Little Kingdom Warriors - Practical daily routines for Christian families, simple daily rhythms for Christian kids, Disciplin

By Brenda Courtice- Christian Parenting coach, Christian children‘s ministry, Christian Motherhood mentor

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Category: Parenting

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Do you feel like you have missed the boat to teach your kids about God? Are you struggling to find wholesome, engaging and relevant biblical resources for your family? Do your kids’ big faith questions stress you out because you don’t know how to answer them? If you have ever wondered where on earth to start, you are not alone. Let me help you establish practical daily routines for Christian families, as well as find simple ways to engage your kids in the Bible. I will guide you with some easy ways to facilitate discussions about God and give examples on how I tackle my own parenting hang ups and point you to my favourite resources I use in my own family. My goal is to empower you with examples of how to tackle those big God questions from your kids so you feel equipped, regardless of how curly a question you have to answer. Hi, I’m Brenda, I am a home-schooling, stay at home mum of three, an ex- primary school teacher, a follower of Jesus (for as long as I can remember), and I am passionate about discipling kids. I know what it’s like to spend hours ploughing through Pinterest for ideas to engage your kids in the Bible. I personally struggled trying to find straightforward, biblically accurate and engaging resources for my kids. A lot of what I found was dry, or completely over their heads. It wasn’t in kid-friendly language, so I started coming up with my own ideas to help teach them about God. As I did so, I began to wonder if other parents were also having difficulty engaging their children in learning about God just like me and so Little Kingdom Warriors was born. In this podcast, you’ll find out how to facilitate your child’s faith foundation and find encouragement to know you’re not alone when the going gets tough. We will also hear from inspirational guests who will share their own faith journeys, advice to help you in discipling your kids and how they have overcome hardships and find encouragement in your motherhood journey. Grab your coffee and let’s dig in. ********************************* Download my free bible play checklist and hear when a new episode drops - Join my free Facebook community - Check out my Facebook page - Youtube channel: Connect with me –

Episode Date
36. Turning failures into teachable moments - real life recap
Jul 30, 2023
35. Journeying through infertility with Deb Smith (part two)
Jul 16, 2023
34. Practical tips and daily habits to point your kids to Jesus with Deb Smith (part one)
Jul 03, 2023
33. Navigating seasons of change - real life recap
Jun 21, 2023
32. Three steps to spiritually equip your kids
Apr 30, 2023
31. Three of the most important lessons I’ve learnt so far in my motherhood walk
Apr 23, 2023
30. Real life recap - my biggest insecurities revealed and what it it’s like 10 months PP with baby # 3
Apr 16, 2023
29. Real life recap – trials and lessons learned in this season plus why we have chosen to homeschool
May 15, 2022
28. Breaking free from legalism and the performance trap as a Christian mum
May 05, 2022
27. Breaking free and overcoming Mum guilt; my top four tips
Apr 24, 2022
26. Simplifying salvation for toddlers or pre-schoolers – practical tips from honest conversations with a four year old (final Easter devotional download)
Apr 17, 2022
25. God loves us and makes us a new creation - second part of simple Easter devotional series for toddlers and preschoolers
Apr 10, 2022
24. What REALLY matters when talking to your toddlers or pre-schooler about the true story of Easter
Apr 04, 2022
23. How to stay sane when parenting the strong-willed child – four tips from the parenting trenches
Mar 27, 2022
22. Three hacks to finding time to spend with God when you’re a busy mum
Mar 20, 2022
21. Three strategies to conquer stinking thinking or victim mindset
Mar 13, 2022
20. I was angry at God because I couldn’t fall pregnant – my real life struggle in my faith journey with infertility
Mar 06, 2022
19. Why being a perfectionist parent can cause more harm than good and what you can do about it
Feb 27, 2022
18. Motherhood is messy – a real life recap and lessons I’ve learnt in this season
Feb 20, 2022
17. Four simple ways to disciple your kids
Feb 13, 2022
16. How to be content as a stay at home mum: my top three tips
Feb 06, 2022
15. Four lessons we can learn from our kids - faith over fear mini series
Jan 30, 2022
14. Pregnant and unvaccinated; how I overcame the fear of being diagnosed as high risk when I got covid- Faith over fear mini series
Jan 23, 2022
13. Faith over fear – three part mini series- how can we have faith over fear when fear is all we feel? Three steps to conquering fear.
Jan 09, 2022
12. Four strategies to cope with criticism from those closest to you
Jan 05, 2022
11. Real life recap - my real mum struggles and an announcement
Dec 12, 2021
10. Finding rest in the busiest season of all- practical ways to rest this Christmas
Dec 05, 2021
9. Four easy craft ideas to connect your child with God this Christmas with minimal prep
Nov 28, 2021
8. Making Christmas count in the busy holiday season when you feel like you have no time at all
Nov 21, 2021
7. Paralysed by fear and worry? Four strategies I use to combat fear in my life
Nov 14, 2021
6. Three steps to overcoming perfectionism when discipling your kids
Nov 07, 2021
5. My top three tips for overcoming comparisonitis in a digital age
Oct 31, 2021
4. Should Christian parents let their kids celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating? What our family does, plus some alternative ideas.
Oct 24, 2021
3. Three reasons why we aren‘t doing Santa in our family
Oct 17, 2021
2. Three mistakes you‘re making when talking to your kids about God and how to solve them.
Oct 10, 2021
1. My story and why I began Little Kingdom Warriors
Oct 10, 2021
Trailer- What you can expect to get from the Little Kingdom Warriors podcast
Oct 02, 2021