The Parent IEP Lab

By Beth Liesenfeld, MOT, OTR/L

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Category: Parenting

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Turn into the parent advocate your child needs now by gathering context to how the process and system work so you can ask informed questions of your IEP team and get your child supported in school!! This podcast aims to help you secure an IEP that provides a positive learning environment for your child without having to fight with the school by sharing "insider" information about school and IEP culture along with strategies effective parent advocates use to get what they need for their child! The IEP Lab offers: The Ultimate Parent IEP Prep Course to kick IEP meeting stress to the curb by guiding you through narrowing your advocacy focus, writing your vision statment, parent input statement, and teaching you HOW to advocate for the best chance of success! Find out more at The Parent Advocacy Club is your support option that focuses on ongoing training and support for parent advocates including a monthly themed training, two digital download tools, a live Q&A with Beth, a Parent Connections group hosted by fellow parent advocacy Chellor Crossley, and a private Facebook group -- all for just $24/month! Join at

Episode Date
E152: Do Eligibility Categories Matter?
Nov 21, 2023
E151: Outside Placements with Lisa Parnello
Nov 14, 2023
E150: Progress Reports and Goals
Nov 07, 2023
E149: Processing Advocacy Emotions with Denise Kleinman
Oct 31, 2023
E148: Section 504 Plans
Oct 24, 2023
E147: Is My Child's IEP/504 Working? Webinar Replay!
Oct 17, 2023
E146: Culturally Relevant & Dynamic Assessments with Dr. Tinita Kearney, SLP
Oct 10, 2023
E145: Behavior in Schools: Some Context
Oct 03, 2023
E144: Separated or Divorced Advocacy with Billie Tarascio of Modern Law
Sep 26, 2023
E143: Strength Based IEPs
Sep 19, 2023
E142: Behavior from a Trauma/Adoptive Lens with Angie Grandt
Sep 12, 2023
E141: Understanding the Importance of Progress Reports
Sep 05, 2023
E140: State Parent Centers with Erin Camper of Peak Parent Center
Aug 29, 2023
E139: How Will The IEP Lab Support You This Year?
Aug 22, 2023
E138: How Many IEP Meetings Should I Have?
Aug 15, 2023
E137: Who Do I Bring To the IEP Meeting?
Aug 08, 2023
E136: Difficult School Teams
Aug 01, 2023
E135: Untangling Behavior with CPS through a Neurodiversity Affirming Lens with Santana Ficken
Jul 25, 2023
E134: The Most Effective Advocacy Approach
Jul 18, 2023
E133: Vision Statements
Jul 11, 2023
E132: Early Intervention to Preschool Transition (Focus on Evaluation)
Jul 06, 2023
E131: Diagnoses vs Educational Label with Dr. Liz Leggiadro
Jun 27, 2023
E130: Summer Moves (Schools, Districts, States!)
Jun 20, 2023
E129: IEP Denials
Jun 13, 2023
E128: How Do You Advocate if Your Child Masks at School? with Tara Marshall
Jun 06, 2023
E127: 3 Pillars of Advocacy Case Study with Chellor Crossley
May 30, 2023
E126: Should You Use the Release of Information?
May 23, 2023
E125: Dyscalculia (or Specific Learning Disability in Math (SLD)) with Laura Jackson
May 16, 2023
E124: Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
May 09, 2023
E123: What Do I Ask For? with Scotti Weintraub
May 02, 2023
E122: School Short Staffed? Try This!
Apr 25, 2023
E121: Gifted (2e or Twice Exceptional) with Dr. Matt Zakreski
Apr 18, 2023
E120: Scheduling IEP Meetings
Apr 11, 2023
E119: Advocating for Social Emotional Supports with Valerie Cantella
Apr 04, 2023
E118: Emotions and Advocacy
Mar 28, 2023
E117: Your Parent Advocacy Circle of Influence
Mar 23, 2023
E116: What is the Most Effective Approach to Advocacy? [BONUS EPISODE]
Mar 16, 2023
E115: Does an IEP Transfer to College? With Dan Jordan of Accessing College
Mar 14, 2023
E114: What About "Specials" and IEPs?! With Bryson Tarbet
Mar 07, 2023
E113: School Refusal
Feb 28, 2023
E112: How to Teach Kids to Self-Advocate for Accommodations with Megan Buck
Feb 21, 2023
E111: Special Education Administrators (Coordinators + Directors) [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Feb 16, 2023
E110: Parent Rights (aka Procedural Safeguards)
Feb 14, 2023
E109: Adaptive Physical Education [IEP
Feb 09, 2023
