Coffee with Creamer

By Barry Creamer

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Category: Christianity

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Coffee with Creamer, where you get to sit down with our host, Dr. Barry Creamer, for a conversation about faith, life, and culture. We’ll look at old ideas through a new lens, turn the culture wars on their head, and paint a picture of the way things could be. If you like your thinking deep, and your coffee hot, pull up a chair—you’re in the right place.

Episode Date
A Room for Real Altruism | Episode 61
Just as our Messiah did, we are to care for others even at our own expense. Barry talks about altruism, some of the hurdles it faces, why it is so important for the world, and what it should mean for believers.       Scriptures: Matt 26:39 Romans 5:6-8 Phil 2:1-4   Referenced Episode: Control […]
Sep 21, 2022
Faith, Hope, and… Praise | Episode 60
What do drooling on one’s beard and finding victory through praise have to do with one another, you may ask? Barry talks about the background of Psalm 34 and the elements that lead to heartfelt praise: Praise rises when need becomes faith, faith becomes hope, and hope is in God.   Scriptures: Psalm 34, 52 […]
Sep 14, 2022
The Skeleton in the Living Room | Episode 59
Have you noticed how many times you can repeat the same argument with your loved one and the outcome never change? Barry talks about seeing the structures or system behind a particular argument/situation in order to bring about lasting change.     Link to sign-up for the Texans for Life Annual Benefit Dinner Scriptures Ecc. […]
Sep 07, 2022
Cognizing Truth | Episode 58
Information may be freer, but truth—not so much. Barry describes how we can see the truth and cling to it, while also improving our Spidey sense to recognize when something is wrong with the words we have received.     Scripture: 1 Samuel 28 Philippians 1 John 8:31-32
Aug 31, 2022
Forgiveness’ End: Existential Transformation | Episode 57
The modern and existential paradigms seem worlds apart, and neither is necessarily better than the other—so how do the different paradigm-holders connect with each other? The life change described in Psalm 32 is a great place to start.       Scriptures: Psalm 32 James 1 1 John 4:19-20 Referenced Episode: In Bad Faith: Part […]
Aug 24, 2022
In Bad Faith: Part 2 | Episode 56
In our second part of the In Bad Faith series, Barry provides another example of when the result of our faith’s practice contradicts its real end: inequality vs complementarity.     Scripture: Genesis 2:18-25 Referenced Episode: In Bad Faith: Part 1 (Ep 55)
Aug 17, 2022
In Bad Faith: Part 1 | Episode 55
Barry asks the question, “How do people improve?” He argues that we can both pray and practice medicine; we can lead people to forgiveness and provide counsel to help them deal with an old, clinging nature; and we can believe wholly in the power of redemption and practice daily the disciplines of sanctification.     […]
Aug 10, 2022
Self-Help for Society: Narrative of Human Life | Episode 54
Barry revisits the topic of working through conflict together as a society, focusing on the narrative of human life. Staying on the path created for us is better than reinventing ourselves repeatedly.       Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9 Referenced Episodes: Self-Help for Society, Ep 53; Not as Different as We Think We Are, Ep […]
Aug 03, 2022
Self-Help for Society: Historical Tradition | Episode 53
Barry asks the question: What keeps society together even when life and conflict fray the social fabric? Ultimately, we must recognize and measure the difference between what we ought to be and what we are–the only way to pursue virtue; the only way to take one step at a time together toward our perfection. Scripture: […]
Jul 27, 2022
One Bad Idea After Another | Episode 52
Barry disagrees with the idea of imprisoning women who have abortions, focusing instead on the personal cost and heroic nature of mothering.       Scripture: John 10:10 Referenced Episodes: Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe? (Eps 17-19)  
Jul 20, 2022
Two Kinds of People | Episode 51
Barry reminds us that in reality, everyone’s life is about others, whether we swim with that current or against it. It makes sense, then, that the greatest commandment provides for us an escape from the narrow limits of the self.     Scriptures: Proverbs 26:4-5 Ecclesiastes 2:24-26 Philippians 2:3-4   Referenced Episodes: Disagreeing to Agree […]
Jul 13, 2022
Back to the Future, or Forth to the Past | Episode 50
Barry shares some quotes from one of the most important books of the 20th century. Hannah Arendt leads us to look back at history to see the present more clearly.       Book: The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt  
Jul 06, 2022
A Familiar Phrase That’s Hard to Say | Episode 49
Barry talks through a Psalm that applies to those who have ever known sorrow or distress. In it we learn that God is not only our refuge in those difficult times, but that he carries both us and our burdens to the cross in order to carry us through the resurrection.   Scriptures: Psalm 31 […]
Jun 29, 2022
Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 3 | Episode 48
This episode rounds out the series on how to do more than battle the other side when it comes to the important issue of abortion. Barry points out some of those shared values, the best way to begin a conversation (by listening), and how a tiny step for the culture might be a giant leap […]
Jun 22, 2022
Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 2 | Episode 47
