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The IKKIVI Podcast is a space where we speak with leaders, change makers and disruptors who inspire us with their unique perspectives to live meaningful and fuller lives each day. Here we reflect on contemporary cultural practices and build on conscious values to create a community of thoughtful individuals through conversation. Join us as we release new episodes every fortnight.

Episode Date
Jessica Maguire | How Can We Mindfully Re-Train our Mind to Become More Resilient?

Welcome to the twentieth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Jessica Maguire, a trauma-informed integrative Physiotherapist who is passionate about teaching people the tools and resources that reshape our brain. She believes knowledge is power and the right tools can bring increased self-regulation, a more balanced nervous system and greater resilience to face life’s demands.

On this week’s show, we talk about the impact trauma at all levels can have on our physical bodies if not addressed, and how mindfulness can help us bring about change in the way we choose to live our lives physically, mentally and emotionally. We also discuss the ways in which emotional healing is directly connected to our biology, and the actionable steps that we can take to relax our mind and body more frequently.

In this conversation, she also speaks with us about how our brain and nervous system are innately capable of change, the true meaning of resilience and how we can adopt a holistic approach to our well being and care

You can follow Jessica’s work on Instagram and her Website.

May 10, 2022
Lydia Morrow | Why Does the Fashion Industry Still Struggle to be Inclusive and Equal?

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Lydia Morrow. Lydia is a knitter, designer, artist, stylist, model, and sometimes influencer with a special interest in ethical fashion. She is passionate about creating a more just, equal, and diverse fashion industry that is less harmful to people and the environment through an understanding of the intersectional issues that affect it. She loves inspiring people to make their own clothes, get creative, and get a better understanding of their style.

On this week’s show we talk about the ways in which one can come to understand their own unique taste, why fashion is a playful and celebratory space for her, and how we can marry style with sustainability

In this conversation, she also shares with us the challenges prevalent in plus size modelling, the scale of exclusion in the fashion industry, what prevents the industry from becoming inclusive and accepting of body diversity and what kind of progress have we made in the last decade.

You can follow Lydia’s work on Instagram and her Website.

Apr 26, 2022
Nadia Felsch | Debunking the Myths around Diets, Food and our Body

Welcome to the eighteenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Nadia Felsch, an anti-diet Nutritionist (BHSc) and Intuitive Eating Counselor who supports people to have a healthier and more peaceful relationship with food and their bodies so they can live their fullest and most joyful life.

On this week’s show we talk about the conventional definitions and intentions associated with diets and our bodies, the rise of diet culture in contemporary society, and understanding the dangers and moralisms often attached by others to the food we eat.

In this conversation, she also shares with us details of the innate wisdom our bodies carry, how we can prioritize our experiences with food, and the direct connection between satisfaction, taste and nutrition.

You can follow Nadia’s work on Instagram and her Website.

Apr 12, 2022
Elizabeth Brink | How Can We Welcome Each Other's Differences and Strengths?

Welcome to the seventeenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Elizabeth Brink, a trauma-informed, body-based coach for neurodivergent people. She partners with her clients as they build life strategies with greater self-acceptance and body awareness. Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense.

On this week’s show we talk about the various groupings that fall under neurodivergence, the impact the ideal ways of operating as determined by society can have on neurodivergent people, how we can come together to problem solve and discuss our different struggles in a safe space and the aspects she focuses on in her coaching classes.

In this conversation, she also shares with us the importance of understanding our nervous system, why we need to let ourselves and others act in more intuitive and instinctive ways, why we experience shame, and how we can start to cultivate systemic change and welcome greater diversity.

You can follow Elizabeth’s work on Instagram and her website

Mar 29, 2022
Adele Tetangco | Why is Branding so Important for Growing a Business?

.Welcome to the sixteenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Adele Tetangco, a fashion entrepreneur based in Canada who has been working in the industry for over 18 years. Her passion for supporting independent and up-and-coming designers as well as stores led her to develop Garmentory — a marketplace turned community for brands and boutiques in the niche market. Most recently, she launched Snack Size, a collective of creatives offering a full scope of services for fashion + lifestyle brands to grow, survive, and thrive.

On this week’s show we talk about why branding is important for brands, what it means to grow a business in today’s world, the impact creativity and communication can have in establishing a brand and the fundamentals to invest in as a startup or entrepreneur.

In this conversation, she also shares with us her early journey and inspirations with fashion, how consumers and brands are becoming more conscious, the scope and scale at which small brands can grow, the challenges that international brands face trying to get there foot in the door as well as the factors that can support their development and success.

