the lengths God went to […]
Sep 28, 2022
A Room for Real Altruism | Episode 61
Just as our Messiah did, we are to care for others even at our own expense. Barry talks about altruism, some of the hurdles it faces, why it is so important for the world, and what it should mean for believers.       Scriptures: Matt 26:39 Romans 5:6-8 Phil 2:1-4   Referenced Episode: Control […]
Sep 21, 2022
Faith, Hope, and… Praise | Episode 60
What do drooling on one’s beard and finding victory through praise have to do with one another, you may ask? Barry talks about the background of Psalm 34 and the elements that lead to heartfelt praise: Praise rises when need becomes faith, faith becomes hope, and hope is in God.   Scriptures: Psalm 34, 52 […]
Sep 14, 2022
The Skeleton in the Living Room | Episode 59
Have you noticed how many times you can repeat the same argument with your loved one and the outcome never change? Barry talks about seeing the structures or system behind a particular argument/situation in order to bring about lasting change.     Link to sign-up for the Texans for Life Annual Benefit Dinner Scriptures Ecc. […]
Sep 07, 2022
Cognizing Truth | Episode 58
Information may be freer, but truth—not so much. Barry describes how we can see the truth and cling to it, while also improving our Spidey sense to recognize when something is wrong with the words we have received.     Scripture: 1 Samuel 28 Philippians 1 John 8:31-32
Aug 31, 2022
Forgiveness’ End: Existential Transformation | Episode 57
The modern and existential paradigms seem worlds apart, and neither is necessarily better than the other—so how do the different paradigm-holders connect with each other? The life change described in Psalm 32 is a great place to start.       Scriptures: Psalm 32 James 1 1 John 4:19-20 Referenced Episode: In Bad Faith: Part […]
Aug 24, 2022
In Bad Faith: Part 2 | Episode 56
In our second part of the In Bad Faith series, Barry provides another example of when the result of our faith’s practice contradicts its real end: inequality vs complementarity.     Scripture: Genesis 2:18-25 Referenced Episode: In Bad Faith: Part 1 (Ep 55)
Aug 17, 2022
In Bad Faith: Part 1 | Episode 55
Barry asks the question, “How do people improve?” He argues that we can both pray and practice medicine; we can lead people to forgiveness and provide counsel to help them deal with an old, clinging nature; and we can believe wholly in the power of redemption and practice daily the disciplines of sanctification.     […]
Aug 10, 2022
Self-Help for Society: Narrative of Human Life | Episode 54
Barry revisits the topic of working through conflict together as a society, focusing on the narrative of human life. Staying on the path created for us is better than reinventing ourselves repeatedly.       Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9 Referenced Episodes: Self-Help for Society, Ep 53; Not as Different as We Think We Are, Ep […]
Aug 03, 2022
Self-Help for Society: Historical Tradition | Episode 53
Barry asks the question: What keeps society together even when life and conflict fray the social fabric? Ultimately, we must recognize and measure the difference between what we ought to be and what we are–the only way to pursue virtue; the only way to take one step at a time together toward our perfection. Scripture: […]
Jul 27, 2022
One Bad Idea After Another | Episode 52
Barry disagrees with the idea of imprisoning women who have abortions, focusing instead on the personal cost and heroic nature of mothering.       Scripture: John 10:10 Referenced Episodes: Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe? (Eps 17-19)  
Jul 20, 2022
Two Kinds of People | Episode 51
Barry reminds us that in reality, everyone’s life is about others, whether we swim with that current or against it. It makes sense, then, that the greatest commandment provides for us an escape from the narrow limits of the self.     Scriptures: Proverbs 26:4-5 Ecclesiastes 2:24-26 Philippians 2:3-4   Referenced Episodes: Disagreeing to Agree […]
Jul 13, 2022
Back to the Future, or Forth to the Past | Episode 50
Barry shares some quotes from one of the most important books of the 20th century. Hannah Arendt leads us to look back at history to see the present more clearly.       Book: The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt  
Jul 06, 2022
A Familiar Phrase That’s Hard to Say | Episode 49
Barry talks through a Psalm that applies to those who have ever known sorrow or distress. In it we learn that God is not only our refuge in those difficult times, but that he carries both us and our burdens to the cross in order to carry us through the resurrection.   Scriptures: Psalm 31 […]
Jun 29, 2022