In the second episode of the series, Barry invites us to see a few pro-life values in pro-choice arguments. Not possible, you say? Believe it or not (but we hope you do), there is more to being pro-choice than being pro-abortion, and there is more to being pro-life than being anti-abortion.  
Jun 15, 2022
Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 1 | Episode 46
Barry introduces a familiar topic, sanctity of life, in a very different way in this series. Amid the chaos created by the leaked SCOTUS brief on Roe v. Wade, many people on the pro-life side of the argument feel as if they are on the brink of obtaining the holy grail. However, simply winning the […]
Jun 08, 2022
A Sometimes-Silent Savior | Episode 45
Barry covers Psalm 30, a psalm of David meant to praise God at the dedication of the temple, even though there was no temple yet. And it just so happens that there is no temple now, either, but there is a God who cannot be contained by temples who is just as active in believers […]
Jun 01, 2022
Memorial Day, Because the Shovel Is Brother to the Gun | Episode 44
Barry talks about what we do right, what’s okay, and what we should do more of when observing Memorial Day, and uses 3 poems to do it.       Poems: “In Flanders Field”, by John McCrae, “Iron” and “Statistics” by Carl Sandburg
May 25, 2022
Our Problem with the Problem of Evil: Part 2 | Episode 43
People often follow a few steps when personally encountering the Problem of Evil: from complacency, to discontentment, then contentment, and lastly to thankfulness. It is by no means an easy journey, but faith can lead the way.       Scriptures: Psalm 10:1 Psalm 80:4-6 Habakkuk 1:2-4 Acts 1:6-8 James 4:4-10 Habakkuk 2:2-4 Philippians 4:11-13 […]
May 18, 2022
Our Problem with the Problem of Evil: Part 1 | Episode 42
Barry begins a discussion of the Problem of Evil, which studies the question of how to reconcile the concepts of a good and all-powerful God with the existence of evil and suffering in the world. We are often tempted to doubt our faith when a theoretical argument turns practical in moments of suffering.     […]
May 11, 2022
It’s Good to Hear Your Voice | Episode 41
What do severe thunderstorms, earth-swallowing floods, decimated forests, and teeth-shattering earthquakes have in common? They all evoke the voice of God. Feel a little frightened? No need—God uses that voice to give strength and peace to his people.       Scriptures Psalm 29 1 Samuel 5:1-5 Genesis 1:6-8 Psalm 30 1 Kings 5 Numbers […]
May 04, 2022
So Heavenly Minded | Episode 40
Barry talks about why it is important to consider the ramifications of a choice before one needs to make it. He covers some fundamental aspects of ethics, reviews what ethics can’t do, and explains why on earth he is talking about what most people often ignore.     Scriptures Romans 2:12-16 Psalm 15:1-5   Referenced […]
Apr 27, 2022
Control Freaks | Episode 39
Why is it that sometimes we bring about the very thing we are trying to avoid? Barry provides some all-too-true examples and encourages us to be the kind of people that keep the faith, sacrifice our own will, and love our enemies instead of clinging to the delusion that we can control our lives and […]
Apr 20, 2022
Modus Vivendi | Episode 38
Sometimes we can be dualistic in our thinking—especially when it comes to us and our competitor/adversary. However, Barry reminds us that there are often three options: we win, they win, and modus vivendi.     Scriptures: James 4:11-12, 5:7-10; 1 Peter 3:13-17, 4:1-5; Jeremiah 29:7   Book: Eisenhower in War and Peace, Jean Edward Smith […]
Apr 13, 2022
Parts Per Million | Episode 37
Barry talks through Psalm 28 and leads us to the time-worn and yet sometimes surprising message that we are separated from those who face judgment only by the grace of God, without anything to earn it on our part. And then what naturally follows: If we can receive this grace, then so can those we […]
Apr 06, 2022
Getting Along with Those People: Part 2 | Episode 36
Barry finishes up a two-part series in response to a question from a listener: How do we get along with others whose Christian and non-Christian beliefs are in opposition to ours, both within Protestantism and across the lines? Part two covers our interactions with Christian non-Christians and Christian Christians. We promise: it will make sense […]
Mar 30, 2022
Shepherding Like Jesus | Episode 35
Barry talks with Andrew Hébert, author and lead pastor of Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas about his new book. Shepherding Like Jesus challenges Christian leaders, pastors, and churches to highlight the right things in leadership—things like humility, purity, sympathy, and reconciliation.       Book: Shepherding Like Jesus: Returning to the Wild Idea that […]
Mar 23, 2022
Getting Along with Those People: Part 1 | Episode 34
Barry begins a two-part series in response to a question from a listener: How do we get along with others whose Christian and non-Christian beliefs are in opposition to ours, both within Protestantism and across the lines? Part one covers how we can find common ground and look for an ally rather than an enemy. […]
Mar 16, 2022
Reading (People) without Margins | Episode 33
Barry covers a sentiment that is easily overlooked by every human everywhere. God said it in the Old Testament: Treat one who comes from outside your group as one who is inside your group (Lev 19:34). Jesus repeated this concept in his story of the Samaritan that does good to the Jew (Luke 10:25-37). So […]
Mar 09, 2022
Why What We Want Least Is What We Need Most | Episode 32
Barry talks about the experience of faith, anomalies, and doubt. How does one come to faith and how does one maintain it? What types of situations tempt one to give it up? There are a lot of reasons not to have faith, and that is why faith is so important.       Suggested Reading: […]
Mar 02, 2022