You can follow Adele’s work on Instagram

Feb 15, 2022
Ekta Rajani | The Reality of Finding your Healthy Work-Life Balance

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Ekta Rajani, a stylist, and design and creative consultant with over 20 years of work experience in the field of fashion. She has worked closely with the Indian magazine industry, celebrities, designers, brands and retailers, and was also the Fashion Director at Grazia India, a leading monthly women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, for seven years.

On this week’s show we talk about the aspects of our lives we can look at to find a healthy work life balance, the higher difficulty we are experiencing in cultivating and maintaining it while experiencing Covid and the value of going deeply into our subjective experiences and recognising our personal needs.

In this conversation, Ekta shares with us the ways in which we can focus on ourselves to make more informed lifestyle choices and decisions, the human tendency we all have of comparing ourselves to others and how self honesty can help us prioritise what is important to us, amidst much more!

You can follow Ekta’s work on Instagram

(This podcast was recorded on July 6, 2020)

Feb 01, 2022
Deanna Ansara | How We Can Humanise our Relationship With Fashion

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of ‘The Ikkivi Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Deanna Ansara, founder of Vincetta, a sustainable womenswear brand based in New York, focused on inclusivity and creating intentionally minimalist clothing. She uses 90% deadstock material to create beautifully thoughtful pieces and focuses on the ‘less is more’ approach.

On this week’s show we talk about how healing and comforting creating something can be, the lack of humanity within fashion, her relationship with sustainability since she was a child, and designing with intention.

In this conversation, Deanna offers insights on the value of ‘basic’ clothing, creating at a pace that feels natural, realistic and safe, the challenges of growing a sustainable business, and the positive opportunities lended by limitations for our work.

You can follow Deanna’s work on Instagram and her Shop.

Jan 18, 2022
Kestrel Jenkins | From Perfectionism to Progress: Adopting a Growth Mindset on our Sustainability Journey

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Kestrel Jenkins, host and producer of Conscious Chatter, a leading podcast that reimagines the narrative around sustainability, questions conscious consumerism, and works to deconstruct how oppressive systems impact the sustainable fashion space.

On this week’s show, Kestrel discusses with us the ways in which podcasts have become an intimate tool for us to connect with and learn from people all over the world, the popularity, uniqueness and impact of the audio format to share stories with each other and whether she thinks podcasts can be a business in themselves.

In this conversation, she also talks about how she is going deeper into understanding the nuances around sustainability and fashion, where she sees us heading as an industry, taking the ownership to invest our time into learning something, how we can gently grow to be more mindful and sustainable, along with the resources she relies on to learn about sustainability in the industry

You can follow Kestrel’s work on Instagram and listen to her podcast about why what we wear matters on Conscious Chatter.

Dec 21, 2021
Rhea Gupte | Daily Routines to Inspire an Intentional Lifestyle

Welcome to the twelfth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us our very own and special creative director Rhea Gupte. She is also a multidisciplinary artist, writer, poet, photographer, and consultant whose work combines aesthetic explorations with communicating and investigating emotions, thoughts and social narratives.

On this week’s show, Rhea speaks with us about her experiences with different kinds of work, the power there is in building our own identity, making time for things we care about on a daily basis, reimagining what success can look like to us, and letting go of things that don’t bring us joy.

In this podcast, she offers us ways in which we can keep ourselves accountable in a healthy way, stop chasing productivity, have free flowing routines, find creative ways to solve our problems and build systems that are useful and self caring.

You can follow Rhea’s work on Instagram and her Website 

Dec 07, 2021
Mandovi Menon | Creating Space for Something New

Welcome to the eleventh episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us creative director and writer, Mandovi Menon, who is passionate about using innovative storytelling to spark meaningful change. She believes that expressing creativity freely, with integrity, is at the heart of building a more inclusive world.

On this week’s show, Mandovi discusses with us what entrepreneurship means to her, why it’s okay to keep a distinction between our personal work and professional endeavours, the value of finding ways to enjoy everything we do, and establishing ourselves by allowing time to cultivate a versatile skill set.

In this conversation, we talk about the discipline and almost ritualised practice it takes to wear many hats as an entrepreneur, the need to structure a day to encourage our creative processes. working freely to create output from our abstract ideations. Mandovi also shares how persistence over patience has guided her through her own journey, and become an essential quality to doing  meaningful and impact driven work.

