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Category: Christianity

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 Jan 10, 2023
The conversations in this podcast are crucial and important. If you find yourself feeling defensive when hearing what they have to say, maybe that's a good indication that you're participating in the kinds of inequities they're taking about


Inequality is everywhere. This exvangelical podcast explores areas of religion, culture, and society where justice is needed in order to bring about true mutuality.

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Episode Date
S2E12: The Incarceration of Japanese America — with Scott Okamoto
May 30, 2024
S2E11: Beyond Abortion: The Need for Reproductive Justice — with Kimberly Mutcherson
Feb 15, 2024
S2B01: Ash Valentine's Day - Too Much Love Will Kill You (or Those You Love)
Feb 14, 2024
S2E10: My Cult Was in a Documentary, Part 3 — with Eric Skwarczynski
Feb 01, 2024
S2E09: On Leaving BJU and Klandamentalism — with Dr. Camille Lewis
Jan 18, 2024
S2E08: My Cult Was in a Documentary, Part 2 — with Jessica Goforth
Jan 02, 2024
S2E07: We're Back! An Update on Life, Thoughts on Current Events, and the Deconstruction World
Dec 21, 2023
S2E06: Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews, & Other Christian Falsehoods About Judaism — with Rabbi Ariann Weitzman
Aug 24, 2023
S2E05: Bob Jones University Will Never Do Right — with Christopher Peterman
Aug 03, 2023
S2E04: What You Need to Know About Bob Jones University — with Rick Pidcock
Jul 27, 2023
S2E03: Stay-at-Home Dads Sipping Patriarchal Tears — with Scott Okamoto & Rick Pidcock
Jul 13, 2023
S2E02: My Cult Was in a Documentary — with Janice Lagata
Jul 03, 2023
S2E01: Apostasy at EVU — with Scott Okamoto
Apr 18, 2023
S1E30: SEASON FINALE! Racism, Purity Culture, & the Asian American Identity — with Angie Kay Hong
Mar 16, 2023
S1E29: Asian Americans Only
Mar 16, 2023
S1E28: Who We Are: The Latest Evangelical Nonsense & Why We Do What We Do
Mar 16, 2023
S1E27: Asbury Revival Conspiracy
Feb 23, 2023
S1E26: Is Evangelicalism a Cult? (Part 3) — with Janice Lagata
Feb 14, 2023
S1E25: Is Evangelicalism a Cult? (Part 2) — with Janice Lagata
Jan 31, 2023
S1E24: Onward Christian Soldiers — with Brad Onishi
Jan 17, 2023
S1E23: Is Evangelicalism a Cult? (Part 1) — with Janice Lagata
Jan 10, 2023
S1E22: Hillsong on Trial — with Tanya Levin
Dec 29, 2022
S1E21: How to Destroy a Megachurch — with Zach Malm
Aug 18, 2022
S1E20: Intersexion — with Cynthia Vacca Davis
Aug 02, 2022
S1E19: Predatory God — with Jo Luehmann
Jul 20, 2022
S1B01: An Update on the Podcast
Jul 12, 2022
S1E18: The Wrong Kind of Christian — with Scott Okamoto
Jul 06, 2022
S1E17: Deconstructing the Evangelical Sexual Ethic — with Jenn Alynn-Perri
Jun 15, 2022
S1E16: BJU & Me: Queer Voices from the World's Most Christian University — with Lance Weldy & Peter Crane
May 31, 2022
S1E15: Reclaiming Your Spirituality — with Kayla Felten
May 17, 2022
S1E14: Stories from Hillsong Survivors: Deconstructing from a Place of Privilege
May 11, 2022
S1E13: Stories from Hillsong Survivors: The Boston Situation
May 04, 2022
S1E12: Hillsong: The Aftermath — with Janice Lagata
Apr 01, 2022
S1E11: The Fall of the Hillsong Empire — with Janice Lagata
Mar 31, 2022
S1E10: The Cult of the Duggars: ATI and IBLP — with Jessica Goforth
Mar 16, 2022
S1E09: Brainwashing: A Look Inside Bill Gothard's Cult of ATI & IBLP — with Jessica Goforth
Mar 01, 2022
S1E08: The Canadian Insurrection Brought to You By the "Freedom" Convoy — with Tabi Wells
Feb 15, 2022
S1E07: Being Asian American in 2021
Feb 01, 2022
S1E06: When Hillsong Pastors Send Dick Pics — with Lezeth
Jan 18, 2022
S1E05: Setting the Stage: Inside Hillsong's Abusive Volunteer Culture — with Lezeth
Jan 04, 2022
S1E04: Why Churches Need To Be Clear — with Christopher Doran
Dec 21, 2021
S1E03: How Churches Harm LGBTQ People — with Christopher Doran
Dec 07, 2021
S1E02: Josh Harris, Evangelicalism, and Deconstruction — with Rick Pidcock
Nov 23, 2021
S1E01: What Christianity Today Gets Wrong About Mars Hill Church
Nov 09, 2021
Sep 28, 2021