E108: Dysgraphia (Handwriting) with Kelli Fetter
Feb 07, 2023
E107: Principals [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Feb 02, 2023
E106: What is an IEP "Season?"
Jan 31, 2023
E105: School Social Worker [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Jan 26, 2023
E104: Barriers to Minority Advocacy with Maria Davis-Pierre
Jan 24, 2023
E103: School Counselors [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Jan 19, 2023
E102: Understanding Your Child's IEP
Jan 17, 2023
E101: School Nurse [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Jan 12, 2023
E100: Vision is More than 20/20 with Jaime Spencer
Jan 10, 2023
E99: Gifted Educator [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Jan 05, 2023
E98: The IEP Process Step-By-Step
Jan 03, 2023
E97: Orientation & Mobility [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Dec 29, 2022
E96: 5 Different Types of IEP Meetings (AND Parent Advocacy Opportunities for Each!)
Dec 27, 2022
E95: Audiologist with Amy Sarow [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Dec 22, 2022
E94: Presuming Competence with DJ Nicholson
Dec 20, 2022
E93: Physical Therapist [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Dec 15, 2022
E92: IEP Meeting Excusals
Dec 13, 2022
E91: Occupational Therapist (OT) [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Dec 08, 2022
E90: 4 Levels of Placement with Angelica Medrano
Dec 06, 2022
E89: School Psychologists [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Dec 01, 2022
E88: Parent Rights, Inclusion & Placement with Ashley Barlow
Nov 29, 2022
E86: Why Collaboration? With Lisa Baskin-Wright
Nov 22, 2022
E87: Speech Language Pathologists [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Nov 21, 2022
E85: Preschool Teachers (General Education AND Special Education (ECSE's)!
Nov 17, 2022
E84: How to Get an Aid/Paraprofessional/Para/Para-pro!
Nov 15, 2022
E83: General Education Teacher [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Nov 10, 2022
E82: Tier 2 Support: MTSS/RTI/SST with Sabrina Axt
Nov 08, 2022
E81: Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher & Teacher of Visually Impaired [IEP Team BONUS Series]
Nov 03, 2022
E80: Accommodations: A Trial and Error Approach!
Nov 01, 2022
E79: Special Education Teachers: Qualifications & What They Do! [IEP Team BONUS SERIES!]
Oct 27, 2022
E78: What is an Educational Therapist? With Wendy Taylor
Oct 25, 2022
E77: Giveaway! [Enter by Thanksgiving 2022!]
Oct 20, 2022
E76: Paraprofessionals/Aides/Paraeducators/Para's
Oct 18, 2022
E75: Multiple Disability [Eligibility Category BONUS Series]
Oct 13, 2022
E74: The "D" Word: Data!
Oct 11, 2022
E73: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) [Eligibility Category BONUS Series]
Oct 10, 2022
E72: Discovering Your Child's Strengths with Staci Neustadt
Oct 04, 2022
E71: Developmental Delay [Eligibility Category BONUS Series]
Sep 29, 2022
E70: Working Through Barriers to Inclusion with Kathy Brill
Sep 27, 2022
E69: Deaf/Blindness [Eligibility Category BONUS Series]
Sep 22, 2022
E68: Social Skills + IEPs with Rebecca Beaudet
Sep 20, 2022
Welcome to The Parent IEP Lab!
Sep 19, 2022
E67: Visual Impairment Including Blindness [Eligibility Category Bonus Series]
Sep 15, 2022
E66: Math Anxiety with Allison Dillard of Allison Loves Math
Sep 13, 2022
E65: Hearing Impairment Including Deafness [BONUS Eligibility Category Series]
Sep 08, 2022
E64: Behavioral Pediatricians & IEPs with Dr. Nerissa Bauer
Sep 06, 2022
E63 - Intellectual Disability [Eligibility Category Bonus Series]
Sep 01, 2022
E62: Assistive Technology Evaluations
Aug 30, 2022
E61: Orthopedic Impairment [BONUS Eligibility Category Series]
Aug 25, 2022
E60: Specialized Instruction in the IEP with ADHD Experts The Childhood Collective
Aug 23, 2022
E59 - Speech and Language Impairment (SLI) [Eligibility Category Bonus Series]
Aug 18, 2022
E58: Let's Talk IEP Goals with Matt Cloven
Aug 16, 2022
E57: Serious Emotional Disability (SED) [Eligibility Bonus Series!]
Aug 11, 2022
E56: Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
Aug 09, 2022
E55 Other Health Impairment (OHI) [Eligibility Category Bonus Series]
Aug 04, 2022
E54 Emotions & Advocacy with Kyira Wackett
Aug 02, 2022