You can follow Mandovi’s work on Instagram and Apalam Chapalam.

Nov 23, 2021
Meera Ganapathi | The Story of a Storyteller

Welcome to the tenth episode of ‘The Ikkivi Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Meera Ganapathi, founder of Soup, a writer and a childrens’ book author. Soup is an independent publication bringing you insightful stories from contemporary India, with stories based on overlooked details and personal histories amongst other things.

On this week’s show we talk about the inception of Soup magazine, the ways in which books and stories can impact a child’s mind, how we can create meaningful stories and work by directing our personal tastes and the pressures to read more with each day.

In this conversation, Meera discusses with us the value of writing less sensationally, the different formats in which stories can be communicated and integrated in the contemporary period, the evolving role of illustrations in children’s books and the need to have more timeless and thoughtfully written stories over quick ones.

You can follow Meera’s work on Instagram and sign up for her newsletter series on  Substack

Nov 09, 2021
Orsola de Castro | How Micro Actions can Bring Macro Change

Welcome to the ninth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Orsola De Castro, co-founder and global creative director of Fashion Revolution - a global movement campaigning for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. An inspiration to so many of us working to make a change in the industry, she has provided us support and guidance at every step as we make progress.

On this week’s show we talk about her experiences in (and with) the fashion industry, the ways in which clothes have been an integral part of her life since the very beginning, how she worked to navigate and marry together seemingly disparate things she was moved by and the deep seated problems that have persisted in the capitalistic system of production.

In this conversation, Orsola offers us critical reflections on the contemporary state of affairs in the field of fashion, the ways in which we can cultivate a criteria to make purchases, the meaning of having a vision, and the need to learn from places and people who are the narrative of creation to assimilate a sustainable lifestyle.

Oct 26, 2021
Natasha Mahindra | What Does Emotional Wellness Look Like for You?

Welcome to the eighth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode, we have with us Natasha Mahindra, a certified yoga therapist and founder of Anam Cara Yoga Retreats, a yoga travel and adventure company.

This week, we talk about how healing is a collaborative and communal matter, not just a personal or individual one. We also speak about the value of having teachers guide us into different healing practices in this age of information, how we can consciously connect with nature and each other, and how important it is to engage in new therapies to nurture healing.

In this conversation, Natasha shares her insights on the different and essential meanings of the term ‘energy’, how certain yoga practices lend themselves for us to understand our pain, how we can support others in their pain and how we can begin our own practices of mindfulness.

Oct 12, 2021
Bhaavya Goenka | The Hidden Beauty of Waste

Welcome to the seventh episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode, we have with us Bhaavya Goenka, a circular design expert specializing in the reuse and upcycling of industrial textile waste through indigenous craft practices of India and in building replicable systems that allow decentralised development whilst creating conversational products through zero-waste practices.

This week, we talk about the creative and artistic qualities of ‘waste’, the diverse ways in which we can respond to and rectify industrial problems, the opportunities we now have to challenge normative cultures and practices, and the need to think critically as we design for responsible consumption.

In this conversation, Bhaavya reflects on the empowerment we feel when we make mindful choices, the value of collaborative efforts and projects, maintaining the edge in creative industries through our individuality, and  creating the room to express ourselves through multiple forms and mediums.

Hindi Translation 1 in the episode: There’s no need for you to get married. We’ve saved money for you, and we are working further to save money for ourselves and for you. You live your life the way you want to.

Hindi Translation 2 in the episode: I can dye the fabric responsibly such that it can be as stain resistant as possible. The weaver too will weave the design responsibly and we’ll sell it while keeping with our principles of mindfulness. But what about the consumer and wearer? What is their responsibility? They need to act responsibly too.

Sep 28, 2021
Lilli Hingee | Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable with the Shape of Your Body?
Welcome to the sixth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode, we have with us Lilli Hingee, a fashion blogger from Australia who uses her platform to review and showcase brands that offer plus sizes and also encourages people to try a variety of styles by trying it out herself. In this week’s conversation, we speak about the gaps in representation of diverse bodies in mainstream media, the politics around the image of the ideal body, the challenges faced by plus sized individuals when shopping for fashionable clothing and the distresses in the fast fashion system in the last few decades. Here, Lilli shares with us the ways in which she has created a community for plus sized women, the need for us to understand our bodies and what we like to wear, the necessity of moving beyond tokenism and see honest visibility in the media of plus sized bodies, and learning to take space and be treated with respect.
Sep 14, 2021
Nidhi Sunil | Finding our Strength in Trying Times
Welcome to the fifth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode, joining us is Nidhi Sunil, a model, actress and activist. She actively uses her platform to talk about colourism as well as genderside as part of an organization called the ‘Invisible Girl Project’. On this week’s show, we discuss the problematics of conventional narratives around beauty, the ways in which discrimination can affect our mind and livelihoods, the importance of reflecting on our experiences and questioning the status quo, and the dualistic role of social media in being able to break from many social injustices. In this conversation, Nidhi calls our attention to the individual and personal nature of everyone’s journey through different challenges, the value of being vulnerable and voicing ourselves and our experiences, as well as the changes currently under play in the fashion and media industries.
Aug 31, 2021
Diva Dhawan | Inviting Movement into our Lives
Welcome to the fourth episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode, joining us is Diva Dhawan, model, actor, founder of a luxury vintage brand and founder of a platform dedicated to a healthy lifestyle called ‘andthenwestretch’. On this week’s show, we discuss the importance of moving physically for the benefit of our mind and body, the role of exercise in helping us navigate through stressful days, how to find movements that we enjoy, and the value of taking small breaks to move and stretch during the day. In this conversation, Diva debunks the myth that engaging in high intensity exercises or routines are the foremost path to maintaining health and offers ideas on how we can inculcate movement nonchalantly in our everyday lives. She also notes the significance of challenging our body, learning to listen to our needs, and understanding how to take care of ourselves as our bodies change over time.
Aug 17, 2021
Sayali Goyal | Building a Business as a Creative
Welcome to the third episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Sayali Goyal, Founding Editor and Creative Director of a Cultural Publication and Agency, Cocoa & Jasmine, that works at the intersection of arts, craft, design and travel. In this week’s conversation we speak about the flexibility business models can have in the context of an ever changing world, breaking from the cultural perceptions that have seen creative fields as hobbies over successful commercial endeavours, accepting our differences, understanding our vision, and rethinking the dialogue we have around the ideas of career, productivity, and success to make greater space for creativity and innovation. Here, Sayali highlights the beauty and energy that creative and conscious businesses can bring in the mainstream market, how we can stand out in a crowd by being who we uniquely are, the importance of creating things that offer high value and quality to others, and consciously choosing the activities we spend time on.
Aug 03, 2021
Sarah Edwards | What is Different about Mindful Eating?
Welcome to the second episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Sarah, Founder of Copper + Cloves - a hub and resource for us to learn and get excited about cooking beautiful, nourishing food using local, sustainable ingredients. In this week’s conversation we discuss why present moment awareness is important when we’re eating, how points of eating can be helpful anchors into connecting with ourselves, the relations between food, taste and pleasure that form key moments of our day, and the role our emotions play in the ways we approach food. In this talk, Sarah lends us an understanding on noticing how different foods make us feel, cultivating achievable and honest standards of healthy eating, recognising evolutionary perspectives on food that influence the decisions we make, softening cravings and exempting self-judgement upon ourselves. (This podcast was recorded on July 23, 2020)
Jul 20, 2021
Arti Jalan | The Balancing Act: The World Within and The World Without
Welcome to the very first episode of ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’. In this episode we have with us Arti Jalan, Founder of the online conscious living platform Forage and Sustain. A creative exploration of subjects that affect us in our everyday lives, Forage and Sustain invites us to think about the meanings of self-care, mindful travel, slow living and uniting with others with the intention of making the world and our future, better. On this week’s show we talk about rethinking our ways of consuming and practicing sustainability by taking small actions over seeing it as an unsolvable mystery, and reflect on the seeming paradox of ‘consciousness’ and ‘business’ together, our general addiction to the aspects of learning above acting and not feeling ready to pursue the things that interest us.  In this conversation, Arti offers insightful ideas on the inessentiality of hustling to achieve success, learning to set boundaries to come into balance with overstimulation, creating freedom based lifestyles, harnessing our intuition to make personal decisions, and moving with intention in the things we do. (This podcast was recorded on October 15, 2020)
Jul 06, 2021
Welcome to The IKKIVI Podcast
The IKKIVI Podcast is a space where we speak with leaders, change makers and disruptors who inspire us with their unique perspectives to live meaningful and fuller lives each day. Here we reflect on contemporary cultural practices and build on conscious values to create a community of thoughtful individuals through conversation. Join us as we release new episodes every fortnight.
Jul 05, 2021